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04-28-2003, 07:41 PM

Noticed that the last thread had gone over to a second page so I thought I would open a new thread.

It has been a beautiful day here in the northeast. Have been out trimming some Long Island Daisies that will bloom late in September and next October. They stay green all summer and give great big white flowers when they bloom. Have been doing some raking but that is a never ending choir. :(

It is a struggle but I am still working on Journaling and some days it works and some not! I won't give up. It doesn't seem possible that it is only 3 weeks till we leave on our trip. Can hardly wait.

JEAN Your Ian is just at that delightful age. He must be gooing and gaaing and smiling to beat the band. It is that stage just before he starts crawling and getting into things. :)

BUBS The WVA country side must be just beautiful at this time of the year. It is lovely to be out and watch nature come alive. I must have missed something, are you going on a Maine cruise? Wow! That will be fun.

Maggie must be just about ready to make that move. It is a very traumatic thing to move. We have only done it once and I swore, never again. Now after 40+ years in the same house I can't imagine how I could ever pack everything and move. :lol:

Gloria in MA....since it is still warm and light out I think I will go sit on the deck for a while. Have a great night folks.

04-28-2003, 09:46 PM
Good Evening, Flowers!
It's been a beautiful day in my corner of the world . . . NO wind which made the day even better! We are down to 18 days not counting final exam days which is a totally different, open campus, schedule for the students. If they are up to date on all assignments, book fines, detention, etc., they don't have to be in school unless taking an exam. Otherwise, they are stuck in the cafeteria for a full day when they don't have exams scheduled.

Bubbles -- I don't know why but your last post posted twice. :dizzy: I am anxious for our farmers' market to get started to get really fresh produce. That's the thing I missed most about living in Ohio -- year round fresh veggies and fruit! We don't usually get anything until midJune unless May is really warm. I went shopping at my least favorite store after school today. (Wal-Mart!) We are scheduled to have a new Super Wal-Mart open the end of May so the old store is not restocking shelves. I found what I went after but I overheard "you'll have to wait until the new store opens" several times. One guy was really angry about the fact that what he wanted wasn't there. We have a grocery store right next to the WM store and they have been running their store brands in a big tent sale out in the parking lot. It is just a regular zoo between the WM bargain shoppers and the grocery store sales. :spin: I would love to see your part of the US -- it sounds so pretty and peaceful.

Gloria -- Thanks for starting the new thread! I don't think I could move; it would take me too long to sort through all my stuff! :lol: There are some things I'm just not ready to part with. I am a saver, I must admit. Slowly, but surely, I am sorting through stuff though. If I haven't worn it in the past year, it is going to the Good Will. Ian is such a little ham and we get such a kick out of him. He is just 5 months old but he's already standing next to furniture. He can't get up by himself but he isn't happy just laying around . . . he wants to be in on the action! I had him sitting on a table, at the shower, but as soon as he would turn his head to look at someone it would throw his balance off and he would tip over. I keep telling his mom and dad that they had better enjoy his nonmobility phase because once he takes off, he's going to keep them busy!

I need to pick up my house; being gone all weekend, it has been lacking attention!

Have a terrific Tuesday, Flowers!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

04-28-2003, 10:20 PM
Happy Glorious Spring Evening:D

Gloria, I'm sailing out of Rockland,ME June 23, on the Schooner Stephen Taber. This is my third trip with them and I can't wait! Unfortunately, Ken and Ellen(owners and captains) are retiring at the end of the season, and it just won't seem the same without them, so this may be my final trip. I absolutely love it! I'm going to be up in your neck of the woods sometime this summer......my cousin in E. Orleans wants to have a "cousins reunion"........I hope it works. Unfortunately, we're taking someone else's car to ME, and no one else is willing to drive, so I'll have to come back to WV, then back to the Cape........dumb, but there's nothing I can do about it. I have cousins in Putney,VT and Falmouth too, so it will be a fun trip if my aching back can hold up through two trips.

You two are a couple of wimps:) My husband was a troubleshooter for Shell and Uniroyal..........we moved 13 times in 15 years..........that also includes moves to and from college. Needless to say, I'm not much of a hanger onner, although Mike is the worst:devil: Since we've been here for almost 20 years, I've accumulated alot of stuff too. I have gotten rid of a lot........like the obsolete Britannica set we were talked into buying when Mike was an infant.........what a waste of $$$$. Even before computers we seldom used them.

I must have worn Sir Beagle plum out today.........he's snoring up a storm......he's as bad as any man I've ever heard! I don't recall my Standard poodles snoring like he does........oh well.

