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12-18-2012, 12:51 PM

It is another chilly winter day here in the ♥-Land. Tomorrow promises a winter storm with rain and snow and the ever blowing wind. We are being treated out to lunch at a steak house today and then afterwards we are going out to a friend’s house to deliver their Christmas present and see their new dog. They recently just bought the cutest little Miniature Yorkie puppy that I understand is a charmer that I want to see.

Well I didn’t do so well at weigh in last evening but I know why and don’t have anyone to blame but myself. So now it is onward and about the business of losing weight. For some reason or another I had a very hungry week and succumbed to it. My FOCUS had deserted me but I now have it back. Since our WW meets on Monday’s only and Christmas Eve is next Monday we will meet on Thursday the 27th and on Thursday the 3rd in January since New Year’s Eve is on a Monday also. That is good for those of us who need to go to the meetings that they provide another day like that.

The animals all love this cooler weather but when it is cold and windy they sure don’t hang around outside much. Cecil is here right now sitting waiting for a “good boy” treat. He gets one and then he is off to pounce on Beanie. Beanie is one little dog that is full of energy and can give the cat as much as he gets. They are so cute when they curl up and nap together. I need to get a picture of that.

Will ordered a 2 pound box of Nuts and Chews from See’s Candy from out in CA which will be delivered here on Thursday. It is 2P+ a piece and our favorite from there. It also freezes well and I am going to do just that with my one pound of it. I’ll stretch tight wrap each piece and then place it in a zip lock freezer bag. It will last me a whole year that way for candy is not one of my red light foods. If Will wants his pound of it done that way I will wrap it also. Once in awhile I want a piece of chocolate and I might as well have a good chocolate piece from See’s instead of a candy bar of some sort. When we lived out there on that coast that was a tradition to get a box of it for our anniversary ~ but they will ship it out here ~ they are on the internet. :lol: If chocolate or candy is a red light food for you I suggest you don’t buy any of this from See’s and stay off their web site for they also have some wonderful suckers for 2P+ each. I still have some of those suckers that I brought out here when we moved here years ago. :cp: We used the suckers in with the stocking stuffer things for the kids back then. Life is good.

SUSAN I am so sorry you are having that nasty cold and bronchitis. That woman was totaly rude and unthoughtful of others to bring her germs to share. I'm going to love this new wand blender-mixer-processor I have for it will do most everything and takes up so little space. I am giving my old wand blender to my doctor to gift it to her brother to use making his smoothies. He hates using his blender for that for then he has to wash it. The wand is so much easier to wash. I love that "Success Handbook" for it is chock full of great ideas and helps. WW did a wonderful thing for us by putting that one together.

JEAN Sonny will adapt in time ~ look how far he has come already. It is probably the same storm that will give us snow that gives it to you on Wednesday. I haven't learned anything from that book so far but are not ready to stop reading it just yet. :D

:candy: Have a great day Magnolias. :wreath:

12-18-2012, 01:18 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! I've been to get a haircut earlier this morning, washed two loads of clothes, dried one, spent some time on the phone with a friend and here I am. It's very foggy here and misting this morning. We are on the very edge of snow that is heading in our direction. I need to make a WM run right after lunch so hope the snow doesn't happen until I get home again.

Susan -- I was glad to see your post this morning! :cp: I'm sorry you caught a cold; I don't think I would have been very nice :no: in telling the gal she should have stayed home with her cold! I hope your cold is gone soon and the CPK enzyme test results are better this time. Since Sonny has been off the deck the squirrels have returned in full force. He is such a scaredy cat that he crouches as flat as he can and peeks over the edge of the sliding door to watch them chase around. If one jumps, Sonny jumps too. :lol:

Maggie -- I'm sorry about your gain from last week. :hug: But you know what to do and can do it with your determination and focus in place! :yes: I've never had See's candy but understand it is the Cadillac of candies! :T Freezing it sounds like a good plan!

I hear the washer buzzing so need to round up another load. Enjoy your day -- remember to be nice and smile! :wave:

12-19-2012, 12:01 PM

We are in for stormy weather today starting at 3PM today, they say, and lasting till Midnight with 1-3 inches of snow accumulation. In reality we will probably get maybe a half inch of snow, if that much. Seems the storms that come to this state make a circle around us.

I have been having the dickens of a time trying to keep my coffee container clean of build up and got smart and bought a baby bottle brush and that makes it whistling clean ~ all bright and shiny like new. The bottle brush I was using has too soft of an end on its bristles to tackle the bottom and sides as I wanted. It is nice to find a product made for something else to do the job I need done. :cp: I am not one of those coffee coinsures that thinks the dirtiest ones cup is the better the coffee tastes in it. Nope, I want my cup sparkling clean to begin with. :lol:

I am thinking of using my indoor pressure smoker to do a rack of ribs this day. I’ll rub them with some of my mix of spices, smoke them with apple wood and they will be a nice dinner this day along with some corn on the cob, corn bread and a nice big tossed salad.

I had made myself a handy little 3½ x 2¾ inch booklet of all of WW’s Power Foods and made copies for some friends at WW. Word got around and last meeting one of the ladies that had reached goal and is a helper at the table asked me for a couple ~ one for her and one for her friend. It got me to thinking if any of you Magnolias want one I can easily make you one and mail it to you ~ so let me know. I find it handy to have those Power Foods all together in a little booklet. Easier, for me, that way than having them all on that big sheet. I put magnet on the back of my copy and it is on the side of my microwave easy to get to.

I have been going to bed earlier and consequently it has me getting up earlier in the morning than I am used to doing in years. Not having a TV has been good for my sleep habits I see. We only miss having one on occasion but not enough to buy one and get hooked up again.

JEAN How many inches did they predict for your area? You will probably get more than we do.:( We do so need the moisture. Yep Sees is the very best and most say once you have had it you don't appreciate any other nearly as much. :D Will said he wants me to freeze his layer also. :D

:candy: Have a great day Magnolias. :wreath:

12-19-2012, 04:48 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's windy, cloudy, cold, and the snow is supposed to arrive later this afternoon dumping 4 - 5" on us. I made a quick grocery run to pick up Christmas dinner items since our stores have been known to run out when there is a holiday on the calendar.

My patience has been tried twice today and I'm not liking it much! I made a fast stop at WM en route and had 4 items; the 6 items or less checkouts were closed, of course, so went to the one that says 20 items or less. The young lady in front of me had 5 items while the old biddy in front of her had a cart full of groceries, clothes, and stuff. She had already unloaded her cart and I said to the gal in front of me, "gee, I counted and I have less than 20 items!" Meanwhile the checkout next to us emptied so I moved over. As I was leaving I went back to the nonwhite checker at 20 items or less, and said to her, "you should have told that lady she had too many items and would need to go to another checkout." The STUPID woman just stood there and looked at me. I am still thinking about calling the manager since the store was quite busy and there were only 3 checkouts open besides the self-service. I HATE that store! :crazy:

Last Wed. I received an email concerning a memorial from a family (that I don't know) saying the daughter had contacted the church office regarding the same. So I sent an email off to the pastor . . . no response until today. He wants me to get the memorial committee together, come up with an idea and get it in the works before January 1st! They want a name plate put on the memorial item as well. Well, I wrote back and said I just didn't have time until we get back in January! He won't be happy but that's the way it is.

