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12-29-2012, 04:13 PM

It is a chilly 24º here in the ♥-Land and not expected to get over 30º this day. Like I said yesterday I had the blahs and then last night I woke up every hour so my sleep was disturbed. Don’t know why but it happened. I feel fine today and will be making a list of what we need at the store on the first of the new month. I jot the things down on a list when we get low or are out of a product we use on a regular basis. We got our new Schwan’s catalog for Jan-Feb and they will deliver here on the 11th and 25th of Jan and the 8th and 22nd in Feb. They have attractively arranged the offerings in their catalog which makes it easy to find things. They have some yummy meals in their Livesmart™ section that I like to get to have to eat when Will is gone at mealtime. The points+ values of them are comparable to the WW and Lean Q ones and much better tasting. :lol: But I will buy which ever ones are on sale or I have coupons for. When I order Schwan’s on line I get points toward products and that sure comes in handy to use on a later large order to cut the cost down. With the prices of everything going up I use more coupons then in the past.

I cut my nails. They feel so different so short but it was time to even them all out for I had broken a couple of them. They still are not short but shorter than I usually wear them.

I need to go shopping in the freezer and decide what to cook for dinner this day. Maybe I can make a box of some sort of potatoes and some of that ham which will make for a quick and easy dinner. I have fresh veggies for a salad and fruit for dessert.

I received both magazines I subscribe to this day ~ WW & Cooking Lights Jan-Feb issues which I will have a good time reading though. I can always be assured of gleaning something I can use out of them.

SUSAN It is fun having a cat that has personality isn't it. Your little guy has given you some enjoyment. I also made a little booklet of the eating places best choices for some of the gals here at the local WW. I had used a page that the leader had passed out and she was thrilled I had made her a small booklet to have in her purse instead of that page.

Everyone have a lovely afternoon.

12-29-2012, 05:25 PM
Good afternoon ladies. I hope the weather is nice where you are. It is quite chilly, low 30's here and dismally gray and cloudy. I wanted some sunshine today even if it was cold outside.

I went and got my haircut today and she did her usual fabulous job. She is trying to talk me into letting them color my hair and she wants to color the tips like pink or something. The receptionist has reddish brown hair and it is real short and she combs it to the side. Connie did pink and red colored stripes sort of on top and it is gorgeous. I came home and laughingly talked to Jack about it as it costs $150+ for a cut and color and he said he wants me to do it so I think right before we go to Indiana for Jackson's birthday in June I am going to do it. We will see how everyone likes it and if they do, maybe do it for the cruise.

Jack finished the tub job again as the tape idea the bozo at Lowe's told him to get started coming away from the tile already. He got a silicone clear sealant and a length of sponge type material and he says he thinks it will do great. We will test it out tomorrow though Jack says the silicone is dry already.

When I got home we went to Home Depot and bought a new shower head with the handheld that sits inside the shower head. Hopefully we will like it. I like the handheld so I can wash off the side of the tile on the tub and such and Jack likes a regular shower head so we get one with both. Our current one is leaking within the metal hose so can't be repaired. The one we got is pretty a brushed nickel. We then treated ourselves to lunch out and now back home to get the thing put in.

Susan: I imagine people are gearing up for a new year of weight loss. I sure hope now that it seems my female stuff is straightened out and I am not on those horrible pills any longer I might just get the weight off and be able to get out and walk again. In the meantime, I am going to look for some easy starter Wii exercise videos to get me up and going at least. I love it when pets teach themselves tricks. It is always so cute.

Maggie: Sounds like as usual, you have been busy, busy. I am already aching for spring to be here. I don't know if we have a Schwann's guy anymore or not. We did have at one time, but frankly they may not want to come into this neighborhood anymore, who knows? I have never seen their truck, but then maybe these folks can't afford it or something. Congrats on your loss!

Jean: Jack says on the day you leave that Port Canaveral is supposed to be low 80's but then jumps around into the 60's and such so probably a smart bet to take a bit of everything. Hope you have a nice time. Are you planning on going to the theme parks or do you have other things planned?

Well girls, I am going to check on Jack. You all have a nice Saturday. Faye

12-29-2012, 06:28 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It was a beautiful sunny day with a bright blue sky, then the sun disappeared and we are back to clouds and wind. It's only 12 degrees, and has dropped 10 degrees this afternoon. I don't think we have any "weather" moving in but haven't really paid any attention either. I made the gift shop deposit this morning and picked up a few things at the grocery store. I did a couple loads of laundry this afternoon and took a nap, which is rare for me in the afternoon.

Maggie -- :congrat: on losing another .4#. Any loss this time of year is a GREAT loss! I'm glad the blahs have disappeared for you. I have a little space heater by my computer because that part of the room overhangs open air above the front door. :brr: We had a spiral ham for Christmas and we both thought it had an excess amount of fat on it. It was good but since it was wrapped in foil we couldn't see what it looked like. I give Ernie and Sonnybub soft food for breakfast. Ernie snarfs his down while Sonny is quite dainty eating his. Ernie will start to circle around and try to get into Sonny's bowl. I stand guard and if Sonny walks away will let Ernie finish it. It's nice of you to make the booklets for everyone.

Susan -- It's nice that so many new members joined your WW this weekend. We get a rush in January usually. Sonnybub has adopted a chair, in the basement, that I brought home from my dad's. It has an orange velvet seat with a wooden lattice barrel shaped back. He goes downstairs for his naps; I'm thinking he feels safer down there than upstairs in the open area. I'm not sure if he will ever be a lap cat. :dunno: Ernie is so heavy he makes my legs fall asleep.

