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12-01-2012, 12:55 PM
Hi all, fbs 5.4 today, am up a pound. Had a fabulous live concert last night, the folkie in me is still singing. Two gatherings today, I guess the holiday season is officially starting.
Will plan to stick to veggies, and maybe find the music players or game players, to stay away from the yummy treats. Of course at one gather, my little Lilia will be there, so I can play with her a bit, but will be competing with the other children.
Welcome Lizzie too.

12-01-2012, 02:44 PM
Meant to get in and start up the month this morning but my Book Club guests didn't go home until after 1 P.M. so the day got off to a late start. I did take time to eat breakfast before I headed off to do pet therapy though. Did not weigh myself but BGL was fine despite a tad too much wine last night.

I made a sweet potato and black bean soup yesterday and just had a bowl for lunch. So comforting on a cold day. I'll probably have another bowl around 4:30 as I have to go and do tours in the Mill tonight until 9. It sure is cold in an 1810 stone mill with water running through it.

Mad, the folkie is still alive in me too. I am counting the days (12) until I go to see Leonard Cohen in Kingston.

Need to get a really firm grip on food intake this month because it is starting to look like one great big food festival. Expecting to lose weight would be silly but I'll sure try to hold the line.

12-01-2012, 09:14 PM

Lizzie - :welcome3:Glad to have you with us. Look forward to getting to know you.

Fatmad - I know you will enjoy the little ones and hopefully they will be a good distraction for you.

Bonnie - You have a lot of stress in your life. You will be in my prayer and thoughts.:hug:

Lindyloo - :wave:Hi

Ruthie - You are one busy lady. Enjoy and I hope to just not gain any weight between now and January too. Some days are better than others. I hope when the holidays are over that our house guests will move somewhere else whether local or FL so my life can be less stressful.

I don't remember what I have shared with y'all about my DH. He finally had a MRI on his neck after the shoulder x-ray was ok. It seems that vertabra 6 & 7 are compressed pinching a nerve that leads down into his left arm. I don't like the doctor we went to. I don't think he is doing enough to help Tony with the pain and he let him go too long without finding out the problem and he never bothered to find out about DH history of heart or stomach problems etc into consideration even though DD did called and reminded them of everything although we had already told them. Plus DH is in the system at the hospital because the admitting nurse pulled it all up. Yet, he never tried to help him with the pain. DH had to take OTC meds which he isn't supposed to take for the pain. Now he is short winded, looks pale as a ghost. Primary doc was out so nurse had lab work done to check hemoglobin but we won't get results until Monday. I just hope he hasn't developed another ulcer as a result. DD goes to a pain management doctor for her neck. She says he manage the whole situation and he is really a caring doc. So she is going to call Monday is to make an appt with him and we will drop this other doc and let the PM doc take over DH case. So I'm hoping to get DH in to see pain management doc this next week. DH has to be off his coumadin for 5 days before they can do cortisone shots, but DD says there are patches they can use to help with the pain while we wait to get him started on treatments. I hope we can get him well before the holiday.

Have a great Sunday.

12-02-2012, 11:39 AM
Oww Trish, neck pain is awful, and I hope you can get to the bottom of this and good care for Tony soon.
FYI, Tens machines are not too expensive now,($75-100) and can help a lot, without any drugs, quite nice for back and neck pain. I use mine several times a year. I have it officially to help with labour pain, but I use it for me more than my clients!
I have come down with a nasty cold, so won't be going away. I am worried I spread it a bit yesterday at the parties, although I am really good about hand washing in general so I hope I didn't give it too our friends. THe kids were a hoot, and I played very happily for a couple of hours.
Won't bother to check blood sugars, between cold pills and fevers the sugars will be high. Will just stay in and eat soup. And watch season 2 of Rizzoli and Isles on DVD. Can you tell I have an addiction to crime shows with strong female characters?
Hope everyone is doing ok. ttfn

12-02-2012, 02:34 PM
Mad Thanks for the info on the TENS machines. I have problems with my neck from time to time and that just may be a good investment for both of us.

Not much going on right now. I've learned from the Diet 101 book why I seem to get ammonia smells sometimes which also causes a rash. Too much protein. I think I may have to go more vegetarian for a few days to get that out of my system. I may be one of those people who doesn't really need lots of protein. I will get my protein through dairy for a few days. While I love the vegetarian way of eating, I've never been rady to totally give up meat. So I will experiment and see how much my body will tolerate and keep it there. This weight loss is becoming more of a science experience lately.:dizzy: But if it works, I can't complain.

Hope everyone is doing well.

12-03-2012, 02:49 AM
Haven't seen this in any of the diet books I have been using, but am extrapolating from an osteoporosis study I read on medscape.
One of the "concerns" about "high protein" diets is that they may be hard on the kidneys, as our urine becomes quite acidic from the meat proteins.
There may also be concerns about osteoporosis because of this.
The study had the people (men and women at risk of osteoporosis) take a potassium citrate supplement daily. Their urine was less acidic, and their bones grew stronger and denser.
Now, there are certain meds that this may be a problem for, so I am not suggesting we all go out and start this supplement, especially those on BP meds, check with a doctor before starting this particular supplement.
I thought it was interesting though.

on a personal note, still feeling crummy, and having slept off and on during the day, now can not sleep at night of course. Hence reading medscape articles for fun.

12-03-2012, 03:14 AM
yeah do you all take vitamin D...i was lacking terribly in it when my last blood work was done...cause of the diabetes my doctor checks me over every 3 months...this helps your body to absorb calcium better..both my mum and uncle have bad osteoporosis...mum worse than my uncle due to taking prednisone at high doses for most of her life...she is in a nursing home at age 65...anyways thought i might mention it!!

Thanks soooooo much for the warm welcome...gosh i could post in most of these forums lol...lol...having diabetes and pcos as well as other things...oh heck does your bsl get better with diet changes??..low carb low sugar??..weight loss etc etc..i am hoping so!! would be a wonderful thing!!

fatmad-so sorry you are not feeling well hun...get better soon!!

patty-i am vegetarian for most of the week..having protein on 2 days..seems to be doing okays..only early days yet!! sorry to hear about your hubby i can sympathise with the pain..i have osteo arthritis and also shermans disease and there is not a day that goes by when i am not in any pain...i soooo hope that someone can help him with it!!...my mum takes dangerous drugs and is always in excruciating pain because her spine is literally crumbling from the osteoporosis...a tens machine is great for back pain...can you access a pain clinic??..they also help!!

All the best lovely ladies...cheers liz

12-03-2012, 11:23 AM
slept better last night, but still feeling crummy today. Lots of fluids and tylenol is on the agenda. and yes, I do take vitamin D regularly, especially in the winter with the short days and limited sun.
Liz: how old are you now, and what treatment(s) did you get for the sherman's? Being in pain doesn't help the diabetes. Exercise is a great way to lower blood sugars overall, but may be limited by your other problems. Low impact is the way to go, but I suspect you know that. Aquafit or water jogging? stationary bike? whatever works for you.
I would also suggest you look at the website "blood sugar 101" and think about dietary changes that may be helpful to you. Fat has no effect on blood sugar, and protein not much. It is possible to do a lower carb diet and be vegetarian, using tofu and tvp as main protein and carb sources. but put a real emphasis on the veggies. Any weight loss is also helpful in that in reduces insulin resistance. Has your doc put you on any meds for diabetes yet?

well, time to make soup.
have a good day everyone.

12-03-2012, 11:51 AM
Haven't seen this in any of the diet books I have been using, but am extrapolating from an osteoporosis study I read on medscape.
One of the "concerns" about "high protein" diets is that they may be hard on the kidneys, as our urine becomes quite acidic from the meat proteins.
There may also be concerns about osteoporosis because of this.
The study had the people (men and women at risk of osteoporosis) take a potassium citrate supplement daily. Their urine was less acidic, and their bones grew stronger and denser.
Now, there are certain meds that this may be a problem for, so I am not suggesting we all go out and start this supplement, especially those on BP meds, check with a doctor before starting this particular supplement.
I thought it was interesting though.

on a personal note, still feeling crummy, and having slept off and on during the day, now can not sleep at night of course. Hence reading medscape articles for fun.

I often wondered about the warnings about the kidneys because I've known 2 people on dialysis who were on low carb diets.

I think when I get my body straightened out and rid of the acid reaction that I will be able to do low carb, I just won't be able to do Atkins Induction. I do love the benefits of low carbing. I figure I can do a moderate low carb woe.

12-03-2012, 12:21 PM
Liz My doc put me on more Vitamin D when he diagnosed me with T-2 diabetes. I take 2000 mg and DH takes 5000 per his blood doc. I've been reading how it helps with weight loss and getting bs under control and may up it to see if it helps. DD made a call to the pain management doc this I'm hoping that morning and I'm waithing for a call from them to set up an appt. Hope they call today. Our regular doc is out of the office and I hope that is not the case with the PM doc.