Maggie -- I use vinegar on coffee or tea stained cups; just a little bit mixed with hot water, let it set, and rinse. I have good luck with that. Not sure if I will make it to WW tomorrow or not. I'm about ready to abandon it until we get back from Florida. Your booklet sounds like a good thing, but I'm going to pass on it; my heart just isn't in WW right now. :( We were right on the edge of the snow storm with 1 - 2" predicted. Now the weatherman says the storm is moving further north so we will get more. Time will tell. My "mom" is scheduled to move tomorrow so she is sitting on pins and needles watching the weather channel.

I need to keep moving or I will continue to be behind. I'm beginning to panic even though I know it will all get done eventually. Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

12-19-2012, 09:50 PM

I am a happy camper for at 7:30 PM UPS delivered my order from Bakers and I got all that nice healthy flour that I had ordered a few days back. Tomorrow I will be baking some awesome good bread using the Ancient Grains mix and get some of the Red Wheat Berries to sprouting for putting in salads.

We are getting hammered with that promised wind and snow right now. I still don't think we will accumulate much snow from this storm.

JEAN Are you just going to shoot for a "maintain" this holiday season? Lot's of folks are doing that. I am going to try to lose some weight and may end up just maintaining anyway. :p I certainly don't want to gain any more of my hard earned losings. Call the manager because if you don't report her then who will? If that isn't a rule of the store to have few items in that line then change the sign. Since it is a memorial service than can't it be done after the rush and hustle of this season?

:candy: Have a great day Magnolias. :wreath:

12-20-2012, 10:58 AM
Good morning ladies. I have been nursing a sick husband this week and trying to rest in between that and Fortune noticing it and not sleeping either so I get no rest. I am pooped. Jack went back to work today though and says he is feeling much better. I just worry because it got cold quickly here and raining and the wind is gusting up to 50 mph today so I told him to make sure he bundled up when he went out.

I finished Thomas's socks finally and did the first loafer slipper for Kelly. I want her to try it on before I make the other one. It is interesting going from using tiny size 2 needles and sock/fingering yarn to size 13 needles and super bulky yarn. I also hate bamboo needles and that is all the large size double points come in so I am having to use them. The yarn doesn't slide very well for me on bamboo.

I just had to go out and retrieve our trash can. It was blowing down the street with about 5 others. Some of the people are never going to find theirs I am afraid. I am out of breath between waddling as fast as I could to go and catch it and the wind blowing me down the street with my nightgown blowing up around my waist and me fighting to keep it down and keep hold of the trash can and lid! :lol:

Tomorrow is doing some errands and taking Fortune to groomers. I have a list for things to get done for Christmas Eve. I think we will go to Fresh Market and get something special out of their butcher case for dinner Christmas day for us. They have a great fresh seafood section so may surf and turf or something.

Jean: The Walmarts here do that as do Target and every other store. I get mad and say stuff out loud too, but in this town, than can get you shot and Jack hates it when I made a scene. :lol: I hope the weather isn't too bad for you guys. I know Jay was supposed to get your weather too. It went from near 70 here yesterday evening into the upper 40's at the moment. The wind really makes it cold. I don't have a lot to do. I have to get some nice wrapping paper and ribbon and bow to put on Tom's parents' gift and to wrap T's socks in with his money, order a chocolate pie from Perkins and a few other things from the commissary like a pumpkin pie to bake and cheese ball and crackers, stuff like that. We have to go commissary shopping so I hope the lights stay on when we go this weekend. :lol:

Maggie: Have fun with your bread flour and such. Hope it works out for you. I am about 6 lbs down from last time I weighed myself but am just trying to stay even at least to get past next week. I am hoping now that the meds are out of my system I can actually get some weight off for good and keep losing.

Susan: Hope you are starting to feel better. Jack is coming around but it is slow going. The stuff has broken up in his chest and it coming up though so that is good. Though it irritates me that they take all the medicaid state plans it looks like and student college insurance and on and on that they don't take Tricare. I doubt medicaid pays much better than Tricare does. The real thing I was mad about was Jack having to sit for 2 hours sick when we wouldn't have gone in the first place if the website hadn't had Tricare on it or gone home when I went to check him in if Tricare had been on the insurance check in. I got an email back with a phone number to call if I am displeased. Big deal, they didn't even apologize.

Well gals, I am behind on cleaning work so have to try and hop to it. Have a good day and keep warm and dry!!! Faye

12-20-2012, 11:37 AM
Good morning, ladies. In the 50s and sunny.

I'm finally feeling better but still have a bit of a cough. Last night was our library bee dinner at Olive Garden. I always get the lunch portion of Venician Apricot Chicken there. It comes with Asparagus and no pasta, salad and bread stick. A good meal for 11 points.

Tonight is Ladies of the Evening bee and we are having pizza and salad so that will work out good for me too.

Faye, I love those socks and the slipper looks nice and warm. I'm glad Jack is feeling better. I had to lol at the picture of your running after the trash can with your nightgown blowing up.

Jean, I've had clerks at the 20 items of less check out tell me to come to them when they didn't have anyone in line even though my cart was full - and immediately 10 people line up with a few items behind me. If I were the clerk, I'd not have done anything because now days they pull out a gun and shot you for something like that. It's ridiculous to think anyone could get a memorial done by January 1 when the holidays are already here and people are traveling. Good for you for standing up for yourself. When you are ready to go back to WW, the kit is a great investment just to get the Success booklet. It really gets to the heart of the matter of what we need to to to lose weight successfully as far as routines, spaces and thinking.

Maggie, I'd love to have your booklet please. King Arthur Flour is one of our clients. They send us Maple Syrup and pancake mix and sometimes different flours when we place someone with them. I made one of their flour sacks into a quilted wall hanging. Please do not share your snow with me!

Have a wonderful day - it's a slow day here at work but I need to get back to it.

12-20-2012, 12:39 PM

We got about an inch of snow which blew around with the wind gusts at 50 & 60 MPH. The temp this day is 35º expected to get as low as 11º. You can bet that I am staying inside this day. Beanie is the only one of our animals that loves to go out when it is snowing and chase the flakes and catch them in his mouth. We always have a towel ready when he comes in. :lol: Will is off to the museum this day and before he goes he will bring me brunch from our coffee place along with a sf ff vanilla latte. I have a glass box to work on today and maybe I can finish it. I am gifting it to a gal in town so can deliver it in person. Her name is Rosie so I have a pretty red rose on the lid and I think she will like it fine. However, before I get to going with the glass I am going to get a loaf of bread cooking in my little machine using some of my new wonderful flour.

SUSAN I love the Olive Garden and one can find program friendly entrees there for sure. What you chose sounds yummy. I got a chuckle out of making a quilt out of one of King Arther's flour sacks. I buy flour in much smaller quantities and it comes in paper bags. My mom used to make us dresses out of the feed sacks that my grandfathers chicken feed came in. Nice pretty small flower patterns. I love ordering from them for they have so many things I can't get locally. Your little booklet will be in the mail tomorrow. OK we will keep the snow and not share it with you for we desperately need the moisture. :D

DONNA FAYE Wonderful that Jack is feeling better. That yuckie stuff sure hit him a hard wallop.Bet you take a nice catch up nap today. Thanks for the word picture of your retreval of that trash can. What a hoot. ;) Ours in the alley outside the fence line always get blown over if kinda empty but don't go very far. They are numbered and the trash guys know where they belong and are good at retrieving errant ones.