"Gma" -- I'm glad you are happy with your haircut. You are braver than I to let them color your hair. Will your kids think that is just "you?" :lol: I was so excited to see the sun today! Since it has disappeared it will be dark earlier than usual this afternoon. I hope the new shower head is a hit! I need to have Bob take the upstairs one off so I can clean the lime spots (?) off.

Well, I'm off to put away my gift shop stuff and get the deposit book, check book, etc. ready to leave with the volunteer director while we are gone. I'm hoping she won't make any deposits but will try to muddle through the paperwork if she does. The after Christmas sale starts the 2nd so I'm guessing most of the sales will be payroll deductions. That is easy for me!

Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

12-30-2012, 10:57 AM
Good morning to you girls! It is {{{cold}}} here this morning. Jack left around 7:30 to go get the oil changed in the Mariner. We had a $15 off coupon that expires tomorrow so I asked him if he would go this morning so he is sitting over there right now. Luckily, they weren't busy as they got the car right in. I imagine it won't be long and he will be back.

I want to get the floors mopped this morning so will tackle that soon. I am vegging watching the "Kitchen Cousins" on tv. I think these two guys are so cute. John giggles, which you would think would be really stupid, but he is just cute as a bugs ear. I love the kitchens they do. Unlimited money, I might call them to redo ours, but..... :D

Jean: I am a bit nuts so letting them color my hair whatever they want to do is ok with me. These gals and guys know their stuff though. They have extensive training in coloring and I watched they do two color jobs yesterday and they do it perfectly. One lady had long hair and was having streaks put in, the other lady had her color grow out so Becky was coloring her roots. It's just so expensive, but Jack wants me to try it and if I like it, get it done again for the cruise. I bought a spiraled ham and didn't like it. When I cooked it according to directions, it dried out and then the slices just curled up. My hometown has a ham store called "Heavenly Ham" and they have spectacular ham. The law firm used to get their lunches all the time. Honey Baked ham isn't bad either and we have Holiday Ham here that makes the best egg salad. In the south, they put green olives in their egg salad and make it spicy. It is really good and I sometimes get a small container.

I guess I better get going and get some work done. You all have a lovely day and keep warm. Faye

12-30-2012, 07:52 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! I just finished reading the Sunday paper; checked the sun rise/sun set times and the sun is setting a minute later tomorrow! YEA! :cheer: Spring is on the way! We went to church and then took a road trip to a JCP store in another town. I bought some slacks and needed to return them before we leave. Otherwise I did a load of laundry and unloaded the dishwasher. Hard to believe tomorrow is the end of another year.

"Gma" -- I thought our spiral ham was a bit dry also. There was a packet of "juice" to pour over it the last few minutes of baking time, and Bob also dumped in a can of crushed pineapple. It smelled good and tasted ok but nothing to rave about. Bob's mom put green olives in her potato salad and her egg salad. At first I thought it was weird because I'd never had it before but over the years grew to like it. :T Are the Kitchen Cousins on the food network channel? I don't think I've ever seen them.

Bob just hollered up to see if the supper cook is on duty. Sunday night is usually popcorn night and he pops it! :lol: Hope you all enjoy your evening and Happy New Year! :wave:

12-31-2012, 12:02 AM

It has been a very chilly day here with snow “they say” tomorrow. It has been skirting this area the last few times so I am doubtful we will get the 2 plus inches they predict. The dogs get to go to the groomer tomorrow to get a needed hair cut and bath. She was out of town last week and going 3 weeks for them is a bit strange. I was surprised she booked them for tomorrow though.

We have had a nice day with friends today and we ate out at Applebees this evening after services and had a wonderful steak dinner with Cajun spices on it and grilled mushrooms and onions ~ oh so yummy. We have been out using some of our “food cards” and enjoying not having to pay. :lol:

I slept much better last night and woke up like I had a good night’s sleep. :cp: I hope tonight is a repeat of that. It is another Monday tomorrow when we won't have WW which has been pushed to Thursday the third which will then be a short week till the next Monday the 7th and things will be back in order for awhile. I just had a bump come up on the side of my pointer finger and feels like something just bit me. In an old book it said that they used to tape a coper penny on a bite and it took the hurt and swelling away in 15 minutes. I now have one taped to my finger and will see if that really works.:p I'll let you know when I post again if it worked.

JEAN Sorry you and Donna Fay had bad luck with your recent hams. The spiral ham we just got the other day was one of the best we have ever had. It was a Hormel ham and we got it at Wal*Mart. I guess it must matter just how long ago the ham was processed on it's juicyness or dryness factor. I just don't know that much about ham processing. :?:

DONNA FAYE I think it is neat that you want to get your hair done. I call it high-falutin' and if you feel comfortable wearing that type of style go for it. I love to see folks with hairdo's that are different that can carry it off. You go girl. Back in the day when I had lots of hair I had some do's. :D

Have a great nights sleeping Magnolias. Yep tomorrow is the last of this year.

12-31-2012, 11:03 AM
Good morning to you girls. Well here it is the last day of the year. What a year I have had with the stupid female stuff. Sure hope this next one is a lot better healthwise. It is another dreary and cold day here. I want some :sunny:

Jack finished the tub, tested it out and no leaks. We bought the shower head and he installed it and said it works just fine, though he wanted to remove the water inhibitor that they put on the darn things and couldn't find them to knock them out. So, I imagine I will go up in just a bit and clean the upstairs bathrooms now that everything is dry up there. I just hope I like the handheld the way it is on this one.