I have a nephew who is a vegan 100% and doesn't eat eggs etc as some do. His wife who is vegetarian gets her protein mostly from dairy and eggs. I asked her one time if she ate fish as I know some do, but she said that she didn't eat fish because she doesn't eat anything with a nervous system.
I am mainly trying to get back to eating lots of veggies and low carb fruit like berries. According to Jenny Ruhl's Diet 101 book, she suggests testing bs when eating different foods to see how much it raises you bs. I did that in the beginning and should go back to it and may do that eventually.

Madeleine Thanks for your help and I hope you are back to yourself feeling really great soon.

Ruthie, Bonnie, Rie, Lindyloo and others:wave:

Have a great day.

12-04-2012, 02:01 AM
I just wanted to see what diets are most beneficail to Diabetes? I have tried Atkins, vegan and diet pills but nothing seems to work for me. I want loss 60 pounds but do not know how. I am currently ffollwing the American Diabetes Association guide line with out losing weight. Any suggestions?

12-04-2012, 04:13 AM
hey guys!!

fatmad- i am 40 hun...there is nothing that they can do about the shermans because my whole spine is effected by osteo arthritis...yeah i knows it does not help..but it tis something i live with..it comes and goes and is often worse in bed at night cause i am not moving..but then again if i do toooo much i suffer too..tis a pain in the butt!!..but i live with it and do things differently to save my back..i have had the pain for 5 years now ever since a serious back ender on the highway...nope i don't need to be on meds hun...my bsl has been for the last 9 months hovering around 6 or 7 on average..i have a blood test every 3 months.....yes i am starting hydro exercises with a physio on the 10th..our local pool has been shut for quite a while and i have been missing my pool work...yeps i am doing the low carb thing..i find it suits me..also low sugar and low fat...i am mainly vege but taking protein in meat about twice a week...i sooo love my veggies and alternate between salads and steamed vege omitting potatoe of course..
lol..lol..once a week i allow myself a baked sweetpotatoe no butter..lol..lol..i hopes you are feeling better!!..thanks for asking those questions!!

pattygirl-yeah i take that amount too hun!!...i have done a month of testing my bsl for 5 times a day i think..could have been 4 but i found out then that i cannot eat certain things cause it makes my bsl rise kinda high...things like pancakes and oatmeal...two things i adore but nope i cannot eat them!!..
gave myself a fright one day..forgot to wash my hands before testing blood sugar levels...i had just made a coffee with sweetner...and the reading was 18...woweeeeee..i ran outside and said to hubby..you had better take me to the hospital...but then i realised that it was the sweetner reading not my blood.. i did it again and whew it was okays!!..i laughed myself silly over that one!!

dustycat73-welcome welcome welcome..hmmm one thing that works for me is low carb low sugar low fat..but then again it might not be your thing...and losing that much is going to take some time i think..all depends on your metabolism..i have pcos so mine is sluggish at the best of times..i am mainly doing this to be healthier...weight loss is a plus to me!!

12-04-2012, 06:45 AM
Good early morning friends: slept about 4 hours before the sore throat and headache woke me. Sipping tea and watching tv.
Dusty: any weight loss program helps the diabetes by reducing insulin dependence, some like low carb may help balance the blood sugars at the same time. But sticking to that is another thing, as we all know. Exercise is also good for all forms of diabetes.
Liz: a little confused, is the sherman's relatively new, or not treated when you were young?
Its great that you were testing and learning which foods cause spikes. I also love oatmeal, (especially the yummy steel cut oats, slow cooked with milk or soy milk) but I have to think of it as a sweet treat! , like all cereals.
well, for now, tylenol, tea and rest.

12-04-2012, 10:06 PM
Madeleine Got the TENS machine and using it now on my back. Just like when I went to the chiropracter except much cheaper. Hope you feel better soon.

DustyCat My doctor told me that any diet will work. You just have to find the one you can live with.

Lizard When I was first diagnosed, I tested after everything I ate to see how it affected bs. I learned that from my Step-sister's hubby who got his bs under control doing that. My doctor was surprised when he saw how high my blood sugar rose when I ate oatmeal. I do eat steel cut oats and realized that I was only making it with 1/4 c instead of the 1/2 c of regular oatmeal. So one day I decided to try making regular oatmeal with 1/4 cinstead of the 1/2 c and I can eat the regular oats too. I always ate oatmeal because my Mama ate it to keep her cholesterol normal... high cholesterol ran in her family. Now I am able to eat it when I want it.

The PM doctor wouldn't take DH until Primary refered us and he was out of the office until today. I talked to his nurse 2x's today and he is giving us the referal and he will also make the appointment for Tony so we are waiting for the phone call so we can go in and start the treatment. His hemoglobin showed he was enimic so back to 2 prescription iron pills instead of one a day. They are also checking to see if he has another bleeding ulcer. However, he is already on meds for that because he is at risk of having them. Having to take aspirin and NSAIDs for the pain was not good for him.

My weight is kind of stable around 230 lbs so I guess that is good. The FBS needs to come down. I think that I'm really going to have to do more of a low carb woe to get the fbs down. Eat more low carb, lowfat foods. I'm beginning to ask myself... what is it that I want to eat that is more important than my health. Of course, nothing should be more important than my health.

12-05-2012, 03:10 AM
Although I got out of bed early yesterday, I was tired a just slouched around most of the day, I feel like I didn't "wake up" until about 6 pm, and now can't get to sleep.
Feeling a bit better this evening, but not sure how much is from the cold pills making me feel better.
Glad you like the Tens machine Trish, like I say, can help a lot, and can't hurt you, unlike pain meds. I am curious if there is any affect on blood sugar.
Never thought of testing before/after use.
Will check in again later today.

12-05-2012, 05:43 AM
madeleine-hi there hun...well actually the shermans disease was diagnosed by a specialist after a major car accident...i had no back pain before the accident 5 years ago...it was the trauma of the accident that brought the pain on and i have never been the same since...yeah i did not know i had osteo arthritis either..but it is plain in the x-rays..every veterbrae is effected and the curve now is i would say moderate..but there is a lot of degeneration going on and i have not been scanned or x-rayed since the accident..all i know is that i am in pain everyday!! yeah i know it is a disease
mainly effecting people in their teens and i must have had it all along..i just did not realise it until after the accident...everybody thought i was suffering whiplash (which i did) but it did not go away thus prompting investigation...no one sent me for an xray after the accident they just sent me home and told me i would be sore and to take some panadol...thats hospitals for you!!..then after a few months i presented
o my gp with severe back pain and could not work a whole shift without being in excruciating pain..i was an in-home carer for the elderly and it was very physical..some days i would clean 3 houses all in a row!! does this help a bit hun??..just ask away if you do not understand anything!!
oh i am sorry to hear you are not well mad!!...get better soon and look after yourself!!

trish-hey hun i am doing the low carb thing..i read a book about a lady whose hubby was diagnosed with diabetes and she wrote a recipe book about it..she had some good advice and i follow some of it..she said
to write down all the foods you like that suited your intended meal plan..and then work out a menu or meal plan based around that..so think of what you like to eat that is low carb low fat then work out a plan based on that..i personally do this but i also kinda follow the cabbage soup diet minus the cabbage soup but i have changed it to suit me and my situation...like i eat a mixture of veges and fruit everyday..i eat a potatoe if i want it on tuesdays evening meal..then on friday i have one piece of meat lean for the evening meal...then on saturday i have meat at 2 meals if i want then i have some brown rice if i want it on sunday..now this is by no means written in stone and i change things if i want but mainly sticking to fruit and vege!! oh i don't eat corn, peas, dried fruit, and some other stuff i can't remember!!..lol..lol

hey mad glad your feeling better sweetheart....it is good to hear!..hope you feel even better tomorrow!!

12-05-2012, 10:51 AM
"fasting" blood sugar of 5.4 today, but with taking cold pills before bed, not sure how accurate this is. Slept well when I got to sleep, which can only help. Not feeling too out of it so far. have a few errands to do today, hope to go out into the world for a bit. I couldn't have driven at all yesterday, the shape I was in.
Liz, that sounds odd, not having the shermans diagnosed before the accident. I had a car accident in 95 and had pain for months afterward. I hope you get some kind of disability pension for this, and would certainly wonder about the car accident, as a trigger.
we haven't heard from Ruth for a couple of days, hope our moderator is doing well. Yesterday was a record high temperature here and at her place near Ottawa, to day is more seasonal, we have snow on the ground again.
Have a good Wednesday everyone

12-05-2012, 02:57 PM
I've been reading but not posting this week - very busy and not too much to say. :shrug: FBGL and weight are holding steady - glad of the first but not so glad over the stuck scale. Have also been going full steam ahead with Christmas prep. Sorry! I'll try to pop in more often.