I'm off to bed with my new book.

04-29-2003, 06:53 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
It is trying hard to rain but so far just a few sprinkles here and there. Not much going on here . . . my crochet class for tonight was postponed so my evening is free. :D

Bubbles -- I am going to show my ignorance here but what is sailing on a schooner like? I have a mental picture of a pirate ship. :o It sounds like you will enjoy a traveling summer! Does Jimmy get to go too? When I get to the LR cupboard, I am going to pitch a set of World Book Encyclopedias that my parents bought when I was 5 years old. We haven't used them in years and I just couldn't part with them while my parents were alive. I tried to talk my kids into taking them but just got the puzzled look of "why?" :lol: My answer was that they were antiques and valuable. Hah!

It's time to think of something for supper. Have a wonderful Wednesday, Flowers!

Jean -- :dance: in Iowa!

04-29-2003, 11:31 PM
Good evening,

WW is over, and I lost one lb..........that's good compared to what I have been doing. We had 5 new people tonight and had to do inventory, so we were a little harried, to say the least.

A Windjammer is a sailing vessel.........the Maine Windjammer fleet is composed of about 22 vessels of varying sizes.....anywhere from 60' to 75'. They are all antique working boats which were used on the Atlantic Seaboard to transport supplies primarily between New York, Boston, and points north into Canada. They have all been lovingly restored, and most are registered with the Historic Landmarks Commission. A few of the boats were used for offshore fishing, but not many. If you want a good idea of what it's all about, go to the website for the Maine Windjammer Assn., click on Timberwind, and take a look at the photos from last summer. We're sailing on the Stephen Taber, which is also on the list. It's a great, relatively inexpensive vacation. You can be as involved as you want to be in the actual sailing of the boat. Our owner/captains, are a husband and wife who at one time were college professors! They are really special people, who make all their guests feel like family. People come from all over the country, and one man comes yearly from Denmark........he's in his 80s;) So far, I've met folks from California, Texas, Florida, NY, Mass, PA, Washington DC, Virginia, Alabama, and of course, WV............those are just the ones I can remember. They come from all walks of life as well, from retired lobstermen, to journalists, to a pediatric neurologist, to an Episcopal Bishop, a lady who runs Elder Hostels in FL, you name it. They cook on a woodstove down in the galley, and the food is scrumptious. The only thing you need to take are your clothes and any beverages you desire( I load up on my Diet Coke). One meal is a New England Boiled dinner, one is Lobster, one spaghetti(?) Breakfasts are to die for, with blueberry pancakes practically every morning. All of the bread is home made on board......amazing! In terms of clothes, all you need are jeans, shorts, t shirts, sweatshirts, rain gear and deck shoes. I take a sleeping bag in case it gets cold, and this year polar fleece will feel good. It's not the sort of vacation that appeals to people who want to be waited on hand and foot and entertained with lots of glitz. you make your own entertainment with singing at night, reading or talking during the day, not to mention the sight seeing. Most people have heard of the Barefoot Cruises in the Bahamas, but those boats are much larger, and have more glitz. I, personally, would much rather be in Maine than in the Islands, but then I was raised in Florida, so that's nothing new for me. In ME, you may get hot, but you never get the grungy sticky feeling you get in FL........I don't know why, I just know that it's true. The first two times we sailed, there wasn't a shower onboard. IF anyone had told me I could go for a week without showering, I'd have told them they were crazy........but we did, and didn't feel itchy or dirty. You have a copper sink in your bunk, so can take a "spit bath", but that's it. They since have rigged up a shower on deck to be used in the evening after dinner when it's getting cool.........I just stay dirty..........I don't know how they ever get warm after taking a cold shower in the cold air......that's too much like roughing it for me. The shower does feel good when you get in to port, I must say. The windjammers have no motors, so you're completely at the mercy of the weather and the winds as to where you're going and how far you go in any given day. You never leave Penobscot Bay, but it's a huge body of water, filled with lots of little islands and coves, so you never feel as though there are as many boats on the water as there are.

I've probably told you more than you wanted to know:), but I just love it.

Happy Hump Day

04-30-2003, 11:36 PM
Good Evening, Flowers!
It's cold, windy, and raining tonight . . . has been raining off and on since last night when a good old thunderstorm rolled through. I have wellness screening at school tomorrow and since I can't eat nor drink anything, I am heading to bed shortly. I don't know why but I have been tired all week long. :dz:

Bubbles -- CONGRATULATIONS on losing 1#! You've got the scale going in the right direction now! :cp: I will check out the web site after I finish here. Thanks for the description as I had no idea what you were talking about. It sounds like a fun trip! :yes: I'm sure the people are what make it special!