Nothing else much happening around here. I am going to go get hair color and a couple other things tomorrow at Walmart. Seems the box of hair color I use can only be found there. We aren't doing anything tonight but celebrate the New Year with a piece of pie! :lol: I haven't even decided what yet. We don't go out because the people are such erratic drivers, having booze in them who knows so we just stay home.

Jean: You all packed and ready to go? Who is going to watch Ernie and Sonny while you are gone? The Kitchen Cousins are on HGTV channel. They are building contractors/construction. They go in and remodel people's kitchens, but they have a new show where they are doing whole houses now. The company is in New Jersey and owned by the one guy and his dad. His cousin is a designer and they work together to do houses. The show is great because these guys are funny sometimes. It isn't all doom and gloom about problems but yeah we can fix that sort of a mentality.

Maggie: You can keep your snow. We had our token snow for the winter and I want no more! :lol: They just opened a new Applebee's not far from Kelly's. There used to be a Perkins there but all but one of the Perkins have left town now. I love their Asian chicken salad.

Well girls it is now 9 so I better get hoppin' Hope you all have a nice day and enjoy your evening. Faye

12-31-2012, 01:46 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's another cloudy, windy, cold day in my neighborhood. The sun is supposed to shine today but so far haven't seen it. I took my gift shop checkbook, etc., to the volunteer director this morning so that is one more thing to cross off my list. I need to vacuum but will wait until after lunch.

Maggie -- It's hard to keep track of which day is which when a holiday is in the middle of the week. There are days when I wake up and wonder what day it is. :lol: How did the copper penny work?

"Gma" -- We don't celebrate New Year's Eve anymore. Years ago we used to play in a card club; when we had to hire a sitter I would line one up in September! Once the kids were older and we didn't need a sitter, the card club gradually disbanded. I'll be lucky to see midnight. :lol:

Hope all is well with all of you! Wishing you all a Happy and Healthy New Year! :newyear:

12-31-2012, 04:41 PM

I am so cold today & it is snowing but don’t know why I am colder than usual because the heater is working and I had to go put on a sweatshirt type jacket that buttons down the front over my blouse. Gracious sakes and I now swim in it. I haven’t worn it in ages and have lost weight and it is several sizes too big. :cp: Well we did have a 100% chance of snow this day so I’m not surprised & I will be staying inside. The dogs are just back from the groomer and Cecil is now happy for he has been a total pest. He wants to know where his dogs are at all times and has been hunting every room for them and then yammering at me because he can't find them.

I haven’t decided what I am going to fix this day for food but we have plenty to choose from ~ just need to thaw something. I may just get out a couple of those plates I made up with our Thanksgiving leftovers. They don’t have a very long freezer life so maybe we need to eat them this day.

I have finally gotten all of our “thank you” cards made for all those presents we received and most of them delivered. Will has a couple that he will hand deliver when he goes to his volunteer job at the Museum on Thursday.

BTW that taping the penny on that bug bite worked. After 15 minutes the swelling was gone and so was the prick feeling. Those old doctors knew what they were saying about doing that. I’ll be sure to have a copper penny in our first aid kit we keep in the Jeep. Can’t you just visualize someone having been bit several times by bees or wasps with pennies stuck all over them. I am not going to give up my "sting stick" though. :no:

While Will was out and about he picked up the dogs and brought lunch and a sf ff vanilla latte for me to sip this afternoon. Last day of the year and they will be closing early and be closed tomorrow. We shared a roast beef au jus sandwich from there and half of one of their sandwiches is plenty for me ~ Will too now that he is trying to lose weight and doing well I might add.

We do now have several bottles of that non-alcholic bubbly fruit juice and so far the one least liked has been that cherry one. The other flavors have been fine.

JEAN That copper penny thing did work much to my surprise. My doctor I had when we lived in Idaho left his practice to go into the research study of such old "wives tales" of common cures and was very much for the natural cure of ailments. That being ~ is what it made me give that copper penny a try. We have about now between 3 and 4 inches of snow that has fallen this day. This storm didn't miss us like all the others did so I am a bit surprised. :p

DONNA FAYE I hope your new shower thingie works out like it is supposed to. I have one of those hand held ones in my shower and love it for it works great. When it goes ka-put I will look into one like you have if it works good. We aren't going out and about tonight either. Just staying in and enjoying each others company.:D Applebees does have a good selection of WW approved dishes and we have always had good meals there. Yes, we will gladly keep our snow here for we desperately need moisture for the crops round about here. I don't like getting out in it like I used to but I have a house I can stay in. ;) I'll leave the frolicking in the snow to the younger folks.

Have a great :newyear: and be safe this eve Magnolias.

01-01-2013, 11:33 AM
Happy New Year, Flowers! It's another cold cloudy day in my corner of the world. Snow is predicted for tomorrow sometime. My plan for the day is to sort through clothes; pack some, wash some, and make another SOS box in the process. I have way too many clothes that I don't wear any more. It was a quiet New Year's Eve for us; Bob watched football and I fell asleep so gave up then went to bed before midnight.