12-05-2012, 06:42 PM
well yeah hun...the specialist did not see anything unusual about it...he said the trauma caused the onset of the disease later on in life...well i mean triggered the pain caused by the curvature...he is supposedly the best in this state...i have been told by other people...so i suppose he knows what he is talking about..i have done some research on the internet about sherman's disease in adults and it does happen...also the physio bloke i am seeing did not blink an eye about the diagnosis either...and the xrays show a pronounced curve and also the degeneration of the spine too...and like i said they are 5 years old...i have tried to retrain and done a few certificate 4's connected to aged care which is the only field of employment i know...did a bit of on the job stuff but only suffered because of it...hubby complained i was grumpy..i did not realise i was until i thought about it...tis the pain!!..huh about the pension...well i just don't know surprisingly i have not gone there yet..but my friend thinks i should give it a try....depends on if it is means tested or not and what other criteria i need...hubby earns about 10 dollars too much to get unemployment...i might make some enquiries it cannot hurt?!!...thanks for the concern sweet!!

here is something interesting that shows 2 conflicting arguements about shermans??


here is another interesting read (sorry if anyone finds this boring)-

hope you are feeling better hun and ruth nice to meet you!!..yes this is the busy season for sure!!

12-05-2012, 07:01 PM
Thanks for the links Liz: What I can understand is that you can have Shermans without pain, but it is there, and the accident triggers changes that leave you with pain. However, the lack of diagnosis beforehand is too bad. I have a friend whose scoliosis wasn't diagnosed and treated as an adolescent, and she is getting more crippled as she gets older.
I don't know much about the Australian health and social services system, but if you have had significant income disruption because of this, there should be something to help you! I guess I was worried that someone might say that you aren't owed anything for pain and suffering after the accident if you had a pre-existing condition.
I have bad memories of trying to have a normal life with the pain I had after my accident. It was not the worst pain I ever had, but never left me. I was more than grumpy, and couldn't deal with much of any problems. Nearly caused divorce and I was worried I could hurt my kids at times. I was overdoing the pain meds, and became allergic to ibuprofen from this. My doc helped with giving me zoloft, an SSRI antidepressant, and that helped disrupt the pain pathways. I still remember that first pain free hour that I had, such bliss.
I sincerely hope you can find treatments that help you, no one deserves to live in pain.
I have had difficulty with weight loss and proper eating relating to my irregular hours, I imagine pain affects it as well.
Was up to a few errands today, but very tired after this.
Will be resting for the evening now.

12-05-2012, 10:28 PM
Madeleine Glad you are feeling better and hope you keep improving. I hadn't thought of checking bs before and after using TENS unit. I might try that. My neck still hurt after using it last night... used it on base of my neck and on my middle back... 30 minutes each. I've been taking my melatonine each night since I'm not getting up to take care of the baby. I have been sleeping better but after using the machine, I slept really great last night. So good in fact that I didn't even want to get up this morning.

Still waiting for the doctor's call for an appt for DH. They sure don't get in a hurry. DH is in pain. I hope the TENS machine eventually helps him. It makes me feel so much better. Used it 30 minutes tonight on my neck. While it did hurt a little after I used it, it feels really good now. I hope it keeps improving like the reviews I read said theirs did. It is my hopes that DH will eventually begin to do the same.

Weight is holding steady. FBS isn't coming down like it should but I guess that takes time.

Catch y'all tomorrow.

12-06-2012, 07:29 AM
up early again, can't seem to sleep too long with this cold. Wake up dry and stuffy. I have a day in the office today. My father sold his house, so tomorrow will drive down to help him pack and organize the new apartment. He is closing the house quickly, (next week!) so there is a LOT to do. Glad we got so much done last month.
Today is my birthing day, my oldest daughter's birthday. Its the anniversary of my becoming a mother. No matter what else I have accomplished, I can always know I have done good things for the world in my kids. Mothering is a great accomplishment for anyone. I can't imagine my life without these girls.
Hope everyone else has a great Thursday as well.

12-06-2012, 11:28 AM
Mad your post gave me a nice warm feeling!

Weight is back to 190 and I know why. There seems to be some "shrinkage" of the goodies bought for Christmas giving and entertaining. I think Turtles and Ferrero Rocher should be sold with a timelock! With me, one is never enough. Cute little Scottie shaped shortbreads aren't safe either. Strangely enough these sins do not seem to affect my FBGL. Time to clean up my act.

I'm very lucky to not have any major health issues so hate to even mention this. My second toe has been giving me grief - it has ambitions of becoming a hammer toe. Yesterday, I had an appointment with a chiropodist who told me I have arthritis in my foot which is causing it. She gave me big toe exercises and made a splint thing for the toe. I must admit it sure feels better. So far I've been very lucky with my feet - no loss of sensation.

Drat! My fruit cakes just got delivered. I'd better wrap them fast and get them into the mail or I'll really be in trouble.

Hang in there, Chickies.

12-06-2012, 07:51 PM
gosh i am sick and tired of back pain!!..i began to feel off yesterday afternoon...i think it was hormonal but not sure...not due for TOM till the end of the month or there abouts..felt very depressed.....even not sure if it was that??...felt off...teary and just not right..did not go for a walk...did not do
pilates..hubby was very reassuring and absolutely lovely..tis not like me to feel this way...ate on plan for dinner and all day until before bed when al brought me an ice cream...chocolate covered with vanilla middle....so i had half of it and gave the rest to him...you know i did enjoy it but was not esctatic about it..a bit disappointing oh well perhaps my body is going in the right direction...back on plan this morning despite everything..still in pain but it is subsiding...went for a walk this morning...going to try and do pilates this morning and evening today....time to step it up a bit...will be doing hydro on monday.. i guess i just had a bit of a bad end to the day...determined not to repeat it today...going to go out later and get some chia seeds and make a pudding for a snack...i am going to add low fat milk..some vanilla protein powder and a no sugar strawberry drink mix...i figure this way i am getting a boost to my fibre intake seeing as though i am eating very little in the way of whole grains...grrrr back uncomfortable now...sitting here tooo long bummer!!..better get up and do some house work..then i will come and sit down again..lol..lol..lol..i am a bit of a jack rabbit up and down up and down!!...oh i am going to ring centrelink soon and see about the disability pension...we are struggling financially at the moment because hubbys work is very inconsistent in hours at the moment..i am hoping this is only
temporary though!! fingers crossed!! wishing everyone a wonderful day of healthy eating and good exercise!!

fatmad-yes hun..i have been on the anti-inflammatories meds but i don't like them much because they are not good for your tummy...about the pain meds...i want to try and keep off them as much as i can..cause i know that perhaps i will need them more later on in life so i take measures in a different way to combat the back pain..i rest when i need to..i use heat...take panadol as well..but not all the time!!..i am hoping that exercise and being healthier will help in the long term!!..oh i am not in pain all the time just some of it and it is limiting and you are right i need to get some help from the government..oh about the pre existing thing..i won a pay out with the ladys insurance that rear ended me...so i don't think it will be a problem with the government assistance!!..i also got paid out with work cover!!..yes the
lack of pre-diagnosis is a regret but something that can't be helped because i did not present with any symptoms till after the accident!! hope you have a good rest hun and many thanks for the concern i appreciate it!!

ruth-urggghhhhhhh toe problems!..hope yours feels better soon hun!!...stay out of the goodies!!..lol..lol you are what you eat you know!!..you will turn into a turtle and everybody will know why??..lol..lol.. huh i can't talk had a break in op with the chocolate covered vanilla ice cream!!..back on track today though!!

wishing everybody a happy healthy and active day..cheers liz

12-06-2012, 07:52 PM
I'm sorry Ruth, but the mental image of a toe in a splint is striking me funny. Which is good, because I got into a bad mood at the office, with the same co-worker giving me grief. Its hard for a group of women to work together without getting catty I guess, and I am probably just as bad, just not seeing it.
I do not mean to dismiss the pain, but rather picturing a toe on crutches or something.
And do wrap the fruitcakes

12-07-2012, 03:42 PM
feeling much worse today, very tired again, feverish, scratchy throat, earaches, not helped much with pain relievers. SO
did not go to help Dad with the move, will send DH for the weekend to help my sister. Feel really bad about that, and also not being able to help with work, but spreading this would be a really bad thing to do, especially in December, because it will just go around to all of our friends. So back to being a couch potato. Appetite is poor too. which is a good thing.

Stay healthy friends

12-07-2012, 05:37 PM
oh sweetheart..i soooo feel for you...please look after yourself and get better soon!!...try and have a good day!...cheers liz

12-08-2012, 02:15 PM
Hi all: DH has gone to help my sister pack up and move my Dad, today earaches, fever, comfort foods. Thanks for the well wishes.
have a good weekend friends

12-08-2012, 04:43 PM
thinking of you hun!!..look after!!...i will not be on much till the weekend is over..dh is home for one day a week and i try and spend that time with him...have a good one guys...cheers liz

12-09-2012, 12:10 AM
Ruthie Sorry about the toe. Hope it is better soon.