JEAN One of the manager type gals that works at our coffee place gave me a few little packets of urn cleaner. I use just a spoonful with hot water and it usually cleans my cup great. Sometimes it just doesn't get a bit at the bottom. Thanks for the heads up on vinegar. It made me get out my vinegar book and it does tell how to clean coffee out of things as you mentioned vinegar and sure enough they recommend it for dishwashers and microwaves also.

:candy: Have a great day Magnolias. :wreath:

12-20-2012, 01:23 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! The wind is blowing hard, it's cold, and we got the snow last night; not sure how much but the wind blew it into drifts around our patio and in the driveway. The movers, for my "mom," came last night in order to beat the weather so she is officially moved. I am so thankful because the Plan B was for the 26th and I knew she would be even more nervous, and not be able to enjoy Christmas. She's been nervous about the move all fall so this weather sure didn't help. I've been awake since 3 am and feel like I've been spinning my wheels this morning. Every time I turn around I find something else that needs doing, fixing, or putting away. *sigh*

Maggie -- Glad to hear your flour arrived and you are a happy camper. :yes: I would be more than happy with a maintain through the holidays. The WW meeting this morning was cancelled because of the weather; the leader lives in another town and I'm sure country driving isn't good today. :( It wasn't a memorial service the family wanted, but a memorial "something" in honor of their mother. The lady didn't live here and her funeral was this fall. I've read many cleaning tips that say vinegar and soda are the two to use depending on what needs to be cleaned.

"Gma" -- I'm sorry Jack has been so sick; glad he felt well enough to go to work today. Thomas will love his socks, I'm sure. I hope Kelli's slipper fits and she likes it; the different sized needles is a big jump. I, too, have a mental picture of you chasing after your trash can. :lol: :congrat: on losing another 6#s!

Susan -- I'm glad you are feeling better! I know you will enjoy your Evening with the Ladies tonight. For anyone who doesn't know, and reads this, they will wonder about you! ;) I've had the same thing happen to me when the clerks have an empty checkout. It just struck me wrong yesterday; normally I wouldn't say anything and sputter to Bob later. I worry about the guns being carried around in this town, and would never ever confront anyone one on one. :no:

I need to keep moving or it won't get done today. Have a terrific Thursday and enjoy! :snow4:

12-21-2012, 10:54 AM
Good morning to you all! It is sunny and :brr: here today. I was going to go out and do errands and such, but Fortune kept me up all night last night and so I canceled his grooming appt and tried to sleep for another hour or so, but gave up on it. He is so restless anymore. He has all his shots and such next month and I am going to have them check him for diabetes as he drinks huge amounts of water and pees constantly it seems. I know he has a heart problem but not much you can do about it I am afraid. I'll have Doc Mongomery give him a good once over. He is 13 so he is up in years though yorkies live a pretty long live.

I was negligent in thanking those of you that sent Christmas cards. They were lovely and we enjoyed them very much. We were going to do photo Christmas cards from the trip, but I hated the professional photos so much I gave up that idea so you are stuck with ecards this year.

Jean: I am so glad your mom got all moved in. I am sure it is a great relief off her mind. I am just thankful there were no cars or kids waiting for the school bus yesterday morning because they would have gotten a show! :lol: Jack calls my boobs Nina and Tina and I told him they were about the only thing that weren't blowing in the wind so to speak! :D I think Kelly's slipper is going to do fine. I put it on yesterday and it stretched enough for me to have it on then bounced back so it should do fine. I might even order myself some of that yarn and make a pair. I wear out my socks so fast wearing them in the house all the time. The slipper like I made for you guys don't stay on my feet very well. I don't think they are deep enough so I wear men's tennis type socks all the time.

Maggie: Jack is feeling much better today, though I hated for him to go out in the weather. Like I said, the other techs are on Christmas vacation as is the electricians so most of what needs to be worked on won't get done until Wednesday since they have Monday off. Most work are two man jobs though Jack has this huge single person job assigned to him that he may be able to work on today until they let everyone leave, if they do let them leave early. They are having a Christmas dinner so that's a good sign.

Well girls, chores to get done so I better get to them. Have a great day and weekend! Faye :clause:

12-21-2012, 11:41 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining, NO wind, :cheer: and it feels like -7 outside. It's wonderful to see Mr. Sun! Today I will pick up the last of my groceries as I doubt the stores will have deliveries on Monday, and one isn't open on Sundays. I need to do some serious dusting and vacuuming; the sunshine sure helps in the motivation department!

"Gma" -- I'm sorry Fortune wouldn't settle down last night. Bob says he hears Sonnybub late at night; we can't decide if he is talking or a complainer. :dunno: He has picked up on going to the basement for bedtime treats so that makes getting him downstairs much easier. He and Ernie have had a couple "discussions;" Ernie takes a swing and then walks away. :lol: I suppose it is part of deciding who is in charge around here. No hissing nor growling which is good. The storm was much worse in central Iowa than here; they lost electricity and had several deaths due to accidents. They finally closed the interstates around the Des Moines area. Beth said there were a couple cars in the ditch when she went to work on Wednesday; she also travels interstate which is under construction, and I worry about her -- not her as much as some other idiot.

I need to keep moving and do some serious cleaning today. Have a GREAT day! :elf:

12-21-2012, 01:38 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! 45 degrees and overcast now. We had rain this morning.

This afternoon is some housework and making my menus for next week and grocery list so I can stop at Trader Joe's and Kroger after WW tomorrow. I imagine it'll be pretty lightly attended - and then the storm will hit with all the New Year's resolutions.

I, too, apprecite your Christmas cards. I haven't set any out this year. I've just felt more depressed as Christmas gets closer. I most feel the lack of family this time of year.

We had a good time at Ladies of the Evening last night. Plenty of pizza and salad and one of the ladies brought gingerbread men for all of us and a gingerbread house for me. I'm going to have to take it apart and cut it into servings size pieces and freeze it before I eat it all. She is a home economics teacher and has developed this house that fits into a shoebox so her students can make them and take them home. We had fun with a Chinese gift swap. I ended up with a lovely big quilted bag I can use for overnight or the gym.

My box gave me $700 and a case of wine. I have 1-2 glasses of wine a year so this will be used for hostess and birthday gifts for those who will enjoy it more. He is big into wines and I'm sure this is a very expensive one from what the label says and the instructions he gave me. I'm a 2 buck chuck girl myself (although its $3.29 now). One of the tenants at work gave me a lovely Lenox mug which I love because it is china and thin and another gave me $100 gift card to Barnes and Noble.

Faye, I am having a terrible time finding women's socks that come above the ankle. I guess I must be hopelessly out of date but those short things don't keep my ankles warm and I can't find cotton socks. I have big feet so I went to the men's department and got me a 6-pack of white cotton work socks. I have to wear shoes all the time now, but I used to run around in my socks, too. Be careful you don't slip and fall! I hope Fortune isn't diabetic. Maybe the doc can give him a sleeping pill so you can sleep.

Jean, Casper has become a creature of habit. I usually go to bed by 10 pm and if I stay up later, he keeps going to the stairs and looking to see if I'm coming. After several tries, he gives me a dirty look at gets into his bed and goes to sleep. He's a good little cat until 7 am - and then he wants me up and breakfast to appear in his bowl.