Maggie -- I hope you are warm by now! It seems like when the wind is blowing hard I am colder than usual. Bob says it's "mental." :lol: Isn't it fun to try on clothing that all of a sudden is too big? My problem is that some of my favorite things are too big now. I think the old remedies sometimes work better in the long run! I have a salve that my dad brought home from WWII, and I can still get it at Walgreen's. It takes the soreness out of any cut, hangnail, scrape, itch, etc., quickly. Smells icky but it works and that's what counts. My dad called it "jungle rot" on his fingers but looking back I think it was really bad eczema.

I need to clear off the kitchen counters and write my cat sitter's note while I think about things she might need to know. Enjoy the first day of the new year -- good health and happiness to all! :newyear:

01-01-2013, 01:39 PM
Good morning to you gals and :newyear: ! I actually was up at midnight so saw the new year come in. I had a girlfriend text me for new year's then the idiots here were banging around with lots of fireworks. Jack was snoring away but I couldn't sleep so was up until near 1 AM. Luckily, I didn't have the fear of the dopes setting trees on fire as it was raining the whole time they were out there.

Today is nice and quiet. Jack woke up at 4:30 and got up and went into his office until about 7 then went back to sleep until almost 10 AM. I didn't want to disturb him since he was down here in the recliner so I couldn't feed the dog, take out the trash, unload and reload the dishwasher, etc. I just sat and read until he woke up then he made us a nice breakfast.

I did order a new fitness game for the Wii. It is Your Shape by Jenny McCarthy. I am hoping it is one I can keep up with since it has a camera that takes in your size and a test to see your fitness level. So I am hoping it will help me get started anyway. It had lots of good reviews on and a lame one for another website. I think the lame one is because it really isn't for the already physically fit, but more for people like me. It isn't exciting or full of pictures of exotic places and such, but an aerobic workout, which is fine with me and it does allow you to include your own fitness equipment like balls, weights and such so we shall see. I got it rock bottom priced at $11 so if it is crappy, it didn't cost me a lot. :lol:

Jean: It is cold, cloudy and wet here today. Totally dismal IMO. My sore throat remedy is a real oldy, from the beginning of last century, but the darn thing works, that's for sure. Jack developed "jungle rot" which is what he calls it too, when he was in the Navy going to tropical places all the time. It scarred the inside of his upper thighs/groin area pretty badly too. One of the best products I have found for fungus or rashes caused from wet and such if bag balm. They sell it now for that purpose, but it originally was sold only in places like Tractor Supply or feed places. It is used to put on cows udders because they will crack and bleed from being handled so much and such. (My mother and stepfather had a dairy farm is how I know this stuff :lol: ) So, sometimes weird sounding stuff works better than anything. You don't have to always buy expensive products, thinks like Witch Hazel, Camphor, etc will fix you right up. Of course, sometimes the old products are hard to find. I know when I was a kid and had a toothache, my mom would put clove oil on a tiny cotton ball and put it on the tooth. Oh, if you can find it, get the book The Philanthropist's Danse by Paul Wornham. I just finished it late last night and it is a good book. It has a lot of colorful language though. Have fun on your trip!!!

Maggie: We had sloppy joes and mac and cheese for dinner last night and a piece of pie for dessert. That was our excitement. We didn't even turn on the tv. I was reading until late last night trying to finish the book I told Jean about. I know a piece of raw bacon on a boil, pimple, carbunckle, that sort of thing, will bring it to a head. My mother-in-law swore by using a copper penny on a sty. She should rub it across a sty. New medical tech is great, but sometimes the old stuff is still the best.

Well girls, I have to get going. I hope you have a great new start to the year. Faye

01-01-2013, 03:32 PM

It is another chilly day here in the ♥-Land and I don’t relish going outside. We did end up going out last night for a drive around and were having a great time for we had the Jeep in 4WD all the way and got to where we wanted to go with ease ~ Wal*Mart of all places. Will wanted to buy me a surprise and it is a nice bag to tote my guns to the firing range called Winchester Deluxe Shooter’s Bag. It has padded cases in it and a sturdy rigid bottom. I like it a lot and will make it so much easier to take my things to the range when we target practice. After all it is an “Official Licensed Product.” :yes:There were very few vehicles out and about. Will is out shoveling snow making a path for me to walk to the back door of the church building tomorrow evening for Bible class. Some nice person has plowed a swath close to the curb in the street to make it easier for folks to park and get out of their vehicles. The guys around here that have snow removal equipment get out and use them for the community which is nice.

JEAN You can tell your main squeeze that mind over matter will not make me any warmer. It got down right chilly in here. :lol: Sometimes it is hard to get rid of those old favorite pieces of clothing that we have shrunk out of but the experts say we should. We certainly don’t want to get to where we fit into them once more. I have several outfits that are iffy but not quite baggy enough to toss. I don’t ever wear my clothes skin tight though so when things get a bit looser they still work. When they get a lot too big then they get tossed though. After this winter I will get this jacket cleaned and give it away for it has many months of good wear left in it. I’ll get another like it to take its place for it is rather handy to have. I do have a caftan that is way too many sizes to big that I keep though, for I wear it to solder in and it has a lot of little holes in it right in front. :yes: Next one I get will be a few sizes smaller.

DONNA FAYE Oh YES there are so many old things that work on what we get that are wonderful and cheaper than the prescription stuff. I have been using Bag Balm for years and have the cutest little can on my shelf in here that is just an inch cube.Tiger Balm is good to rub on your temples to get rid of a headache also and other uses. Your meal sounded simple and yummy. We like to put the chili & hamburger right in the mac and cheese also for a one dish meal.