Liz Sure hope your back is better. I suffer with back problems and I sympathize with you. Losing weight would help me a lot.

Madeleine I am so sorry you are worse. Do you have flu or just some other bug? Sure can't spread it to your clients that is for sure. I know you would have wanted to be there with your Dad to help but it is sweet that your DH will do it for you. He sounds like a sweet man. Sure hope you get well soon.

Well, DD graduated from nursing school yesterday and was top in her class and the one chosen to speak for the class and she did an excellent job. We are proud of her. DGS told me today that his DM and family are moving back to FL in January. Strange that we have to learn things through Facebook or one of the kids. So hopefully sometime in January things will be back to normal around here. Interesting turn of events. DGS always told his Mom that he was going to go to college in FL in 2 yrs. He told me tonight that he is glad they are moving back there and that he thinks that is a good idea. (?) Not sure why. Then he told me that he will be here for 4 yrs going to college here and he will be coming here on weekends. I think he just wanted to be free from everything.

12-09-2012, 07:40 AM
Pray for me darlings! After Church this morning I am off to a cooking class - traditional Roman cooking. What a dumb thing to sign up for this close to Christmas!

12-10-2012, 09:44 AM
Hi everyone, feeling better. Really gonna pay for this cold. All the comfort foods added on some weight. fbs 5.3 this am, 36 hours since the last cold pill. I didn't take anything yesterday, figuring if I couldn't get through the day without meds, I wasn't ready to work. Will do a short day and come home after lunch.
Thanks to all of you for the get better wishes.

LOL, I realized my baking powder was getting old, so bought some fresh yesterday. (Its a special brand, corn and gluten and aluminum free) This morning, made my "muffin-in-a-minute" and wow, did it rise! It is much fluffier than I am used to. Had to cut it across into 4 rounds to fit into the toaster! :smug:

Am also realizing that my unwillingness to be a planner for meals is a big part of my problem. I think I have had the revelation before, and acted on it for a while, but lost the momentum. SO back to that for the next couple of weeks. I downloaded some low carb menus to use for a while, and see if that helps me stick to plan.

Ruth, HOpe you made it through the class! Sounds yummy.
Trish: nice words from DGS, as he realizes that its best for his parents to leave, but likes it with you enough to come back. Does DD have a job anywhere yet?

Liz: what does DH do that he is away a lot and then home for a week? Or is it a week off?

my DH is home after helping my sister and Dad with the move, and we now have to deal with all that came home with him. Some things that can't be given up yet. Some I wanted, some not. Aw well, thats life.

Have a good day everyone.

12-10-2012, 11:46 AM
Good morning. Mad, I'm so glad you are starting to feel better. Take care of yourself - it's a germy time of year.

Trish, so nice that your DD graduated with honours. You and DH can certainly claim some of the credit. Florida in January sounds nice - for them and for you. ;)

Liz, so glad you and DH had the weekend together. I hope you managed to feel better - time together is very precious.

All I can say about the cooking class is "burrrrp" - way too much olive oil. It was a hands on class which I prefer and we made way too much food. Was still full at 6 last night from "lunch". Of course, that didn't stop me from munching away at some cashew brittle. My appestat is not working lately!

We had a dump of snow, then freezing rain and now just rain - sort of a miserable day. I've been to the gym and for coffee with Donna and was going to take off in my car for some errands. However, I think I'll scrap that idea in favour of wrapping and maybe some cooking. Tomorrow will do for the running around when the roads are less slick. I also need to be here for a propane delivery - my "wood" stove in the back room needs it to keep that part of the house cozy.

Happy Monday, chickies!

12-11-2012, 10:14 AM
On low-carb plan yesterday, and down over a pound now, so expect some water weight there. However, fbs was 6.4 today! ?:?: Talk about dumping glucose! I DID take my metformin as usual yesterday, am/pm. My pc sugars yesterday were all on the low side, in the low 5's .
Did a half day of work yesterday and put the rest over to today, and was glad, was pretty achey by evening, even with resting. slept well last night though and feel fine again the morning, using the hand sanitizer at all visits, and no cough or runny nose.
Ruth, stay in if its slippery out, avoid falls and injuries, they are no fun at holiday time. I would appreciate just plain snow and have it stay cold, but no sign of that in sight. But still hoping for a white Christmas.
Stay well everyone, look forward to hearing updates.

12-11-2012, 11:53 PM
A quick flyby here. Been busy this week. I got up and went to church without DH Sunday. It was good to see some old friends. Then did lunch with my beautician. We went to Cracker Barrel and decided we wanted pancakes, but then by the time the waitress brought our coffee, we decided that we would eat their new chef salad instead. So we did good.

Went Christmas shopping yesterday and today and except for what we are getting DD and DSIL, I'm finished. DGS said his DM and family are moving back to FL in January. I'm trying to make things as pleasant as possible. I told the 2 DGD that I was not going to be the disciplinarian any more... their DM and her hubby are home now and they are in charge of them now. So we ae enjoying being grandparents now.

Catch y'all tomorrow.

12-12-2012, 07:28 AM
Hanging in there although I did nibble some Cranberry Crunch I made yesterday. (Nibble is not quite true! but the scale forgave me this morning.) Today should be an OK day as it's now all packaged up for gifting.

I have a little time before I need to leave for the gym and am going to cut up some veggies for snacking just in case I decide to open up a package of Cranberry Crunch. I have a great stash of soups on hand and will make sure to have that for lunch instead of nibbling.

In all this pre-holiday hustle and bustle, we need to take care of us.

Happy 12/12/12 - that won't happen again for a while!

12-12-2012, 06:07 PM
quick hello, still doing well in the mornings, tired and achey after a few hours, will see how that goes when I have to go to a delivery! So far the short days have been fine. bs this am was better, 5.2 and have decided to change my dosing with the metformin since the fasting is being affected. Will take it with supper and again at bedtime, to see if that helps. Some generic brands may not release slowly enough. Will make sure doc changes prescription to extended release next time, but that is a couple of months away. Will have to start checking sugars after breakfast and lunch to make sure I am not having problems there with the switch.
soup and cheese for supper tonight, DH is going away overnight. Quiet night just me and the dog.

12-12-2012, 06:58 PM
Hi I am extremely new to this forum. I just had a quick question that's been keeping me up all night. I tested my fasting sugar today because my mom was doing it for my sister and it read 83. Directly after dinner and I had cornflakes, I tested it it was 240. An hour after it was 220. I ran out of needles so I didn't test it again. I'm around 218 pounds. I'm too afraid to go and see a doctor. Should I be concerned?

12-12-2012, 07:55 PM
83 is a good normal range for fasting. However, the after eating readings are not normal. Yes, please do go and see a doctor so this can be nipped in the bud. I think you would be right to be concerned. Please come back and let us know how things are going.

By the way, you cannot have a signature in your profile until you have been here 20 days and have 20 posts. Sorry but the time will go quickly.

12-12-2012, 09:17 PM
Thanks Ruth. I will for sure.

12-12-2012, 11:14 PM
doing well..hurting a lot from the exercise..mainly at night cause i am lying still in bed...sigh one of the side effects of shermans and arthritis..once i get going i am okay cept the occasional numbness in my legs..feeling great...tried out turkey burgers and love them..had them for lunch
today with a heap of veges..low carb suits me...going out to a funeral this afternoon..very sad...geez i get mad at cancer..it well and truly sucks..had a great day with hubby..saw my dad too!!..been loving the pool exercises but boy am i tired of a late afternoon...might be a little naughty at the wake if we
have one then again i might not..lol...lol..lol..hmmm i am confused about how the readings differ soo much from australia..i am talking about the blood sugar readings..we have a 1 to whatever reading..normal is below 6 i think..i could be wrong..but mine is on average over a 3 month period no more than 7 which the doctor is happy about..i think a direct result of watching sugar and carb in takes..oh and it is normal for me to be 8 or 9 in the mornings first thing...so what does 83 or even 240 mean??..or should i bother asking??...oh also i have been looking for a shake to use when i have no time to prepare meals etc or are toooo plain lazy...i found one but heck most of them are sooooo high in sugar and carbs i would not even go there...i am using natures way vanilla protein powder it is yummy and low in carbs and sugar and fat!!..Whooooooooot..i add some chia seeds in there too and sometimes a banana but not often...healthy eating everyone and continued wellness...cheers liz

12-13-2012, 12:01 PM
A flyby this morning. FBS is rather high this morning even for me but then remembered that it usually is when I take Generic Clairiton D for sinuses. Tried it without the D like doc recommended but like taking nothing for me. I just don't take it very often. DGS left last night for NYC to work with clean up of Sandy storm and will return Wednesday I think. Everyone was gone when I got up this morning. Therapist came and I had to tell her they weren't here and I didn't know where they were. So I guess they treat everyone the way they treat us. Got my Christmas shopping done. Have some I have to mail tomorrow. Told my DD in Arkansas that she was getting a box for their Christmas and not to open the presents until Christmas Eve. She 44 yrs old and still can't wait to open them. Bet she doesn't wait. LOL

Well DH has a PT and Hemoglobin blood test today so we will go out if he feels like it. He says he wants to get the oil changed in the car and go to Staples to get printer ink. Not sure that he will feel up to it as he is still hurting from the pinched nerve. I may call and see if he can see another doctor in the same place. He got the paper work with pics of doctors and there are lots of others... maybe another one can take him who is just as good.

