Body Image and Issues after Weight Loss - Any bra "experts" out there?

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11-20-2012, 10:52 PM
Well, since losing almost 100 lbs and also my age being an issue, i now have hardly any breast tissue on top and sagging, soft, fuller on bottom breasts UGH.

Since i learned how to size i finally have 2 bras that i absolutely love just because of the right size and fit (Panache Tango II balconnet) however i wish that they would provide more of an uplifted rounded shape and i wish i had more cleavage due to soft tissue and lack of it up top so the tops of the cups tend to wrinkle a bit because they're not filled out like full on top gals (which i greatly envy!!)

i have no idea where to go now (Freya, Curvy Kate or a different Panache) i measure 33 under bust and 41 across the cup so i imagine i'm an FF although the Panache i have now are 34 and 36 (a bit loose of course in the band size i've lost a little more weight) and the cup size is a GG which fits ok but could be filled out more in the upper cup. i wish i could create a cleavage with my bras but i understand that plunge bras aren't desirable with soft tissue pendulous breasts.. can anyone recommend another Panache that would be more uplifting and better fitting than the Tango II?


12-21-2012, 07:52 PM
I have the same issues. I love my Lane Bryant plunge bras (never heard I shouldn't wear plunge & love the cleavage they create) & am currently looking for a replacement since I need a smaller band size than they carry. I do know that after the LB plunge, I have always needed demi style bras because of the lack of fullness at the top of my breasts. I checked your size with this calculator: & it says you should be wearing a 32I (with snug band), 34H (moderately snug band), or 36G (slightly snug band). I like that calculator because it is the only one that I found that matched the professional fitting I had a couple of months ago. Now I feel like I can trust it as I lose more weight & need new sizes.