Not much is newsy so think I will decide what I am wearing tomorrow and head off to bed.

Have a terrific Thursday, Flowers!

Jean -- :yawn: in Iowa!

05-01-2003, 10:53 PM
Happy May Day, Flowers!
Today is Leonard's birthday (he is 12!) -- doesn't seem possible that he and his mother have been here that long. It's been a funny day for weather -- some rain, some sunshine, but mostly cloudy and gloomy.

I did the wellness testing early this morning and according to their computer I am rated as being 2 years younger than my actual age. They ask questions about wearing seatbelts, smoking, alcohol use, fast food, exercise, etc. My #s were all lower than last year so that is good.

Hope you all have a fantastic Friday! I am off to read the newspapers from the last couple of days.

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

05-03-2003, 11:45 AM
And today is Saturday . . . I was checking email and now I am off to clean!

Have a great day, Flowers!

05-04-2003, 03:36 PM
It's Sunday and now I'm really hearing an echo in here! :dizzy:

It has poured rain all day and is so windy that "things" are blowing from yard to yard.

We are leaving shortly as today is DIL's birthday and we were supposed to grill outside. I don't think that will happen. At least we will get to spoil Ian a bit.

Have a relaxing afternoon, Flowers!

Jean -- :rain: in Iowa!

05-04-2003, 03:46 PM
Hi All,

Just back from a walk on the river trail.........it was glorious, as usual. Several outofstaters walking too. Jimmy had a grand time wading in up to his belly........which for him is not hard to do:) The wild honeysuckle is in bloom and smells delicious. The sky got real dark, and I was sure we were going to get dumped on, but it apparently went all around us.

It's pretty obvious that Maggie, Donna, and Jean have been the mainstays here. Maybe it's just that with daylight savings, people are spending more time outside and less at the "confuser".........I know that's the case at my house.

Went to see the surgeon last Thurs., to get the scoop on a colonoscopy........at almost 64, I wasn't able to BS my way out of one any longer:( ANyway, while there saw a brochure on the laser procedure for vericose veins...........I'm having it done Wednesday.........can't wait:D I was amazed that it was as reasonable as it is, and he says he can do it in about an hour......then I'll have a couple of weeks of wearing support thigh highs:( that's the only downside that I can see. Will let you know more after the fact.

How about that horse that won the Derby! One of a three horse string for the trainer..........bet his stable's going to grow:D

I'm going to pull some weeds.........one of my least favorite things to do.

Have a good week,

05-04-2003, 04:15 PM

A bright but cool Sunday afternoon here. Have been keeping busy but haven't accomplished much. Some days I wonder just what I did all day as I don't see too many results. :?: We have been trying to sort thru things and set aside what we will take on the trip. I have resolved not to take so much this year....now if I can just keep my word.:)

BUBS To reassure you I have had colonoscopy done 4 times in the last 10 years. It is a breeze except for the day before. It is the prep that is the hardest part. Last time was easier though as they had changed some of the prep proceedures. GOOD LUCK! I have family history of colon cancer which is why I have to have it done so often....so far only a few polops and nothing in the last three times.

JEAN Have fun at DIL 's party. Rain will never stop you from enjoying Ian. Enjoy!!!

MAGGIE If your reading this I hope you are now at your new place. It will be a while before you are truly settled in but just do one thing at a time and you will be settled before you know it.

Gloria in MA....off to obey the dryer buzzer.....Have a great Sunday.

05-05-2003, 07:22 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
It is down right cold here today. My furnace has been running off and on but of course there was no heat at school. I've gotten smart enough to dress in layers so I stayed warm. What a nice surprise to see two new posts today! :D

Bubbles -- It sounds like spring has arrived in your corner of the world. :flow1: Good luck with the surgery on Wed., I'll be thinking of you. It is amazing how laser surgery has made things so much easier than in the past. Keep us posted!

Gloria -- I know exactly what you mean when you said you couldn't see that you had accomplished much. I can keep busy all day just sorting through stuff. I tend to keep magazines until I have time to sit down and really read through them and the piles get pretty high because I just never take the time to sit down. I end up taking them to school or to the hospital. Ian will sit alone for a minute or two and then he gets so excited he rolls over. He is such a little ham and he had a big audience yesterday! :lol:

I need to dream up something for supper. I should have gone to the grocery store on my way home but didn't feel like it. Our new Super WM is due to open the end of May so they are not restocking shelves. I hate going there anyway and that really tries my attitude towards them. :mad: I just hope our two grocery stores can compete and stay open.

