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04-24-2003, 07:53 PM
Welcome to a wonderful group of Christians who encourage each other each and every day. If you need a friend or some encouragment for your diet plan, you have come to the right place.

04-24-2003, 10:16 PM
Blessing today! My Head Boss Suprized me today with a nice card and starbucks gift card! Just to say Thank you for all that I do! I had a big meeting today to talk to the schools and parents of speical needs kids. I talk about employing speical needs kids. And what the challenges were. It turned out to be a really rewarding meeting. Please keep praying for my DD that she is able to find a job soon.

Doitforme-Wow I love the poam!
Sue-My Prayers are with your mother and you. Keep us posted.
Lilmose-A big welcome! Did you use a diffrent name before? I married young and We have been through a lot (with 6 kids who wouldn't) And I know with all my heart that God has seen use through it all. I will keep you in my prayers. With God all things are possible. I married in high School Finished school and have even had some college (I think I will go back and finish next year) We started our family two years later and we have been married for 22 years! We are here for you!
Zoe-Praise God for answered prayers!
Michele-I will pray that Gods will be done with your WA guy! I know God has someone speical for you. You are such a kind and wonderful person that I know there is someone speical out there for you! (I will pray that God hurrys a little bit)
Sherry-You have your hands full. My DD just brought in a new boxer puppy. I can't help my heart melting over him he is so cute even though I end up babysitting almost every night!
Wilma-Wow this school year went fast! I remember the post when your sons left! Enjoy them the summer will pass fast!
EZ-I am doing a work out program that my neuroligist put me on I will start slow and then build up to it. Just reading your post makes me tired!lol

May the Lord Bless and keep you in his care!

04-24-2003, 10:40 PM
Sami~Thank you and I am with you, I pray all the time for Him to hurry up. I feel i've been alone long enough! But I also pray to accept God's will..........and His timing! :)

What a nice boss you have and I am sure you deserved it too!

04-25-2003, 01:18 PM
Give yourselves a big pat on the back for all the hard work you have done this week:yes: and what the heck-- give yourself one if you took it a little easier than you should have-- I certainly did.

Well, I got my 35 minutes in on the cross trainer yesterday- watched a little of the price is right while I did it to pass the time. I wasn't able to do the plaster work on my house because the caulking I put in the day before was still wet-- will try again today. Went with the wife to my step-D's freshman softball game, they won and she had a hit and a couple of walks-- it was a very warm afternoon-- t-shirt and shorts :flow1: Spring is in the air here-- this week anyway.

Ended up making BBQ chicken breasts in the crock-pot yesterday for sandwiches-- it fell through the day before, I BBQed the breasts on the grill and was going to put them on rolls with turkey bacon and bbq sauce--HOWEVER-- my wife changed the plan at the last minute when she got home and her and my son had raspberry chipotle on their chicken with salad and watermelon. Tonight my wife is cooking greek meatballs with mint and rice etc. We have 3 girls from college stopping by on the way to a tennis tournament-- should be fun.

Went by and saw my mom yesterday- She is 66 and hasn't been very healthy in 20 years-- smoking and drinking took their tool on her-- a mis-diagnosed thyroid condition didn't help either-- add a bad heart and we just thank God she is still with us!! She wants to go to Illinois this summer for 6 months to see her ailing mom-- I hope they both live that long to be honest. Prayers needed here- thank-you.

SAMI-- STARBUCKS (((WOW))) my wife would die for that!! I like it too but I drink soooo much coffee that it kills me to pay what they want for a cup-- I do though and enjoy it-- we have a Starbucks less than a mile from my house:cb: I will continue prayers for your DD's job situation. Great work on the special needs kids. Good to hear from you.

ZOE-- What is it girl-- nothing to say? Glad to see you checking in at least!!:yes:

WILMA-- How are you feeling? Ready for the company this week-end? You seem to be quite the entertainer.

SHERRY Those names for the babies sure are cute-- have fun with all the little ones-- yours too-- this wee-end. Weed that garden;)

MICHELE How is it going today dear? A few days off from school will help!! Are you able to work out at the gym now or just work? Hope all is still well and good with that WA. fellow;)

doitforme--danceforjoy-lilmoose I hope this post finds you all as well as you can be with your pastor, church, husband, mom, etc.
SAMI said my posts make her tired---SORRY-- I just get a little--O.K. ALOT WINDED when I am not working during the day-- believe me girls my wife knows the

feeling:lol: :lol: :lol: :yes: :yes: :yes:

Well I am outta here-- my son just woke up so I can work on the sliding glass door in his room--


04-26-2003, 03:29 AM
Blessing to all! Today went pretty well. I am looking forward to this weekend my DS has Prom! My neice works at a tux shop so we got his tux FREE!!!!! I am doing a scrapbook of things he did in school or speical cards ect........ I have a scrapbook of speical days that is on going but the school on is what I give them for graduation. My DD loved hers and we displayed it at her open house it was such a big hit. My DS isn't sure what he wants to do. He has expressed an intrest in being a pastor but then changed his mind and now is changing it back. I think I am going to have him take a class or two here and do some soul serching because to college he would go to to be a pastor is geared toward being a pastor or teacher and if he isn't sure what he wants to be that I don't want him to spend the money then change his mind. Plus the fact that my son has not taken his SAT yet! I am back on the wagon. Please pray that I will make it this time. I don't want to be fat for my DD wedding. EZ I hope you know that reading about your busy life makes me tired (I just wander how you do it) But I love your uplifting Posts~! Michele my DD is wondering when God is going to show his will for her life to (for a job) It just looks like God is teaching us Patience! (that is not one of my strengths either) I will pray for God to maybe push it along a LITTLE faster............LOL

Prayers are with you all!

04-26-2003, 11:22 AM

I read this in my current issue of Guideposts magazine-- I thought you all might enjoy it.

I will try harder to open my hands to receive and give back the things you will for me dear Lord, in Jesus name I pray.

Have a great week-end ladies, Gary

04-26-2003, 11:45 AM

I can talk "BIG" since I have done the cross-trainer for a whopping 4 straight days now for 35 minutes each day-- it takes me that long on it to get to the 3 1/2 mile mark and the 400 calories I try for ( I know the calorie count is probably not accurate but it does give me a guide to shoot for).
The girls came by on their way to the tennis tournament last night--my wife made her greek meatballs and rice, greek salad and rolls-- very good. I finally got a night off from cooking this week-- HEY, WAIT A MINUTE--I didn't really work all week so I guess no one will feel sorry for me:lol:
I plastered around my slider yesterday and it came out very well, now I need to paint it and then blast it with the hose and see if it still leaks...
My wife is out for her Saturday morning run/jog/walk of 3+ miles. My son left the house at 5:30 to head to his track meet and she left at 6 to take her run--- me-- well I burned off the cals reading the paper!! HEY-- watch your smart mouths now-- I HAVE TWO PAPERS:lol:

SAMI--- O.K. dear, here is the deal--- YOU have to join me in the exercise even if no one else is--HELLO--WEDDING---there is no wagon to get on or off from, from now on-- LIFESTYLE CHANGE-- the wedding will be the first goal at seeing some success.
Now as far as that boy-- God will lead him-- right idea if he is not quite ready to step out-- get him in a community college for a couple of years and then transfer when ready-- there is plenty of college that can be done before the decision needs to be made to be in the ministry or not. No hurry--Patience.
My wife did a Creative Memories scrapbook for my son and daughter for their high school sports-- it was an awesome gift-- your kids sure will enjoy it for their entire lives!!
Your DD is still in my prayers for the right job to come around-- it is tough across the states right now-- there is always the rollercoaster ride of the economy-- one thing for sure in AMERICA though is that it will always get better--ALWAYS.
LET's go Sami-- I know it sounds trite but it is true-- ONE DAY AT A TIME---- OHHHH Baby it is going to be a great wedding!!!!!!!!!

Have fun this week-end ladies.... all of you who are having troubles at the moment know where to give them..

Give those kids a ((((HUG)))) for me!! ((((HUG))) those hubby's for yourselves;)


04-26-2003, 10:01 PM

Well I got off the cross-trainer an hour ago, stretched and took a shower. I did 3.5 miles and 31 minutes, 400 calories. It changes a little with my speed, I wasn't going to do it today as I am a little tight but my personal complainer--errr, my personal trainer-- my wife shamed me into it---- you think she would take it easy on me since I dug up two bushes and transplanted them today while she pruned her roses. She went with me to Home Depot to look at paint samples-- if she doesn't paint something every 3-4 months she goes nuts!! She is making tortilla soup and quesidillas now-- she asked me if I wanted 1 or 2 and I told her 3 or 4--- she is still laughing and it has been at least 5 minutes.

Well dinner is ready-- gotta go-- Gary

04-27-2003, 09:59 AM
Good Sunday Morning, Happy Lord's Day ~

It's about 5 minutes until I have to leave for church and I just wanted to stop in and say hello to y'all. I know I haven't been here much but if it's not one thing, it's another. First, I'm too stressed to be here due to not knowing what was happening with my tests ~ then, after I find that all is well, I'm so busy with all the stuff that I couldn't set my mind to do while I was stressed. What a cycle. :lol:

Gary ~ I too am POOPED just listening to ya. haha. Keep up that good work with the exercise. I'm hoping for my "want of it" to kick in any time now. :rolleyes:

Have a wonderful blessed day.

Zoe <><

04-27-2003, 10:25 AM
Hi all! :wave:

Not sure why, but I'm not getting emails letting me know there is a post on this thread. So then I forget, or after a while, I think, where is everybody? like Gary.

Worked at the gym yesterday 8-12 and the chiropractor from next door was in for a couple hours offering free screenings. We got to talking and what a great gal! She screened my neck and then she also did my lower back. I've got some problems still in my neck, but a big imbalance in my lower back. I really need to go in weekly and FOR SURE before the walk to try and adjust it. I also got to talking to her about diet, and low-carb, which her husband struggles with, (she is pregnant) and I realized while talking to her that I KNOW what I need to do. And I'm just not doing it. So I did for the rest of the day. After work I went and got the stuff to make my brocolli/cauliflower/bacon salad and made a big bowl of it. For lunch I had that and cheese hotdogs (no bun!), for dinner I grilled a chicken breast and sliced it, put on top of a nice salad. So I ate very low-carb yesterday and I didn't perish in the process........:lol: Time to go make my eggs and cheese and bacon for breakfast.

I did hear from my WA guy and it seems i hit a couple nerves. He apologized for being inconsiderate, he showed a little jealousy, and he says he's not sure how to do this dating thing, being he was married for 16 years. I understand that. We haven't had a chance to talk about it on the phone. I'll feel better when we do that and hopefully clear things up and see where we are at. I'm still trying to give it to our Lord.

So for me, the goal right now is, to eat nothing white (except cauliflower and mayo ;) ), no sugar, no caffeine. Concentrate on low carb. But Gosh, I want a cup of coffee this a.m....... :o

Gary~my goal is to have the ambition that your wife has. It's real dedication to get up on a Sat. and do her 3.5-4 miles. Good for her! And I'd like one quesadilla and a bowl of tortilla soup, please!

04-27-2003, 10:00 PM

Well my day went fairly well-- my LAKERS won in a close game against the T-WOLVES so that was good-- although they aren't looking like they will repeat as champions this year-- we shall see. Went to early church and sold tickets for our Cinco de Mayo Manana party next Sunday after, came home for a couple of hours and did my 35 min. 3.5 miles on the cross-trainer--- then went back after the second service and sold more tickets. Came home and been watching basketball ever since-- this makes my wife sooooo happy:lol: Actually most the time it is O.K. for me to watch the Lakers and my college teams-- it is when I start watching EVERY game in the playoffs with teams I don't even like that is the problem-- today it was ok as she was busy making invitations for her future sil bridal shower.
We rented the WINDTALKERS last night---WOW! if you haven't seen it, and can handle battle scenes, go get it-- what a debt we owe the Navajo men who gave their lives for our nation too.

ZOE-- Hey I always thought it was " if it's not one thing- it's your mother!":D Great job on getting through all that stress---NOW turn that energy into something functional--- stress takes energy that we can always use somewhere else-- easier said than done of course!!!!!! Glad to see you taking charge again-- remember not very long ago YOU were our rock girl:strong: :yes:

MICHELE-- Dinner is ready:) Glad to see some positve movement on the Washington front. My wife cannot live without chriopratic help every week or two-- an injury from her past, it really helps her out-- me... I am a little skeptical of them-- goes back to old wives tales. Staying away from "white foods" is not such a bad idea-- however--- and I really mean this from the bottom of my heart--- I really think the only diet that works all the time is a healthy eating lifestyle-- I have seen so many people lose on a diet only to gain it all back--- different reasons-- sometimes it is just too hard to follow a diet-- I know there are many out there that will disagree-- I also say whatever works for you is what you should do. I have seen much more success that STAYS though on those that have healthy eating habits and moderate exercise on a daily basis.
Try to get ready for that walk-- 17 miles is a long way-- stay healthy. As far as caffeine, I'm am not sure why you are giving it up, but I also feel a cup or two in the morning is not harmful-- I of course drink way more than that-- this is not good! I have tried to put mustard on most everything that I used to put mayo on-- we switched to low-fat mayo and didn't care for it-- we switched back to regular when we started just using it on BLT's pretty much. I really like the different flavors of mustard they have-- dijon, honey, sweet onion, etc.

Well the wife called for dinner again-- chicken and rice.


04-27-2003, 10:02 PM
P.S. My wife wanted me to post my picture-- she wants ya all to see what I really look like lol.

04-27-2003, 10:44 PM
Ez your on. My neurologist gave me some exercise to do everyday so I am going to start off with them and work my way up. I also made sure we had healthy foods to eat everyday. One of our down falls is that we eat a lot of quick frozen types of foods because we are always in a hurry. But those foods are highter in fat and salt. I feel that what you said and Michele is right I know what I should do and with all my health problems I need to JUST DO IT! Thank you for all your prayers for my DD. She has an interview Monday so I am praying it works out. I also want to ask for prayer for my friend Cindy I called her Sat and I am sad to say she isn't doing well She has Lupus and so does her DD. She is in a lot of Pain. We had a long talk and both of us have reached the point that I can't live like this anymore. But what can I do about it? It is so hard to live with pain everyday of your life. I use to go in remission and that gave me strenght to struggle through the bad times but it has been a long.......... time since I have felt well. And my dear friend is a lot worse than I am. I think it made both of us feel a little better to talk to someone who understands. Thank all of you for your prayers I am going back to posting more often because you keep me going. I was supprised today when I relized I have lost 10 lbs (I think it is because everything hurts my stomach) but for what ever reason I'll take it!
My the Lord bless you!

04-28-2003, 01:42 PM
Oh my goodness girl you sound soooo down-- boy are you in the right place-- we are here to help the best we can.

First of all--GREAT JOB :cb: :yes: on changing your eating habits-- I know that I yap all the time about it-- only from my own personal fast food downfall before I re-married do I feel I can though. Fast food or fast frozen food becomes a habit just like everything else-- my wife worked with me-- I was a kickin' and a screamin' all the way though---- I became a fast food addict after my ex left, with my kids involved in sports, dance and both in scouts, it seemed all I had time for was to run them around and stop and get fast food--- it was a hard habit to break for me--I craved it-- my wife made a ton of chicken and pasta dishes that I wasn't used to-- I used to make fun of "ALL th chicken we ate-- boy am I ever thankfull she changed me-- I would be in serious trouble now I am afraid-- now I haven't smoked for 6 years and rarely eat fast food or processed food--- we are not perfect and we are still very busy-- we do it fast food on occasion-- however we just try to PLAN better each week-- it really doesn't take that long once you get in the habit-- probably takes less time than waiting in the drive thru or in line. We pretty much just refuse to buy processed food or mixes-- my wife can put about a millon different sauces on chicken that is much better than store bought flavors-- alot of different pasta dishes even store bought are reasonably healthy-- try to eat whole wheat pasta if you can-- I know it is hard to find and somewhat expensive-- and drier-- but so much better for you. Sorry to ramble on.:(

Sami, your life really touches mine in so many ways. I have a sister with Lupus-- the doctors gave her 5 years to live 9 years ago-- I know there are many types of it-- hers is the most serious--her body just slowly shuts down, she has had so very many strokes, for some reason she has lost alot of weight too in the last few months. She is 43 with ahusband and a 21 and 18 yr old girls. I will certainly put Cindy and her daughter in my prayers.

I can't imagine the pain you are going through-- all I can say is that with my divorce years ago I really wanted to die from all the "inside pain"-- it was an 8 year battle-- the 4 years before she finally left me and 4 years after-- no matter how hard I tried, no matter how many times I read in my bible or tried to give it to God the pain just wouldn't go away-- I can see now that as much as I was trying to give it to God, I was holding on to the pain too-- the only thing I was doing right was understanding that I didn't have to be like this and trying to get out kept me focused on trying. That was over 8 years ago now-- but I still remember. God has blessed me in so many ways since that I can't even begin to tell you in this post-- but you see HE was always doing it-- I just didn't see. I wasn't opening my hands as my post from the other day said.

I can also relate a little to your stomach hurting with everything you put in it-- my 20 yr old daughter has always had stomach aches-- she has and myself done so much reasearch on it over the years-- doctors too-- the only thing we can come up with is the IBS-- it really hurts me to see her in so much pain-- she tries so hard to eat the right things so that it won't happen.

Sami-- I read Guideposts magazine-- they have a website that is really good-- as a member I can go through their old magazines and pull up articles from the archives-- I really wish you would check it out-- there are so many articles on people living with pain and how God has seen them through it. I think for those that don't subscribe to the magazine it is $5 to check it out for a month-- if you think it would help I suggest you try it-- the website is www.dailyguideposts,com

Well I gotta run for now-- I just wanted to reach Sami as I know you all do!! Love all of you-- you are all in my prayers, Gary

04-28-2003, 01:49 PM
Sami-- that is www.dailyguideposts.com with a period not a comma.