Maggie, I clean a lot of things with vinegar. Vinegar and Dawn Dish Detergent mixed 50-50 is a wonderful cleaner in the bathroom. Soap scum just melts away in no time. One drop of dawn vinegar and water is a good window cleaner. I know Rosie will be thrilled with her box.

Have a wonderful day.

12-21-2012, 05:57 PM

The box of Sees candy arrived last evening and we did our trading and I now have all of “mine” in little individual plastic bags in a bigger zip lock freezer bag and in the freezer. I ate one piece for the 2P+ it cost and it was sure was worth it. What usually happens with things of this sort is when Will eats all of his then I always share mine with him. :lol: Works for us. Around this time of the year my mother always had a pretty glass footed dish with a matching lid sitting on a living room table that she always had Sees candy in for the guests to help themselves. There was another covered dish that held the homemade fudge for she had the See’s recipe for that. I used to make that fudge every year and put it in small boxes of six pieces to gift it to guests. If anyone wants that recipe I can e-mail it to you easily enough but it is 4P+ a piece. I have a recipe that I make now days by WW and it is only 2P+ for 2 pieces. :cp:

When cleaning out my desk tray I found a little clipping I had made from the Cooking Light magazine back in June. It is for Taha’s Vanilla Salt’s large, crunchy, fragrant flakes. They say they are good on grilled fish, pork, or chicken and on grilled peaches or fresh berries. After the first of the New Year I am going to order a container of it for I will definitely get some use out of it even now since I do some indoor grilling and I have berries in the freezer. We like grilled peaches when they are in season and I will surely like them better with some of this vanilla salt on them. We like eating fruit with our meals for they are yummy plus they aid in digestion. I now have that clipping pinned to my bulletin board so it doesn’t just float around on my desk and get lost or tossed.

Will came in with a bag full of Christmas music that he got 3 for 2 dollars and they are good music by the old classics. Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole, Lena Horn, Beach Boys, Lou Rauls, Ella fitsgerald, Tennesse Earnie Ford, Merle Haggard, The Andrew Sisters, to name just a few. I have been playing them one after another. And one of my favorites is Handel's Messiah with the London Symphony with Jackson conducting. I now have 30 Christmas Music CD's consisting of many types of music.

DONNA FAYE The vet can fix your little pooch up with some meds that will make his life better and let you get some sleep. I am so glad that Jack is so much better. Being sick and having to work is the pits for sure. Thanks for the e-card it was lovely. I didn’t send a whole lot of cards out this year because postage is so stinkin’ high. I’ll pass out the ones I have for all the folks at church on Sunday.

JEAN Your house will be ship shape come the holiday time. Your two animals will get along eventually ~ takes cats longer than dogs to get used to each other it seems. Do you have much snow accumulation on the ground yet? Ours is looking mighty thin. I made a small loaf of bread using some of my newly purchased flour in my machine and it was sure tasty plus loaded with fiber. Fresh home made bread is so good. Makine the small loaves is great because it does get eaten before it gets to dry for anything but toast or making awsome breadcrumbs. :p

SUSAN You got some nice gifts from your friends at work. Wine is a good tenderizer when you cook it with meat ~ it doesn’t care if it is cheap wine or very expensive. I am sure I could find uses for a case of it even though we don’t drink it. :lol: I am sure your friends that do enjoy a “good” glass of wine will be so happy to be gifted a bottle from you. We received several gift cards from folks in today’s mail for eating places around town and our favorite coffee place. Those are always nice to get and we are thankful for them. We got a nice card and gift card from those parents of that young man we let live in our basement last year. They are ever grateful for us letting him live here. But you know ~ it was our pleasure for he was a wonderfully raised young man. I just know I would really like his parents if we knew them. He is welcome to come here whenever he needs a place to stay. I can imagine you are especially lonely for your main squeeze this time of the year even though you have some wonderful friends it just isn’t the same. :hug:

:candy: Have a great day Magnolias. :wreath:

12-22-2012, 12:29 PM
Good Morning! The sun is shining, a breeze is blowing, and it's 24 degrees this morning. A beautiful winter day if I say so myself! I'm working on my "to do" list and have laundry going. My new shades are being installed Monday morning of all days! I figured the guy wouldn't want to come until after the new year so was pleasantly surprised. The sun shines in my kitchen window at noon, and I told Bob we would need to figure out something to cover that window while we ate. That's one thing I can cross off my list!

Susan -- Wow! You received some really nice gifts from your boss and tenants! :D I think I would enjoy the mug over the wine, since I could match you glass for glass! ;) Sonnybub chased Ernie around the island this morning and that's a first. He's also found the picture window facing the street which Ernie has never paid any attention to. I can imagine, my also being and "only," how much you miss your family. My dad died just before Ian was born and I know how much he would have enjoyed Ian since he is so much like Jason it's spooky. You do have a nice family of friends to rely on.

Maggie -- Sees fudge . . . :T ! I would like to have the recipe since the kids are always asking for homemade fudge. I can buy it at a local store but she charges an arm and a leg for it. I didn't buy any this year. I would be in trouble with your bread baking; I could live on bread and potatoes! :o

I'm on a mission to pick up another load for the washer so I'm off. Have a wonderful day and enjoy! :wreath:

12-22-2012, 04:37 PM
Good afternoon gals. We went out early, went to Perkins for breakfast, I bought one of their french silk chocolate pies as my sil and grandson like them so much, then went to Fresh Market. I could spend hundreds in this store so I don't go in too often. Since we are alone on Christmas Day, we treated ourselves to a couple fancy strip steaks, will fix a nice salad and baked potato with a yeast roll for our Christmas dinner. We bought some deli meat and cheese for a couple sandwiches during the holiday, I bought a loaf of their yummy sourdough bread and a cheese ball to take to Kelly's on Tuesday. I am supposed to provide yeast rolls and pies for dinner, but I am taking cheese ball and crackers for Jack. Kelly always makes yummy snacks for before dinner, but Jack usually doesn't partake any fancy stuff.

After Fresh Market, we brought stuff home and put it away then headed out to Target. Jack found a front parking space, which was a miracle and I bought a few things I wanted from there and we actually got checked out right away so today wasn't bad at all. Tomorrow is commissary day and it might be nuts.

Jack is still coughing on and off, but is feeling much better I think. So far, I haven't contracted it and keeping my fingers crossed.

Maggie: I have several nice Christmas CD's I play during the holiday. I have a Johnny Mathis one that is very nice. My favorite Christmas time candy is Cella cherries. When I was a kid, my mom always bought the ribbon candy and those chocolate drop that had the fondant sort of center dipped in chocolae. Of course there were always lots of peppermint candy canes. They didn't have those flavored ones like they do now. On the ship, you got grilled tomatoes on the entree dishes. I remember laughing at one of the servers commenting to me that they had to get rid of them some way, when I said something about always getting a tomato on my plate. :lol:

Susan: I know it must be tough being without Stan and not having children and grandchildren during Christmas. There is something about this holiday that tends to make you think of family. Though we have family, we always find it sad to think about our parents being gone over the holiday, especially Jack's parents. Just know besides all your wonderful Yorktown friends, you have lifelong friends right here! :hug: I had to giggle at getting a case of wine considering you don't have a big family or even a spouse to share it with. Makes it sound like you are a lush! :lol: My family shudders with horror when it comes to champagne or wine and myself. First off, I don't like wine or liquor pretty much at all and I hate beer. The thing is, during the holiday, we usually have one glass together as a toast with the family and I always put ice in my wine or champagne as I can't stand it if it isn't really cold! :lol: It is a standing joke that I will embarrass the family by asking for ice if we have wine, like on the ship. :lol: Truth is, I would ask for a glass of ice!

