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12-01-2012, 01:38 PM
Hello Everyone!

Happy December!!! I can't even believe this, but all of my Christmas shopping is DONE!!! My house is decorated, the tree is up - wow! I've never been this far ahead of the holiday! Now my challenge is going to be to NOT keep shopping!!! LOL

Thursday I had my annual physical - the doctor was so thrilled with my weight loss - but even better were my cholesterol levels - my LDL (the bad stuff) went from 150 to 114 and my HDL (the great stuff) went from 50 to 75!!! :carrot: She asked me "how did you do that?" I said "I have no idea" - she said "well, whatever you're doing, keep doing it!" :)

I kickboxed this morning for an hour - then I stopped at the vitamin shoppe on the way home (I'm vitamin D deficient - so I bought some D3 drops) - - at the store however, I found these AWESOME meal replacement shakes called Svelte - they are dairy free - I think 260 calories high protein, fiber, vitamins - all the good stuff - so I had a chocolate one for lunch and WOW was it AWESOME!!! Oh - did I mention it's all organic too?? Icing on the cake! So I got on Amazon when I got home and ordered a case of it. And my daughter popped over - she tried it and LOVED it! She is also starting to struggle with her weight, so she and I are both going to have these shakes for breakfast now - oh, and it's stevia sweetened - no artificial sweeteners....now if I can only get my son to like them....;) We'll see...he refuses to eat breakfast, but if I can give him a "chocolate shake" before school he might just try it!!!

I was supposed to meet a girlfriend for a late lunch today, but she called and cancelled....so now I'm trying to decide what to do (sigh) - I need to go to Bed, Bath and Beyond - but just not sure I want to make the drive - - (I know I will...lol). And cleaning the house can wait until tomorrow - I have been picking away at it ----- "never leave a room empty handed!" So there's no clutter - just need to do the "real" cleaning - surfaces, floors, mirrors...again - tomorrow (after my 5K run of course :) )

Well, just wanted to start our Holiday thread! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

12-01-2012, 04:50 PM
Went to Bed Bath & Beyond with my 20% off one item coupon - bought a "soda stream" - I love flavored sparkling water - now I can just make it at home! :) Then I went to Chipotle - got a veggie bowl for dinner with just black beans, fresh salsa, guacamole and lettuce - YUM! The traffic was CRAZY! It's a beautiful day here, so I'm sure people are going to try to get their holiday shopping in today.

Now time to RELAX. :) Hope everyone has a great evening!

12-01-2012, 05:04 PM
haven't even begun christmas shopping or put my tree up yet! I did go grocery shopping today n farmers market to fill the house back up with healthy choices! My kids went away for the weekend n i thought yes me time... not! My dh's hunting buddy brought his 9yr old adhd son over to "hunt" knowing the kid hates to hunt so guess who has him ugh! Would have been nice to be ASKED! My mood has quickly gone down hill cuz i was so hoping for some down time my TOM is due any day now n that def isnt helping! Oh well ill pop in a movie curl up in my comforter n suck it up like i always do!

12-01-2012, 05:54 PM
I'm with you DangerousCurves, only thing done so far is the tree is out of the basement and up but not decorated...December already!! holy moly

Congrats on the healthy numbers Sheila, very happy for you, that's definitely what it's all about, right?!

HO HO Holidays, here we come, I've been good with the exercise, but really need to keep an eye on the grazing, so easy to say well, just trying to maintain, well that's as hard as trying to lose this time of year...yeeps...I bought some carrots and apples, may throw in a juice here and there for some fruit/veggie.

best to all :sunny:

12-01-2012, 05:56 PM
Happy December all! I am sticking close to home today and trying to get motivated to pull out my Christmas decorations. It is just DH and I around here and he doesn't care about the decorations so it is hard to get motivated to make the effort since it is only for 3-4 weeks. Plus I need to get some shopping done too. **sigh** I suppose my enthusiasm will kick in eventually :)

I love reading all your posts and welcome our new friend, Liz, from "down under" and send :dust: to any of you that might be struggling or need a boost this time of year.

My main short term goal has been to be under 246 by the end of the year so that I can begin 2013 with less than 100# to go. I may bump that up to being 241.8 by 12/28/12 which would be a 50 pound loss since I began this journey in July. I try not to put too much pressure on myself but I think this is a do-able goal for me. Keeping my eye on the prize and all...

I check in and read all your posts nearly every day and so enjoy being a part of this great community! Thanks for listening and being a part of my success! :D

12-01-2012, 09:43 PM
Syndehat - you are FABULOUS!!! OMG!!! You are doing AWESOME!! Keep up the great work! Even with the holidays - you have totally ROCKED this year!!!!

I'm watching "ELF" alone with a glass of Chardonnay...lol Good eating day - and exercise. Tomorrow - 5K and cleaning day! Tonight is for ME.

Enjoy ladies - and I've also discovered that sugar-free gum is my best friend - - - I want to eat the junk, but need to find a substitute - gum is working! (for tonight anyway - lol)

12-02-2012, 12:33 AM
Nooooooooooooo!!!!! It cannot be December!!!!!!!! :eek:

Wow. Time flies.

Congrats on making the Dr happy Shiela22. Way to go! :carrot:
Congrats to all those who are ahead with their holiday chores.
Sympathetic to those, like me, who are not!:shocksn:

Wow....when I took my socks off last night, I was shocked to see how swollen my legs were.....just like when I was preggers. (No Sum, not all of us can wear those nice 4in red heels!.....I have to wear flats for everyone else's safety!! And the warm socks because I'm always cold!...wish I could wear sexy shoes :()....My salt intake is rather low....& I cut out the liq donuts completely....guess I just need to increase the H2O : coffee ratio.

Hey! No more bad mood and no faking it! I spent another afternoon on KP, doling out rations with known calories. The fridge is stocked for several days with lo-cal, nutritious food for me, and I have home-made soup and goodies for the family. Gonna start that lovely flax bread in the breadmaker now. (could use some more ideas for low-cal snacks)

What else is everyone doing for motivation/accountability? I've seen some of you in other forums. I'm doing the 21 day accountability (to get rid of the liq donuts habit), the goal by Summer (because I have a big, big motivating event then), and just started the Dec exercise (because I'm....well...lazy). Maybe I'll see you there? In those forums, I'm all business, so if I start slackin', you must bust my crust! And don't be kind about it!

[Hey, MrsT....was thinkin' 'bout your customer service position. Ya know....I'll bet that's a much less stressful job in Colorado these days!! And ditto to what Sum said: check with the pharmaceutical manufacturers for assistance and your Dr for samples.]

.......don't stop...thinkin' 'bout tomorrow.......


12-02-2012, 01:20 AM
Crazy, nutz day at work. I work for an internationally known company that ships packages worldwide & today I think people were trying to beat the rush. And of course the boss has on just a skelton crew! He NEVER works weekends, so why should he care??? I've never seen so many unhappy customers in one place but we were hustling...none of us took a break except the mandated lunch break.
I'm bone-tired now. I ate healthy & I think all the hustle was quite a bit of exercise! All of us were talking about sore feet & tired brains. :dizzy: Tomorrow is my weigh-in day. It's gotta pay offf! I've been a good girl, I swear!!! :angel: Check-in here & then to bed. Huh, before 10PM? Odd? I'm such a night owl, but not tonight...I'm tired. Also the rain is making me sleeeeepy. :yawn:

To all: We don't do Christmas. Not by choice but to be blunt...it just hurts too much. My family is sooo dysfunctional & when Daddy (April 2000) passed it just got worse. I haven't put up any decorations in 12 yrs. I do get a Christmas card for my mom & some small personal gift (like enlargements of old photos) for her. Sorrry, I just get a little choked up about it, because I really do miss it but NOT ALL THE DRAMA.

Sheila: Good job! I know that I have to get in for a physical myself. I, too, have a deficiency in Vit.D along with iron & a few others. Thanks for giving me a little push to go see my dr. And congrats on getting holiday ready. Now, you can kinda sit back & enjoy it, right? **sugar-free gum is always with me! My 2 favorites are peppermint & bubble gum! It has stopped me from eating junk many a times. Definitely something that should be in the "arsonal" of everyone who's trying to lose weight.

DangerousCurves: Yes, you DO need to be asked. And if TOM is this close...that man is playing with gas & matches! Or at least in my book he would be!!! :devil: I love farmer's markets! Sooo much variety & it's soooo fresh! ENJOY!!!

kelijpa Grazing, yes whatta trap it is! That is why at funcations I try not to stay at a "food" table especially if I'm just gabbing. I also make sure to start with fresh veggies/fruit first...lastly LIGHT on the desserts if at all. Good luck! Let us help keep you strong!!!

syndehat: Sounds like you on are on a similar path! I HOPE to be down to 250 by Christmas. Don't know if I'll make it because my scale is being stubborn! :mad: But I'm not giving up! Let's kick butt together! :kickbutt:

Night all! The bed is calling my name. Agatha, my cat, is also telling me she wants some mommy time...I get into bed, brush her, give her a few treats & then we go to sleep. Can you say, "Spoiled"? I knew you could!!!

12-02-2012, 01:59 AM
wowsers it is flaming hot here...35 degrees celsius outside and the air is like an oven..urghhhhhhhh christmas is going to be a hot one!!..sigh..keeping on track with the eating the exercise is another story...will go for a walkie with the doggie tonight..going again in the morning...starting pilates then too...having a day of rest from the exercise today..hubby is home and sheesh it is tooooooo hot!!

had an awesome breaky..chopped up some spinach, some tomatoes and some onion and added some mushrooms sliced, put into a baking tray and sprinkled with garlic powder a little olive oil a little balsamic vinegar and
roasted in a 200 degrees celsius oven stirring occasionally so that the spinach cooks in the mushies juices!! turned out yummy..add any other herb to it that you like!

sheila fantastic work on being organised..i have to make a family christmas card so that i can put scratchies in an envelope for everyone...we don't buy pressies as such!! whoooooooot whoooooooot on the doctors visit..i am hoping to have a drastic lowering of cholesterol too but will not have the testing done until january!!

dangerous-yeah i need to decorate for christmas too..i don't do much a small tree and a few things on the dining room table is all!!..lol...lol..yes hun spoil yourself you deserve it!!

kelijpa-helllooooooos nice to meet you??...yes the year has gone by sooooooooo fast that i really don't know where time has gone!!

syndehat-thank you soo much for the warm welcome..tis a great group i agree!!..go shopping and the decos and christmas music will help get you in the mood!! i can't help but sing along to the carols whilst shopping!!..i am sure people think i am mad!!!..lol..lol..lol

shiela22-you go gal and enjoy your me time!! oh gum might be for me too..i must get some!!..but if i chew too much i might get gas!! no wait i already have heaps of gas from the veges and fruit!!

see-yeah my left leg especially was swollen sooo much i got a fright and went to the doctors...turns out there was nothing wrong and that it was pms and hormonal..mind you the heat does not help either!!

mrstrying-wow that was a hard days work...you deserve a rest hun...and geeeeez i am wishing for some rain.. might have to do a naked rain dance...problem with that is my uncle reckons he is going to bring the
camera over and take a pic..EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKK!!!! yeah well we really don't do christmas either...not for the reasons you state though and i am sorry to hear of your loss and i knows that there
are a lot of people out there who are like you!!...we don't concentrate on christmas much because of the financial burden really and also wow it is a lot of hard work!!oh wow i sooooo spoil mine too hun..there is a definite bedtime routine..heck what am i saying we are wrapped around little paws for sure!!!

about vitamin D..i also take supplements!!..do we all take it???

Have a good weekend all!! Cheers Liz

12-02-2012, 08:11 AM
Hello Everyone!

7am and I have already got my 5K run in - my metabolism is all fired up and burning that FAT! :) I'm now drinking my Svelte chocolate shake - feels decadent, but it's a perfect breakfast! And I also took my vitamin D :)

Today - cleaning day. :rolleyes: I am SO not in the mood (sigh). But it has to be done - and on the positive side, it keeps me moving and burning calories - and also keeps me from SHOPPING!! My little "bed bath and beyond" trip yesterday took me "beyond" that store to Marshalls, TJ Maxx (sigh)....I'm not going ANYWHERE today. I got my run in on the treadmill, I will clean the house and then tonight I'm going to take a nice long hot bath! House cleaning should only take a few hours....I just need to get started...going to put on some music to energize me! My cleaning routine - I start on the first floor - turn on all of the lights and then as I finish a room I spray some Febreeze (I have a holiday scent right now) and turn the light off...it's symbolic - kinda like putting a line through one of my items on my "to do" list....LOL.

Busy week coming up - something going on EVERY night!!! Should make the week go fast - I don't have the kids this week so it's actually good.

Well - I'm off to make a cup of coffee then to clean! Hope everyone has a good day!


12-02-2012, 11:59 AM
gmorning ladies!
Survived yesterday as well as letting our "guests" see their way home! Dont get me wrong i love our friends and having them here, they know they r home here. I just had my head n heart set on a quiet day alone to do what i needed n everything gets changed for me. TOM is still lurking just under the surface waiting for that perfect moment. Dd is in xmas parade today sure hope the sun decides to watch it too cuz its heavy fog n very cold rite now. Have to go to wally world afterwards n get happy pills refilled n pay a couple bills- awesome being able to do all ur stops at one place! I did get a good bit of walking in yesterday n will today too plus getting house, laundry n such in order for the week, i really need to keep myself moving thru the cold months or the family will find me balled up in the back of 1 of the closets hibernating! Yall stay warm, motivated n active!

12-02-2012, 12:29 PM
LOL... I was still posting on November chat :D

12-02-2012, 03:47 PM
Hello Ladies!

I have had a very productive and wonderful day! Got the WHOLE house cleaned - WOO HOO!!!! :carrot::carrot:

Then my brother came over with his kids for a little bit which was nice, then my daughter came over and just "hung out" with me for a few hours - - she's 16 and wanted to "hang out" with me!! I'm a lucky Mom!!!

So now I'm just finishing laundry - dinner will be leftover Chipotle, or my veggie crustless pizza....it feels so good to have the house clean! I'm going to wrap a few presents this evening, take a nice hot bath and go to bed early - early morning tomorrow!

Hope everyone has had a great day!

12-02-2012, 06:55 PM
Am copying and pasting from the other thread since I forgot it's December *grin*!!! I'm sorry if I didn't comment on the posts from the December board so far, but I'm reading them all!

My December goal? I would love to hit 139 by the end of the month. I realize just how challenging this will be with the holidays and all, but why not.

Eh, weighed in at 144.6 today (after a nice drop yesterday to 143.6). I'm SO close to the lower 140s I can taste it! I've run 4 miles two days in a row. I need to incorporate strength training and need to figure out how to do that. I'm a little lost in that realm.

Moving Forward – heh, I love it when my boob size goes down, actually. I wear like a 34D, so it’s so hard to find a small band size and larger cup size. When I’m closer to my regular ideal weight, I’m a 32 with still a larger cup size. I am not sure about the lowering of calories. I’d like to say that it’s fine as long as you feel good and energetic and are getting the proper nutrients, but the whole metabolism thing is mystifying to me.

Lizarddau – how is the soup diet going for you? Do you see results? I know which diet you’re talking about now. I think we call it the cabbage soup diet here! I think I tried it once and only lasted a day, LOL! Also I don’t like some of the food on it, like I HATE skim milk, so I never knew what substitutions were appropriate on any given day.

MrsTryingAgain – glad you were able to get all the meds! It’s so scary when dealing with major health issues like that. I am excited about using my food this week (and today). And I do not understand people who have to be so nasty in public like that. I always try to treat people out and about the way I’d want to be treated. It’s just decent.

SeeMyFeet – I always enjoy wine, haha, part of my problem!

Sum38 – My weigh-in yesterday was 143.6, which was awesome (still not back down to 142.8 but whatever, getting closer) but then today it was back up to 144.4! Ah, well. Tomorrow I am determined not to have a high weigh-in as I almost always do on Mondays for some reason. Good luck with your house! And omg, I love going out for sushi but yes, the bloat is crazy afterward!

Kelijpa – heh, I’ve never had a dog, but I’ve always wanted one for running purposes. I can see it can be more complicated if they are not used to seeing other runners!

12-02-2012, 07:03 PM
Sheila, you sound like a ball of energy, I'm sitting here talking myself into going on the treadmill at 6 pm, I really want to, but still have to make myself go down there. I am trying to get a 5K in every day that I can, doing pretty well with that, I think it's the only thing keeping me in check. And making sure I get my water in even if I have to get up in the middle of the night...:D

Syndehat, you're inspiring. I have a goal for the end of the year, too. If I don't get after it, I'll be kicking myself. My main goal is to maintain over the holidays, but my secret goal is 170, that is moving out of obese into overweight by my bmi. I'm sure I could do it if I just put in a little more effort, it's the big IF...

Hi Liz, it's a balmy 45 deg farenheit here, it had to warm up to get there...lol...love your posts

Mrs T, sorry about the events that brought you to not doing christmas, sorry for your pain.

Ok, thanks all for the inspiring words, I'm going to the treadmill...can't wait to get back to my book :) love the kindle on the treadmill, I can even turn pages when I'm jogging.

best to all :sunny:

12-02-2012, 07:45 PM
went for my morning burn around the block twice..darned legs go numb about 200mts away from home...sigh..oh well..bought a mat to do the pilates on...going to do them this arvo..aiming to do the exercises twice a day eventually...got to work up to it..feeling good still...fruit today with veges perhaps a salad for lunch!! gotta do washing today it tis piling up again...i think sometimes it does naughty
things in the basket and reproduces itself!!..might start designing our yearly
christmas card..but i thinks we need a family portrait though..gotta get my bestie to take a pic of us and the animals!!..hopefully i will remember to ask her this afternoon!! my memory sucks at the best of times!

sheila-wow a 5k run...gosh i only wish!!oooooooh that shake sounds delish!!..i am thinking i might buy some for taking away with us after christmas!..well something similar..i cannot buy that particular brand here in aussie land...i clean the toilet, the kitty litter and also do our doona and pillows when i wash the ben linen with disinfectant spray!!

dangerous- yeps i knows what you mean about house guests..i love having them but i also like to see them go for all sorts of reasons..lol..lol..lol..oooooh i hope you have a good TOM this month..mine last month was horrid..well more horrider than usual! yeps i have to attack the laundry as well!! you can have some of our heat hun i would gladly give it away!!

sum-yay!! good to see someone else isn't on the right page..rofl!!

shiela-yay for you tooooooo!! tis good to have a clean home..well my clean might not be as clean as yours but i do get there..lol..lol..i am always fighting hubbys cluttering but then again i can talk...my study looks like a brothel...mind you a brothel is probably cleaner!! ROFL

olehcat-i survived 2 weeks on the soup diet hun..now i am sick of the soup so i am modifying it...cutting out the soup but generally doing the same thing..with a few additions...ooooooh i love milk so this suits me fine..it is what i want to acheive in my meal plans...low added sugar..low fat low carb...eating healthy!!

i hopes everybody has a wonderful day..you all keep warm now...i am soo jealous.. i would love to have some of your cold..but i do know that it sometimes gets very very very cold in places...i would be scared to drive on those icy roads!! be careful everyone!!...cheers liz

12-02-2012, 07:49 PM
Sheila, you sound like a ball of energy, I'm sitting here talking myself into going on the treadmill at 6 pm, I really want to, but still have to make myself go down there. I am trying to get a 5K in every day that I can, doing pretty well with that, I think it's the only thing keeping me in check. And making sure I get my water in even if I have to get up in the middle of the night...:D

Syndehat, you're inspiring. I have a goal for the end of the year, too. If I don't get after it, I'll be kicking myself. My main goal is to maintain over the holidays, but my secret goal is 170, that is moving out of obese into overweight by my bmi. I'm sure I could do it if I just put in a little more effort, it's the big IF...

Hi Liz, it's a balmy 45 deg farenheit here, it had to warm up to get there...lol...love your posts

Mrs T, sorry about the events that brought you to not doing christmas, sorry for your pain.

Ok, thanks all for the inspiring words, I'm going to the treadmill...can't wait to get back to my book :) love the kindle on the treadmill, I can even turn pages when I'm jogging.

best to all :sunny:

thanks hun..i was kinda concerned that you would all get sick of me...lol..lol..my friends say i can talk under water..lol..lol..lol...anyways
what a good idea to read a book whilst doing the treadmill..i never thought
of that!!..thanks for the idea!...not that i have a treadmill but i am thinking of hiring one...mind you the expense of using the pool might pull me up short...we will see..if i can exercise inside in the air con it is better than braving the heat..cheers liz

12-02-2012, 08:09 PM
kelijpa- i was catching up on the december chat thread when i read about you and your little doggie...what do you use to lead him??...we use a head halti and it is the best...roxy does not pull and it is sooo easy to pull he into line...she cannot use a choker and i do not like them so this is the best thing i have used..i have seen it bring into line a big doberman...but never used it on a littledoggie..might be worth a try on your little man??...cheers liz

12-02-2012, 09:21 PM
Thanks Liz, I'll have to look into that, I'd love to take him more places, he needs to get used to other people and dogs. We take him with us hiking and for walks, but not anywhere it's busy. I feel like I need to do a better job with training him, too, we got him from the shelter, he was already 4 so he had some bad habits, but is getting better and better.

Good luck with your exercising!

12-02-2012, 10:43 PM
Went to Bed Bath & Beyond with my 20% off one item coupon - bought a "soda stream" - I love flavored sparkling water - now I can just make it at home! :) Then I went to Chipotle - got a veggie bowl for dinner with just black beans, fresh salsa, guacamole and lettuce - YUM! The traffic was CRAZY! It's a beautiful day here, so I'm sure people are going to try to get their holiday shopping in today.

Now time to RELAX. :) Hope everyone has a great evening!

We just bought one and it is being used all the time; my son loves sparkling water. You will love it.

12-03-2012, 12:22 AM
Thanks Liz, I'll have to look into that, I'd love to take him more places, he needs to get used to other people and dogs. We take him with us hiking and for walks, but not anywhere it's busy. I feel like I need to do a better job with training him, too, we got him from the shelter, he was already 4 so he had some bad habits, but is getting better and better.

Good luck with your exercising!

Thanks sweetie...ummm i forgot to say that roxy is a rescue doggie too...she belonged to a so called friend of mine and we used to babysit her when they went away...she is a border collie cross and the sweetest thing...she is very submissive and goes to pieces if i even raise my voice a little..anyways they used to tie her up all the time and rouse on her and when they had children of course it got worse..in the end they were going to give her to the pound but i had said to them that if they did not want roxy that we would have her and hubby and i discussed it and took her in...we have not looked back since..she is the most beautiful dog..if you can imagine a short haired red and white border collie you can imagine her...she is very intelligent and i have taught her heaps of tricks...i believe that with the proper training you can teach a dog almost anything..i say almost cause roxy won't take tablets from me...lol..lol..lol...cheers liz

here is a page i did of her!!


12-03-2012, 01:54 AM
Well, survived the stormy weather we had last night. Nothing like the super storm the east coast had, but I did get woke up at least 4 times last night due to wind & rain. I LOVE rain, but not all at once. :eek:
The scale moved! 257.5! WOO HOO!!! Thought I was going to have to truely stomp it to pieces. But no, it listened to me. :goodscale
Got to visit with my mom today. I LOVE going back to the ranch. This time of year the area is just FILLED with all sorts of water fowl...geese, ducks, swans. All the rivers, streams & canals were way up due to the storm so every creature seemed to be loving the break inbetween fronts. Went for a long walk. Ate healthy. Dumb old TOM showed up today. I was HOPING I was starting menopause (I'm 48), because I didn't have a visitor last month. Probably because of the stress of H's health. Oh, well, I still consider today to be a plus day.

liz: Love Roxy! She's a cutie! Wish we could have a dog, but our apartment is far too small & Agatha (our cat) would NOT appreciate it. I know all about laundry reproducing! UGH! I wish that stuff would learn NOT to do that! BAD LAUNDRY! BAD! Vitamins? I personally take vitamin C (cold/flu season), vitamin D & B12 (always been lacking in them) & iron a few days before/during & a few days after TOM. Keep up the good work. Always remember you don't have to be great to start, just start to be great. That's a Zig Ziglar quote. RIP Zig.

Sheila: My house next! ;) Wish my house would just clean itself! But that's life. I LOVE visting with my mom, especially when I don't have to share her with others. She's a good strong woman who never fails to make me proud to be her daughter. She's now in her mid-80s & I want to spend as much time with her as I can. Also good job on keeping up the 5k...you inspire me to keep my exercise going strong.

kelijpa: Your goal is calling you!!! You know your treadmill misses you so!!! You've got to visit it!!! ;) I know what you mean though...some times it's just so darned hard to get motivated. I keep a calendar & on the days I do the following: eat healthy, drink plenty water & exercise I get a different colored check mark. I can see at a glance how consistent I'm being. My goal is to exercise at least 4 days a week & that calendar is my Jiminy Cricket...keeping me on the straight & narrow. My water intake always wakes me up at 6AM without fail!

olehcat: Just keep pluggin' away. You'll make it! I know you will! Remember you didn't gain overnight so loosing won't happen that way either. Sounds like you're doing right. As for strength exercise, I use simple lifts with 2-3 lb weights. I'm a big gal already so I don't need a lot of bulk...just toning. I also have used resistance bands to. Both seem to work well. For the rest I do leg lifts, squats & pelvic lifts. Remember tone muscles are long & lean making you look long & lean.

Night all! Rest well! Be healthy!

12-03-2012, 06:09 AM
I was up at 3 am this morning. Hate it when I can't sleep.... so my kitchen is clean, a load of laundry is done and I have drained a pot of tea :)

MrsT Congrats on your weigh-in! :woohoo: -- I am 45 and each month I hope that TOM would not make his appearance as well...mum had her menopause in her mid 50's tho, so I know I may need to wait another 10 years...

Liz Oooh, I love border collie and mixes!! They are the best and smartest dogs around. I have a lab mix, we adopted her when she was about 18 months old. I love her...she is my walking buddy -- I set a goal to walk 1000 miles this year; I am 35 miles away from it...I could have never done it without Shadow; she motivated me each day.

Kel What kind of dog do you have? -- I can't take my Shadow to places with lots of people...she is just too scared. We got her at 18 months and it was too late to train her to be around people and other dogs. -- She is doing better at home with visitors.

12-03-2012, 07:58 AM
sum38 - wow, 3 a.m. That happens to me, too, sometimes, but I am not nearly as productive as you when that happens. I just get frustrated and lie in bed. Those sparkle water things look awesome!

MrsTryingAgain - yikes, storm! Sounds scary. I'm in Illinois and it was like 70 degrees here yesterday. Good advice on the toning! I think I should dig out my Pilates/yoga dvd.

lizarddau - beautiful Roxy! And I miss living in a more tropical place (I lived in Florida for several years

Meh, I weighed in at 144.8 today. But I came down with a nasty cold last night and had some chicken soup and of course that always makes me bloat up like a balloon. I hate getting sick because then I don't want to eat vegetables at all. I just want carby comfort food!

12-03-2012, 08:24 AM
Hello Everyone! Wow, i have so much to read and catch up on, I haven't been on here for a few days.....

What a weekend...it was a busy one. I don't think that I ate that badly but the scale is definitely NOT my friend today and I feel so bloated and gross. I went clothes shopping yesterday and bought a few things to get me through what I hope is just a "phase". Stretchy stuff and long shirts to cover my bum. I can't go through life in a pair of sweatpants.....although I wish that I could!!!

Fell off the wagon with my BBL workout..going to start up again today. Joined a gym that I used to work at because they had a special price that was too good to pass up for a three month membership....I have no excuses now not to weight train. The good tihng about this little gym is that it is always empty so I won't be self conscious working out there and /or wait for machines......it is a step towards reaching a goal.

No presents bought yet for the kids and house is not decorated. It is hard going through what I am and trying to stay "jolly" but I will put on the happy face anyway.

Took some time off from my shakes but I'm starting up again today.....

My goal for december is get to 139. I know it is nuts to have a goal like that during holiday season but I need to strive towards something otherwise i"ll be in the same place I am now mentally next month and I don't want to waste any more time!! I miss my clothes and I miss feeling comfy in things that I am wearing. I'm tired of camouflaging myself.

Enough about me...taking little man to school and will be back to catch up with you lovely ladies!!

12-03-2012, 08:57 AM

Dare I start over? I hate when this happens.....:?:

SUM: Loved the clothes you bought from WHBM, new clothes are so exciting aren't they? I absolutely love them and I wish I could be a stylist for someone.....

OLEHAT: Feel better!!!

Mrstrying: congrats on seeing that scale move!!!! Keep up the good work...

Lizard: I laughed when you said Talk under water....that's me too, I am a chatterbox in the right company.

KELIJPA: I give anyone that can get on the treadmill credit...I just never could stand it, would rather be dancing...:carrot: Tried dancing on the treadmill but that is a bit dangerous...

SHEILA: its great when we get the house clean...feels so good afterwards.

SEEMYFEET: I try to get on the other forums but always forget where i was, it is a lot to keep up with. There is a binging thread that has been helpful to mei n the past.

12-03-2012, 12:43 PM
Hello, all! I feel so far behind in posting! You all are doing great. I am still trying to get a handle on my eating and TOM. This month has been really awful - terrible PMS for days, then TOM started and I barely had a flow for 3 days - figured it would be a light month, then BAM! yesterday things started full force. This whole TOM thing is messing with my eating, water weight, mood, etc. I can't seem to get a handle on it. Hopefully next month will be better. In the meantime, I am just trying to hang onto my eating and weight.

Good luck today, everyone.

12-03-2012, 01:23 PM
Wow you ladies continue to inspire me. So much wisdom and motivation in this thread.
I am sorry I do not have time to personally comment on each of your threads but want you to know that I am reading each day for inspiration.

Food was not too bad this weekend. I did not start the week with a gain, which makes me happy. No real loss but no gain so that speaks good for my weekend food.
I cannot seem to shake this cough. This is probably TMI but I have had two kids and when I really get to coughing I wet my self a little. Ugh, so gross and annoying. I am a smoker and have not tried quitting for a year or so. I cannot stand the cough and gasping for breath so I did not buy more smokes this morning on the way to work. Slapped on the patch and have nic gum. I also want to try the ecig just need to get to a place that sells them.
I have been trying for so many months to get the scale to move and am making NO progress. I have a new goal to lose 3lbs each month for 5 months. My 43 birthday is in April and if I can do this then I will be very close to goal by my birthday.
Keep repeating to myself. 3lbs a month, I can do this. I can do this. I hope I can do this.
Have a great Monday all!!!

12-03-2012, 02:47 PM
Well wouldn't ya know.....two apple turnovers for lunch. Why do I buy that junk...I can't have it in the house!!!

NE: TOM and hormones reak havoc on us trying to get to goals, don't they? Keep fighting the good fight...Good for you for trying to quit smoking, so NOT easy. YOU can lose 3 lbs a month...YOU CAN DO IT!

12-03-2012, 03:11 PM
quick hi n hugs and hope everyone survived the weekend! ive got great news... weighed in this a.m. and had a 3lb whoosh over the weekend that puts me at 200lbs and knocking on the door of ONEderland! and this is with my TOM still waiting to surprise me too! ill write more tomorrow and catch up just had to share the news before i busted at the seams lol!

12-03-2012, 03:41 PM
dangerouscurvesahead - Congratulations! You are almost in onederland! I know you will get there any day now.

12-03-2012, 03:47 PM
Joy Congrats on your whoosh!!

NEMom You can do it! I quit about 4 years ago...I went cold turkey, and I must admit, life got so much better. I was able to walk faster and smell things. One craving at a time. :hug:

Zumba There you are!!!! I am glad you like my outfit. Today I am wearing their embroidered ecru colored pants, leopard top and a jacket.... I just LOVE their stuff...makes me feel so pretty.

Guacamole I have been having a very light TOM...don't tell me this gets worse!!!

olehcat Feel better! I hope it is not the flu that is going around.

12-03-2012, 08:47 PM
yay!! onto my third week and still doing well..fruit for breaky and a coffee...walked around the block a couple of times with roxy girl and my bestie little di...did some pilates late yesterday arvo...boy did i feel it...they look sooo easy but heck they work muscles that i dont ordinarily use..i am aiming on doing the pilates exercises twice today...had a visitor yesterday and she stayed most of the day...so i did not get much done around the house..need to do it today then...tis going to be very hot...my friend
said it is going to hit about 39 degrees celsius...urgggggggggggghhhhhhhhh!!..yuck for sure!!..in between the house work i am going to do some designing...love being creative....thanks guys my doggie is beautiful i think...we found a pair of sunglasses missing their lens on a walk one day and roxy wears them when we go for a walk each morning...she looks soo adorable with them on!!..everybody comments and
smiles...she is sooo happy and loves everybody...she even puts up with nicky who hisses and spits at her.. he is my chocolate tabby point siamese...yes i take a berocca which is a multi but mainly vitamin B which dissolves in water..a vitamin D and that is about it for the vitamins! anyways guys you all have a good day!! cheers liz

mrstrying-thanks for the lovely comment about roxy...oh i have 2 kitties an old girl and a young guy!!.lol they all get along okays cept nicky the young whipper snapper annoys piper the old girl a bit and also
abusers roxy a bit!!..he forces me to put roxy outside sometimes he gets soo cranky with her...poor baby!!

sum-your shadow sounds amazing as are you for all of that walking wowee girl you are fantastic!!..yeah roxy is overweight due to my single elderly male neighbours feeding her left overs!!...sigh...mind you hubby does not help and feeds her ice blocks sometimes..i say that is not dog food stop it!!..anyhows goes in one ear and out the other..MEN!!..oh well she is going walking with me at least once a day so all is good..tis toooooooo hot here to throw the ball at the moment..she loves that!!..labs are soooo beautiful tis a pity she is soooooooo shy though..roxy is not and thinks everybody loves her..i tell her that is not always the case!!

olehcat-hey hun i am sooo sorry to hear about your cold...yes i think roxy is beautiful but then i am biased..please look after yourself and get well soon!!

zumba-yay i love leggings and long shirts...my fave things to wear...i love ts 14+ here in australia their style is me all over!!..a little pricey but i buy at sales so it is not sooo bad...google them and check it out!! you will get there hun with christmas..i still have not done anything due to a visitor
yesterday..but i plan on doing some things today!oh yah about the legging thing.. have a friend who walks with me when she can and she is a size 14 aussie and loves leggings and dresses or shirts..she loves ts 14+ too..i plan on sticking with my tops and just changing the bottoms when i get smaller!!

gauc-hey there gal i can sympathise with you over the TOM..my last was a real doozy...just think it does not last long...yeah i knows easier said than done..but hang in there....don't stress over your weight at the moment hun...just eat well and strive to feel good!!

