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11-05-2012, 04:36 PM

It is a chilly day here in the ♥-Land and the temps are about the same as the last few days. I weighed first thing on my scale and I showed the same so expect the same at WW this evening. Whatever will be will be. My eyes sure itch today ~ must be something on the ever blowing wind. I used some “artificial tears” and that seemed to help some. I need some new lemon drops. I like to suck on one once in a great while and these now taste old. I haven’t had one in months and they probably do have an expiration date. :lol: They make my mouth feel fresh. I found a little sealed packet of them when I was cleaning out my desk the other day along with a small packet of :flame: jaw breakers which I have had over a year now. Little surprises hiding in my desk drawer. :cp:

For lunch this day I had a quarter cup of potato salad, one chicken strip and 2 potato fires. It was good and certainly filled me up. I am drinking my sf ff vanilla latte and enjoying it immensely on this chilly day. The wind is coming out of the North and has a bite to it. :brr:

I have been having fun making up my Schwan’s® order which will be delivered on the 16th. They have some nice seasonal items that I would love to have them in my freezer for guests and also for just Will and me. Appetizer type items that I will get are “Surf & Turf Bacon Wrapped (5P+ for 4); Puff Pastry Hors d’Oeuvre collection (6P+ for 4); Buffalo Style Boneless Wyngz ©(5P+ for 4); Jumbo Cooked Tail-Off Shrimp (2P+ for 9). I’m so glad they have these for now I don’t have to make any unless I want to that is. :D I can be a happy camper eating less than the “serving size” of those tasty little morsels. Gotta have those “perfect party appetizers to be the hostess with the mostest.” :lol: Plus if I buy them in November I won’t have a big order in December plus can have them to serve Thanksgiving time guests. Now I need to go and rearrange my freezer to make sure I have room for my order before I do place it. I love this time of the year plus it makes it easier to have things on hand to serve the guests that come by planned or unplanned during the season. I can easily make some “program friendly” dipping sauces to serve with the items.

DONNA FAYE What a lovely nice thing so do for kids in foster care. I am sure they will absolutely without a doubt appreciate beautiful sox instead of the white ones. :cp: That is good that you do take care of your dogs teeth. Our dogs bones that we give them have the job of teeth cleaning. They love knawing on their bones.

Have a great day Magonlias :wave: Type at y'all later.

11-05-2012, 06:21 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's a dark dreary misty day in my corner of the world. It doesn't help that it is now dark an hour earlier! We had several different piles of money to count this morning; we balanced but when the "official counter" came back from the bank they had $105 more than we did! Better long than short for us! I picked up the gift shop money but didn't count it as I was later getting home and had a P.E.O. meeting this afternoon. Just got home and changed back into my comfortable jeans and sweatshirt! After sweet treats this afternoon I'm not the least bit hungry for supper. :no:

Maggie -- :congrat: on your wise food choices at the potluck yesterday! Potato salad sounds so good :T as I haven't made one for quite awhile. Maybe tomorrow will be the day! Good luck at WW tonight.

"Gma" -- How nice of you to knit socks for foster children. My "niece" likes funky socks and when she worked as a med tech the patients always got a kick out of them. She has a receptionist type job now so I doubt that she can wear them but maybe she does; she lives in CA. I will check out the Dick F. books; I just noticed last night the author of Bloodline is Felix, not Dick. Makes me think of Felix the cat! :lol:

I need to do a couple loads of laundry so better get at least one in the washer. Enjoy your evening. Don't forget to VOTE tomorrow so we can celebrate the end of the campaigning! :wave:

11-06-2012, 11:36 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining :cp: :cp: :cp: , the wind is blowing but is supposed to rev up more this afternoon, and the temperature is a "warm" 50 degrees. One thing about our weather, it keeps us guessing! :rolleyes: I have the gift shop money counted and ready for a trip to the bank. Bob was going to drive by the voting site and see if there is a line, then call me. Other than that I plan to work on the afghan some more today, do a little more magazine/catalog sorting, and clear off the kitchen counters. The island is first on my list. :twirly:

