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11-16-2012, 10:41 AM
Does anyone here have foot related injuries that hinder an exercise program? I have a bone spur, plantar fasciitis and metatarsalgia. Super fancy (and expensive) words meaning.. my feet hurt all the time! I really need surgery, but have no health insurance, so I'm trying to deal on my own. Any tips?
I know swimming is low impact, but 1: I hate swimming and 2: see 1

Happy Friday everyone!

12-01-2012, 12:59 AM
My feet hurt constantly too! I have plantar fasciitis and whenever I begin walking daily, there go the feet in horrible pain! I have orthotics for my shoes that cost me $400.00, for 1 pair, but they don't help either. Once I lose some weight I'm gonna go back to the Dr. and find out what else I can do for it. They say steroid shots can help, but they also break down the muscle in the foot, and can cause even more pain later on. My cousin had surgery, and it helped for a year, but now her feet hurt more then before.

12-01-2012, 01:19 AM
hmmm i don't have sore feet but i do have a bad back....this as my physio says is nooo good for contact exercise (umm for want of a better word) exercise like aerobics, zumba, jogging, (i can walk a bit and try hard but both of my legs go numb) etc the physio bloke suggested pilates (i am also doing pool work but you don't like that so i won't mention it..LOL..LOL)...i have only just started it but i think it is going to be jumping around..time will tell though!!...oh also i used to work in aged care and you can actually do a lot of exercises sitting in a chair...i think there is even tai chi that you can do sitting down...perhaps this will help???...cheers liz

12-01-2012, 03:02 AM
Yoga. Pilates (as was already mentioned). Weight training. Can you do any biking?

12-10-2012, 07:18 PM
It started with my feet and spread to my knees. All four body parts are almost useless to me now. Lately my ankles have started to go and little by little my hips are starting to warn me of bad things to come. I am truly a mess.

12-10-2012, 08:28 PM
I have a lot of pain issues from fibromyalgia and osteoarthrits to bonespirs (on my left heel, and my left wrist), nodules on my spine and a herniated disk). For years I also had chronic plantar's fasciitis, but I haven't had flare since building up my stamina (in the water) and strenght. I also only wear shoes with very good arch support and cushioning such as the more expensive New Balance, Halflinger and some Birkenstock shoes and at the first sign of foot pain I rest.

I know you hate swimming, which is really too bad, because the water really is perhaps the single best way to exercise and build strength so that you can do other exercises.

I've always loved swimming, because it's the one place I could exercise comfortably. When I started on this current journey it was the only place I could move without discomfort, and the water itself relieved so much pain that I literally wish I could LIVE in the water.

I would ask you to reconsider water exercise if you can find a warm water therapy pool (The Arthritis Foundation or your local Department of Aging and DIsability Resources should be able to tell you if there's a program in your area).

The warm water feels amazing. When I started, I really couldn't do anything but tread water GENTLY, because I was so physically incapacitated (I couldn't even shower normally, I needed a shower chair and my husband's help into and out of the shower. I had to use a shampoo and conditioner blend, because I didn't have the strength to "repeat." Just taking a shower was a major exertion (it would wipe me out for the rest of the day).

Just getting to the warm water therapy pool was an ordeal. I would put my swimsuit on at home (with hubby's help) and put on a t-shirt dress over it. Then I'd get to the pool and only have to take off the dress. Getting dressed again was an ordeal (I didn't have the strength or flexibility to put on a bra). Luckily the therapy pool had shower chairs in the shower room, or I would have been screwed.

If you're dead set against water exercise, consider getting a shower chair, so you can take a long, warm shower before you do any other exercise. It helps (I'm not sure why, but it does).

You could also try chair exercise videos, tai chi, and yoga - or use other exercise videos and only do the arm movements while you're seated in a chair.

12-12-2012, 11:20 PM
Thanks for responding everyone!
I have decided to start on yoga again and just walk as much as I can. I am also in process of convincing bf that an endless pool would be awesome! 20 thousand dollars worth of awesome, but a girl can dream right? I only hate swimming in public b/c of my weight and I have naturally curly hair, which will fry in that chlorine. Home pools are less harsh.
I hear you all with the bad backs. I've had 4 surgeries, including two spinal fusions. I often think my feet probs are related to the back ones (I'm sure they are) - so biking, not so much. I miss the old days when I was young :)

01-01-2013, 02:46 PM
Have you tried glucosamine? Some people have seen a huge difference in as little as 5 days, took me about a month and I started to add 1 tsp of liquid fish oil. It has helped my feet TREMENDOUSLY. I have osteoarthritis in my neck, knees and feet. Love it! My foot Dr. also wrote an Rx for a cream to rub on my aches & pains - I don't know the name of it off the top of my head, but it also works like a charm. I try not to use it too much, just sometimes on my low back...but anyway - the Glucosamine is WONDERFUL! (It's over the counter)

01-03-2013, 02:52 AM
I had an ankle replacement due to bone on bone arthritis when I was in my 20's. I also now have plantar fasciitis to deal with.

