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04-26-2003, 11:05 AM
Hi everyone,

Been lurking out in the shadows. Thought I'd slip out for a change.

Near finished my master's thesis (spec ed). The crunch is on & have had many late hours working on it. It's on AD/HD and the need for all student teachers to get training in the disorder, how to work with these kids, AND their families. This is a topic near & dear to my heart due to my son (who has severe AD/HD and depression).

Found myself a new doctor instead of the skinny little thing that would bawl me out, tell me I needed to reduce stress in my life and get out and exercise *dry laugh*. New doctor is gruff, but good. She sent me for a bunch of tests, including an ekg, which I've never had (but have had minor chest pain - due largely to stress methinks). I know I have high cholesteral, so we'll see what the final verdict is in 10 days when I go back.

Son is now 20. He has had a major setback with the depression in the past month. It, of course, impacts us terribly at home. He moved out in a rage in fall, and now wants to come back. We struggle with the right decision here, as there is much to consider, including our own well being and that of our daughter. :(

Daughter (15 next month) finally got the all-clear to return to Judo, competitive sport #1, and field-hockey (#2). She was on both provincial teams, and due to a badly broken bone, that took its sweet time healing, was "benched" by sports doctor until the beginning of this month. So the tournament trail has started again :)

I tore tendons in my elbow just before CHristmas, shovelling snow. I didn't realize how long those suckers can take to heal. I just got the all clear (from physio) to go back to CURVES after starting in Jan, and not being able to do half the machines. I've been going 3x a week now for 3 weeks and am sore :D This is a good thing!

A huge thanks to the (anonymous) person who sent me a pm a few weeks back. You have no idea how uplifting that was. It's so easy to lurk and not post when you are down so much. Thank you *hug*... you know who you are.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

04-26-2003, 12:48 PM
Hey JudoMom - its great to hear from you! so sorry yall have been having such a hard time. sounds like yall have really been dealing with a lot. Don't you just love these docs who tell you to get rid of the stress in your life! how in the world are you suppose to do that when you have children with chemical imbalances? I'm glad you are able to get back to going to Curves. I find I always feel better or at least that I can better handle things when I made the time to get my exercise in - I guess it really does get those endorphines going! Please keep posting and let us know how you are doing, even when its a crazy day and all you can do is say "hi and by" :-) hugs!!!

It is a beautiful day here in Louisiana. Hubby and youngest son got up early to go fishing. I got up and had some coffee and then went for a 2 mile walk outside. It is absolutely beautiful. The wind is blowing and the honeysuckles are blooming and they smell soooooo good. When I got back then I did some situps and then did some handweights. Now I am washing clothes and picking up and fixing to see about fixing some lunch.

I hope everybody has a wonderful weekend!

Cathy :wave:

04-26-2003, 01:07 PM
Good morning

Hi Cathy & Judo Mom.....Judo's great to see you back. It looks like a nice day here....we are supposed to have rain though....we will see.

I am going to have coffee....will see you later.


04-27-2003, 09:44 AM
Working days Friday, Saturday and Sunday and hopefully off most of next week.....though I am going to a conference on Tuesday about Midlife In Women. Should be interesting.

I couldn't believe it when I woke up this morning to snow!...Lots of heavy white snow!

I can't talk long as I have to give myself a few extra moments to get to work.

Nice to see people posting over the weekend.

Hubby did all the laundry after I went to bed last night so that will make Monday a little easier to face. I am still going to the gym and trying to get my house organized....those are my two goals of spring.

Hope you are all well....hugs to everyone!


04-27-2003, 01:52 PM
Hey Liz.....don't let that snow come my way......I am only about 450 to 500 miles west of