12-03-2012, 09:26 PM
Liz, that page is great, you're very talented, she's beautiful!

MrsTryingAgain, Congrats on the weigh-iin! I keep a calendar, too. Everyday (just about, when I'm OP) I write my weight, what activity I did, how many ounces of water, and what I had for dinner, I can see by flipping through it where I was at the time by how full it is...pretty good right now! Thanks for the encouraging words, Tread's saw me last night and again this morning as I had a later start to stay for a meeting today.

Sum, he's a cocker spaniel mix, black and white, sometimes I say a wack-a-doodle...lol...he's much better at home, too...not perfect, but better, we have a couple neighbors who are kind of afraid of dogs, I think he senses it. He is good for exercising, though, got to get him out for a walk, no matter the weather!

Zumba, the Kindle is what make the treadmill work for me, if the weather cooperates (right now hunting season is keeping me out of the woods) I'll be outside, the little dog tried to get on with me once, I did some dancing that time, managed to stay on, I'm sure it was a sight...lol...

NEMom, I know what you mean about trying to answer ev1, I'm sure I'm missing lots, I tried posting some then editing, I still can't remember everything I want to say. As for your TMI, I have to say this, I would never have believed they would make such a difference, but I've been doing the Kegel exercises in the car on the way to work, it's been awhile, but I was having that issue with a cough or sneeze, or just having to make sure I didn't wait, and I have none of that now. Now that I've seen the difference I do them religiously, I don't want to go back...I think it helps pull your stomach in too. Best of luck with the quitting, in my humble opinion it's the best thing you can do for yourself.

Guac, I'm with you on the struggle with trying to keep in control of the eating this time of year, they have a program at work to log in your activity and weight on a weekly basis, you can win a little prize if you don't gain for the time period, it ends Jan. 13th, I think it's like 8 weeks or something, the weigh-in is a different day so it's actually helping a little, I can't believe I'm struggling this hard, for me I'm fighting this urge to just eat whatever I want. Today I did good, but it's work, I'm worth it, but man, it's work...just keep plugging!

DangerousCurves, congrats on the whoosh! It seemed like forever for me to get to onderland, each decade has it's own timeline it seems. Enjoy meeting that milestone when you get there! :goodvibes

Liz, I'll have to read your post after I post this, I see we posted almost at the same time! Looking forward to it!

best to all

12-04-2012, 12:32 AM
:wave:....checkin in, chickies.....

Aw cute doggies! I had lots and lots of pets growing up, but none now. Too much movin around in my adult life. Plus, DS was bitten by a neighbor's dog (on the behind) when he was a toddler and he still doesn't care for them :(. We should start walking the neighbors' dogs again--all the fun and none of the expense!

Wow keli--I'm not brave enough to do the weight loss thing at work. Must be nice to have a supportive group during the day! :)

Good OP day. Scale was up this morn :dizzy:...hopefully it's related to water retention. Got my Exorcises in. I'm up to an hour of cardio, core, & balance! Even when I skip a day, I can tell I'm getting stronger and more flexible. Yay. I'm even planning on putting my largest-size slacks in the dryer! Cannot tell if the asthma is getting better yet. Will know when the weather turns frigid cold for real.

Here's to pushing that ticker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(is it ticker? or tracker?......whatever)

Namaste, y'all

12-04-2012, 07:58 AM
Over 145 this morning!!! What the bloody Hades is going on??? I know that I havent' been eating that well but I haven't been consuming that many calories either.....this is totally insane. I am going to start logging everything I eat in fatsecret, a real pain in the bum but maybe it will FORCE me to realize what I'm eating and the shame itself will make me lose. I just can't believe that I let things get so out of control, but then again my whole life seems to be that way lately so why should my eating be any different? Sorry ladies, just needed to rant this morning. Someone needs to kick me in the behind and it might as well be me........Goal today: do my BBL workout, lots of water, my shakes.

12-04-2012, 08:08 AM
SEEMYFEET: Your workouts sound intense!! way to go...

DANGEROUS: You'll be in Onderland soon and then we need to have a party here for you!!! What a great feeling that is going to be....you're almost there girl!!!!

LIZARD: I love how you say BREAKY, I giggle every time i read that. Never heard of 14+, you have different brands than we do. Youre also taxed more or is that not still the case?

Le'ts make this a good day y'all..:p

12-04-2012, 08:34 AM
Morning :sunny:

It feels like spring here in Michigan. Unfortunately I haven't had time to enjoy it; I have been cleaning and organizing my house... it was officially listed last night. Woohoo! Looks like that we may be moving to Colorado. Hubby travels for work and it does not matter to him where we live. I am ready for a new adventure.

Scale is not coming down as fast as I would like to see, as a matter of fact it has stagnated. Like Zumba I need to see what I am eating wrong....
This week will be a challenge. I am meeting a gf for drinks and dinner; Friday we are celebrating DD's 18th bday at a steak house and Saturday I have a formal to go to...eat, eat and EAT more :( 'Tis the season.

12-04-2012, 09:25 AM
Hi, all!

Ugh, I was wretchedly sick all day yesterday (thanks for your good wishes!) and I felt silly because I went to work and then my grad level class because I had to turn in my final project for the semester, and really, I should have stayed home yesterday. I get annoyed when other people go to work and school when they are sick, so I don't know why I did it. I only consumed about 1100 calories because I just didn't feel well at all and had little appetite, but still my weight is hovering at 144.4 this morning. I don't get it! Maybe you retain water when you're sick? For some reason I always bloat up when I get sick.

I have a doctor's appointment this morning and I am really not wanting to be weighed there. I know you can refuse to be weighed, but I always chicken out. I don't want to get a nasty shock and see a number that's even higher (usually my scale IS pretty good about aligning well with doctor's scales, but you never know). Maybe I'll just close my eyes.

Sum38 - it was about 70 here, too, yesterday and I couldn't enjoy it all because I was sick and also at work and in class all day.

zumbachica - I feel your pain. I do NOT understand why I am not under 143 again right now. Why why why am I still weighing around 144? UGH!

Is anyone here a cat person? I have 1 very spoiled lynx point siamese cat (gorgeous cat, very clingy). I may be getting a second cat this weekend from a friend of my mom's who wants to get rid of him.

12-04-2012, 02:28 PM
OLEHCAT: I don't have a cat because husband was always allergice (so he claims) but I'm sure if Ihad one it would be spoiled rotten. Siamese are a beautiful breed. Don't go by the doctor's scale, they are usually wrong....you should go by the scale that you use regularly. Plus at the doctors office you usually have clothes on when they weigh you and it can be at the end of the day. I don't pay attention to the doctor's scale......hope you're feeling better and YEAH, you should stay home when you're not feeling well.....

SUM: read about your move on FB.....what an ordeal moving is! How exciting that you can move wherever you want. Why Colorado? I hope it isn't because of the new law...(puff puff...hee hee hee...just kidding)..

I plan on cleaning all day tomorrow and catching up on "work"..I need to take out some of the Christmas "junk" ( i don't call it decorations)......

ANYTHING to keep me from eating!!!

12-04-2012, 03:12 PM
Hi, all. Sorry for all those feeling under the weather. Stay strong to all of us faced with holiday party food! I myself was at a dessert buffet last night! Had a few goodies, but not as bad as it could have been. I went for a 2 mile walk this morning and I also stepped on the scale to the tune of 151 - 2 lbs lighter than my last Friday weigh-in, but it could be water weight fluctuation. I'm keeping my head out of the clouds and NOT giving myself permission to eat extra because I've "earned" it.

Have a great day today, everyone!

12-04-2012, 03:27 PM
Good Morning ladies!

It looks like we need to start the Roxy Fan Club here! What a cutie, and you are so kind to bring Roxy into your home and make it a safe place for her to live out her days. We have a Chihuahua mix that we got from the Humane Society. He had been mistreated for the first 6 years of his life at a puppy mill. When we got him we thought that, over time, he would relax and become less scarred of EVERYTHING. Sadly, that hasn't been the case. He is a perfectly normal dog around DH and I but is still terrified of strangers, sudden movements and loud noises of any kind. He also FREAKS out anytime a strange man with a hat comes near him. We theorize that he must have been mistreated by someone wearing a baseball cap. What kind of loser is cruel to Chihuahuas??

Anyhow, lost of rain out west here. Normal for this time of year. Picked up a few days of work this week so I am trying to plan my lunches today so that I can stay on plan. Wish me luck :)

Best of luck to all of you! Love being part of this community ;)

12-04-2012, 03:45 PM
Popping for just a few mins. before I have to get ready for work. I'll hope to write more & check postings when I get home tonight....
Hope all are doing well. BE HEALTHY! If you need a little kick or push, let me know. I'll get my combat boots on! ;)
H has a drs. appt. this afternoon. I really hope it goes well. I'm a little nervous, mostly cause H won't be "blunt" with the dr. Tell him what's working, what's not & other issues. I love him, but he can make me crazy....well, more crazy! :dizzy: I'm sure any of you who have a spouse or kids know what I mean.

Personal question: Who here has gone through menopause? I think I might be...I thought I was having my TOM after a month's absence (I didn't miss it) of October. I thought it was stress from H's health issues & stuff. I spotted for like 2 days...(Sat & Sun.) and nothing yesterday or today. Could it be? I'm 48, overweight (currently about 90 lbs), no kids, generally good health & working a part-time, busy (somewhat stressful) jobb. My mom/aunts/sisters went through the change at about this age. I know I need to get a complete physical...hoping to give myself that for Christmas. Any input would be awesome. I know you guys are drs, but maybe some of you have been through it & know the signs. Thanks!

Hate to post & run, but work calls...again. Have a great day everyone! Cyber hugs!!! :hug::hug::hug:

12-04-2012, 07:14 PM


hi there guys..did some pilates last night..spent most of yesterday in pain though so i have decided to do the exercises once a day for this week and then up it to twice a day next monday..been for my walkie around the bend!!...sometimes i feel like i am going round the bend...i have a good friend who walks with me when she can..she is a little overweight not much and then my hubby goes with me and roxy after dark..too darned hot to go any other time...had a nice banana smoothie for breaky...will follow that when i feel peckish with a coffee...probably some steamed vege for lunch and salad for evening meal...i cooked myself some sweet poatoe in the microwave last night...did not eat it all..think i only had one mouthful.. funnee how your taste changes over time...did not want it!!..lol..lol..lol..gotta go out later...running out of apples...need to buy some chicken thigh skinless fillets and some no sugar gum too..oh darn forgot to give my friend that wombok cabbage for her chooks..have not felt like eating the cabbage so it has
gone bad in the fridge...oh well i hate that but can't be helped..i am not going to eat anything i don't want to!!..going to be hot again today...sigh...i feat it is going to be one HOT summer here!!..enjoy the cool or cold guys!!..have a good day! Cheers liz

kelipa-thanks soo much for the lovely comment...i think roxys beautiful too!!..everyone seems to love her!! oh i agree roxy is part of my motivation to walk!..she needs as much as i do!!...this is how i do my posts- i open up a notepad and then read everything and type a response to each person then i cut and paste! Oh wow yes this is very hard...i am constantly stopping myself and thinking no you don't need that make a better choice!! oh sorry about my posts i tend to get a bit long winded!!

see-whooooooooot what good news about your exorcising (love that word i might just have to pinch it)...i only wish i could exorcise for that long!!..i have asthma too and so far so good it has not hindered me (god knows i have enough to deal with otherwise) so i can sympathise with you..i have had it all my life and it is triggered by allergies mainly!!..asthma tis another reason i need to do the pool thing!!

zumba-oh sweet that must be disheartening for sure...hang in there hun...do a bit of jiggling with the food and i am sure things will move again..you certainly are doing the right thing with the exercise bit!!...it must be frustrating..i suppose that is one reason why i am not weighing myself!!..yeah i think we do get taxed more...but not sure on that though...just soo used to it we don't even notice!! oh yeah hun i am allergic to cats too but i think over the years i have beaten it due to becoming desensitized!

sum-as with zumba this must be frustrating for you!!..all i can say is hang in there you will do it..oh and boy do i not envy you all that temptation...yeps tis the season for sure...enjoy yourself though you deserve it!!..you look amazing!!

olehcat-oooooooooh yours must be similar to my nicky...we call them tabby points here...he is a chocolate tabby point siamese...and he is very clingy too and an absolute sook..i think male cats are more sooks than females..i will post a pic of him if you like...i think having 2 kitties is the best thing cause they keep each other company (even if they blu a bit)..sorry aussie slang i mean fight a bit..lol..lol..lol good luck at the doctors appointment..i sooo hope you feel better and soon...hope all goes well!!

gauc-stay strong hun you are doing fantastic..good that you did okays with the desserts!! congrats on the loss too..good to see!

synde-i sooo am envious of your rain..wish it would rain here..i love the rain..i think i was a duck in a past life..wow chihuahuas are one of my fave dogs..i soo love them..it is good that he is fine around you guys..he must of been soo traumatised poor little bloke...give him lots of love and kisses and he
will be fine...not all doggies need to be socialised..little ones like yours is happiest at home!!..sounds like you will be fine at work!!

mrs-men yeah i hear ya...mine snores and i know he has sleep apnoea..i was just recently diagnosed and i have a cpap machine..i feel amazing after using it..wish he would see the sleep tech too!!..but no it will have to wait...sorry i cannot help you with the menopause question..but i am not looking forward to it!!..lol..lol...having no periods yes!!..the other hormonal things no!!

oh something funny hilarious just happened..i just sat on the toilet with my pants still pulled up..DUH!!

12-04-2012, 07:37 PM
Hey Liz, thanks for the laugh! lol

SeeMyFeet, the thing at work is online, so I log in my exercise, weight, etc. and it gives you points for different things, but I don't know who else might be doing it, it is helping just having another place to be accountable. I did Ww at work at my old job, it was pretty good, once you get past letting people know you're doing something they are pretty supportive.

So, I started tracking my food as well, I felt I needed to take a good look at what's going in, I have some old trackers from WW so I'm using them. I think it'll help.

It was a great day, 60+ here, I got to take my walk outside today, that was great!!

best to all :sunny:

12-04-2012, 11:53 PM
Hello Everyone!

Quick post - just went out on another date - this one was handsome and FUN! But - - he lives 90 minutes away so I don't think a real relationship is possible - we'll see - we are going out again, so I'm just going to go with the flow.

Haven't ran for two days - early morning work and late evenings...tomorrow morning 5K on the treadmill!! Then big business meetings and another business dinner.

Food today was good - banana for breakfast, crustless leftover veggie pizza for lunch then a piece of swordfish for dinner. No starchy carbs!

Hope everyone is having a great week!!

12-05-2012, 12:59 AM
Hey Guacamole and others who are being bullied by TOM--what is going on these days? something infectious in the jet stream? magnetic poles reverse? too much estrogen in the water? seems to be a tough time for everyone. Hang in there. Hot tea. Punch your pillow. Woot woot for the 2lb lost! :goodscale:

Zum--:kickbutt: I also need a kick 'cause I don't know how to tell time--I'm actually not up to an hour of exorcise yet--must've had an interruption yesterday. I'm only up to 35-40min. I'm keepin' up with the perky, skinny girls and have the routine memorized. Hoping to add weights.

Sum--wow, selling your house in winter. We've been in our house the same amt as you. I cannot imagine moving again. (although an excuse to purge would be fantastic!......the house, people)

Feel better olehat!

MrsT--not gone, unfortunately. Still going through. For a couple of years or more (I lose count). I've been praying for minipaws since my last was born! I skip a month or two or three every now and then. Last month was a first--2 in one. I had always been very regular before, so the unpredictability is annoying. Otherwise, no real problems, except I do get really really tired for a day or 2. I cannot blame my wt on it tho. I remember a time in my 20s when I worked with a lady 50ish who had a really really tough time with temperature control. She had a personal fan on constantly and drank iced bevs all yr long....I will be glad when the spigot shuts off.....I will be a little girl again!

Shiela--date!!!!! woweeeee!!! on a school night?!?!?! woo hoo!!!

Good day OP. Did my exorcises. Staying away from liquid donuts....Scale was back down again, but still 0.5# above my ticker/tracker. Not movin' it!... I stopped to get a haircut on the way home today...On a school night!...I know!.....Did not like what I saw in that big mirror. Ugh.

12-05-2012, 04:15 AM
Okay...busy, rainy day. It's really getting to be the holiday season here in my part of northern CA. We don't get snow, just rain/fog. I don't mind though, it makes it easy to sleep at night.
H had a decent appt., but the biggest problem is that the paperwork H was given to get assistance for his medical needs was the WRONG FORMS! We are livid! Gotta try & straighten this mess out tomorrow. I want to just hurt someone...I won't but I want to! I am NOT going to go through another stressful, crying situation. Nope, not going to go there!
Anywhos, the dr. changed up his meds, added a couple of others..including insulin. :( He's trying to keep his spirits up, but I totally get his frustration. We'll keep working forward & getting his health under control, I need my yang.
I ate well. Had plenty of H2O. Also went for a 40 min. walk in the rain this morning. I love nature like that.

SeeMyFeet: I know what you mean about looking in the mirror when getting a haircut. I got my cut last week. UGH! I'm hoping to get some sort of new hairstyle when I loose like 50-60 lbs or so. I'm just having a hard time finding something. I have a round face, curly hair with a cowlick on the right side of my forehead. Not fun to work with at all.

Sheila: Enjoy the dating! Sounds like fun. If you don't mind...how'd you meet? I met my hubby through a personal ad. I'll write a blog entry about if anyone wants a giggle. It's a crazy story.

kelijpa: Tracking is important. It helps you see what is working & what's not. It helps you stay accountable & I have to admit I love looking at my calendar & seeing all my colorful check marks.

liz: Love Nicky! Whatta cutie! And loves to have his ears rubbed....awwwww!!! My Agatha is cute, but she in no way would put up with another creature in HER HOME! She's a feral kitty we adopted 12 yrs ago this Christmas, but she's never really became a calm, socialized pet. Frustrates us at times, but we still love her.

syndehat: Planning is a great way to stay on track. I usuall keep all the fresh fruits/veggies then just add either tuna, turkey or I just make a big salad.

Want to read an inspiration about weight loss? Look up Breanna Bond. She's a 9 yr. old who just lost 65 lbs.! I love her story! Read it on CNN, she is my new inspiration! I think she'll inspire you too!

Well, night gang! I'll catch up with you when I can. Be healthy!!! Cyber-hugs!!!:hug::hug:

12-05-2012, 08:21 AM
I weighed in at 143.2 today. Finally some of the bloat disappeared. I am sick still so I'm just off my usual plan. While sick I have no desire to eat vegetables or anything that isn't comfort food. I don't know why that is, it's like I want to eat tons of carby, fatty foods. So it's hard to quell that desire. I hope to be feeling back to normal in a few days. Meanwhile I'm eating few enough calories that my weight is not going up at least.

So disappointed. Doctor scale said 146.something yesterday. Ugh. I guess it's not surprising. My morning weigh-in at home was 144.4 and by then I'd had some coffee and water in my stomach and was fully clothed. So it proves that my home scale is really close to my doctor scale in accuracy.

I got my new kitty yesterday!!! He's a sweet tuxedo cat who so far hates my Siamese cat, haha. They can sleep and hang out in close proximity, but if one of them approaches the other, he goes crazy and there is "blu" as lizarddau says, haha.

Sheila- a DATE?? Wow. I am recently divorced and I was married all my adult life and I just don't even have the courage to even start the dating stuff yet. How did you get into it? Do you do it online?

MrsTryingAgain - WRONG FORMS? That's awful. I would be livid too. Wow, it's someone's health on the line. :( And I've not gone through menopause, but I don't get a period anymore because of medication that I take to stop it (my periods were so horrible that they were ruining my life essentially, so I was put on non-stop pills to make it all go away!)

lizarddau - awwwww...Nikky! He is a sweetie! He has a similar look to my Siamese, but a different head shape, I think!

guac - good job with the scale going down!

kellijpa - I do find that tracking food is good for sticker shock! I use myfitnesspal right now, but I feel annoyed because there is no way to add food purely by the gram. Not all foods give you a choice of how to enter it (like with some foods you can ONLY enter it is 1 5-oz portion, for example). On caloriecount at least there was some option where you could ALWAYS just weigh things by the gram, which was perfect for my scale that I have at home and for when I'm in a hurry and don't want to do extra math....

12-05-2012, 09:59 AM
Good morning y'all, just dropping in to say hello before I start this day. I don't have to go into work today so I can finally catch up on tons of housework and maybe take out a Christmas deco or two just so things seem a bit jolly around here. I need to get organized, and maybe if I do that I can get my personal affairs in order with a clearer head.

scale is mean to me again today....145.8. yuck yuck yuck. The harder I try the more weight I gain, maybe I should just give up.....Cutting back big time today on carbs. Eggs for breakfast, my shake for lunch and not sure what I'm doing about dinner yet. Maybe salad and tuna fish for me and pasta for the kids.

Olehat mazel on the new kitty.....what a blessing. And about the dating thing, you'll know when you're ready. Some things about dating are fun, some really stink. Last week I went out with a guy that spoke and acted just like Tony Soprano, I was waiting to get shot all night. He really was playing my nerves and by the end of the night I made believe I fell asleep in the back of the limo (yes, he has a driver) just so I wouldn't have to listen to him. He also made a comment about his ex wife looking like a barbie doll....uh..yeah that makes me feel really great given I'm feeling like a cow lately. I can't make this stuff up.....

12-05-2012, 10:44 AM
Good morning to all my fabulous 40 something friends!

Ohlecat- Congrats on the scale going down! Don't worry about the what the scale in the doctor's office says, use yours because it is the one you normally weigh on.

Shelia - Congrats on having a fun date. Try not to stress about where it will go and enjoy the time you spend together. 90 miles is not that much in the grand scheme of things. You have a busy life the way it is so having someone special you only get to see on weekends or special occasions might be best for your lifestyle.
MrsTrying- I am so sorry that you are having such a rough time getting help for your husband. This has got to be so frustrating for both of you. Please hang in there! It will work out!!!
Liz- I love your fur babies. I have a house full too and could not imagine life without them. However, there are days I wish we had fewer of them.
Zumba - Hang in there. The scale will move. Have faith my dear. Sorry your date did not turn out well. Don't give up and try to have some fun in the process.

My scale was a little lower today. I generally lose weight in cycles. I will hold steady or go up a few pounds and then right around ovulation time, I will drop a few pounds and this will be my total loss for the month. I guess I am start ovulation about now. However, my cycle and hormones are so out of whack it is hard to tell.
I went out and purchased an e-cig to use. Today is my third day with it. I still have a cough but the raspy feeling I have had is gone. The e-cig has definitely had a bit of a learning curve, I even had to go back to the store I bought it from last night because I was just not getting the hang of it. After my tutorial the rest of the night was better and so is this morning. I really do like it and have high hopes this may be the thing I need to finally kick the cig habit to the curb.
Have a great Wed. all!!!

12-05-2012, 02:11 PM
NEMOM: how exactly does that e-cig work? Just curious.....Glad you're feeling better. No worries about my date, I take it all with a sense of humor.....

12-05-2012, 02:39 PM
Zumba - There are a couple different types of e-cigs out there but they all basically work on the same way. There is a battery and when you puff on the end of the e-cig it heats up a part called an atomizer. This atomizer heats up the liquid which causes the vapor you inhale. The one I have uses liquid drops which are flavored and have nicotine in them. There is a store in town which mixes the flavored drops so I can gradually decrease the amount of nicotine used.
Did that make any sense????

12-05-2012, 03:49 PM
yes, that makes plenty of sense..thank you..so does it smell like a cigarette....

12-05-2012, 04:18 PM
Nope, it does not smell like a regular cigarette. The vapor that you exhale has a faint smell of whatever flavor you are using, I started with peppermint flavor, but it dissipates quickly.

12-05-2012, 07:42 PM
urghhhhhhhh in pain this morning and last night...i needs a new back and can't find one on ebay..lol..lol i know it is the pilates so i had a hot hot shower first thing this morning so that i felt good enough to go for my walkie..could only do the block twice...so frustrating but persisting...on plan still despite enormous cravings and hunger...wow this is hard!!..i think my appetite is shrinking cause i am not eating all of my meal...

sheila-oh how exciting a date!!..i hope you two have another one!!..he sounds like fun!

see-yeah i knows what you mean about those mirrors..i would wiggle and squirm in the hair dressing chair completely ashamed of my triple chin...i would try sticking my chin out..did not help much..lol..lol.lol

mrs-oooooh i love the rain too hun!!..miss it horribly here!!..nothing nicer than doing your hydro exercises in a shower of rain!!..no lightning though..water and electricity don't mix!!..rofl..i have a cowlick there too and i always part my hair on that side it will not go anywhere else..hmm your hair
sounds lovely..i would suggest a nice shoulder length bob...my hair at the moment is short and spiked on the right side and longish and bobed on the left..about 5 cms past my ear...it is a purply blue colour at the moment but that can change week from week...lol...lol..lol..i love experimenting with colour!!oh my hubby and i met through a blind date about 11 years ago and we have not been apart since!! yeah well nicky gives my piper a hard time and abuses roxy but mainly we are a happy home!! and i sooo love him...he
is such a sook and loves a cuddle and lots of kisses!! oh i am discovering turkey bit by bit..here in aussie land it is not such a big thing to eat..but i love that it is soooooo low in fat..i was tempted to buy some turkey burgers yesterday but thought i would leave it for another day..bought some chicken
thighs instead! oh and i wish you the best of luck with your hubbies paper work..you are one strong amazing lady for sure!!

olehcat-ooooooooh i hope you feel better soon hun and a new kitty how exciting...my two get along okays just takes time...and tuxedo kitties are soo handsome..you must post a pic...i would love to see him.. oh your siamese is jealous and that is only natural..when the tux gets bigger things will sort themselves out!! oh yeah siamese have different head shapes..there is the rounder ones and then the pointier ones.. my oriental girl was soo pointy with huge ears as a kitten that my niece called her a gremlin!!..lol..lol

zum-oh wow don't get sooo down on yourself hun...you are doing amazing...just stuck in a temporary rutt.. this will change...i think cutting the carbs will help...do ya feel okay though??..healthy and strong..that is what matters...i try to focus on that rather than the loss!!..i am pretty sure you look amazing too despite the extra weight...and wow on the date...a limo??..wow!! and i don't know who tony soprano is but i am thinking an italian godfather type of guy??..keep going gal you are an amazing woman!!

nemom-oh i love them all to bits..and they are my company during the long hours when hubby is at work and i am at home by myself!!..you are never alone when you have kitties!! and of course roxy is my walking buddy
and she also keeps me company when i clean the kitchen as well!!..but suspect it is because there might be a treat or something i dropped on the floor..she is very good at hoovering!!oh i soo wish you the best of luck with the ecig! sounds promising! and i think it sounds like you are getting some kind of aromatherapy with the e cig too..sounds fantastic!

have a good day everyone!! wishing everybody a loss and a happy and healthy day! cheers liz

12-05-2012, 09:48 PM
Greetings all, finally got decorations on the tree, the poor thing was sitting there waiting for over a week.

Was in a bit of a funk today, not sure why, but just rolled with it, kept off the snacks, so that was good.

just wanted to check in quick, loved reading everyone's posts.
best to all

12-06-2012, 08:29 AM
I am slipping...keep eating like a pig and scale shows it 156 this am :mad: I NEED to get this eating under control.... No more excuses for me.

Kel We have not gotten our tree yet. Hopefully weather is good enough this weekend when hubbs is home. -- I hope you are feeling perkier today :hug:

Liz I hope you back feels better!

NEMom I am so rooting for you!! You can go smoke free!! :hug:

Zumba How did you do yesterday? I LOL:ed on your date... That was funny. I bet his ego was bruised when his date fell asleep..LOL, LOL!!!

olehcat I hope you are feeling better today!

MrsT UGH...wrong forms. I hate filling forms and to get wrong ones. That just ain't right!!!

SeeMyFeet Woot on the 0.5#'s!! I HATE those mirrors at hair dressers...But a new haircut always feels so good!

Sheila22 Finally a nice date!!! :yay: and if it is meant to be, 90 miles won't be that big of a deal...my hubby lives 500 miles away :)

To everyone else :wave:

12-06-2012, 08:38 AM
This is just a drive-by post because I hAVE to get up and take a shower and get ready for work like right now, haha, but I am really enjoying your comments and support, ladies!

Today I weighed in at 141.4!!! I think it has to be a glitch because I was a little dehydrated last night (all this cold medication) and my appetite has been so off, but it's SO nice to see that lower number. I haven't seen that number since May! So it might go up again tomorrow, but today I'm going to enjoy it! :)

12-06-2012, 10:41 AM
Good morning all!!!
Quick check in to let ya all know that my eating has been OP ALL week so far. Three whole days I know but its still three days and working on four today. I have also exercised for four days this week. Feeling good. Of course, that can change with one bad decision but trying to stay positive. Scale is not going down but its not going up either.
Day four of using the e-cig. In all my thousands and thousands of times trying to quit smoking, this is by far the easiest. Of course, I say that with caution because a) I have tried so many times and failed and b) because it is only day four.

Have a great one ladies!!!

12-06-2012, 12:27 PM
NEMOM: Good for you for keeping this up...i give you so much credit..they say stopping nicotine addiction is as hard as stopping heroine....that e cig is such a great invention...keep up the good work.. not to be morbid but I saw a friend die from lung cancer and it was horrendous...and it was all because of frigin cigarettes..so senseless and so sad! :(

OLEHAT: Yay, a drop...who cares about the reason just let this be what you need to keep on going!!!!:carrot:

SUM: I dont' think he was that insulted because he asked me out again....can't blame a guy for trying. He's actually a really nice man and a total gentleman, I just am so not attracted....cupid was definitely NOT shooting his arrow that night....

KELIJPA: I'm sure your tree feels so much better now...LOL

LIZARD: Thanks for the pep talk...I think i"m just taking this badly for a couple of reasons...for one so much in my life is out of control right now, I want to be able to control something. This is a high weight for me, I have a small frame and it just doesn't look attractive....I hate how none of my clothes fit, I am living in stretch pants....not fun...Yeah, re: the date...a limo..didn't really phase me, I only date successful men....not on purpose that is just how it turns out. Definitely a character out of Sopranos...the accent was starting to really annoy me. Some accents just aren't that nice....any hot Aussies you want to send over here for me feel free! :D

12-06-2012, 12:33 PM
I all..I had a tiny one lb. loss from yesterday, I am glad though because if the scale went up anymore i was just going to give up. Going back to the low carb thing.....it is the only thing that works for me..but not being as extreme as I was on Atkins. I love Atkins, it has worked for me in the past...but I work out a lot and need my carbs..the induction phase leaves me potassium deficient....not fun. Better jump into the shower....today is a "me" day (no kids) so I'm going to therapy (if only they can shrink my arse like they do my head) and nail appointment. May hit up the gym tonight to lift some weights and run on the dreadmill.....yes, I dread it, its the dread mill. I'm so tired of walking around with all this extra junk...I don't feel healthy and peppy and bursting with love...LOL......have a good day y'all (or in Lizards' case, night)

12-06-2012, 02:33 PM
Hello, everyone! Nice to see everyone hanging in there, holding themselves accountable, and trying new techniques to improve. I'm feeling pretty sluggish. Cooked today instead of walking - my son is having a few friends over for the weekend. Of course, I sampled and tasted everything I made! Ugh! Luckily lots of roasted veggies were prepared. Unluckily, so were chocolate chip cookies. :(

Have a great on plan day, everyone!

12-06-2012, 02:45 PM
ooooooohhhhh Ladies.....I am sad and worried. I have tried so hard to stay perky and optimistic, but I realize my weight loss is stalling and I'm getting bummed. And I've been at this less than one month!!!! I don't want to fall off the wagon. As fat as I am, I feel like I should be melting this off faster--I've lost more in the early days in years past. To make things worse, I have a big event in summer that's motivating me, and I'm afraid I won't lose enough to make a difference by then.

......I don't know ladies......I really don't want a pity party.....I guess I just need a big kick in the pants.........I HAVE to lose this, and I refuse to accept this slow pace of wt loss. I have a LOT to lose and I have GOT to get it off NOW!!

(tryin' to get mad about it--thanks for letting me rant)

ok......I got it.....I'm visualizing my fat cells as bedbugs. Hard work and drastic measures are required to eliminate them--but it must be done! Those gross things have got to get off my body. Gross Yuck Bleh Ewwww Nasty

12-06-2012, 03:18 PM
:df:Morning to all the lovely ladies of the board! :df:
Well, have an appt. to go in & get the RIGHT paperwork for H's health assistance. It's going to be hard to keep emotions in check, but we're going to try. We know that we'll get more accomplished taking the calm approach, but it's really a screwy situation. Also getting furious won't help H's heart.
Yesterday was a good, healthy day. Walked. Plenty H2O. I also had a nearly 100% veggie/fruit day.