04-28-2003, 03:21 PM
I went home this wekend, and spent the weekend with mom/dad. It poured on SAt. But Sun. was beautiful and so is today. E.Z. I love your new icon up in the corner, that is cute.
Congrats on working out everyday. I have never seen windtalkers but heard it was good. Sami- and Zoe glad to see you guys back again- sami stay focused you'll be as fit as a fiddle. Hi mrs. Hummer- you sound like you got your hands full, litterally.
Mitchy- hope all works out for you with Mr. WA sounds like your being a good girl. Hi also to seattle sue your still in my thoughts and prayers for your mom, hi also to wilma, and lilmoose, and all others gutchie ect. Hope this finds you all well. Keep smiling- God is good, and his timeing is perfect. love ya's Sue

04-28-2003, 03:25 PM
Hi Gals-- I was looking up the results from the 5K I did a few weeks ago and they had the photos posted. If you really want to see what I look like you can go to www.asiorders.com then scroll down to Carlsbad 500-Worlds Fastest 5K on 4/13. Where it says bib number if you put in the #1511 you will see me and next to me is a picture of me and my daughter with her friend and mom. She is the one # 3275 with the red volley shirt. If you go to # 1510 you will see my wife and # 3274 is my son. But of course this is at the end of the race so my wife and son look alot worse off than my daughter and I since we walked and they ran-- my wife would kill me if she knew I sent you gals this picture!!! Don't tell her lol.
I just got off the cross-trainer-- I am able to get to 400 calories burned and 3.5 miles alot quicker now-- great improvement in only 1 week. Keep up your BEST ladies.


04-28-2003, 09:20 PM
Good Monday Evening y'all ~

Ah, another Monday under my belt. I love it when Monday is over with. The rest of the week is a breeze. :)

Gary ~ A great picture. I of course, did not read ALL of your post as I was going to the website so all I 'heard' was "if you want to see a real picture of me.....go here". So I clicked and there was this ironman guy. :lol: I thought, heck, he's pullin' my chain again. So I went back to your post and read more..."scroll down to Carlsbad 500" so I did (without reading more) and there was this guy, running his heart out.....once again, nah, can't be Gary.....ha. Then I went back and read your entire post and finally got to the real you. :) Great picture and a handsome guy at that. :)

Sami ~ Praise God for your 10 lb loss. Hope you're feeling well.

Sue ~ hope your visit with your mom and dad was wonderful. Sorry it rained on Saturday but glad Sunday was a good one.

Well, I finally got to church yesterday. I had been getting SO lazy. But I promised God that I would go and I would NEVER promise Him something that I didn't deliver. I'm too afraid. :lol: Anyway, it was great, as usual. I love being there. I don't know if I ever mentioned that my pastor is a fairly known singer. His name is Gary Oliver. I don't know how to have you hear his music but the church website is www.gomin-top.org

Hi to everyone else. Have a wonderful evening and a blessed Tuesday.

Me <><

04-28-2003, 11:26 PM
Hello CEers :wave:

SSami~you and your daughter and your friend Cindy are certainly in my prayers. Healing prayers for all of you.

I think Gary should write a column or something giving good, Christ-centered advice on situations. He's so gifted, don't you think? He has to be gifted with compassion and also teaching. I see it in his writing!

I talked to my WA guy and although we haven't figured everything out and don't have definite plans we know how each other feels and that we want to pursue "us", so I am thrilled! :love: I feel so much better after we talked about it. He won't be here until June but I feel that we truly have something we can build on. I told him he was worth the risk. He also told me that he hasn't been feeling well, can't sleep all night and has lost 35 lbs. since Jan. It worries me and he's going to the Dr. asap, but please say a prayer for him too that nothing is wrong. It may be just stress but that's not good either. I wish stress would do that to me, i'd be thin by now :lol:

[/b]Gary[/b]~Wow, what a nice looking famiy you have. You are very handsome, your wife is too cute after a run like that (that's not fair), your daughter is cute and your son, wow, what a cutie!

I'm afraid the picture of me during the walk will be me passed out on the side of the road, maybe with some paramedics checking for vital signs....:lol:

04-28-2003, 11:28 PM
Hi everyone! It's been a hectic few days. I spent my weekend cooking for guests and sleeping when they weren't around so that I could get over this cold. I feel much better today but still get really tired easily.

DS changed my internet connection to his computer - much faster - and I lost my password for this site. I finally have it and am back in business.

I'm glad to hear that so many messages were here for me to read when I finally got logged on. I have missed you! I don't have time to address everyone tonight but will in the near future.

I did enjoy your picture Gary. It's nice to put a face to all the eloquent words! Thanks for being here. I am also going to try to take up the challenge of 30 minutes of exercise a day as soon as I can breathe properly again.

A quick prayer item - both my sons are looking for summer employment and being in a new city we don't have the connections that come with finding work. Please pray that they find work and within bussing distance as we don't have an extra vehicle for them to use.

Good night! I'll talk to you again in the morning.

04-28-2003, 11:28 PM
ez-Thank you so much for your kindness I almost cried. I can tell you know where I am comming from. I am starting to keep track of what really sets me off to see if I can get this under control. I had another bad attack at work today. I trying to eat healthy but I have to be real careful not to eat to many salads or red or pop nothing with garlic because that sets off an attack. Thank you for sharing your experience with me I can not even express how much that means to me. One of my great fears it that my DH will become tired of me because this is deeply affecting our life but I am so thankful that he is so understanding and he picks up my slack on bad days without complaining.
I checked out your pictures WOW you look nothing like the Icon! Your a very nice looking family! Thank you again for lifting me up today.

04-28-2003, 11:36 PM
Did I post my picture already?? I can't remember. Haha. So here I am, with John, my co worker. This was taken last week. As you can see, I'm hiding behing the chair because I didn't like what I was wearing. :rolleyes: I'm a size 10 now so at 5'7", that ain't bad......but here I am, what you can see of me. :) that's my office, to John's left.

04-29-2003, 09:15 AM
Zoe, that is a nice pic! And I think you are silly to hide behind a chair, you are adorable. All of you!

You know it's been talked about recently about patience and waiting and God's timing, well here is today's affirmation. I thought it might say something to some of you too.

Waiting Builds Character
Character is built during the hard times of waiting.
But the God of all grace, who hath called us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that ye have suffered a while, make you perfect, stablish, strengthen, settle you.
- 1 Peter 5:10 KJV

So I should have so much character, i can't stand myself! :lol:

04-29-2003, 09:53 AM
Good Morning Everyone! It's a lovely day out there and I'm feeling better every morning. Last night was the first night I didn't wake up because of my cold and I feel rested this a.m. I still don't have much of an appetite which is probably not a bad thing. I packed a chicken sandwich, carrots, fruit for my lunch today. I plan to barbeque chicken tonight. I also plan to do 1 mile of walking tonight to get myself back in the habit.

Zoe: You look great! My dream is to be a size 10 and seeing you accomplish it is giving me inspiration. Thanks.

Michele: I love your quote on patience. If everything came easily to us we wouldn't grow in our faith or character.

Sami: I'm praying for you! I too know what it's like to have problems with certain foods. Red meats and cheese used to set me off as well as anything deep fried. Now I never eat deep fried foods and limit the red meat and cheese and the pain has gone away.

Hello to everyone else out there! Have a wonderful day!

04-29-2003, 11:56 AM

I was almost beginning to think I was the only one posting-- all I had to do was put up a picture of my ugly mug to get you all going again:lol: THANKS SOOO MUCH :yes: for the compliments on my family-- I did tell my wife that I sent the site of her picture-- my arm still hurts OUCH!! I guess what I did was a :nono: Nah, I'm not saying she was happy about it but she just wished it was a better picture of her to share-- aren't we always like that! My pictures are always crappy because I am always chewing gum-- instead of smoking!-- so my mouth always looks screwed up--- what the heck, I am anyway:)

Looking forward to all of you who aren't exercising already joining me in the 30 minutes a day work-out. I know some are healthier than others-- just go at your own pace at the exercise you want, The main thing is to JUST DO IT as they say. I have been doing the cross-trainer for a week now-- it was taking me 35 minutes to get to 3.5 miles, now I am getting there alot quicker. It takes time to build up... take it at your own speed-- 15 today 30 next week etc. by the end of summer an hour of exercise will be nothing. You all know as well as I do that as soon as we see improvement we get excited and want to push a little harder. Yes I know as we get older it gets much harder to push but gals the thing is we GOTTA keep moving forward-- if we don't-- it's over!

I made beef stroganoff yesterday-- roundsteak in the crock-pot coated with flour, salt, pepper and dried mustard-- layer with onions and canned mushrooms-- pour beef broth over-- set on low for 8 hours-- add sour cream, serve over noodles and wala- a very easy super FATTENING meal with the sourcream and noodles-- I bought these noodles in the frozen section--Grandma's Noodles- very good- but after I was cooking them I saw the calories--320 per serving- only 10 from fat though-- the package had 5 servings but there were no leftovers for the 3 of us at home yesterday. I better add a few minutes to my cross-trainer.

I also blew it because I ate ice-cream! which is something that I do only once every two years or so-- honest--I more of a popcorn kind of guy. Plus I don't know who remembers but in the past I was a Ben and Jerry Cherry Garcia junkie-- anyhow I was thinking about my little brother who passed away a few years ago and how much he enjoyed strawberry ice cream-- the thought was still in my mind when I passed some on sale in the freezer section-- I bought it and had some last night too-- better add a few more minutes

:lol: to that cross-trainer.

04-29-2003, 12:28 PM
Thought I'd give you gals a break-- such long posts I have-- I should probably go back to work soon! Actually I am supposed to start a new little job on Friday. I have work coming up so I am not too worried... actually there is work out there I am just taking a little break-- my wife doesn't care as long as I pay the bills she gives me and help out around the house-- I can't sit around all day watching tv or I am toast! As long as I have dinner done on my off days and do a chore or two it's ok. She knows I put in alot of hours over the year-- in construction there are the 12 hour days for weeks at a time sometimes.

doitforme- Glad to hear from you dear-- what did you and your ma and pa do this week-end? How is that Pastor these days? Camping season is soon. Happy to hear you have some better weather now. Check in when you can-- house still clean?

ZOE-- Was wondering if you were coming back-- glad to see you-- wow what a hottie you are!! No need to hide behind a chair that's for sure!! I am happy to hear you are back in church-- boy isn't it easy to get in the habit of not going from time to time. I will look up the website after I post this- thank-you. How is that new place coming along? Should be getting close.

WILMA-- Another week-end with guests over huh? What in the heck are you? The Martha Stewart of Canada:lol: ?Glad to see you are going to start walking a mile a day-- good for you! Just a little at a time though until you feel better. I will pray for those boys summer jobs-- didn't one work at the golf course last year? Great work on planning those meals-- that really is the ticket!!

SAMI-- I am happy if I helped encourage you-- isn't that what this site is all about!! I am also happy you have a great husband-- don't worry about losing him!! if he is great-- he isn't going anywhere-- just be carefull not to bring him down-- stay as positive as you can through all the pain and troubles!!:) I know it isn't easy-- we just have to keep from being our own anchors.Just do what you can in the exercise and eating dept. it takes time--- right now we have time-- as long as God blesses us life-- we have time! Here are prayers for your friend and her DD and your too:)

MICHELE Boy girl, you add a whole new meaning to road kill:lol: I am sure you will do fine in your walk-- just go at your level of ability-- be patient or we will have to pick your chacter up off the road!! I have seen women almost kill themselves-and men- in these events! How are your classes going? Sounds like you and that Wa. boy are on the right track-- good for you-- you certainly deserve a great guy!!

SHERRY--lilmoose--danceforjoy--JOANNE I hope all is well for you. Prayers sent.

Well I better get something done around here and do the X-trainer. The wife and I will be busy this afternoon-- step-D has a softball game and DS has a basketball game at 9:15 ouch! I don't have to cook tonight-- there is a healthier Mexican food restaurant down the street that is donating all of their proceeds tonight to Make A Wish foundation-- we are eating there after the softball game and before basketball-- at least I will get to see part of my Laker game before my son's.

Checkin' out for now-- IN HIS LOVE- Gary

04-29-2003, 07:03 PM
Hi everyone-- I have a few minutes before my wife gets home and we go to my step-D's softball game. I did my 35 minutes on the x-trainer and I really must be improving-- at least for today. Last week it took me 35 min. to get to 400 cals. burned and 3.2 miles-- today at 35 minutes I was at 500 cals. burned and 4 miles!! That made me so happy that I did a half hour of weights-- my wife would be so happy!! It was cool too cause I was watching The Price is right and there was a girl from my daughter's school on it-- she got in the showcase but didn't win that. Sure are alot of college kids on that show now-- I enjoy it but the main reason I watched it was because it is on the only channel we get in the garage.
Well the:drill: is here so I gotta get off and head to the ballgame.

Enjoy your families this evening-- Gary

04-29-2003, 07:53 PM
Blessing to all! I am doing a little better today had a healthy lunch and I didn't give into my craving to get this super sweet and high fat dessert! I did get in a lot of walking at work today but I am still going to do my work out that my Dr gave me.
EZ-Thank you again for your kindness. I work really hard not to be mean and nasty when I feel bad. My Dh can tell when it is real bad because I go up stairs to be by myself. Michele your verse was just what I needed to hear also! God I am Waiting! (in your time dear Lord) Zoe-I have to say I had a picture in my mind of what you look like and I must say you look so much better than the Picture I had in my mind. You look GREAT! You are such a inspiration!!!! Tell me again how long did it take for you to lose your weight and how much have you lost? Wilma one day Im comming for dinner!LOL and and EZ house next LOL. I am praying for all and we miss all the MIA'S Sherry and all the others EZ listed Please come back We miss you!

04-29-2003, 08:50 PM
Good Evening Friends ~

Just another quiet evening at home. We had chicken salad tonight, mine made with low fat mayo, of course. :) Some melba toast and I'm full.

Sami ~ It's funny how we picture someone in our mind and it's NEVER what we think. I am on the phone with customers all over the USA and when and if I finally meet any of them, I'm taken aback since I usually have a picture in my mind......and I'm never right. :lol: As for my weight loss, I've lost about 45 lbs since the first week in Sept. To be honest, it should be more, I should be at my goal long ago (7.7 more lbs) but I've been playing around lately ~ the last month, month and a half. I went from wearing 16's and some 18's to 12's and mostly 10's. I feel great! I'm so glad that you're feeling better.

Gary ~ thanks so much for the compliment. I haven't been called a "hottie" in.....well, in maybe forever. :lol: My birthday is this month coming (May) and I'm getting really over the hill.. Haha.
Church was GREAT on Sunday. My church is VERY charismatic and it's such a great feeling. 2 1/2 hours just fly by so quickly. :)

Wilma ~ glad to hear that you're feeling better. Your packed lunch sounds yummy.

Michele ~ thanks to you too for the compliment. I always hide behind things, usually people. :lol: I am going to have Greg take some pictures of me this coming Sunday (when I'm dressed for church and look presentable) so I'll have some.

I heard a commercial for Jenny Craig tonight and the woman said that she stayed out of pictures when she was over weight. She said she was pushing herself out of her families memories by doing that. That really hit a nerve because I am always staying out of photos.....one, because of my weight and two, I look awful in photos. Sometimes I wish I could just pick a face from a catalog and say, "I'll take that one". :lol: :lol:

Well, lemme go.....have a wonderful evening. God be with you all.

In Christ's Love,
Patti and Zoe <><

04-30-2003, 09:24 AM
Sherry.........where are you, sweetie? :?:

I will post later today, getting ready for work.

04-30-2003, 09:59 AM
Hi everyone! I have found that planning does work. I ate very well yesterday and today I woke up hungry. That doesn't happen very often. Today I have a salad with chicken packed for lunch as well as a low fat pudding and an apple. Tonight is's spaghetti night. I'll try not to have any garlic bread!!

I didn't walk last night - still felt fatiqued. The boys wanted me to watch a movie with them. It was dumb. I should have walked instead!!

Gary: I love beef stroganoff. It's okay to have it once in a while. It sounds like you eat healthy most of the time so indulge once in a while. ICE CREAM? Did you say ice cream? I had a bit last night with fresh strawberries imported from California!!

Yes, oldest DS did work at the golf course but we've moved 5 hours away from there and now they have to find work in an area they don't know. they have some leads but it's to the point already that they can't be to picky. They just hope it won't be at a fast food place.

Sami: Way to go not giving in to temptation. You're doing great. And... you're welcome to come to dinner anytime.:)

Zoe: I know what you're saying about the pictures. But...if you look at pictures and see how far you have come that's a good thing. You do look great! No more hiding behind chairs!!!:lol:

Well, I should go get ready for work. It's a busy day today - month end. I'll be on my feet all day!

Have a wonderful day!

04-30-2003, 12:33 PM
Well Zoe/E.z. Ir is nice to put a face to a name- What great pictures. E.Z. what a nice looking family ! Zoe- The chair has to go. You look great. Wilma glad to hear your feeling better- Mitchy glad all is working out with you and Mr. WA. Pray He is fine as well, and nothing serious medically going on. I have been so busy. I worked nights last night then went to a friend's kid's confirmation. I gave him a teen extreme bible and cover, I just hope he spends time reading and growing in the Lord. I refuse to give them cash. Because it tends to be spent on junk. I will soon have 2 staff out on disability and one took a promotional job, so I will have someone new. so I have been haveing lots of scheduling nightmares. Where I am early morning coverage as well as evening shift coverage. The state will not let us on-line except to the state site. So I haven't been posting much. But your all in my thoughts and prayers. Congrats sami- I am happy to see a healthier you, you sound much better even. I hope to start getting my campsite ready since may is almost here. But have to work this weekend, so probably won;t be till next weekend. Remember tom. is national prayer day. so. don't forget!

04-30-2003, 01:22 PM
I tried sevveral times to attach a picture of me, but it keep saying the image is too large, I made it smaller now its saying its an invalid attachment. Go figure. Guess it wasn't ment to be. Oh, well gotta give up anyway and get ready for work. love ya's Sue

04-30-2003, 02:04 PM
I wanted to drop in and introduce myself. :wave:

I am Beth, and I am on a healthier lifestyle journey using FirstPlace, a Christian weight loss/health plan and so far I have lost 15 lbs. But it is still HARD!

Surrendering my will to God, and being obedient to His word is very difficult.

I work full time, am newly married (we celebrate our first anniversary May 18th) and do not have any children. My DH has a daughter who is 11.

I don't see how anyone who is a Christian could possibly be successful at losing weight without the strength from our Lord!

How is everyon else doing? :)

04-30-2003, 09:42 PM

Well I had to work today and boy am I sore-- it was really a tough day back!! I'll survive-- I even did the 35 minutes on the X-trainer when I got home-- I did it right away though because I knew if I waited it wouldn't happen. I will sleep good tonight, I didn't get home last night until 11 from my son's basketball game, up at 4:30, hard day-- and now we are going to step-D's soccer team party.