Jean: We've beat you by just a bit in the temps today. It was around 29 first thing this morning. It is nice and sunny but quite cool here today. Thomas is Tom through and through, tall and skinny and has the same mannerisms. He is all southern too, which Nonny finds enduring hearing that southern voice coming out of him. I talked to him the night of his concert about the fact that he is 5th chair in the concert band, but it looked to me like the first three chairs are pretty tall guys and are probably 8th graders so he should move up next year. He said, "Actually Nonny, the first 4th chairs are 8th graders so I will make 1st chair next year." :lol: He deserves it though. He is in the Eagles Ensemble, which is a small group like a jazz band would be and pretty good for a 7th grader. I have stuff to do this afternoon, but I doubt it will get done. I went ahead and made the other slipper for Kelly and am working on a chevron scarf made with sock needles and yarn for me. That is more fun than cleaning house! :lol:

Everyone enjoy their weekend. I have to endure bowl games this afternoon. :( Faye

12-22-2012, 10:05 PM

Another chilly day in the ♥-Land and I have been inside doing glass work. I finished a cute little box with a rose on top for my friend Rosie and will deliver it this evening when we go to the Mexican restaurant for dinner. I am now finished with all the things I had planned to make out of glass for this season. I am out of a few of the products that I use and will be making an order after the first of the year. I just all of a sudden got sleepy ~ better drink some of my good coffee. I have been very busy this day and when I sat down for this posting it hit me. :lol: Cecil just entered the room. I feed him on a small table and he is so funny for he runs and jumps on it to see how far he can make it slide I am sure. It is a game with him. He is quite the jumper for he can get up on my long table that holds my glass grinder from a standing position. That table is fairly clean otherwise, except for the plastic container I keep his food in, at the end nearest his table. He has got springs in his legs. I am so glad, though, that he stays off my glass table and leaves whatever it is I am working alone. When he and Beanie are chasing each other out in the back yard Cecil makes one big bound and lands up in the Y of the apple tree. I just know if he had his front claws still he would end up in the top of that tree.

I have been clumsy today ~ I was putting the Miracle Whip back into the refrigerator and dropped it and the lid popped off for I hadn’t finished screwing it on and about a half cup of the stuff jumped out of the container when it hit and landed plop right on the floor exploding all over. Will cracked up and then proceeded to clean it up for me. Will said that since I was being clumsy that he would take me out to dinner for he didn’t want his on the floor of the kitchen. That was if I had Rosie’s box finished and we could deliver it. My clumsiness didn’t peruse me into my shop though, for I didn’t even cut or burn myself today but my nails sure do take a beating. I know I shouldn’t use them as tools but the temptation is there for a quick something that needs doing. I do need to get back into the kitchen and clean up the lunch dishes. Not much to do but I like to keep that area cleaned up.

Will just said it is time to go so I will be back later to finish this.

We just got back from eating and driving around looking at folks nice yard decorations for the season. Some people are very talented with their lights and some are just blah but they did make an effort. Rosie loved the box and was totally surprised, which I like. Will is doing a 2 hour Santa thing at their place tomorrow night after evening services and they all want me to come also. We didn’t have to pay for our meal again tonight. :D Tomorrow he is being Santa from 2pm to 4pm at Applebees. So that will be a busy day for him but he wouldn’t do it if he didn’t enjoy it. Oh that Cecil ~ came and sat down on the floor beside my chair and I ignored him and then I felt a paw tap my leg so I looked down then gave him a nice ear scratch and he was happy and wandered off to eat a bite or two of his food.

:hohoho:DONNA FAYE Your planned Christmas dinner sounds yummy. :D We will be going out for Chinese for the lunch meal and to I-Hop for the evening meal. Christmas is a no cook meal day for me. :cp: I don't recall ever having store bought candy for the season at our house. My mother always made that Sees fudge and other candies also. I do remember my grandmother having some of that ribbon candy though. I love grilled tomatoes ~ one of my favorite ways to eat that fruit. If you grill the green ones they are the best. ;) When we lived "down south" we were always served tomatoes with breakfast.

:clause:JEAN I e-mailed you that Sees Fudge recipe. It is very easy to make and very yummy and high in points. :p You would like my bread for sure ~ fresh or toasted it is so good. Our tuna sandwiches for lunch today were really good with that loaf I made. I love to "gift" folks with a nice fresh loaf of bread and if you lived close I would be keeping you in fresh baked bread. Fresh baked bread is in my program ~ I'll count the cost and enjoy every little morsel of it. I do put added fiber in each loaf I bake.

:candy: Have a great evening Magnolias. :wreath:

12-23-2012, 06:20 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! Just a quick "hello" from foggy windy Iowa. We went to church and then met our friends for lunch in another town. Needless to say I'm finding it really hard to get back into the cleaning mode. :hyper: I did make a list for tomorrow so hopefully it will all get done. If not, so be it.

"Gma" -- Thomas is quite the musician! He really excels at everything he does; you have every right to be proud of him. :yes: I like to eat at Perkins but either have to go up to the lake or to Sioux City. I'm getting so I would rather do most anything rather than clean house. :o

Maggie -- I did get the recipe but haven't taken the time to look at it. I hate it when I'm in a hurry and get clumsy. :( I try to be extra careful but it doesn't always seem to work.

I'm off to shovel some more dust around. Enjoy the rest of your day! :tree:

12-23-2012, 11:58 PM

It is a chilly day here in the ♥-Land for it is currently 18s and was not much higher today and it is said it will snow on Christmas Day. A white Christmas. :snowglo:

We had a very busy day with church and Will being Santa at two different restaurants. The kids were all so excited and cute and talkative except a couple that are afraid of a man in a red suit with a white beard. Their parents are hoping by next year they won’t be so afraid. Most of the little ones wanted to hop on his lap and get their picture taken which made it all worth it. When they told Santa what they wanted I would look at the parents and they would nod their heads “yes” that is what they are getting. One little boy wanted a scooter with a special kind of wheels and his dad looked at me and winked. Will told the little boy he would be sure and check his supply and if there was one like what he described he would get it. Dad then laughed and the mother punched him with her elbow in his ribs. It was a lot of fun. Another one wants a puppy and the dads head snapped up and his eyes got wide with surprise. It was fun. Tomorrow Will has presents to deliver as Santa. When we were at one of the places there were two collage aged guys at a table next to me and I was talking to the young man closest to me and noticed his friend with a big smile on his face. I recognized him from the WW meetings but didn’t say anything because I didn’t know if his friend knew he was attending and I didn’t want to “out” him. Pretty soon he said to his friend, “I know that lady for we both attend WW and she is a hoot.” He has decided he wants to sit next to me at meetings from now on.

JEAN That fudge is so good you may never want to make another kind. Easy to make and a people pleaser. I wonder who gets the most dust you or me. The wind sure deposits it in this house. I am quite often cleaning my computer screen which is a collector along with everything else in the house.