NEMom: I really hope that you are able to kick the smoking habit. My dad smoked for about 20 yrs. & I know it was really hard for him to quit, but his health REALLY APPRECIATED it. I know yours will too! Also I lost my MIL to lung cancer...she unfortunately was never able to quit. YOU CAN DO IT! YOU CAN DO IT! YOU CAN DO IT!:cheer2::cheer3:

olehcat: Enjoy an little frop on the scale. Also get feeling better soon! I know there's a lot of icky things going around right now. Isn't nice to see something you haven't seen in months? I'd be sooo rockin' with it! :woohoo:

Zumba: Enjoy your ME day! LOL! Shrink your bum like your brain. That's a giggle. Imagine how much more $$$ shrinks would make if they could do that!!! Anywhos, be really good to you, K? :hug: :hug:

SUM: Okay, no more excuses! :drill: I need to keep doing that same thing. I won't accept yours if YOU don't accept mine! Deal? :chin:

kelijpa: Good job getting the tree done. Hope you're able to get out of the funk. I know those aren't always the most fun things. I applaude you for not reaching for the snacks to get through it. That's awsome!! :bravo:

liz: Thanks for the encouragement! We need it that for sure, but I know we'll make it. I may be a strong lady, but it's only because I've had a lot of strong ladies in my life: my mom, my maternal grandma, and my MIL. They all taught me sooo much, I just wish I had a little more grace/patience like my mom. Mom is strong but she is a tempered strong...she knows when to "hold her tongue" and I swear she can get her point across without EVER raising her voice. She's amazing. I've written about her in my blog. My grandma & MIL are both gone....I"ll so miss my mom when her time comes. May that not be for years & years to come. Keep up the good healthy work!

My Agatha Noel, in one of her usualy positions. Mom! Don't wake me up!!

12-06-2012, 04:24 PM
Hello Everyone!

Well - big business meetings are OVER! :carrot: Now I'm home wrapping Xmas presents - I love on-line shopping. ;)

Trying to determine whether or not I want to run, and think I'm going to just rest and relax. I'm going to run tomorrow morning, and then we fly to NYC tomorrow night - I will ice skate (more exercise) also run at the hotel Saturday morning but then do A LOT of walking throughout the day - then I'll run again when we come home Sunday (okay, I'm rationalizing, but it sounds good doesn't it? ;) )

I just rarely get "just ME" time....and this afternoon I'm at home, it's nice and quiet....aaaaaahhhhhh....LOL

Hope everyone is having a good day!

12-06-2012, 05:52 PM
:cheer2::cheer2:Just want to pop in quick to let SUM know you are doing GREAT!!! You have lost 11 pounds in one month, that is awesome!!! Do not let the negative self talk defeat you. I know it is hard not to get frustrated when we do not lose what we feel is fast enough but stay the course. YOU ARE DOING AN AMAZING JOB!!!!!

12-06-2012, 07:34 PM
gosh i am sick and tired of back pain!!..i began to feel off yesterday afternoon...i think it was hormonal but not sure...not due for TOM till the end of the month or there abouts..felt very depressed.....even not sure if it was that??...felt off...teary and just not right..did not go for a walk...did not do
pilates..hubby was very reassuring and absolutely lovely..tis not like me to feel this way...ate on plan for dinner and all day until before bed when al brought me an ice cream...chocolate covered with vanilla middle....so i had half of it and gave the rest to him...you know i did enjoy it but was not esctatic about it..a bit disappointing oh well perhaps my body is going in the right direction...back on plan this morning despite everything..still in pain but it is subsiding...went for a walk this morning...going to try and do pilates this morning and evening today....time to step it up a bit...will be doing hydro on monday.. i guess i just had a bit of a bad end to the day...determined not to repeat it today...going to go out later and get some chia seeds and make a pudding for a snack...i am going to add low fat milk..some vanilla protein powder and a no sugar strawberry drink mix...i figure this way i am getting a boost to my fibre intake seeing as though i am eating very little in the way of whole grains...grrrr back uncomfortable now...sitting here tooo long bummer!!..better get up and do some house work..then i will come and sit down again..lol..lol..lol..i am a bit of a jack rabbit up and down up and down!!...oh i am going to ring centrelink soon and see about the disability pension...we are struggling financially at the moment because hubbys work is very inconsistent in hours at the moment..i am hoping this is only temporary though!! fingers crossed!! wishing everyone a wonderful day of healthy eating and good exercise!!

kelijpa-yeah i am too in a kind of funk...still feeling off..hope that we both feel better soon!!

sum-oh sweet!!..eat healthy you will feel better i am sure!!

olehcat-applaud applaud..congrats on the loss!! whoooooot whoooooot!!

nemom-oh wow 4 days that is amazing..just think if you have made it through 4 days without smoking you can do 8 and so on!!..i know you can!!..keep up the good work!!..let us know how you are doing! focus
on the feeling good hun!!

zumba-hey thats better...i had to laugh about the hot aussies thing...there are tons over here!!..lol lol...oh and hey we are always our own worst critic i understand!!...but i am sure you can and will make it!! oh hey a loss!! whoooooooooooooooot whoooooooooot!! you go girl..yeps i second on the low carb thing.. i think carbs are poisonous to me!! oh wow do you have gel nails or real ones?..thinking of getting mine done they look so awesome on!!

guac-hey yeah hun i hear ya..i had half an icecream last night..it wasn't as good as i had hoped which makes saying no next time much easier..boy could i do with a whole bag of microwave popcorn though..triple butter flavour would be awesome!!

see-yeah i knows how you feel..i am feeling depressed at the moment but i am not sure why??..oh i soo love your sense of humour!!..bed bugs how hilarious...mind the itchig though sweetheart!!...mind you all the dancing around and itching will burn calories??..will it not??....and we have to be patient!! stop watching the scales soo much and take some quiet time out to think about how fantastic you are feeling and about how proud you are of yourself for losing at all let alone working hard on it!!!

mrs-wishing you good luck with the paper work..i am going to try my hand at getting some financial assistance from the government...trying is the right word here...oh well they can only say no!oh wow your kitty is adorable..i soo love her stripes and white tummy..gorgeous!! thanks for the photo!!

sheila-good to see you are having me time hun!!..spoil yourself too!! this exercise sounds fantastic! have fun on your break away!!

Wishing everyone a healthy active day!!...Cheers liz

12-06-2012, 08:56 PM
Good evening!

Zumbachica – Thank you so much. New kitty is settling in, slowly but surely! Less growling, sometimes sitting in near proximity to other cat. Holy crap, dates like you describe make me want to never even venture out into the world of dating, lol! And I hear you about having a small frame and the extra weight. Ugh, I absolutely HATE being in the 140s at my wee height and small frame! My wrist size is under 6 inches, I have petite features, child-sized hands, so the extra weight is really out of place on me! I think I’m going to love being at goal weight.

NEmom – yeah, I always cringe and dread going to the doctor. I would like for once for the DOCTOR scale to read under 140. I think that hasn’t happened to me in YEARS. During the last few years I’ve mostly been hovering between 137-139, but that means that by the time I go to the doctor fully clothed, I am already 140 at least, lol. I remember a few years ago, I lost down to 134, but then I got sick and I went off my plan and ate a lot of carby comfort food and sodium high soup and I shot up to 139 on my home scale. So even though just a week earlier I had been 134, doc scale said 140. I can’t win, lol! Good luck with your cig habit getting kicked!

Lizarddau – I’m sorry you’re in pain!!! :( And I will certainly post a pic of my kitties as soon as I can figure out how to post pics on this site. I may not have been a member long enough, not sure! I’m still waiting for my ticker! :)

Kelijpa – hope you’re feeling better by now!

Sum38 – do you have a long distance marriage? Before the divorce, my ex and I lived in separate countries for 4 years but saw each other during the summers.

MrsTryingAgain – thank you! I am rocking it today. I actually wore a pair of size 8 jeans that I had put aside since this summer since putting on the extra 8 pounds or so! You are going into a very frustrating situation with a good and calm attitude and I think that will only help you. How frustrating, though!

Sheila – sometimes you just need time to yourself to relax. I 100 percent agree with that!

12-06-2012, 10:09 PM
Still more paperwork & hoops to jump through! It'll probably be at least another week to 10 days before we'll get it figured out..if then. I'm soooo over it! Ended up having a ugly crying jag over it. Could truely be menopause kicking in. I'm having flashes, mood swings & just feel kinda "outta sorts". Hormonal changes? If so, it's gonna happen to all us females...can't fight it.
Anywhos, I took a walk after we got home. I needed to work my frustrations out. I forgot just how good walking hard was for that. Turn on some nice hard-hitting metal & go! Better now... :D

olehcat: Size 8! I'd love to be in 18s! I'm a "big gal". When I at my slimmest I wear at least a 16. Enjoy, enjoy...remember loosing weight is like getting a new wardrobe! ;)

liz: We alll go through times like this. I soooo understand. :hug::hug: Be patient with yourself & your health. You can do this, I know you can! Don't make me come to Australia (I'd love to see your country) & give you a kick! :kickbutt: I will if I have to, but I really dislike flying! Funny you had ice cream today...I've been craving something like that. Maybe just maybe I'll get a very small frozen yogurt tonight/tomorrow. No toppings though. Good job on not devouring the whole thing...I probably would! I have a HUGE sweet tooth! Thanks Grandpa Jim!!! (I inheirited my maternal grandpa's sweet tooth--ice cream was one of his all time favorites!)

Sheila: You're so right about online shopping! The last time I had to shop for Christmas...that's how I did it. I just had the gifts forwarded to my family's ranch, wrapped them when I got there & just love it! Remember when you tell us you're going to do such & such...you are making it a promise! We're gonna hold ya to it! :lol:

SeeMyFeet: :hug::hug: Don't you dare give up! I know that it's hard. But YOU ARE making progress. Think about it sweetie! How do you feel as compared to before you started? Look at even the little things. Are you sleeping better? Do you feel like your clothes are a little looser? Course I guess you'd give us exercise giving you a kick in the butt! :lol: So if you really want one, come on! I've got my combat boots laced up & ready to go! :kickbutt:

Well, I guess I better get dinner ready. H is hungry, Agatha is hungry. Me? I'm just wanting a shower & bed. And it's only 6 PM here in no. CA. Go figure! Crazy for a night owl like me! I'm just really...:tired::tired: Catch up tomorrow.


12-07-2012, 04:40 AM
pleased to say that i am feeling sooo much better within myself..no crying or depressiveness today..feeling pretty good..still in pain but that comes and goes...hope everyone else is okays!!..thanks soo much everyone for your well wishes..this group is fantastic!!

olehcat-you must be able to post a pic hun..i could...oh heck i can kinda understand you i think i am about your height....lost a couple of centimetres due to the osteo arthritis and shermans but still over 5 foot.. just!!..lol...lol..lol..i wish i was taller then the fat would be better distributed rather than a round shape..a butter ball am i..like i always say i am not fat i am fluffy..but mind you i am fat!!..and boy if i had a dollar for the amount of times a doctor or another person has stated that fact i would be a millionaire!!

here is how i post pics..i go to photobucket and upload my pic to my account then i grab the relevant url..usually the image one and cut and paste into my post!! and wallah there you go!!

mrs-oh bummer about the hormones..i had a friend who would say she was having a tropical holiday when she had hot flushes oh funnee flashes..lol..lol..lol..sounds like me on pms...mood swings etc..my fave band
of all times is Def Leppard and they are good to listen too when i am pissed off..well i enjoy them anytime really!! oh hun if you get the chance you must visit..thanks soo much for the support means a lot to me.. tis hot here and hubby has heaps of different ice blocks in the fridge..cream ones and ice ones..i am not tempted cause i love savoury stuff more..lol..give me a bag of chips or a dip and bikkies anytime or even a bag of microwave popcorn with that buttery stuff!!go have a good night sleep sweetheart you deserve it!
oh i haven't pursued the government assistance yet but it will be interesting to find out if i can get it or not!! i will keep you posted!

now i had better go start dinner for hubby and i...he is having meat balls grilled on the georgey and i am having chicken thighs grilled on the georgey with salad i think...easy that is...gotta have cooked vege tomorrow though!! oh the chia dessert turned out cool..it is a nice purple colour due to the
mixed berries i put in it..here is the recipe if anyone is interested!!

1 cup of frozen mixed berries or whatever fruit you want!!
(you don't have to use fruit)
1 teaspoon of vanilla or just add what you want?
1 tablespoon of vanilla shake powder
1 cup of chia seed
2 cups of low fat milk
some sort of sweetner if you want to have it sweeter!!

i put all of this in a blender and blended it up and then poured into a plastic bowl..it will set into a jelly like consistency and be like eating a pudding..refrigerate when set!!

mind you though i found the chia seeds to be rather expensive to buy!!!

goodnight guys see you in the morning!! cheers liz

12-07-2012, 07:39 AM
best to all, have to go to work...

SeeMyFeet, you need to applaud yourself for getting started, sometimes you have to just work on keeping off what you got off, that's a success. I like your bedbug analogy! You're doing great, don't quit!!

NEMom, congrats on staying OP while giving up the cigs, that's awesome.

To all, leaving funkytown, looking over my shoulder, it's going to be a little tight moneywise over xmas, but the spring brings some ease, so looking forward to that.

Guac, I might be making some xmas cookies with my mom next weekend, so that will def. be a challenge.

well, I REEALLY have to get going now. talk to you later!

12-07-2012, 09:48 AM
Hi all, had a little swoosh this morning.....I was out for most of the day yesterday and skipped lunch...did not have any carbs except for salad and veggies.....feeling like i'm on the road albeit a long one. I teach zumba this morning and i'm hoping to find time today to do a Yoga DVD and stretch out these muscles. I feel achey.Am a bit melancholy about the holidays, hoping to bake some cookies this weekend and do some Christmas shopping/wrap just to feel a bit more in the "merriment".

LIZARD: that chia dessert sounds good...thanks for sharing!

MRSTRYING: can understand how paperwork and jumping through red tape hoops can make you nutsy...I know it does me. Hang in there!

OLEHCAT: You totally get the small frame thing. Even though I'm not a short girl I have teeny wrists , fingers, etc. Fat doesn't settle evenly on me......I look deformed when i get to a certain weight. and don't worry about the world of dating...take it in stride. It is nothing to be afraid of if you have your wits about you.

SUM: You are kicking butt , out of all of us you are probably the most successful...so you have a minor setback, its all part of the game. I met a woman that lost 100 lbs and she told me that she had to start over many many times. So......no more negative talk from you , eh? Today is a new day and you will get to where you need to be.....

12-07-2012, 10:34 AM
Happy Friday All!!!

Liz - I am so sorry about your back pain. Being in constant pain is really stressful. Good for you for working through it.

Zumba - I am sorry you are having such a rough holiday season. Be sure to be nice to yourself, if that includes a bottle of wine and a crying jag, go for it.

MrsTrying - Gosh, I am so sorry that trying to get help for your DH is so stressful. It sounds like you are getting the royal run around. I really hope there is light at the end of the tunnel for you both. I was so happy to hear that you went for a long walk to help work off some of your frustration. Amazing what a little physical activity can do for you.

Did not have a good food day yesterday. We went out to a buffet last night. Started with a salad, had the best of intentions not to stuff myself until I tried the yeast dinner rolls and a piece of carrot cake. Lost all control at that point. Luckily, scale is not up this morning. Its not down either but after last night I will take it staying the same.
I am planning on a good food weekend. Have to work my PT job tonight and Sat. night, and will be busy cleaning house and putting up tree the rest of the time.
Have a GREAT weekend all!!

12-07-2012, 02:33 PM

My baby girl is 18 today. I love her so much! :love:

12-07-2012, 10:13 PM
SUM....happy bday to your baby girl!

12-07-2012, 10:14 PM
Hey NEmom--Wow trying to quit cigs and lose wt at the same time! Power to ya! I'm prolly not one who should advise, but maybe you should consider a new hobby for your hands--knitting, crocheting, needlepoint? hear that helps.

Zum--trying so hard to feel bad for you about your date, but cannot stop laughing! Keep us supplied with stories, will ya? Yea, living vicariously here.

I'm with MrsT--cannot relate to Zum and olehat and liz on the tiny bones thing. Brought up an old memory RE a chatty (in an irritating way) colleague from China:
As he watches me type at the computer:
--"Wow! You have big hands for a girl!"
--"All the better to strangle you with, my dear!"
(he never got the hint) Big boned for an American girl....must've been a shock for him.

Lizz--I'm worried about your back. Tried yoga?..........I've heard people call it "My Own Personal Caribbean Vacation"

keli--the bedbug visual didn't take root in my brain. Too yucky, I spose......Still on the wagon......Scale still stalled.......Really want to move that ticker down.

Sum---Awwww!!!! I wish I had a time machine so I could go back and visit the younger versions of my boys..... I miss them all..... almost like a death in the family.

Hey Lizzz--thanks for the Def Leopard mention......Was wondering what music helped perk everyone up.....and what a coinkidink!....DH and I caught Def Leopard on Letterman this week........So my ears had to get me some DL--love that amazing guitar and percussion......although........I have to say, DL makes me feel kinda......illegal!........I like lots of music genres....My mood picked up significantly this week on accounta my boys' choral concerts. I feel like such a fat old fool cryin' at their concerts.....but I tell ya......seein my boys up on those risers belting out Vivaldi's Gloria amidst ALL THAT AMAZING TALENT......the orchestra.....the beautiful, gorgeous music. Whew! pure Beauty and pure Love. Made me bawl like a baby.......These days, I'm havina OK Go fetish. They have some weird/funny phrases in their lyrics "badheartedboytrapbabydoll" and some break-up songs that crack me up--you ladies going through a divorce might like them. "Don't ask me." (I wanna look like that girl dancing in the video) and (my theme song) "Invincible": "When they finally come to destroy the earth, they'll have to deal with YOU first" .....haha that's me, baby.......Invincible!.......My brothers used to call me SIS-TOR (imagine lightning bolts)........And I tell ya, if I were years younger, I'd give that lead singer Damian Kulash a good run around the playground!......ahem........sorry......didn't mean to go all cougar on ya.

Speakin-o-which. I'm gonna start referring to hubby as TH instead of DH.....He's my Trophy Husband......gotta run!

12-08-2012, 01:06 AM
2 days of running around & jumping through hoops. Now we just have to wait for an answer. It's crazy because that wanted a list of ALL medications H was given at the hospital & what he is currently on. For it, they left 2 small lines. RIIIIIIIIGHT! Sure, 10 meds are going to fit on that (that's why he is currently on) and 13 meds. when he was hospitalized. Get real! :dizzy:
When I think about having to into a government office, I find myself getting a knot on the right side of my neck that runs from my ear to my shoulder. :mad: It lasts for like 3 hrs. AFTER I leave there. Does anyone else have localized stress muscle knots or pain? This one was a first for me...only showed up once we started trying to get H assistance for his medical care.
I did pretty healthy today. Walked, ate pretty well (maybe a little over) & drank my H2O. Sleepy though. I think it's because of having 2 busy, stressful days. I have to work tomorrow, so I'll probably crawl in bed early.

SeeMyFeet: I love Def Leppard! I have all their cds! Outside of that, I love metal, metal...& yeah, metal! Fact is for my 40th bd, I went to a Seether concert. But I also like classic rock, even classical music (Beethoven, Bach, Chopin). Not a fan of pop nor country (sorry if I offend). If you want to get me to move...CRANK UP THE METAL!! Yup, I'm a headbanger....:lol:
Love what you said about big hands! I do! My ring size when I married was 10.5, just 1.5 smaller than H! Smallest waist I have had as an adult...33".

NEMom: Hope all is going well with your effort to kick the habit. :cheer::cheer:YOU CAN DO IT!!:cheer3::cheer3: Forget about the buffet. It's done, it's over with, forgive yourself, don't forget that it might be a trigger for you. I have decided that buffets are a no-no for me...til I'm probably half way to my goal. But I'll have to see.

kellijpa: I hate when $$ is such a headache. I know you want to be able give your kids a great Christmas. I wish I knew the answer...I'm sorry. :hug: May funkytown be nothing more than a distant memory.

liz: Glad you're feeling better. Yup, gotta love the mood swings! I wish they'd count as exercise though! If they would, I probably wouldn't have a weight issue! :lol3: Oh, I've cranked up some Def Leppard from time to time...along with several other hard-hitting bands. If anyone were to get ahold of my MP3 & didn't know me...they'd be shocked. Outside of my ears being pierced multiple times, nothing shows me as a metal head...my tats are where my clothes cover them. Dragons, scorpions & a black rose really paint the real me. I also have a tat memorializing Dad. I'll get one for Mom when her time comes, too. But DO NOT tell her! She hates tattoos. :o

Gotta scoot. H needs a haircut. Catch up with everyone later! Cyber-hugs!!! :hug::hug:

12-08-2012, 06:04 AM
I survived DD's birthday dinner!! I had a filet and a sinful baked potato, BUT I had no wine, no cake and no bread; last two items because I can not have them anyways :) I did have a spoonful of icecream, just a bite.

Tonight I'll have a Finnish independence celebration and I know it will be oozing with yummy dishes from my childhood...Life is filled with temptations.

Nice thing; since I have lost a few pounds, I have this really pretty dress I have been dying to wear and it fits!!

12-08-2012, 06:28 AM
Mrs T Your life is so stressful! :hug: Remember to take care of yourself as well... sometimes us women forget all about ourselves and our own well being!

SeeMyFeet TH!! That is fantastic! And sweet!! :love: I refer mine as :drill: because he kicks my butt and challenges me with new work outs, lunges etc...

NeMom I cheering you on!! I know how hard quitting is...but it is one craving at a time! Just babysteps...even if it is one ciggy less each day.

Zumbachica :woohoo: And hopefully scale went down a bit more this am as well!!

kel I have been baking cookies and it is a challenge :eek: But having that time with your mom is priceless. -- I miss mine, it is hard when she lives 5000 miles away.

olehcat Yup..my hubby works out of different state, but he comes home every weekend. -- Michigan, where I live, is so dead that in order to keep our family afloat, he took a job where he travels. He is amazing! -- We did not want to uproot the kids with a move...plus he travels from client to client, he never knows which city/state/country he is next. -- It has made us very close...it could have gone either way; strong together or grow apart.

liz :cheers: to your fab day!

To anyone I missed :wave:

Sending :dust: to all!! :grouphug:

12-08-2012, 01:14 PM
SUM...how did u pass on cake? I don't think I'd ever be able to do that...not unless the cake was made of vegetables!

Mrstrying...I'm ready for a tattoo....something small and somewhere no one can see it for sure....

Wel I had my binge last night.......so ashamed. I was bored and anxious..had ice cream , chocolate malt balls and bread.......ent to bed feeling guilty and depressed. Have to make up for it today....hitting the gym and eating healthier...may just have shakes today.....

Kind of icky out today.....am going to take out some Christmas stuff and bring flowers to a friend....she had to put her cat down today......she had him for 17 and a half years.....thats like being 90 years old!

Onward and upward.......going to manhattan tomorrow....so excited! Love the city but something about it during the holidays makes it magical....I'm a born and raised city girl and need to get out of the burbs every so often....hoping all the walking will burn calories.....:dizzy:

12-08-2012, 04:52 PM
I am soo jealous Zumba. I love NYC. My work used to take me there 2 times per year, but it has been nearly 18 months since my last visit. HAVE FUUUN!!

12-08-2012, 08:45 PM
I had two weigh-ins at 141.4 this week, and then today it was up a bit to 142.8, but that’s because yesterday I ate a bit more than usual, and I went out to a restaurant and had fries and two glasses of wine!

Okay, ladies, an insecurity glitch! I have a friend who MAY come visit me next weekend. I was really hoping that I wouldn't see this friend until after I lost the weight. She was VERY successful in losing about 15 pounds recently, and she was already at about my goal weight. She's only 5' and WAS about 112 pounds. Now she's about 99. I have to admit to feeling a little self-conscious. I don't want to feel like a huge person around her when in the past-past, we were not so far apart in size (just me being about 2 1/2 inches taller with equivalent weight added). Now I'm going to feel chunky and BIG next to tiny her. Do you guys ever feel that weird comparison self-consciousness thing around smaller friends? I know it's silly and I'm going to very much TRY to put it out of my mind if she ends up coming to visit!

MrsTryingAgain – I’m sorry your paperwork continues to be frustrating. –shakes head- And you will get there with the weight, day by day! I’m a natural tiny gal, but I’ve let the weight pile on so I can’t wait to see my tiny self again at some point, haha.

Lizard – doctors tell you you’re fat? Ugh, that doesn’t sound very encouraging at all! Ironically, even though I AM overweight for my height, I’ve never had a doctor tell me I was overweight or needed to lose weight. It’s weird. Maybe I’m not alarmingly overweight to them? I have no idea. I’m so glad that you feel better though! Thank you for the instructions on uploading pictures! I need to attempt that at some point. I’ve just not always had good luck uploading pictures to forums before. I don’t have a photobucket account, but I have a shutterfly account. I wonder if that would work…

Zumba – go you on the whoosh! That’s such a great feeling, isn’t it? And yeah, all my fat settles on my hips and thighs. From the waist up, I look like I’m about 120 pounds! ;D

NEmom- oh gosh, buffets are deadly! For me, my weakness is Chinese buffets! I can’t stay away from those little fried doughnut-like desserts!

Sum38 – wow, congrats to your 18-year-old daughter! My ex-husband lived out of the country, but it really was too much for us since we did not have frequent visits. In the end, our marriage ended since there was no end in sight to the separation (and there were other issues, too, not just the separation). But it was a good decision for both of us and we still skype almost every day.

12-09-2012, 12:09 AM

Finally home from work. It was a long day, mostly because it was a very short & noisy night. There was a stabbing 4 doors down from when H & I live. Some guys stabbed 2 guys & the cops couldn't find him. So there was patrol cars, helicopters, ambulances & all the rest swarming our neighborhood til about 2AM & I had to be up at 7AM. :yawn:
Been an okay day otherwise. I ate healthy. Drank H2O. I didn't get a walk in today before work. I was just too wiped. I'm going to go for a nice long walk tomorrow. Might even take H to the park. It's so funny, he loves to go to the park...kinda like a little kid.
I still have that stress knot in my neck! I need to really walk hard tomorrow. I've thrown hot showers at it, Tylenol & stretches. Maybe I need to ask H for a neck rub, but he always seems to get distracted & quit.

olehcat: Sweetie, you really can't compare yourself to someone else. We are all different, which is actually a really wonderful thing. You are on your journey to becoming more healthy, and that in & of itself is something to be proud of! Also if someone is really your friend, you both will always see each other as nothing less than BEAUTIFUL!!! Anywhos, I hope that you 2 enjoy your visit!

Zumba: I love my ink! I sooo want more! But finances kinda hinder that, also I'd like to be near/at my goal before I go in again. I have a portrait of my parents when they were in their early 30s (looking awesome) I want to have done. So I need to find someone who does an awesome job on portrait tattoos. Kick your binge to the curb...get back at it. You can do this! My condolences to your friend, I know how hard it is to loose a beloved pet. Enjoy the city for me...I'm the opposite, country through & through. I need to see the mountains & the stars in the sky at night. But it takes all kinds. :)

Sum: Thanks for reminding me to take care of me. I think maybe I can do so a little now. I got him a media alert bracelet with a USB. I was able to input all of his meds & conditions. It gives me so peace of mind. Finnish Independence? KEWL! I'd love to know more! I used to go to a Swedish church a very special dawn Christmas service. Enjoy your independence, but don't go too overboard. ;)

Well, night to you all. Rest well. Be healthy! Catch up with you all later!:tired:

12-09-2012, 01:02 AM
hi guys not going to catch up on stuff until tomorrow and then i don't know how much time i will be online...got to go to hydro tomorrow..meeting physio at about midday..going to be bloody hot..but will wear sunscreen and t-shirt and hat...hoping to get in at a cut price because of my back problems..but this may not happen...please everyone cross their fingers for me!!..i have everything crossed eyes, toes, arms legs and i look like a human pretzel..lol..lol...see ya later then..cheers liz

12-09-2012, 08:51 AM
Thanks for all the good wishes, I am feeling better, hard to get into the xmas spirit, it's been kind of warm, rained and everything's kind of gray, on the other hand it's nice to be able to be outside in a light jacket.

Sum, it's funny you mentioned the decadent baked potato, I made mashed potatoes last night, hadn't made them in so long...they were divine, luckily I didn't make too many, they disappeared pretty quick.

MrsTrying, sorry to hear about your struggles, I have something like your neck prob. with stress, I don't know what they're called, but those muscles that run from your neck to shoulder across the top, they get like iron bands, I hate it.

Zumba, I'm going to NYC on a bus trip next weekend for the day, can't wait, it should be fun, you're right xmas time makes it magical, and will be spending time with my BF, my mom and my sister-in-law which will make it even more magical!

Going to try and get a hike today if rain holds off.

I remember when my mom's doctor put her on BP medicine, he kind of looked at her over his glasses and said something like we've been talking about losing weight for awhile...he looked like he was waiting to see if he was going to get a smack..lol

best to all

12-09-2012, 08:27 PM
hmm had a good weekend....went out to a gallery showing of my aunty pats paintings (she is not a real aunty but a good friend of mums and we grew up knowing her and her hubby as aunty and uncle)..she passed recently due to cancer and uncle george had all of her paintings for the showing framed and organised..it was a lovely day i took an apple and had a skinny cino with sweetner and also 1 piece of pizza..said no to a lot of other things though so proud of me...still trying to do the exercise thing...tis frustrating cause i wanna do more and my body screams no at me...starting hydro exercises today...hope to do that every day if i can...should make a difference...ate more protein than i usually do on sunday...more fat than normal as well..oh well back on track today..had a shake this morning....geeez it is hard to find one that is sugar free..some of them are high in sugar..no good to me considering the diabetes...planning on having an early lunch as i have to be at the pool at 12ish...and i don't want to be hungry and tempted by bad stuff...gotta do pilates this morning been for my walkie with the doggie...done my christmas card for this year...will post it here..not happy with the photo of me but it is me!!..lol..lol..lol..will do the housework today needs doing badley...oh the chia pudding was nice but kinda tasteless...needs more flavour i think..so i will try banana next time and some more vanilla perhaps??...hope you all had a good weekend and kept on track!!...wishing everybody and healthy and happy day!!...cheers liz

zumba-whooooooot whooooooot on the loss!! love to hear it!!oh it is hard when you lose one of your furrbabies.. a friend of mine was battling cancer..we lost her yesterday it is sad...i am mad at cancer it is such a horrible thing!!

nemom-thanks for that hun..with my back i live with it and i think cope well..just means i have to rest more often to relieve the numbness and stiffness and of course the pain...i sit for a bit and then keep on going..lol..lol..lol..i use the washing trolley to put my shopping in and wheel it around inside..i don't hang clothes on the line much if at all..i use our dryer but we have solar power so it is not too bad cost wise!!! oh wow hun a buffet..have not been faced with that then but i understand how you feel..i am not sure how i would handle it!!

sum- happy belated birthday to your lovely daughter!!...what a milestone..congrats congrats!!i bet you look amazing in your dress too!!

see-thanks for worrying about me..it is very comforting that you should care hun..yeps well kinda..i have been thinking of yoga but i am doing pilates...doing 4 different exercises twice a day with my small amount of walking starting water exercise today!!..looking forward to it!! good thing i bought up on swimmers when they were cheap!! yeah def leppard is amazing!!..i love that the drummer does soo well with one arm he is amazing and an inspiration to us all i think..i have seen them once in concert and
it was just stupendous..i know all the words and sang along at the top of my lungs...i too like a wide variety of music!! i watch def on you tube a lot too!!

mrs-i sooo hope you are getting somewhere with your dh's medical stuff i am about to swallow my pride and jump on the benefits bandwagon..well try anyways..they can only say no!!...be careful of yourself hun..that
knotting muscle sounds painful....look after you and yours!!ooooooooooh i soooooo love metallica as well! apocalyptica is awesome too..there is something extremely sexy about 4 hotties playing the cello and covering mettalica!!..lol..lol..lol..such passion love it!!..funneee makes me wonder how they don't get their long hair caught in the strings!!

12-09-2012, 08:46 PM
oooooooops forgot to post my christmas card...merry christmas all!!


Moving Forward
12-09-2012, 09:25 PM
Hi everyone! I'm still here. So far, December has been a busy month. I've been short on relaxation and "me" time. I've remained on track with my weight loss efforts, though my exercise has been less frequent lately. A few days ago, I was within 10 pounds of my goal weight, but as my pesky scale sometimes does, it's been up 2 pounds since the low I saw. I am in desperate need of smaller clothes, particularly casual things. Today as I walked around in my smallest jeans, they were just sagging and bagging on me. Nice problem to have, but I only wish it wasn't Christmas time on the credit card as well. My Christmas shopping is almost done and the wrapping is well under way. That's a good feeling.

Liz--Cool card! I've got to get mine out. That's another project.

MrsT--Every time I hear about your struggles, it makes me feel so angry. Health care should not be so hard to get. I'm thinking good thoughts for you and your DH.

Zumba, Sum and Kelijpa--New York is on my bucket list. Except for a brief stop at the airport, I've never been. Enjoy! I'll live vicariously for now.

NEMom--I'm so impressed with your efforts. You won't regret them. You're going to have a whole new, healthier you.

