Mini-Goals - Reached my temporary maintenance range!

11-12-2012, 11:48 AM
I joined 3FC just about 6 weeks or so ago at a really rock-bottom point of backsliding, out of control binge eating and not exercising and just feeling awful about myself in general.

NOW, I've reached the top-end of what I'm making my maintenance range!! I'm also at the best place, both physically AND mentally, that I've been for the several years of being trapped in horrible binge eating disorder.

I'm planning on sticking to my very moderate weight-loss efforts for the next couple weeks to get more of a "cushion," and then trying out maintenance while I'm on vacation for that next month in Japan with my husband's family. After that, I'll re-evaluate how I'm doing once again and go from there!

The things that I attribute to my success:

1. 3FC! I've come to genuinely get excited about coming here for the friendship and support, and the fun of writing and browsing others' posts. It's been amazing motivation, and also a substitute fun activity for binge eating.

2. Baths. I have successfully trained myself to automatically crave a hot bath whenever I'm cold or tired or cranky or stressed, in place of a craving for binge food!

3. Not keeping track of weight or measurements. By staying off the scale and not obsessing over body checking and such, I eliminated both positive and negative emotions about my body and weight-loss that previously led to binge urges.

4. Not carrying money with me. This was so easy and obvious, but just by not bringing any money with me, I effectively am unable to binge unless I've specifically planned for it. No more unplanned binges, period. How simple, but how effective.

5. Planning in one meal a week of binge-like refeeds. By allowing myself to eat the way I do during a binge, even though it's unhealthy foods and around 5000-6000 calories, I've found it still effective within my overall weight-loss plan. I can satisfy my desire for the binge eating behavior, while avoiding the guilt that comes from not being able to resist binging and often just leads to more even worse binges. This way, instead, I am happy to stay on plan the rest of the day and the rest of the week. It was hard to really eliminate all stigma and negativity from eating that way, but once I did, it made a HUGE difference in taking away the impulsiveness and forbidden-ness that used to make binging so desperately appealing.

I just wanted to record this for posterity and acknowledge how far I've come, and to refer back to if I ever get stuck. Thanks to everyone at 3FC for the support!

11-12-2012, 05:18 PM
Congrats!!! Huge accomplishment ;)

11-12-2012, 05:31 PM
Good for you for nipping things in the bud! Congrats!

12-03-2012, 11:21 AM