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04-30-2003, 03:45 PM
Well i guess i could start by saying hello, and im obviously new here. I found this site while looking into that leptoprin stuff. it sounded too good to be true, and i didnt intend to use it long term, just for a little while till i felt comfortable enough to get back to exercising. thats one of the most discouraging things..physically feeling that i cant do it. anyhow i was about to buy the stuff just to use for a little while..acutally till the summer when i go to attend a program i know works for me, but i didnt feel too good about just buying it blindly so thats when i found what i was looking for..the information on it here. i found it odd that the leptoprin site didnt give more information than it was just like ok here is how you buy it..but WHAT am i buying? so thank you for that. i know that there is no permanent 'quick fix' ive witnessed enough and experienced enough to know that first hand..but i do know that some stuff does work for a short period of time and i was hoping that i could then just continue from there. but i guess it doesnt quite work that way either.

im not quite sure whats appropriate to type where. this just seemed the forum closest to my situation or what im looking for or however you want to put it. this weight thing is something ive struggled with my entire life..its always been an issue,..and its always been an issue to try and 'fix it'...though all efforts have failed...there is only one thing that works..but actually i guess i cant really say that it works since i always end up back where i started plus more. though i know the reasoning behind it...and if it werent for me and would work. obviously the 'right' answer is eating right and working out...but as im sure you all know how hard that is to get into. as far as eating a very picky eater..there isnt much i like..and what i like happens to be 'bad' for me...and on top of that since its all i like i eat more of it than i should. as far as the exercise...once i get into it i dont mind it so much...and once i start losing its motivation to keep going..but as soon as i start gaining and feel like a fat blob again i sort of slack off until i just dont anymore..and then the weight comes on even faster. in order to get started i need a super jumpstart...and camp la jolla does that for me (yeah its a 'fat camp' of sorts...some of you might have heard of it..or even been there for all i know)...problem is its an expensive jumpstart...but i just cant seem to do it on my extremely successful at the program..and continue to be so after i get super charged and ready to go with eating right and working out and incorporating it into my life...BUT then something happens that throws me off...last year i was wrongly and illegally evicted from my apartment and was then forced to stay with my parents in the mean time..its a long story as being that this post is enormous already i wont go into it..but the series of events put me into a depression of not wanting to do anything on top of not being able to do much(i was pretty much confined to the house) made everything i worked soooo hard for to all go in reverse. its more about losing weight for a healthy body...its also about a healthy mind...and i was on the right path and going strong till that happened...then after a few months i couldnt take it there anymore so i got myself out of there...and thought that NOW i can go back to where i was before the situation started...that was in january...and im STILL struggling to try to get back..i just cant seem to do back to la jolla i go...which isnt so bad because i love it there..BUT its a lot of money that if i could get my sh*t together myself i could use towards something else.

well im sorry for all that....i kinda just wanted to get that out since there really isnt anyone i talk to about such things...and also since everyone who posts around here seems to know about other people and there situations through posts and such im i sort of figured id try and catch up a anyone who would like to know i suppose.

this is a nice site you have here...i dont usually post much...unless i really have something to say...though i doubt you could tell that by this post. thank you to all who actually read all that. any questions or comments please feel free to post..or message them to me. thanks:)

04-30-2003, 07:37 PM
Hi ImagiNada glad you found what we lovingly call "the nutty board". :D

First thing, good fo you for addressing your weight when you are still so very young ( yes I peeked). It seems like you understand that this is indeed more than just losing weight. The biggest battle with weight loss occurs between the ears. The mind set is the most important thing to succeed.

When you are starting out or starting over, you may not be able to leap right into all the changes right away - drinking water, exercising, following a food plan.. etc. It can seem so daunting when you look at it all together, that some times it is best to make one change at a time. Start with maybe increasing your water intake , then start with going for a 15 minute walk a day... etc.. baby steps. This is all made up of little changes.

As far as eating what is "bad" for you, remember there is no bad or good food. There are better choices and the trick is to balance better choices with living your life. A steady stream of tasteless "diet" foods is sure to derail you. This is a change we need to make for the rest of our lives. Find a plan you can live with.. low carb, weight watchers, calorie counting, sugar busters, the fda food pyramid..and a zillion more. One thing that I can promise you is that healthy food CAN taste good. Learning to use fresh and dried herbs and spices can really liven up food. Don't be afraid to try new things.. as well as things you may have disliked in the past.. but prepare them a different way. I never use to like zucchini, sweet potatoes or tofu and a few other things. Now I love them. It just took finding a way to preapre them that I liked. You can also experiemtn "lightening" up some of your favorite foods.. that can be an exciting challenge.

One program a lot of ladies here seem to like is TOPS. I believe it costs like $1.00-$2.00 a week to go to meetings. There is a board on 3FC that could answer a lot of your questions. It isn't expensive and since you are young I am guessing you aren't made of money.

It is hard work, but you have to care enough about yourself to accept the challenge. :)

04-30-2003, 09:08 PM
Thank you Linda for the tips and all...the baby steps thing seems logical..but it just doesnt work for the kind of person that has to plunge into something whole hartedly and all at once...of course i have to be in the right frame of mind to do it...but adding in one thing at a time just doesnt progress..and i eventually start going backwards before i get anywhere...not sure that made sense...but for an the person who quits smoking cold turkey..not the one that starts cutting down till i eventually quit (though ive never smoked..not as a habit anyway)....i know what works for me...i know what to do...the problem is getting started..and then sticking with it...which hmm...basically seems like the whole thing is a problem. what i mean is i know what to do..and how to do it..and why it needs to be done...just like most of the people out there in the same position..but like them...i cant seem to put it all together and make it work for me when i want it to. theres so much that needs to work together and trying to get it all to work at the same time is find that balance of the ALL the aspects of mental...along with ALL the aspects of the physical...they compliment each other just as much as they oppose each other...blah blah blah im just going on..and not getting to my point...which at this point i have forgotten :dizzy: not trying to make excuses though im sure it sounds like trying to get myself motivated..and with all the benefits of actually getting myself in gear with would think it would be fairly easy...problem is i think too much...and do very little:p

05-01-2003, 09:06 AM
Welcome Nadia, glad you found us. Hope you feel at home here with us nutty ninnies.

Hugs !!!