To everyone else, :hug:

12-09-2012, 09:56 PM
Hi all.........back from city..really nice day.....shopped and ate at a Brazilian steakhouse....I'm sure ill pay the price for that tomorrow on the scale, can't believe weekend is over,,,,,,dreading that 5:00 am alarm clock tomorrow....!:(

12-09-2012, 11:12 PM
:df:GOOD EVENING ALL! How are the ladies of the 40s board? Hope all are well!:df:

Well, my one day off that I was just going to sleep in, go for a walk in the park & not much else changed really quick when Mom called at 8:30AM. She's an early bird. so that was like noon for her! :p She wanted me to do some Christmas shopping for her! Not for kids/grandkids or great-grands...they are all grown & gone. But for Toys for Tots toy drive! It was actually kinda of fun. We bought a couple of Disney princess dolls, some Hot Wheels, some stuffed animals, a few Lego kits & a couple of Nerf Basketball games. It's nice to know that eventhough H & I don't celebrate Christmas some kids can! We still have a little $$ left so I'll go out one more time & get a few more things. I guess I have a pinch of the Christmas spirit. Thanks Mom! Course it goes to reason Mom & Dad always made Christmas AWESOME for us when we were kids.
Ate healthy. Drank plenty of H2O. Didn't make it to the park but we did walk the mall...H was feeling a little "out of sorts" & I didn't want to possibly get somewhere that if we needed help that it would be hard to get. Fact is, the local fire academy was sponsoring a gift-wrapping table for charity. So we had help if needed & yeah, even Santa was there! :santa:
My weigh-in? Stuck at 257.5. I really think it's menopause. I'm having hot flashs, mood swings (wish this counted as exercise!!!) & feeling a little bloated. I'm going to see about making a dr. appt. for me...I haven't had a physical in far too long.

Zumba: Glad you enjoyed your visit to the city! Hey, the dinner at the steakhouse is just specail ocassion thing. Forgive yourself, get back on track in the AM. Yeah, I know 5AM comes early. Rest up!

Moving: Good job! Enjoy the smaller sizes! I can't wait til I can do that!!! Good job on getting Christams shopping done...good for you! Thanks for the good thoughts. Hoping to hear something this week. H has blood work scheduled for Mon & Fri this week. It's to check how the newest meds are working. My fingers are crossed. :crossed:

liz: Love your card! Wish we could have more critters, espcially a dog, but we just don't have the room, time nor $$. Aggie is enough of a handful. Good job on keeping on track today. Sorry about your loss, but the show sounds awesome! I lost an aunt to breast cancer this spring...she fought the good fight for 2.5 years. We thought she had it beat. And as for cancer...DO NOT get me started! That stuff ticks me off! (Being very, very "soft" about that) I lost an aunt, 3 uncles, my MIL & several firends. I'm sooo done with cancer...I just pray that H stay healthy that way...it runs in his family (lost his parents & sister).

kelijpa: Glad your feeling somewhat better. I know this time of the year is really rough. I know I get the "blues", but I know in my heart it's temporary. Hope you got a hike in! I know exercise always seems to help my mood. Maybe it's endorphins, maybe it's fresh air, maybe it's just getting out & getting away for a little while. All I know is, I like it!

Work tomorrow, late shift...again. Oh, well. Means I can take H for his blood test, get my walk done in the AM, have lunch then go to work. Just wish I would've had a day to sleep in...oh, well. Next Sunday, maybe? ;)

12-09-2012, 11:24 PM
Hi, all! I may be gone a bit on and off this week -- am trying to get something done for a deadline so my internet time may be a bit more scarce!

MrsTryingAgain - holy crapola, a stabbing down the street sounds awful! And you're right -- I know the road to comparing myself to others is only one of unhappiness. I have to let that go completely and not think too much of it.

kelijpa - it's warmer here than usual, too, and rainy. I'm not complaining, though. I HATE snow and ice (I used to live in warm climates and I never have been able to deal with midwestern winters), and so every day it doesn't snow this winter is a happy day for me, lol.

lizard -- beautiful card with you all and your animals! ;) In that pic, the cat you're holding looks like my lynx point! ;) I still need to get a good picture of my two kitty babies together! They are tolerating each other and playing together now.

MovingForward -- that's so awesome that you're so close to goal! I hear you on the low and then losing the low. I think I'm probably two pounds up from my low the other day. I had a pretty heavy eating day this evening. Yeah, it wasn't so bad until I went to my parents' for dinner and then I had a LOT of food I normally wouldn't have. *sigh* Well, I'm not going to weigh tomorrow and give myself a really clean-eating day to recover.

zumba- 139 by Christmas - I think that's my goal, too! :) We can DO it!

12-10-2012, 07:47 AM
Morning :rain:

We were promised some freezing rain, but thank goodness it did not happen. I always worry about my DH flying during winter months.

By some miracle, after eating out on Friday, party on Saturday and breakfast out on Sunday, I ended up with a loss for the week. Not a big one, but a loss :yikes: I am happy about it :dance: Perhaps this will give me a boost to do really well this week!!

House has gotten a lot of attention and two people are interested in it. I am not too excited until I see a decent offer. It would be amazing if we were to be able to sell this house before Christmas.

I will be volunteering all day; I hope that does not mean another lunch out :( I will pack mine, but it is pretty hard to resist when everyone else goes out.

Sending :dust: to all!!


12-10-2012, 01:12 PM
Hello, all! Good job on the overall loss, Sum! Yeesh...I have never once been able to say that I ate poorly over the last week and yet still lost weight. Any time I think I overdid it, the scale readily agrees with me. :devil:

Well, I did overdo it over the weekend, and I was too chicken to weigh myself. Still am! However, I have a doc appointment later this week, and then I will be forced to face the music! I am not looking forward to it. Plus, at the doctor's office, they weigh you with shoes and clothes. At home, I weigh myself au natural, after the bathroom, before any food - I even take hair clips out! ;) So, I always weigh more at the doc's office anyway. I am prepared to feel pissed! :mad:

I have to say that I am feeling annoyed this morning. I was volunteering at my kid's school, and was surrounded by skinny chicks! The annoying part was that they were all talking about working out and how "FAT" they all were. All of them were reassuring each other that, "No! You are totally skinny!" While others claimed that, "No, I'm not kidding! I've gained so much weight! I'm so fat!" Ugh....it went on and on. Meanwhile, I felt like a moose. I kept my mouth shut and hoped the conversation would change quickly. I also wondered how I would feel if I were in the middle of this conversation two years ago at my high weight. I would have been mortified. Luckily, no one there was noticeably overweight or large except for a very pregnant chick, which doesn't count (although, maybe she still felt bad?). Would any of them have been sensitive enough to refrain from the "skinny" talk had there been heavier people there? I really don't know. This is why I don't discuss losing weight or weight in general (except here at my safe zone on 3FC). You never know what other people's sensitivities are, even if they aren't currently obese.

Anyhow, good luck today people! I appreciate all of you so much! :hug:

12-10-2012, 01:20 PM
Happy Monday All!
Eating this weekend was so so. I was not totally OP not did not binge on junk either. Scale remains about the same this morning. Again, I will take it as a win because I generally start Monday's with a gain.
11:00am marked 7 days of no regular cigs. I am still using the e-cig and actually really enjoying it. So much better than trying to quit with the gum, patches and medication that I have used in the past. Trying to take this no smoking, like my weight loss, one day at a time because I have tried and failed so many times in the past that I don't want to jump and shout "I quit, I quit' just yet.

Have a great day all!!!

12-10-2012, 03:15 PM
im sooo sorry i havent been keeping up things are just crazy right now and i cant find time to just catch up just yet but i am thinking of you all and wishing you all the best each day!
12/10/12 weigh-in: 197 down 3lbs I MADE MY 1ST MINI GOAL ONEDERLAND BEFORE 2013!

12-10-2012, 04:24 PM
Hi all! Caught up on everyone's posts....will address you all later...I am in a bit of a rush..today was a busy day..taught classes and then food shopping....a manic Monday......
Scale was ridiculously high this morning! That steakhouse did me in.....so depressing. I really doubt that I'll get to my Christmas goal at this rate.....just having a shake for dinner tonight....cooking pork for kids but after yesterday I don't even want to look at meat! :barf:

Trying to be optimistic, proactive and happy....Gosh it is so hard lately........:(:(......first my Dad dies and then I'm handed all this divorce nonsense.....is losing 15 lbs going to fix all that? No....but atleast I'll look skinny while I am miserable! :D

Talk with you nice ladies later.........:hug:

12-10-2012, 11:28 PM
oooooh pool exercises were awesome...boy did i have a work out...i was soooo sore this morning i could hardly move but it got better with time as it usually does..went for a walk around the block 3 times this morning..i lost my keys on the way...darn it...went back to find them and could not!!..i clip them
onto roxys collar but they fell off somewhere..good thing i have spares...went out shopping and had to stop several times because of the numbness...grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!..steaming some vege and trying out a turkey
burger for lunch..they are really low in fat and carbs..so all is good...been having a shake every now and then and i have found that a lot them are high in carbs and sugar..what is with that??..found one that is good with carbs fat and sugar and it tastes okays to me...also going to try out almond milk instead of skim milk...that will be interesting...anyhows i will not go for the disability pension i don't think.. not yet..will talk to my doctor first i think...there is such a lot of paper work to do..they want to know ALL of your assests even ones you don't have yet such as death insurance and super annuations...oh i discovered red palm oil..it is very nice..and very good for you too...i buy a mix of canola and red palm oil and it is yummy..that is if you don't mind your food a slight yellowy/orange colour...lol..lol..lol
thanks everyone for the lovely comments about our card...i take them to Big W and get them printed like a photo...oh i forgot i did get in at a cut price...woooooooooooooooohoooooooooooo!!..have to renew it in 6 months and the physio has given me one whole year so that is good too..will reassess things after that to see if i need more hydro or not...probably will though!..cheers liz

moving-woweeee 10 pounds to go..you can do it..not long now!!..you go girl!! oh and don't forget about you!!

zumba-oooh glad to hear you had a good time hun!! fingers crossed the scales behave hun!! oh i am sorry to hear of the gain...boo hiss to the scales...yes christmas is a hard time with loss like that..my heart goes out to you..know one thing we will be here somewhere!!

mrs-oh sooo good to hear you had a good time too..you deserve it for sure...i love giving too when money permits..lol..lol..lol..bummer about the scales hun and yes go see the doctor!!..hopefully he can help get back onto the road of loss!! oh and wishing you many mornings of sleeping in!!..ever since i have been using the cpap machine i am awake at about 5ish every morning!!..perhaps i should do the pool early..less kids around to jump on me or get in my way when i am doing laps..good idea i think!!

olehcat-yeah i thinks nicky is a lynx point we just call them different names is all!!

sum-whoooooooot whoooooot on the loss!! you are an angel to volunteer your time!!

guac-oh i feel you there hun!!..that sort of talk annoys me too..heck they have no idea what it is like if they have been skinny forever...they should try walking a mile in a bigger persons shoes for sure..i watch that show on tv where the ambulance people are specially trained to cater for their what they
call super sized patients..a lot of the people they see are over 22 stone in weight..woweeeeeeeeeee...the problems these people have is staggering..i am almost 20 stone and i don't have that much difficulty mobilising..a bit but not much..most of what effects me is of course from my back..but some of these people have not left their bedroom in years..wow!!..how would those skinny people feel if they were in these peoples shoes??..this really motivates me!!

nemom-good on you sweetheart...baby steps are best..that is what i am doing with exercise..just a bit at at time!!!

dangerous-whoooooooot whoooooooot!! CONGRATS!!

Moving Forward
12-11-2012, 12:07 AM
Zumba-- I'm sorry that things are so hard right now. I got a chuckle when I read your opinion about 15 pounds. That's positive thinking there and it will help get you through.

Dangerouscurves--Congrats on onederland! And ahead of schedule! Yes!

NEMom--You've got a few wins going on. Usually, people gain as they are trying to quit smoking. I hear your reluctance to declare victory, but I'm optimistic for you.

Guacamole--Take it as a compliment that the skinny chicks felt comfortable having that convo with you there. I hope they would have been sensitive enough to pick something else to talk about if you were heavier. At this point, I'm guessing you look like a skinny chick yourself! Your point is nonetheless well taken.

Sum--I hope your day worked out for you. I hate those unplanned social situations where you are expected to eat. It throws everything off, doesn't it?

Olehcat--Thanks for the reassurance on the elusive lows! It's so darn mystifying. I don't even have a bad eating day to blame mine on. Oh well. I know I'll get there.

MrsT--Yay for all you do so the little ones can have a good Christmas, especially since you don't celebrate yourself. Now THAT's the spirit.

I just did some math and realized that the past few weeks I've been averaging 1100 calories per day. I'm thinking of upping it a bit, but am in a quandary. I don't want to slow my progress (either from more calories or slowing my metabolism), but at the same time I'm doing OK on the 1100 calories. I know I'll have a few higher calorie days this weekend, so I think for now I'll just stay the course. Today, a co-worker told me that she was envious when she saw me come into work this morning and decided then and there that her diet was starting today. I don't think she needs to lose any weight and told her that, but what a nice compliment.

Moving Forward
12-11-2012, 12:17 AM
Liz--Your message came in as I was writing, so I didnt see it. I'm glad you got in for the cut rate and got a good workout in. I think your idea of going early to beat the crowd is brilliant. Somebody recently told me that their physical therapist told them "Motion is lotion". I think this definitely applies to you. Keep it up!

12-11-2012, 01:31 AM
Hello ladies,
My name is Robin, I used to check in with 3fc daily back when I did Ideal Protein. I lost 10 pds total on ip but couldn't deal with the migraines that came with the artificial sweeteners and preservatives in the food.
Then, I just gave up for a while until I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. After watching that documentary, I juiced recently for 13 days straight, just homeade vegetable/fruit juice mixture. I lost another 10 pds doing that. I am now wanting to try good old fashioned weight loss and exercise.
I am trying to find the right thread for that.

12-11-2012, 08:00 AM
Godo morning, had a few minutes, so let's see if I can say hi to a few of you.

My low was 141.4 a few days ago, but now I've been hovering around 142.something the last few days, *sigh*. I'm hoping to get back to my low and then pass it by Friday. I would LOVE to be 139 by Christmas! I haven't run or exericsed in about a week since I got sick because even though the aches and congestion in my nose mostly went away, it all went to my chest and I couldn't stop coughing. I think I'm about ready to return to the gym today, though. I know it will be hard after a week off, but i need to do it!

Yesterday my grad level class ended and we had food. Everyone brought food. I really tried to tone it down for myself since I get VERY excited about food since I never keep food like that at home, like chips and dips, etc. I had a little bit of the unhealthy stuff and tried to focus on these vegetable spring rolls that someone had brought. I think I did pretty well.

whirlybird - hi, Robin! I had never ever heard of Ideal Protein until I came to this message board and it seems like so many active people on this board are into it. To me it sounds awful with artificial food, but maybe I don't know enough about it, so I shouldn't say anything. So far I've lost almost 10 pounds by just eating less, trying to keep my carbs a little lower, but still enjoying some treats on the weekend.

MovingForward - I'd say as long as it's working well, and that you know you're going to have a few days that are higher calorie, then go for it.

lizard - pool exercises seem like a good idea for back pain, actually, so I'm glad you're able to do that!

zumbachica - everyone else seems to lose weight during a divorce, I gained almost 10 pounds this past summer when I went through mine. :-p Good luck with your 15 pounds! :)

dangerouscurves - wow, great job hitting onederland!

guacamole - that kind of talk is very annoying. The good news is that they probably saw you as "one of them" if they were not self-conscious about saying that kind of thing in front of you. Not that that makes it any better... I had a college roommate once whose legs were as tiny as my arms and she was just skinny all over and she used to talk about how fat she was all the time. My other roommate and I would just roll our eyes, as we were just "normal" slender so we thought she must have thought that we were obese....

12-11-2012, 09:03 AM
OLEHAT: You and I have the same goal for Christmas but I doubt I am going to get to it...trying to be optimistic. You are a lot closer than I am...you can do it......Good for you for keeping in check while being surrounded by all that food. A WW leader told me once that skinny people eat at events, but the difference between them and "us" is that they stop when they get home......I want to get to a point where I can go to a party and eat and not worry.....my life used to be that way....

WHIRLYBIRD: Good for you for juicing! I wish I had the discipline to do that. I need to see that documentary that you are referring to.

MOVINGFORWARD: That really WAS a nice compliment that you got...hold on to that the next time you are feeling down about your progress.

LIZARD: try and find low carb shakes, they do exist. I know you probably have different brands than we do.

DANGEROUS: YAY on reaching your mini goal!! Like the song says This Girl is on Fire...LOL

NEMOM: keep up the good work with the smoking.....You are doing your body the greatest justice and giving all those that love you the biggest gift.

GUAC: I HATE when skinny people do that, especially when there is someone there that isn't a skinny mini. I hope I didn't sound like that when I was skinny....but i have to say this one thing..that some thin people really do see a big person when they look in the mirror...they truly feel they are big....it sounds insane but it is true. I have a friend that has a disorder like that. She doesn't see what other people see meanwhile she has a close to perfect body and is a size zero. Still, I can see how you can be annoyed, I know I would be. I'd probably tell them all to shut the frig up and eat a sandwich.

And now for my sad post......:(

12-11-2012, 09:08 AM
I really have no words. I am at a weight that I have not been at since pregnancy 12 years ago. It isn't a high number according to some but to me it is horrific..a symptom of all that is going on in my life. I feel like a huge failure...marriage failing and now letting myself go like this....don't forget what my livelihood is. Noone wants a big fitness instructor. I feel shame to the point of not wanting to go out or do anything...I could easily become an agoraphobic at this point. You can all tell me to shut up now, because I know I'm having one big pity party. Not even sure what to do at this point because nothing I do really helps. Took out the shake mix , there isn't a lot left and I can't afford to buy another bag.....so just maknig shakes today with whatever I have left.....maybe another cleanse will do me some good.

Thanks for listening........

12-11-2012, 10:56 AM
Oh Zumba :hug: I am so sorry that you are feeling so down. My weight was 152 pounds the day I delivered my DD, and today I was 154; I can totally relate and understand!! Big hugs to you!!

12-11-2012, 12:15 PM
Zumba - Don't give up, girl! I know it's so hard and frustrating when weight loss and life isn't going your way. You will get there...cut yourself some slack.

Hello, lovely ladies! I am so happy to have all of you to check in with every day - even if I don't post every day, I do read every day. Life just gets busy.

I feel so confused about my appearance. I am definitely at my "new fat" point. Being stuck in the 150s for so long is my personal new fat. It's frustrating. However, and I don't know if I am just making this up, my fat seems to be redistributing and settling in a different way - I can now fit into some Mediums and size 10s - whereas a few months ago, even in the 150s, I couldn't for the most part. This weekend I had someone gush over how "tiny" I am. She told me how people were remarking to her about how skinny I look. I would not call myself tiny by any stretch of the imagination. I felt pleasantly surprised that people would think that I have lost weight in the last few months and gotten thinner, when I haven't.

However, that all changed yesterday due to something, quite literally, juvenile. One of the secret reasons I wanted to lose weight was so that my kids wouldn't be embarrassed to have a fat mom. Yes, it's true. When I was heavier, kids used to tease my oldest son about how his father and I were fat. Well, yesterday, two of my 10 year old son's classmates came up to him and asked, "Do you know who the fat lady version of you is? Your mom!" My son came home really angry and said he felt like hitting them for making fun of me. I played it off and told him not to get upset over people acting ignorant. However, deep down, I felt hurt. I don't want to be the fat mom anymore, and I don't want to cause my kids embarrassment. When will I be thin enough for people/kids not to make fun of me? :(

Have a great day, everyone.

12-11-2012, 05:12 PM
Oh, guacamole! :hug::hug::hug:

I just read your post. I have to say it brought more than just a tear to my eye. :cry: :cry: Maybe it's hormones, but I really want to "talk" about it. I know that many of you have kids, H & I never did. But I want you to please, please, please listen to your children.

H & I were both horribly bullied when we were kids. Not just words, but actual physical attacks. Course this was back in the day when parents, school officials & all the rest basically told kids who were bullied that it meant nothing. I was actually told on more than a few occasions that people picked on me becuase they LIKED ME!!! :?::?: They could not have been more wrong. 30+ years H & I still carry the scars, still hear the taunting & (in my case) have nightmares. I think the reason why is because my parents didn't listen/believe that it could happen to one of theirs. My parents were popular in school as was all my older siblings...I guess that gene ran out when it got to me. :(
I was a "big girl" in school, but not overweight. I had breasts by the time I was in the 4th grade. Not training bra breasts, but nearing C-cup breasts & all the other girls were basically flat. That lead to a lot of teasing & tormenting.
I won't go into are the nasty, horrible details, but just suffice it to say...I haven't gone to a HS reunion EVER and I NEVER WILL. I did NOT want to see those people in school so why would I want to see them now? My mom doesn't get that, she's gone to every reunion there's been in the 60+ yrs. since she graduated. More power to her, she has friends & classmates who treated her with respect & love. Most even showed up to Daddy's funeral in 2000.

Last thing, if your child is being treated badly at school, listen to them. That can make a BIG difference for them. Put your arms around them, give them a safe place to turn to when mean things are said/done & make home a safe haven. Yes, DO SPEAK out against bullying. But also let them know, you're in their corner & they do not have to cry alone. Do not think for one moment that the great school days you may have had are the same ones your son or daughter may be having. They maybe walking through a **** that you cannot imagine. So much so that it becomes one of the reasons they do not have kids...

I've gotta go for a walk. I'll climb down off the soapbox. Just please, please, please love your kids. Don't say, "Oh, they know I do." Show it! Talk to them, LISTEN to them, hug them. Your love can be the healing ointment they may sooo desperately need.

12-11-2012, 05:32 PM
MrsTryingAgain - :hug: I'm so sorry that you and your H dealt with bullying in school. I have had my fair share with my kids and myself too in elementary school. I do have this son seeing a social worker every week to work through school/peer/family issues. Fifth grade seems to be the turning point when kids go from getting along to getting cliquey and mean. I started him in therapy this summer to head off any problems. Unfortunately, I had to learn the hard way with my older son's elementary school experience. So far, my 10 year old is navigating things ok, but he is very sensitive. I am in constant contact with his teachers and social worker about things that happen during the week. Sigh. Growing up isn't easy and being grown isn't easy.

12-12-2012, 12:13 AM

I'm feeling better than I was earlier. Sorry, hormones. Like I said guacamole's post really kinda pierced my heart.

guacamole: It's fine. It just caught me was all. Give your son a big hug for me. :hug: Yes, growing up is tough tougher with bullies. And you're right 5th grade does seem like a turning point. I wish him all the best. He's got a great start with a mom who's listening & trying to help.

zumba: Repeat this to yourself: I AM NOT A FAILURE! I AM NOT A FAILURE! Keep this in mind everytime you feel down. We all go through changes...it's part of being human. Trials & hard times suck, but you are stronger then they are! You can do this! And for those of us watching...regardless of how you feel, you are inspiring to all of us!

olehcat: :dust: I kinda see my goal for Christmas slipping away. I'm not sure why. Hormones? Stress? I've been pretty well on track, but I guess I just don't lose weight like I did in my late 20s - early 30s. But I'm not giving up! This weight will come off, I just have to not give up.

whirly (Robin): :welcome2: I think this is a great place to find people who can give great support. I've been here a little over 2 months & can't really go a day without popping in at least once. Good luck! Hope to see more of you here! :)

moving: Yes, it was fun to buy toys for the kids. I guess maybe I'm only a "scrooge" on the surface. ;) Sounds like you've hit your stride. Good for you! Hope it keeps that scale moving in the right direction. :cp:

liz: Glad the hydro workout was sooo awesome! I'd love to be able to do that! I have arthritis, sciatica & possibly nerve damage (my left thigh is almost alway numb). Who knows, maybe once I'm able to get in & see a dr. I'd love to get completely checked out. Perhaps if I can get it dr ordered for H, that I can go with him as a "chaperon", since he could possibly pass out. It's something to wish for, right? :lol:

Now, that I have caught up, I think. I'll let everyone know that I had a good day, in spite of getting a little choked up at guacamole's earlier post. Went for a walk in the park with H. We got to feed the fish! The park has a stream that runs through it that is filled with all kinds of fish. Ate well. Drank plenty of H2O. And now for something that I haven't had the guts to do til now...
This is me. I don't like getting in front of the camera, but I did it today at the park.


Sorry for the big pic. Tried to reduce it, still getting the hang of it. Liz, any suggestions? Anywhos this is me at my favorite park today. Far as I know I'm still at 257.5

Moving Forward
12-12-2012, 01:45 AM
Ugh! I was just nearly to the end of a long message when something glitched in the program and I lost everything. I'll briefly re-cap what I remember. But this will be the abbreviated version. :?:

Guacamole--Your post broke my heart and brought a lump to my throat. Please consider letting the school administration know what that boy said to your son. Nobody deserves to be treated that way. Give your son an extra squeeze from me. :hug:

MrsT-- I'm sorry to hear that old stuff was dredged up for you. :hug: I think it's wonderful that despite what you went through as a kid, you've grown into a caring, supportive, empathic woman. And the fact that you picked yourself up and managed to have a good day speaks to your resilience. Thanks for the picture! Your park looks beautiful too.

Olehcat--Congrats on the party victory. Those situations are tough!

Whirlybird--Welcome! You'll find lots of support here.

Zumba-- :hug::hug::hug: You are clearly not a failure. You are going through a major life stressor and feeling the turbulence. Take one day at a time and be kind to yourself.

12-12-2012, 03:31 AM
Hi there lovelies!!Yes I too feel for the little lad who is bullied. Kids say the most hurful things and no matter what you do it is really hard to forget that hurt. I won't say too much more because I think that the other gals have said it beautifully. Well I had a fat mum and sheesh I never thought anything about it...never felt that she was not a good mum or anything so guac hun i am sure your little ones do not think anything about your size and love you just the way you are!! mrs trying you are such an awesome person soo strong and resilient to be the individual you are today despite all of that awfulness as a child and your DH too!!

okays here is a little about me..i am on track still...changing things up a little with food...trying a new exercise schedule..not walking in the mornings but doing hydro instead..walking of an afternoon though...i hurt quite a bit and getting numb 3 or 4 times whilst just shopping..very frustrating..but sigh i just rest for a bit and wait for it to go away then keep on trudging on..so thats it for me!! going to a funeral tomorrow for my friend..going to be very sad for her lovely hubby..she was such a nice person...would you all like to see the card i did her??..there is 4 parts to it and a lovely verse as well??...anyways i am tired to day...will go to bed tonight and watch the tv i think!!...hope you all had a good day despite the ups and downs...well the ups more than the downs...cheers liz

mrstrying-yeah i too go numb and yep it effects the outside of my left thigh all the time and only the whole leg of both when i have walked too far or stood too long in one spot...i find i have to stop when shopping now about 3 times...need to have more xrays done on my back and stuff and see the doctor before i can file for disability..yeah you can go as DH's carer at a cut price..at our pool they pay 1.25 which is way cheaper than full price of 4.20..that is why i needed to get the lower price cause i want to go everyday if i can!!..paying 4.20 is way out of our budget range so the lower price suits me better!! you look amazing i think...i soooo love your shirt..my hubby would love it!!..lol...lol..lol!!..beautiful park you have there too...oh about the photo see if you can reduce its size in a photo editing program??..
i don't know what you have hun so i really can't suggest much sorry!! let me know via pm and then i can help you!!

whirlybird-welcome welcome!! nice to meet you!!

12-12-2012, 07:26 AM
All these bullying stories arevmaking me want to cry......I was bullied for being different ethnicity than everyone else.....kids can always find something to bully another kid for.......

I don't have to teach today....going to take out one of my workout DVDs....

12-12-2012, 08:11 AM
DangerousCurves~Congrats on Onederland!! That's so great!

Zumba~:hugs: stay strong, you're going to overcome, maybe try getting back to the basics, drink water, track what you're eating, get in some exercise, I tracked my food last week, it helped, but of course I haven't done it this week...

Xmas lunch with my old coworkers today, BIG challenge, I'm just telling myself to get right back on, hopefully that will happen. :goodvibes

Whirlybird~:welcome: we watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, too, definitely changed the way I look at getting in fruits and veggies, I've never managed more than a 3 day juice fast, but eating alot more fruit and veg since then.

MrsTryingAgain~that's great doing the toys for tots thing, it makes you feel good to do for others, I wish I could do more, will definitely do more when I can.

I'm only halfway done reading everyone's posts but had to post something and will post more later.

NEMom~congrats on the progess you're making with the cigs, I think it's one of the best thing you can do for yourself and combining with the weight loss/fit lifestyle is great.

Guac~so sad to read your post about the nastiness, it's amazing the affect of others' words, brought me back to my ugly duckling days growing up, kids can be so mean at times and so wonderful at other times, maybe not the same kids, but hopefully you know what I mean. Some people, whether kids or adults, know what to say that pokes at your tender spot and will say it even if it's not true. :hug:

MrsTryingAgain~thanks for the picture, you look great, beautiful smile, that park looks like a great place to walk!

Liz~I have to look back, somehow I missed your card, sounds great, hope your numbness is going away. You're doing great. Just saw your card, it's great, thanks for sharing!

I never would have thought it would be this hard to maintain through the holidays...
best to all :sunny:

12-12-2012, 08:29 AM
Today weighed in at 142.2, so I'm REALLY hoping to be back down to my low by tomorrow so I can drop further than that by the weekend. Water weight, GO AWAY. I have to keep perspective in that a few weeks ago in mid week, I was dancing around 144-145 a lot, so I'm making progress, albeit slow. This is SUCH a hard time of year, too. I WANT cookies!

Zumbachica - Please don’t feel like a failure. I was exactly where you are at the end of the summer. My marriage, which had been deteriorating for the past few years, finally ended this past summer and I was the highest weight (for me) that I’ve been in a very long time. And not only that, I couldn’t seem to pull it together enough to take care of that problem, so my weight kept hovering around 149-150 for months even though I felt like I was “losing weight” and depriving myself of everything. Things will get better, though. Just keep up the good work and nourish yourself.

Guacamole – I know what you mean about “new fat”. Omg, when I first put on the extra weight this past summer it felt totally weird and unnatural, but the longer it stayed, the more it spread out or felt more “natural” on me, and that scared me! I seriously can’t believe that that friend of your son would think of you as “fat” at your weight/height!! That’s insanity. I’m not much below that and I’m shorter than you and I work with children all the time and no child has ever referred to me as fat (and believe me, they would, they don’t have a sense of being polite all the time).

MrsTryingAgain – that bullying sounds HORRIFIC. I was like you in that I developed really early (I reached my full height and boob size when I was in late fourth grade) and I remember having my period, then, too, and feeling SO self-conscious, but I wasn’t teased for it. I’m so sorry you and your h. went through that kind of thing. :( OH, and NICE PICTURE!!!! You look great!

MovingForward – THANK YOU. I still struggle so much in social party situations and controlling my urge to binge there.

12-12-2012, 12:37 PM
Good Morning,

I am new to the boards - just joined yesterday but have been reading for a few days. Hope it's not too late to join in the December chat! I posted a bio in the 40 somethings.
I have been heavy and thin and, unfortunately, back again. Many, many times. HW-258, LW-130. My husband and I committed to getting healthy - only thing is - he wants to wait until Jan 1 and I am ready now. Since the holidays aren't a big thing around here (no kids at home) there is no need to worry about overeating or anything like that. If I don't buy it I figure I can't eat it! And, sadly, I have travelled this road so SO many times I know I can do it. Just questioning how to maintain it once I get there. So, I figured I would join this forum and gather support from others. It's funny- when I woke up this am I fed the dogs, jumped on the elliptical and couldn't wait to visit the boards and see how folks were doing. You folks were inspiring me and you didn't even know it!


12-12-2012, 03:34 PM
Hi to all :sunny:

We are a very active group :love: I can't keep up with personals :lol:

Guacamole I am so sorry that your son was bullied like that, kids can be so cruel.

:welcome3: Courtney You just joined a fabulous group of ladies!!

olehcat I want cookies as well :D You made me smile :)

kelijpa I hear you... I was hoping for a loss, but if I can maintain, I'll take it. We can do this!!!

Zumba Thinking of you!!

Liz I loved your xmas card

Moving Forward I hate when that happens!!

To everyone else :wave:


I have taken 15000 steps today, and it is only 2:30 in the afternoon :woohoo: I have been cleaning my house and I took a 4.5 mile walk. -- We have another showing tonight. I am tired of keeping my house spotless at all times, it would be nice if this second showing produced a decent offer and I could start concentrating on packing and moving. We have two houses that we are interested in and it would be nice to be able to secure one of them :)

So off I go to clean some more.

Sending :dust: to everyone.

12-12-2012, 04:40 PM
Thanks for all the kind words everyone! Quick check-in today. I weighed in this morning at 151lbs. Not as bad as I had feared. Two NSVs happened to me-

1. My doctor's office has the smallest hospital gowns ever! At my high weight I couldn't even close them, last year I could barely tie the strings together, and this year they fit with room to spare! Woo hoo! I finally fit into those small a&* gowns!

2. I went to a department store to try on some evening gowns for an upcoming wedding. I fit into a size 8! I know it was vanity sizing because this was an upscale department store, but still! A single digit size - even if for only a moment! Woo hoo! I still haven't found the right dress, though. Still looking.

Anyway, overall a good day. Hope you all are doing well!

12-12-2012, 09:04 PM
Thanks for your support everybody. I took out my Belly Fat cure book and will try and start that tomorrow........hopefully I'll make some progress before Christmas.

Stayed in all day....no desire to go anywhere....needed the time out.......ready to start over now......

Will go food shopping tomorrow for all the stuff I need for the jump start of the diet....

12-12-2012, 09:10 PM
gUAC....great NSVs!

SUM...good luck with the showing!

2fatcats....good for you for notvwaiting until January 1!!!!

OLEHCAT.....I had cookies today....you just wanted them.

Kelijpa.....you are making progress..don't forget that!

12-13-2012, 02:54 AM

Another busy, busy day at work. Evenso, I ate well & drank my H2O. went for a 40 min. walk with H this AM, before work. I was wondering to myself on the way home from work if hot flashes burn calories...I REALLY HOPE SO!!! :hot: I think that would be a reasonable pay off for going through the change, right? ;)

guacamole: I like that you fit in a SINGLE DIGIT dress, who cares if it wasn't the one. :rofl: About the hospital gown! I HATE those things!!! I always feel like I'm putting on a "show" for everyone & believe me, I DON'T WANT TO!!

zumba: Good luck! Sometimes reaching back to something we know worked is helpful. I've been thinking about adding even more strength training, I just feel like it's needed...can't hurt. Let us know how it goes!