I am off to the bank with my face on and my hair combed; combing my hair will be a waste of time with the wind but at least it looked good in the car. Have a terrific day and don't forget to VOTE! ( If you don't vote you can't complain later.) :wave:

11-06-2012, 11:42 AM
Good morning gals. It is cool here this morning for sure. We are going to go vote after Jack gets off work, but from what I hear polling places have been packed. Maybe by this afternoon it won't be because people won't be off work yet. We have never had long lines voting and the church we vote at is actually two polling places on the same property. Of course living here, you would be hard pressed to find a Republican, except us! :lol:

I talked to my son this morning. He said Jackson liked his Halloween candy and went as a teenage ninja turtle. I told him to have Alicia send me a picture. They will be down here in the three weeks so we are looking forward to seeing them. I asked him how training was going for the marathon and he said pretty good he was out running before work at 5 AM and it was 25 degrees! I told him it would definitely be a lot warmer down here the day of the race. I feel bad because I can't go to the race site. It is really far away from parking to walk it and secondly you are out in the middle of no where with no restrooms, which is the real problem. So, I will just wish he and Tom well before they go.

I am on the heel of Thomas's sock so breezing right along. I hope I can have the first one done by the weekend.

Jean: Kelly was complaining about coming home from work in the dark. I can understand her concerns. Jack gets home so early he doesn't have that problem, but it is still slightly dark when he leaves in the morning. I succumbed to peanut butter m and m's last night. They are my weakness, unfortunately. :lol: I'm like you, I love a good potato salad. I especially love German potato salad but haven't had a good hot potato salad since my grandma died.

Maggie: Sounds like you had a yummy lunch. I had a frozen meatloaf and mash tater lunch yesterday. I think I will have a lean pocket pretzel spinach wrap today. I love their pretzel bread wraps.

I guess I better get out of here and get the rest of the chores done. I want to color my hair today as I have a haircut on Saturday. Wish I could afford them just to do it, but it is way too expensive to do that so I will just do it myself even though it is a mess! :lol:

Have a great election day!!! Faye

11-06-2012, 01:42 PM

I showed a “maintain” at weigh in last evening and am fine with it. I bought some goodies there and they are really very good “Aloha! Almond Bar” - 3P+ and “Toffee Peanut Perfection” mini bars – 2P+. I already have a box of the “Chocolate Caramel” mini bars which are excellent - 2P+. I’ll have to pick up another box or two of the “Aloha! Almond Bars” because Will has discovered how yummy they are. These are good to have on hand when that afternoon “slump” comes around. I don’t eat one every day but I do like one on occasion and they are “program friendly.”

I just received a good sounding recipe from the Pillsbury® folks. You may also get recipes in your e-mail from them and this one is called Bacon Breadstick Focaccia and it serves 6. I figured the points plus out to be 5 a serving. It will be fun to serve during the holidays for a brunch type thing with a boiled egg and some fruit. I’ll give it a try before I serve it to guests and see how well it freezes.

We haven’t had our TV on for 3 days now and this will probably be the 4th day. We may just get to the point when we fire cable. The longest we have ever been without TV was 5 years and we sure felt better for not having it. I can read enough to know what is going on and not have my head in the sand. I sure got some things done that I had been putting off these last few days. I totally got my office cleaned and some things re-arranged to be more “user friendly.” I like having a place for everything and everything in its place. I do have several books that I want to read and don’t like to start one until I have a block of time to marathon it. :lol: I have 4 of the Jack Reacher novels by Lee child on my bookshelf to read. Life is good.

JEAN Happy to see the sun are you. Yep, nice to see blue skies and the sun even in cold weather. Wonderful! I have a ton of atalogs to toss ~ lots of paper there. I am only keeping the few I plan to order something from this year and the rest go to the dump.