PS: I just looked at my Tiger Balm and it says it is good for backache, arthritis, joint pains, bruises, strains & sprains. The active ingredients are Camphor and Menthol. The other ingredients are Cajuput Oil, Cassia Oil, Clove Oil, Dementholised Mint Oil & Parafin Petrolatum. Tiger Balm has been used for over 100 years and is sold throughout the world.

Have a great day Magnolias. :newyear:

01-02-2013, 01:52 PM

Well folks it is 28ºs and “feels like” 18º with a chance of snow flurries today. Another winter day to get through before spring springs. Will has gone to the museum for something and Ragg Mopp is asleep on the bed with Beanie asleep on the back of the couch and Cecil is on the shelf under the picture window and I am holding down the fort. I had just made a trip out to the kitchen so I could see out the back and it doesn’t look like any of the snow has melted yet. A good 6 inches sure looks like a lot when we haven’t had any for a long time.

I have some meat in the fridge that Will purchased that is calling my name this day to get it sealed in bags and into the freezer, Some of it is a real good grade of hamburger and I will freeze it in ½ pound packages for most of it in the freezer is in 1 and 2 pound packages. The larger packages are used to make meatloaf. However, the 1 pound packages do thaw quicker.

I sure like having those 2 freezers for we never buy meat anymore for the regular price but wait until it is placed in the “day old used bin.” We have gotten some wonderful steak that way and other good cuts of beef and pork roasts. Lots of pork chops. It saves a considerable amount of money buying that way and I never know what he will bring home. They don’t put the whole chickens in that bin because they are sold frozen but we get them when they go on sale. However, we have gotten chicken tenders & other parts from the bin ~ just not the whole chickens. I like to cook the whole chickens in my rotisserie which requires me to thaw the bird the day before I use it for a meal I have planned. I like to do ribs in it also but lately we have been doing them in the indoor pressure smoker. I haven’t tried a whole chicken in that indoor pressure smoker yet but I will one day. To do the ribs I cut them all into individual pieces and lather them with spices then lay them in the tier of baskets that fit the machine. They are so incredibly tender done that way ~ just fall off the bone and so yummy. We get a few meals out of a rack of ribs for I serve other items with them & we don’t just pig out on ribs but we could for they are so good. :lol: I put the date on all things that I freeze so we can eat from the oldest packages first. Keep things rotated that way. Even though Schwan’s ® packages their food well I still repackage some things like the sausage patties in 2 serving packages. Those come in a box with wax paper between the layers. A lot of Schwan’s® products are individual frozen though which makes freezing much better. We don’t buy much meat from them anymore since we have been getting it from the “used bin” at the market. We have never seen any sausage patties in the used bin. However we have gotten some good Italian sausage from there ~ hot and mild kinds. I usually take the casings off and use the meat in meatloaf along with the burger meat.

Have a great day Magnolias.

01-02-2013, 11:52 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! My brain has turned to mush tonight so I am taking a break from my last minute "to do" list. I'm to the point I will go shopping if I forget something. I'm more concerned that I don't forget something pertaining to the cats or to dump food that will spoil while we are gone.

"Gma" -- Let us know how you like the Wii fitness program. It sounds like a good one for older gals who aren't in shape, like me! I see bag balm in the stores but have never tried it. My hairdresser gave me a sample of Triple Lanolin and I like that. I will have to look for the book.

Maggie -- You may have told us, but how many guns do you have? One suggestion, after the CT school shooting, was that teachers should be armed. There is NO way I would have carried a gun around some of the kids in our local school. Bob just rolls his eyes when I snuggle under a blanket to watch tv. When I'm cold, I fix it!

I'm not sure when we will be leaving tomorrow; probably as soon as I get my act together! :o Have a terrific Thursday! I'm not sure if we will have wireless internet in our condo or not. :wave:

01-03-2013, 11:46 AM
Good morning ladies! It's only in the 30s and that is cold for us.

Nothing much happening. This is First Thursday Bee night so will have a good time with that.

Jean, have a wonderful vacation. I hope FL has warmed up. It may be that someday in the not so far distant future teachers will be required to pass a gun handling test and carry a gun as a part of their job. If someone had a gun at Sandy Hooks, he might not have been able to kill so many people.

Maggie, I'm going to be looking for some of that Tiger Balm. Between my back and the osteoarthritis I can use it!

Faye, Bag Balm is sold in quilt shops. I have a small tube in all my sewing baskets and a big one by my machine.

Have a wonderful day!

01-03-2013, 02:31 PM

I have been busy this day so far packaging up some meat that Will bought and packaging up the ham in bags for 2 servings and getting it all in the freezer. I have the ham bone which is going to be used in a pot of beans in the fridge to be used tomorrow. I have a cup of sourdough mix out getting room temperature so I can make a loaf of sourdough bread a bit later today. I am currently listening to some of Neil Diamond’s recordings form years back. His Glory Road 1968 – 1972 recordings makes me feel like he is an old friend of mine.:D These old songs sure bring back good memories. Life is good.

I have WW this evening and when I weighed this morning I am down so I do expect a loss to show. Then next week we will be on our regular schedule of weighing in on Monday evenings.