Have a great day.

12-13-2012, 04:40 PM
HI all: Have been sticking to plan and the weight I put on while sick is going off, back to ticker now. Worked through the night for a special delivery: I help this woman be born 30 years ago, and this morning helped her deliver a son of her own. Very nice circle of care for me to be part of. LIttle Henry is cute!

Will start checking the fbs again in a week with the new timing regimen for the metformin, let things adjust for a bit to see if there are problems.

LIz: the American units are not metric like ours, there is a formula, (I think we multiply ours by 17 or 18 to get their numbers) but the A1C is the same. Also, in different countries, the standards of normal are a little different so what we find acceptable my not be by the diabetic association elsewhere. Just some of the little differences from place to place. I am relatively bilingual with the units now, reading postings regularly gives perspective. Hence Ruth can see that Viv85's reading of 220 after a meal is high, above usual.

Got outside for short walks in the sun the last two days, finally really getting well, having a bit more energy and able to move. Hope to get back to some real aerobic exercise and movement soon. Just trying not to overdo it and have a setback.

Well, off for a little nap now, have a good day chickies.

12-13-2012, 05:06 PM
hi there hun..many thanks for the insight to the bsl readings...that makes heaps more sense now..yah for weight numbers i have to open a conversion calculator and type in the numbers all the time..lol..lol..lol..slowly getting an idea of what is what with pounds as a weight..and i suspect too that i will understand the bsl measurements better after a while too...oh and i am soooooo glad you are feeling better...about me..tried on a top my bestie bought me again today and it fits looser...whoooooooooot whooooooooot...25m pool is not open today waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!...thought about getting into the big pool but i am afraid of being stuck in there and not be able to get out via the ladders...the 25m pool has a ramp...tis no trouble to get into the big pool but
the getting out is a problem sigh...oh well i think i will have a rest day and do pilates and walking this evening when it is cooler...had to go to a funeral yesterday and ate some bad carbs so i am going to do shakes and veges and fruit today...to make up for it...going shopping so hoping to do some serious walking there too..i park the car far away from the entrance so i am forced to walk a further distance...lol..lol..lol..anyways everybody have a good day and be healthy and well...cheers liz

12-14-2012, 11:06 AM
quick hello this am, managed to go visiting friends and playing games without pigging out on carbs. Had a snack of appropriate foods and didn't overdo it. DOn't know why I could do it then, and cave so easily other times. HOpe I can summon that ease through the holidays. I don't want to feel deprived, but don't want to go off plan a lot. Fortunately no parties to tempt me until the 22nd.
Liz: hope the pool opens up soon.
Happy TGIF everyone

12-14-2012, 11:29 AM
Good morning and Happy Friday everyone!

No time like the present to say hello and introduce myself, right? I've been hanging around the calorie counters forum mostly, and find myself wanting to connect with diabetics, as our struggles can really hamper the weight loss journey! I'm pretty close to my goal, and have stuff to share. I hope you are all enjoying these last days before the holidays, thanks for being here.

12-14-2012, 01:21 PM
Jonjaxmom WELCOME!!! Glad you are close to your goal.

Viv Sorry about the closed pool. I do hope it opens soon. I would love to water aroebics but ours include men and I'm just not ready to wear a bathing suit in mixed company. Vain I know.

Madeleine I have no idea why we can be so strong at one time and then cave at others. I've often wondered that myself. Maybe an emotional thing. I loved the story of you delivering baby Henry to the mom you had delivered yrs ago. What a wonderful feeling you must have had.

Ruthie, Lindyloo and others.:wave: Hi

Well my plans for this morning changed for today. I had planned to get nails done, but I had put a call into a Chiropractor last night that a friend recommended to me for DH. He literally returned my call around 8 this morning and made appt for DH to go in at 9:30 am. It was revealed that besides the pinched nerve, his shoulder was almost frozen up. Good news is that the doc says he can help him. Treated him and then sent us home with large ice pack to put on shoulder for 20 minutes every hour round the clock this weekend. Also he wants DH to lay in bathtub with water up to his neck once a day until Monday and then we will do M-W-F treatments. He said that he will be pretty sore this weekend so be sure to do the water soak once a day and use the ice pack around the clock. The good news is that he said that he can help Tony recover from this. Doc said he hadn't worked on someone as bad as DH is in a long time. He also told us to keep the appt with the Pain Management doctor in January. We came home and DH went to bed and I've got ice pack in freezer. When he gets up we'll do the soak and then start using the ice pack.

Used to have a book I found of my Mama's when my she died. I always thought if she had followed the way he said eat that she would still be living. My lifestyle didn't allow e to follow it at the time, but always said if my life ever got "normal" that I would eat that way. It is using a 3 cycle way of eating etce. 1st 8 hours of day eat fruit in the mornings until noon, for 2nd 8 hrs from noon to 8pm, you eat your meals. He recommends not eating protein and starchy foods together. You can eat veggies and starchy carbs together and eat veggies and protein together although, I remember him saying if you just followed the cycle without following the combining suggestions that your body would appreciate it. The 3rd cycle is 8 hours of no eating so your body can have a rest. I thought I couldn't do the 1st cycle of fruit as a diabetic so never tried it although my oriental doc who diagnosed me with diabetes many years ago okeyed this way of eating. He said his wife ate this way. I actually got off medicine within one week of this and exercise. Well, yesterday morning, my fbs was 211. Although I kinew this was probably do to the decongestion I took, I also knew that was higher than ever for me that I know of. So decied what do I have to lose. I started the Fit for Life way of eating yesterday. I was careful to eat only 2 fruits because of the diabetes. I ate whatever I wanted during the 2nd 8 hr cycle although I only ate the amount it took to satisfy me... didn't overdo. I even stopped 2 hrs earlier than necessary because I knew I was going to bed early so I could get up early. I was amazed this morining when I checked my fbs. It was 165. What a drop. So I will be eating this way from now on. I was checking out on Amazon for another book and they showed a new version of the original book so I ordered it as I don't remember everything in the book. I loaned the original to a lady and she moved and took my book with her. Just thought I would share this.

Have a good week

12-14-2012, 04:50 PM
Well, I've been exercising my resistance muscle and saw 187 on the scale this morning so there's hope! My morning FBGL has been running a tad high though - 6.8. The new med (gliciazide) replacing the glyburide does not seem to be working the same. Perhaps my lower readings were from the glyburide which I took at night.

Did not go to the gym this morning because I had very, very sore legs. I was at the Leonard Cohen concert in Kingston last night - eat your heart out, Mad! - and my two dates were over six footers. We parked a half mile from the Theatre and boy I had to scurry to keep up with those lads.

Yes, Liz, the USA has not yet caught up with the rest of us. To convert, you divide American readings by 18 and multiply ours by 18. Good thing we didn't convert the time to metric or they'd be really confused and have to buy clocks and watches with a ten hour dial. :rofl:

Patty, that's good news about the treatment for your DH. As far as diet goes, we just have to find the best one for us and stick to it for several weeks to evaluate the effect on our weight and BGL.

Mad, I like your circle of life. The same doctor who delivered my mother was my doctor for years.

And where are Lindyloo, Rie and Viv? Do I have to use my admin powers and send then emails? :lol:

Jonjax, :welcome: and please do share. We are all different and sharing certainly helps develop our knowledge.

12-15-2012, 03:12 PM
Ruth, i would Love to Leonard Cohen too, don't have much time left for that to happen! But, sometimes for the cost of one bigtime concert, I could go to several indie-artist concerts. Thats what we decided about the upcoming Fleetwood-Mac tour, just not worth the high cost when we could see/hear others, pay for a whole weekend festival etc. But LC might be worth it.

ANyhow, fasting sugar today still a high 6.0, even with the new regimen for the metformin, will give it another week and see how that goes. Still having some digestive issues with the change in schedule, but nothing I can't handle. May also be high from delayed carb digestion, had a small serving of dreamfields pasta for supper, and many have report having blood glucose spikes, but delayed by several hours with that pasta.

Did a big part of the holiday shopping today, and will start making my Tourtiere (meat pies) later today or tomorrow. Got my exercise going around the shops. Enough that my legs are now tired. Well, time for some lunch. Happy weekend everyone.