Have a terrific Tuesday, Flowers!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

05-06-2003, 01:13 PM

We've been getting the rain that's been plaguing the Midwest for the past two days.......it's actually supposed to be rainy all week. The river's pretty high now, so I hope the water doesn't all come at once!

Just finished paying all my bills online. Now that I have the hang of it, I think:?: it's really easy............now if there were unlimited funds to go along with it:) 7

Jean, I know what you mean about the heating and cooling systems at school..........ours was supposedly state of the art 7 years ago, and we had problems with it from the getgo. The weirdest thing is that the system is operated out of Charleston, the state capitol, and 90 miles from here:dizzy: Go figure! We had some rooms that were cool, and others that were in the high eighties all the time..........it was crazy. I became the head custodian's best buddy, and he kept my room nice and cool. The kids would complain about it, but I told them they only had to put up with it for 50 minutes, and I was there all day, so bring a sweater. At our level you always have guys coming in with Tshirts when it's 20 degrees out........."macho, macho man".......actually, more like "mental midget". The good news is, they do grow up:~}

I'm meeting with the contractor today re: my kitchen, so want to look over the materials I've gleaned over the past two years.

Have a good one,

05-06-2003, 08:37 PM
Good Evening, Flowers!
It's cooling down outside and clouding over which means the :rain: is on the way again. I have a trickle of water running across my basement floor, to the drain, so I really would like some dry days!

Bubbles -- My school was built in 1962 and I don't think anything has been done to upgrade the heating system. It's a "patch-n-go" sort of thing! When I was subbing, I soon learned which rooms were hot and which were cold and would dress accordingly. Now I dress in layers for when the hot flashes hit. :p They are talking about air conditioning some of the rooms and I imagine the computer labs will be first on the list. We have the tall narrow windows that open at the bottom so I don't know how they will accomplish that fete. I had to laugh at your "mental midget" as we have students who don't wear winter coats because they can't get their lockers open. They carry every book, etc., in their backpack, all day long. We're trying to get the school board to ban the book bags but the educated idiots maintain that would be infringing upon the students' rights. :rolleyes: We are concerned about safety issues not to mention the back problems the students will have a few years down the road. Let us know what you decide to do about your kitchen . . . just remember that it will take longer and cost more than the original estimate. . .or at least, that has been our experience with the five remodeling jobs we have done. :yes: One thing always seems to lead to another. The one thing I regret is not getting a bay window when we replaced the livingroom window. The opening was so big that we would have had to build a cement foundation to support such a big window. Now I wish we would have made the opening smaller and gone with the window. Oh well, live and learn!

Hope all is well with the rest of you Flowers! Have a wonderful Wednesday . . . 12 days to go until classes are done and finals begin. The seniors take semester exams next week and are done on the 16th. The days are flying by fast.

Jean -- :dance: in Iowa!

05-06-2003, 11:14 PM
Wow! Youall get out of school early! When do you go back in the fall? Our big problem is the week off at T'giving. It's nonsense, but since deer season is truly a rite of passage in these hills, they can't afford all the subs for bus drivers, custodians and teachers, to deal with half full classrooms. Financially, they really have no choice. Sounds crazy,, but that's the way it is back in our "hollers".

Lost 1.6# this week:bravo: It's about time. I've finally come to the realization........speaking of "mental midgets", that if I get up in the AM and do the one mile walk with Leslie Sanzone it loosens everything up and gets rid of the stiffness and sore joints........I shouldn't be admitting how stupid I am! Anyway, I've done it almost everyday this week, and it's paid off. Now I don't know what I'll be able to do after the laser treatment tomorrow......will have to wait and see.

The visit with the kitchen man was interesting.........it's going to be as pricey as I was afraid it would be. Now if I were only as clever with a camera as Donna, I'd take before and after pix to share:lol: I really miss her and Maggie.........the three of us get kind of repetitive(sp?).

Gloria, what are the folks up your way saying about the summer........I sure hope it isn't freezing cold the last week of June! Clear skies, a nice breeze, and temps in the 70s would be perfect. The first time we sailed, we went on up to Nova Scotia and PEI......since three of us were teachers, we really wanted to see the Bay of Fundy. Anyway, we were gone almost three weeks, and it was clear practically everyday. In 96, it was overcast and foggy at least half the time..........we were almost run over by a commercial fisherman. However, it was entirely different from our first experience, so interesting and fun too. Now I'm older and not as curious..........comfort is becoming more appealing in my old age:lol:

Jimmy and I are off for a stroll.