Our snow isn’t melting as fast as we thought it would. The dogs and cat come in all moist and want to be petted. I keep some paper towels handy to use on them first. :lol:

JEAN Have a great time in Florida ~ guess you have gone if you have your act together by now. ;) Let's just say that I have enough guns but always want another one.:p Having one is no good unless you do know how to use it and be safe about it. Will and I have both had lots of training and truly believe in being safe. Always treat a gun as if it is loaded if it is or not and they are never a "play thing." We belong to the shooting range here which costs us $50 a year for the two of us. Plus we have a rancher friend that has a range on his property and the guy that owns the gun shop invited us to his private one which he only has very few folks by invitation come there. Down there they like this old lady who was once a peace officer in her younger days and likes guns. ;) I am a good shot and also good with a Whammo Wrist Rocket which is a good sling shot. Nice round marbles or rocks, if you can find them, make great ammo. I am having a hard time finding marbles due to them taking them off the market so many places because kids "may choke" on them. However, they sell some of them in florists shops to put in flower vases. I take mine along to the range when we target practice. :o I like to keep in practice. :cool: My grandpa is responsible in getting me into using a sling shot. He kept the pockets of my overalls filled with proper stones to use.

SUSAN You will like that Tiger Balm which comes in two different strengths and I like the stronger one the best. If you can't find it locally you can google it up and there are lots of places on line where you can purchase it. Isn't that Bag Balm great stuff and I am not surprised they sell it at quilt shops. I keep some in my bathroom to use after I wash up when doing my glass work ~ keeps those finger from drying out from the chemicals I use.

Have a great day Magnolias.

01-03-2013, 06:45 PM
Evening girls! I had my gyn appt today and got great news. I am off the meds and no more d and c's unless something pops up again. She said she was going to do my pap while I was there so I got all undressed and sat on that darn bed for half an hour then she looked when my last one was and found out it was 1-10-2012 so my insurance wouldn't pay for it until I went past the year point. So, I have to go next month and get it done. I still have to try and get in to my regular doctor. Since I have to have a morning appt she is a tough one to get to see. I think when I go in for my pap, I will try and schedule the other one then maybe I will be done for 6 months or so anyway.

Tonight lots of bowl games and Jack has tomorrow off as we have to go out to the base and renew our base sticker, then go and get the new tags and since we are out there, I am going to do my commissary shopping. I need to get some hair dye, an eye liner pen and a couple other things at Walmart then I will have the weekend free. So I guess tonight I will sit and knit or read. I am definitely going to bed early as Fortune had one of his restless nights last night and I was up with him ever couple hours so got very little sleep.

Jean: Hope you have a wonderful trip and beautiful weather while you are down there. I know your kitties will miss you and the kids and grandkids too. We will sure miss you.

Maggie: Sounds like you have been busy with getting food all wrapped up and ready for the freezer and such. I am going to get the small snack baggies and then get several veggies and fix them into baggies for snacks and such. I still have not been able to find jicama at any store I have been to. I guess maybe I will try one more place before giving up.

Susan: My mom used to tell me it was the best stuff for cracked hands and feet. She said if it would heel a cow's udders then it would heal a person's hands and feet and she is right it does work great. I like Burt's bees stuff too. I used their lip balm a lot and their cuticle cream/

Well gals, I need to type up my shopping list and print it out for tomorrow. Have a great weekend all. Faye

01-03-2013, 10:24 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! We are in Omaha where it is cold tonight! We even drove through some snow flurries on our way here. I forgot a couple of things so stopped at a WM on our way. It was a much nicer store than ours and our towns are almost the same size. They were busy and had several check outs open.

Susan -- I am opposed to teachers carrying guns. In our school we had too many "thugs" and "wannabes" who would try to outsmart a teacher and get the gun. I thought having locked doors was the answer but that didn't work either.

Maggie -- Hope the WW iron monster agreed with your scale at home! I didn't know about marbles as we have them here. I bought some this summer to put in the bottom of plant pots so the water drains better.

"Gma" -- Great news about your checkup! Bob is watching football while I surf on my iPad.

Guess I will get my "stuff" ready for tomorrow morning. It will be a short night, breakfast starts at 4 and our shuttle is at 5! Have a fantastic Friday and enjoy! :wave:

01-04-2013, 01:44 PM

BTW I was a loser at WW last evening ~ drum roll please ~ I showed a loss of 2.6#. I don’t have a clue why for I didn’t do anything different during the week but I like it for it makes me a total 86 pound loser so far. Now isn’t that sweet. I still have a lot more weight to lose so I need to keep my FOCUS this coming year. I will endeavor to lose as much of what is left to get to goal this year. Half way there is 87.4 and I can see it from here for it is so close I see the down side. Up the hill then down the hill I go.

I just ran across a delicious sounding salad recipe with flank steak in it which makes a meal for 5 P+ which I am going to definitely try one of these fine days. Oh ~ that loaf of sourdough bread turned out to be the most beautiful and best tasting loaf like it I have made. I don’t have a clue why because I used the same method and recipe I always do and what a nice surprise. I woke up this morning with the smell of some being toasted for Will had cut into it. :cp: His most favorite bread that I make is this sourdough loaf. I’ll be making a pot of 15 bean soup mix with some of that ham this day. I got it all the ham slices portioned out and cut the part that wasn’t sliced into cubes to use in beans and such. I put it all in the freezer except the amount of cubes I want to use in the beans today. One thing if you have a ham that is too salty put it into a pot of beans or soup and then don’t add any salt to the recipe. Beans are a great source of fiber. What I am going to do when I get off here is to boil some eggs in my little cooker. Those little 2 P+ ovals are a great lunch food along with some greens and fruit.