12-16-2012, 09:31 AM
Mad, I looked up Fleetwood Mac in Ottawa and it's out of my range for sure. Splurging on Leonard is "it" for me, I guess. I've seen concerts with k.d., Lightfoot, Dory Previn, Joni, Ian and Sylvia and the Eagles so have had my share. I may see Elton John someday, if I'm still upright.

Weight didn't budge this morning (a bit of snacking yesterday" but I am down four pounds this week. I sure hope the trend continues and it will if I keep exercising my resistance muscle. FBGL continues in the 5 to over 6 range - must be the new meds. HA1C is the true test and I don't get that done until February.

Have a lovely Sunday and do something nice for yourself.

12-17-2012, 10:12 PM
Hi Ladies Sorry I have not been on line I have been so busy . I had to take my aunt to get a colan test done and then she had to have a nerve block done too and now I had to go the dr I have a pinched nerve in my buttock that runs down my leg. Hoping to get back to normal here soon. Will get back to you all soon

12-18-2012, 04:08 PM
Nice to see you, Bonnie, and I hope the pinched nerve clears up fast.

Just back from what I hope is my final trip to town and did give in to the siren call of the Chinese Buffet. Kept myself to just one trip through though so it shouldn't be too bad. Salad for supper tonight.

Hope everyone else is holding the line - it's so hard this time of year with all the goodies around.

12-18-2012, 04:46 PM
:wave:Hi Busy and hope to get back here soon. Hope everyone is managing the holiday well.

12-18-2012, 09:19 PM
Well, DH isn't sure he wants to go to the chiropractor so while he decides, we are using the tens machine, ice pack and heating pad. He gets a little better during the day and then hurts worse as night approaches.

DSIL is in south FL checking out jobs. DD registered to take the state test for her nursing license. I'm thankful that she has her degree and hope she gets her license and they move soon after Christmas or the 1st of the year. I just want all of us to get back to our own lives and hopefully better lives. When DSIL left, DD said she didn't know if he would be back for Christmas. So I'm sure they will move ASAP. I am disappointed and DH is hurt by what we've learned about his little girl, but we feel we have done what is right by them and we leave the rest up to the good Lord. We can see a light at the end of this tunnel. Thank God. Praise God we have come through this ordeal still in one piece and hopefully 2013 is going to be much better. Releaving the stress can't hurt either.

Bonnie Good to hear from you. You have a lot on your plate right now. Sure hope you are taking care of you.

Ruthie Sure love that Chinese food myself. Now I'm tempted with it in the frozen section of the store. The big thing I see with Chinese food is the high sodium. But it doesn't stop me eating it. DH and I now buy a dinner from the local Chinese restaurant and they give us so much that we are able to eat half of it one day and half of the next. So we actually make 4 meals out of one.

Madeleine I plan to cook a ham Christmas and put lots of veggies with it for me and let everyone else add all their carby stuff. Not sure what kind of pies I'll buy as I don't plan to make any.

Missing a lot of people around here... sure hope everyone is okay.

12-19-2012, 01:25 AM
HI everyone: sorry to be MIA, have been super busy. On Sunday, We had a baby here in our house. A young friend was not happy with her caregiver, and asked me to help her have her baby, but she lived quite far away, so they decided to labour here, and go to a nearby hospital for the baby. They felt so comfy, they asked if they could birth here, and did. Lovely baby girl for them, and nice for DH and me to help them. Since there, more deliveries, and many visits, as we are not doing very many during the Christmas week, just those needed for well baby visits or people who are due to deliver. Long days for sure.
Have stayed on track, except for the chinese food (familiar theme) that the young couple brought for us all to eat during the day while they laboured.
So weight is fine. Hope everyone has a good day.
Bonnie, hope that pinched nerve gets better, never a fun thing.
Trish, keep a positive attitude for the grandkids sake, you had a year to really love them, and will always have that.
Ruth, and everyone else, have a good week.

12-19-2012, 05:27 PM
Madeleine I agree. Regardless whether we agree with everything doesn't really matter at this point. Family relationships have to take top priority now. I actually don't regret having helped them. And while I think we needed to know all the things we have learned about them and it will be better for us in the future, I do hate that we had to. DH has finally learned (hopefully not too late) that we/he has been pouring money down an empty hole and he has to stop it. They will be amazed at some of the decisions he has made because of what he has learned. He says we aren't going down to visit any more because when we go, we end up having to stay in a hotel and he says we are not helping them with money any more either. He told me yesterday while they were gone that he sees all that I do and how much I have had to do to clean up and how they leave messes for me to clean up... how that we tell them not to do certain things and they do them any way. He wishes we had never done this and says he never will again.

Great experience with the birthing of the new baby. I know you were blessed and so were they.

12-19-2012, 11:48 PM
Was on plan til I got home from work, but it was a rough day. I was having heart palpitations, to the point where I was getting dizzy. Only thing I can think of is that I missed a dose or two of effexor. I know I missed this morning, not sure about yesterday. I took the effexor when I got home from work, and the palpitations are better, but have been eating carbs ever since, just to stay upright. Also must check out the new sleep aid I got to see if that increases problems. Not a cardiac specialist, I am trying to remember where the phrase "throwing pvc's" comes from. (pvc = premature ventricular contraction.)

Anyhow, not sure where I am at after all this. Did a bit more shopping, still have a few prezzies to get. HOpe all is well with everyone.

12-20-2012, 12:27 AM
Madeleine Hope you are feeling much better and palpataions go away.:hug:

I told DH that I hope I've wrapped my last present for this Christmas tonight. I suddenly remembered today that I needed to get something for DH for his birthday Monday. So I bought a massager which I gave him today and I got a dvd that I hope he doesn't already have in Blue-Ray. I'm sure we have it as a regular dvd or vhs tape. It is a Trilogy of the movie series Mummy. So hard to shop movies for him. I try to buy dvds to replace the old movies he bought or recorded on tapes, because I don't know what he has already replaced. Also trying to replace them with Blue-Ray when I can is even more difficult. Guess you can tell he is a movie buff. I told him after the kids move that we need to give ourselves a membership to online Netflix which we can use on the big tv for our anniversary. He says they have 3-D movies as well. If so our anniversary is in January.

12-20-2012, 09:59 PM
Had a better day with minimal heart palpitations. I did take the late dose of effexor and didn't take the sleep aid, though I slept well. However, with things so busy this week, I have been forgetting meds. I don't understand, I have been in such good habits with taking my meds, don't understand what is up with me.
SO will have to start setting reminders on my cell phone or something to make sure I am taking them at the right times.
I think being off time on the effexor is affecting my appetite and will power, and I caved and overate and ate junk food again today. SO definitely have to be regular with the meds over the hols.
Hope everyone has a good day and happy Friday.

12-21-2012, 07:39 AM
Mad, I've been remiss lately too. I keep forgetting to refill the dosette for bedtime meds. Today I will get ti organized. I'm too tired at night to take the time to fill it.

Patty, sounds like things in your house will be calmer soon. You must have the patience of Job! and so does your DH.

The scale is being really mean to me lately and I refuse to bump my ticker. Even though I'm avoiding sweets, I am just plain old eating too much! I thought your appetite was supposed to diminish as you got older? My MIL used to say "I had a boiled egg for lunch and saved the rest for my supper" !!!!.

Despite all that, I'm really glad the Mayans were wrong and the world didn't end last night!

12-21-2012, 10:03 AM
Fatmad - I was having palpitations there for a while. I wore a heart monitor for 30 days which showed no problem, even while having the palpitations. Then one morning I passed out and have been having dizzy spells off and on since. Doctor is blaming it on low thyroid, I am blaming it on high blood sugar. It's not resolved as of yet. Hmmm.

Does anyone know where Rie has been? I haven't seen a post from her in a month or so. Is she OK?

12-21-2012, 10:21 AM
carol, heart palpitations are common in menopause, (I started in early perimenopause) they get worse with caffeine, (I drink tea with caffeine only in the morning, but have been getting more lately as I have been busy, so sometimes at lunch too). Its the only thing I know for sure makes it worse.
I tried the sleep aid last night, and no problem so far this morning.
But I can understand, felt quite dizzy, there were so many skipped beats, the blood wasn't flowing well, so fainting wouldn't be out of the possibility with that.
must get off to work, last day of regular work for a month, a few more days on call, and a few visits in the next week, but nothing big. Then a month off.
TIme to get back into shape. since being sick 3 weeks ago I haven't physically done anything!

12-21-2012, 11:09 PM
Well, DD finally told us last night (only because DH asked her) that DSIL got the job at the police dept that he wanted. So hopefully she will take her state test for licensing soon (his parents are paying for that). She is putting feelers out for jobs and seems to have 2 possibilities which I pray one of them comes through so they will be able to move. He is staying at his parents and will not be here for Christmas. I guess he doesn't intend to come back until he comes to move them back. She finally got her food stamps again which helps a lot because now she can get her own groceries. That is a big help because we just couldn't do it any more.