DONNA FAYE Lots of folks want to vote this go-round more than usual. We know of a couple more of Republicans living in Memphis besides of you and Jack. :D Pretsel bread wraps? I have never had any and it sure sounds interesting. Can you get the wraps or do they just come on the Lean Pockets I wonder. I once had a friend that had the job of chemically testing Lean Pockets and they gave her several of each kind to run tests on leaving her others [left overs] to try after the tests were accomplished. She used to give us some and they were always yummy. Interesting job she had.

Have a wonderful afternoon Magnolias :wave: I am off to scare up some lunch.

11-06-2012, 05:03 PM
Maggie: I mispoke a bit. The lean pockets just say "pretzel bread" on them and come in a variety of choices. I buy the spinach and cheese and the grilled chicken jalapeno cheddar, which I know you would love. I think they are 6 or 7 pts, but that is on the old pts system, which is what Jack and I use.

11-07-2012, 01:31 PM

And the beat goes on. Our weather is staying the same once again and that isn’t a total surprise for we are at a current 50º. Don’t you find it rather amusing that when folks are prevented from talking about politics they talk about the weather. We are hoping for more moisture :rain: this winter for the crops surely need it. The winter wheat is up in the hills & dales around here but will not survive unless it gets some rain. This winter we are going to start gathering up the materials to build us a green house so we can have more climate control of our crop of veggies. Having our garden :flame: fried this past season gave us a wakeup call that can’t be ignored if we want fruits of our labor, so to speak, we must protect them.

OH I am so happy. It doesn’t take much to make me happy for I am always verging on a smile and one might break out on any occasion. I like living on the sunny side of life. :lol: I received the little glass tree and ornaments I had ordered for my village and it is absolutely darling. The round glass balls are decorated with gold and really pretty. I still have the little glass toy ornaments I had saved from the tree that got broken so I can use them or add some with the balls. I am also pleased that this little tree is a bit smaller than the other one I used to have for it will be perfect for the yard in my glass village. I now have it packed back in its container and put away with my Christmas “stuff.” I should be getting the other items delivered soon. If the hand carved little Santa set is coming from Germany it may take awhile. I never know now if what I order will be sent to me from this country. When I ordered that dresser scarf from a US of A company it came from China.

We didn’t watch any TV again and have decided to sell it and if we want to see a movie we have computers that we can watch them on. We will probably watch them on mine since it is what is called a “HP Pavilion Entertainment PC” and has a good sound system in it, so I don’t have to use external speakers. I have had the FOX news & the Drudge report coming to my computer for years now and I can read what I want from them to keep me informed and “in the know.” Plus by dumping cable it will give us money to save toward buying a motor home. We just don’t get as much enjoyment out of watching TV as it cost us in do re me to have it.

Have a great day Magnolias ~ :wave: Type at y’all later.

11-07-2012, 03:48 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's a beautiful sunny day, warm enough to have the sliding door open for Ernie and his little brother, and just a slight breeze. I made a grocery run this morning; $100 used to fill at least 10 - 15 grocery bags but not any more. :no: I made chili for lunch and that's been the extent of my efforts for the day.

Maggie -- :congrat: on the maintain! You know the saying that it is better than a gain any day. I do get recipes from Pillsbury but I must admit I am lax about studying them if I am in a hurry going through emails. I'm glad your Christmas tree and ornaments arrived safely. I know you will enjoy getting your village ready for Christmas. If you don't watch tv then getting rid of it and saving money would be a good choice for you. I have the tv on most of the time because we have music channels if there is nothing I want to watch. Can't beat music from the 50s and 60s! ;)

"Gma" -- It makes me so mad that the media can report stats from the east before the west is finished voting. :tantrum: Just wait and see all the "hidden" taxes that are going to go into effect because of O's bright ideas. Farm land, rent, and equipment is just the beginning. I've never had hot potato salad. How do you make it? I looked for Lean Pretzel wraps this morning and didn't find any. I will check the other store and WM next time I'm there.

I need to take a check to be paid, to the hospital, and also pay for a Christmas tree I bought. It's metal with nothing on it so could leave it up year around although I probably won't. I have bell practice later this afternoon and then plan to watch a NO politics evening of tv. Hope you all enjoy a wonderful Wednesday! :wave:

11-07-2012, 06:45 PM
Afternoon gals! It is chilly here indoors, but not too bad outside except it is going to rain I think.