ZOE-- Happy almost birthday, my sister's is the 22nd. Wow, 2 1/5 hours of church-- boy our Pastor gets yelled at if he runs it more than an hour-- obviously we are not charismatic! but very traditional-- we are progressing though towards more contemporary style though. How is that house coming?

WILMA-- So glad to see that the planning is working for you-- now PLAN to PLAN!!! Great job on the choice for lunch. Go ahead and eat a piece of garlic bread-- it is when we deprive ourselves that we get messed up--- it is a healthy lifestyle-- smaller portions, less junk. It's like with coffee, you can have a cup-- you don't need to drink 5 pots! This I tell myself daily!! WALK-WALK-WALK girl-- that spring wardrobe has to fit through spring!! Strawberries from California-- yep-- they sell them on almost every corner this time of year-- gotta be carefull though-- you can pay from $1- to $5 for the same amount.
Yes I do try to eat healthy-- I am pretty good-- we don't eat only healthy meals though-- we just try to keep the bad stuff at a minimum---my problem is that I over eat!! I never-- NEVER snack-- never have-- during the day-- I eat a good healthy breakfast and usually a healthy lunch-- my downfall is dinner-- I can eat enough for 3 guys-- Heck yes I'm full halfway through-- I just keep eating!! As long as there is something there! My wife now will eat just until she is full- then if she is hungry later she gets a cup of tea, no caffeine-- and a couple of grahm crackers or pretzels-- sometimes some popcorn-- small bowl no butter-- or even a small bowl of ice cream-- me-- if I eat a snack later it is popcorn in a huge bowl!!! Way more than I need-- at least I only do this 1 time a week-- maybe 2.

SAMI-- NICE-- on the healthy lunch-- give me your Doctors number and I will call him to make sure you are doing your exercises!!!:lol: Seriously-- I am not kidding-- it is important! We all get mean and nasty when we hurt-- it's being able to ask forgiveness and apologize-- and keep it to a minimum. You are welcome to dinner anytime-- HEY-- we could have one heck of a progressive dinner couldn't we.

doitforme-- THERE you are!!:) Sorry you can't post more often-- I am so unhappy your picture didn't make it!! It really does help to have an image of our friends doesn't it! The bible is a great idea-- you never know when it will save someones life-- I always try to buy good ones at the used book store-- then when someone needs one I got 'em. Not for a gift:lol: those I buy new.
I hope the changes at work bring you new friends and happiness!! Post when you can-- we know you are there... waiting to hear good news on the fellas though;)

BethG Welcome!! You are in the right place!! Blessings:angel:



START TODAY!!!! Whatever it is you are waiting for can WAIT!!!!!

04-30-2003, 10:50 PM
Blessing to all,
I have to be quick because I worked a long day and I still need to work out! I had another good day today. Please pray that I am going to stay strong!
Zoe-You statement really hit home with me too. I do scrapbooking and since I am the one who takes most of the pictures It is the easy way to stay out of the pictures. But when I do my scrapbook pages I have often thought about the fact I I am not in them. It is almost like I am not part of the family. I am going to reach that goal so I am proud to be in my DD wedding pictures!.
Zoe-so glad you are feeling better. Will pray for DS jobs.
BethG-A BIG welcome! This is such a great group! Post often looking forward to getting to know you better.
Sue-I hope you can get your picture to post. I will miss your posts but I pray you are enjoying camping.
Michele-I am praying for your man! Let us know what her finds out.
EZ-Alright I am going so I can work out! I will post my picture after my DD wedding.

Praying for an OP day!

Misti in Seattle
05-01-2003, 12:11 AM
Hello everyone

Just scrolling through all your new messages and saying a prayer for you!!

I just returned from an emergency trip to visit my Mother, who just had both legs amputated... at 87 it was quite traumatic for her; not so easy on the rest of us either. It is difficult being so far away... I do appreciate your prayers.


05-01-2003, 08:45 AM
Sue~I'm so sorry about your mother. I'm sure it is very hard on her and the whole family. You are all in my prayers. Healing prayers for Mom.

I am super stressed this a.m. Got up early to do some homework that I wasn't able to do last night. I went to Church last night which was very nice and then I took a class about called The Journey and we discussed the 10 Effective Habits of Christians. It was a great class but lased until 9:30 which is late for me. I had some coffee on purpose earlier to be up to do the work and did my reading but had to complete the write up this a.m.

I have to go to the chiro this a.m. and then I have to find my way to an art museum in Minneapolis which I've never been to for class (it's required) and then I have to go back to school for my other class and then to work........I just want to crawl back in bed. :( But I won't.

Plus I ran out of my thyroid medicine and should get to the pharmacy. I just can't keep up with anything lately. My mother will be here in less than two weeks and I'm a mess. Oh, she is not critical, in fact she called for a bit last night and told me, don't worry about anything.....just get through school, we'll handle the rest laer. (She's my true gift from God, that He chose her as my Mother!)

OK, sorry if I'm whiny this a.m. I'll be better now....

and i'm still not getting updates on this thread, happening to anyone else?

05-01-2003, 09:54 AM
It's a gorgeous day here today! I wish I could be at home enjoying my new yard but that's not to be.

I did a 1 mile walk last night. I am really out of shape. I made it through but was tired. Things can only get better from here. Today I work until 6 and then go for a hair cut so I won't be home until late. Hopefully I have enough energy to go for another mile.

Michele: You're not whining! You just sound a bit stressed. Maybe it's a good thing your mom is coming. Does she do stuff around the house for you? When my inlaws come I know I don't have to cook that week. I love it! Please make sure you take time for yourself. You deserve it!!

Sue: My prayers are with you and your mom. To have this happen at this time in her life doesn't seem fair.

Sami: You are doing so well. I can hardly wait until weigh in to hear how you've done. Keep it up! I've packed a salad for lunch and also a bit of chili because it'll be a long day for me today.

Gary: Thanks for the inspiration. It's because of you I walked last night. I was reading the messages and then came to yours and thought "Right, I'm supposed to walk tonight." So, I popped in the tape and did it. I'm going to do the 1 mile for a while and then advance to the 2 mile. I will also get outside once in a while too.

Beth: A big welcome to you! I hope you find as much support here as I have. We need to go to God for our main support but we are also supposed to rely on each other and I have found this group to be the biggest support I have. Looking forward to getting to know you better!

doitforme: I've tried attaching pictures too and get the same message you did. I'm going to get my DS to help me some time.

Hi to everyone else! Have a wonderful day!

05-01-2003, 10:03 AM
I just did a long post and lost it all! I hate when that happens.
This is gotta be shorter, as I have to bowl, last time till fall. for this league. Welcome Beth- these guys are awesome, stick around and let us get to know you. Ez. you are an inspiration, love reading your posts, your so uplifting, not to mention good cook. I am the supervisor, and unfortunately the new item had to be posted female because male staff can't transport female clients. So, its a female. But I leave all my meeting the right one in the Lord's hands if it is met to be it will happen, to busy most of the time to worry about it. Mitchy- hope your visit at chiro- went well, that should help relax ya Sue- pray mom is doing better- that is a hard thing for anyone to except losing both legs, but I am sure at her age it makes it even more difficult. Sami so gald your back around, miss you when your gone, here praying for an op day, you'll get in that picture, I'm sure. Zoe- nice to have you back as well, miss you guys when your not posting, stay out from behind chairs, Hi to everyone else! Mrs. Hummer where are you, I am going to send out a search party,let us know how those babies are doing. Wilma- plan plan plan, key to succes, spaghetti and garlic bread yummy! well gotta run. see ya

05-01-2003, 01:12 PM
Good morning all. It's almost lunchtime here in Long Island New York and cloudy/drizzly. Blecchh.

How is everyone doing? I am so thankful to God for His living, life-changing Word. I started out a bit rocky with my eating and exercise plan, but yesterday I began memorizing a special verse in my plan's bible study book. "Now what I am commanding you today is not too difficult for you or beyond your reach." Deuteronomy 30:11." Halleleujah! It is true!

I started yesterday after lunch, by making 3 photocopies of the verse. I scotch-taped one to my computer monitor at work, one to my car dashboard, and saved one to put on my refrigerator later.

Well, yesterday at work around 3 p.m. I was ravenous. I wanted to eat everything in sight. I had kept to my exchanges all day, but it was a struggle. I felt out of control, I was debating going over to the office manager's desk to hit the office candy supply. Then my eyes caught sight of the verse on my computer. I began to read it outloud. It comforted me - and also gave me hope! I did not eat any candy!

I began to recite it without looking at it four words at a time. Finally finished up with reciting the entire verse on my drive home, over and over. For my entire drive home I said the verse outloud continuously. (Other drivers must have thought I was talking to myself!) Well by the time I got home I had committed it to memory.

Since then, I have called the verse to mind many, many times. This is a clear promise from God - and God does not lie! This whole journey we are on is NOT too difficult for us - or beyond our reach!

So I encourage everyone begin to memorize scriptures. They will trully give us weapons against Satan and against his lies, which continuously ring in our ears. It brings to mind the other verse about "thy word have I hid in my heart, that I might not sin against thee."

<b>Wilma12 </b>- thanks for the welcome. I am blown away by your exercising commitment. I need to jump onto that bandwagon, myself!

<b>Michele</b> - talk about daily stress! I admire your perseverence. Good luck at the chiropractor today. I have just started going 3x week myself for the first time so I know how you feel!

<b>Sue dance4joy</B> - so sorry to hear about your mom's emergency surgery. My elerly parents live out of state (3.5 hours drive away) so it is indeed difficult when we are so far away. My aunt recently had an amputation (she is around 70) and has overcome quite nicely but that was with only 1 removed so I feel for your mom, deeply. May our Lord provide extra portions of blessings for your family.

<b>Sami</b> - thanks also for the warm greetings. It looks like you are off to a strong push to stay OP - I encourage you to keep going and don't look back!

<b>Gary</b> - I can see how faithful and supporting you are to the group and I look forward to hearing more about your daily successes.

Well, if I left anyone out I truly truly apologize. It will take me a bit to get the hang of it here!


05-01-2003, 01:48 PM
Hello CEers!!!!!

Sorry I haven't been around for a little while but my computer was down and just got it up and running yesterday. I'm staying really busy and have somehow taken on more visits this week. :dizzy: I should have been off today and instead am working. So....... don't have much time to check in. I hope everyone is doing well. I will try to go back and read the posts and find out whats been happening and then post again later. Hopefully today, but who knows.

Hope EVERYONE has a good day!!!!:balloons:

05-01-2003, 08:44 PM

Hope this finds everyone well. I spent most of the day at my daughter's college. They had the regionals for her tennis team there. She didn't get to play-- still the alternate-- but the team won and we had a nice visit. I came home and did my time on the X-trainer-- a little sore today, I think from my work yesterday, but I kept pushing it. I weighed myself before I went on and guess what?-- you got it-- no loss. I couldn't believe it-- over a week of doing 3.5 to 4 miles a day on it-- over 4 hours of exercise and no loss--- I don't think I ate more this week--- then while I was on it I got to thinkin' that maybe I was loosing future weight-- thinkin' that if I hadn't exercised that I might weigh more-- so I guess that is a good thing-- I'm thinkin' I lost maybe 5 pounds of future weight!!!:lol:

SAMI-- Looking forward to the pictures from your DD's wedding in the summer. My prayers are with you to stay strong in your exercise program-- YOUR FAMILY NEEDS YOU!!!

danceforjoy- So sorry for your mom-- happy you got home safely. Prayers for your family.

MICHELE-- Sounds like you have alot on your plate dear-- take time to breathe!! once in awhile.

WILMA-- So proud of you!! You will be up to 2 miles in no time!!

doitforme-- AHHHHH! don't you just hate it when you lose a long post!! Yes your future is in the Lord's hands with those young men-- if it is His will He will bring one to the door knocking-- you just have to open it! I will pray for the perfect match for you!! How did your league end up?

SHERRY Glad your back-- how are things?

BETHG Great job on the memorizing of scripture- so true. I also think if you are ravenous that if you have a healthy snack, carrot- grahm cracker, etc-- that it will keep you from feeling deprived and (because this is what I do-- over eat later ie. dinner) A healthy balance of scripture and eating. HE IS AWESOME!!!!

Well gotta jam to a meeting--


05-01-2003, 08:45 PM
Hi Beth! and Welcome! I'm sorry I meant to welcome you earlier....and thank you for that scripture, it spoke to me and i'm glad it helped you.

Sherry~ :wave: So happy to hear from you to know you are well. You sound extremely busy and i hope you too take some "me" time. How are the baby goats? Are they going to be milkers or ??

Well I survived the day so far but it has been busy! The museum was really wonderful but I wasn't able to stay for very long, had to get to my next class. I'm thinking of taking my Mom and Aunt there. It's on the U of M campus and way cool!:cool:

I got paid today and feel a little defeated......all that work for not so much money. But I'm getting another check on Friday and a small check for my mystery shopping in a couple weeks.

Wilma~yes my Mother will cook a few things while she's here. A must for me is that she make her bread pudding with bourbon sauce! I use to say, "bread pudding???! Ick!" but i'm telling you, hers is the best. We are both foodie people, so we always use to cook together. But she'll also be very busy while here. She has 7 sets of brothers and sisters and their families to see. I was going to have a Tea for her and the ladies but that's another thing I'm not sure I can pull off right now. I can't wait to just spend time with her. She can say one word or just look at me and we'll be rolling on the floor! :lol: I can't wait.

My day isn't quite over yet, so I must scoot.

P.S. I think of all of you and your support and encouragement means so much to me. Thanks! :grouphug:

05-01-2003, 08:56 PM
Gary~think we are posting at the same time, i missed your post until now! Sounds like you had a great day, sounds fun. Please don't get discouraged regarding your efforts on the x-trainer. I think you are right on. The efforts you made will more likely show up next week. Actually the way you said it makes a lot of sense and I like it. When I went to WW, they told us that often. If we were up or the same they really encouraged us to continue our efforts and see what happens the following week. So don't give up! You've been a real inspiration with your hard work!

My sacrum was tilted and so the chiro fixed me up! He thinks i should be ok, suggested i start taking more Calcium, Vit E and magnesium starting today and MORE water!

05-02-2003, 08:47 AM
Good Morning Everyone!!!:wave:

Hope this finds everyone doing well this morning. Well, we have already fed the babies and I have gotten my little dd ready for school so I thought I would drop in for a minute before I have to shower, etc... I haven't had the time yet to go back and read the posts. Maybe tomorrow. Today I have a busy day and then have to take the oldest dd to work, that's 80 miles round trip. But then won't see her again until Sunday afternoon. :(

I have been doing poorly. Since it's gotten hot, I'm swelling in my lower extremities extremely bad even with taking my lasix. Plus I have been working more and resting less this week. I was planning on joining a wellness center here and doing weight training. I think I could tolerate that where they have told me no aerobics. Most of the weight training is done sitting down. But I've been too busy to get by there yet. Maybe tomorrow. My goal is to walk on the treadmill some every other day and go weight train on the odd days. Like M-W-F walk, T-Th-S wts. Please say a little prayer that I can get my schedule where I can tolerate it better and be able to make time for the exercise, I so need.

I hope everyone has a GREAT day and weekend!!!! It's good to be back among you wonderful people. I missed you!!!! :grouphug:

05-02-2003, 09:46 AM
Mrshummer: Your exercise plan sounds great. I didn't get to walk last night but hopefully tonight. I had been on my feet all day and they were sore. That's when I should be doing the upper body weights right?

michele: Glad you're all fixed up. I also need to get more water in. I get so busy at work that I forget to drink.

Gary: You're building muscle remember? That could account for the no loss.

Beth: I love the verse. God doesn't ever give us more than He knows we can handle.

doitforme: Make sure you take time out for yourself. You sound awfully busy.

Gotta go get ready for work and tomorrow is the weekend!!!!!!

Have a great day!

05-02-2003, 09:50 AM
Hello all! :wave:

Sherry, i don't like the sound of that water swell. Sounds like you should be off your feet. The wellness center sounds wonderful. I hope you are able to find the time.

I'm at the gym today, already a little bored, but I have lots of homework to do today! God taught me a little lesson today. I thought all week that i might get a call or a note re: me changing the board here at work to sound more positive and there was a note, (with some negative comments directed at everyone), but she said she loves the board and it looks great! So I'm going to find another good, inspirational, positive quote to put up today. And I was feeling a little defeated about my paycheck yesterday but I got my check from here today and it's double what I was expecting? God always takes care of me.

My back is aching today from my adjustment. I'm babying it because I have to be OK for the walk Sunday. I'm bringing my CD walkman and taking my iworship CD and I've decided I'm going to pray my way thru this walk.

Having septic problems at home.........too disgusting to explain but when things go wrong at home I get sad, it makes me realize that I don't have a man to take care of it, or help.

Hope you all have a great day! :dancer:

05-02-2003, 01:10 PM
Hi CEers!:wave:

I created a poll under Support, re: snack foods. Check it out!

05-02-2003, 07:07 PM

Hope all is well today. I got home a little while ago from my daughter's last tennis match before going to Georgia next week. Her team won today also so they won their conference and the region. She didn't play today but was ready in case someone got hurt or sick. It was bitter/sweet for her-- happy the team won but since she didn't play and contribute in this one she was sad-- I told her those feelings were only natural, that she contributed all year and should be thankfull for that ( WHICH SHE IS!!!!) especially since there were girls that never got to play in matches. All in all a great day. I even got home to find Amazon had delivered my request-- the DVD of CSI the first season ( a Mother's Day present for my mom) and a CD of the movie CHICAGO for my wife-- she loved that soundtrack. Have to go shopping tonight for our Cnco de Mayo party at church on Sunday.

SHERRY I'm not liking that swelling thing going on!! Dear one just do the exercises that you can for now-- you will work your way up!! The main thing is just starting!! set your goal for progress in the future-- a few months from now-- and then just do each day a little-- small steps turn into miles over time!! I like the idea of a program for your training-- I think keeping a daily log on our training and eating really helps too-- kind of like you don't want to cheat if you are writing it down.