Ruthie Yes it does look like things will settle down here hopefully in another month. We are just trying to keep things on a pleasant note so we can end things with a good attitude with everybody especially the grands.
However, I do think they are going to find that they lost more than they gained as far as the way DH feels about everything.

I too am having trouble with my staying OP right now, but it is my plan that December 26 all that changes. I am going back OP as I want a loss even if it is 1 lb on January 1st. I also want to have a good weight loss when I go back to the doc in Feb.

Slmn Good to see you here. I too have been wondering what has happened to Rie. Hope she is ok.

Y'all have a great weekend.

12-22-2012, 07:16 AM
Patty, that does sound good about the FL move. You are right about keeping things on an even keel until they actually re-settle. You two have gone over and above family duty, IMHO.

Mad, palpitations sound like a real worry. Take care of yourself. Christmas will still come without you running flat out. Remember the Grinch!

Slmn, I miss Rie too. She may just be very busy. I just sent her an email.

Bonnie, how is your Aunt? And you? Are you still in pain?

Hi to everyone else. Such a busy time!

I am staying off the scale right now but, you will be pleased to know, I finally filled my dosette and actually took the meds at bedtime. I have a bad earache since yesterday afternoon and that sort of thing gives me a reality check. (I think taking pills makes em feel like an old lady - which I am but don't wish to be reminded!)

Busy day ahead so see y'all later.

12-22-2012, 04:40 PM
Madeleine I've been thinking of you and the palpatations and think I'll tell you DH story. When we 1st married almost 10 years ago, Tony was told by the doctors that he would need to have a valve replacement. He was told that he would never get over this if he didn't have it. His DD looked up info and found a cardio doctor who had helped cardio patients after cardio surgeries or to prevent them from having heart attacks. The doc wouldn't take Tony as a patient because he didn't think it would help with out the surgery. However he had a vitamin regimen that he had his patients follow. I had already put Tony on the vitamins and asked if they would help. He said they wouldn't hurt. One of the things he gave his patients was magnesium for palpatations. Tony and his DD take it now and never have the palpatations as long as they take the magnesium. I don't if you take it or would want to but you might check it out. Oh, btw, the vitamin regimen and prayer helped DH loads, in the cardio's own words... he said, "I know you had this problem because I can see it in your records, but I don't see it now". Now if we can get all the other problems e has corrected...

Anyway, I hope you find out what is causing your problem.

Ruthie I feel the same way you do... "(I think taking pills makes me feel like an old lady - which I am but don't wish to be reminded!)".

I'm not waiting until Dec 26 to start eating healthier and better. I'm actually starting to crave healthy food for a change.:^: So I decided to go for it. Started today.

12-22-2012, 04:40 PM
Ruth - Please let us know what you hear back from Rie. Her last post on the Golden Girls board she mentioned that her lupus was flaring. No posts after that. I'm concerned, but don't want to pry into her personal business. I hope she is just busy, or having too much fun to post!

Trish - I'm happy to hear that things are improving for DD and her family. It's hard when your children are having problems and you are unable to help. It's really best when they are able to help themselves.

Fatmad - I got a message to call my Dr regarding my recent blood work so I guess I will be finding out what's going on with my thyroid and A1c. I hope my thyroid is good because I don't want to take the synthroid. I think he will want to add another diabetes med, and I hope it's a generic. I am taking 13 pills per day as it is, and on SS, it gets very expensive if they are brand.

12-23-2012, 11:35 AM
Have not heard from Rie but will certainly let everyone know if and when I do. Her email from her registration my be an old one. Sure hope not! :(

Interesting food at last night's birthday party. It was supposed to be cheese fondue but I ended up eating tons of raw veggies and not dipping anything into the rather watery-looking cheese stuff. The kids were dipping in pieces of wiener which sort of turned me off. I did indulge in a piece of birthday cake though. Weight is still up over 190 but I am trying not to fret - has ayone ever LOST weight over Christmas?

Was supposed to drive to Ottawa (2 hours) for a family lunch today but my darling DIL called and told me she is moving it to Boxing Day since the weather is so bad - apparently it's worse in Ottawa. I feel as if I've just been given an extra day for Christmas Party prep which is great. I need a bit of a breather.

Fa-la-la-la-la-la and all that!

Hope your day is merry and bright and, if you want a white Christmas, I have lots of snow to spare!

12-23-2012, 11:50 AM
DIdn't do well at last nights family fest, I ate before hand since pizza was being served, but that just made me overeat as I over indulged in chocolate and cookies, and wound up eating pizza just to avoid more cookies. SO will just stop worrying about low carb for a few days, and try some portion control etc.
One fun thing, my Grandnephew opened his gift, and jumped up and down so happy with it. Nothing like an enthusiastic 6 year old to give you Christmas spirit. I felt like the best Auntie, he was so happy with his gift. (Like the average 6 year old, he is into dinosaurs, and I got him this thing where you excavate bones, then put them together into a model)
My oldest DD and her hubbie are here now, so if I don't check in, just very busy.
Well, Time to start making my Tourtiere. Ruth, drop by if you are near waterloo!

12-23-2012, 11:54 AM
FYI, palpitations have stopped when I stopped the sleep med. DOn't know why that triggered it, the theanine is an amino acid, doesn't make sense to me, but not taking it seems fine. Will try again in a few days to be sure, (as opposed to forgetting the effexor, which I have been taking reglularly now). Thanks Trish, I do get magnesium in my calcium supplement, but haven't taken it in a while, since I have been eating so much dairy, and when I overdo calcium I get kidney stones. But I can get it seperately, so will keep that in mind.
thanks for the concern friends, I love that we care. Thanks for checking Rie out Ruth, and thought and prayers with everyone this holiday season, whatever your faith or beliefs. WE are a nice bunch here.

12-24-2012, 06:56 AM
Yes, we are a nice bunch. Still no word from Rie but :crossed: that she is OK.
I probably won't be around much for the next couple of days. Real life will intervene!
Wishing everyone a guilt-free holiday!

12-24-2012, 10:42 AM
Ruth - last year I lost weight over Christmas, but I was recovering from surgery, so I guess that's cheating! LOL It is very hard to watch your weight when there is so much food around. Just try not to do too much damage and make up your mind to get right back to it after the holidays are over.

I hope we hear something from Rie.

Fatmad - I haven't had a palpitation for about 2 weeks. I actually feel very good, with an occasional slight dizzy spell now and then. Maybe a couple times per week. I don't know what was causing them, but after wearing the heart monitor I feel safe that it wasn't a heart issue. Whatever it was, it's gone, at least for now. I hope you get to the bottom of your issue with them.

12-24-2012, 05:46 PM

Have a safe holiday everybody. See y'all on the other side of Christmas.

12-26-2012, 07:54 AM
Welcome to "the other side of Christmas"! To me Christmas goes on until Epiphany on January 6th so this is just the second day of Christmas.

FBGL has been fine but my scale seems to be in trouble. It kept weighing me a tad heavier every day until this morning. It seems that I've been participating in a big Food Fest for the past week and I'll be glad of a wee lull in the action. Cuba is just a few weeks away and I want the scale to go down a wee bit every day until then.

When your true love sends you two turtle doves today, do not eat them even if they are like those other chocolate turtles!

12-26-2012, 02:36 PM
Hey all: Had a lovely family holiday, great food, games, good company and all. Gifts were thoughtful and nice. Couldn't have asked for better.
Fbs was 5.6 today, weight up a bit, (go figure).

Hope everyone had a healthy and lovely day as well. Back to reality now.
but the chocolate almond bark is barking at me.....

12-26-2012, 02:38 PM
Ruthie So glad to be on "this side of Christmas" and back OP. DH offered me candy early this morning (I'm spending my time with him now) and I refused it. I told him that I'm through with the "play" food and ready for the seriously healthy stuff. I'm doing low carb, but most of the carbs I'm going to be eating will be fruit and what is called "good" carbs.

DGS told me last night that he would be staying upstairs when he is here after his parents & family move back to FL. I said "No you won't". He asked why and I told him that his GD and I had already talked and decided that everything will be turned off up there so we can save money. I told him today that there will be no tv or cable up there and that the room where he sleeps now is going to go back to being a "guest" bedroom where he will be allowed to sleep when he comes to spend the night. He told me that he has $2000 left from his scholarship money he gets each year to spend. So I told him that he needs to get a car and a job to pay for his gasoline and his insurance because he can't drive our car and we cannot run him everywhere he wants to go. AGAIN, I told him that we are broke and there is no more money to give to him or anybody else. Makes me wonder what part of we don't have any more money do they not understand. I did tell him that if his GD and I had known how this was going to turn out, we would never have done it.

My plan for 2013 to save and build our money back up (we can never build it back to what it was) and to get DH and me healthy again. I know most of his problem is stress of knowing that we have spent all this money and he feels used. I think when they move that he will feel a lot better because we can start saving again. He always has had a hard time dealing with the stress of financial problems and this is the worse we have had it since we married. It will take us a while, but we can pull out of this even if we have to sell the house and down size. So I'm starting to draw the lines so to speak.

