Depression and Weight Issues - Monday, April 28th - Daily - Come Play

04-28-2003, 10:22 AM
Good Morning,

Hope ya all had a great weekend. Mine was rather good.
Its beautiful and sunny out today, gonna hit 80 degrees YAHOO.

Whats happening ?

04-28-2003, 11:32 AM
Well Good Morning to you too Leenie! you are up bright and early!

I'm drinking my coffee and checking my email and enjoying the peace and quiet since all the guys are out on jobs and leaving me all alone with the phone, computer, tv and my yummy cup of coffee! :-) Sometimes I just really really love to be alone!!!

I did not get up until my silly alarm went off at 6 this morning, so I brought my tennis shoes and will go walk at the mall at noon - assuming nobody changes my plans! :-)

Hey? did anybody see Oprah on Thursday last week with the people that had lost 100 and 200 and 300 lbs? it was very inspiring! I had taped it and watched it again over the weekend - silly I guess but I love success stories. It gives me encouragement! and I just love seeing people change their lives with that kind of weight loss!

sooooo whassssup with everybody else?

Cathy :wave:

04-28-2003, 12:19 PM
Yes Cathy I saw bits and pieces of Oprah...I never sit down and just watch it though and missed how they all did it....was it gastric bypass or what?

I had a busy weekend and have just gotten further and further behind at home and to make matters worse when I got home sunday my in-laws had dropped over and were sitting in amongst the hubby is mad at me about a few things right now and that was a perfect revenge for him! Though he didn't know they were dropping by. I was so embarrassed:o

Anyhow today I have showered and have prepped a chicken to make soup for supper tonight...should go well with the SNOW and cold weather we are having up here!

Our book club just finished reading Kitchen Confidental and it was less than good and is currently reading Lovely Bones which is awesome if you can get past the first chapter:( .

Well I would sure like to hear from everyone this week....I often think about Meg, Tippy, LindaT, Sweetpea, and loads of others. I see so many hits to our little part of the world and wonder why people have stopped dropping in...though I have heard from some I still wonder about it all.

Have a good day everyone!


04-28-2003, 01:41 PM
Please don't yell at me Liz :lol: I saw what you wrote on the other thread. I didn't even know what the daily log was here. I guess I should check it out.

My weekend was great. I had a friend over Saturday along with my sister and the friend cooked for us. It was so nice to be able to sit back in my own kithcen and have someone else cooking. I think I might have to hire a chef. :lol:

I scrubbed my floors yesterday morning and then thought I would go work outside. That wasn't a good idea. I now have to vaccum the floors again. Hubby and I tracked mud in all over the place. Oh well, I guess I will just get more exercise in cleaning it again.

04-28-2003, 02:46 PM
Just dropping in to say a quick hello.....have an appointment for a manicure this was a gift certificate I got at Christmas.....& I am finally using it now. See you later.


04-28-2003, 03:16 PM
Liz....on the Oprah show they barely talked about how those people lost the weight, but none of them had surgery to do it. They just mentioned that they made up their minds, or got to that place where something clicked. I mean some of them mentioned water water water and exercise exercise exercise and some talked about cutting out the fat, that sort of thing. I guess it was just more like before and after pics without the "how to of it".

Sorry bout hubby! I'm sure he will get over it - they always do. ;-)

I also think about (and miss) the gang! I'm sure we all do! Funny how we can get so attached to our internet buddies!

Kemp? what about the daily log? I think I have missed something? oh wait...are you talking about the exercise log? ok I know about that, I've been posting there like crazy. Hope everybody will start posting their exercise over there. and it sounds like you had a busy weekend. :-)

April - hope you enjoy the manicure! :-)

I just got back from walking at the mall during lunch and now I'm having a sandwich made with wheat bread, turkey, tomatoes and lettuce - yummmmmmm!

what's everybody else having for lunch?


04-28-2003, 07:50 PM
Hi everyone,

Was a long day and it's not over, but at least the sun is shining! I volunteer for Canadian Cancer Society (canvassing) each spring, and have been putting off getting out. Nothing like waiting til the last moment!! Tonight's the night. I'll do my call backs tomorrow night.

Son had a better weekend ~ thank goodness. He's actually talking about a hair cut (hasn't cut it in 16 months, has a long straggly goatee, long chin length sideburns, double pierced eyebrow and wonders why girls aren't interested him). I offered to spring for the cut.. he's thinking about it (and always broke).

Got a "chunk" of my thesis back today... pencil marks all over it. No wonder kids get depressed when they get assignments back! I know advisor has my best interests at heart, but I sure understand that overwhelmed, feel like giving up mind set!

Had a light brekkie, and lunch. Hub was in same community as me at noon today (my job takes me on the road-lots of day trips and his does on occasion) so we had lunch together. I had soup and a toasted denver, and I actually did NOT finish eating! *still in shock here!!*

Hope you all have a wunnerful evening!