SUM: Good luck with the housing situation. And congrats on keeping moving. You inpire me, girl!

2fatcats: :welcome2: Why wait til Jan. 1? Do you know that in 2 weeks you can pretty much solidify new, healthy habits? You might even drop some pounds? Sure, many people start on New Year's but why be "normal"? If you have the desire to start, I say start! Strike while the iron is HOT & you have all us right here with you! GO FOR IT!!!

olehcat: I know what you mean about cravings. Earlier this evening it popped into my head I wanted a burger & fries. WHATT?? I said, "You've been good for this long. Do you really want it?" I decided no & brewed myself a cup of extra spicy chia tea. All was good. One thing I try to do, is ask myself 3 or 4 times do I really, really want it...usually the craving goes away. Most times it's just something I've seen, smelled or I'm stressing about something.

kelijpa: If it weren't for my mom we wouldn't be able to give toys at all. Mom is 84 & really doesn't get out a whole lot. Not that she can't do it, I think she is self-conscious of her ever so slight limp...she broke her leg last spring & with her age, arthritis I don't think it healed perfectly. She is still a go-getter. She lives on our home ranch alone where she takes care of her 2 dogs, 1 house cat, 6 barn cats, 1 mule & 2 burros. The animals are the reason she gets out of be each day. SHE IS MY HERO! Tough as nails, but kind, giving & loving.

It was soo cute! I'm sitting here catching up with everyone on the board & H asks, "So how are the gals in your group?" He's so cute! Maybe I'll have to get a photo of the 2 of us together & post. Anywhos have a great Thursday!


12-13-2012, 08:43 AM
No time for individual responses this morning (ugh, running late, as usual!), but I weighed in at a new low this morning! 141.2!! SO excited. It's so possible to be 140.something tomorrow if I eat clean today!

*needs some of sum38's will power dust* :D

Have a great Thursday, all!

12-13-2012, 10:47 AM
Good morning all!!! Boy, I love to read all your lovely ladies daily posts.
I am sorry I do not have time to reply to each one but want to send hugs to all struggling and high fives to those of you having success!

My food has been okay. Some days I have been on track at 1200 calories and some days I have been closer to maintenance at 1700 or so. My scale is not moving keeps bouncing between 167-165 wish it would go down and not up. If I hit 164 by the end of the month, I will have made my 3lb loss for the month. Of course, I would like it to be more but doubt it will happen.
We have a holiday lunch of pizza today and while I will limit myself to one or two pieces, that is all that will be available to eat.
I am on day 10 of not smoking reg. cigs. I love my e-cig and have found a wealth of information on the net about them and a very active forum for e-cig users. Still not shouting I quit smoking from the roof top because I've been there done that so many times but am hopeful because I do not even crave a reg. cig right now and my brain is not constantly looking for ways to get them.
Have a wonderful day ladies!!!

12-13-2012, 11:00 AM
Thanks for the Welcomes! As SUM said, We are an active group. In an effort to stay on top of things – I’m going to start gradually with the most recent posts. I have read all of them but replying to them all is daunting!

guacamole: So sorry you and your son had to endure the ‘fat mom’ comment. I was the child of a ‘fat mom’ and sadly I was embarrassed. Who knew I would become one, too? About a year ago my younger daughter (21) posted a little blip on her FB about “not wanting to end up like my mom’s side of the family. They’re all fat.” It hurt. AND I was thin at the time!! In my mind the thin times cancelled out the heavy ones. Not so…. Looks like the heavy times outweigh the thin ones:D. Sounds like you are an amazing mom, though, and your son clearly loves you! I wonder if all kids are embarrassed of their moms for some reason or another? My DH tells a story of the last time his mom embarrassed him: He was 8 years old and forgot his lunch money. He was sitting there in the cafeteria when he heard his mom yelling his name across the room. When he turned – there she was – tube top (braless), ripped off super-short -shorts, and flip flops - waving the money in the air. His friends started laughing and pointing at her. He hunkered down in the chair and pretended he didn’t know her. When he saw her give up and leave, he said she looked so hurt. And it was his fault. So (even at 8 years old) he realized that the kids teasing couldn’t hurt him – but if he listened to them - he could hurt his mom - and that wasn’t okay. Incredible man I have!!

mrstryingagain: I hope hot flashes burn calories, too!! I didn’t even know what peri-menopause was until last January at my yearly. I thought I was too young @41. Both my sisters are older (52 and 54) and are M-A-D at me. They say I always get everything sooner/better/or more than they did just cause I’m the baby!:yes: Great that your DH is so supportive! Mine says he has a ‘plan’ for his Jan 1 start date but won’t tell me what.
To ALL: Great job and Keep it up!

12-13-2012, 03:03 PM
Hello Ladies~
whoever thinks the 40s is easy obviously hasn't been here yet lol! sometimes i seem so organized and on top of things and most times.... so not UGH!
had a head cold all last week and its all i can do to function when i have them but got thru it in a matter of days yeehaa! for my dd n dh to give me a new round of something that i felt coming on bright and early yesterday morning. but on the up side ive stuck to my daily work-outs even if i didnt give them my all i did stay on schedule there. i dont eat much when im sick so over doing it isn't a worry or issue there its just lack of movement that gets me.
nemom~ think of it this way... it defeats the purpose of trying to get healthy with food and exercise if your gonna smoke! i "quit" in july but didnt make it official til almost september myself and thats my reason for sticking to it. im more active and energetic and enjoy the taste of my food even more. you can do it!
guaq~ you said it the best way ever... its tough growing up and its tough being a grown up! talking is the best medicine getting everything out ive found!
hello all you ladies of the 40s and welcome to an awesome and caring group of like minded ladies!
zumba~ don't let life get the best of you, you get the best out of life! just step back and look from the outside in and you can always find that silver lining!
sum~ you have an awesome fashion sense and cant wait to be able to wear awesome clothes again! i'm slowly emptying my closet of "fat clothes" so that when im at goal i have room for all the new "skinny clothes" i wanna get lol!
liz~ please send some of your warm weather my way, winter always gets the best of me! i think im part plant because i crave sunshine, warmth and fresh air lol!
ok time for the 2nd half of my day to begin im sure i missed some of you ladies but its not intentional hugs to all and in the words of guaq... keep plugging along lol!

12-13-2012, 05:44 PM
okay guys just a quick one today..i am sure some of you are breathing a sigh of relief..lol..lol...okays went to funeral yesterday and strayed off plan...making up for it today with shakes and veges..but might sneak a turkey burger in there for the evening meal...not sure though....cannot use the 25m pool...it has a ramp and it is sooooo much easier to get in and out of...when you have done the exerises you feel like you weigh a tonne...anyways the big pool only has ladders of course and i am sooooooo afraid of being stuck in there and not being able to get out i don't think i will brave the water but wait until monday..going to have a sort of rest day from exercise today just doing one session of pilates and some walking with dh and doggie early this evening...giving my back and legs a bit of a rest....won't do the pool on the weekends either...will just do some walking and pilates instead...back at it on monday...just wanted to say thanks to everybody for being so warm and welcoming here and soo helpful too..i have learned sooo much in this short time...oh good news i have gotten into a top my bestie bought me and it is loose..it was not when i tried it on for the first time..whoooooooooot whoooooooot..i have lost a bit i think but there is stilll heaps to do!!..working on it!!...anyways wishing everybody good health and a happy day!!...cheers liz

12-13-2012, 06:09 PM
Good afternoon, ladies!

I actually got to sleep in some this morning. It was nice! When I got up, I made H & I a healhty breakfast of oatmeal & fresh fruit. NUM! NUM! Had to make a few phone calls..seeing about med help for H (we should have hear something by now) & also calling the dr. to see what pain relievers H may be able to take. He is taking Warfarin, a blood thinner, so he can't take aspirin or any other things like Tylenol. We'd like to know what would be OK since he does have muscle aches & headaches now & then.

dangerouscurves: Glad you were able to keep on track, even if your heart/soul wasn't really in it! That's proof of your commitment to be healthy. Thank you for setting a great example! I'm so proud of you & NEMom stoppping smoking! Major applause from me!

2fatcats: Yes, bullying is B$! I'm putting it lightly. I don't get it & what's sad is some IDIOTS do not grow out of doing it! I once had a co-worker who basically bullied myself & 2 other employees..one for having a hearing problem (legally deaf) & another for being a minority. I finally had my fill & went to HR about it. Needless to say, he NO LONGER works for the company. I also found out his girlfriend kicked him to the curb for being a jerk (being kind) & he can't hold down a job...gee, I wonder why?!!! :?: Bullying like what he was doing...is called harrassment in the work place. Joking is one thing...being a horse's behind is another. Just know this, we can lose weight & get healthy, but most times they'll still be MORONS. :yes:

NEMom: :bravo::bravo: I'm sooo proud of you for not smoking! That's soooo awesome! Keep it up! Ya know your weight might fluctuate due to your ceasing smoking...your body is used to nicotine. I'm not sure, I've never smoked, but it kinda goes to reason. You've taken away something your system is used to. Please don't get too discouraged. Keep up the awesome work & the results will come! :hug:

Gotta run. Stuff to do...more house to clean, errands to run & a walk to take. Cyber-hugs to you all!! Be good! ;)

12-13-2012, 11:18 PM
Okay girls -

Decidedly, the holidays are HARD.

I am trying (not fully committed) to keeping the scale under 140 this month...very difficult.

Just wanted to post...I'm doing my best but WOW...this month is a bear!!

12-14-2012, 04:49 AM
yes i second that sheila...this month is a real doozy...i have had a bad day..i think i am a little depressed..a good friend passed and i went to her funeral yesterday..i could have eaten a double cheese burger or a sub or anything really but i did not..instead i went home from shopping and cooked up a turkey mince pasta (the no fat..no carb stuff) with garlic, hbc sauce and some hot stuff with a bit of tomatoe/mustard sauce...it was really yummy then i sat down and watched hysteria the movie and loved it and downed a whole bag of those air popped sour cream and chive potatoe thingys...supposed to be low in fat compared to normal potatoe chips..hmm did not feel good doing this at all....in fact will not in future...would rather stick to my meal plans but never the less i believe i made the best choices i could cosidering i was craving fat and carbs....would have loved a bag of buttery popcorn..actually picked up a packet but put it back..did the same with some pringles as well....my calories per day are very little and so is the carb intake...so i am still under my recommended level of calories for the day...as per my fitness pal...tis interesting to use it..i am also not very active today...wallowing a bit in sadness i think...and very sore back..so had a day of rest..but hoping to go walking with hubby and dog this afternoon though...one good thing is that i won a 4kg ham this morning at bingo with dad and step mum...uncle is coming to visit for a few days so i will not be on much if at all...wishing everyone a good happy and heathful weekend....see you on monday sometime i think....oh i hope to stay on plan...i feel sooo much better doing so....cheers liz

12-14-2012, 08:22 AM
I have officially lost 10 pounds since my high of 151.2 in October. My weigh-in this morning was 141.0, which was a miracle considering I had frozen pizza and wine for dinner last night. :-p I finally got some sleep last night because my doctor prescribed me codeine cough medicine for my awful cough that's been keeping me awake. That didn't stop my cat from wanting to play at 3 a.m., though!

@MrsTryingAgain - yay for getting to sleep in! Sleep can really make everything seem better.

@sheila - I hear you! This time of year is HARD for weight control.

@lizard - I'm sorry about your friend passing.

@NEMom - WOW! You are awesome for not smoking for that long. Keep it up! I know it's hard.

Happy Friday everyone!

12-14-2012, 09:06 AM

I am so sorry Liz

MrsT I slept till 9:45 am yesterday morning. It felt sooo good. I don't remember last time that happened. Glad that you got some zzzz's

12-14-2012, 12:55 PM
I'm seein a littler silhouetto of a w'man!
Had a whoosh! Had a whoosh!
Will you do the fan-dang-go?
Thunderbolt and lightning....Getting more slight-ning! ME!!!
Galileo. Galileo.
Galileo. Figaro. Magnifico O o o o..
She's just a fat girl, nobody loves her.
Spare her her life from her monstrosity.....

ok ok.....you get the point......I've had a tough TWELVE whole days with that scale and battling demons :devil:....Been tryin to stay on the wagon...hanging on by the fingernails sometimes. Finally, one whoosh and I'm finally out of the 40s!!!!! :goodscale: Ha-le-LU-ya :carrot:. Been worried I was on the wrong track and doing everything wrong.

OK...I'm gonna change my ticker/tracker now....yay!....and go do a happy dance on top of the doghouse.

Check in with ya later.

12-14-2012, 01:08 PM
Hi All,

Seemyfeet: you had me giggling with the song, now i'm singing it in my head....

I'm popping in quickly before i have to get into the shower. That Aqua class always has me drenched to the bone, it is SO HOT in the pool room..UGH....I can't tell if i'm sweating form a workout or from the humidity in the room.....

Today is day ONE of my Belly Fat Cure diet. So far so good. Got to have bacon and eggs this morning (yummm) and i just had pecans for a snack. Afternoon I get to have tuna fish and some greens....dinner is protein and vegetables....I really have to do this, i've been feeling so SICKLY lately.....really bad digestive problems probably from all the junk food and unhealthy way of eating.....not enough water.....back on track so far....hope to continue this until Christmas :p:p

I consider teaching class this morning my workout but i'm going to try and get my yoga DVD done tonight......I feel the need to stretch.....

Have a good day everyone...i'll catch up with everyone later. I don't think anyone here should feel that they HAVE to personally address everyone else, this thread should not be stressful .....:)


12-14-2012, 01:55 PM
Office holiday party this morning at work - everyone brought food in - and I completely went off the wagon!! Feel HORRIBLE - just stuffed and bloated...ate a bagel with cream cheese (at least it was whole wheat)....then for lunch not one, but TWO trips through the buffet - cheese, pasta salad - a complete BINGE.

My daughter and I have doctors appointments this afternoon - so I am now home for the day and because we don't need to leave for an hour, I am getting on the treadmill and running a 5K. Maybe burn at least SOME of it off - and I know I will be going into the doctor all sweaty, but I don't care - - I need to kick up my metabolism to process all of those stupid carbs!!!! UH!

Tonight - SOUP - uh, NO CRACKERS....sheesh the holidays are HARD!!!!

12-14-2012, 02:38 PM
Okay - just got off the treadmill - sweating like crazy. Only did 2.75 miles (32 minutes) - I just feel so literally HEAVY after having binged - - hopefully my metabolism is on overdrive burning some of that junk off!!

Glad I did it though - again, I'll be sweaty for the Dr, but he should applaud the exercise effort (uh, he's an eye doctor, but oh well..LOL)

Tonight - no kids - - aaaaahhhhh....so I'm going to wrap presents and just relax!

I hate to say this, but I'm ready for the holidays to be over. The needles are starting to fall off the tree...everyone is rushing around - WAY too many food temptations, invites out for drinks....I'm sincerely trying to appreciate it, but honestly am looking forward to having a more stable schedule back.

Well - gotta go and get ready for my last appointment of the day!

Hope everyone has a great evening....

12-14-2012, 05:17 PM
Happy Friday all!
I totally agree the holidays are so hard. Went to a college holiday party yesterday for lunch and stuffed myself with pizza. I did have salad but I also ate one cookie and 4 pieces of pizza. Surprisingly, my scale is still stuck on 166 thought I would show some type of gain after my binge but only up 1 lb for now.
Tomorrow we are having one of our family Christmases. We do soup so that is not so bad if I can stay away from all the candy and treats.

Hoping you all have a wonderful day and weekend!!!

12-14-2012, 11:14 PM

Eventhough I don't celebrate the holidays...the last few months have been stressful, so I may as well be in the midst of them. On top of H's medical issues, our truck decided it needed $350 in repairs today! Decided to loose the power steering! :faint: Oh, well, we've been through worse...just another stupid bump in the road!
Took H in for his blood test. This is when we found out about the truck's issue. H also had questions about taking pain relievers while on Warfarin. Warfarin is a blood thinner & there's a warning about taking anything. Made me furious cause we tried for 3 days to get an answer. But we have it. Fortunately H can rest more easily now...his legs don't hurt any more. :)
I was so frustrated today. I couldn't believe all the garbage going on (slowness in answers & truck). Then I hear about what happened in CT. WHY? WHY? Innocent children who just started living their lives? I just don't understand such violence ESPECIALLY against someone who's never harmed anyone. I just had to get out my own head & walk...so today with my MP3 player blaring I walked for 1.5 hrs (probably 5-6 miles). I know it's good for my health & it would be the only way for me to wind down to sleep tonight.
Am I the only one who does this? That when it all builds up & you just can't add any more...the exercise is on the verge of being a rage in & of itself? It's the only way I can process & crank it all down to where I'm calmer.

NEMom: Good luck tomorrow! Forget about the stuffing of pizza. It was a minor slip. Move forward & keep going, lady! You can do this! :)

Sheila: Good job on the treadmill! Wish I had $$ & space for a treadmill/eliptical machine. It was really cold outside this afternoon, but I needed to walk & burn some calories. enjoy your time wrapping gifts. I always have fond memories of wrapping gift with my mom (for her grandkids) on Christmas eve. We'd have carols playing & have hot tea/cocoa & cookies. Just think Christmas is only 11 day away...hang on, lady! Then you can look forward to 2013! We'll be right there with you!

Zumba: Sometimes a good stretch is all you need! Just ask my cat! :lol: Glad your getting a good start on your "Belly Fat Cure". Go, Zumba! Go, Zumba! :cheer2::cheer3:

SeeMyFeet: I'm holding out my hand, I'll help you stay on the wagon! Together we can do this! I was a bit off on food today, but I'M NOt going to let that derail me! Together we can do this! I pull you, you push me...then someone else pulls someone else, who pushes someone else. We're a good crew & we'll help each other reach our goals!! Let's go, girls!!

olehcat: :congrat: Good job on the weight loss! WOO HOO!! :woohoo: PROUD OF YOU! Gotta love your cat! Sounds like mine! She DEMANDS attention when she WANTS it! Clock be damned! I hope the meds your dr gave you are helping. I hate coughs that won't go away! :hug:

Liz: So sorry for your loss. :hug: I wish I knew what to say. Loosing someone you love, especially at this time of year, is rough. We're here for you. :grouphug: Sending you :goodvibes: :dust: to carry your through til you are with us again! Will miss you. Be healthy! Be strong! We are with you in spirit!


12-15-2012, 08:08 AM
Good morning everyone!

Busy day today - I just got out of the shower and will wrap some presents before going to my kickboxing class. Then after class we are all going to go shopping for a family we are sponsoring for Christmas, then a group lunch...hmmm...guess it's not that busy after all because then I'm DONE! LOL

Am committing to NO STARCHY CARBS today - and also no cleaning ;) - saving that fun for tomorrow. Hope everyone has a great day!


12-15-2012, 10:58 AM
Sick to my stomach over the CT tragedy.....close to home and feeling overwhelming sadness today.

I think even though I was following BFC yesterday I took in too many calories late in the day.....I can't weight to see this scale go down.....

Snowy sleet tomorrow.....so I'll be getting some shopping in tonight....no money but I'll make do.....

More later........

12-15-2012, 11:05 AM
hello ladies, im sitting in my fuzzy jammies drinking my morning coffee n hoping the sun will shine soon cuz my dd n i have a day of hiking n being outside planned n we r so excited! Now if the sun will cooperate lol. Hoping for another good scale reading monday ive officially earned my yr membership to the YMCA for 2013 that was my prize to myself IF i made onederland before or by end of 2012! Now out of 190s by tax time (jan-feb) n cpl new work-out outfits! Well time to get dressed have a great day yall!

12-15-2012, 08:43 PM
Feeling so gross right now because I ate totally off plan today. ;-p I hate that. I have some success (like my low weigh in on Friday) and then I self-sabotage. Such a pattern with me. And tomorrow I'm going out to lunch with my mom and there won't be a lot of healthy choices. Well, at least I'm not surrounded by holiday cookies! :D

Seemyfeet – congrats on the whoosh!!!!!

Zumbachica – good luck staying on the straight and narrow! Your food plan looks like it would be very effective! I’m feeling very sick over the tragedy, too. It’s very close to home for me, as I am a teacher in an elementary school. I was crying last night, just imagining all my students that I work with (I’m a reading teacher who works with multiple grade levels). I can’t wrap my mind around it.

Sheila – I hear you. I feel so gross tonight because I had frozen pizza again and it’s just sitting in my stomach being gross. Blech.

Mrstryingagain – the meds are awesome! I’ve had a few cough-free nights! Not cat-free though, *sigh*

12-16-2012, 01:10 AM
Well I hadn't heard the news or read Lizz's post when I posted yesterday. Feeling foolish for being happy about a silly whoosh.

So sorry for your loss Lizz.

I thought the CT governor's speech last night was appropriate, poignant and elegant. Nothing can really be said. Things will be better in the future, I am sure. Better prognostics for potential mental health disorders. We've seen a lot of changes in our society over the years, 40s ladies, and I am confident that we will witness drastic improvements in the mental health field.

Sleep well, ladies, and work hard tomorrow! Be strong for those who need you.

12-16-2012, 01:52 AM
A quick post. Tomorrow is my weigh-in day. I'm hoping for a loss, but if I don't get one...I'll understand. It's seems like with me going through the change...my weight loss is kinda slooooooooow.
I walked for 40 mins this AM. It was really, really cold out, so I was about the only one out & about! My the scale gods make it pay off! ;) Ate healthy & ran my bum off at work today, too! I'm tired, so heading to bed soon.

SeeMyFeet: I know what you mean. I'm just baffled by what to think. But then I felt that way with Columbine, the moive theatre attack & now this. It makes me wonder what the freak is wrong with parts of this world.

olehcat: Pick your healhiest options. Enjoy the time with your mom. I love my time with my mom. Sorry about the cat...sounds like yours is a twin of mine! She cried in my ear this AM at 5:30 & I wasn't getting up til 8! All she wanted was a head scratch.

Zumba: I'm just numb basically about CT. I think it's emotion overload. Whatever you do, your kids will love. Cause they love you.

dangerous: Hope you got a hike in! I'll be doing that this spring. :crossed: Hope you get that membership! I'd love to get one, but we don't have a Y near here. Oh, well.

Sheila: Hope your busy day was still a healthy day! Kickboxing looks like fun. How long you been at it? Is it hard? Would like to know, maybe even try it some day. :)

Well, I've got work in the AM again. I hope I'll be able to get up early enough for a walk, even if it's cold & wet out.


12-16-2012, 08:44 AM
Hello everyone,

Yesterday was a good day. :) One of my new years resolutions is to try to expand my social network outside of work (like everyone here! :) ). Kickboxing is definitely helping with that and also with toning and strengthening my core!

Trying Again - I think the kickboxing classes are all a little different some like mine use bags and gloves, others are more like an aerobics class and just make the motions in the air...but we kickbox to music and at the end we are all soaking wet from sweat (aka: "fat tears" ;) )....we work EVERY muscle - and everyone goes at their own pace and level of capability - you should try it!!!

I've been kickboxing for years but it's been off and on and in 2013 I'm going to start making it to class at least 2 times a week and run 3 times a week. I love to run, but this group of people are just great.

Which brings me back to yesterday! As a class, we decided to sponsor a family through the "adopt a family" Christmas program. So after class yesterday, we all went to Target with their "wish lists" broke into "teams" and filled carts :-) We all had to chip in a little more money because it was a little more expensive than we thought it would be...but it was awesome bonding time for us and we all felt really good about it. :) Then after we were done shopping we all went for lunch and drinks...sat at the restaurant for 3 hours and just talked and laughed....now I'm going to a Christmas Eve party and also a New Years Eve party!! :carrot::carrot:

It really is funny how everything is connected to everything...by making this group and my kickboxing team my core social networks, I am also fueling my health and weight loss because all of us share core values! :-) So for those of you who haven't joined an exercise class, you may want to consider it! It's worth the money for so many reasons! :-)

Today is cleaning day (sigh)...it must be done. But first I have several presents laying in the living room that I have to wrap, and I also need to pack a couple of mailing boxes to ship out tomorrow. Then when the floor is cleared I can clean. :-) I think I'll be able to start cleaning at 8:30 - - and with any luck, I can have the first floor done by noon...then the second floor hopefully by 2 or 3...that will be my workout today....then tomorrow kickboxing in the evening again (and then after we are going to all wrap the presents we bought for this family :) ).

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!


12-16-2012, 09:17 AM
I need to whine for a bit. All my fault. Nobody else's fault. I've eaten rather poorly from Thursday evening through yesterday. Not a huge amount of food, no binging. I never felt FULL. Just not good choices. Thursday evening had some frozen pizza for dinner and wine. I just was so sick of the healthy soups and salads I'd been having. Friday I had candy and popcorn at a movie. Again, I didn't have a lot of either. I ordered a small popcorn and probably ate about 1/4 of the bag. But you know, lots of butter and oil on that, as well as salt. And the candy was yum and I ate it fast. AND I had a soda and I haven't had a soda in ages. Oh, and I had had a doughnut that morning. Ugh. Yesterday, again, didn't eat a big amount of food, but it was mostly not healthy food. Breakfast was okay, as it was an omelet and was delicious. Lunch was okay, a lentils and beans dish but I did have tortilla chips on the side. Then for dinner I had frozen pizza again, SIGH, and more wine. I had planned to eat really clean yesterday so I can enjoy my lunch out today with my mom.

SO I weighed in at 143.2 this morning, after having my low of 141 on Friday. I know I couldn't have actually gained 2.2 real pounds in two days, but it's going to take DAYS for this water retention to go away, isn't it? And I can't eat totally clean today because I'm going to a Mexican restaurant for lunch.

I guess I will try to order shrimp fajitas without the tortillas for lunch and try to avoid eating the chips and salsa.

I hate it when I can't handle continuing to eat healthy on the weekends. I think it would be fine if I had ONE cheat meal or situation, like if I had treated myself to treats at the movie on Friday and then gone back to eating healthy right afterward. But I have this history of just thinking WHEE, it's the weekend, I get to eat whatever! And then it takes forever to get back to where I was, even with perfect clean eating during the week, and maybe if I'm really, really lucky, I might lose like .4 of a pound. This is why my weight loss is so slow lately.

That, and I haven't been able to exercise. I still have chest congestion that is making taking deep breaths as you get during heavy exercise really difficult. I'm hoping to start up again today. We'll see how that goes. I tried once this week and found it to be very difficult to keep from having a coughing fit. But now I'm feeling flabby and icky, after about 2 weeks off from exercise.

Sorry, I just totally needed to vent and whine this morning. Thanks for listening!

12-16-2012, 09:34 AM
thanks for the good wishes all, I'm only on page 8 with a wicked headached, as DH says I'm as dry as a cork, it's windy as heck out here, maybe that dried things up, thanks for the smiles, making me feel better and still have pages to go to catch up!
:goodvibes :sunny:

SeeMyFeet~thanks for the smile, it's nice to have a bright spot in the midst of the sadness about unthinkable acts.

thanks Olehcat, reading through here made me feel better, I think I'm going to boil a little water on the stove and breathe in some steam see if that helps and take the little dog for a walk.

Went to NYC with my mom and dear friend yesterday, not the best OP day to say the least 176.6 this morning, so I had me a scrambled egg, going to make sure I get some exercise and water in me today.

Liz, so sorry for your loss.

best to all

12-16-2012, 09:40 AM
whee, I'm excited, though - I just added a diet blog to my profile!!

kellijpa - I hope you feel better soon!

12-16-2012, 11:20 AM
Liz.....so sorry for your loss....

Well I screwed up yesterday because I baked cookies. I was going to allow myself two....I had way more than that. I would have been OP had it not been for those cookies.....atleast theybhadoatmeal in them so I got some fiber. :D:D

I notice that I now "feel fat"....I'm walking differently and thighs are rubbing together.....I feel heavy....I keep thinking about my obese friend and me helping her out of her hospital bed to get her to the bathroom and what an ordeal it was for her....not because she was in pain but because of her weight.....the human body was meant to move.....it wasn't created to carry around a ton of extra weight.......I'll get off my soap box now...

I'm going to head on over to Walmart....get a few gifts for my boys...and then get a chicken because my younger son is complaining of stomach ache....that didnt stop him from eating two big slices of challah french toast! I have the skinniest kids alive ..I used to be that way....never thoughtbthendaynwould come that I'd be worrying about my weight......or a divorce.....or having a job.......

Have a good day ladies, I'm off to make myself pretty. I make it a point to do my face and look decent every day no matter how I'm feeling...because the sweatpant look makes me even more depressed.....


12-16-2012, 01:33 PM
12:30 - Done with the first floor! Now need to gear up for the second floor (sigh) - I'm thinking of it as a day of exercise...LOL And I will feel SO much better going into the workweek with the whole house CLEAN!

Over the holiday break I am going to seriously CLEANSE and PURGE a few clutter zones...I know I'm going to have to make several trips to Goodwill, but it will feel good to 1. Know it's not all going to the trash, and 2. To start the new year without all of my excess "stuff" that I never use!

Break time - then second floor!

12-16-2012, 02:56 PM
Happy Sunday All!

I was such a good girl yesterday! DH and I went to the movies with a plan! - I took water and my normal snack - fiber muffin w/ low sodium pb and sugar-free (plus fiber) jelly for my snack. Turns out my jeep had other plans for us though. Dead battery- 20 miles from home, too! After getting a jump, driving to autoparts store, buying and installing a new one, we missed the movie by 5 minutes. AHH! Rather than drive back home (40minutes) we walked around the mall for 2.5 hours. Free exercise I figured!:) My snack wasn't going to make it for 2.5 hours then a 3 hour movie, though. So we ate at the healthiest place available - subway. No sauce, nothing fatty - total of 356 calories. DH had a sauce-laden/extra cheese footlong with a regular soda and 2 cookies. Sigh. And then bought peanut butter m&ms for the movie - with another soda. Sigh. I was super good, even had grilled chicken for dinner. I was even under my total calories for the day by 100! SO - imagine my dismay this am when the scale read UP 1.6 lbs!!!!!:mad: That's over 5200 calories EXTRA!!! TOM is a week away so it's gotta be all the sodium, right? :?: . I was shy 2 of my normal 6 (20oz) glasses of water, too. I should have known when I woke up and my mouth was so parched I could hardly swallow. So today I am drinking drinking drinking extra water to flush it out. And I thought I had been so good. But - still better than eating like DH did. He says he has a 'plan' for Jan 1. Can't wait to find out what that could be. . . .
Mondays are my weekly weigh-in and if I don't GAIN again I will still be down 3lbs for the week. So I'm happy!
Monday starts the new exercise week - 5x instead of 3x.

12-16-2012, 04:26 PM
Fat cat.....the nice thing about sodium weight is that it isn't fat....drink extra water and you will flush it all out! I give you a lot of credit...I couldn't go to the movies and not get popcorn and snocaps!

Sheila...I love decluttering! Hard for me since I am a pack rat but it feels so good afterwards! Clutter makes me depressed......good for you for cleaning your house today.....kickboxing rocks! It's the only thing that got my triceps hard....

Olehcat...how do you add a blog?

Kelij....feel better...

12-17-2012, 12:29 AM
OK laaaadeeees,

After an emotional weekend (for many reasons), time to hit RE-SET :drill:.

But 1st......a few words to those of you who keep mentioning buttery popcorn. My TH (aka "the enabler") introduced me to this luxury and convenient foodstuff, and I, too, would get the cravings when he would simply ask: "want popcorn?" .....drool like Pavlov's dog.... We used to munch on the microwave version....now I can't stand the stuff...Part of what helped curb my interest was knowledge of how artificial the product is....plus burning it a few times!.....If you haven't already....google Dangers of Microwave Popcorn, perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), Popcorn Workers Lung, and diacetyl. Yeah, I know, everything causes cancer, and diacetyl is a natural substance in butter....but hopefully this info will give you pause the next time you reach for this stuff....it really is unnatural and unhealthy.....worked for me anyways....

zumba--Thighs rubbing together?!?!?!?! At your wt?!?!?! Nahhhhhh... More likely your bulging thigh muscles reaching to kiss each other in admiration!!!!

Sheila--My goal is also to improve my social network....at work (I work for a large organization) and elsewhere. I've been in a work/kids/work/kids grinding cycle for too long, and my immediate cow-orkers are self-centered bullies and AHs (perdon). I need Toxic relief. This forum definitely helps. All the ladies have been so supportive and non-judgmental. What a welcome relief!

OK....RE-SET....well.....I had my 1 month New Birthday a few days ago and I was not in the mood for reflection or celebration much.....Disappointed because I had not achieved as much weight loss or done as much exercise as I had planned. But.....I did hang on to a 10# loss in the 1st month and I have hung on to the mindset (barely)....I know I can do this, but I clearly need to work harder on training my brain....not letting life events or AHs get to me.....I also need to get religious about exorcise. Stronger in mind and stronger in body. I have been overwhelmed because, frankly, I have TOO MANY big and important goals...and holidays have been adding to that drowning feeling. Sometimes I just get paralyzed because I have so many directions I should be running. At the same time, I have A LOT of weight to lose....& I am too impatient. That Event next summer is constantly on my mind.....sometimes it's motivating.....other times, deflating......I don't want to feel like a Big Failure next summer.....

OK.....money where my mouth is....going to exorcise RIGHT NOW!!!

