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12-02-2012, 03:44 PM
I only started my healthy eating plan on 19th Nov, got weighed in at the doctors (120kg)
I weighed myself at MIL's on Thursday and had lost 4kg. (I know mil's scales could be different to docs)

Today I weighed myself at MIL's again and it had gone up to 118 kg, within an hour or so it was 118.8kg ..... I hadn't even had a coffee in that time !

I was looking forward to going back to the doctors to see how much i'd lost but now i'm dreading it, if my loss is paltry i'm going to be so demotivated.

I can't understand how i could put on ! I've gone from 7 bottles of wine a week to 1 and started walking 4 -5 miles 3 times a week.

Feeling a bit sorry for myself and i'm not even into week 3 yet :cry:

12-02-2012, 04:17 PM
Don't let that you get you down, the scales may be off. Weighing again at your doctors will give you a comparable weight for that given scale. But what you wear/what you've eaten that day/your hormones/water weight can all effect it.

I strongly suggest taking regular measurements if you haven't already (waist/hips/thighs/bust etc.) as this gives you more to go on than simply scale weight.