Does it Work? - switching diets? (dukan and zigzag)

11-14-2012, 12:54 AM
Hi all, this is my first time posting in this forum and was hoping to get some helpful advice regarding my dieting woes.

First off, a bit about me. I'm a low-20s male and the heaviest I've weighed is 93kg. I managed to diet it off 1kg/wk in the past till 77kg, but got back to my old eating habits and went back up to 87kg over the next few years.

Currently doing the dukan diet for about a week plus, lost 4.5kg++ during the attack phase and such.
However my concern is I don't see myself being able to commit myself completely to the strictness of carbs, sugars and oils since there are many "holiday occasions" whereby there's nothing to eat but sinful food. The good thing is they're spaced pretty much a month apart. Right now its dec-christmas, jan/feb-chinese new year (yeah, I'm also asian :p), mar-dad's bday, april-brother's bday, may-other brother's bday and june..mine.

I admit I'm hoping for an easy way out of all this, but I just want to know if anyone has tried alternating 2 diets. I'm actually thinking of going through attack phase and cruise for 2 weeks, then during the week that I forsee a needed cheat, I switch 2 weeks before that to the zigzag diet (low calories through the week then save all the week's calories for the event). I think that this way at least I would be able to have my nutritional requirements, such as fibre, vitamins and all that.

P.S. I really would love to incorporate exercise into this dieting time, but I actually have a slip disk which hurts when I run..and in addition to that I'm developing a mild arthritis in both my knees. (probably from the extreme stress from my weight)

Does anyone think my plan would work out? And if there are any dangers I should be aware of?