12-17-2012, 02:10 AM
ZIP! Out the window it went! :( I didn't get up early enough to go for a walk this AM...the bed was just to cozy. So I told myself, "Well, I'll eat healthy & have plenty of water." ERROR! Ate well til about 7, when I got off work. Ate tons of pizza, had soda (which I haven't had in over a month)...will try again tomorrow.
What happened? Work. We are severly short-staffed & busy than a one legged man in a butt-kicking contest!! My boss? MORON! He doesn't schedule well, he doesn't hire people & to make matters worse we have a broken door at work. The stupid thing will not stay closed, so all the cold air comes blowing in! Today the shop was about 56 degrees & we are expected to work, be happy & effcient. It's been broke for over 2 MONTHS!!! Tomorrow I think I'm going to contact HR cause this is ridiculous & sub-standard working conditions. I'd just prefer to have the worthless jerk fired & have our asst. man. take over! We'd all be happier & probably warmer!
Sorry, I'm just really super frustrated. If I could quit tomorrow, I WOULD! I guess if I were to ask Santa for a gift this Christmas it would be a decent job!!!

SeeMyFeet: I'm a big popcorn fan too, but I have found that since I've started eating healthier I don't crave it as much. Fact is I think I've only had it 2 or 3 times in the last month & a half. Used to be 2 or 3 times a week! Re-set...affirmative. I wish you the best of luck with it! Let us know how it goes!

2fatcats: Good job on making the best of your situation. I wonder if my truck talked to your jeep! Mine lost power steering, yours the battery dies. IT'S CONSPIRACY!!! :devil: Subway is pretty decent for a fast food type place. What did you see? Was it good?

Sheila: You inspire me. I've got a lot of things to clean out & get rid of! I guess I just need to take one of my days off from each week, go through some & haul it away. Slim down my junk as I slim down myself.

olehcat: I'll have to check it out! I have one too. I forgot how much I enjoy writing & it helps to get things out of my head.

Lastly...the scale gods DIDN'T smile at me. :mad: I'm holding steady. I should be happy, but compound it with work stress & I'm not. I think I'll toss out in front of a moving bus tomorrow! The stop is basically right outside my door so I won't get too wet or cold! :stress:

12-17-2012, 07:28 AM
Hello Ladies!

Monday (sigh) - - LOL. But my LAST week of work for this year! WOO HOO!!! :carrot:

I am so ready for a break! Just going to take this week one day at a time. Today after work I will kickbox for an hour then we will wrap our presents for the family we are sponsoring...

To make matters worse - PMS...grrrrrr...

At any rate, I am going to focus, make my "to do" list, and work it. :)

My goal for the rest of this month is not to lose, but to simply "maintain"...it is just TOO difficult. So that's why my exercise is so important...as long as I'm breaking a sweat every day, I can be a little "bad" and hopefully not gain for these last two weeks...PMS definitely isn't helping.

TryingAgain - uh, lower than 60 degrees?!? Really? Unbelievable!!! Yes - you should definitely take this up with HR!!!!!! Sheesh - reminds me of Scrooge - just ask them if you can have at least ONE lump of coal...SHEESH!

SeeMyFeet - I had NO IDEA about the popcorn! OMG! wow. Thanks for sharing! And hang in there with the AHs...;) And don't let the holiday slips get you down - I've decided I'm going to do my best to get through them, but I'm not going to beat myself up (until January 1st!! LOL)

Zumba - I've been where you are - divorce with kids can definitely rock your world....hang in there - I think you are doing FABULOUS!!!!

Hope everyone has a good day!


12-17-2012, 08:18 AM
Good morning ladies...it is a cold, dark rainy Monday......son threw up this morning so he will be home from school.....scale is up to the scary number again........I bought five days worth of nutrisystem that I saw in Walmart yesterday....curious to see how much I can lose in five days......then I regretted it and I'm thinking of returning it...does anyone here have an opinion...?

I teach my classes today and I have to admit I feel very self conscious....I know people notice the weight gain.....then I feel ashamed..what kind of example am I?

Trying to feel positive today..sorry if I sound like Debbie downer but I am just reeling from the sad weekend. Winds up I know the mom of one of the kids that was killed in CT...she went to my high school.....was a sweet girl....no mother should have to lose a child that way....

Okay...I'm looking at the nutrisystem box...what should I do?...

12-17-2012, 08:19 AM
So today and all week (hopefully) I am going to eat as clean as possible. Tonight may not be completely possible, as I’m going over to some friends’ for dinner. They generally make pretty healthy food (often squash-based or lentil soups), but they are also amazing bakers with wonderful breads/desserts sometimes. I didn’t even weigh myself this morning. I knew it would be bad and why set myself up for disappointment first thing. Last night I suffered stomach cramps all night probably because of my food choices all weekend.

@zumbachica – I never thought I’d be divorced either, it’s totally surreal. This whole year has been surreal to me. I know what you mean when you gain a little extra weight how you just feel all over heavy. My thighs easily rub against each other, even when I’m at a low weight (my body is just built that way). As for the blog, I just went to the 3fatchicks main page and there was a section on member blogs. It takes you through the directions. It’s really easy! Now if I can remember to update it…(no time this morning!)

@sheila – I LOVE decluttering and purging! I did that in my kitchen last weekend. It felt so great.

@2fatcats – I think any time you eat out, there is TONS of sodium, even if it’s something full of vegetables like Subway! I know every time I eat out, I weigh in way heavier the next day. Stupid sodium! So annoying!

AND I've run out of time to reply to everyone else -- but hope you ALL have a fabulous day!

12-17-2012, 12:24 PM
olehcat - I totally agree about the sodium in restaurant foods. This morning I went to Dunkin Donuts and bought a special breakfast for my son who is visiting, but only bought a bag of ground coffee for myself. I went home and made eggs, because at least I can control how much salt I put in them. I love the D&D coffee, but I buy it in bags and make it each morning myself. I used to buy a cup at the drive-thru every morning and be tempted to buy their donuts, muffins, and sandwiches. This way, I can make the coffee at home and avoid unnecessary temptations. I've been doing this for almost 1 year and it works out well.

In other news, holiday meals and treats galore in my neck of the woods! I feel very bloated and disappointed in myself. I keep telling myself I am worth abstaining from fattening foods! My evil side tells me I am worth indulging in fattening foods! Saw the Hobbit yesterday with the family and had popcorn and Milk Duds! The movie was great - I did enjoy the treats, but man, is there anything more fattening than movie popcorn? At least we didn't get any butter on it. Also, my youngest son hogged the bag to himself and only doled out small portions to his dad and me! He actually did us a favor!

Anyway, went for a 2 mile walk this morning, although my eating is still not on track. Also, I guess I can pat myself on the back for not ordering food at Dunkin Donuts. I was really thinking about a box of Munchkins! Glad I passed.

Good luck today, everyone!

12-17-2012, 01:30 PM
Greetings All!

To all the 'disappointed' ladies: Don't be - learn from the past but don't live in it! Focus on today and be the best you that you can!

On my homefront: Turns out it was the sodium. I double checked the website and that 'healthy' 380 calorie lunch had over 3500mg of sodium! Yikes! Double yikes since I already have high blood pressure and can only have 1500 a day. I weighed in at 175.8 today, down from 177.6 yesterday! I drank so much water I got up three times last night to use the bathroom, though!

Zumba- no idea about nutrisystem. Googled it (webmd) and found that it limits women to 1200 calories. As active as you are - are you sure that is enough? That's too few for me -I eat about 1500 a day (5 mini-meals) and I measure and weigh all my food and keep my macros at F-20%, C-35%, P-45%. I have a handy little app on ipad that tracks every morsel I eat. I have discovered that when I eat too few calories - it actually slows down my weight loss- not to mention I'm STARVING and (according to my DH) cranky at 1200 calories. I think that's why I can't maintain for long - once I get to my 'goal weight' I have been deprived for so long that I tell myself I deserve this cookie/pizza/chips, etc. So now I am telling myself that I deserve to be fit and healthy!

Incorporating weights into my routine next week. I read a little blip on a website that said: Skinny girls look good in clothes. Fit girls look good naked! So I figure, why not me?:D Weight room here I come!

12-17-2012, 03:06 PM
Happy Monday all!
I had a terrible weekend as far as eating healthy. I have not gotten on the scale today and do not know if I will until maybe Thursday or Friday because the number is bound to be bad.
I did not get anything done this weekend. Did not get the laundry done, did not get the house cleaning done, did not get Christmas present wrapping done. I am embarrassed to admit that I was so hung over on Sunday I could hardly functions. Usually, I drink smarter. I try to have a glass of water for each mixed drink but not so much Saturday night.
Good news. still have not smoked a regular cig in 14 days.
Hope you all have a wonderful on plan day!!!

12-17-2012, 07:18 PM
:cheer: :woohoo: NEMom :woohoo: :cheer:

12-17-2012, 07:54 PM
2FatCats~did you see the Hobbit? we went to the 3 hour movie friday, that's what we saw, enjoyed it.

Sheila~ I want to declutter as well, I was thinking about that myself, that's a good idea for going into the new year...

I went for a long walk, it was great and there was a little sprinkle off and on that really helped my sinuses, so am feeling better, thanks for all the good wishes. I lost 1 of the 3 lbs. I gained over the weekend, so am trying to get back at it.

Zumba~I know what you mean about feeling fat at your current weight, I go back and forth, weirdness....I don't know what to say about the nutrisystem, I've done a couple day juice fast to "reboot" but not any of those shake type of things, i'm more likely to go all fruit/veg.

SeeMyFeet and MrsTryingAgain, you guys are doing great, just keep pecking away or just keep trying to keep off what you got off for the holidays, stay positive, we're in this for life, I know what you mean about being impatient, sometimes I feel like I'm doing it, can't I just skip to goal...

best to all :sunny:

12-17-2012, 08:09 PM
NEMom, I'm so proud of you with the cigs, forgive yourself the hangover and leading up to it.

12-18-2012, 12:40 AM
Hey....No Whining from me Today!!!!

I did my exorcises last night like I promised :carrot: (why did I slow down on that? I've backtracked on the asthma. grr). And I promised myself I wouldn't peek at 3FC until I did my Jack LaLane's tonight......Here I am!!!.....guess that means you're my dessert!!

I'm feeling truly back on track. Ready to tackle the forum challenges again. I told TH I was thinking about Atkins for a while....He questioned my sanity...(been there, done that).

Zumba--You only bought 5 days of Nutrisystem, so may as well give it a try. NS sounds convenient, but I just don't trust packaged goods anymore. TH used to buy me WW and Lean Cuisine, but they never helped me with weight loss. I've been religiously making my own meals from scratch, and family's as well. I'm really enjoying cooking...keeping the house warm in colder weather...and the meals have been getting more and more delicious. I found a grocer that sells fresh herbs in just the right quantity and inexpensive. All that savory goodness is better than anything that comes in a box.

Did you all happen to catch the 60 min episode on flavor enhancers?
(left off a "w" so it wouldn't automatically hyperlink)
....All those bottles......chicken in a hose.......Gross!

MrsT--you guys should drag all your space heaters to work. If management won't listen to you, maybe they'll pay attention to an enormous heating bill! Plus, you'll be more comfy. I have one at work (illegal!) and a humidifier.

NEmom--Woot Woot!! I know your family will be proud of you this holiday, too!!

Stay strong, ladies.....be nice to your scales....

Moving Forward
12-18-2012, 01:09 AM
2FatCats-- My New Years resolution this year is going to be to start weight lifting. I'm going to see if I can work out the New Rules for Weight Lifting for Women program at home. I need to buy some stuff and figure it out, but m pretty excited about it. What is your plan? I loved your quote about fit girls looking good naked. Totally inspiring! Lol

Zumba- My mom lost a boat load of weight years ago on Nutrisystem, but promptly gained it all back. The problem, in my opinion, is that you aren't eating real world food and creating real behavior change. And it's expensive! I know what I would do.

NEMom--I could totally relate to your bad weekend because of your hangover. I went on a girls night out on Friday night. I am a very responsible drinker and limited myself to my usual number of drinks. Apparently, I forgot to account for 28 pounds less of me due to my weight loss. Whoops!

The past week has been one diet-threatening social situation after another for me. For the most part, I've managed to stay within my calories, but I definitely have been eating more than usual. Tomorrow is my birthday, and I already know I'll be eating out for lunch and dinner. :dizzy: On top of that, I saw my low weight of 150.0 on December 7, but have not seen it since. I keep bouncing around between 151 and 154. I think I may have been eating too few calories and perhaps the extra I've been eating lately can help me knock this plateau. Waking up with good news from the scale would be the best birthday gift I could get!

12-18-2012, 04:30 AM
Interesting day...started off with a bomb threat down the street at the local Soc. Sec. office. Police blocked off all the blocks surrounding it...including ours. Turned out to be nothing but an empty suitcase. It was left by someone who jumped out of a van, placed at the front door, they hopped back in the van & sped away. Then it ended weird! I was driving home on one of our main roads (four lane with a middle turn lane) & there was some guys standing RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD! He was wearing nothing but boxers! He also looked totally out of it...didn't even blink when I drove past. I called the police & they already had officers en route. Now, you must realize this road is pretty dark...not a lot of street lights...he could've been easily ran over. Maybe that's what he wanted? I'd just hate to be the one to hit him....
Anywhos, talked to HR...we'll see how that goes. In the meantime we DO crank the heat all the way up after he leaves at 5 (must be nice!!). I'm sure the elctricity bill will be outrageous! Hope district management gets after him for it!
Good day health-wise. Ate good & healthy, drank plenty of H2O & walked for 45 mins this AM. :woohoo:

Sheila: Enjoy our time off, lucky lady! PMS is rotten & we all understand that. Remember it will pass...just don't kill anyone before it passes. ;) Maintaining during the holidays, is good...GO FOR IT!!

Zumba: Sorry that your friend lost a child. I couldn't imagine. :hug: Lady, don't worry so much about your weight. Why? Cause we live in the real world (not on the one they used to have on MTV) facing real world issues & problems. Weight goes up, weight goes down. How we handle ourselves is what matters. Do we handle ourselves with as much dignity & resiliance as possible. We are human, we slip, we fall, we mess up...what counts is that we get up, dust ourselves off try again. Anyone who really knows what is going on in your life will be impressed. Know this, you ARE an inspiration despite what you may think or feel. Don't give up! Put one foot in front of the other, next thing you know...you'll be on your way again!

guacamole: Um, Milk Duds...sorry, drooled on the keyboard! I actually was able to say "NO" to candy when it was offered to me today. And it was offered more than once! UGH!
2 miles! Awesome! I love walking...I often wondered why I quit. Sounds like you did really good! I know what you mean about goodies...they are just waaaay too tempting! But you are worth more than they are! :)

2fatcats: Sodium is a killer. I was floored when I started reading lables. It's also one reason why I kicked soda to the curb for the most part...sodium. If I have soda, it's root beer or 7UP, much lower in sodium if I really have to have soda. Go for the weight room! Tone those muscles! You'll burn even more calories!!

NEMom: Congrats on the 2 WEEK MARK!!! That is great! As for the hung over...been there done that. Forget about it. Maybe you have new limits now with your healthier lifestyle? It happens. I also keep in mind when I drink that alcohol is "empty calories". Average mixed drink has about 300 cal/6 oz. Water chasers are a good idea...keeps you hyrdated & hopefully helps you regulate your partaking.

SeeMyFeet: I always look at the board as a treat, too! I come to it at the end of my work day. It's something I look forward to...cause the ladies here know what I'm attempting to do, be healthy! Go for the challenges! You can do it! Next time TH questions your sanity...tell him what I tell H, "You married me!" That usually shuts him up! :lol:

MovingForward: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Most health/diet experts say if you for the most part maintain at this time of year, it's like loosing 10 lbs. at other times of the year. That's not bad at all. Do what you can, hang on & you'll be fine once the holiday are in the rear-view mirror. :)

Sorry gang...I'm sleepy. Gotta take H to the dr. tomorrow. He is getting his 2 week check after being on all these new meds. I'm hoping for good news. If it is good then he won't have to go back for 30 days. :crossed:


12-18-2012, 08:25 AM
Good morning, all! It has not been a great few days of eating for me. I know I'm up in poundage and too scared to weigh in, especially because I know that things will NOT get easier the next week or so while the holidays are going on!

I've decided that I am not going to weigh again until after the holidays. I just can't take the self-berating that comes along with seeing a number I don't like. I'm going to enjoy the holidays and try to use common sense instead of being ruled by the scale. This will be a special challenge for me because old!me tends to think, "WHOO HOO!!!! no scale means PARTY TIME" and that's not what I want to do either. I want to go by how my body feels and try to seriously think about what I put in my mouth and why I'm doing it. Am I eating it because I think I can get away with it because I'm not weighing or is it something that will nourish me and make me feel better later?

The challenge begins today. I am packing healthy stuff for lunch, but I don't know what I'm doing for dinner. I am going to a movie right after work today and will need to eat something in the car on the way there because I do NOT want to get popcorn or any of the other movie foods there!

Hope everyone has a GREAT day!

@zumba - wow, I'm so sorry about your friend who lost a child. I can't imagine anything more horrendous than what she's gone through.

@guacmole- oh I LOVE Duncan Donut coffee, too! I try to buy it when it's on sale to have at home.

@2fatcats - I want to incorporate weights into my fitness routine, too! I am hoping to buy the New Rule for Lifting for Women book!

@NEmom - so happy for you on the cig front!

@Moving Forward - I know what you mean about one diet-threatening situation after another. This is why I'm just unable to take it. I want to socialize, but I don't want to obsess about every bit of food I eat this time of year. It's not mentally healthy for me. But I don't want to gorge and gain 10 pounds either. It will be a HUGE challenge for me!

@MrsTryingAgain - bomb threat - YIKES! I hope the rest of the day goes better! :)

12-18-2012, 09:40 AM
Hi all...thank you all for your kind words...I'm in a bad place and I'm really struggling to get better...or to atleast survive. You ask obese people who were once skinny what went wrong and it winds up weight is a symptom of something bad going on in their life.....I can easily become one of those people.. My mother is one of those people.......I am not going to fool myself and say it won't happen to me......

I gained weight after my first day of NS,,, LOLOL! Only me! I cheated a little but I really think it is the sodium....my rings are stuck on my fingers and my ankles are swollen..I'm also PMS.....I am going to take a diurex today to see if that helps.....going to teach today and then get my own workout in...not feeling good today..backache and other stuff like hemmies.....Lord give me strength to get through this day..going to stick with four days of NS...then back on BFC....I thought theNS would give me a head start.....uh......not working out that way!

Read all your posts will do personals later...love you gals!

12-18-2012, 04:14 PM
What a day to start Atkins.....Woke up with the flu...had a handful of turkey and feel like I'm gonna THROW UP....only 20 stomach flus from my goal weight!

Hey....What THE????





Good Job!.....Zero second rule.....now, let the dog eat it.

12-18-2012, 04:26 PM
What a day to start Atkins.....Woke up with the flu...had a handful of turkey and feel like I'm gonna THROW UP....only 20 stomach flus from my goal weight!

Hey....What THE????





Good Job!.....Zero second rule.....now, let the dog eat it.

Lolololwell!,,,,, but I don't have a dog!

12-18-2012, 04:36 PM
SeeMyFeet - feel better! Cookies are my nemesis this time of year too!

Zumbachica - Hang in there, sweetie! You can get past this. I totally am one of those people that became obese due to negative things happening in my life. Fat loves stress and sadness. Comfort eating became the main way I soothed myself. I feel afraid because I see myself slipping back into the comfort eating mode - I think those of us who have been down that road are prone to it in the future. You are not alone! It is a constant battle most of us need to fight.

olehcat - I am right there with you on being afraid to weigh in. I know that I need to bite the bullet soon, but I will wait until later in the week when I have a few days to recover from the weekend.

MrsTryingAgain - Wow! A bomb threat? After everything happening in the news, I would have been very freaked out. You lead an exciting life! Good job on staying on plan and exercising!

Moving Forward - The holiday season is a land mine field! I have a holiday part to attend tonight, and I already reached my calorie limit. Since I doubt I will abstain from all food at the party...looks like I will be going over today.

Anyhow....feeling like I am losing the fight. I went to a restaurant with my husband that I hadn't been to for awhile, and the waiter asked me if I had lost weight. I said I had over the year, but not recently. He told me he remembered me when we first started coming to the restaurant a few years ago, and that I look great - better now than those years ago. It was nice to hear, but that little voice in the back of my head was thinking, "not for much longer!" I feel like I am slipping up big time. Where did my motivation go? I can't trust that I will lose even a few more pounds. Like, if I gain, it will just stick. What happened to me?

12-18-2012, 04:39 PM
Afternoon All,

Moving Forward: Yesterday I told my DH that I wanted to start lifting weights but didn't know where to start. He shrugged and looked supportive but didn't offer any suggestions. So glad you did! I hadn't heard of that book so I did a bit of checking. Ultimately I chose (and downloaded instantly- love the digital age)!
The New Rules of Lifting For Life: An All-New Muscle-Building, Fat-Blasting Plan for Men and Women Who Want to Ace Their Midlife Exams. There is a newer one coming out in a few weeks that also has videos- I might read that one, too.
I'm off to read some more- I'm even more excited to start working with weights now! Not sure if I will join a local gym or just buy more equipment for home. So great to be able to workout and not care if I'm wearing pink pants, green shirt and red hoodie (like today)!

12-18-2012, 09:58 PM
oooooh woweeeeeeeeee!!..i turn my back on you all and there is 3 pages!!..wow!!...visitors have left...and i am suffering my TOM!!..urgggggghhhh!! most of yesterday in bed with cramps and feeling icky...now back on track after a few days of eating stuff i am not supposed too...a bit here and a bit there...sigh..but oh well now i am back on track..going to the pool today to see physio..going to ask about the numbness in my legs...getting hotter here by the minute making walking in the morning very uncomfortable for all of us...doggie me and friend...not soo bad at night though with hubby and doggie...oh problem with doggie and food is that she is overweight too..sigh cannot win!!..lol..lol..lol...good on ya for working with weights 2fatcats and nemon whooooooot about the 14 days..i am just at my 1 month mark of meal plans...probably going to be naughty over christmas and new year but i do feel sick when off plan and eating carbs so i probably will try and stick to meal planning like 90% of the time!!...i will be here on and off for a while but will try and pop in everyday...missed you all lots...cheers liz

oh and thanks heaps for the sympathy and well wishes!!

12-18-2012, 10:07 PM
@zumba - yes, the ten pounds that I gained (and then lost er...at least as of last Friday...were all from the divorce this summer. I'm a stress eater for sure, and I eat when I'm stressed about life circumstances. Hang in there...you'll get through this. You're probably right about the NS and sodium! Maybe you'll see a whoosh tomorrow.

@SeeMyFeet - feel better! That sort of stomach stuff is awful!

@guacamole - I hear you. I lost the ten pounds as of last Friday and all the sudden I feel "off" and I ate poorly all of this past weekend. and as a result, even after eating pretty well today, I feel gross and bloated still. I KNOW if I stepped on the scale, it would say something closer to 144 than 141 and that's so depressing.

@2fatcats - what equipment did you get for the New Rules?

@liz - HI!!! Welcome back!

12-18-2012, 10:17 PM
thanks hun!!...still catching up on stuff...cooking me some tomotoes and onions in the oven!!...yum yum...might even poach an egg perhaps!!...do your TOM make you hungry??...probably mind over matter for me!!...a pain in the patootie though when watching what you eat...men should experience this too at least once in their life times...mind you i think my hubby does in a way..i get very umm cranky and also a bit whingey...oh wells hopefully will be through this before christmas!!...cheers liz

12-18-2012, 10:48 PM
I'm sorry gang. I just don't have it in me tonight. My day was fine til about 4PM, when H's drs appt was over. He needs a pacemaker. Better sooner than later. The meds aren't doing the job.
I'm trying very, very hard to keep it together, but I seem to keep loosing it. Dr wants him to get in within the next 2-3 weeks at most. We STILL HAVEN'T gotten an answer about his medical assistance. We turned in the last of his paperwork 2 WEEKS AGO!!!
I'll try to be in a better frame of mind tomorrow. :hug: Cyber-hugs to you all! BE HEALTHY! BE GOOD!

12-18-2012, 11:44 PM
:hug: :hug: :hug: :grouphug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :grouphug: :hug: :hug: :hug:
for MrsT

12-19-2012, 08:24 AM
**big hugs for MrsTryingAgain**

12-19-2012, 08:37 AM
MrsTryingAgain - so sorry about your husband. I can say that I have a relative with a pace maker and her life was improved so much by having it. I don't think she even notices it's there, but it keeps her regulated. She travels, works out, dances at clubs and lives life! There is hope.

12-19-2012, 10:10 AM
MRSTRYING: Better to have the pacemaker than not to. My father put it off and then it was too late. I know it is scary and I know you are still putting up with the financial stuff but be grateful that there is something that can help your husband.

LIZARD: I can't wait until my TOM gets here...my boobs are killing me and i feel so BLOATED and gross.....hope you're better today....

OLEHCAT: I keep thinking that by the time this divorce is over i'll weigh a good 300 lbs.

NEMOM; having a glass of water between each drink is a good idea...helps cut back the alcohol consumption.

KELIJ; I want to hear more about your juice fasts....which one do you follow?

GUAC: You are having a temporary collapse....it is the holidays, it is winter, it is a low point....we have highs and lows....I'm at a super low. Dust yourself off and get back on the horse. You've come way too far to lose it now....maintenance is so hard.

12-19-2012, 10:19 AM
Well I gained weight after one day of nutrisystem..i cheated on it and I felt sickly...so I'm not doing it anymore. I wonder if I can return the unused portions to Walmart..probably not. So as if things weren't bad enough I gained more weight....when is it going to end? I'm at the scariest number ever, so much so that I refused to get on the scale today...and I have been weighting myself religiously every morning for the past 15 years! I'm definitely PMS and I think the sodium in the nutrishitsystem made it worse...bloated and in pain....Getting the massage tomorrow night...I just feel achey all over.

So after two days of nutrisystem i'm back to square one and I have decided to go back to the old and reliable thing that works for me. Atkins. Just for a while until I get to a better place and then I will live a low carb lifestyle again. ....I think hitting rock bottom like this is actually a good thing....because I'm so disgusted with myself I actually have some drive now to change things. My jeans HURT, I have nothing to wear and I actually do not want to go out because I have nothing to wear plus I hate how I look......

I am spending today cleaning this house top to bottom.

12-19-2012, 11:11 AM
First :

MOVING FORWARD, :bday2you:

May all your birthday wishes come true! Enjoy the day!

12-19-2012, 11:44 AM
Morning All,

DH is taking the afternoon off and we are off to the sporting goods store to shop for equipment! Yea! I almost finished the NROL, midlife version. Now I need to see if it's more cost effective to buy the equipment for home or join a gym.

@ OLECAT: I'm not sure yet on equipment! I'm eyeballing a cable/pulley system thing. I could go to the Y but I hate to wait for others to get off equipment - or watch folks sweat all over everything and not wipe it off.
I guess I am extra lucky - no kids at home, DH has a great job so I don't have to work (I haven't for a year now - sorta semi-retired) and we have a big old Victorian house with a full sized walk-up attic that I have turned into my 'home gym'. The floors are all padded, I've got an elliptical, treadmill, 2 spin bikes, weight bench, stability ball, bands and freeweights. I get bored easy:D. I have ZERO excuses for not working out, though!

ZUMBA: After the divorce: Just picture how much he weighs and figure you lose at least that much when it's over! :p


GUAC:What Zumba said...and what you said to her!

KELIJPA: Yep, saw the hobbit. DH loves that stuff!

SeeMyFeet: Just realized you are tall like me! Well, almost - gotcha by 1/2 inch:p. And you have a fairly low goal weight, too. Folks keep telling me that 140-145 is too low for my height. But - just cause I'm tall doesn't mean I'm big. My 'frame size' is small. It figures-the one time I would like to be large. My goal is really about body fat %. I want to be about 13-15%. So if that's 150 - so be it. I started out with a high weight of 258.... I'm nosy - How did you pick 130?

To all: I went looking for before pictures of all of me at the HW of 258- only found one. Not surprised, really. It seems whenever I am 'heavier' there are pictures of me from the neck up.... So I spent time with a camera and a full length mirror today taking some 'before I started lifting weights' photos. I had no idea what by back side looked like. Sigh. I think it's supposed to be higher than that.:o But the front probably is supposed to be higher, too:D Definitely starting with weights!

12-19-2012, 02:31 PM
Wow oh Wow so much to catch up on.

Zumba - I am sorry you are going through such a tough time right now. I know what you mean about getting desperate and depressed about your weight, I am right there with ya. Keep trying or telling myself this is it but keep failing, getting very mad at myself.

MrsTrying - I am so sorry you are still waiting for an answer on getting medical assistance on your husband. As for the pacemaker, my FIL has had one for many years and hardly knows it is there. I really hope things work out for you my dear.

Guac - I am like you, it has been over a year since I lost my weight and here I sit a year later up 8 lbs from where I was this time last year. I am so embarrassed and afraid to gain it all back. Ugh, wish I could divorce myself sometimes.

2Fatcats - I too have several pieces of exercise equipment at home. I have a weight machine, wielder pro and I really love it. I'm with you on going to the gym, much rather do it in the privacy of my own home. I hate waiting for machines or people staring at me while they are waiting for the machine I am on.

This week has been HORRIBLE for me foodwise. On Sunday I actually had fast food, not subway but fast food hamburger and cheese burger. I have eaten pizza and a slice of pie. I am so disgusted with myself I just cannot believe how out of control my eating has become.
I know that I cannot promise to be perfect over the next week. My daughter's 21st birthday is Friday and we are having a big todo. Sunday we are going out to dinner with my FIL for Christmas and then there is Xmas eve and Christmas day.
I am going to do my very best to make reasonable food choices and behave when I am not out. After the holidays, I am cracking down on my eating and exercising. I have got to get this weight off. I feel like a cow!

12-19-2012, 03:07 PM
NE......it is the holidays plus you have your daughters bday.....it is unrealistic to think you won't indulge a little bit......try and make good choices. That's all I'm doing for the rest of this year. I only have one dinner out on Friday and then that's it for temptations until Christmas.....I want to bake cookies but I'm wondering if it is a good idea.....

12-19-2012, 03:14 PM
NEMom - Happy birthday to your daughter! Thanks for relating to how I feel. I suppose it says something about our commitment that we are still here posting, even if we are not happy with how we are progressing. At least we are still fighting.

2FatCats - Weight training is supposed to make a big difference in your appearance! Congrats on the new equipment. Like NEMom, I also like to work out with weights at home. However, I have no equipment except some 5lb free weights. I was doing weight training at a local gym, but their equipment wasn't the greatest and I also don't like being watched while I work out.

Zumbachica - I always read on here that sometimes a binge takes a few days to show up on the scale. Is the the one pound due to one day on nutrisystem, or a few bad days of eating? Since you already bought the food and can't return it, maybe hang in there and stick to it until you have used up your supply. Maybe you will be pleasantly surprised? I have no experience with nutrisystem, so I am not trying to push the diet - just trying to save you money! ;)

I went for a 2 mile walk today and have been on plan so far. I really felt down yesterday because I again went shopping for a formal dress for an upcoming wedding and found that some of the size 12s I tried on were feeling snug. That really scared me! I really do believe in vanity sizing now, though. When I went shopping a few days ago at Nordstrom's, Lord & Taylors, and Macy's, I was fitting into 8s and 10s. Yesterday I went the discount route at Marshalls, Ross, and JCPenny, and 12s just fit me.

Good luck today, everyone.

12-19-2012, 04:58 PM
Hello Ladies -

I think we have a consistent theme here - THE HOLIDAYS ARE HARD! UH!

I am also eating "off plan" - every evening is a "let's have a holiday drink" - which is usually accompanied by fattening, high carb FOOD!!

My goal over the next two weeks - MAINTAIN. I don't plan on losing any weight - but I sure don't want to gain any either! That said, as difficult as this is, as soon as I finish this post - despite completely NOT being in the mood - I'm going to run on the treadmill for 30 minutes which will hopefully turn into a 40 minute run (my 5K) - but I'll be satisfied with 30 - - at least I know I'm undoing SOME of the damage! It also helps with those "guilty" feelings - LOL

Okay - "Do the Time Sheila" -- only 30 minutes - - in the grand scheme of things it's just one "SpongeBob" episode!!! LOL!

Alright - I'm motivated by you ladies now - - I'm off to run - or even if I have to walk - but I have a meeting with my treadmill!!!!! :) I'll check in after I'm done!


12-19-2012, 05:52 PM
Okay - I didn't do 5K, but I ran for 30 minutes and am dripping with SWEAT!! (what I refer to as "fat crying"....LOL). Feel MUCH better! Well worth the small time investment - DO ME! :carrot:

Now my evening is free to RELAX. I'm eating carbs through the holidays, but trying to be smart about it. So I'm having an Ezekiel muffin with veggie cheese for dinner...and maybe a little of this bean salad I bought at the health food store deli...

And I haven't been weighing myself daily because I know I've been "bad" lately....decidedly, I really do need to weigh in daily - even through the holidays - just to keep my goal top of mind - not that I'm not going to enjoy the holiday fare, but simply to be more aware and maybe instead of two servings of those cheesy potatoes, if I know the scale is sliding up, I'll only have ONE helping (and a smaller portion at that). I just don't want to get on the scale January 1st and have 5 additional pounds to lose!!! I've worked to hard to get those off! LOL

I will feel better knowing that I am CHOOSING to either "Maintain or Gain"....:-)

Well - off to wrap presents - I am SO glad I'm done shopping!!! Still have to stop at the drug store to pick up a few stocking stuffers but nothing significant left to purchase - WHEW!

Hope everyone has a great evening! We can do this!!! Only a couple more weeks until what I am referring to as "Bootcamp"....LOL

12-19-2012, 06:15 PM
Good words from you (cough) all today (cough). I have the voice of Nene Leakes (cough) in my head. She's (cough) sayin: "Why the HE## did my scale go up 1/2 lb today when I only had 500 calories yesterday??? Can somebody PLEASE explain that to me?" (cough).......I'm sick of being sick already.

