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12-14-2012, 07:41 AM
:coffee2: Coffee tastes especially good on a day off, plus I'm thawing out after standing out in the pre-dawn morning, searching the skies for meteor showers. We did see several late last night but I didn't see any this morning.

You'll find me in the kitchen all morning baking cookies for our cookie exchange. I only have to make 2 kinds, but when you figure in I have to bake a dozen for each person and a dozen for the judging table, it ends up being a lot of cookies! At least everyone will be gone for the day so I can get everything packed up without any cookie snatchers. :lol:

I imagine Ruth is still sleeping and having happy dreams of the concert last night. :)

12-14-2012, 07:48 AM
Good morning Cottage, and all to follow! Linda, what kind of cookies are you making? I made pecan square cookies for mine a few weeks ago, although we didn't have a judging table (we were WAY too busy talking!). One of the girls there that night is having their baby today!!

I'm meeting a friend for breakfast this am - and then to work at 10, then the kids' Christmas concert tonight! They have a new teacher that they seem to love, so I'm excited to see how the concert is this year. And we finally put the tree up, but haven't decorated it yet...I'm sure it will look much more lovely with decorations on it :D, as long as the devil cat leaves them on!

What's on everyone else's plate today?

12-14-2012, 07:59 AM
Good morning Linda, Tammy and Beachers yet to come :) Yesterday I was a disaster all day! My own fault for a late night before. My eating resembled my college days yet I only had three drinks the night before. Went to bed early last night and feel like me again. Just finished breakfast and am enjoying coffee before the usual work nonsense kicks in. No big plans this week. Working today and tomorrow. Then back to Queens for a wake Sunday. Sunday night up to Joe's to help wrap presents. Oh vacation starts Sunday morning yippee.

Have a fantastic Friday!

12-14-2012, 08:09 AM
Good morning :coffee2: It's going to be a serious coffee day, I can tell already. Falling back to sleep after the alarm went off might be a clue :dizzy:

Cottage - I tried to get out last night but it was so cold. I'll wait for the Perseids in August. Happy baking! I'm thinking about doing a little this year even if I have to give them all away as soon as they are done. I picked up some candied ginger on sale and am searching for a good double ginger cookie or bar. Anyone have a recipe to share (maybe we need the annual Not SBD approved recipe thread)?

Twynn - Happy tree decorating. It was so much fun watching DD and her fiance decorate last weekend. She now has her childhood ornaments on her tree :)

Jennifer - You're almost there! How long is your vacation? Hope today is back on the rails and over before you know it.

I've got a normal on the road day today. I ended up doing desk work yesterday after realizing several of my done by dates for a big event are today :eek: Tonight we are either going to see The Hobbit or going to the co-op's holiday wine tasting then dinner. Both sound like fun and both sound dangerous dietwise! Tomorrow is a day off, trying not to make plans but tempted to head out for a birding day. I am so bad at just doing nothing!

Happy Friday Beachy Chicks

12-14-2012, 08:28 AM
Good morning.

Linda - That's a lot of baking. I'd ask what kind you are making but then I'd just drool over the answer.

Twynn - Sounds like a busy day for you. We haven't put our tree up yet but DH has started dragging boxes of ornaments up from the basement.

Jennifer - Yeah for vacation!

Cyndi - I love ginger... bread, cookies, oh...

I'm off to work out with my mom this morning. This afternoon DH and I are going to his sister's graduation from nursing school. It is rather a drive so I am hoping we don't have to spend too much time afterwards at whatever they are having to celebrate. I'm hoping to be home for dinner but suspect we might get caught eating out with his family. Not that I mind them :o but I just prefer to eat in my own house and control my own meals. (Not to mention that tomorrow I'm eating out with friends and one restaurant meal in two days is enough!)

Happy Friday.

12-14-2012, 09:30 AM
*sigh* Leonard Cohen still has "it" and gave us a 3 1/2 hour show. I could not believe it! He has a great and and had three good female back-up singers.

This morning my knees are really sore so I am skipping gym. Did not get home until after one last night and had to walk to our parking, almost a half mile away. My short legs had to really scurry to keep up with my two six footers.

Going to pick up the doggage at the kennel after the sleep-over and the rest of the day will be my "Saturday" since tomorrow has three commitments: morning - Pet Therapy, afternoon - Build a Food Mountain and then my last Saturday night working for the Mill.

Time to get some breakfast and pass myself through the shower. That will clear away some of the fuzz in my brain. TGIF to everyone. :cofdate:

12-14-2012, 09:38 AM
Good morning, quick flyby for me!!

I also need to get baking but first I will have to pick up supplies. I bake cookies to deliver to my neighbors and of course for my family as well, though it doesn't last long in my household lol

Okay gotta run should be reading something before 8 a.m. call

Have a great day everyone

12-14-2012, 10:16 AM
Good Morning:sunny:

Thanks for getting us started, Linda. I'm with Cyndi, will look for meteors in August! Enjoy your baking and days off.

Jennifer, glad to hear you're back on track. Amazing how 3 little drinks affect things the next day, too.

Twynn, I'm glad to hear there is someone else just getting around to putting up the tree. I must confess (no kids) I was thinking of scrapping the idea this year until a customer at the restaurant asked....said our tree always looks so nice in the bay window.

Cyndi, have fun tonight. I'm not good at not doing anything, either.

Pearlrose, goodies don't last long here, either.

Karen, you are certainly keeping have you been feeling?

Ruth, that's a long concert! BTW I make my 6 footer wait for me.

DH's party was a real success! The young man (in a wheelchair-can't talk) has made incredible progress this past year. His family (nervously) bought him an electric cart and he's navigating quite well and I think reallly enjoying his freedom. He fell off a ladder many years ago and it's just great to see how this group embraces him.

We have to travel today and I'm going to forgo the pool for a few hours of peace and quiet. I exercised twice yesterday. I'm going through some junk drawers...this started with my holiday drawer yesterday as I got boxes ready for mailing. I'll sure be surprised next year when I open it up.

Have a great day everyone!