WILMA- Thanks for the encouragement on the weight - no loss - but I don't think it is muscle yet-- maybe table muscle:lol: I did my 35 minutes and 3.5 miles though on the X-trainer before I went to tennis-- I know that sooner or later I need to step it up but for now I am just really trying hard to committ to at least 35 min. of exercise daily-- that is 3 minutes warm-up, 30 minutes at the best I can and then 2 minutes cool down-- then stretching for several minutes after. I know what sore feet are girl-- working on concrete all day sometimes really gets to mine. YES-YES you need upper body work-outs-- didn't you go through this last year? Just think where you would be if you had done it for a year---NO!! don't think about it-- it depresses us-- JUST START NOW and see results next year okie-dokie!!;)

MICHELE- I voted for popcorn on your snack site. I hope your back is ready to go on Sunday!! Homework-- that is all I am hearing from my kids too this time of year-- my daughter has to take her finals a week early since the tennis team will be out of town on finals week-- losing a week plus having to practice everyday is really stressfull for my daughter-- she is a B+ student and very concerned with grades-- my son too-- he is an A student and has so much to do right now with coaching and his other work-- he went to his sporting goods job this morning, then came home and left for a night track meet-- he will be back around midnight- then the team has a meet tomorrow-- the bus leaves at 5:45 am and doesn't come back until Saturday night-- then work all day for him on Sunday-- he never gets time to study in the regular day-- usually homework is done between midnight and 3 am. How he has made the deans list for 7 straight semesters I'll never know-- I think he has had only 1 B and the rest A's. GOOD LUCK SUNDAY-- don't push too hard or you will really be sorry-- we don't want that!!!

SAMI-ZOE-lilmoose-doitforme-danceforjoy-Joanne-BethG- HAVE A GREAT WEEK-END TOO!!



05-02-2003, 10:14 PM
Never thought I'd be so happy with my plumbing! It all works now!

I only got 4.5 hours sleep last night and I am pooped, going to bed extra early. Made myself not take a nap when I got home so I could sleep tonight.

My dear sweet mother sent me a package today! She gave me a George Forman grill! I got one for a Christmas exchange gift last year and I'll tell you what, people fought over that thing, they all wanted it but my brother ended up with it and they just love it! Says it makes a perfect steak (Mom doesn't have to worry about Dad overcooking on the BBQ), it does chicken breasts really well and hamburger patties. I can't wait to try it. I love grilled vegetables with a little olive oil and salt and balsamic vinegar on them. I was too tired to do tonight, maybe tomorrow. I have some zucchini and an onion I can grill. I'm so excited!

Haven't heard from my WA guy all week, wonder if he'll call this weekend? :?: Not like I'm waiting for his call or anything........

Gary~your DD sounds like she has a good attitude toward her tennis. She should be proud of being part of the team. Way to go on the grades too! And your son! I will be graduating with honors and I'm pretty happy about that. I pick up my cap and gown on the 6th. I'm deciding if I'm really geeky enough to go in and have a picture taken in my cap and gown. I feel a little silly at my age. My mother wants me to order the videotape though, mainly for my Father and brother. I can't believe it's finally going to happen!

05-03-2003, 09:25 AM
Good Saturday Morning to all you followers of Christ ~

A beautiful morning here in Texas. I am just sitting here, waiting for 7:30am to come so I can leave for our company golf tournament. Hey Gary, I'm actually going to get some exercise today!! haha. Greg is at his country club this morning, left around 5:45am as usual. He's in the company tournament too but has to go show his face at his club. UGH! Well, he is in charge of the men's golf on Sat's and Sun's so I suppose he did have to go for a minute........or two.... :rolleyes: Anyway, I'm ready to go. This is one of my twice a year golfing. (our company has a spring and a fall tournament). I own my own clubs and Greg (strange as it may sound) really would love for me to start playing regularly. I might.......I really need to be exercising more and that would be something at least. :)

Tomorrow, after church and after Greg's morning golf, we are leaving town for Shreveport, LA and coming home on Monday. Monday is our anniversary and we took the day off. YEAH, a 3-day weekend!!

I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend! Talk to y'all later.

In Christ,
Zoe <><

05-03-2003, 10:59 AM
WELL WE GOT :rain:

Hi ladies-- well as you noticed it is raining here today. This might put a damper on my step-D's softball double header-- we still have to go check in or they get disqualified-- it may even clear up:) Any how the slight problem is that it is an hour away. Son got home at 11:30 fromhis track meet last night and was off at 5:45 this am for another one.

MICHELE-- Thanks for the compliments on my kiddos grades-- they take it very seriously! I remember when my wife and I were dating, her sister was coming down from Washington State for a visit, and my wife to be asked me would it be ok with me if my kids stayed home from school and went to Disneyland with them. I told her fine with me but they won't go-- amazed she asked why and I told her that they didn't like to miss school-- they were in 6th and 8th at the time-- she said they would miss for D-land I laughed and told her to ask- both told her sorry! Oh-- they would do it now of course-- they sure didn't get that desire for school from me:lol:
YOU GO GET THAT PICTURE-- you should be very proud of what you have done-- no matter what age you are-- in fact you should be prouder at your age!!!Have a great graduation!!:cp:
Hey the George Foreman grill is great!! We use it alot-- my only complaint is that it is too tall- the one we have to raise the lid under our cabinets-- also a little hard to clean-- the food is great from it. My wife uses the outdooe BBQ alot too-- we get a big bag of boneless chicken breasts at the Costco-- I read this week to cook a whole bunch of breasts at once then just thaw out and add your sauce when you are ready to eat-- saves a trip! Or add to salad etc.
GOOD LUCK SUNDAY!!! You are already a winner.:bravo:

ZOE-- Hey I remember from last year the golf tourney-- Greg is so right -- you should play more, especially with him. My wife and I think about taking it up again-- time factor right now is the problem with the kids sports etc.
Have a great time on you anniversary!!!
WALK-GOLF-BOTH-- doesn't matter-- just do something with the decent weather coming-- no excuses!!!;)

Well gotta run- Gary

05-03-2003, 03:54 PM
Hello all and Happy Weekend! :wave:

Zoe~Happy Anniversary to you and hubby! :love: I hope you have a wonderful and romantic weekend in LA! Hope you had fun at the golf tournament today also. I'm not really into playing sports but I've thought of learning to play golf. Mainly because it seems like a silly game and I'd like to understand what the big deal is about following a ball around on the grass....but I thought it would be an OK way to meet men! But I'm not really looking so...maybe I'll learn just for me someday!

I worked this a.m. and then I got my haircut! I got a drastic change for me, about 3 inches off the bottom and some long layers and I'm pretty happy with it. I think I will take that pic now Gary cuz i'm feeling cuter! And I am feeling good about this accomplishment! Thanks for your kind words.

OK, I can't hang anymore, i HAVE to take a nap this afternoon. My eyelids feel droopy and I want to try and go to church tonight. Looks like we're getting rained on tomorrow on our walk! :rain: You didn't send that to us, did you Gary?

05-04-2003, 11:20 AM
Blessing today I am going to my friends church because my God Son gets comfirmed today. This will be the first time I have seen her ex-husband and I am praying that God keeps my mouth shut! He was a Leader in the Church and him and is wife bought a huge house with a huge house payment and he walked out before the fist house payment! Left my friend and 5 children. Then went around and made false claims she was with other men when he was the one with a girlfriend and he married that girl as soon as he was divorced. And it didn't stop there he turned two of the boys against her (I know it was hard on them to be stuck in the middle) and he has taken her back to court over and over on petty things. His new wife is not right upstairs and she had to get a order of protection against her because she tried to kick the door in while they were not home because she thought they were inside! So Lord Please Pray that I can overcome the last year and 1/2 of anger that makes me want to hurt him. She is remarried but I really don't like the guy she married (he drinks to much and can't keep a job and I have heard from others that he is mean when he drinks) I think she was sad and tired of being by herself.
Sue-My prayers are with you and your mother! Please keep us posted on prayer needs.
Michele-Comming from a scrapbooker You will be glad you have that day in pictures. Video is nice but how often do you really sit down to watch them? But pictures get pulled out all the time!
Ez-My DD went through the same thing (in basketball) But she even said that she just loved being on the team.
Mitchypoo-I can't wait to see your picture! Thanks for your uplifting posts on how God answers Prayers! What kind of shopper are you? Do you go from store to store to grade them?
Zoe-HAPPY ANNIVERSARY I am praying for you to have many many more.
Beth-I feel like I am well on my way. I am not going to WI until I go back to the DR. or I notice a big change. What kind of Diet are you on?
Sherry-You need to call your DR about the swelling! I am Worried about you! I know as a parent and a care provider you take care of everyone else but you need to take care of yourself.
doitforme-Where do you work? (if you don't mind me asking) Don't you just want to scream when your post gets lost!

Praying for an OP day!

05-04-2003, 03:50 PM
Hello CEers:wave:

Well, I survived the walk but I did not make it the whole way. Neither did anyone else on my team......They made it to the 8.5 marker and I made it about 5 miles before everything started hurting, my feet, my hips, my knee, my lower back.....I gave it a go but I was not willing to hurt myself for this. So the next shuttle I saw, i took back! It did not rain on us, which was great, but it was windy and a little cold, about 57 degrees. I started to feel guilty for not going as far, but then i also felt I did ok considering that I had lung surgery about 3 years ago and I just don't have the same lung capacity and also knee surgery and I realized that I'm OK but have to work on improving my gate. I protect my knee too much. Oh well, it's done and now I can write my thank you notes to donators and be done with it.

Sami, I do mystery shopping for different companies, the jobs are all different, i do them for extra cash. I go to Subway a lot to critique their service, it takes me minutes and it pays for my dinner and i earn cash. If you are interested do a search on mystery shopping, there are companies all over.

I'm going to use my G.Forman grill tonight. I have some chicken thighs I need to use and going to try the veggies with it.

Going to take a nap now....

05-04-2003, 06:14 PM

Well our Cinco de Mayo Manana party is over-- it went fairly well. We had hope to get 100 people for the lunch-- we got 50 adults and 25 kids-- not too bad for attendance, but with the size of our church we should have had more. Oh well, no prolem, probhim, splobrum, problem-- more beer for me! :lol: Actually we bought 24 beers and sold only 14. We try to allow 1 drink for each adult having one-- that way there is no problem. I missed church though-- we got there at 7:30 and just didn't get things cooked or set up in time for either service-- oh well after 20 years with the same pastor I probably heard the sermon before;)

MICHELE-- WO-WO-WO-NO-NO-NO!!!! What do you mean done with it? You are just beginning sweetheart! Next year--AFTER TRAINING!!!-- you will do the full 17 miles. I remember when I first started training for the marathon, first 5 miles, then 9 would do me in-- after a few months 12-13 miles was nothing. Anytime you get up to around 20 it's gonna take a toll though-- TRAINING-TRAINING is all you need.
Don't feel guilty about anything- you gave it all you had this time-- next time you will be better prepared. You did the right thing by stopping when it hurt too much-- you don't want to do something to hurt forever and keep you from getting healthier.
Can't wait to see the pictures in the cap and gown-- BE PROUD!!!
Hope George treated you right!! Did you know all his boys are named George? and he has a ton of kids.

SAMI-- :) I am so happy to see you posting!! Sorry for the pain in your life from your friend's ex. Hope you kept your mouth shut-- but if you are like me you didn't:lol: :D Are you exercising? at least a little? Dr. says!! How are those DD's treating you this week? are they treating each other well? hope so.

Well hi to all of you too busy to post-- I hope you are all enjoying the rest of your week-end. My work is done-- all I am hoping for now is to stay awake for my favorite show-- AMERICAN DREAMS!

GOD LOVES YOU!! me too- Gary

05-05-2003, 09:54 AM
I had a nice relaxing weekend. All I wanted to do was sleep but I did get some things done. I've been looking at paint samples to see what colours we want to do our rooms. I think it's time I just picked them and got busy painting.

We went to church yesterday. The sermon was on relationships. The main topic was that the thing that hurts relationships the most is carelessness. Not caring enough about others and just being careless instead of careful.

Then we took our dear old aunt out for lunch and then went home and relaxed. I watched a movie with my boys. I should have been out walking but I didn't.

michele: I've always wanted to try a Forman grill. I'm glad to hear you are enjoying yours. I'll have to get one. I agree with Gary that you aren't done with walking. Just keep it up and your lungs will get stronger. Make a goal of doing better next year than you did this year.

Zoe: I sure hope you enjoyed your weekend. What a treat to get away like that! You deserve it.

Sami: How did you do on the weekend? I too find it hard to be civil to people who I have a hard time liking. I'm so sorry that he hurt you. It sounds like your friend has made some really bad decisions in her relationships. I know you will be the friend to her that she needs.

Gary: Glad your party went well. You must be a pro at working these events already. It seems like you finish one and are on to planning the next one. It does sound like fun!

Well, I better get going and get to work. Things are going really well there. My boss told me he's really pleased with my progress and decided I'm a "keeper". Too bad there was no money to back that up!! I do enjoy the work and people I work with and am feeling very blessed to have the job.

My guys still haven't found work and are busy pounding the pavement. Please help me pray for them. They need to find work. All this laying around the house can't be good for them and they really do want to find jobs.

Have a super day!

05-05-2003, 10:48 AM
Sorry its been awhile again, I did catch up on all the posts.
Beth - good job memorizing scripture, we often don't put time into that and it always brings a blessing. E.Z.- It does get discouraging when you work out for a period of time and seem to see no drop in weight. But I am sure wilma is right. Your building muscle and that outweighs fat, Just keep up the good work son, you'll be buff before you know it, your pic shows you ain't got many workouts needed till then. Happy to hear your party at work went well, they always take longer to p[lan then actually do. Sami- I work for New York State. In the Office of Mental ******ation and Developmental Disabilities Organization. I supervise a 4-bed residence. I have 7 staff that work under me. I am responsible for making sure all areas of their daily lifes are provided for, well meeting protective oversight requirements. Which simply means that the right # of staff are at work, that all their needs are provided for. I really like my job just gets stressful at times. Especially when staffing issues arise. I have one employee that is out her son was killed in a car accident March 19th she is suppose to be back to work 5/13 but has to be med certified (able to pass medications) before she is countable as staff

05-05-2003, 10:58 AM
So,I have been working weird shifts and hours filling in, I have another staff moving to another position. He is leaving togo to work control, where He will be an electrician. His job was posted, and I should get notice of a new staff by tom. I have another staff leaving Tuesday for surgery. So, the fun continues. I am not complaining- It will all work out. There are probably 170 community residences in my DDSO. My staff never post usually, and this one wouldn't have except He will be an electrician which He went to school for, and have all weekends and Holidays off, who can blame him. Well hope that helps enough about me. You take care of yourself. Mrs. Hummer- speaking of taking care of yourself. Glad your back, keep posting and let us know how your doing, you got me worrying with your retaining water. Wilma- pray your sons soon have the perfect jobs. That will be fun picking out paint, maybe EZ will come help in his sparetime. I tried to get him to come clean, but painting, would be motre fun ha ha ha Zoe- enjoy your trip, and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Mitchy- glad your mom is going to be there, sounds like fun. I have a foreman grill and just love it, it does a great job, and cooks quickly. Great job on the marathon you done good. SeattleSue- hope mom is doing better, still in my prayers. keep us posted. Gotta run, take care

05-05-2003, 09:14 PM

It is pretty much an excuse to party here in Southern California. I work with alot of Mexicans and some are very good friends-- they really get a kick out of the gringos celebrating this holiday-- which is not all that important to them-- it was a battle they won against heavy odds vs. the French, they did however lose the war. They are coming around though:lol: To be honest I have never celebrated it until this year when we were looking for a new idea to socialize at church.

WOW-- is my wife going to be so happy with me-- I had another day off so this time I worked inside the house. I scrubbed the shower, bathroom floors, dining room floor, vacumed the master bedroom, hall, livingroom and stairs-- completly scrubbed the bathroom sinks, mirrors, etc. Dusted and polished the livingroom and furniture-- polished the dining room set AND cleaned the windows on the inside-- am I ever pooped! Oh yea-- I also have Chili Colorado cooking on the stove.

Just got off the X-trainer-- I am trying to increase my mileage since I am not losing any weight. I did 4 miles and 500 calories today-- I was still on it 35 minutes but I pushed myself a little harder. How are the rest of you doing on your exercise-- SAMI? SHERRY? I already know WILMA didn't walk:p You are gonna be sorry;)

WILMA-- Hey my wife will go with you to pick out colors--- she just loves to do that-- she is in the process know of changing (as she gets time) the house from bright semi-gloss ultra white to soft colors of beige, sage green, blues and yellows-- and I mean really soft-- to go with the new light beige carpet. It will be something she will do this summer when she is out of school-- she did a few rooms last summer. Oh and another thing-- She is a stencil freak:lol:
I like the topic of your sermon-- it is so easy to take our loved ones for granted and not truly see their hurts.
Yes I am getting good at planning parties-- actually delegating the duties:) I get that right as the chairman! This just means I have an extra meeting each month:lol: We all know who
the :drill: is-- my wife does a super job too. We are about finished with our 2 year term-- this is the 5th 2 year term I have served on this board at varios times. I also have been on the Board of Evangelism a couple of times-- This one is the Board of Christian Life-- what we do is try to have an activity once a month or twice every three months to get people together for fellowship-- sometimes we get alot- sometimes we don't. We just keep trying-- seems like people just don't use church much anymore for their "entertainment".
Of course you are a KEEPER-- remember not too long ago you were so worried about interviews and the new job? Funny now-wasn't then!! Isn't He wonderfull!!
Just keep trying on the walking-- takes time.

doitforme- You didn't say much on how things were going other than your work-- I hope it comes together soon with all the staffing problems. Sure sounds like you have a tough job- but certainly a worthy one!! I hope all is well with your family-- camping season is coming up for you!!:dance:

Well HAPPY ANNIVERSARY ZOE-- SAMI, SHERRY, danceforjoy,lilmoose,Joanne,BethG, come on back.

MICHELE-- How are you feeling today? Hope you are OK.

Well gotta stir the chili colorado-- take care of yourselves.


05-05-2003, 10:28 PM
Hello all....

I have to be quick, i have to study for a test tomorrow in Kinesiology and I have an internet project due tomorrow, of which I haven't even started yet :( (but that's why i'm online....i'm starting it :) )

I thought about what you all said about the walk, that it shouldn't be over and you are right. I guess that's the way I think. OK, the walk's over, I don't have to do that anymore. But I should keep it as part of my routine and try to improve and that's what I'm going to do. Thanks! :D

Nothing great to report about my WOE.

05-05-2003, 11:15 PM
I just wanted you all to know that I just came back from my walk. Yes, a walk!!!! It was a short one but I got out there. When I got back I worked in my flower beds a bit and got acquainted with my yard. I'm still not sure what's weeds and what's perennials.

It sounds like your wife has good taste, Gary!! I am planning different shades of taupe in the living room and master bedroom. The kitchen and foyer will be blue and our guest room will be a golden yellow. I just have a hard time picking out the right shade.