DONNA FAYE Great news that you have with your being off those meds and your system settling down. That's a great idea to get your snack items all counted out before hand in little bags. I also llike to do that for it keeps me out of the "big box" and mindless snacking. I hope you can find some jicama to purchace for it is a nice crisp veggie.

JEAN That is an awfully early breakfast isn't it. Hope you are having a great time of it there. I guess marbles are a regional thing being a knee jerk thing getting them off the market in some places.

Have a great day Magnolias.

01-04-2013, 08:18 PM
Good evening, ladies! A bit warmer today in the low 40s and sunshine.

I haven't done a thing today but go and get acrylic nails. I always wanted them so used some of my Christmas money for them. My own nails are terrible with ridges (from the inhalers) and cracking and breaking all the time. I've never had them before. I also got my eyebrows done because I can't see to do it anymore.

Faye, I'm glad you are on the otherside of the female problems. I hope they stay gone.

Maggie, I had bean and ham soup for supper and actually made some corn muffins. It was good and I had a small salad on the side and a banana for dessert. That was a tremendous loss - good for you. Sometimes when the scale isn't going down and we have done everything right, it's because our body is adjusting to the weight loss and then we have a woosh on the scale.

Have a wonderful evening.

01-05-2013, 09:01 AM
Good morning to you all. We are expecting some snow showers in a couple hours, but thankfull the temps will rise into the 40's and it will melt fairly quickly. I worry more about water on the deck and roadways freezing making things slippery.

I wasn't feel well last night so we didn't get our car washed and didn't go out to eat. So, this afternoon we will take the car to be washed if it isn't raining and get a bite to eat.

Let's see, I bought baby carrots, a cucumber, grape tomatoes, and celery to make up little veggie snack baggies. I also bought some spicy tiny v-8 cans to have with a few wheat thins and a cheese stick. I really need to get many more veggies into my diet so I bought several different frozen veggie packages. I got a couple fuji apples, some grapes, blueberries and bananas for my fruits. I plan on using everything but the grapes to put into oatmeal servings to get fruit servings. I bought some fish for myself since I don't like the chicken casserole I make Jack. It was nice to have the commissary practically empty. I told Jack when he retires we will have to remember to do our shopping during the week instead of the weekend.

My yarn didn't come yesterday so hopefully it will get here today. Since I am sending the stuff with a present for Jackson and the slippers for Alicia and an 8 x 10 photo of us on the ship there is nothing for Jay. So I ordered some navy and gold yarn and am going to make him a Notre Dame watch cap with the ND logo on the brim. I am deciding whether to do it duplicate stitch, intarsia or fair isle style. I went onto my knitting website, Ravelry and typed in Notre Dame and one of the gals actually had the chart of the ND logo, which was great. So, I am excited to do something different too. I am working on a scarf for myself using stash sock yarn and it is coming along. It is for the cruise so I can put it aside anytime I want to do other things. I also am making myself a pair of socks, but haven't worked on them in awhile.

Maggie: Congrats on your loss. That is great. I know you are glad you are getting the weight off once and for all. Jack and I are going to work hard to do the same thing.

Susan: I told Jack that the only thing I worry about is developing cancer of the uterus with what I have had going on. So, I plan on making sure I keep up with her about any changes so we can keep on top of it. It is good not to be on those darn pills though.

Jean: Glad you made it to Omaha. Hope your trip down south will be more pleasant and a whole lot warmer. The truth is, arming teachers can get innocent people killed, armed guards won't stop it because they would be the first to be shot, banning guns isn't the answer because frankly the crooks, drug dealers, and nut cases don't always have licenses or have them legally anyway. I do like what Thomas's school does and that is all the doors are locked and you have to buzz to get in. Now that works because the office is glass fronted and looks out onto the front door, but.... The fact is, this is going to happen and we can only do so much to keep it from happening. So many of these incidents school or otherwise start with people being bullied or made fun of and next thing you know, they are "getting even." Not always, but many shootings are like that. Is is sadly the time we live in and it isn't going to get better. Teachers and parents need to work with their children to nut bully or make fun from the time they are little so they accept people the way they are. Of course, some of the parents are bullies too. Have fun in sunny Orlando!

Want to get some knitting done while Jack is still asleep. Have a nice Saturday all! Faye

01-05-2013, 02:43 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! 44 degrees and sunshine today.

WW was like a mad house this morning. We had standing room only at all 3 meetings and our meeting room seats 75. I am tired and I might just go up and have a nap this afternoon instead of rearranging the living room.

Faye, your shopping cart had the same items as mine. My big treat for the week is smoked salmon to have with a mini bagel and cream cheese for breakfast tomorrow. The WW routine for January is to have a serving of produce with every meal and snack. I like fruit and cheese or fruit and nuts for a snack or veggies and a dip. About once a week I make some air popped popcorn and grate some cheese on it.

I need to get my food and exercise planned out for next week and will be doing that this afternoon. Have a wonderful afternoon and evening.

01-05-2013, 03:11 PM

I’ve had the neatest little solar calculator for years and years that I always keep in the glove box in the Jeep. It takes a tiny battery as a backup but it won’t work unless that battery is up and running ~ just in case. Anyway my battery went caput and wouldn’t you know it ~ my device is so old that they don’t even make that sized battery anymore. So now I have a new calculator to keep in the Jeep that Will got me from the dollar store for a dollar. It looks just like the old one except the backup battery is concealed inside the unit and I guess when it goes caput years from now I will toss it and buy a new one just like it. I don’t know how they can make these little things so cheap.