You ladies are dealing with a lot right now. Just hang on for a little while. Find some relaxing moments four yourself...hot cup of tea....warm blanket....(icy drink for Lizzz).....and reflect on all you've accomplished already......some of you are really close to goal.....feel free to gloat that you're not in MY position right now......just getting started and a long way to go......just look at you guys...trying on fancy dresses.....making fun plans.....You're out there, even if you don't feel at the top of your game.

MrsT--I don't know what to say. I would be so upset if my TH were facing such health problems. Listen to everyone...he'll be better after the surgery. My uncle had pacemaker problems since his 30s and he's in his 90s now. Even way back then, something could be done to help.

Shiela22--30min run! jealous! Ugh....I cannot breathe today. Would LOVE to make my fat cells cry today.

2FatCats--I should measure myself. I never felt comfortable being tall, and I swear, it feels like I've grown a couple of inches the last few years. Probably because everyone I know 50+ is shrinking, including my TH. I'm big framed, by wrist size, and weighed 127 when I got married. My highest pre-pregnancy weight was 137. At 137, I could wear things from size 8-12, bigger sizes for long arms/legs. So 130 is ambitious. We'll see..... When were you at 258 and how long did it take to get down to 180??

Hey---I was remembering a weight loss fad that was going around when I was a girl. You could go to a dentist and he would wire your mouth shut! No choice but liquid diet. Anybody remember that???

Well, my DS is gangnamming me, so I'd better pay him some attention. (working farmer style....too funny)

12-19-2012, 09:22 PM
Wow, this thread is smokin' can't miss a day, by the time I read everything, I forget what I wanted to say...lol

Zumba~we bought a juicebullet at bed, bath, etc. it had a recipe book with it so tried some of those, it started because DH watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and then had me watch it. so they have this website reboot with a bunch of recipes and plans, if you download the pdfs you'll see it's not all just juice, but salads, veggie soups, there was a lot of talk about micronutrients in vegetables, so we just started eating more veggies/fruits and threw in a juice fast to try it. One of the guys i work with has some kind of juice for breakfast every morning, he eats regular food for lunch, but has his carrot, apple, and whatever juice in the morning. I'm curious about the NS you bought, are they meals or shakes?

Speaking of diet fads, I do remember the jaw wiring fad! I remember wishing I could do that...now I can't imagine...when Oprah went on that liquid diet I remember lots of people talking about that and using slimfast like that, or slim fast for bfast and lunch and then some kind of weight loss dinner, I feel like I'm babbling...

So, DH had a tooth that's been bothering him off and on for a couple weeks that he didn't mention, just seemed not himself a few times, but then was back to himself, then yesterday was in lots of pain, to the point he called me at work, which he never does for something like that, so of course we haven't been to the dentist since we moved here, so had to find one, he was miserable, I had TOM so I was miserable with that and worried about him, so to make a long story even longer, ended up taking him to dentist, she pulled the tooth, one of his wisdom teeth that had been filled, patched, etc. so now he's like the tiger who got the thorn removed from his paw, coming back to himself, tired from the rough few days, but so much better. I felt better too, relief that it wasn't worse than it was, so got out for a good walk with the little dog, even ran some on each lap, first time for that, so feeling pretty good.

Tomorrow is work xmas lunch, hopefully won't be too bad, but I'm thinking it might be...I'm really wondering how the xmas eve, day, dinner at my parents the 27th, man what am I going to be looking at coming out the other side of that week...the scale will be crying for mercy...lol

sorry I couldn't answer everyone, and if I ran on too long, I so enjoy this thread, you ladies are great, you really pick me up when I'm down, thanks for that and hopefully sometimes something I write picks you up :goodvibes

best to all :sunny:

12-19-2012, 10:16 PM
I have personal experience with "jaw wiring" - broke my jaw and was wired shut for 12 weeks years ago....yep - lost a ton of weight...but I sincerely felt hunger for the first time - real hunger...and after I was unwired, my metabolism was so messed up I gained it all back and then some! LOL not worth it...

....funny I've been talking to some friends tonight - they are struggling this week - I am too - - I think everyone has "holiday fever"....everyone is just ready for a break. I know I am!!! :-)

We all need to start gearing up for our New Years goals soon!!!! Just think about how far we have all come and how far we will go next year!!!!! :carrot::carrot:

12-19-2012, 11:49 PM
OMG! Shiela22--how awful!! Sounds like a baseball/softball injury??????

My worst medical experience was a retinal surgery....I had to spend 3 weeks with my nose to the floor...day and night...no moving....while that was awful (especially from midnight to 6am) the jaw wiring sounds worse......12 weeks....aaaaaiiiiiieeeeeeee....

Hey--I had another memory from childhood (sorry, this cold is making me delirious)............jumping rope at recess........double dutch and all those fun tricks......why, oh why, did we outgrow this?????

12-20-2012, 04:09 AM
I'm just popping in to let you know I'm hanging in there, I think. Kind of an emotional day...found out we probaly will not have an answer for H's medical financial assistance for at least a month probably more. I feel like I spent all night crying & worrying for nothing...I slept maybe 3 hours then had to work.
Yes, I do know that a pacemaker will make all the differnce in the world. My maternal grandma had one for at least 15 yrs. for the same reason. I'm just frustrated & worried because I don't know WHEN he'll be able to get it. And will it be before too much damage is done? Or worse?
I have been able to keep on track. Helping to keep H on track is helping ME stay on track. I refuse to let sweets, food high in fat or sodium in our home. I just cannot & will not allow it. We aren't depriving ourselves...just if we want something sweet we buy just a serving each of it, NO taking home a box/bag/dozen/case.
We had a beautiful walk together this AM. It was nice to get out in the icy coolness & just be together without having to make phone calls, go to appts or pick up medications. With that, I'm spent mentally/emotionally/physically. Good night. I'll see about catching up with you all tomorrow. I have a day off & far as I know...nothing to do but rest, clean & laundry.

Cyber-hugs to you all! BE GOOD! BE HEALTHY! HUG YOUR LOVED ONES!!!

12-20-2012, 04:42 AM
me i am doing okays..still fighting the cravings..sweating my arse off (and i hope literally)..lol..lol.. stopped walking in the mornings...but doing hydro everyday despite TOM..walking at night is just bearable in this heat and humidity...sigh...tis one extreme to the other i suppose...you guys are shivering in your wellies and i am sweating buckets..darn it!!...oh well need to do lots around this house to get ready for going away and christmas etc etc etc..hope you all are doing okays and keeping well and safe!!

mrs-my heart goes out to you and hubby..i bet you are scared and worried silly...i would be!!...i am keeping all of my appendages crossed for you and my eyes too!!

zumba-yes feeling soo much better..i swear sometimes my uterus feels like it weighs and tonne and when things start happening i feel like 10 kgs lighter..sigh if only that were true!! yes and my thoughts and
best wishes for you is this trying time!!..i soo hope you feel better soon..your TOM is coming and perhaps this is why you feel soo yucky at the moment!! yeah i thought about baking biscuits too but decided not too...the dough is tooooo much temptation for me!!

moving- happy birthday to you dear lady!!

nemom-you are doing soooo well with the ciggies...just one step at a time hun...your meal planning will come back soon and you will feel soo much better without the smokes as well..yes i knows what you mean.. christmas and new year are going to be a big challenge for most of us i think..and i know i am going to go off plan!!

sheila-hey there girl you are doing great!! i figure if you are being active then thats half the fight.. the food is the other and besides we are in the dreaded silly season and i think we can excuse ourselves for a few naughty things!!

see-i soo love your sense of humour hun!! keep on dishing it out..i love it...thanks for the cool drink i soo appreciate it...tis bloody hot here!! yeps i am there with you..just started myself and doing a bit of struggling but trying very hard even so!

kelijpa-hey my dh did the same thing with a bad tooth...he finally complained and had it pulled too...MEN!! oh well at least he got something done about it in the end...now i am faced with getting him organised for a sleep test...i know he has bad apnoea...cause i have it too and use a cpap machine...he needs to as well but is putting it off and off and off...but i am determined to have him done in the new year though
wether he likes it or not!!

12-20-2012, 07:42 AM
I think I'm already mentally on holiday vacation....LOL

I have absolutely NO desire to get ready to go to work this morning! To make matters worse, I woke up thinking it was Saturday - (it's THURSDAY)...UH!

But tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!

12-20-2012, 08:08 AM
Wow, yeah, can’t miss a moment around here, lol. Must whine again, because that’s what I do after I am foolish enough to weigh myself in the middle of this holiday stuff.

1. I weighed myself this morning, even knowing this was foolish. See, I had made gumbo last night and it turned out not so great (usually it’s one of my signature dishes) and overly salty AND so I know the sodium was out of the roof. But I was really hungry after I made it and had like two bowls of it. Blech. I also had like a glass and a half of wine. I’m also on the last few pills of my birth control pill cycle (I take them to stop my periods since my periods are so bad) and I always bloat up a little those last few days, almost like PMS. Anyway, the weigh-in was grim, and it was about what I had suspected, at about 144. :(
2. I haven’t gotten back into exercising. I got sick over 2 weeks ago. I’ve had a lingering cough and chest congestion. It threw my routine completely out the window. Plus, I’m being indecisive about what I really want to do for exercise. So many people are telling me to throw cardio mostly out the window and do heavy lifting. But I don’t really know where to start with the heavy lifting or how to do it.
3. The weather is promising to be atrocious today and tomorrow with possibly our first snowfall of the year coming. So I have no plans to go to the gym.
4. I made soft toffee last night. I don’t like the hard stuff at all, so I purposefully don’t cook the butter/sugar nearly as long as you’re supposed to and so it’s very soft, melt-in-your mouth and beyond delicious. Why do I sabotage self like this? But I did show some self-control at least and only had one piece instead of eating the whole pan as I would have wanted to do.
5. Today is our holiday luncheon at work. I don’t know what to do about it. On one hand, I would rather save all the extra calories for Christmas Eve/Christmas, but on the other hand, I don’t know if I’ll be able to resist it today. I have no strength.

Okay, that felt good! :)

@zumba – wow, that nutrisystem doesn’t sound good at all! Those packaged meal plans seem a little scary to me, frankly. Who knows what sorts of preservatives they have in them. I think you will feel better on a lower carb. I know I always do. It’s like it makes me feel light and energetic. I’m going to be moving into doing Paleo/primal (which is similar to Atkins in a lot of way, only there’s more fruit involved) after the holidays. That always makes me feel good is to eat real food and fewer carbs. I only wish I liked meat a little better than I do.

@2fatcats – I have a gym membership but I feel so self-conscious when I’m there. I wish I had a full gym at home!

@NEmom – I feel the same way..it will be hard to be perfect the next week or so!

@guac – I sympathize with the buying clothes thing. A few months ago when I was at my high weight I went looking for some jeans, thinking I’d be a size 8 (am usually a 6 when I’m in the mid 130s), but I was horrified (for me) that I had to get a 12. I almost cried right there in the dressing room. And it wasn’t just one brand. It was multiple brands that I tried on. Now I’m probably closer back to my 8s (I can wear a size 8 that I have already), but maybe not now after a few days of major bloat. :-p

@sheila – go you on the running! I also need to get back to exercise, but this time of year I can barely make myself go ANYWHERE aside from work (when it’s cold and nasty outside) much less to the gym or outside to run. Fat crying! I love it. :) I’m with you. I have two more days of work this week and really am having trouble getting motivated to care. I won’t even have to do that much the next few days, lol. Mostly just planning for January.

@Seemyfeet –yikes, feel better soon! That sounds really miserable! Oh my gosh, my dad had that retinal surgery some years ago and that was awful, especially because it never healed properly and he ended up losing permanent vision in that eye. :(

@kellijpa – am so tempted to buy a juicer!

@MrsTryingAgain – oh, man. *hugs*

12-20-2012, 12:51 PM
hi everyone....have to make this quick because I'm taking a good friend to chemo today..talk about putting things into perspective! She's a great person and this is the second time she's going through chemo, the first was years ago. She's a fighter and she's doing great.

anyhoooey.....I dropped that nutratshitsystem to the curb. I was starving the two days on it and the sodium was making me gain weight. Yesterday I did a full day of Atkins and wouldn't you know it I already lost some bloat and I didn't feel hungry last night. (Night time eating is a big issue for me). I think I'll be sticking to this for a while to get my binging under control and then come the new year switch from atkins to BFC and then eventually just have a low carb lifestyle that I can keep forever.

After chemo I'm getting a massage (found a gift certificate that was going to expire!!!) and then out to eat with friends. I already told them I can only have meat and veggies, so no italian places where i"m going to want pasta.

I'm off like a rocket, I hope you ladies have a good day.

12-20-2012, 01:22 PM
Really??? up 2 lb???? Really??? Now the Godfather voices in my head are ready to make my scale an offer it can't refuse.

Staying in bed today. This thing is turning into bronchitis. Fish out of water...gasp..gasp.....hope the mucinex will help soon.

I can't join ya on that particular 'men' bandwagon (there will be another coming around I can join...I'm sure).....I'm just as bad about getting myself to the dr. Not for a toothache, though.

I wish I were rocketing today :(.

12-20-2012, 01:37 PM
Hello, everyone! Quick check-in to say that I was still too chicken to weigh-in today. I have been going over my calories every day this week. So far today, I am on track. I have also been slowly weaning off heavy carbs and sugar, although I am not where I need to be. I decided to forgo cookie baking for the weekend. I hope my kids won't be too disappointed, but I just cannot handle them right now. Every Friday/Saturday I end up eating the equivalent of 1200 calories or more in cookies alone. I wish I had the will power to only have 2 or 3 cookies, but I just can't stop binging on them. So - no cookies for anyone this week. I did make them some cakes for dessert that they like, but I could take or leave. So far, I have no inclination to cut into them and have a piece. If I had made cookies, I would have already downed a dozen! So, I am making progress. My pants are still tight around the waist, though.

Good luck today, everyone! :hug: to you all!

12-20-2012, 01:53 PM
Afternoon All,

Still no snow! So frustrating! Guess that means the dogs and I can walk, though!

SeeMyFeet: Glad you keep that sense of humor even when you're sickly!! DH had bronchitis last year and he most certainly did NOT have a sense of humor.... As far as how long for weightloss - that was 10 years ago. But - I still vividly recall - my DH was in military and deployed on 28Oct and I started the day after at 232lbs as my 'official' weight. When I saw him next on 25Feb (for 4 days) I weighed 158 lbs. No idea where 180 was in that first mix! But I have 'revisited' 180 many times... That first time - down 74lbs in 4 months - was because I was working, no kids, spouse deployed and I worked out 2x a day (cardio and weights) and did Atkins without a single cheat. I stayed in the Induction phase the entire time, too. Sadly I was so hungry that I would go to bed at 2030 to avoid eating, lay on my side and ball a pillow up by my belly to try and stop hunger pains. I got down to 150 and 15% body fat. Was it worth it? Short term - heck yeah. Long term? Nope. By not transitioning and learning to eat more calories and maintain I wrecked my metabolism and set myself up for the pattern of up/down/up/down. Took me years to realize it, though! I have finally learned that the human body will adjust to what you give it - less calories eventually just slows down my metabolism. So I have to keep eating less and less and working out more and more to achieve what I did at the beginning of a program. So this time I am at my BMR calorie requirement of 1500 (for current weight), feel no hunger, I eat 6 mini-meals a day and I do 26minutes of cardio 3x a week. It's working. And if my body adjusts and stops losing- I have room to add in a little more exercise. Weights here I come! I want to teach my body to increase it's metabolism - not decrease!
Enough rambling - hope eveyone is well!

12-20-2012, 08:26 PM
Wow...i gotta hand it to ya....i don't know how anybody can stay on atkins for 4 solid months....I need my veggies.....I've only been able to stick to atkins for as long as 4 weeks.....after a few weeks into my first real atkins attempt, i just had to have a veggie, so I ate a pickle....and got a severe migraine. But, Boy Howdy, did you get results!

Wuz hopin to try atkins again for a while, just to get the fast results, but this coldy thing is getting in the way. Hey, 2-4 calories per cough! And ab exercises!

End of the world and i've got bronchitis. bummer.

12-20-2012, 10:18 PM
@SeeMyFeet - I thought you could have veggies on Atkins! It's been a lot of years since I did Atkins, but I would do it again in a heartbeat if I could make myself like meat better. It was effective and I felt great while doing it. But now? Too hard to go for 2 weeks with no wine or caffeine (as in the induction). But even on induction, you can have quite a bit of veggies! You're not supposed to have fruit (that gets added back in later) or grains or legumes or sugar, as I recall. So mostly you would eat meat, veggies, dairy. I HEAR you on the coughing though, geez. I am still coughing 2 weeks after my virus started. Very annoying.

I am not Miss Virtue today. I had so much toffee this evening. Ugh...

12-20-2012, 11:44 PM
This came to me this morning...to help myself, I need to help others. Yes, it very stressful right now in our home, but if I use my energy to help others it may take my mind off it for awhile. Also in all honesty, I've done ALL that I can for the time being. Yes, be ready & willing to fight to get H what he needs, but also let it go when I can't be making phone calls, taking him to appts or whatever. If I don't let it go some, it may end up causing more harm than good: HBP for me, mental breakdown, sleepless nights, migraines, etc. Done...I'll keep everyone up to date, but I'm going to do all in my power not to implode.

We went & saw "The Hobbit" today. Our Christmas gift to each other. It was good. Nice change from work & such. Was going to go for a walk in the park, but it was really windy, cold & threatening rain. Walked our local mall instead. Ate clean & had plenty of H2O. So a good day over all.

SeeMyFeet: I personally don't get "diets" that eleminate all meats/vegggies/fruits/grains/dairy. Eleminating sweets, yeah, but not the other things. Course for me the minute someone tells me I cannot have XYZ...that's when I want it!!! And I'll usually get it! ;) Good luck though! Different things work for different people.

2FatCats: How'd the trip to the sporting goods place go? Well, I hope! Sorry there's no snow, but the dogs will LOVE you for it (the walk)!!! When we used to care for my cousin's dogs...we couldn't say the word "walk" or they'd go crazy. We called it a rutabaga. Kept them guessing.

guacamole: That's why we don't keep cookies or cake in the house. I can't say no & H needs to say no. Sorry the kids aren't happy, but in the long run it's healthier for all. I know that probably won't fly with them, but I had to try!

Zumba: I wish your friend the very best. Positive, positive vibes coming her way!!! :hug: Hope you had a great day, rocket-girl!

olehcat: Soft toffee? Mmmmmmm...I'll have a VIRTUAL piece! Yes, this time of year is really tough. Be thankful it only comes around ONCE a year. Course then I guess it wouldn't be a special if it was monthly. Give yourself a break. Any exercise I think is the right exercise. Do what motivates you. What interests you. For me, I love walking! Why? All it costs is investing in a decent pair of shoes & time. Also it's something I can do with H. Bonus? Yesterday while walking we saw a couple of beautiful hawks, a covey of quail & many other birds. Find your exercise bliss! :)

liz: Glad your keeping up the hydro exercise. I'm going to have to see if I can find a place for that when the warm weather hits here. I HATE hot weather! I think I'm built backwards. I get depressed in the summer time, not in winter. Course every day here is the same in summer...hot & uglier than dog water. I just can't ever get "comfortable", which kinda sounds like where you are now. I'll vitually send you some of our cold north wind & a smattering of rain (our typical Christmas weather her in my part of CA).

Okay, that helped! I feel like I've accomplished something! Tomorrow, I'm back on the phone again. I've decided that I'd make calls, up until noon my time & then stop. Cause when it comes to government type offices...they probably won't get back to you til the next day if it's AFTER 12. Besides 3 hours of phone call making during a weekday is enough. I don't need the knot in my neck to grow to the size of a coconut! :o


12-21-2012, 04:06 AM
another fairly good day...not soo hungry anymore...thank god!!...finding it hard to get any turkey other than turkey rolls..i like the turkey steaks and the burgers but the shops aren't selling them instead there is hams as far as the eye can see...oh well just have to wait it out...sent some christmas cards today.. i know it is a little late..but better late than never i say...EEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKK!! they are sooooo expensive and kinda ho hum too...not easy finding nice ones this year...hope you all are safe and well!!
yeah and the world has not ended...YET!!..lol..lol..lol..well i don't think they specified a time sooo still might come!

guac-good on you for abstaining from the cake..if that was me i would be in there like flynn!!..devouring a large slice everyday till it is all gone..now bikkies i can give or take...not really interested in them! keep at it hun!!

2fatcats-good on you too for the right attitude...i am working out as hard as i can in the pool...physio has stepped up my exercises and i have increased the reps as well...going to do a whole different set in about a month i think!!..tis all good!!

see-hope you are feeling better hun..nothing like christmas and being sick..blah!!...i am lucky my TOM has come before the day!!...urrrghhhhhh cramps and christmas food...yuck!!

olehcat-hand that toffee around hun!!..yummy..we will all try and help you eat it then you will be forced to have less..does that help??...lol..lol..lol!!you get better too hun!!

mrs-woweee you go girl...you aught to be congratulated for being soo positive in these trying times for you both!!...keep on going in the right direction...mow those speed bumps over!!...ooooooh i want to see
the Hobbit too...loved the book..hoping to do a lot of walking when we go away soon!!..probably wont be going to the pool each day but will try and keep it going!!..yeah i am like that in summer too..it is horrible here so much so that i have stopped walking in the mornings..too hot even by 7.00am..and i am not getting up any earlier!...good weather for salads and cold meats!

12-21-2012, 06:06 AM
Okay - here I am saying "I have to step on the scale daily" and Guac - like you, I have been too "chicken" to do it!!! LOL - - I hear you on the holiday binging girlfriend - hang in there!!!

It's supposed to snow here today - WHITE CHRISTMAS!! :carrot:

Very windy right now....and again, I am NOT in the mood to go to work today! LOL TGIF!!!!! :)

Am going to eat some breakfast (Ezekiel english muffin with 1 slice of rice cheese) then have some coffee and get on the treadmill in about 45 minutes - even if I only walk for 30 minutes, I'm going to do it - - another holiday "party" this evening...but I know the restaurant and I can order a very tasty salad...just need to stay away from the bread bowl - - as for the wine however.....:dizzy:

The good news - even if I do gain a couple of pounds over the next two weeks - I have lost 40 this year!! So I know in January I have the discipline, ability and drive to shed it!

Happy Holiday weekend everyone!

12-21-2012, 07:52 AM
:hug: MrsTryingAgain

things going ok here, weighed in yesterday because of xmas lunch, it wasn't too bad, I'm only up a pound from that hanging in around where I want to maintain, next week will probably not be so good. In a way I'll be glad when it's all over, get back to normal life...weird looking forward to the holiday but also looking forward to the end of it...:sunny:

12-21-2012, 09:00 AM
bwah, everyone, I stepped on the scale today and it was about what I thought still, and grim. Still 144 but a little less than 144.4 like it was yesterday. I need to eat as clean as possible the next few days so that Christmas won't take me all the way back up to my high weight!!!!

12-21-2012, 09:14 AM
kelijpa - I feel the same as you do! As nice as the holidays are, I'm ready to get back into a normal routine!

and olecat - great strategy! I am also going to try to eat clean - at least for breakfast and lunch! And I'll do my best at all of these holiday dinners - it is SO HARD though!!

I just got off the treadmill - ran 5K - - part of my "Maintain don't Gain" strategy...makes me feel better knowing that I'm fueling my metabolism and burning fat. I am probably canceling it out with the wine and carbs, but neutral is okay for these next two weeks -- as long as I burn the excess calories, I won't feel bad.

Speaking of burning fat - tomorrow I am going to attempt to do a TWO HOUR Kickboxing Class!! They only do it once a year - around the holidays - same logic - a really intense workout - then party...LOL

Well - I have to hit the shower - so glad I gave myself 30 minutes this morning...small price to pay for my peace of mind. :)


12-21-2012, 11:58 AM
It's SNOWING!:carrot:

Yea! I let the pups out this am and it snowed last night!! It covered all the grass but by this am it was starting to do that drizzle/rainy thing and melting the snow - I realized I needed to get out there and shovel the sidewalks before the slush froze and I had 2-3 inches of ice under the snow that's coming. I also got the bright idea to wear my heartrate monitor and use this as my 'warmup' before working out. Didn't turn out that way! I forgot - slushy snow is HEAVY! I was out there for 40 minutes before I was soaked in rain and slush and panting like I had run around the block 40 times. As it turns out - I burned 10 calories every minute I was out there! SO - that's my cardio for the day! And weights, too, I think. My poor back. I probably shouldn't scoop and sling the heavy snow:D

Mrs: I love the Winter, too and hate heat. I am one of those sweaty chicks. And since my body decided to enter perimenopause at 40 - yikes. I can't imagine! I'm originally from South Texas (hotter than hot plus humidity). The girls did love the walk - but it was cold so I pretty much drug them around the big block for our quickest mile ever! As far as equipment - still debating. Definitely some foam rollers for recovery - I had never heard of them until reading the NROL book! Oh - and a massage stick - not what you think!! Don't google it at work - you never know what might turn up:o

Guac: I figure I would probably have eaten that many calories 'tasting' the cookie dough. Sadly, I'm a spoon licker.

Sheila: That's the spirit - Celebrate the 40 pound victory! And it is!!

See: Hope you are feeling better!

Keep up the good work, Ladies!

12-21-2012, 01:15 PM
Just had a mani/pedi over lunch! Red sparkly toes!!! :)

Now back to the office for the afternoon - it's snowing here too!!! WOO HOO!!!!!

Drinks with the staff begin at 4pm ("offsite meeting" - lol)...will only have one - then home to light the tree and celebrate the end of my 2012 work year!!!! WOO HOO!!!!

Hope everyone has a fabulous Friday...oh - lunch was a handful of multigrain tortilla chips - PMS isn't helping my carb cravings...at least they were multigrain!!!

12-21-2012, 02:46 PM
Quick up-date & request:

I guess being a big B can pay-off. Yesterday during my calls, I DEMANDED assistance in moving my hubby's medical requests forward. I also DEMANDED to have someone who was competent working on our case. (Don't know if mentioned in 1 of my last posts...we were given the WRONG paperwork by someone who SPECIALIZES in getting medical help for people---delaying our request by at least 4 weeks!!!!) This morning BEFORE I started making calls, WE got a call! Once we turn in H's med records...his approval will be fast-tracked. Call into the dr. to get those made IMMEDIATELY after call. :yes:

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE keep your fingers crossed, thoughts possitive & all the rest! I really want my hubby to get what he needs. I can't bare the thought of lossing him.
I do not like playing the B, because it something I want to change in myself. But when my loved ones NEED something or may be in harm...I play it. I just wish I could play it as gracefully, respectfully & subtly as my mom. Oh, well...
Anywhos, please :goodvibes: :crossed: and all the rest.

THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! Cyber-hugs! :hug::hug: Have a good, healthy day! More laters!

12-21-2012, 04:37 PM
Think I'm starting to feel human again....coughed up both lungs last night, but curiously, not much coughing today....Yay Drugs!....what??? mucinex and ibuprofen....what were you thinking???...Anyway 2nd day away from work.....Nice unexpected vacation, but I'll pay for it later.

Congrats on the progress MrsT.....asking/demanding what you're entitled to is not being a "B". Encouraging people to do their job is not being a "B"....and when you get the system to work better for you, hopefully, it will work better for the next person....just another way of paying it forward....wear your scarlet B proudly, lady....

Scam alert--If you haven't heard of the Grandparents Scam, google it and warn all the elderly people and elder care workers you know. Such scams are extremely common, and this GS is going viral. These predators need to go to jail!!!!

Been bummed about wt loss...Not liking where the year is ending with me...I don't like wt loss tricks like atkins either, but I want to try a drastic change for a while as a jump start and trick my brain and body into working harder.

Pet peeve....That Look...scanning from head to toe when someone meets you....I hate that... especially when they do it 'secretly' and their glances stop at my midsection....Like I cannot see them......I've never been the best dresser and now with the weight gain, I've given these people more to judge......lots of these types at a meeting next summer, and I really want to avoid being on their radar.

Keep pluggun' away ladies!!!!

12-21-2012, 07:04 PM
2FatCats~my dad always says to take small shovelfulls, easier on the back and you can shovel longer...

Olehcat~I'll probably cry when I get to 144, too... :D don't worry you'll get back on track, you've had great success, be proud of that, it's good to eat clean, too, I always feel better when I do

Sheila~you're an inspiration! I'm trying to talk myself out of the treadmill, but you're getting me going, thanks! I'm off for the rest of the year, too!

goodvibes MrsTryingAgain :goodvibes

Keep pluggin' SeeMyFeet~since you mentioned dressing, I was out shopping today and happened upon a FashionBug, apparently they are going out of business, everything was 60%, 75% or 80% off, they had some nice things for pretty good prices, they said the whole chain is closing, so if there's one in your area you might want to check it out, you're doing great, let them have their looks!

did some shopping today, I just parked and walked around, little crazy out there...lol
best to all :sunny:

12-21-2012, 07:19 PM
Well it happened...nothing fits ....going out to dinner thank goodness I bought my stretchy wear....I feel a hey and bloated and I can cry at a drop of a pin....this is one hellish PMS that I'm having.....hope I can make good choices tonight.......

12-21-2012, 08:28 PM
@zumba - I hear you -- I'm SOOO bloated right now. Blech, mostly feel flabby from no exercise for over 2 weeks!

@MrsTryingAgain - *Crossing my toes and fingers*

@sheila - whoo hoo! I'm done with 2012 as a work year, too! ;) *toasts*

@2fatcats - I'm SO the opposite. HATE SNOW!! We got a little last night along with howling winds. You can have whatever we get this year! ;)

So I'll be taking a media break for awhile over the holidays, so I will probably not be on the forums for a week or two. I just want to wish everyone a happy holidays and to keep up the good work!!!!

12-21-2012, 09:28 PM
olehcat - WOO HOO!!! WE ARE DONE WORKING FOR 2012!!!! :carrot::carrot:

Zumba - think we are on the same cycle - I'm in SERIOUS PMS mode too!!! UH! Don't worry - two more weeks and we will be hitting it hard in 2013 !!!

kelijpa - Do YOU girlfriend!! Seriously - it's only 30 minutes - and it makes you feel like you're still committed to yourself even if you indulge in extra calories over the holidays!! :)

SeeMyFeet - Yup - been there with the "scanning" thing - the sad thing is that I don't even think they know they are doing it most of the time! UH!!! Just keep thinking about how it will feel when they "scan" you at your ideal weight!!! :)

MrsTryingAgain - you are TOTALLY not a "B"!!! It is very unfortunate, but in the healthcare system, I have also found that you sometimes have to be assertive - nothing wrong with asking people to do their job. Just be sure to do it in a way that is assertive, forceful, confident, and polite - - it's the unpoliteness (which is difficult) that can backfire - and if necessary - ESCALATE - "I would like to speak to your supervisor please". I personally have emailed CEOs of very large companies (can figure out their email address on line) - when the "customer service call lines" failed me...one CEO (company to remain anonymous - but you would definitely know it - had an "executive resolution specialist" reach out to me and my problem was solved within 24 hours! YOU GO GIRL!!!!! And I will sincerely pray for your husband - and for you! Hang in there!

Tonight was the staff gathering - - wine, appetizers - - CARBS....UH! But we had so much fun, and it was good - again, I felt okay about it because I did my 5K run this morning and I know I'm doing a 2 hour kickboxing class tomorrow morning. :-) I am fighting through these next two weeks!!! Definitely a different strategy - eat more....exercise more...LOL - it's really simple math right? ;)

Decidedly, despite the fact that I have completely binged tonight, and worse - I have serious PMS - I am stepping on the scale tomorrow morning - I think it will motivate me to get through the two hour kickboxing class....:-)

Well, I'm going to put in a Christmas movie and relax! The roads here are covered with snow! :) White Christmas!!!! (In January/February I'll be complaining about this - - LOL)

Hope everyone has a nice evening!

12-21-2012, 10:28 PM
Okay, we turned in H's medical records and notes detailing what the dr. wants for him in the near future. Our new case worker faxed it all to the appropriate office while we were there! We may not hear til the 27th/28th, but at least it's d-o-n-e!!! We are both breathing somewhat calmer now. Sure, we have a wait but WE ARE MOVING FORWARD!
It was a fair day health-wise. Eating was a little over, mostly cause I missed lunch & totally oinked at dinner. H2O? I'm behind on that...but I've got about 3 hrs to improve. No walk...just kind of spent running around getting the records, making extra copies of them & turning them in. :whoo:
So we still need good thoughts that things will progress in spite of the holidays...but at least we are this far! Soooo much farther than we were just yesterday. :dance:

Sheila: Sounds like a plan to me! I know it's super, duper hard to stay on track food-wise during this time of year. Staying diligent on the exercise should really help! Go for it!!!
As for me, I did have to go up the supervisoraly chain. It was basically #ELL. The first person I spoke with was awesome, but she had to try FOUR supervisors before SHE even got someone to talk to me! I felt bad for her. But this super wasn't super...instead of listening to my complaint & trying to fix it, she spent the whole time defending our case worker...the one who gave us wrong forms, delaying our process by 6 wks. I demanded a new case worker...and BAM! HE called us this morning with notes, questions & an attitude of "how can I help you?" In less than businss day, he had our paperwork in the hands necessary to expedite our case. I almost feel like he is a Christmas angel....

olehcat: Have a very merry & blessed Christmas! We will miss you! Try & be healthy & stay on track. If you don't, don't stress it...we'll help you get back on it once you return!!

zumba: :hug: :hug: Or maybe I should stay out of arm's reach? JUST KIDDING!!! I'm sorry your PMS is is being such a horrible pain. Been there, done that...glad to see menopause, just wish the moods swings & hot flashes weren't so um....unpredictable.

seemyfeet: Glad you're feeling better. YES! I will wear my "B" proudly. Only because I'm a "B" with a reason...not just a "B" to be one. As for the "body scan"...I always remember to myself that I may be heavy, but I'm loosing weight. They WILL ALWAYS be superfiscial & thus pathetic! :devil:

2fatcats: Enjoy the snow, but do be careful shoveling it. It can be very, very taxing on your body...as you found out. Hope you took a nice hot shower/bath, maybe had some hot tea/light cocoa & relaxed afterward! :coffee: I love nice rewards like that!!

