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Mr Spacey
12-06-2012, 11:42 PM
Hey there :dizzy: story is pretty simple, in 2011 i lost a bit of weight to try to get back to how i was in 2006, and i got 75 percent of the way there, but a whole lot of people were telling me, "oh stop the diet u look fine right now", "oh stop the diet you didnt even have to lose any in the first place", "wow u look skinny", so as a few weeks went by of this, i accepted that this was a good place to have a break in and i did, but i never closed the door to get to where i really intended.

Well since then ive been satisfied and i guess i had not concentrated more on losing more weight but now that i really think about it, i know i can still lose more and i must to get to where i once was, my thighs look for some reason quite fat when i walk around, and if it werent for that i probably would lose any more weight, but im in a certain stage right now so i want to get to the very end..

Im not that fat, my chest is not that fat and it is more slim, but my legs are almost as thick if not more so than him...I want to reach what i once was and mr federer shows that well.

So heres the deal, i want to lose as many weight possible, but without excersing too much because i cant in my schedule, i am mentally strong enough to do anything but it has to work, so im asking for some help here..

Its december 6 by january 22 2013 i want to be at a very good spot, if i was 75 percent done to this point, then maybe 85 by that point, does anyone have any tips or pre determined diets that you think might help me?

EDIT: I would follow what i did almost 2 years ago but i have forgotten much of it, i know that i took about 1000-1100 calories a day or maybe it was 800, but it worked and never came back, here is an example of what i would do now and probably will depending on advice..

Breakfast: 10 AM
150 Calories in cereal with skim milk.
50 Calories in Orange Juice

Snack: 11:30
130 Calories Delicious bar

Lunch: Sandwich 200 calories 1-2 PM
120 Calories Bread
60 Calories Cheese
20 Calories Turkey ( 2 strips each 10 calories)

Snack: 3-4 PM: 160 Calories Ice Cream Bar, Or 90 Calories Banana Or 150 Calories Doritos

( Water throughout day along with diet soda and/or diet iced tea)

And For dinner..

Another 200 Calorie Sandwich and maybe Half a banana with diet iced tea which is like 250 calories.

And then i can change some days the bread i use for the sandwich, i can add some grapes and oranges in exchange for some of the snacks, and some chicken breast, soup, or etc instead of dinner sandwich..

For a total of 900-1100 Calories, per day.

12-07-2012, 09:23 AM
Hmmm, your diet seems very poor to me. First of all, there are a lot of carbohydrates which do very little to help you unless paired with lean proteins and veggies, and many people (like myself) cannot lose weight unless we limit carbohydrates. I'm not saying get rid of them, but your diet seems to be 80% carbs, and you don't say what kind of carbs but at least change them to whole grains.

Secondly, there are ZERO vegetables in your diet. That is a serious lack of nutrition and fiber. Like them or not, vegetables are probably the most serious benefit to the human body so it's best you learn to like them. Raw salads, carrot sticks with hummys, roasted vegetables, veggie soup, add a leaf of lettuce and a tomato to your sandwich, steam some broccoli, make a stir fry, anhything at all, just add some veggies.

When I read your list of foods, I see nothing but processed food:
Cereal = carbs
orange juice = sugar
delicious bar = processed food (I bet one of the first 3 ingredients is high fructose corn syrup)
bread = sugar
turkey = processed food (unless it's freshly home made turkey)
ice cream bar = sugar, processed food
Doritos = Really???
diet soda = processed food

Besides your banana and grapes you have zero fresh food in your diet.

Lastly, 900-1100 calories is not enough calories for any adult body no matter how much they way. For a better understanding of how your body burns and uses calories please take a look at this calculator, it will help you determine how many calories your body needs to just stay alive, my guess is your body needs a lot more calories than you're giving it.

12-07-2012, 10:10 AM
I was gonna respond to this, but Wannabeskinny worded it perfectly already. You need to be consuming much much more vegetation than you are right now, you need to cut back on processed food, and you need to up your daily calorie intake. You might think you're doing good by eating as few calories as possible, but you're wreaking havoc on your immune system and metabolism. Round out your meal plan, up your calorie limit, and increase your physical activity. Good luck!! :cb:

Marrie Ann
12-17-2012, 01:40 PM
I agree with others you should avoid carbs and start to take more protein and fresh veggies, try to make chicken casserole, fresh salads with chicken, eggs with bacon,vegetable soups, etc.

12-18-2012, 10:08 PM
I agree with the others...cut out some carbs, doritos, processed food and the pop. More lean protein and fresh fruit and veggies with every meal, and that should help.

01-21-2013, 07:29 PM
Agree to what everyone else says

Btw whats your height? 1000 is pretty low unless you're maybe in the end of the 4 foot range and very sedentary.

In my experience, all these shortcut foods are garbage. They're not even that great for you and they really don't keep you full. Especially those food replacement bars. LOAD up on veggies- no one gets fat from veggies and tons of lean proteins.

01-21-2013, 07:30 PM
And drinks are one of the EASIEST calories to cut out and the ones that get packed on the fastest. I'd really just make your own iced tea...maybe with a VERY small amount of truvia or stevia but i think unsweetened is best. sodas are not healthier than regular sodas IMO. Diet sodas make you crave sugar more, and make you hold on to it more as well