Gotta go! I plan on walking a bit farther tomorrow!!

05-06-2003, 12:06 AM

Gary, I'm actually feeling really good today. A little sore but not too bad. Aunt Flo came this a.m. so that was some of the discomfort (sorry, but you have a wife and daughters, so it shouldn't shock you ;) )

I found this during my studying for my internet project and had to pass it on. It comes from www.ideafit.com

Fitness Tip - 10 Tricks for Sticking to It

Now you?re exercising again, and it feels great. Of course, it felt great last year, too, when you went to the gym every morning for almost the entire winter! If it feels so great, why do you keep quitting? You may be able to make your physical activity more consistent by using some of these tricks.

1. Start Looking at Exercise Differently. This is the big one, from my perspective, says James Gavin, PhD, sport psychologist and professor at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec. All movement is exercise. People need to give themselves more options. Take the dog for a walk, bike to the store, take five-minute stretch breaks. If you don?t count something as exercise unless it happens in the gym, goes on for 40 minutes or requires a shower afterward, you're missing some of your best opportunities to stay active.

2. Think Small. This advice can be hardest for people who expect the most from themselves. Why bother walking around the block when you should be running your usual four miles? Because when you don?t have time to do all four miles, a brisk hike can keep you from feeling that you?ve failed.

3. Set an Agenda. It helps to challenge yourself with a learning or performance agenda, says Gavin. Set a goal, such as increasing the speed, frequency or duration of your activity. Maybe it's time to train for a marathon--or take a walk up the hill in the backyard without getting winded. (It?s perfectly fine to think small for your performance agenda, too). Your trainer can help you determine appropriate goals.

4. Get off the Beaten Path. Have you ever tried snowboarding? Bowling? Swing dancing? Body surfing? Chi kung? How about reversing your power walk route? Exercising at a different time of day? Physical activity isn't boring, but how you participate in it can be.

5. Use Your Brain. The active mind needs to be engaged, says Gavin. If you're new to exercise, dissociate tactics, such as listening to music, watching TV or playing computer games may help you stick with it--but stay aware of sensations that could signal injury or overdoing it. As you become more experienced, associative strategies, such as focusing on your breath or concentrating on the movement of your body, can help you enjoy exercise more.

6. Get an Accountability Partner. Minneapolis lifestyle coach Kate Larsen suggests finding a friend, mentor or coach to keep you honest. You can either exercise with your partner, or simply check in with him or her to report your progress.

7. Plan to Stay Active. Don't decide in the moment if you can make the choice beforehand, says Larsen. Plan to park farther from the office and put your walking shoes in the car the night before. Plan to take that new yoga class next week, and call the babysitter now.

8.Face Your Fitness Foes. Does vacation throw your exercising schedule out of whack? Do projects at work overtake your activity time? Do injuries sideline you? Boredom? Fear of success? Fitness foes can be beaten once they've been identified. You can change your vacation style, set work limits, get guidance for injury-free activity, find new challenges, or face your fears with counseling and support.

9.Go Tribal. Even if you are introverted, the presence of others in your exercise environment can be motivating. We pick up on other people's energy, Gavin points out. We get into the tribal rhythms of being fully alive. Choose places and times to exercise where there will be other people who are actively involved in exercise.

10. Use a Script. We tell ourselves things like, Skipping this one little walk won't matter all that much, according to Larsen. Next time, be prepared with an answer for this excuse. Use images of past successful experiences to remind yourself of how good exercise makes you feel. Or repeat a simple phrase to yourself, such as, Every little bit makes a big difference. If you use planning, flexibility and imagination, you won't ever need to feel like a dropout again.

05-06-2003, 09:40 AM
Those are all really great hints, Michele. For me it's just a matter of getting out there and doing it. Now that the weather is so beautiful we have no excuses. I plan to do 1 mile each day whether it's outside or inside. I know that's not the full 1/2 hour but it's a start and I feel so much better after doing it.

Have a great day!

05-06-2003, 12:43 PM
I wanted to make a quick post this morning just to say hi :flow2:
and thank you all for your prayers and comments.
Wow, it does make a big difference to know that you are all out there and we are all in this together :)

I was surprised yesterday by a blanket of snow on my lawn outside. Well, typical for WY in May. Today is much warmer with a clear bright blue sky.

God is sooooooooooooo good!
Have a great day everybody, and I hope to post more often.
Keep up the good work, and remember that it is all worth it and that we are each worth it! We are precious in God's eyes, Jesus died for each of us and so we can live each day with hope and new life in Him! :D Never, never give up.

Love ya,

05-06-2003, 12:51 PM
I am doing good- Thanks for asking E.Z. My team placed 5th in bowling out of 12 teams- I haven't been dieting-just trying to eat better- hard to plan with so much going on. Looking forward to camping of course, now weather is better hope to get more exercise- I cleaned off my neighbors porch for her, She asked me to help her pull up the old rugs ect. yuck, messy but looks much better now. You sound like a whirlwind guy. keep that pace up, you 'll be fit as a fiddle. Your party sounds like it was a good time. now what makes it chili colorado, how is it different then reg. chili?
Good Girl wilma- getting your walking in, taupe is a nice color- there are lots of assessories available with that - earth tones.
What kind of flowers do you plant? Mitchy- good luck on your internet project, hope all went well witht hat. Thanks for the tips for getting motivated/ and staying motivated. Hi to everyone else. Hope all is well. See ya!

05-06-2003, 01:28 PM

Real quick here as I just got home from Home Depot, had to pick up supplies for my job tomorrow. Now I have to clean the kitchen-- the wife is having teachers over on Thursday-- they have to get together off campus every so often and go through some kind of grading of tests or something- not sure what- but they enjoy coming here-- don't know why, our house is alot smaller than some of the others in the area. Must be the coffee I make them before I leave for work:)

doitforme- Great job on the bowling! Was it a money league? My brother in law and sister are very good bowlers-- they make money bowling in leagues. Nice of you to help your neighbor. It is hard to plan sometimes- great job on eating better-- that is the ticket-- calories in/calories out! Chili Colorado is made with (or at least the way I do it) stew beef, canned tomatoes, green chilies,onion, celery,a couple of beef bouillon cubes and a cup and half of water and a tablespoon of chili powder. After the onion, celery,beef and chilies are browned you add the rest and cook for 2-3 hours on the stove-- then serve over flour tortillas or rice.
Got a beef stew going in the crock-pot now-- really beefing it up this week:lol: I bought 5 pounds of stew beef at Costco and want to use it up.

WILMA Keep walking! Great job.

lilmoose- Glad to see you back;)

MICHELE- Glad you are feeling better- except for the ladies thing;) Actually around my house the girls are pretty good-- they have cramps from time to time of course but they are really good about not complaining-- we can tell though-- to be honest we have none of the "PMS" problems here-- we/ son and I- are lucky!

Well time to work-- catch all of you later--


05-06-2003, 02:26 PM
Hello friends ~

Well, the trip to Shreveport was fun. We stayed at The Isle of Carpi because it was the only thing available. We usually stay at Hollywood or Harrah's but with Cinco de Mayo, they had all sorts of things going on. I really should try to remember to make my reservations ahead of time for my anniversary since it's ON cinco de Mayo.....I won $300 on a slot machine. Yeah! On the way home, we stopped in the outlet mall so I spent it all. Ha.....

Hope you all had a great weekend. Today is my Monday and I'm sooooo tired. Talk to y'all later.

Me <><

05-06-2003, 06:26 PM
I got my cap and gown today!!! It's really pretty exciting! :cb: And my Mother and Aunt will be here in a week! I am going to go in and get a pic done. If I get it on disc, i'll share it with you all...

Zoe, glad you had a good time in Shreveport and wow on the win! How fun to go to the outlet mall with fun money!

Sorry, i'm not good at individual posts right now. I have to check in and see how you all are, but i shouldn't be on here, there's too much to do.

05-06-2003, 08:51 PM
Blessing today! I have been very tired the last few days so I have fallen asleep by 7pm! Monday I had a migraine so I took meds and went to bed by 5:00pm! Well I was good Sunday and keep my big mouth shut! I was surprised because I walked right past him and did even know him. Then we all walked up front and stood together and I didn't say a word. Afterward I kind of felt bad because I thought about it and of course my friend is bitter and I could see how that was hurting the kids. He did wrong but at some point there has to be healing and forgiveness because the kids are stuck in the middle. I want to talk to my friend about this please pray that when I do she will not feel like I am taking sides. All I thought about when I left sunday was two years ago I had anouther friend in the same boat her son wanted to live with his father and his Mom finally did and then his Dad wouldn't let him have much contact with his sister or Mom and he felt like he was stuck in the middled and he killed himself! Thank all of you for letting me vent you are great! I have to go now because I have to work out!!!!!! EZ I am doing it but it isn't easy for me yet!!!!!

The Lord Bless and keep you all!

05-06-2003, 11:00 PM
Tonight I wanted to veg on the couch but I heard Gary reminding me to walk. So I did! I did a 1 mile tape because it looks like rain out there. I hope that in a couple of weeks I can move to the 2 mile one.

doitforme: I don't have much of an imagination for what to plant. I usually plant petunias because of their colour and low maintenance. I plan to visit the nurseries soon and pick up something different. They'll be in planters. Any ideas? I have 2 1/2 barrels on the patio and a few smaller white pots.

Well, gotta go! youngest DS is at my side waiting for the computer.

05-07-2003, 12:48 PM
Hello CEers! :wave:

I woke up very early this a.m. and I was very anxious. Started thinking about everything I have to do and it just overwhelmed me. I was on the verge of an anxiety attack and decided to stay home today and take care of me. I called in sick to work and here I am, studying for my 2 finals tomorrow and doing some work for my bible study which is tonight. It wasn't a good idea to have bible study tonight but oh well, i chose the date and I just couldn't cancel.

I also started getting a sinus headache yesterday so i'm trying to get rid of that. Using my neti pot w/warm salt water and that relieved some of the pressure this a.m.

You all must be busy right now, it's a little quiet....:?:

05-07-2003, 08:06 PM
The bible study cancelled itself :) One of the girls father--in-law was heading to the hospital and she didn't know what was happening, a couple were too busy last minute, 1 had to work late, another was trying to finish her sewing job (she's a tailor), so i just canceled it. I'm glad too because i'm in a mood, very weepy and down and don't feel much like a leader right now :(

Went to the Dr. to get one of those lumps looked at that she shaved off in February and it still isn't healed. She said it was a type of cyst and so she froze it off. She also is re-checking my thyroid to see if i'm getting enough meds and I had an x-ray on my ankle. I dropped a flower container on my lower leg/ankle about 2 years ago and the lump is still there and now getting bigger? She said the bruise may have calcified but wants to make sure it's ok.

OK, have to study some more...

05-07-2003, 11:55 PM
Where is everyone? I just wanted to let you know that I did another mile tonight. It's getting easier.

michele: I'm glad you made time for you today. Sometimes you just need to do that.

Good night!

05-08-2003, 08:54 AM
Wilma~Woo hoo on your walking! :cb:You are an inspiration. The doctor suggested to me that I get up every morning and go for a walk and i'm trying to make it part of my day, i'll just remember that if YOU can do it, I can do it! Right? ;)

On my way to my two finals this a.m. I guess I'm as ready as I'll ever be.

I'm scheduled to take that graduation pic tonight!

Have a great day all! You are all in my prayers for a happy and healthy and blessed day!

05-08-2003, 09:41 AM
Thanks Michele. I am still feeling really out of shape but I sleep much better when I walk. I'm looking forward to the results in a few weeks. I use the Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds tapes when I can't get outside. She's a bit sugary but I like the steps and how simple they are to do. Best of luck in your finals today.

I'm also planning my meals better. I still have my usual salad each day for lunch and then 1 carb and 1 protein. I always have my yogurt and 2 fruits at breaks during the day. My biggest challenge is still the evening. Last night we had tacos and then a piece of Drumstick Cake (ice cream cake) to celebrate youngest DS's 19th birthday. I walked after watching American Idol and then didn't feel like eating after that. I have no idea what we're eating tonight. Good planning, right???

Have a wonderful day! Keep posting!!

05-08-2003, 09:57 PM

Sorry I haven't posted but I have been super busy between work and step-D's softball games-- we just got home from one. I have been at work the last couple of days-- I told my wife last night that I tried it and didn't like it, that I just want to be a stay at home dad-- she says when your kids are almost 20 and 22 it doesn't count:lol:

WILMA-- Sorry I haven't been supporting you on those walks-- GOOD FOR YOU!! P.S. how do you walk when you walk inside? My wife really likes using tapes to run/walk. Congratulations on the planning of meals- it really matters-- seems like all the quick decisions for meals are bad for us. We watch American Idol too-- I am for Clay this time-- Josh is stationed in our town- we eat where he does his kareokee-- although I have never seen him-- but then we don't go there but 2 or 3 times a year. Keep up the great work!! You are gonna have a great summer with all this exercise! and meal planning! those boys better watch out 'cause momma's kickin' butt:lol:

MICHELE Send those pictures!!Sorry about your anxiety attacks-- try to take it a little easier ok? Finals sure are taking their toll on my kids too- son has been up 24 hrs with papers to write- daughter trying to cram hers in before she heads to Georgis this week-end. Don't care much for that lump business- get it taken care of pronto ok.

Michele, Wilma, Sami- my wife has been getting up early and going walking/running every day since our weather is nicer-- she sure swears by it.

SAMI-- Keep up the exercise!! Sorry you have been tired and had migranes-- we are here for you to vent!!

ZOE- Congrats on the 300-- you deserved to spend it shopping!

Guess we have lost Sherry and a few others!!

Gotta get to the table or the wife is gonna clean it up-


05-08-2003, 10:54 PM
I saw this and had to pass it on. We are all his jewels!

And they shall be Mine, says the Lord of hosts, in that day
when I publicly recognize and openly declare them to be My
jewels (My special possession, My peculiar treasure). And I will
spare them, as a man spares his own son who serves him.
-Malachi 3:17 AMP

05-09-2003, 09:51 AM
It's Friday!! I am looking forward to the weekend already. Tonight we have a 50th birthday party to go to and tomorrow after cleaning and baking we are going to visit some new friends. I'm getting a rhubarb plant from her.

I did well with my eating yesterday. I didn't walk but went out grocery shopping instead. Thursday is my late work day so most everything gets left - except Survivor of course!!

Gary: I use the Leslie Sansone walking videos. She uses aerobic steps that simultate walking. I do find that they're effective. Some of them use weights which makes them more challenging. I plan to do a lot of outdoor walking too. I'm still a little apprehensive to go walking in my neighbourhood. I think it's between Clay and Ruben for American Idol. I really want Ruben to win but he has a career waiting for him if wants - I'm sure.

Michele: Thanks for reminding us how precious we all are in God's sight. We need to remember that especially when we are feeling down about ourselves.

Where is everyone else? I hope you're out gardening or walking and not just ignoring us. We miss you when you're not here.

Have a wonderful day!

05-09-2003, 11:23 AM
OH! Don't even get me started on those two skeletal, icky, caddy girls on Survivor! :censored: I missed last nights show but know that Heidi was voted out.

And I too want Ruben to win. He's the Velvet Teddybear! They are all very talented.

At the gym today but only til 1:30. (Woo hoo!)

My parents are celebrating 39 years of marriage today! Wow, huh?

05-09-2003, 10:04 PM
another Friday is here which means that tomorrow morning is my WW weigh in. I must confess that I've not been too good lately. I missed the last 2 weeks of WW ~ 1 due to not wanting to weigh in :rolleyes: and last week due to the golf tournament. I know that the scale won't smile on me but I think I need the "kick in the butt" (sorry.....:o ...) to get myself back on track. If y'all hear me screaming from where you are, you'll know I gained BIG TIME!!

Michele and Wilma ~ I watch Survivor and American Idol too. I want Matthew to win on Survivor. Those girls and Rob get on my last nerve!! Butch is ok but sort of whimpy. As for A.I., I have to be different, I want Kimberly to win but I don't think she will. I think it will come down to Clay and Ruben and again, being different, I want Clay. It's going to be a great last show on Survivor and A. I. will be a hard decision.

Sami ~ how you feeling girl?? Hope you're doing ok.

Gary ~ I have to side with your wife ~ A stay-at-home-Dad when your kids are 20 and 22 doesn't count. :lol: If you do figure out how to do it, let me know ~ I wanna do that too, not that mine are close to your kids ages. :D

Well, have a wonderful evening and a great weekend. Talk to you all in a day or so.

In Christ,
Zoe <><

05-10-2003, 12:12 AM
Hello all!

Just when I was getting really discouraged with my WA guy, my sweetie called tonight! :love: We talked for over an hour and now I feel better.....

I took that grad pic tonight! It was kind of fun! I didn't get it on disc, but going to see if i can still. If not, i'll have it scanned or something. Was really cool to put the cap and gown on and see what it'll look like.

05-10-2003, 01:10 PM
HI LADIES :cool:

How is everyone this week-end? I hope you all have fun days planned. I had to check on a job this morning, my wife went out for her 3 miler so I thought I would check in.

Went to my daughter's tennis banquet last night-- my wife and I picked up my ex and we headed down-- what should have been a 45 minute trip took twice as long-- people going to the Billy Grahm Crusade!!:) The banquet was very nice-- we had chicken stuffed with some kind of apricot thing, rice and veggies. The girls all got nice plaques for winning their conference and region. My daughter also got a plaque for being scholar athlete :) They headed off to Georgia this morning for the National tournament-- pray for good weather.

I have been doing my X-trainer every day now for two and a half weeks. I think I might have lost a pound or two-- hard to tell for sure-- doesn't matter though because I know doing the exercise is a good thing. I saw this morning on weight watchers dot com that if you don't think 2 pounds is much-- dump 2 one pound containers of margarine on a plate and look at that!

As far as Survivor this time around I have only seen a few shows-- too busy those nights this time-- I just didn't get into it-- I hear though that it might be the best one yet-- oh well. American Idol is still on my "to watch" list though. There have been alot of stories on Josh the last few days in the local papers since he lost-- they are planning a big party for him at the restaurant he kareokees at. I know most of you want Ruben, and I think he will win, but I am pulling for Clay. To me Ruben has alot of 8's but Clay has some 10's (also some 6's though)-- all in all my favorite songs are coming from Clay.

Hope you all have a great Mother's Day!!

Michele- don't let that boy just call you when HE wants!!! Glad to hear you are in :love: again.

Wilma- have a great time with the new friends.

Zoe- get with the program :lol: Remember just a few months ago you where our rock!

