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04-28-2003, 04:46 PM
Okay, ladies-I am ready to jump into this journey and hope can join in with some of you already on your way. I had a doctor's appointment last week and was horrified with my actual weight! I knew I had been creeping up (thanks to my ever tighter clothes) but was really shocked when I saw the number! I feel motivated by that, and am on "the program" today.

My plan is to ease into Weight Watchers with a couple of starch-free days. My friend had done LA weight loss and gave me the take off juice drink so I am doing that today and tomorrow, with some veggies and protein, but no starch or sugar. Those are my weaknesses and I can't believe how many times today I found myself reaching for the cupboard or craving just a little "fix". After these two days, I am going to try to do the WW program on my own-keeping my starch and sugar in check-keeping to just the minimum.

I am also going to walk 3 times a week and fill in with weights and maybe a yoga tape. Of course, today, I kicked the door to my washer and dryer (by accident) and I think my toe might be broken. So, if it still hurts tonight, I will just do the yoga and/or weights and see how it feels tomorrow.

Okay, now for the weight and goals:

current weight (and all time high) 219
goal weight 150
goal 2lbs per week

(wow that was hard to admit/type)

thanks for reading if you got this far!

04-28-2003, 04:48 PM

My friend made my avatar whom I like to call "skinny-me"


04-29-2003, 02:42 PM
Just wanted to wish you good luck in your journey! You sound like you have a good plan and I hope you get to your goal as "Skinny Me". Also, your friend is a really good artist.