DONNA FAYE I also think it is a great idea to have snack items that are good for us handy to get to. I do that with veggies, fruits, cheese, drinks. Love those little snack bags. Sure makes it easy to already have the items cleaned and bagged up. I like having several kinds of string cheese & cream cheese also. WW has a new one out now that I want which is Jalapeno string cheese, I have the cream cheese in that flavor. I always keep a few of those small cans of spicy V-8 juice in my fridge along with my diet soda and Perrier water bottles. :yes: WW has some neat cream cheese triangles that are great and Laughing Cow has some Baby Bells that are good. I like to use those triangles in celery stalks. There is enough cheese in one of those triangles to make a great snack with some veggie. I am boiling some eggs this day to add to my arsenal.

SUSAN I had a conversation last meeting with the leader and we agreed that the next meeting will be full to bursting then after a couple weeks or so it will dwindle down quite a bit. Just like all New Year’s resolutions losing weight, gets shoved to the back burner once again when the newness wears off. There are always those few that stick with it though. Your afternoon snack sounds yummy ~ reminds me of some great smoked salmon we had recently. It was so tasty with cream cheese and bagels. Makes me want some more. :lol:

Have a great day Magnolias

01-07-2013, 03:56 PM
Good afternoon, everyone. 49 degrees today with some warmer weather on the way.

I saw on the noon news that kid in ALwas planning to blow up his school with a bomb - so if they can't get guns they'll find another way. Fortunately his plan leaked out and he was arrested. I don't know what this world is coming to anymore.

I have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday to see about my foot that I had surgery on about a year ago. One of the bones has apparently moved out of place and I have a big bump that is getting worse on the inside of my foot. I'm going to ask her if I should see an orthopedic surgeon this time since the osteoporosis has made my bones so soft. Dr. Bushmaker had said he thought if I ever have to have surgery on that foot again it would have to go in a halo or it wouldn't heal at all. It's always something. I still did my yoga class today since we do yoga barefooted and don't jump around.

Maggie, we also expect this week to be another standing room only time. We should get combat pay this time of the year. I have been using my little book. Its very handy.

Have a wonderful day.

01-07-2013, 10:23 PM
I. Am on the way to CA and in Texas. Will be back in. about a
WeeK.. Too hard to post on this phone.

01-08-2013, 11:00 AM
Good morning girls! Well, I guess for about a week it is just you and me, Susan! :lol:

I never did get in here yesterday to post. Every time I would think about it, something else would come into my mind, I would sit at the computer and do something else, then forget to post. Ahh well.

I am having a nice bowl of oatmeal and blueberries this morning. I put a bit of sf syrup in it and it is very tasty. I had banana in it yesterday. I trying hard to put much more fiber in my diet, cut out as much sugar as I can, avoid desserts all together, add veggies to my daily eating. Sometimes it is just trial and error to arrange your eating so you don't get hungry. Since I don't drink sugared sodas anymore and haven't for about 3 years now, not eating sugar is not a big deal. I am not the dessert person in this family, but Jack has one of the WW ice creams or oreos that he counts in his pts and he seems to be ok.

Maggie: Hope you have a good time on your trip. You sneaked it up on us. I don't remember seeing you say you were definitely going, but maybe I missed it.

Susan: I hope your surgeon can find a remedy for you. I know you would like to have a steady foot to walk on. After all, you are our exercise queen here. It is supposed to be up in the 50's here today and creep up into the 70's by the weekend I think. I am ready for spring already, frankly. I wish I could have the popcorn with a bit of cheese, but I can't eat popcorn. I love to smell it when Jack has it once in awhile though.

Well, not much news around here. We are just plodding along. We are having dinner with the kids on the 19th. Kelly is making baked chickena and roasted veggies so I hope the veggies are some Jack will eat. He is so particular sometimes. I am taking rolls and the sopapilla cheesecake since she asked me to bring rolls and dessert, but I may have a roll but none of the cheesecake for sure. Have a great day and Jean and Maggie, hope your trip is great!!! Faye

01-09-2013, 11:17 AM
Good morning all. Just a quick post to keep it going until everyone gets back home. Not much news in my part of the world. It is warmer and rainy here and the rain will continue through tomorrow so it will be another gloomy day. Boy, I sure couldn't live in some place like Seattle that gets a lot of rain and is gray a lot.

Here are the slippers I made for Alicia. I love the deep red color and it seems to fit her. They are really comfy slippers and I tried hers on to make sure it fit last night. I still have the other one to make, but I should be able to get it finished today.

I am still waiting for my exercise tape. I think it and the yarn for Jay's ND hat should be here today. I hope so anyway.

Well, hope Maggie and Jean are having a good time and Susan, take care of that foot! Faye

01-09-2013, 06:52 PM
Good evening! 64 degrees right now. We're having warmer temperatures for the next week.

I went to doc this morning. She said she thinks its a bone spur on the side of my foot and it will have to be removed. Tomorrow I'll be seeing my foot doc and see what he says. She also changed my depression medication because I was at the top dosage of Celexa. I'll be transitioning to the new medication over the next 2 weeks. Of course it's new and top tier so $95 copay which is depressing.

Faye, I love the yarn you used for Alicia's slippers. Such a lovely shade of red.

Talk at ya tomorrow!

01-10-2013, 11:24 AM
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