Outta here for now, IN HIS PEACE- Gary

05-10-2003, 01:29 PM
Sorry I haven't been around! I have been busy with church this week. I had prayer meeting Wed. Night, cleaned it Thurs. Morning, and the business meeting was last night. I have my bowling banguet tonight. E.Z.- Yes it is a money league. We should do well. about $150. each this year I figure. So that will be good. I have to go decide what I am going to wear, and get that ready. But wanted to touch base say Hi and hope all is well. Take Care.

05-10-2003, 02:26 PM
Hello CEer's!!!!! :wave: :D

Sorry I have been missing again. I have been SOOOO busy that I'm not sure if I'm coming or going. :dizzy: But I'm alive and good. This next week, I'm going to start taking more time for me. At least a few nights a week, I'm going to my big garden tub and listen to music and soak the stresses of the day away, and it was suggested by my dh who thinks I don't take enough time for myself. AHHHH!!!!

Sami ~ Congratulations on the TEN lbs!!!!! Yeah, doing the happy day!!! :cb: :dancer: :cp: Your little puppy sounds so cute!!! Of course, aren't they all cute and then they grow up. :lol: I'm a major coffee fan but have never been to Starbucks. Tell me what I'm missing. What happened with your dd's job?? Still praying for ya'll. I'm so proud of you resisting that dessert calling your name. That is always a hard one. :yes:

Gary~ Way to keep moving and being a :drill: for us!!! We all need to be moving in some form or another. I'm doing as well as I can with the moving. This week, I hope to increase a little bit more. The pictures are GREAT!!!! Gary, pretty good looking to be SO OLD!!!! :lol: Just kidding! My kids are always telling me how "old" I am. I'm only 41!!! I think it's GREAT that you help your wife like you do. :cp:

Michele~ How's the back doing? I hope it's doing better for you! How's Washington? I'm glad yal'll got to talk about it all. Sounds like maybe ya'll might have something to build on. ;) Thanks so much for missing me!!! :smug: That makes me feel good. Your mother sounds GREAT!!! My always was but I lost her in 1997 and it's so hard now. I miss her terribly. Trust me, spend all the time with her that you can. Enjoy every moment.

Sue (Doitforme)~ Thanks, but no need to send out the search party. Yes, I'm busy!!! Sounds like you are too and that you need to take some time to relax. My dh is always getting on to me telling me that I can't take care of everyone else unless I take care of me. I guess I'm passing that advise on to you.

Zoe~ Nice picture! I'm very guilty too of trying to stay out of pictures. My kids won't let me most of the time but I do try. Maybe I shouldn't. My oldest dd made some picture frames out of hard cardboard and then decorated them so cute for her and her little sister. And would you believe the picture my little dd picked for her frame is of my dh and I living on a towel at a lake resting after swimming and we both look like beached whales!!!! :eek: But, there was so few to choose from that that was her favorite. :no:

Wilma~ Don't ya just hate S-L-O-W computers!?!! It drives me crazy!!! Sounds like you are doing good but really busy. Take care of yourself too!!

Beth~WELCOME!!!!!!! I hope you will like your stay here and come here often. This is the BESTEST group I know of. They are supportive, considerate, and very kind. Welcome again, glad to have you.

Well, I better get busy. I'm off but have a lot of catching up to do on the house, etc... Have a GREAT day and a GREAT weekend!!!!! Glad to be back, I have missed ya'll SO MUCH!!!!! :D:D

05-10-2003, 04:03 PM
Gary~don't you worry. I'm not waiting by the phone for my WA guy to call. I had called the night before and left a message and he was returning the call. He was rear-ended in his van last Tuesday and he has whiplash, so I'm worried about him. He was stopped and it totalled his work van. It was so nice to talk to him though!

Sherry~Glad to hear from you, but wow you've been busy. I'd listen to your DH and take some "me" time! Yes, you have been missed:D

Well, i have lots to do, phone calls to make. Trying to get all the aunt's and nieces together for coffee next week so they can all see Mom. I'm so tired and have a migraine so I think i'll take the meds, go lay down for a bit first. My thyroid was too low and so i'm taking a higher dose. Hope that helps the fatigue, etc.

I want to wish all you Mom's a very blessed and Happy Mother's Day!!! Enjoy your day!@-}-

05-11-2003, 02:07 PM

I hope you all are having/had a great day! I just got home from church-- went alone as my wife was up in Pedro to visit her mom, my son was IN BED and my daughter was in Georgia. Oh well, it was good to be there, I was thinking of not going-- glad I went-AS USUAL!!!!

I am asking for prayers for a lady at our church ( that I don't know ) last Saturday morning her mom passed away, she lived 3 hours away, I guess she wasn't doing well but was not expected to die yet-- anyway our member went up to take care of things and after being there just a few hours dealing with the loss of her mom her children called her to tell her that her husband, 56, had passed away from a totally unexpected heart attack. Obviously she is not doing well.

I did my 4.25 miles on the X-trainer yesterday ( it is a good thing because the wife was out of town last night and I overate at the local Mexican restaurant!!! OoooHhhh I am still feeling it! )

I spent most of yesterday at a high school baseball doubleheader watching the son of a good friend of mine play. It was alot of fun- it has been awhile since I have watched baseball with all the softball of my step-D.

Going to visit my mom soon- her Mother's Day present from me is the CSI DVD of the first season-- I think she will like it.

doitforme- Good to hear from you. How was your bowling banquet? Did you spend your winnings on selfish stuff? GOOD! ;) Church is a great place to be busy at. Have a great week.

SHERRY -I hope you are taking time for yourself!! I know you are not the healthiest right now and beeing too busy is not going to help!! Your health is the most important thing!! And what do you mean you have never been to Starbucks!! A great place!! I can't afford to go there as much as I would like- since I drink soooo much coffee-- but to me it is a real treat-- and I just get a Venti of the coffee of the day. Never the ice-cream coffees or whatever the "dessert" drinks are.

MICHELE- Have a great visit with your mom. Sorry to hear about your boy-- whiplash is nasty-- my wife can verify that from an accident as a teen-ager- she still has problems-- hence the chiropractor visits each week. And losing your work van too is no help. Prayers.

Gotta run- HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to you all!!!


05-11-2003, 07:49 PM
Hi everyone,
I haven't posted in over 3 weeks as I was getting over oral surgery.
I have really missed this support group, and hope to re-join , starting today.
The great thing about the past surgery, is in the last 2 weeks since I had it, I've lost 5.5 pounds! Finnally, I am able to eat vegies, and soft protein again.
God is so good, as I had minimal pain, and am healing well.
I had an impacted permanent cuspid that decided to erupt, but there was no where to go, but through healthy roots. It had to come out.
I am back on the Protein Power Plan, which is adequate protein, vegies, and fruits; with less starches, grains used in limited amounts.
At this point, I am 5'4, and 156.6 pounds, small boned. The lightest I've been in several years.
Hope everyone had a great Mothers Day.
In His Love, Claudette

05-12-2003, 08:04 AM
Good Morning CEers!!!!:wave:

Hope all the MOMS had a good day yesterday, I know I sure did. Today promises to be a very busy one. I have NINE visits and have decided to start earlier than normal since it's getting so very hot here in the south. In the afternoons, I just sweat it out in these little folks' homes with no air on. :eek: My poor little older folks, say they aren't hot but whoa, it's in the 80's in their homes with no air circulating!!! I teach on them drinking plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration since many of them are on the verge anyway, and don't drink near enough, plus, keeping their homes with air circulating, etc.... But I can only do so much. LOL

Well, gotta hit the shower. Hope EVERYONE has a GREAT day!!!! Prayers to you all and GARY for the lady at church. My heart sure goes out for her. Her road is very rocky right now and she will need lots of support. :yes:

Cya later!!!!

05-12-2003, 09:56 AM
I indentify with your afternoon heat problem here in Texas with the little ole' folks and their need to drink water, keep hydrated, etc. The other day I went into one home at 3 ish and the temperature was 89 and my patient said, "I turned on the air conditioning for you!". What a job we have.
Have a great day, all .

05-12-2003, 10:01 AM
It's a gorgeous day today. It was rainy all weekend - of course - with the exception of yesterday where is was just cool and windy. I had a great Mother's day. We barbequed for dinner and then went to the driving range for a while. It was too windy to golf. We had a great service in church also. They honoured mothers. My boys gave me a set of dumb bells that I really wanted. I guess they care about my fitness level too!

I have started doing the 8 minutes in the morning exercises again and will start walking in the evenings. I know I need to get my act together. I'm still struggling with the evening meals. I think I'll barbeque more and do more salads. That's easy and quick to do.

I'm glad to hear everyone is doing so well. Gary, my prayers are with the lady from your church. What a blow! We also heard yesterday that a former employee of ours has cancer in her lung and lymph knodes. The doctors say it's too far gone to operate. I'd appreciate prayers for her too.

Well, gotta go have some toast and head to work. Have a great day!

05-12-2003, 07:02 PM

I hope everyone made it through the day with success. I had an easy day today-- got off early so I pulled some more of the old ice plant I am removing from a bank we have. I also did 4 miles, 35 minutes and 500 calories on our X-trainer. I am making slow but steady progress on the weight. I am not losing much but not gaining either-- probably would be more success if I got up from the dinner table when I was "FULL" :yes: :yes: :yes: instead of trying to clean my plate and everyone elses plus the leftovers in the dishes. Oh- and if I stuck to 1 beer after work instead of 2!! I didn't drink at all for the last 18 years before last summer-- maybe I really don't need those extra calories after all.
My daughter called from Georgia this morning-- the kids are having a great time and they were off to watch the boys team play- the girls don't have a match until tomorrow. They say it is :yikes: :flow2: very HOT there-- my daughter's campus is on the beach so this is quite different weather for them.

CLAUDETTE Welcome back, glad to hear of the weight loss and that the oral surgery was completed-- ouch!

WILMA- I like your new avatar-- and great job on the exercises-- did you ever think that you would get dumbells for Mother's Day? and WANT them? My son already got me my father's day present-- when he was at USC this week-end he shopped in the bookstore-- got me a really cool USC (my favorite) football T-shirt. Prayers going out for your former employee, sorry.

SHERRY Glad you are back too--- sorry for the old folks-- if I live to be that old (not likely) I hope there is somewhere there to take care of me. I don't think I would care much for the extremely hot weather-- but I do prefer hot over cold.

Well hello to the rest of you un-posters;) I hope to hear good news from you all soon!!


05-12-2003, 07:45 PM
Hi CeHello CEers :wave:

gary~the woman from church is in my prayers, what a shock for her. You are very impressive on your x-trainer there! I just know you'll start seeing and feeling results. Glad your daughter is having a good time in GA.

wilma~prayers are in order too for your ex-coworker. Gosh, that is so terrible.

Well, i worked at the good job all day and now i'm at the gym until 7:30. I have way too much to still do at home so I'm not thrilled about being here but oh well.

Already have plans with my Mom and Aunt here to meet with all the Aunties, and nieces for coffee on Wednesday night. I just couldn't get it together to have a tea for my mom so a cousin suggested I do this. I think it'll be fine. Can't wait to see my Mom tomorrow! I probably won't be able to post as much for about a week.

I got this idea from another site i visit, we all were sharing our favorite salad recipes so we get new ideas and some variety. So I'll add one of my favorite recipes and you add yours if you like.

Bacon and Gorgonzola Salad
1/2 head iceberg lettuce, chopped fairly thin
1 tomato, seeded and chopped fairly small
1/4 jicama, julienned into lg. matchsticks
1/4 cup. shredded red cabbage
4 slices bacon, fried and crumbled
gorgonzola cheese, crumbled
Kraft buttermilk dressing
Durkee's onions

Put all ingredients in bowl, coat thinly with dressing. Top with onions and freshly cracked black pepper.

05-13-2003, 06:54 PM
Hello to all sorry I have not been around but my family is going through a lot right now. My oldest DD still has not found a job. My DS is doing all his last minute Senior things. My DD who struggles in school has just hit bottom the teacher is wanting her to repeat 3rd grade because her reading is way below her age level. I had her tested and she had to be tested in her township (she goes to a private christian school) and all they had to say was to slam the christian school! And one of my other DD's is going through a crisis and I had to take her to our DR because I was worried that she might think about hurting herself. My DD had a friend who just tried to kill herself and spent several days in the hospital. And I am under so much stress I can't take much more!!!! The Lord says he won't give us more than we can bare and I am at my braking point. And to top my other DD has been down (and she doesn't know why) I had to pick her up at school last week because she couldn't stop crying! I picked her up and took her shopping and that helped her. I am sorry to dump this on you but it isn't something I can talk to others about because I am afraid they will judge my DD's or make matters worse by saying the wrong thing. Please keep us in your prayers.
Mitchypoo-I hope you enjoy your family! Send that picture.
ez-My prayers for the lady at church
Wilma-still praying for your sons
Sherry-how is the swelling?
Zoe-Wow I wish I could win!lol
to all other I remember you in my prayer!

05-13-2003, 11:29 PM
Sami: Please know that we love you and care about you and your family. Thank you so much for sharing your struggles with us. We can't be there for you physically but we can definitely talk to our heavenly Father about you and for you. Concentrate on the things that are important to you - your kids- and leave the rest. God cares about your kids too and loves them even more than you do. PRAYERS AND HUGS TO YOU!! Your daughter will find a job. My oldest son found a job and starts tomorrow but youngest son is still looking.

Michele: Have a wonderful time with your mom tomorrow. See you when you're back to talk to us.

Gary: You're going like a house on fire. thanks for being my inspiration. The avatar is a reminder for me of what I should be doing. I did the weight exercises this morning and then talked DS#1 into going for a walk with me. It was great to get out and get acquainted with the neighbourhood and get a nice talk in with my son.

Well, gotta go. Talk to you all again tomorrow.

05-14-2003, 08:45 AM
I sent you a private email message.

05-14-2003, 09:19 AM
Sami~You and your family definitely are in my prayers and i know it doesn't help really, but it is true, you will get through this and God doesn't give you more than you can deal with. It's got to be hard to be a Mom.

Mom and Auntie got in fine yesterday, we went to dinner, went to Target and stayed up way too late, like 1 a.m. and yacked. I'm a little slow this a.m. and I have to work, but today is my last day until Monday! It's so great to have them here.

Hello to all~ :wave:

05-14-2003, 12:00 PM

Just checking in before I go look at a job to bid. My daughter just called from Georgia, she is having a great time. They won yesterday (although she didn't play- no one got sick or hurt, so that is good, but she was ready just in case!!) and they have a tough match today. They expect alot of rain so we shall see.

SAMI For goodness sakes girl--DUMP! DUMP! ON US!!! that is why we are here. Life can really be hard sometimes can't it. Sometimes we just gotta throw up our hands and allow the Lord to fix it-- cause we certainly can't. Take a deep breath and sit back and (TRY) relax. Your DD that doesn't have a job will find one, right now there are alot of folks out of work-- time will change that-- if she isn't working for money have her try to do something to help someone else in that time she would be working-- maybe help out at church or something-- never know where that could lead. Your son will be over the senior stuff in no time! then he will be off to other things. Your little one's struggles are definetly a concern with the reading-- very important! How about your oldest helping her? maybe she could pick up some spending money that way, if it is in your budget. As far as "other people" slamming Christian Education-- FORGET about it. They don't understand! IT IS THE WHOLE PICTURE that they do not see. A strong christian foundation will take you through life much better than being able to read (as I said reading is very important) but it is not the only thing. Keep an eye on the one you are concerned might hurt herself-- is it just for attention? or is it a copycat thing with her friend? This is the one DD to focus on. You are in my prayers.
SAMI, I always tell my kids to give things 3 days before they worry. I tell them that when the bad stuff happens think of it as Good Friday and look ahead towards Easter-- I don't want to make our Lord's death and ressurection sound trite-- it just seems to always be better in 3 days.

WILMA- What a great way to be with your son! I love it when my daughter walks in the 5K's with me, although we are kind of racing too so we don't talk that much if we are winded. It is just spending time with them that is important-- I could never run them with my son! My running is pretty much like my walking! I looked up calories in beer after my post yesterday and found out there are about 250-300 calories in 2 beers. This pretty much just evens out my X-trainer work-- now I know why a friend of ours who runs 8 miles EVERY day (or more) says " I run just so I can drink a couple of beers a day". I think I will just cut back to 1 or none-- after not drinking for over 18 years I probably don't need it anyway. Have a safe time in your neighborhood.

MICHELE Glad to hear that mom made it safely. Have a great time with her-- it will go too fast! that is for sure.

CLAUDETTE Glad to see you are still there.

HI TO EVERYONE ELSE- hope all is well.

Checkin' out- IN HIS PEACE~ Gary

05-14-2003, 05:29 PM
Just set my record for this training period on the X-Trainer-- 6.2 miles-- 715 calories and 50 minutes--- Keep going Wilma, Sherry, Sami, Michele and anyone else trying to exercise while the weather is ?BETTER?- Peace and Hugs, Gary

05-14-2003, 11:39 PM
Hi all! I did my weights this morning but didn't walk because of a wicked headache. I did go and pull some weeds in the flower beds which was really relaxing. I'm starting to look at what to plant in my pots and what veggies I'm going to plant in my tiny raised bed garden.

I'll talk to you again tomorrow when the fog in my head lifts.

05-15-2003, 11:12 AM
Good Morning CEers!!!!:wave:

I haven't been missing in action as long as you think. I posted a very long post on Tuesday and it disappeared into cyberspace. :stress: *sigh* :( I spent 40 minutes typing it, only to lose it totally. Then I didn't have enough time to check in, sorry.

I guess I will start posting little short posts instead of long ones.

I'm doing pretty fair. I have joined the wellness center here and going to lift weights several times a week. Hopefully soon I can see some results. I'm so ready to speed up my metabolism. :yes:

I have been doing so so on watching my eating, but last night I made a beef enchilada casserole that was so fantastic but very very fattening. But, I can finally make a beef enchilada dish that tastes absolutely wonderful, now that I'm not suppose to eat like that. :lol:

Have a GOOD day, I will check back in later. Prayers to you and your family Sami {{{{{HUGS}}}}}

05-15-2003, 10:35 PM
Real quick-- halftime of my Laker game. Well my DD team lost today in the semi-final match against the #2 team in the nation NAIA- 5-3. A good year anyway, should finish the season at #3 so that is very good.
Son finished his finals for the year- waiting for his grades-- has made deans list for 4 straight years 8 semesters, one more semester and he's done.
SHERRY- sorry about those posts (doitformeSUE and I know exactly what you are going through-- Wilma told me about pasting or something but I don't understand- wife will help me one day with learning it)
Wilma- how does that garden grow today? Walking with those boys?
Game coming on- Later ladies- Gary

05-16-2003, 09:33 AM
It's Friday and a long weekend coming up here in Canada. I'm ready for it. I plan to plant some flowers and get my mini-garden in. I was going to paint but DH probably has to work on Saturday and I need him to get the patching and sanding done so I can paint.