I understand how hard it is to walk when in pain. I used to be a triathlete before my ankle problems.

My advice:
1) rocker sole shoes are amazing! (try MBT's or Sketchers have some cheaper options - make sure they fit snugly!)

2) use nordic walking poles when you go for a walk (best with rocker sole shoes). It helps take the pressure off the legs and makes it much better to move. Added bonus is it also burns 40% more calories.

3) get a hot/cold pad. Heat the sore joint/area before the workout, cool it after the workout.

4)Biking was easier than walking for me. Try renting a exercise bike for home that you can use (or go out for a bike ride is much more fun) Google the 39stonecyclist, it is a really inspirational story about a guy and his bike =)

5)Tiger balm or deep heat type stuff helps with the plantar fasciitis, rub it on the soles of your feet, sit down, and put a golf ball under your foot and roll it around, get it in deep and it's like a massage. Really helps me. Also doing the stretches for PF at this time are good.

6) treat yourself to a foot massage every now and then (if you can).

7) go swimming/ aqua aerobics etc etc. Honestly as someone who was super fit and tiny, we don't look at fat people as much as you think we do at the pool - you may feel uncomfotable - but we pretty much live at the pool it's pretty much the same as seeing you fully dressed to us. Also if we do happen to notice you, we are more likely to think, 'good on her' than anything else. So don't let it stop you.

Ok sorry for the novel but hope it helps someone! :)

01-06-2013, 07:21 PM
I figured out last year that I'm gluten sensitive. I quit eating it due to digestion issues, but I found that my foot pain also cleared up. It was really bad. I would hobble out of bed in the morning cause my foot pain was so bad. I wore a boot for awhile and a foot stretcher. I took anti inflammatory was and wore special shoes. I thought I would have plantars fasciitis forever. Within a week of starting an anti inflammatory diet, my foot pain was much better. After a few weeks, it was totally gone. If I stray from my diet, like I did at Christmas , the pain comes back.

01-06-2013, 09:25 PM
I also have terrible pain in both my heels..I'm not sure of a diagnosis because I don't have insurance right now either. I've had plantar fasciitis in my left foot before, but this is different, completely in the heels and sometimes feels as if a match is being held against the back bottom of my heels on one foot or the other, sometimes both at the same time. I have found that stretching my calves before I stand does help, so I've been doing that. I am planning to buy boots to wear at night for both my feet that help with plantar fasciitis and also achilles tendonitis. It won't hurt to give them a try.

01-12-2013, 08:28 PM
The only thing I can think of exercise wise would include purchasing equipment if you don't own it already. Things like an exercise bike, rowing machine or health walker wouldn't put any real impact on your feet but would still offer exercise to your body. Depending on how much other physical activity you can do you can do exercise videos at home as well. Goodluck in finding something that works for you.

01-12-2013, 09:24 PM
I saw a podiatrist about my feet and ankles Christmas week. My feet are flat, oddly flexible and the bone structure is, well, my podiatrist called it "unique." Because of that, the bones in my ankles are badly misaligned. I'll be starting physical therapy in February for 6 to 8 weeks.

Having said that, my best advice if you can't swim is an exercise bike. I have a recumbent bike that I was* using quite a bit. It takes the pressure off my feet and ankles and it is a good workout for my legs.

*past tense because an ankle sprain is keeping me from the exercise bike for a while

01-17-2013, 08:31 PM
I'm in month 8 of severe PF, and it's effectively derailed any sort of cardio for me. I've been dealing with weekly visits to the podiatrist--he's severely restricted any walking and absolutely no impact cardio.

Tried the elliptical and the exercise bike. The first exacerbated the pain and the second bored me silly.

Decided I would just try walking--slowly and carefully. EPIC MISTAKE. The sad truth (for me at least) is that I only have a certain number of footsteps in the day. I try to push that and I pay for it.

Wouldn't mind swimming laps, but don't swim well enough.. . .

My happy ending is that I got brave and signed up for adult learn to swim last week.

If you truly don't care for swimming, I can recommend water aerobics. I don't love being in a bathing suit, but it's a decent workout, you don't drip sweat (which I love), and most brilliantly--you aren't trying to focus on getting some sort of workout through the pain--you can just *work* *out*.

I did have to get past my swimsuit mental block. Finally just got selfish and realized I was there to take advantage of the water for me. If other people wanted to look and judge, they'll at least see me having more fun than they are. :)

Good luck, and quick recovery!