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12-07-2012, 07:23 AM
Good morning :coffee2:

Wow, I don't remember the last time I was the first one to post in the morning. I've been such a slacker. Getting ready for a day on the road before date night with friends. We are off to a local winery for wine tasting and shopping then dinner. Tomorrow I head to Boston to see the Nutcracker with DD and go wedding dress shopping on Sunday. Lots of fun but not not much rest :)

Now for a mug of coffee or 2 (or 3). Can I get anyone else a cup?

12-07-2012, 07:28 AM
:cheers: to the best day of the work week! I love my job, but I do enjoy my days off, too. :)

I'll be out the door soon, though, since I want to get my car to the dealer for an oil change, and I think I'll walk next door to Cracker Barrel and treat myself to breakfast while waiting for it. Then I'll swing by home to pick up Jake and we're going to get our Christmas shopping done today since I'll be at my DD's the rest of the weekend.

Who's joining me for coffee this morning? :cofdate:

12-07-2012, 07:33 AM
You beat me to it, Cyndi! :) Date night at a winery sounds wonderful, have fun! Your tomorrow sounds fun, too. I was toying with the idea of taking the grandkids to see The Nutcracker, but it gets expensive when you have 3 of them.

12-07-2012, 07:40 AM
Good morning Cyndi and thanks for the coffee. Just read your post yesterday and am so very sorry about your friend's son. How awful! Yes, we should not waste a single day.

This is definitely a day that I won't waste - my day off. First on the list is the gym of course and then my friend Barb and I are taking off for a wee road trip. We are off to Harrowsmith - yes THAT Harrowsmith for those of you who subscribed to the magazine. There is an excellent quilt shop there, several good craft shops, a potter and someone who blows glass. I hope to get a bit more shopping done - some it for me! We'll have a late lunch somewhere along the way so that's my day.

My Christmas cakes arrived yesterday and I sampled. :( Now I remember why I no longer bake them myself. They are Christmas Crack and the scale shows that today. They are now wrapped in rum-soaked cheesecloth and tightly wrapped. I just have to get one off in the mail to my DD and try to forget the other one until Christmas Eve.

The dryer just stopped so I need to dig out a T-shirt for gym and crank up the day. I did set up the little tree on the back deck and it looks very pretty as seen from the sink window. :) The indoor tree is up and the lights work but it hasn't been "blinged" as yet. Maybe tonight.

TGIF Chickies. :coffee:

ETA: Good morning, Cottage. Enjoy your shop with Jake and the real weekend to follow. K

12-07-2012, 08:32 AM
Wow, you ladies sound like you have great days/weekends planned!

So sorry, Cyndi, to hear of your friend's son. Ruth, where do you get the cakes from? They sound amazing....definately something I couldn't have here. Cottage, enjoy cracker barrel and your weekend with DD!

I just got off the bike, I didn't wanna but was a good girl. I was trying to squeeze in a run yesterday, but the schedule became packed and it just wasn't gonna happen! The kids have a 2 hour delay for icy roads, so they'll go to work with me for a few minutes. Then after work, I'm going with friend shopping, WOO HOO!!!

12-07-2012, 09:08 AM
Phewci have such a busy day. Meeting Linda at Cracker Barrell for breakfast. Quick pit stop at the gym with Ruth. Shooping with Tammy. Then wine tasting with Cyndi. Such a busy, but fun day......Oh wait I just came out if my day dream. Phoey I am at work! Retirement dinner afterwards. Torn betwen going or heading home. This will be my splurge until Wednesday. Work Holiday party at a beer garden in Manhattan. I am out Monday night too. it is my goal to maintain for the next two weeks as I think that will be challenging enough.

Ok back to work. Have a great day chicks

12-07-2012, 10:01 AM
Good Morning:sunny:

Wow...busy here already. Thanks, everyone, for reminding me it's Friday. We got up for coffee then went back to bed for awhile....had forgotten to turn the heat up and it was chilly!

I guess I will try to go get an official start to my day.

Have a good one!

12-07-2012, 02:28 PM
Hello everyone,

Cyndi sorry to hear about your friends son, enjoy your evening

Cottage love Cracker Barrel

Ruth good for you going to the gym, those cakes sound delish

Tywnn icy roads.....I guess it is getting to that time of the year

Jennifer I am really watching what I eat for breakfast and dinner as I have so many lunches I have to go out for in the next two weeks. Hoping that will work

Debbie enjoy your day

I took today off, we went to the mall this morning for a bit, got DD1 what she wanted for Christmas they had a wonderful deal on a 12 piece bed spreadsheet I think she will love. It is so big though it will not fit under the tree lol

We were supposed to take DD2 to the movies but she is now going with her friend so not sure what we are doing the rest of the day.

Have a great weekend everyone

12-07-2012, 06:15 PM
Good evening, ladies. Just popping in to say hello. I have tickets to see The Nutcracker next Wednesday, actually. Me, my mom, my niece, and 2 of my closest friends. We're going to do dinner before and coffee after. It's been a yearly tradition for, oh, probably a dozen years or more now.