I didn't walk last night because I worked until 6 and my feet were killing me. I did measure myself this morning and realize that I do NEED to get out there again. TONIGHT! I need to re-evaluate what I eat in the evenings. It's my greatest downfall.

Gary: Are you sure it was me who told you to paste? I don't remember but it does make sense. I've never lost a post to it being too long - just when my antique computer would crash on me.

mrshummer: Great job on the wellness centre. I'm beginning to think that I need to do something around here too. I just don't know when I'm going to find the time to do it. I do think I'll start recording what I eat on fitday.com again and see where I'm messing up.

Sami: My prayers are going up for you daily. Keep looking up!!

Have a great day!

05-16-2003, 06:57 PM
Hi M.I.A. CE'rs

Where is everybody? I hope things are going good with all of you. Michele is having fun with mom I am sure, Sami must be running like crazy with those kids and graduation etc. Zoe must be at the new house, Sue is out camping and Sherry getting the job done at the wellness center-- just guessing! I know Wilma is trying to get the routine of exercise down:)

I did 35 minutes, 4.5 miles and 450 calories on the elliptical trainer today-- I am going at a more intense (just a little) level. I can feel it in my calves after 3 days.

Well my Lakers lost, daughter's tennis is done until next year, son and step-D wrapping up their basketball and softball-- so I should have more free time to exercise. Although the kids never quit sports, it does slow down a little at this time of year. My wife is still out running/walking her 3.5 miles 4-6 days a week, plus upper and lower body weight workouts in our gym-- she is really feeling better!

Made a crock-pot dinner last night that was HORRIBLEI was so bumbed out. It was rice on the bottom, covered with 2 cups of wine, can of creamed chicken, can of mushroom soup, carrots, green beans, corn, onion soup mix and then chicken breasts-- for some reason it stunk! I think the wine and onion soup mix was the problem, don't know for sure. The chicken was good so we just put BBQ sauce on it and had salad. I am not the kitchen hero anymore :(

Well actually I have to go bid a job now so you ladies take care.

Have a great week-end-- GO TO WORSHIP!! Gary

05-17-2003, 01:49 AM
Hi CE'ers, :wave:

Well, it's official.....I am a college graduate!!!:D It was a really great commencement and day! A guy-friend of mine was there, my Mom and Aunt and 2 girl cousins. It was a nice ceremony, we took pictures in the Japanese Gardens at school which are beautiful. I hope to get a pic on disc and I'll send it to you all. I was the 3rd to last to get my diploma. But my cap didn't fall off (which i was worried about) and it was actually a lot of fun. Then we all went to a mexican restaurant and had some margarita's and i had fish tacos, yum! It was a great day butr I'm pooped. My aunt had a fall while going into a restaurant and she hit her head and has a black eye. Poor thing. Not su~re what happened, she just fell. I was very worried about her, she wouldn't let me call someone but promised to tell me if she had any symptoms. She also called her daughter who is an RN to see what to watch out for and my friend is a paramedic and he thinks she'll be ok.

Going to the Mall of America tomorrow, it will be a long day i'm sure but it'll be fun. Can't believe how the time is flying, and they'll be going home on Monday. :(

I miss you all and have been lurking a little, i will try to catch up soon..... but Gary~you made stinky chicken?

05-19-2003, 11:57 AM
Gary is half right I got the camperdown to the site, but nothing set up yet, will definitely be going this weekend though, and hope for lots of sun. Sami- I second what Gary said, He is 100% right, pray all is well there. Mitchy glad you had a great visit with mom. Wilma and E.Z. Great job on the exerciseing. You too Mrs. Hummer. I have been busy ayt work and church, which hasn't left any computer time. I can't access the internet from work, its a closed system, there is a way to, but we are not suppose to. Glad to hear most of you are well, claudette- welcome back, hope all is well with the tooth. I have been spring cleaning at work and refinishing some old furniture. N.Y. state is in a budget crunch, and money will be slim this year, so I redid rather than re-buy at work, actually came out good. Recovered the top of a desk with marble contact paper, looks like real marble. Hope all is well with you guys. Just wanted to catch up on reading, and pop in and say Hi. I won't make it too long or I'll loose just like you did Mrs. Hummer, me and E.Z,. welcome you to the ranks of post loosers, ha ha ha, I think it was Zoe that said how to paste, but maybe not. SAnyway gotta run, catch later, Hi to all I missed.

05-19-2003, 06:50 PM
Hi Sue-- anyone else around anymore? Glad to hear you are getting going on the camping!! Want to re-finish my cabinets?

Off to step-D's softball game,

Later, Gary

05-19-2003, 07:17 PM
Hello CEers, :wave:

Mom and Auntie left this a.m. and Mom already called to let me know she got in OK. It was a really great, but quick trip. I can't believe how fast it went, and there's so many things we didn't get to do. But we did a lot of great things and saw a lot of friends and family so that was really good. I miss them already, although I'm looking forward to having a night of relaxation. It's been go, go, go! It's rainy tonight and so I want to relax and go to bed early after a nice bath.

I have been lurking a little and it has been quiet.......where is everyone? Hope you are having fun!

05-19-2003, 11:01 PM
It's been a busy weekend here. Today was a holiday and I got quite a bit done. We now have a beautiful gold/yellow guest room. It offsets the quilt I made nicely. One room down - the rest of the house to go. Next is our room!

I also got some soil for my planters but it rained all weekend so I didn't get to do anything outside. Oh well, there's still time and I still need to buy my bedding plants.

I've not done too well with my eating this weekend. I need to get back to work where I have some structure. Back to the salads and fruit.

Have a good night! Talk to you tomorrow.

05-20-2003, 10:08 AM
E.Z.- Sure- But only if you throw in ssome fish tacos, and send me sunshine this weekend. It is suppose to rain from Wed.-Sun. I hope the forcast changes I am off starting today through Sunday. We were leaving for camp on Friday. Soyou got 2 days, think you can swing it? Glad all went good with your mom and aunt. Love baths with a couple candles and a good book, when the water cools off heat it up again. Wilma love the new avatar. Happy planting. Have an awesome weekend if I don't see get back to say hi! Hi to all who are missing!

05-20-2003, 06:07 PM

Boy is this site dying or what? I keep checking in but don't have much to respond to! That can be good if everyone is busy doing things---however.....

Got a call at work today from my daughter-- she was home!! for the summer-- she has been home from Georgia tennis to her dorm in San Diego for 4 days-- just too many things to do before she came home-- friends-- friends graduating-- boyfriend 2 year aniversarry-- etc-- ALL THE IMPORTANT STUFF:lol: Any way I just got home and guess what? she is gone-- with the BOYFRIEND-- back down to San Diego to pick up his stuff from his condo--- now why did they not do that this week-end while they were there? ARGHHHH--- Oh, well I guess when tennis starts next year I will see her at her matches:lol:

Have been working all week--2 days and it is killing me;) -- I haven't had a full day at work in a month-- I'm gonna ask the wife if I can take a vacation-- just as soon as she gets home from work:lol: :lol: :lol: Yea right-- I just better have dinner ready if I know what is good for me!!

Speaking of dinner I am on a downhill roll-- made a new potato soup in the crock-pot Sunday-- potatoes, carrots, celery, homogonized milk,-- very tasteless-- didn't taste bad- just not much to it-- threw that recipe out.

Tonight it is fettucine with alfredo or sun dried tomatoe alfredo sauce with whole wheat french bread and salad.

Well gotta get in my exercise then off to a meeting at church.


05-20-2003, 08:47 PM
Im back!!!!! I am sorry I have been gone for so long and I have really missed all of you. I had to take my DD for help. I feel guilty because she has told me several times over the last year that she felt really depressed and moody (and moody is an understatement!) I am so thankful for a Christian DR he made time for her and spent a long time talking to her and he put her on medication. My 12 yr old had to be picked up from school because she was crying she said she just feels like she doesn't fit in (I think she has pms) and my oldest DD still has not found a job but she does a alot of interviews this week, (please pray the right job is found quick) And we are still dealing with my 8yr old and what will be best for her. And of course the stress has made my condition worse I may have to up my meds until things calm down. I am so glad to have all of you to share my stress with. EZ I think Zoe is the one who did the paste thing. And I know how you feel about your DD My kids always seem to have somewhere to be and I feel like I don't get to spend enough time with them. Mitchypoo I am so Proud of you I have a big CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! TO YOU I hope your aunt is doing ok.
Sherry I just lost my first post also. How is the swelling doing?
Wilma I am praying that your son finds a job ASAP! I know how stressful it is for them to wait. doitforme-You have a great summer camping we will miss you so stop in once in awhile.
I remember you all in my prayers,

05-20-2003, 10:18 PM
Hello all! :wave:

Sami~you and your family will be in my prayers. I'm glad you found a good Christian Dr. I hope it improves soon.

Gary~It sounds like it's hard to let your girl grow up. I can only imagine. I know my mom had a hard time with me. How dare us go on and have our own life, huh? ;)

Well, yesterday after work I was so tired i layed down for just a bit and never really woke up, except for 2 phone calls, of which i don't know what i said, and then I woke at at almost 4 a.m. and had to set my alarm so i didn't oversleep. But I feel more rested today.

Mom and Auntie made it home OK. Mom ended up sitting with a Christian DJ with a morning show in South Dakota and she said that she's going to pray for me, that I find a good Christian husband!

My WA guy didn't call me once since my mom was here, he never even acknowledged my graduation or called or emailed. :( Perhaps i'm expecting too much for him. Not that I think i asked to much but i'm thinking maybe he doesn't have it to give....

Gary, fettucine sounds wonderful!

05-20-2003, 11:51 PM
Hi all! I also miss all those who aren't posting. We need each other to keep on going. I haven't been exercising lately and it has been getting me down. I need another kick! I know the exercise will give me more energy but I need to get started with it. It's been raining here and it's kind of depressing.

Youngest DS has a job interview tomorrow. We'll see how things go with that. He has other prospects too if this one doesn't turn out. Oldest DS is enjoying his job despite the night shifts he's been working. I think this is making him realize that getting an education is the thing.

Sami: I'm glad that things are going better for you. I'm praying for you and your girls and their individual challenges.

Gary: Can you come cook for me? I didn't get home from work until 6:30 and the first thing one DS asks is what's for dinner. Fast food sounds good on days like today but I did end up cooking something fast. I took out chicken breasts for tomorrow.

Michele: Things will happen for you in God's timing. He has the perfect guy out there for you. Let God introduce you to him.

doitforme: How did you camping turn out? Everyone up here was cold and wet. Glad I stayed home!!

Good Night!!

05-21-2003, 12:16 AM
Hi ALL-- Got home from my meeting at church and thought I would check in-- HOOOORRRRRAAAAYYYY-- posts!!!
Real quick-- alot of what I say about my DD not spending time is in joking matter-- I mean what she is doing is true -- however I expect it!-- It has been a long time since I was 19-- but I do remember!!! Thanks so much for your concern-- I know those of you with kids are in the same boat. She is here with me know though (ON THE PHONE!!) but just for a minute then back to the conversation we were having on her trip to Georgia and plans for summer/next year.
Wilma and Michele-- REAL EASY-- fettuccine, Bertolli Creamy Alfredo or Classico Sun-Dried Tomato Alfredo ( I give them a choice- the family) then I BBQ a few chicken breasts to put in it-- very easy and fast-- HEALTHY? But who cares right?!
Visiting with DD now-- later, Love Ya Gary

05-21-2003, 09:00 AM
Good morning!

Gary, I also make fettucine and no, it is not low calorie. I start by making the fettucine pasta from scratch, the sauce is butter, garlic, cream, parmesan and s&p, and my specialty is shrimp w/white wine and shallots. Really good, but a LOT of work!

I'm taking the upped dosage and i'm still feeling pretty tired after about 1-1/2 weeks. Going to give it some more time and i really need to talk myself into getting up early and going for a 1/2 hr. walk. I know that would make a difference.

It's a beautiful day here, but a tad chilly this a.m. I work at the gym after my day job till 7:30 will prove to be a long day i'm afraid. Hope you all have a great day!

05-21-2003, 10:04 AM
It's another dreary day here today too. Hopefully my mood won't match.:p I got up and did my weight exercises this morning. I'm going to do this each a.m. and hopefully work in a walk too. It'll depend on my sleep pattern that night. I also plan to walk in the evening even if it's a small one. Tonight is the big American Idol finale and I don't want to miss that. Maybe I'll walk on the spot during commercials.

I know I need to be consistent with my evening meals. I have been buying frozen yogurt for those urges and it does make me feel better. I need to eat more chicken instead of beef.

Gary: It's hard to see our kids grow up and leave us isn't it? Mine are both at home now and I'm enjoying it but having had a taste of empty nest with just DH I know I have something to look forward to also. Both sons are planning on living at home for the school year to save money and we don't mind that at all.
I love fettucine and wish I could make it more often. It is so rich. Tonight I'm making chicken stroganoff - quick and easy and almost like alfredo.

Michele: You sound like a very busy person. Take care of yourself.

To everyone else: Have a great day. Please post even if you only have a second. We need you here.

05-21-2003, 06:51 PM
Just finished my shower and am waiting for the wife so we can go to step-D's softball game. Did 40 minutes on the elliptical this afternoon-- 550 calories and 4.5 miles. Am really getting the hang of this exercise-- trying to keep up with the wife isn't working though-- she was out the door at 5am again doing her 3.5 mile walk/run. Last night she even did an hour of weights on the machine. It is good she can do it and not have her back hurt (that will probably change though). The chiropractor is really helping this time.
Daughter back in San Diego cleaning the boyfriends condo befor he turns it back to his granparents for the summer-- how dirty can it get if he is always at my daughter's dorm?
Sami good to hear from you-- sorry for all the DD troubles-- stay with us!!
doitforme-- did ya get the sunshine I sent?
Wilma- keep up the good work!! By the end of summer it sure will show if you get out every day and walk/weights!!

Gotta run- IN HIS PEACE- Gary

05-21-2003, 06:52 PM
Michele-- YES!! GET UP AND WALK!!!!!!

05-21-2003, 11:52 PM
I just finished watching American Idol and RUBEN WON! I was rooting for him even though both him and Clay deserved the win.

I then went for a 1 mile walk. I'm on my way to have a drink of water and then off to bed soon.

Talk to you tomorrow!

05-22-2003, 02:12 AM
I fell asleep and missed the American Idol! I am so glad that Ruben Won Yeah!!!!! I was really hoping he would win. I have been really tired when I get home because things are busy at work and then all the end of school things are pressing. I have been trying to set my DS party for gradation but it seems like everytime I have a Date something comes up.
EZ-you will love this my DD who as a teen was gone all the time is here all the time now. She even ask if she could live here after she gets married when her soon to be DH's mom has offered (he is an only child) They are looking for a house and the time is tight so they are thinking just in case they need a in between place.
Wilma-I know what you mean about this weather. I wore a fleece vest because it was cold this morning.
Mitchypoo-your fettucine sounds great! I keep telling my DS that all things happen in Gods time. I found a note he wrote and it said something to the effect I am the nice guy that girls cry on my shoulders and talk to me about there bad boyfriends but when I ask them out they say Im a nice guy and someday I'll meet a great girl. My heart breaks for him. He has never had a girlfriend even though he has a lot of friends. So I am praying for both of you to meet the right Christian person for your life.

Praying for all,

05-22-2003, 11:10 AM
Good morning!:wave:

I'm cheating and taking a few minutes at work to say hi! Yeah, Ruben won American Idol! I really like him, he's so unassuming and what a talent, although that Clay is something else too. I really enjoyed this series.

Sami~thanks for your kind words. When I think of it rationally, i know that in God's time, he'll come. But it sure is difficult waiting patiently. But I am going to meet someone tomorrow night. We've been talking for a while. He seems really wonderful. A good Christian man, he's very talented too. He's making a Christian CD right now and he's very talented. I'm praying that we like eachother as well in person. We'll see...

Have a great day and for this long weekend, hope you are all safe and happy!

05-22-2003, 11:34 AM

Posting before I go to work today-- have a later start- it is a remodel and alot of kids getting ready for school so it is better to let them out of the house before we sling our mud everywhere:lol Little kids just love to play in it.

I saw American Idol too-- I was happy for Ruben but Clay was my first choice. Did any of you see the Country Music Awards and the Dixie Chick song with F.U.T.K. on Natilie Means shirt? SO UNCLASSY! She just won't let the thing die will she. Alot of boos for them last night.

SAMI-- Boy do I know what you mean about a good date for a party-- around here it is impossible to get everyone available at the same time with sports, school, jobs, etc-- we just throw a date out there and if they come they come and if they can't we don't worry about it-- and that means my own kids!! Since my kids and my step-d have other parents in the same city there is always conflicts on holidays etc-- we just all do the best we can. Have a later grad party for the boy- middle of summer if it works out better, that is what we did for my kids-- they wanted a party but they didn't want to conflict with their friends parties-- so the wife and ex and I just waited until things died down and had a one for my kids. Of course you have to have it before all their friends head off to college.
My daughter's boyfriend ALLOWED me to have some time with her last night:lol:

MICHELE I agree with Sami girl, and I know how hard it is to date-- after my divorce it was difficult finding the kind of person that you would even consider dating. God works wonders though-- I was ready to give up so many times-- it is hard to try and figure out the "give it to Him" part and the " use the resources God has given you" part-- in other words " if God sends someone to the door for you' ANSWER it-- don't wait for him to open it__ am I making sense? And by saying this I don't in any way mean to apply you are not doing God's will-- I just am trying to say IN A LONG WAY-- I UNDERSTAND because I have been there. My prayers are with you.

WILMA-- Great job on the walking-- don't stop! get those boys out there pushing you if you need to!1 This is going to be a great summer for you-- just like all the success Zoe had last summer-- her hard work paid off and so will yours.