:candy: Have a great day Magnolias. :wreath:

12-24-2012, 12:54 PM

Ouch ~ I woke up with a pain in my neck and I figure I slept wrong on it somehow. It has lessened as time passes so maybe it will be gone soon. I’d rather be a pain in the neck than have a pain in my neck. :lol:

So this is now Christmas Eve and all is well and we are expecting some snow tomorrow still. Will has to don his Santa suit once more this day and deliver some Christmas presents for a lady to her little children. It is so special when Santa can deliver them personally. What a thrill for little ones. It helps Will to do this also for he is making some folks with little kids real happy this time of the year. The little children are so precious.

We have been given a lot of gift cards for eating establishments around here which are nice. What a lovely way for folks to show their appreciation to us for things we have done for them in this past year. We never expect anything in return but it is nice when we do get things as a surprise. The places Will is a volunteer have been very generous with gifts to us. A simple “thank you” would suffice but it is certainly special when they gift us as “a thanks.” I have lots of thank you cards to make out now. Not having any family living closer than the west coast it is so nice to have such good friends and a wonderful church family here. What was really special is that the parents of the young man we let live in our basement last year sent us a gift card and some really neat pictures of the family. They live down south and are now our family.

:candy: Have a great day Magnolias and stay safe and warm. :wreath:

12-24-2012, 02:29 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! I am waiting for our dinner to finish baking, baked potatoes and chicken. The guy came to install my shades. The window one is perfect, but both sliding door shades have one end that doesn't quite retract as tight as the other end. I will be making a phone call on the 26th! The birds and squirrels are keeping Sonnybub entertained. I wonder if he wishes he were back outside so he could chase them. He has made several trips around the table so I know he gets excited. :lol: The sun is shining, wind is blowing, and it's cold; we're heading for 0 or below tonight. :brr:

Maggie -- I can imagine how much Will enjoys playing Santa! It's a Happy Anniversary to you day if I remember right. How many years? I hope the pain in your neck is gone, or at least is better by now. Enjoy all of your gift cards; just goes to show how much people appreciate you and Will.

Time to set the table and figure out what is next on my "to do" list. Enjoy your day and have a happy one! :tree:

12-25-2012, 09:19 AM

Not a big post today. Just wanted to get in here and wish you all a merry Christmas. I was swamped with stuff to do yesterday and then we have a really fun time at Kelly's last night. After dinner we played "Apples to Apples" I think it is called and it was easy and fun. The problem was we know each other so well that we would know which person answered what a lot, but it came down to the wire as to who would win. I was way ahead of everyone, then kerplunk, nothing and I lost to Kelly last night.

Maggie: Happy belated Anniversary to you and Will. I hope you had a great day together.

Jean: I put Thomas's money in his pair of socks and wrapped them up. His mom was sitting next to him and took them away from him teasing him with them. I think he could have cared less about the socks, but he wanted the dough back. :lol: She told him, "Do not sit there and count it!" I laughed and told him I didn't care if he counted it in front of us or not. He just grinned and shoved it into his pocket. I guess he has a "girlfriend" but she is off limits to talk about. I couldn't eve get out of him what color hair she has. :lol:

Everyone have a wonderful day today and stay warm dry and safe if you have inclement weather. It is going to hit us tonight late so Jack should have an interesting time getting to work tomorrow. Faye

12-25-2012, 12:34 PM

:tree: Merry Christmas Magnolias. :wreath: Our predicted snow storm has not yet arrived but it is cold with 12ºs and not expected to get much warmer this day than in the 14ºs. Yesterday were invited out to lunch by one of the big mucky mucks from the museum and had a great time. Then a friend stopped by and left us with a tin of homemade enchiladas, loaf of garlic cheese French bread, enchilada sauce and some granola bars. What a gal for she provided our dinner for last evening. Everything was very yummy for she is a great cook. We will be going out to Chinese for lunch then to I-Hop for dinner. Will was Santa for a gal with 4 little kids and she gave him a plate full of homemade cookies & candy of all different kinds. Oh the days when we would bake like that but I don’t do that anymore for sure.

Our animals are not spending much time outside this day for sure. In fact Cecil is a real pest today. Like we can do something about his outside temperatures. He loves to frolic out there.

I am having a wonderful time listening to music. I have this one CD that has a whole bunch of the older singers that really knew how to sing. Dean Martin, Bing Crosby, Judy Garland and more. It is one of my favorites.

DONNA FAYE Sounds like you had a fun time playing that game with your family. That kid is quite the character and a charmer.

:candy: Have a great day Magnolias. :wreath:

12-26-2012, 12:36 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining brightly, a little breeze, and it "feels" like -20 outside. :brr: Another Christmas has come and gone, at least for our family. I know a few will celebrate this coming weekend. I should be picking up and getting my house back together, but have just been plain lazy this morning. I thought I would be working in the gift shoop this morning, but the director called and said it was so quiet I didn't have to come in. The after Christmas sale will start the 3rd when we will heading to Omaha. :)

"Gma" -- It's always nice to spend time with your family. I'm thinking Ian and Thomas would enjoy each other. I wrapped some more 50 cent pieces and tried to pad the box so they wouldn't rattle. Ian took time to count them before moving on. :lol: He also has a girlfriend but gets a silly look on his face if we ask any questions.

Maggie -- You were well remembered with food and goodies! :T Poor Sonny spent most of the day hiding behind a box in the laundry room. :( I felt so sorry for him but knew he was where he wanted to be. He came upstairs as soon as everyone left. Ernie usually takes a tour through the melee from time to time just to keep track of who is where.

I need to do a load or two of laundry; guess that won't tax my energy level too much. Have a wonderful Wednesday and enjoy! :wave:

12-26-2012, 01:32 PM

It is currently 12ºs and the wind is slightly blowing, not hard, just slightly but more than just a gentle breeze. We didn’t get the snow as promised by the weather man. Some other folks got it and are still digging out. No moisture in our weeks forecast either and our high today is forecast to get to a whopping 18º

Christmas is over and now the sales begin. There isn’t anything we need so we are staying out of that melee. We are waiting until that non alcohol bubbly grape, apple, and cranberry juice goes on sale for it is tasty as a treat throughout the year and not just the holiday time. Oh and that bubbly cranberry juice will make your jaws tight it packs such a wallop.

I had all three animals laying right outside the bedroom door waiting for me to get up this day. Will said they must of heard me stirring in there because they all left his office at the same time and went over to the bedroom door and a laid down in the hallway. What a wonderful greeting committee I have when I open the door to greet the world. They must like me. :lol:

I don’t feel like doing “anything” this day but there are some dishes out there in the kitchen that are calling my name to be washed. I can do that much at least. I might even make a loaf of bread while I’m out there.

JEAN And what is in Omaha that attracks you? I must have missed something because I don't remember why you are going there. Is it the first leg of a trip somewhere else? Your little cat goes where he feels safe. Cecil doesn't like it when we have company either. He goes and hides somewhere in the bedroom. Last time someone was over the bedroom door was shut so he ran into my office. I came back here to open the bedroom door for him and he was a flash going by me to get in there.

Have a great day Magnolias.

12-27-2012, 10:18 AM
Good morning, ladies! Currently 41 degrees headed for the low 50s and sunshine. We had wind and 2.5 inches of rain yesterday.

Today I'm going to Glory Bee - a real treat because usually I have to take off work to go. We have a covered dish luncheon and I'm taking Pumpkin Fluff.

