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12-03-2012, 10:53 PM
I really want to start working out more at home but I live in an apartment and don't want to do anything with lots of jumping around etc. that would bother the people downstairs. I tried Insanity and really liked the workout but felt like it was too disruptive. Does anyone have any recommendations for a workout video that would be an intense workout without the jumping?


12-03-2012, 10:56 PM
Hmm, you could probably give Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred a try. There is some jumping but not as much as Insanity and landing as soft as possible might actually make it a bit harder.

12-04-2012, 05:47 AM
I live in an apartment and I do the 30 Day Shred, I've only done level one so far and while there is some jumping I don't feel that I ever land too hard. I was hoping to start Insanity in the New Year, but if it involves a lot of noisy jumping I may need a new plan.

12-04-2012, 06:08 AM
One of my favorites though dated by now is Gilad's Step and Tone. It's using a step, and holding light weights, so it's just the stepping, and no jumping. Yet I do break a sweat enough to have it drip in my eyes :D

12-04-2012, 02:48 PM
I highly recommend the Leslie Sansone walking workouts. Good luck!

04-02-2013, 08:42 PM
HASfit, BeFit in 90, Zuzka ZWOWs, etc.