Overall we had a good Christmas. The best part is hearing from almost all of my family who are spread all over the south now. Then to top it off, we rearranged LR and DH said, "What I like about this is that I can see you better." Made my Christmas.:)

12-27-2012, 09:38 AM
fbs was 5.5 today, so no problem. and weight is almost back to ticker, in spite of a little chocolate binge yesterday. Of course I made my own chocolate dessert virtually sugar free, was quite atkinsy, so that helped. Pomme noir is very rich and decadent, but not bad for atkins followers.
there was a storm through, but we just got the edge of it. See if Dad can get home today as he plans. For my part, I have a day of work now before I start a holiday, during which I plan a party (tomorrow) and then getting back to yoga, cross country skiing and generally getting my fitness back after that nasty cold/flu I had earlier this month, and have done virtually no exercise since then. So, time to get back to it. This is not a "new years resolution" this is my resolve kicking back in.
Ladies, don't wait for the new year to start getting back to sensible healthy eating and getting some exercise. Even if we plan another binge for a holiday party, (I will be too busy serving and cooking to really overeat tomorrow, at least thats the way it usually goes!) the rest of the time we can be healthy, and then the treat day is just that!

Trish, your financial plan and physical plan will dovetail nicely. Its fine to lay down the law with DGS, and will be easier to enforce rules about picking up with DD and DSIL out of the house. Is he there for another semester? I am sure you can't wait for them all to be in Florida so you can really relax.
Ruth: hope the volunteer work you are undoubtably doing will be fun and not have too many foodie events related to it.
RIE, BOnnie, Carole, LIndyLoo and everyone else, a big hello, and hope the holiday week is good to you. Have some fun and get outside!

12-27-2012, 10:02 AM
Pattygirl, what a sweet thing to say! I always knew your DH was a good man but that was a nice extra. Let's hope your chat with DGS was a reality check. If not, rinse, repeat, etc.

Mad, I certainly understand about the barking bark. Claire made some incredible caramel/chocolate/cranberry squarest that were incredible but I refused to let her give me some to take home although I did get a copy of the recipe. Food porn abounds over the holidays. +

Scale was not too bad at 188.8 this morning. I am so angry with myself over letting it creep up a whole ten pounds since last Christmas. Sometimes I am so angry with myself for my OCD tendencies and need to swear off the daily weigh-in and record that I've been doing for about 50 years! The rest of the week is going to be one of high veggie consumption. The nuts and leftover cookies will go to the bird feeder and my barn cat will be enjoying pate. He's getting spoiled as he had leftover shrimp for his Christmas dinner.

We are snowed in which can be a good thing. There is no need to go anywhere and I couldn't with 10" of snow in the lane. I will go out a bit later and shovel a potty path for the dogs. The lane is another matter and I'll wait for Richard to show with the plough. Our road has not even been ploughed today so it may be a while. I'm hoping the power stays on during this windy storm.

So happy third day of Christmas. Do something nice for yourself this morning. I'm going to have my bath with coffee and a book and then slather myself with moisturizer. I'm try to do it before those clucking French Hens show up.

12-27-2012, 10:12 AM
Hi their I am doing OK my pain in the butt is gone thank god if I move the wrong way or something I can feel it but other then that I have been busy busy. My aunt is doing well she has to go in foe another nerve block today and she has quit her job she couldnt work any more because the pain in her back and now I dont have to keep the baby so I can have some freedom.

I got on the scale this morning and gained all but 16 pounds back. I am gonna talk to my dr when I go in for my Diabetic check up about loosing weight . I dont know what is going on but man I burn up all the time I can go to do something and I get hot and start sweatin and it is getting bad. I told my hubby I wanted to find a gym or something I can join. We have a local rex center that has a gym and it only cost 50 dollars a year not bad.

Does any know of a web site you can print off like a work out schedule or any thing like that. Christmas was good the kids got what they mostly wanted I cooked dinner and had all the aunts and uncles over for dinner they realy enjoyed them self had to make it special for my uncle who lost his roomate and best friend here last month .

Well I hope Rie is doing good. I will be back later now I have some time for me . Hope all is well with everyone.

12-27-2012, 09:05 PM
Trish - I am glad you and DH have a plan to get your lives back on course. Family issues can be so draining. I hope your dgs gets his act together and learns to stand on his 2 feet. 2013 is going to be a new beginning!

Ruth - My mother always celebrated Christmas until Epiphany, or Twelfth Night as she called it. One year she left everything up until Feb because my brother was coming home from Viet Nam and she wanted him to have Christmas at home. I was so embarassed when friends came over and our tree was still up. LOL Now that I'm with DH, it's over on New Years Day. All the decorations come down and we get back to same old same old. Get through winter, and watch for spring! Before we know it, it's Easter!

My A1c was 7.8 so my DR upped my Metformin to 850 3 X day. I was taking 500 3 X day. I hope it makes a difference. I have been eating entirely too many carbs the past few months and not exercising at all, so getting my diet and exercise back on track should help, too.

12-29-2012, 01:14 PM
Carol Sue - Many years ago I invited my parents for dinner on April 1. I cooked turkey, put up the fake tree and had Christmas cards all over the house. My mother didn't say a word - she thought I just had not cleared up after Christmas. She finally clued in when my DH, dressed as Santa, served drinks.

We are having another snowstorm - this is turning into an old-fashioned Christmas. My exercise lately has been clearing snow from the porches and deck. (I am lucky to have a "lad" who ploughs out my lane.) I was supposed to drive an hour to a boring Open House this afternoon but will use the snow as an excuse and just hunker down in my warm house.

Weight has been dropping slightly every day and FBGL has been pretty stable. Something is working! Now to keep the momentum.

12-29-2012, 02:47 PM
Oh, Ruth, that's so funny...April Fools' Christmas! And to think that your mother thought it was all leftover from Christmas! Around our area, people have started putting out lights for any and all occasions. Some put out black and gold lights for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Some put orange light out for Halloween. DH always says "Boy! People keep putting their Christmas lights out earlier and earlier!" Then there's those who put up lights for Easter. DH says "Those people never took down their Christmas lights."

12-30-2012, 07:22 AM
I leave mine on until my birthday mid-month. The guy across the street has a Frosty n the middle of his side yard that he left on until Easter one year. I was tempted to put a flowery hat on him - the snowman, not the creepy guy.

FBGL is hanging in and weight is steady today. Things had better start to happen soon as Cuba is less than three weeks away!

12-30-2012, 12:39 PM
A quick flyby. Talked to my 2 sons today. So good to have the oldest one in my life again. Today is the younger ones birthday so had to call him. Love any excuse to talk to them.

Ruthie Thanks for the chuckle... the flowery hat might look good on the man.LOL

My weight is still up, but my FBS is coming down. Hopefully they will finally come down together sometime soon. Why oh why is it so much easier to gain weight rather than to lose. Must be a better way.

Y'all have a good day.

12-30-2012, 06:07 PM
How is everyone doing? I hope well for me I am in the process of getting my stuff togeather so I can start off the new year right and get back on track. Went to the Dr today I still have a cough and he gave me some meds. We also talked about getting me back on track. I will check back i tomorrow.....

12-30-2012, 06:12 PM
I jest read my horoscope for 2013 and this is how it started

Get ready to dig deeply in 2013, Leo. You're going into a phase of complete and total metamorphosis. This will require considerable self-analysis and probing into your past patterns, but all the work will be more than worth it. You're on the verge of discovering just how powerful, strong and resilient you are at your very core. If you have ever doubted your strength, after 2013 you'll never question your resourcefulness again.

12-30-2012, 09:19 PM
Butterfly - Isn't it weird how those horoscopes can be right-on sometimes? I haven't looked at mine for 2013, but I should be following yours. I'm Aquarius.

12-31-2012, 12:18 AM
hey friends, Got out for walks yesterday and today, lots of socializing this weekend though, and haven't got on the scale to find out what the damage is. Will just keep trying.
Ruth: I understand about hunkering down and avoiding some of the social things that make it hard to stay on track, but we need to balance social and diet or we are no fun. I have been struggling with that this holiday season.
One thing: a friend dropped off some cookies the other day. Now, these are the BEST cookies ever, and might be worth any long term effects of eating them. Just too good to be true. I was wondering if it might be best to eat them all, rather than ration or share or not eat them. The dog solved the problem, ate the rest while we were out last night. Now thats what I call taking one for the team. She is not feeling so well, but I no longer have them calling to me.
I am taking it as a sign though, and will double down on my efforts. Planning the holiday with DH, I will be cross-country skiing. Getting my strength back after that virus in December so I will be in shape to enjoy it.
Glad to hear from you all ladies, the new year will bring good changes for us.