Tomorrow is English Paper Piecing Bee so that will be more fun. I'm going to take my Bento Box lunch with me. If you don't know about Bento Boxes, go to ( to see some examples.

I was doing a post to you for Christmas and had it about half done and suddently I was transported to a website in CO for Ford. Needless to say my post was gone. I don't know what that was all about.

The thread I am the co-moderator on at AARP called Best Foot Forward is introducing the new AARP New American Diet and the author Dr. John Whyte is posting hints and answering questions for the next several weeks.

Faye, I'm sure he'll enjoy spending the $$$. Once kids get to be past toys, I give money.

Jean, when I had Cupid, he was strictly a one person cat and would head upstairs when the doorbell rang and he stayed there until they were gone. Casper thinks they have come to see him and rushes to the door to let them in so they can pet him.

Maggie, I guess you need to get a big space heater and put in the back yard to warm it up for Cecil. LOL.

Have a wonderful day.

12-27-2012, 03:07 PM

It is 21º and “feels like” 17º and that’s a fact. The animals don’t even like it outside today for it is so chilly. I will be going to WW this evening and I got on the scale this morning and am the same that I weighed on Monday which is a pound down so I am hoping that will show at weigh in tonight. Tonight after WW we will be going out to Applebee’s and use a gift card.

Something has the neighborhood dogs all barking. Ours are inside being quiet ~ amazing. They have it in their heads finally that they aren’t to bark inside and they don’t feel like going outside so they just listen. Good boys. The cat is just hanging out here in my office and Will is at the museum. Before he went he brought me a sf ff vanilla latte which I am now totally enjoying. I took my shower right after I got up this morning and the animals were waiting for me anxiously for their morning treat. I usually wait until later in the day to shower but wanted to do it early for some reason that I don’t know what was.

We found out that they make other flavors of that bubbly juice in Strawberry and Cherry. We tried some of the Cherry and it tasted to much like cough syrup so we won’t be getting any more of that flavor. My favorite so far is the cranberry but I like the grape and apple also.

I did end up making a fresh loaf of bread yesterday and it turned out so yummy. It was a whole wheat loaf made with some of my newly acquired flour. When this bag is about to run out you bet I will be ordering another bag from them if I can’t find it in the store. The store does sell some of the King Arthur® Flour and if they have this type I can get it locally.

I got a surprise in the mail today from a preacher that used to be here years back. It is an antique silver pocket knife with two nice sharp blades and in excellent condition. The reason he bought it for me is because it has my name engraved on the side. Years ago someone with my same carried this knife. He was knocking around in antique stores looking for things to gift folks with and just came across it. Will bought me a real nice carbon steel bladed knife that is gorgeous and 6 inches long with a 3 inch blade. It has scroll work on the blade ~ real pretty. We are trying to find knives to use in the kitchen that are of carbon steel for they hold an edge so much better than stainless. There is a man who makes them and has some on the net for sale so we will be shopping for knives from him. I don’t need many but a few would be nice. I have a large butcher knife that is of the carbon steel that gets used a lot. Some smaller ones will be nice to have. I have a real nice set of stainless but it would sure be nice to replace some of them with carbon. I have a wonderful serrated bread knife wouldn't you know.

SUSAN Beanie would also love a heater out back and where he is usually you will find Cecil. He loves chasing hail pieces and catching them in his mouth. He would make himself sick if we let him stay out as long as he wants. I just know you will have a great time at Glory Bee ~ pumpkin fluff is sooooo good. We don't belong to AARP but belong to AMAC which is also a senior organization. A little competition there which is good to have choices for the folks.

Have a great day Magnolias.

12-27-2012, 06:10 PM
Good afternoon ladies. I have been trying to get the house cleaned and get Fortune over a sick tummy. I don't think it is anything serious, but you never know so I put him on a bit of meds and am watching him. Dogs are harder to take care of than kids sometimes.

Christmas Day was real quiet here, which was ok. We had our steak, etc in the evening and that was nice, called Jay and talked to them and Jackson about Santa bringing him goodies, Jack called his sister and talked to her, but that was about all. It snowed here Tuesday night into Wednesday, but didn't seem to make things too bad. Of course, I stayed put, just Jack going back to work. I think it was probably worse this morning as there were icy patches on the road and he goes to work in the dark, which makes it more treacherous.

Susan: Kelly has made Thomas lunch Bento boxes for years. They are a great way to keep portion control I think. I have long though about buying myself a couple and making up lunches for myself the day before, etc. Thomas had a real chunk of cash saved up since his birthday and Christmas. Since his parents bought him his laptop for Christmas, I don't know what he is gonna spend it on.

Jean: Sounds like you had a good time with family. I would bet Thomas and Ian would enjoy each other too. It won't be long and both of them will be bragging about a girlfriend instead of hiding her. I got very ambitious and got the downstairs all done except the mopping, which I will do tomorrow. It is still a bit wet outside so I am going to wait until it completely dries out so Jack doesn't track wet footprints in on a clean floor. When are you going to Nebraska again???

Maggie: Sounds like you have some very nice friends giving you all the food and treats. I hope you had a nice Christmas. When I was at Fresh Market getting deli meats, the guy gave me a sample of their cranberry relish. I don't like cranberry relish as I don't like the hunks of cranberry. I am a cheapo jellied cranberry sauce gal, but this stuff was delcious. Everything was finely chopped or ground and he said it is made fresh. It only had cranberries, fresh oranges, ground walnuts and honey. It was almost like dessert.

Well gals, I have the kitchen countertops to clean now that we are done with dinner. Hope you all have a nice evening. Faye

12-27-2012, 11:52 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! We have had snow showers all day. Bob just cleared off the deck and it looked like less than an inch. I am typing on my laptop and not used to it at all so feel really clumsy. I had a board meeting this morning, went to WW and lost 3.5# somehow (haven't been for 3 weeks), then a pedicure this afternoon, and balanced the gift shop register last. I should put away what little I have out for Christmas but didn't get to that today.

Maggie -- What brand of bubbly do you prefer? I did get the rest of my Christmas dinner dishes put away today. :cp: What fun to receive the antique knife! Sonnybub heads to the basement as soon as it is dark and he can't see beyond the deck. He spends most of the day by the sliding glass doors. We fly out of Omaha on the 3rd, to Orlando, and will meet our friends for a 2 week stay in a condo a few miles south of there. What is AMAC?

Susan -- I will take a look at a Bento box when I finish posting. Thanks for the link. Will also check out the AARP diet. Casper and Ernie sound like they are people cats. I'm not sure that Sonnybub will ever be comfortable around people in general. :(

"Gma" -- Poor Fortune and poor you! :hug: I hope he is feeling better soon. Sorry about the ice and snow; I'm hoping for sunshine and warm when we head south! My grandma used to make cranberry relish with nuts, celery, and oranges mixed in; now I buy it from the deli and it's pretty good.

Hope you all enjoy a fabulous Friday! :wave:

12-28-2012, 11:20 AM
Good morning girls. It has rained all night and seems to have stopped now. Parts of the county got ice though from what it said. Jack didn't say anything about having a hard time going to work though. I just want it to warm up enough not to have snow or ice the rest of the winter as these people are crazy in bad weather. I worry about Jack getting clobbered again.

