PCOS/Insulin Resistance Support - New to this, recently diagnosed with PCOS

11-12-2012, 01:24 AM
Hi everyone,

I was recently diagnosed with PCOS. (October 24, 2012). They put me on Metformin, have to take 2000MG daily. I haven't heard/met anyone that takes this much. My doctor told me to start with 1 the first week and increase 1 every week until I reach 4. I'm on my third week right now and haven't felt any side effects or anything. (Well once i felt a little bit of pain on my stomach because i forgot to take with food.)

I've read that Metformin is suppose to help one lose weight. I really hope so because I just keep gaining weight. Even if i exercise i still fluctuate within the same range. It just depresses me every freakn time I have to buy clothes. :(


I just want advice/support. I don't know what to think of me having PCOS. Main reason why I went to the dr. is because I've always had abnormal periods...kind of been used to it. Just that honestly i can't remember when my last menstrual period was. I've been super emotional, gaining weight, getting hairy, breaking out. I also just recently had a skin tag removed. I put all these symptomns on WebMD and PCOS was of one of the reasons. I also read that it could cause infertility and that freaked me out, literally started crying. My boyfriend and I (been living together for 5 yrs) have been talking about having kids soon and just the thought of not being able to have 1 just made me so sad. I LOVE kids and the idea of starting a family. ....anywho so I decided to go to the dr and she reffered me to a endroconolgist. My Prolactin was really high, testosterone level was really high as well, Vitamin D was super low...and that's why I'm taking Metformin today.

Just hope everything gets under control soon and this medecine helps me out.

11-12-2012, 11:40 PM

Metformin is not a diet drug. It may not cause you to lose weight. Metformin is a drug that helps your body increase your insulin sensitivity which your doctor must think you are insulin resistant (you don't produce the right amount of insulin in your body).

Yes, 2000 mg sounds high, but it's not abnormal. A lot of people end up with less because their bodies are producing more insulin or if they have used Metformin for a while, their body weight may have gone down so that they can have less Metformin as their body becomes more insulin sensitive.

Losing weight, eating healthy (for your body) is a good way of improving the chances of being able to have kids easier in the future. Some women do experience infertility -- it's usually the reason they get diagnosed with PCOS -- but a lot of women do not and have children with no problems. Each of us is an individual and we experience PCOS singularly.

Focus on your diet and exercise. Exercise is good to maintain insulin sensitivity.

Good luck!

11-28-2012, 08:04 PM
FWIW, I've had symptoms of PCOS since pretty much puberty and I have 3 kids. The last 2 took a little more trying than most people would have to, but I didn't need infertility drugs or anything to conceive. So, don't go ruling out kids yet :)