Gotta go- late now,

05-22-2003, 09:02 PM
We had a nice day of sunshine today, but it is suppose to shower all weekend, E.Z. you will have to work extra hard to send sunshine. By the way you never answered me about the fish tacos, Glad you got a chance to visit with dd, and the alfredo souns yummy. Wilma, good job walking, Chicken stroganoff sounds good, I have only every had beef- how do ya make that? Sami pray all goes well with all your dd's, glad to hear you did go to a doctor with the one that was depressed. that can be serious. Mitchy pryaers your date goes well. I am packing clothes and food, and plan to leave early in the morning, so as long as E.Z. sends the sunshine, I'll be happy. Every one enjoy a nice Memorial Day weekend, stay safe on those roads. I'll check in on Tuesday. God Bless !

05-23-2003, 09:56 AM
It's a gorgeous day here today. I plan to get my plants bought and into pots tonight. I picked up a few last night. It's very therapeutic to go into a green house and be surrounded by beautiful plants. I plan on having lots of colour!!

I did my exercises this morning and I'm starting to feel like I have more energy already.

doitforme: I have a very easy Chicken Stroganoff recipe.

Sautee onions and mushrooms in oil. Add 1 can of cream of mushroom soup. Add chopped cooked chicken or turkey. Just before serving add 2 tbsp. sour cream and blend in. I serve this over noodles.

If you want to use fresh chicken. Sautee it until cooked with the onions and mushrooms. My family loves this recipe and it doesn't take long to make after a hard day of work!

Have a great day!

05-23-2003, 11:43 AM

I am working at home today as soon as my brother gets here. We are doing more work in my new room-- I have put it off for awhile. Have a "pay" job to do Saturday so we are here today.

Did my 35 minutes 4.5 miles yesterday on the elliptical. Really trying to not stop! exercising. The wife has already done her 3.5 mile run-- it is really nice here in the mornings at 5am so it is easier for her to get up and going than when it is cold weather.

Thanks for the chicken stroganoff reipe WILMA , I am going to try it! My wife repotted her 2 orchid plants last week and really got her roses looking good! The neighbors are really giving her compliments on one particular yellow rose bush. It looks like we are going to have a zillion tomatoes soon too. I am so impressed with your new attitude! for success!! in the weight department-- you are going to succeed for sure.

doitforme- Didn't get the fish tacos huh? Boy somebody's delivery truck is really starting to stink!:lol: I hope the camping went well and the weather was kind to you! Have a great Memorial week-end.

SAMI Who is gonna win the INDY? I am pulling for Fisher or Barron (he grew went to high school at a cross town rival here)-- Pretty sure they won't win though! Hope you have some "unstressed" time with your family this week-end.

MICHELE-- I really hope the meeting with the new friend is alot of fun for you-- even if it is nothing serious maybe a good friendship! You have seem to have a great outlook on life with an attitude I try to implemeent in my life and that is "TO JUST KEEP MOVING FORWARD!!"


Later-- IN HIS LOVE, Gary

05-23-2003, 11:48 AM
Wilma~I totally agree with your comments about it being therapeutic being around plants. I used to go to a favorite nursery in CA, and I could spend a Sat. afternoon there and come home and plant things and i have always felt that it does something to get your hands in the ground.

It is a beautiful day here too, although I couldn't get out of bed this a.m. It was after 9 am when i got up. Have to be at work at 11 at the gym. I had such good intentions of getting things done this a.m. Oh well.

I suppose it'll be quiet again with this big weekend coming up? Well, i hope those who are able will check in and keep me company! :)

05-23-2003, 11:54 AM
Gary~We must be posting at the same time again, i just saw your post so I had to say Hi :wave: and you know it's so funny, you think I have this great attitude (maybe I don't see it, but do) and I think you and your wife are an inspiration. You have been doing really great keeping up the exercise, very impressive. It's harder to stick with something and you have done it. And I feel like sometimes I try to keep a great attitude but constantly struggle with it..... Anyway, I hope I have fun tonight. Actually, that's the attitude I'm going in with. No high expectations, he is my friend and i'm looking forward to meeting him but we'll see what the good Lord has in store for us.

05-24-2003, 09:18 AM
Good Saturday Morning y'all ~

Sorry that I've been MIA....(did you even notice? ha! :lol: ) With the house getting SO close to closing, I am so stressed and nowhere near ready to move. I'm so grateful for the long weekend. Greg is in a 3-day golf tournament and I have "pretended" to be annoyed since Monday is my birthday and it's the last day of the tournament. I really don't mind though because I am going to take this time to do alot of packing. We had our 'walk through' on Thursday and now, they say that all those little things will be done in 7 business days. Yeah!

Speaking of golf......I was sad to hear that Annika didn't make the cut at the Colonial. (Speaking of which, the traffic here yesterday was outrageous due the the tourny)

On the American Idol topic......oh, what an error America made. I know that there are some of you who wanted Rueben to win but clearly, Clay has the better and more POWERFUL voice. (sorry....) Ok, so that's my opinion but seriously, I was disappointed Clay didn't win. I think Clay will have a bigger career than Rueben anyway due to their types of singing. All around, it was a great season to watch.

Sorry not to address anyone individually. I have to run to my WW meeting soon......speaking of which, I've been just going up and down a few pounds so I need to get with the program. I had 7.7 lbs to goal and now it's 11. Sheesh!!!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

In Christ, we can do all things,
Patti <><

05-24-2003, 01:29 PM
Hi CEers :wave:,

Zoe~glad to see you posting and i can understand why we haven't seen you lately. Very exciting about your new house! I hope you get a lot of packing done and try to not stress too much. It will get done, one way or the other. Happy Early Birthday! :balloons: In case we don't see you!

Well, my date with Les went very well! :dance: I felt comfortable when I got there, it wasn't awkward. We sat and watched a band play, his friend was doing the sound/lights. We really hit it off in person. He's handsome and funny and sweet and a gentleman. There was a spark, a spark I haven't felt in a LONG time! He told me that I was much prettier in person, that my pic didn't do me justice. (Wow?!) He was very complimentary. He called me to make sure I made it home OK and he called me this a.m. to say good morning. Very happy about us meeting!

My WA guy sent an email yesterday saying that he didn't call while my family was here because he didn't want to bother me and he wanted me to concentrate on them, and also he didn't call because he had to start some therapy because his hand went numb from that car crash and he didn't want me to worry. He knew i'd be upset and for that he was sorry. I was like?......what? Who is he to decide what is best for me and what's wrong with me worrying or caring about him? So I didn't respond because i was mad. And he called me last night while I was gone........Oh, men! Sorry to ramble on.

OK, today is a little overcast but I have much to do inside, hope you are all having a great weekend! Oh, there was a Farmer's Market that opened today by my house! Way cool! I got real cream and milk in the old fashioned glass bottles! And i found a great place that has Soy candles. They are soooo nice. The scent is pure and they burn so much better. They didn't have much produce which I was disappointed in. Wanted to get some good organic vegetables, all i saw was baby spinach and radishes (ick!)

05-24-2003, 09:36 PM

The wife is out of town for the week-end-- went up to L.A. area to throw a wedding shower party for our future SIL. Had towork today on a job just 1 mile from my house and also on my own-- hanging drywall and taping it (my trade). I shouldn't coplain about working today since I have had quite a bit of time off in the last month.
Going to church tonight 'cause I have to work Sunday for a while too. Then coming home to watch car racing-- Indy and the NASCAR.

MICHELE Dump the WA. guy!! He is either just contacting you when he feels like it or he is just flat out STUPID!! either way you deserve better. When I was interested in a girl I ALWAYS found time to contact her!! There are ways to do it without being too pushy. Hey are those candles from REDWOOD CANDLE COMPANY, Redwood Falls Mn.? I bet they are. My kids brought me one back from a reunion in Minneapolis a few years ago-- they brought me a Margarita one--SOOOOO good!! Wife and I have been buying internet from them ever since-- my wife is big on candles-- especially these because they are not over bearing, just as you said.

ZOE With you totally on Clay and Ruben!! Sorry to hear the hubby is in trouble:lol: (I'm telling!) Times like this tough if you play your cards right--MUCHO LOVIN'!!! You own him:D Hope all goes well with closing of the house!!

Gotta get going-- HELLO EVERYONE!! will check back Sunday--

GO TO CHURCH!!!! Love ya, Gary

05-24-2003, 11:13 PM
Hi all,

Gary~the candles are a company called Soy Radiant. You can check them out at www.soyradiantcandles.com. My favorite is Fig & Melon. At first I thought ick, but it is fresh and clean and sweet smelling. I love them and will probably never buy paraffin candles again. And you don't even have to have them lit and they smell good.

The jury is out on whether I should dump the WA guy! :roll: He called again tonight and we talked. He got the message of how i felt and this nerve damage is really throwing him for a loop. He for the first time is not able to go and do, not even work and it's scary and depressing. He said he knows he has a bad attitude and that was part of why he didn't call either. He knows I won't tolerate being treated like that, but I didn't have it in me to say goodbye. We'll see what happens and if he makes it out here in 3 weeks.

Does anybody have arthritis? I have an achiness in my ring finger joint below the fingernail. I thought maybe I was bruised but it's strange. It just hurts and i think it's a little swollen. How does the Dr. determine if you have arthritis? Is there a test?

05-25-2003, 11:02 AM
Thought I'd quickly check in before leaving for church. We're going out for lunch today and then going to a tea at which our aunt displays her china painting. Should be relaxing. I know the guys would rather be golfing but sometimes you have to do things for the relatives.

I can't seem to find my groove - eating wise. I do well all week and then on the weekends it goes the other way. I have to really start making an effort or I'm going to gain it all back again. I think it's because I have a house full again and nobody else here cares for veggies and salads. I guess I'm going to have to just do them for myself.

Gotta go! Have a great day!

05-25-2003, 02:30 PM
Good Sunday Morning! What a wonderful Lord's day it is! I just got in from church. My friend Thyra went to my church with me this morning and then we were off to Starbucks for coffee. Yum! But that latte cost me 6 WW points....oh well, I think it was worth it. :)

Church was wonderful, as usual. I don't know what I would do during my week without my Sunday mornings.....

The weather isn't too great here for the holiday but as you may have figured out, the golf is still on. :rolleyes:

I'm off to my packing now so I hope y'all are having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend so far........

God bless you all and God Bless America!
Patti <><

05-25-2003, 03:30 PM
Patti~am I the only one who's been calling you Zoe? Sorry, I just realized you are Patti, and if I think back realize i knew it, Zoe is your pooch, right?

I'm getting back from church just now and I had some lunch. Church was wonderful! It was one of those days where it did me a lot of good. I cried again during the worship music. Sometimes the music overcomes me, and I just cry. But that's OK. I'm not ashamed to show emotion.

Perhaps part of it was that my WA guy is feeling kind of hopeless and he said something to the effect of, he must have done something bad to deserve what is happening to him now. He doesn't understand why this is happening. I wanted to say something uplifting but sometimes it is better to just listen. And I guess it's heavy on my heart and I want him to understand that he didn't do anything. I told him that all things happen for the good. Even if we don't understand it, i believe it. I asked the prayer team to pray for him. I'm wondering if I should tell him. Not sure he'll feel better about it or not.

And I also got into a little argument with the guy I met on Friday. This a.m. right before church, while talking online we had this spat and i'm a little bummed about it.

But it is a glorious day! And i have some projects i need to do today, including making thank you notes for graduation. I bought some card stock and i'm going to watercolor on them and/or make tatted flowers and glue them on to the cards. I'm feeling creative.

05-25-2003, 09:47 PM
HI CE'ers-HI CE'ers :wave:

Had to work for a few hours today, then did my 35 minutes on the elliptical. That was cool because when I got home my daughter had just finished a 3 mile run and was getting ready to work out on the weight machine-- so we exercised together! It has been a few years since we have done that so it was fun. My kids really like to stay in shape--they both go to the gym or exercise here almost every day-- boy I sure never did that at their ages! My daughter and I have been watching the college world series softball tourney the last 2 days- pretty cool. My son has been at his track meets and working so he has n't been here much and my wife is still away at her mom's for the shower. Daddy/daughter bonding!:)

MICHELE-- What is with these guys girl? Are they freakin' crazy giving you a hard time or what? Patti told us her real name about a year ago, and you are right Zoe is her dog's name. She such a sweetie- she answers to whatever we call her:lol:

PATTI/ZOE You are right about Starbucks:yes: I hope you get all your packing done and all goes well with the move in. I think you are right about church-- things seem to go smoother during the week if we are at worship on a regular basis-- well, maybe not smoother but we handle things better.

WILMA Hey- my wife says she would love to try the chicken stroganoff next week-- I am gonna make it. It makes it hard when not every one likes what dinner is but at least the fruit and veggies and salads are easy to keep seperate-- make them at least try it:D Women have their ways ya know!If you are only good on your eating 5 days a week it is alot better than 0 days!!

I think we are going for chinese tonight so I better get some things done here before we go.


05-27-2003, 09:59 AM
Is it ever quiet around here! It must be too nice out to stay inside. I even spent a bit of time in my garden last night. DS has turned the soil and now I can plant.

I did my weight exercises this morning and can really feel the effects from doing it regularly. Now if only I can get out and walk regularly. It seems as though there's always something else to do. I packed a great healthy lunch and have a beef roast cooking in the slow cooker for tonight.

Gary: I hope you enjoy the stroganoff. My family loves it and it is a great way to use leftover turkey or chicken. I do prefer it with the chicken fresh and sauteed along with the mushrooms and onion. Let me know how your family likes it.

Michele: Your cards sound lovely. The personal touch means so much more to the person receiving it.

Zoe: Happy packing!! I was there not too long ago and I don't want to do it for quite some time. Now I'm having the fun of picking out colours to paint the rooms. My guest room looks lovely with its "Straw Hat" colour on the walls.

Sami: How are things going with you? You are still in my prayers.

Have a great day! I miss all of you when you don't post.

05-27-2003, 06:30 PM
Hello CEers :wave:

My mother said something to me that has made me think. She asked if I really want someone in my life because I did like him the guy I went out with Friday, so much and the first time he says something I don't like, I have a fit! And I did this with another guy I was dating not too long ago. She may be right. I will not tolerate being treated badly, which he didn't do anything to me, but I didn't like what he said and I didn't like how he handled the conflict, but maybe I need to cool it and give people a chance???? I'm trying to be open and see if I do this. Maybe I am a little too defensive, or not willing to let people be who they are. I don't expect perfection, but maybe i'm a little intolerant? It's bugged me since we talked. I know my mother mentioned this to me because she sees something I don't. She'd never say something on purpose to hurt me, but it did make me think. If she sees it, maybe I should think about it.

Food has been bad today....i just can't seem to get on track. And now i have a headache. Not sure where I should start.

05-27-2003, 08:57 PM
Good Evening Friends :wave:

Well, I worked/packed through the long birthday weekend. I really got a lot done too. And it shows......there are boxes all over the place. :lol:

Michelle ~ :lol: Too funny.....I do not usually sign Patti on my posts, that was just a blind moment. Most people here, on the 2 threads I post, call me Zoe. You know how it is when you first sign on, you use an alias and it just sticks with you. Mine is Zoe who yes, is my little doggie but I answer to anything. :)
You know, you sound just like my daughter and her boyfriends. :) Hang in there, the right one is always worth waiting on God for.

Gary ~ haha...yeah, I answer to anything. :) How do you remember all that goes on here? I sit here wondering how you could remember that I told my real name "about a year ago" and I have to scroll down the page to see who is saying what. :lol: :lol: I need some pointers on that memory stuff.

Wilma ~ the packing is coming along. Since Greg was playing golf Sat, Sun and Mon, it kept me busy until he got home. But he was nice and got home early on Monday (my birthday). We went out looking for furniture......whew! I'm gonna be broke. :rolleyes:

Well, time to get cleaned up from dinner. Have a wondeful evening.

In Christ,
Patti and Zoe :lol:

05-28-2003, 09:59 AM
It is such a beautiful morning and I have to go to work. I would rather be at home getting my flowers into pots. I spent a bit of time at the nursery last night picking out the brightest colours I could find. I am really enjoying my little yard. I can do what I want instead of what I have to. It doesn't take long to mow the grass and DS has been doing it for me anyway. I plan to get my plants in tonight. I can hardly wait to see what they look like together. Bright purples, yellows and oranges together in various pots.

I did well with WOE last night. Tonight I'm staying at work for a farewell for a co-worker. They'll have veggie platters, etc. there so I should be able to eat well there.

Zoe: (I always think of you as Zoe!:lol: ) Did you buy any furniture or are you just shopping around? I would love new living room furniture but we have some bills to pay up first.

Michele: Good for you for being open to change. I usually react badly when someone says something to me about myself that I don't like and then later see the validity in what they said. God wants us to be the best people we can be and maybe He used your mom to help you do this.

Gary: I've decided that if I want to snack in the evening it has to be with fruit or veggies. Last night I ate an orange and found that it was all I needed. How is your weight loss coming? You must be getting into great shape with all the exercising! ARe you seeing it on the scale.

I better go and get some breakfast before work. Have a super day!

05-29-2003, 01:39 AM

I am home alone tonight, for awhile anyway-- wife at a soccer meeting for step-D, son going out clubbing with the guys, daughter at Disneyland. Well a couple of buddies from work came over tonight and we finished hanging the drywall in my new room! So now it's all up to me to get it ready for paint-- no problem- that is my trade.
Haven't exercised since Sunday though-- took Monday off then the last two days just too busy in my new room-- at least I am burning off some calories ?or not? How hard do you have to work to burn off the calories from 2 beers again:lol:

ZOE-- Hey my memory is horrible at my/our age too. I remember Zoe because that is my MIL's dog's name, and Patti 'cause that is my SIL's name. But speaking of forgetting--
HAPPY BIRTHDAY :gift: :balloons: :yes:

WILMA-- You are awesome-- the next female Jack LaLane! Isn't it great when you get something planted--I like alot of color in my yard too. How are those boys doing with their summer so far? As far as me losing weight--NOT REALLY, maybe a couple of pounds-- but I am not gaining either so that is good.

MICHELE-- You say you don't want to be treated badly-- don't blame you!! What you need to figure out is.. are you being treated badly or is it just not the way YOU want it--- or are you just being a big pain in the ...;) You already know what the answer is. Not sticking up for or against anyone but if you are already fighting with a guy after 1 or 2 dates it is not working. On the other hand if it is just a little disagreement and you are taking it to another level--chill-- as the kids say. My experience has been if you really are interested in someone you put your best foot forward for at least a week or two no matter what!! Sometimes guys just can't say the right things no matter what:D

Well the wife is home now and it is past my bedtime...


05-29-2003, 07:53 PM
STOP!! Go to #170 :)