I am not sure I am going to mop today with the wet weather. Between Jack and Fortune, I imagine my floors would be nasty again. I guess I can get to it this weekend sometime as they aren't going anywhere.

We are going to have nice hearty chicken and noodles for dinner tonight. I thought it was a good meal for cold weather. Jack just informed me a couple weeks ago he doesn't like to have potato soup or chili or any kind of soup for dinner. He says it isn't enought to eat and when I tell him we can have sandwiches to go with it, that wasn't popular either so no soup for us I guess.

I ordered some lovely sort of a paprika colored yarn to make Alicia a pair of the loafer slippers. The yarn won't be here until next week though. Kelly really thinks she would like a pair so who am I to say she wouldn't. :lol:

Jean: It may not be warm in Orlando while you are there. It was 37 in Port Canaveral this morning and it is only about 45 minutes from Orlando. About the only warm place in Florida in the winter is Miami and Key West. I hope you have spectacular weather while you are there in Orlando though. Congrats on the loss! :carrot: Fortune is fine this morning. I gave him a dose of Pepto ( 1/2 tsp in a syringe) yesterday and he went out and pooed this morning and it was solid again. He ate and didn't throw up either but he didn't sleep from 10 PM on. So I am pooped.

I guess I better get a move on. Tomorrow is hair cutting day so I hope the weather is decent to drive in. Have a nice weekend all. Faye

12-28-2012, 03:00 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The snow is finally done, I think. Sioux City got over 5", according to the noon weatherman. I'd guess we probably got about the same. It's very light and fluffy, pretty on the trees. Bob is off removing snow on 30+ driveways with a tractor and loader. His farmer friend is gone for a few days and that is his "winter" job. Bob was hoping the snow wouldn't happen quite so soon. I've just been putzing this morning; did some laundry, worked on the afghan, and wrote a couple of thank you notes. I have to close out the gift shop books later this afternoon.

"Gma" -- My floors are nothing but footprints from everyone here on Christmas Day, kids in and out, Bob in and out, me in and out since. :rolleyes: I will vacuum and mop just before we head out the door next week. I'll bet Alicia would like slippers. I just had coffee with a lady who spends January through March in Florida, and she said she is packing light weight sweaters and long slacks this year. It was too cold for her last year and she went shopping. I guess I will pack a little of everything. :( I'm so glad Fortune is feeling better.

I hear the dryer buzzing so will trek downstairs with another load. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

12-28-2012, 04:37 PM

I’m not feeling my best today from some reason or another, just blah. It is just in the low 20ºs today and I am staying inside. I did show a loss of 0.4 at weigh in last evening which is going in the right direction ever so slightly. There weren’t many of us at that meeting but just a few of the faithful but it was a good meeting none the less. I was asked to make a few more of those little Power Food List booklets I made and some of the Local Food Points value list booklets. I have them all printed now and need to cut them and make the little booklets out of them.

I have got to get a small space heater for this office of mine. It gets so chilly in here before it is time for the central heat to come on that I get chill bumps. A little space heater would at least keep the room at a warmer temperature. This losing weight is making me more susceptible to the cold than it used to. They make those nice little space heaters that go off if tipped over which is a good feature especially if you have small children or pets or even clumsy adults about. Don’t know what happened to that little one we had in the motor-home for it was a small square thing and really did a good job.

Will bought a good tasting spiral cut ham from the market when he was out and about and it isn’t too salty as some are. I’ll have the job of cutting it all up in smaller sizes and get it into the freezer for future meals. It made a great sandwich for lunch this day. He wants breakfast for dinner so that is what we will have. I’ll make bacon, eggs, and biscuits served with some fruit. We have some bubbly strawberry juice that will go great with a breakfast.

The mail came today and brought with it a knife Will had ordered awhile back that I can use in my kitchen. It is a carbon steel knife that is actually an antique for it was made in Japan in 1831. He has gone now to show it to the museum director that will probably want to buy it but I told Will it will go nicely in my chopping block so don't sell it just yet. :p There are a few more carbon steel ones that we should be getting soon also ~ not antigue but nice ones none the less. The thing about some of these old knives is that the handle just fits my hand and not Will's. Men back then were smaller and therefore their hands were smaller also. Besides that Will's hands are huge. ;) One day I plan to have all carbon steel knives in my holder and will have gotten rid of the stainless ones. I won't care if the ones I will get don't look like a set but they will be functional. I think he is just waiting for one more to close on e-bay and then the guy will ship them all at once. I am hoping one day to get a set of steak knives from him. One of the knives that Will is getting me is only 6 inches in length and that would be a great steak knife ~ maybe another like it or 5 more just like it. We'll see.

JEAN The brand of non-alcoholic fruit bubbly we get the most is by R.W. Knudsen. That is the brand most of the places that handle it around here sell. It’s funny isn’t it that you can have two cats in the house with completely different personalities. Our dogs are like that. Ole Ragg Mopp is rather laid back and Beanie is hyper. When I give them their morning treats RM just casually takes his and Beanie jumps for his. Beanie is so full of energy and I am so glad he keeps the cat entertained. Good thinking to take some warmer clothes when you go to Florida for the weather is sometime a surprise. We have friends that just got back from there ahead of the storm and they had a lovely time down there. Wow Bob has a lot of driveways to plow today but I bet he enjoyes it.:D

DONNA FAYE Good that your little doggie is better. Poor thing is sure going through some rough times. Chicken and noodles are a great comfort food and yummy to boot. :cool: It's hard to keep the floors ship shape in inclimate weather. Our kitchen floor takes the brunt of it for it is the first area the animals pass through to the rest of the house from the back yard. We have a huge industrial type carpet that catches a lot of the grass and twigs these animals track in so it gets vacummed a lot. At least what they leave on that carpet doesn't enter the kitchen. :o I make a cranberry sauce like that only without the honey and I do use mandarin oranges. It is so good and we like it throughout the year and not just during the holidays

SUSAN I can sure tell when Cecil comes in from the cold for his fur gives me a chill when he rubs up against me. His ears especially feel cold. We have an electric blanket on the top of the rest of the bedding that gets turned on about a half hour before we go to bed and Cecil loves napping on it. He is always in "my space" when I am ready to go to bed. Did you ever get that little booklet I mailed to you?

Have a great day Magnolias.

12-29-2012, 02:15 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! 45 degrees and rain. We've had plenty this week for sure.

We had 11 new members at WW this am. Everyone wanting to get ready for their New Year's resolutions to start.

Faye, I hope Fortune sleeps tonight so you can get some rest! Paprika sounds like a lovely color for anything.

Jean, we've had over 3 inches of rain this week but I'll take that any day to snow. People here don't know how to drive in snow and there are only 2 snowplows for the whole Peninsula. I hope it warms up in FL for your vacation.

Maggie, Casper has taken to sitting up before I put his food dish down. With his bushy tail, he looks like a squirel. He taught himself. I suppose he did it once and thought he food got there faster. I have a heated throw I turn on while watching tv or reading in the evening and he loves to get up in my lap with it is on. He curls up and goes right to sleep. I got your little book Thursday afternoon. Thanks a lot - it is wonderful! I have one of those little square heaters I use in my sunroom. It works well.

Have a wonderful day.

12-29-2012, 04:08 PM

Good afternoon Magnolias ~ time has come to start a fresh thread so please go to #36 and post.

Have a great day Magnolias.