Okay, everyone be healthy! If you traveling for the holidays, please do so safely! Be healthy, be happy & enjoy the remainder of 2012...after all the world didn't come to an
end....go figure!

12-21-2012, 11:11 PM
MrsTryingAgain - You ROCK girlfriend!! Just think of all the poor people who don't assert themselves...so sad!!!

....intervention needed - (I'm self coaching because this is not a chat...LOL) - I am RAVENOUS...found a banquet turkey pot pie in the freezer - 400 calories - 24 grams of FAT...put it in the microwave and it's DONE (microwave is beeping and I'm sitting here on the couch)...mind you, I only eat fish - NOT TURKEY - but I have been known to pick around the pieces...lol...do I really want 24 grams of fat going into my body right before BED?!? Who cares if I'm kickboxing for two hours in the morning (yep - I used that as justification before throwing the stupid thing in the microwave)....DECIDEDLY - I am throwing it DIRECTLY into the trash and finding another option!!!

.....DONE. :) Self coaching complete. Now need to find a suitable alternative...even if it's a microwaved potato with tofu sour cream it's better than all that fat and hydrogenated oils!

.......I'm working through the binge....(sigh)...still eating something, but I'm going to be CHOICEFUL about it!!!

12-21-2012, 11:17 PM
pot pie in the trash - potato in a paper lunch bag in the microwave....will top it with some sea salt and tofu sour cream...my "chips and dip"...LOL

.....very proud of myself for this one - this time last year I definitely would have ate the junk. Yes - this is a carb...but a MUCH better option!!! :)

(sigh) - - will this EVER not be a lifetime battle?!? SHEESH!!!

12-21-2012, 11:30 PM
Sorry to keep pulling you all through my binge drama - LOL - but I just ate the microwaved baked potato (fork it and put it in a paper lunch bag then fold to seal and microwave for 4-5mins) then topped with 1 Tbsp of "Tofutti" sour cream (health food store) and some sea salt - only FIVE grams of fat - and I feel full and satisfied!!!!

WOO HOO!!! I did it!! pulled myself out of the bad binge abyss!!!! :-)

12-22-2012, 12:09 AM
whoooooooooooot you go girl..i was also feeling cravings for something carby..would you believe some toast with lots of butter??...strange huh??..anyways i was reading through the low carb recipes here and found one for bread...who would have thought??..a bit high in fat but heck low in carbs...tis really easy...1/4 cup of almond meal..one egg...1 teaspoon of baking powder and 2 table spoons of butter.. mix well and put in a bread shaped glass dish...whack it in the oven for 1 minute and 20 seconds and wallah a bit of bread...i added some crushed garlic too...soooooooo yummy for a treat!!

oh here is something funny to hopefully bring a smile to your dial!! for all you kitty lovers out there!


12-22-2012, 01:22 AM
Sheila: When I bake a tato...I put fresh salsa on it! MMMMMmmmmm....

Liz: Love the cartoon! It has cat-itude down pat. Mine won't even come to UNLESS I have food or her brush. Food = 100% guarantee. Brush = 75%. Oh, well...

Moving Forward
12-22-2012, 01:40 AM
Hi ladies! Just wanted you to know that I was here and did a bunch of reading. I had several chuckes and enjoyed catching up on what everyone has been up to. I will most likely be lurking sporadically the next two weeks. I'm on vacation now too :) and have a lot to do before Christmas and have a book I would love to cozy up and read.

Happy holidays to everyone if I don't post again here for a bit.

12-22-2012, 08:44 AM
Good morning ladies!

You know, there's something to be learned from those "cats" - they are all about THEM! :-) Love the cartoon!

Weighed in at 142 this morning - I'm maintaining despite the holiday eating and drinking. :-) I would LOVE to end the year in the 130s...but just not sure that is realistic - although I just started my TOM - so if I'm bloated it might be possible!

Am sitting here in my living room with the Christmas tree lights on, fireplace lit, drinking coffee - need to leave for kickboxing in an hour - will clean up the clutter down here, drink an energy shake to fuel myself for a workout that will surpass any I've ever done in my lifetime - lol - I have NEVER intensely worked out for two hours straight - I know we are going to take a small break at the 1 hour mark - - I'm bringing three bottles of water with me...I have found myself "rationalizing" an excuse not to go - "I have so much to do for Christmas, the house needs cleaned, laundry needs done, I have to go grocery shopping"...yada yada yada....no excuses. I've been there, done that, and ended up 40 pounds heavier...NO THANK YOU!

MrsTryingAgain - I forgot about the salsa! I used to do that too! Just put it on my grocery list. :-) I don't know if it's TOM, the holidays or what, but I have been carb starved...so I'm going to make a nice big pot of minestrone this afternoon - will use whole wheat macaroni and will buy some fat free saltines - - if I'm going to eat carbs, I may as well try to minimize the damage - - LOL....it's GREAT soup weather here!

lizarddau - I honestly could sit down and eat a half a loaf of toasted bread with butter...completely understand THAT craving (in fact uh...I used to do that...literally would have 4 slices of buttered toast for breakfast in the morning)...love the recipe! I'll have to get the ingredients and give it a try! In the meantime, I'm going to pick up some Ezekiel bread (it's a sprouted grain bread) - just in case I get weak...oh and a couple avocados - I absolutely LOVE smashing a 1/2 avocado on toast, sprinkling it with sea salt and chowing down...LOVE IT! Again - not necessarily a weight loss strategy but healthy grains and fats...

Well - I'm off to make another cup of coffee and drink my energy shake...wish me luck at Kickboxing! LOL

12-22-2012, 09:10 AM
UNBELIEVABLE - I'm sitting here - lit the fireplace because it seemed unusually cold - turned the furnace up - - it's not working....REALLY?!? I went to the basement - no clue where the pilot light is...so I have a call into the service guys...(sigh)....so much for my kickboxing. :(

Having said that - it's getting cold fast - - the gas fireplace is working so I can stay in the livingroom until the service guys call back (I left a message)....but given the fact that I am not going to be able to make the kickboxing class, I'm going to get ready (after my energy drink has a few minutes to digest), and run 5K on the treadmill. After that - I'll just sit in the livingroom and try to keep warm...MERRY CHRISTMAS.:mad:

12-22-2012, 09:48 AM
Sorry Sheila! Google the pilot light, it is really easy to light it. -- Good luck!

12-22-2012, 09:48 AM
Merry Christmas Sheila, sorry to hear about your furnace, it's snowing and cold here, I'm trying to work up the nerve to go outside, I have the gear, have to get the poor little dog out for a walk anyway and let the ducks out, they love cold weather, crazy things they are.

I'll see how it is when I get out there, if I can I'm going to walk, don't want frostbite on the face though, it's pretty breezy, yeesh.

Liz~cute cat-toon, that is why Santa doesn't use cats...lol your little bread thing sounds good, as does sheila's avocado mashed on toast, I love avocados.

MrsT-A~congrats on the progress, wishing you and your hubby well!

best to all :sunny:

12-22-2012, 11:40 AM
Well the "flame sensor" was shot - but I now have HEAT!!! :D ($75 later...)

Had to shift to "plan B" on my workout....just got off the treadmill - ran 5K so I feel better. :)

kelijpa - you have DUCKS? HOW COOL!!!! Enjoy going outside to walk your puppy!

I'm getting ready to throw on a ball cap and run my errands...have to go get a Honeybaked Ham for the kids - then run to CVS (stocking stuffers), then the grocery store and the hardware store - the furnace guy told me I needed a new filter too....

The house is pretty clean - needs about 30 minutes more "attention" which I will do this afternoon before the kids come over. I'm really excited - they are MINE for Xmas!!!! :) This is the first Christmas since the divorce that I've had them spend the night on Xmas eve and wake up here Xmas morning!! (7 YEARS!) - - I can't wait!!! I really want to make it special for them. :)

The good news - I am baking cut out cookies and fudge this afternoon - God blessed me with many things, but one great one is that I really don't care for sweets! :p So it won't be a challenge for me...now put a bag of potato chips and a tub of chip dip in front of me and I'm like a ravenous wild dog....LOL

My daughter is having 5 friends over for a slumber party tonight - I'm trying to think about what I want to make them for breakfast - something special...am going to look through my breakfast casserole recipes to see what I can find...I'm also going to buy and cut up some fresh strawberries...(feather in the healthy food! :) )

Okay - well, I'm off!

12-22-2012, 01:17 PM
Sheila: I can feel your excitement reading your post....its great!!:D I have my kids also on christmas even and christmas morning..then they leave around noon and i"ll be alone but alteast I'll have them earlier in the day..thinking of making a special christmas breakfast but i'm not sure what.....have to think about that today....

KELIJ: Good for you for getting that workout in and making that priority.there is ALWAYS going to be something that you need to do that can be an excuse not to work out...two hours..WOW..as a fitness instructor I will say that I am surely impressed.

LIZARD: That cartoon gave me a chuckle..I like that idea for a bit of bread, I have almond meal I think and I should try that......I also have a recipe somewhere for a muffin in a minute that is made with flax meal....not a real muffin but super low carb and with cream cheese or butter is super good.

MRSTRYING: happy to hear that progress is being made with the paperwork.....what a relief..:carrot:

12-22-2012, 03:04 PM
Another "mid-course correction" - I was out running my errands - FAMISHED!!! Almost went through McDonnalds and ordered a Fillet of Fish sandwich - instead, I finished my grocery shopping - bought sprouted grain english muffins (Ezekiel), Boca veggie chicken patties and just made myself a wonderful sandwich at home! Not fried, high fiber, low fat - and I added a slice of veggie cheese and a dollop of "veganaise"

I definitely consider THAT ONE a success! The old me would have rationalized the fried fish sandwich...LOL

Just ran both on Calorie King - McDonnalds choice 18g of fat (my choice 9.5g), 40mg cholesterol (mine 0mg) and mine had 22g of protein and McDonalds only 16! :)


12-22-2012, 03:24 PM
Sheila, making that sandwich was definitely an accomplishment!

Well last night i was practically in tears trying on outfit after outfit and nothing fit....i was besides myself...a lot of these things were new clothes i haven't worn yet or things I haven't worn since last winter. it was so upsetting...good thing I had a pair of tights and a bit stretch tunic thing that I bought recently to help me get through this phase..and I so hope its just a phase! Went out and after a glass of wine calmed down enough to have a great time. Scale isn't too horrible today, atleast I didn't gain any more weight....Going to the gym tonight.....

hang in there everybody...just a few more days until Christmas and then we can all get back on the wagon hard core! WE GOT THIS!:wl:

12-22-2012, 03:41 PM
Well....yesterday I felt better and better....changed out the toothbrush and laundered sheets, blankets, pillowcases, and started cooking for me and the family.....trying so hard to get my brain out of this lazy/funky mood....then BAM, Auntie Flo pays her visit....I wish that forgetful old crone would just leave me alone!....har har....at least I didn't have Pms....but this brain fog is just sucking the life out of me.....first getting sick...now TOM....I just am not in the mood for holidays...still don't have all my shopping done...

You guys keep talking about bread...I've been enjoying experimenting with bread recipes in my breadmaker....trying "low carb" versions; however, I don't see any way around carbs with bread/pasta...smaller portions is it.....and I likes me bread/butter/honey too....I'm experimenting with a recipe for skinny pie crust for quiche that has ~3Tbs flour for a 13in rectangular baking pan....my boys love quiche!....and it's a great way to use up last bits of veggies/herbs.

well....I should be in good shape to start an exorcise routine again today....not sure if I'm up to 2 hrs tho.....Ugh...I used to envision a happier, skinnier me....I'm just not seeing it these days....will I ever ever get there :?: ?????? Am I just kidding myself???????

12-22-2012, 05:05 PM
Zumba...I feel your pain...I just bought a new dress for xmas (from whbm...where else...lol) I bought a medium but I could have gone with the large one. -- Why am I doing this to myself.... I feel yucky and gross!

12-22-2012, 06:30 PM
Sum38 & Zumba - :hug: I know your feeling!!! Just think of this as a time of transition - actually, it's good to feel that feeling - you will appreciate when those clothes start feeling LOOSE!!! And Zumba - when I got divorced, that's when I GAINED 40 pounds.....don't make the same mistake I did...you are MUCH more aware which puts you WAY AHEAD of where I was!!!! Find an outlet in something other than food - - as a fitness instructor, you can take all of your stress and emotions out in class!!! :D

SeeMyFeet - Don't lose that vision!!!! In fact, I bought a corkboard and stuck it on my closet door - I pin inspirational quotes, pictures of women out of fitness magazines working out, old pictures of me at my best weight...NEVER lose that vision!!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!! And google "crustless quiche" recipes - there are some great ones out there! I've also seen some with a brown rice crust! :-)

My daughter is here preparing for her girlfriend Christmas party - it's cute - we made party favors out of santa socks stuffed with lip balm, nail polish, sugar-free gum, a few pieces of candy, mechanical pencils and candy canes - now she is baking cookies in the kitchen - - I LOVE having the kids home!!! :)

My son is still at his Dad's house - Dad will drop him off in a little bit - he's my buddy - so while the girls do their "thing" and watch movies in the basement, my son and I will watch a Christmas movie upstairs :)

Hopefully the snow doesn't melt - it's not supposed to snow again, but this has really got us in the mood for Christmas!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday evening!!!

12-22-2012, 11:13 PM
.....well.....after that walk around the block with TH, I'm expecting a call from the health dept....I'm sure the neighbors think i have tuberculosis.....lawdy....I thought i was getting better....

NEmom....I'm hoping your cig withdrawal is going well......diminished lung capacity is a drag.....so to speak.....we're still rootin' for ya......big time.....

Moving Forward
12-23-2012, 12:41 PM
SeeMyFeet--Get better quick! Sometimes these coughs just linger. So annoying.

Sheila--Enjoy those kids! It sounds like you've got a lot going on with them. Good memories!

Zumba--I've been there trying on the outfits and nothing fits. Keep your chin up and know that this, too, shall pass.

Sum38--Send the dress back. Obviously, they made it too small. ;). No, seriously, I'm sorry about that. You are brave to buy clothes online without trying them on first. I just know that when I take things into a fitting room it is always a crapshoot.

The scale moved an eensy bit downward for me within the past few days, which suggests I will get past the plateau I've been on. Meanwhile, I've decided to take a huge leap of faith and take a two week diet break, with moderation. I think my metabolism and weight loss hormones need to be re-set. Not to mention the psychological perk of being able to relax a little for the holidays! I just hope that I don't lose ground and gain. This is a huge leap of faith for me. :dizzy:

12-23-2012, 03:23 PM
......had a whoosh!....had a whoosh!...
......and I'm doin the fanDANGgo!....

my daily weigh-in curves look like a slinky going down the stairs....I'm pushing that ticker down, but the weigh-in numbers will start going up the rainbow again...long as I know they'll slide back down soon....

....still coughing.....HEY....cross fingers....we're going to look at a used car....a 'too good to be true' story....prolly is....

12-23-2012, 06:06 PM
SeeMyFeet - I hope the car worked out for you!!! Let us know! And I absolutely LOVE the "Woosh!" LOL

Today was a day of total relaxation - unfortunately, too much eating not enough moving - I didn't even run today - - tomorrow will be different!!!

SO feeling like a fat pig...I've been sitting on this couch watching TV and eating all day!!! (sigh) - tomorrow is a new day - I am SO ready for the holidays to be over! I have psychologically used this time as an excuse - completely stupid, but true...(sigh)

Anyway - tomorrow we will run some errands - then I will RUN a 5K on the treadmill - and I am going to eat clean during the day - we have a big Xmas eve party we are going to tomorrow night....

Still a little wrapping to do, but I'll make it happen tomorrow.

12-23-2012, 09:38 PM
ok.....i've been completely delirious...tomorrow is Christmas Eve??!!?!!??! How did that happen?? Yes, I will be one of those fools shopping tomorrow!

Well...the used car was really a super-de-dooper good deal...nice family selling it.....but unfortunately, wouldn't work for my family.....good time to be a friend of mine in town right now!! I'm passing on that juicy tidbit of info!!

After coughing for five days to the point of throwing up and exhaustion, I dragged myself into a clinic...got me some good antibiotics and inhaler....my poor lungs!....anyway....finally on track to feeling better...Hey!...They asked my weight...and I told the truth, followed by "but that's ok, because I'm losing"...(I've been known to avoid the scale at the drs office.)..

Shiela---you think YOU feel like a fat pig??? with all your running around??? I feel like a fat, brainless pig....(remember the Far Side's "Boneless Chicken Ranch"?.....I'm the pig version of that.)...I haven't accomplished much these few days....trying to think of it as a vacation, but I know better.

Love and Happiness, all.

12-23-2012, 10:47 PM
Hey everyone....

made it to the gym last night...lifted weights on the circuit and did six miles on the bike....it felt soo good to be back in the gym for me....i love zumba but my body really needed some resistance training.....

today i woke up sad...not sure why but i stayed in bed most of the day feeling weepy......guess the reality of my life and the holidays is coming to a head....i've been living in a fantasy world thinking that this divorce was going to make my life better....i'm feeling worse....freedom comes with a price....

going to wake up early tomorrow and go food shopping, get new tires on the truck and then will probably cook for the rest of the day or take the kids out for christmas eve dinner....christmas morning i'll be with the kids, will make a big breakfast....when they go off with their Dad I will be going to dinner with two other ladies in the same boat with me..we are going out for a fancy dinner.....I was going to stay home alone but i think i'm going to take these ladies up on their offer.

Thiings are what they are......on a happy note the scale is down a bit..pobably because i didn't eat much today and yesterday I stuck to low carb.

take care everybody...

12-24-2012, 12:58 AM
Okay, I feel like I'm off-track. I don't know why. I've been trying, but the scale seems to be stuck. I know the last time I did this...I lost weight regularly & steadily. I seem to be going NOWHERE fast. My goal for Christmas is a no go. I honestly thought that giving myself 12 weeks would be ample for 25 lb loss. Nope, I'm stuck & have been for weeks. :(
I don't know...menopause (which I really think I'm going through--3 months no TOM), stress of work & H's health. I find it hard not to just throw in the towel & say, "I guess I'm meant to be this way." I know that's not true, but late at night that thought creeps around in my brain.
UGH!!! I guess tomorrow I just HAVE to kick myself in the butt!!! :kickbutt: I AM WORTH IT! I CAN DO IT! I HAVE TO DO IT!:drill: I guess I have to change up my exercise routine...I love my walking but I'm beginning to wonder if it's enough.
I think the holidays have finally slapped me. I thought I was "above it". I'm not! I'm human! I want my family! I want time with them! My brain knows that ain't gonna happen, my heart? Not so much. I guess what bugs me the most is that the bulk of my family is just 30 mins. away, but they may as well be in another country. This is NOT what I had in mind for H & myself when we married...
Sorry for being such a downer. I just have to kick this all to the curb & re-set my thought pattern. My hubby loves me, my mom loves me, my dad loved me & my cat loves me. I need to learn to be happy with what is, cause there are things I can't change. I need to keep St. Francis of Assisi's words (Serenity Prayer) in my head, at least for awhile.....it's helped me in the past.

Okay...:ginger: :snowglo:

12-24-2012, 08:30 AM
MrsTryingAgain - :hug: I know your feeling about family - my brother his wife and three kids live less than a 15 minute drive away and we never see each other. :( I try - but it's like pulling teeth....You've actually inspired me - I'm giving him a call today to see if they want to meet somewhere for lunch sometime this week or come over to the house. If he says "we've got plans" (the standard line) - then so be it. Funny you mention the serenity prayer - I have a big year coming up work wise - and as a Christmas gift to myself I just ordered a necklace with that inscribed on the back! And we love you too!!!! :hug:

Zumbachica - You are doing AWESOME. Lo-carb and going to the gym the weekend before Xmas?!? With all of the change you are going through, I think you are doing great! I found with my own divorce I had a lot of mixed emotions - it's a roller coaster... and by "definition" a "major life stressor" because of the magnitude of the change. Kudos to you for going out with your girlfriends on Xmas day!!! It's a process - and you're working through it!!!

SeeMyFeet - "boneless chicken ranch" - YOU CRACK ME UP!!! LOL I am SO glad you got meds to make you feel better!!!!! LOL - and you're shopping on Xmas EVE?!? LOL!!! Enjoy the craziness!! Honestly the kids and I are going to go out just to be a part of the madness!! LOL - no shopping to do, just want to experience it!

So - this morning my daughter has a doctors appointment - poor thing getting her eyes dilated on Xmas Eve! Then we will grab some lunch (Chipotle - she loves it and I will have a "naked burritto" of black beans, fresh salsa on top of a little brown rice - okay, I'll add just a dollop of guacomole ;) ) - we will come home, let her eyes re-adjust, then go out to shop...(we're just going to pop into Walmart)...when we are home I'm going to make cheesy potato soup for the kids (I use 2% milk and 2% Velveeta - I try to make it as healthy as I can and the kids LOVE it!) - and I'm also going to make myself some minestrone soup with some high fiber pasta - they have this new pasta now - high fiber, looks like regular white pasta and doesn't taste like cardboard!! That way I can have some before we go to our Xmas eve party at 6.

Well - my PC is about to die - I forgot to plug it in to charge last night - I hope everyone has a wonderful day!!

12-24-2012, 12:57 PM
Hello, everyone. Quick check-in - finally braved the scale and it read 153. I've been feeling so bloated....it seems that TOM has arrived and I didn't even realize I was in PMS mode. Ever since I had my annual pap smear about 2 weeks ago, I've been crampy and spotting. So, it's kind of been like a month long period, except now it's here for real. Oh well, at least I will be feeling better and hopefully less bloated and fewer cravings in a few days. Lots of housework and laundry to catch up on today - for a mom, there is never a vacation from the daily drudgery!

Happy holidays, everyone! Thanks so much for sharing your lives and giving your support every day. I honestly think 40-something ladies are the coolest!

12-24-2012, 02:43 PM
Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well. Not sure how many remember me but I started here shortly after my dad died, then two weeks later I lost my job....well I kind of fell out for a bit...I think it hit me harder the closer to my birthday it got. I am still the same weight...so that part is good. But I have been only working out and eating right every so often.

I need to continue on and quit feeling sorry for myself. I am tired of being fat and out of shape. I hate looking pictures of myself....

So I am getting up, shaking myself off and get busy on this.

Hope all have a great christmas or happy holidays..which ever greeting you prefer...And here is to a WONDERFUL 2013!

12-25-2012, 12:03 AM
Pretty decent day over all. I walked for 45 mins. Ate okay. Food may have been a little over. It's okay though...I'm going to give my very best each day. I hope the lbs will come off, if they don't...I'll cry, then I'll ask a dr. about it. All I can think is that menopause/something else physical may be at work here.
I'll admit it ladies, I'm a little nervous. I watched a repeat episode of Dr. Oz where Rosie O'Donnell was the guest. I'm not a fan of Rosie's, but that episode made me think. My dad battled HBP & heart disease...it ran in his family. So it can be in me...but I don't know because I haven't had a physical in waaaaaaaaaay to long. I'm really hoping I can get a physical in the next month or so, that is one of my goals for this coming 2013.
So for 2013...I hope to get a physical, lose weight/get in shape, help my hubby with his health & maybe even a job change. But I will take it one day at a time. One healthy day at a time!

onmiwei: Welcome back! Sorry about the loss of your dad. :hug: Been there, done that...really a rough, rough road. Do what you can, don't be rough on yourself...just put one foot in front of the other. Next thing you know, you'll be on your way.

guacamole: Yes, we are the coolest! Nice of you to notice! ;) Yup, being a mom is the toughest, greatest job you'll ever have, but not get paid a wage.

Sheila: I really, really hope you & your brother reconnect. I used to be really close to 1 of my bros & a cousin. Things came apart horribly...haven't spoke to either of them in nearly a yr or more. My brother even remarried & I found out 2 wks later. I hate how things came unraveled & I have zero clue to put it back together. I tried to mend things with my cousin, but she never responded....oh,well.

zumba: It can be the time of year bringing you down. Don't look it as a yr of what the ****, look at it as a chance to try something new. So maybe it's not perfect or even what you expected, but is there not some positive aspects in it? Build on those! It may only be a few tiny things, but they are yours! You did well with the work-out!!! Maybe focus for a while on your fitness...then when you are ready you'll feel like working on another aspect of your life. ENJOY your kids while you've got them. Let them know they are loved. Pamper yourself when you are apart. Find support in others who are on this path with you. Try to keep bitterness out of the equation, bitterness is never positive (for you or the kids). Okay?

SeeMyFeet: Good for you on the loss. Staff in drs. office's know how hard it is to lose weight, cause they see people battle with it constantly & may even themselves. Take care of yourself! I hate being sick! I usually battle broncitus or a sinus infection every year. This year, no. I'm hoping (knocking on wood as Mom would do!!) that it stays that way. GET WELL so you can enjoy Christmas. Hope you didn't get to mangled by the crazy crowds out there!!!

Anywhos...Santa's on his way!!! :santa:


P.S. This board is the best gift I've gotten in a long time!!!

12-25-2012, 10:39 AM
:rudolph: Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate this Holiday! :rudolph:

12-25-2012, 01:39 PM
To those of you who celebrate Christmas - Merry Christmas! :)

Kids woke up at 4AM - uh, yep...my house now looks like Santa's workshop exploded. Thank goodness my daughter is a neat freak....she'll have it cleaned up before she and her brother go to Dad's :) I know I've said this before, but I seriously don't know where she got that from...LOL But what a BLESSING!

The kids bought me several running shirts - a headband and running gloves (for those chilly days), a "Mommy" necklace (I cried), a couple of coffee mugs, candles and some shower gel and lotion....such sweeties!!! We had a wonderful Christmas. :)

Unfortunately, my TOM kicked into high gear - and I think it must be due to all of the junk food I've been eating, but I have HORRIBLE CRAMPS - UH!!! Glad I don't have to go anywhere today....just going to relax. :)

Tomorrow - grocery store early - snow storm will start around 8am - we are supposed to get 6-12 inches!!!! I know this sounds crazy, but I love shoveling snow...LOL. I don't have a big driveway - I just like being out in the weather. :) I'm really looking forward to it! I didn't make my minestrone, so I'll do that and also some chicken noodle soup for the kids tomorrow. I absolutely love the idea of getting snowed in when I know I don't have to go anywhere! I will also run 5K on the treadmill tomorrow (by then my cramps should subside) - and then - - DEEP CLEANING. So many rooms to tackle - but I'm starting with my exercise room! I want it to be in perfect form by 2013!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

12-25-2012, 04:07 PM
A little Christmas miracle---scales back down to 236. As predicted, from my posted low of 35.5, the slinky went up to 39.5 (really???) but back down today to 36. I'll take that! I was telling my husband that I haven't been on a real plan for a week or so, just nibbling, but I haven't ever felt full or stuffed. I think I have the portion control down, ladies!!! But a new problem has arisen....I am addicted to cooking and my food is getting more and more tasty! Anyway, gonna go with the flow and start Atkins today. Two eggs for breakfast, and already cheating with the coffee!!

I have to say...that shadowy crevasse in the back of my brain has been growing these days....I've been having distressful dreams and waking up with memories of past hurts, insults, rejections.....and the dread of more in the future from current demons and AHs....I'm workin on it...opening my eyes to all the joy the world has to offer (like this guy: :carrot:)...I guess I'm mostly afraid of letting myself down--I know I will be making some big NY resolutions soon....This forum is a gift and a great resource...and you guys are treasures....

12-25-2012, 04:17 PM
Happy holidays! I thought what a better day to explore these forums more closely then today. :) I have some time to myself as the turkey roasts away. I love how quiet it is in the neighbourhood today.
I am 46 soon to be 47 and as you can tell from my ticker I have a large amount of weight to lose. I do not really know what my goal will be as I have been obese most of my life, since about the age of 7. But I see so many inspirational stories of others that were as big as me or close and get down to a number much lower then my set goal. This gives me hope.

I follow WW and go to therapy for overeating.

Will check in later or tomorrow.

Good night.

12-26-2012, 12:13 AM
A very quiet Christmas. Went for a walk in the rain with my hubby. :rain: It was pretty cold out, but it was needed. I got an awesome gift from me..2pairs of EarPops. They are basically earmuffs without the band, so I can wear my headphones if I want! So needed when the north wind blows. I can't wear knit hats, I'm a hot head (so to speak).
I've been a bit melancoly today (a lot?). I honestly thought my family didn't celebrate Christmas, I was wrong. It's just my hubby & I aren't part of it. I called my mom today to tell her Merry Christmas anyways & let her know I was thinking of her. She let it slip that she was just on her way out the door to spend the day with 3 of my brothers & THEIR families. To be honest, I've feel like crap (sorry if I offend). I know my family is dysfunctional. I know that for some reason they don't want baby sister & her better half around, it hurts. I can't help but wonder that if God forbid anything ever happened to me or my hubby they wouldn't give a rat's behind. I really wish we could move away, perferrably FAR AWAY...so they aren't just 30 or so mins. away. I can't/won't tell H what Mom said. I can't bare my family hurting him more.
Then on top of that...false alarm on menopause. Right after I got off the phone with Mom, TOM showed up. I guess it was just too much for my body to take. I now have ugly cramps, back ache & head ache to go with the ugly feelings in my heart.
Sorry, gang. I've promised myself not to get so freakin' wrapped up in this mess. TO **** WITH THEM! Daddy would be furious! I can't/won't blame Mom, I know she's lonely & that this time of year has to be rough. She deserves to be happy.
So my walk is the only thing I got right today. I've over-eaten, skipped on water (drinking diet soda again :( ), & all I've wanted to do was lay around watch tv & try to forget.
*****SHAKING HERSELF**** ENOUGH!!!:mad::mad::mad:

Time to check-in & be an encouragement!

pluckypear: Usually play games against you! ;) My neighborhood was quiet today, too! I love it like that! Yup, I have a lot of weight to loose too! It's not cooperating much, but I'll be darned if I'm going to give up! Glad you joined us! This is an awesome group!

SeeMyFeet: I think your pounds may have come to my house. I haven't stepped on the scales, we aren't on speaking terms. I know I'm not loosing. Decided to weigh myself only like once a month, unless I get in for a physical. I know about old nightmares & demons. THEY SUCK! But try not to let them suck the life & happiness out of you! :hug:

Sheila: GREAT! Glad you had a good Christmas with your kids! Love the necklace. See? Told you that you guys would have a good one! Be safe with the impending storm. Starting the cleaning with your exercise room? Love it!!! :lol: Sounds like your taking 2013 on full speed ahead. You inspire me! Thanks!

Well, I'm going to go take a hot shower & go curl up in bed with an old movie of some kind. I can now look forward to the holidays soon being in the "rearview mirror" & breathing again.



Moving Forward
12-26-2012, 01:57 AM
Happy Holidays everyone! To those that need it, a big hug :hug:

I'm staying with family and had a nice Christmas. I'm on a 2 week diet break to see if that will help me bust through the plateau I've been on. I'm a nervous wreck about it, though. I'm not preparing or planning my own food, nor am I anywhere near my treadmill or my scale. And I've been eating PLENTY the last two days with the holidays. I'm afraid the scale could have a bad surprise for me when I get home.

On the upside, my relatives keep oohing and ahhhing about how good I look. My mother-in-law even suggested I might want to stop losing weight! And tomorrow I am going to take advantage of the sales to get some badly needed smaller clothes. :)

Take care everyone. You are a great group of ladies.

12-26-2012, 07:14 AM
Today is my hubby's bday. It was supposed to snow so I was going to go take sr pictures of my daughter ( I am an artistic photographer who has done portraits at one time for a living) but now I am not sure if we will get any snow..it is still raining. We might have to drive north into KY to see any but hubby sounds sick.

I am slowly getting back on the eating right wagon and today we are also supposed to head to the gym.

MrsTryingagain-thank you for the warm re welcome :D It has only been 4 1/2 months since dad died and I live half way across the country from my sis and mom. I know if I lived closer I would be there with them on holidays but since I live so far I call them to hear what a good time they are having...my sister goes to my mom's house ever other week to help her out (she lives 3 hours away) Keep up the good work on walking and working out...and maybe stop by one of the blood pressure kiosks in the stores just to get an idea of what it is...or see if you know any CNAs, LPNs, or RNs who might be able to take a quick check of you BP. I just took a CNA course to get ready to go to school to be an RN (quick decision when I lost my job) and we learned how to take bps..normally mine is super low esp for my size but during class it was super high. More than likely from the stress of losing my dad, losing my job, and then deciding to go back to school right afterwards. My hubby took a CNA class a while ago so he takes mine every so often now. Still not down to what it was so I am thinking it is time for my physical anyway. Hubby is retired military and last time I went to the military hospital the doc said when I was 40 they had tests to run..I just won't go back ;) good luck!

Seemyfeet-CONGRATS on your Christmas miracle :D I also have been having past insults come back to haunt me and it sucks. I blew an interview of a job I wanted very badly because those insults came to the surface and I couldn't help thinking the panel of interviewers were thinking that of me..I got nervous and just acted like a blundering idiot in the interview..ugh..and I knew it while it was happening I just couldn't pull it together. i think I have a tad bit of depression with all that has happened in the last 4 months so the past insults seem to drag me down even more. So here is to a new year of not letting those drag us down :D

Movingfoward-I bet that felt good getting all those compliments on your weight loss!

pluckypear-I have a lot to lose as well. I picked a number as a goal but really I will stop when I get into this one pair of jeans that I had as teenager...I still have them. I liked how I felt when I was that size (size 10) Though at the weight I was when I was in them I was told by docs I was 30-40lbs overweight but I looked better than my friends who weighed the "right" weight. So i'll stick with how I feel rather than what the scale says.