Body Image and Issues after Weight Loss - unintended insults

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12-21-2012, 12:02 PM
How do you deal with a good friend saying something that inadvertently is insulting to your appearance?

A good friend of mine was telling me that he and his sister are trying to lose weight together (for motivation). She is my height and weight and he was talking about how she looks "dumpy." I personally don't think she does at all.... Anyway, I said something about "Wow, that's my height weight. Do I look dumpy?" and he said "Well the thing with you is, your top half is skinny" and I said "And my bottom half?" He said "Isn't."

Ok, I was asking for it..... I guess it's motivating but certainly not in an uplifting way..... Sigh.

Any words of wisdom other than shutting my mouth?