I am now on the foot part of Thomas's sock thank goodness. I hope I can finish this one by the weekend.

I finally got those stupid slippers. They are cute but way overpriced. Guess that is the plight of being a grandma! :lol: I don't get a list of Thomas and he is going to get money. It is way too hard to buy for him anymore as he has everything.

Jean: Like I tell people who voted for him, choke on it because if you have a job you will have less in your paycheck, if you don't you still won't, if you are in the military, don't plan on coming home, the deficit is going to implode, and a lot more. I think the biggest group of people are under 40. It is sad that the next generation actually think socialism is ok. Sad, sad. I posted a picture of the pretzel bread lean pockets. This particular one is my favorite and it is 7 ww points. We have Sirrius XM in our car and I always have it on 60's on 6 and we have music channels too so I can put them on in the house. I like to put them on when I am cleaning house. I can also program the tv with a timer if I want to sit in the recliner and listen to music and nap! :lol:

Maggie: Glad you had a maintain. That is always good. I know you are excited about setting up the whole village now that you got the other pieces. How fun. I like to have tv on during the day a lot of times when I am knitting so I think I would really miss it.

Hope you all have a nice evening. Faye

11-08-2012, 08:57 AM
Good morning gals. It is :brr: here this morning, 31 degrees. I can tell it is cold as the furnace has been on most of this morning and I have it set at 69. It looks kind of cloudy this morning, but at least it isn't what is happening in the east. They get slammed with that hurricane then the same storm hits them with a noreaster. I feel so sorry for them.

I am watching best food ever this morning and it is all about bakeries. Maybe not such a good idea, but one of the bakeries is here in Memphis and I didn't even know it existed. It is called Miss Muffin, but they no longer make muffins but fancy cakes and they don't use foudant but buttercream. The cakes look just like foudant cakes. I think next year I will get Jack one for his birthday with some kind of Navy theme. They are showing a bakery in Philadelphia owned by a family of black women that makes cakes and they are all flavored lb cakes. These are not lightweights as they do use a pound of butter and use a dozen eggs and she used heavy cream instead of milk. I would say they are not diet friendly at all. She was making a cake called "Company's Comin'" and is a coconut cake. I despise coconut so it didn't bother me at all! :lol:

We have commissary and both haircuts this weekend so we shall be busy. At the moment, I just want to wrap myself in a heating pad and blanket. I have had a horrible backache and cramps since yesterday. Ibuphrophen will work for awhile, but doesn't last and neither does something supposedly to last longer. This has worn me down so much I am almost to the point of saying stop and talking to her about the hysterectomy again. This is no way to live. It makes it hard to work at losing weight because I just feel so lousy. Until all this started a few years ago I was upbeat all the time. Now I just feel beat down instead and I hate it.

I have worked on my socks just a bit when I get tired of knitting on Thomas's and they are cute color combos. I am going to sit in the recliner and knit this morning until I feel better than get to going on chores.

Everyone have a super day today and keep dry and warm. Only a couple weeks until Thanksgiving. I can't believe it! The kids will be here in just 3 weeks. Faye

11-08-2012, 12:18 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining, the wind is blowing, and it's a little nippy outside this morning. The weatherman promised a warmer afternoon! I've been on the phone trying to find a credit for the gift shop because the buyer used a hospital credit card. I could never be an accountant -- no way! I hope it comes through soon. I have crafty club this afternoon and need to do some laundry this morning. One load should be done and ready for the dryer when I finish here.

"Gma" -- Grandmas buy things that parents never would! ;) I hope the slippers are a big hit and will last awhile. Our tv station showed a 102 year old lady voting for the first time; she walked with a walker, very very slow, had another person hanging on to her, and helping her hold her pen! I wonder whose vote went on the paper?! Our local paper showed a bilingual lawyer from Des Moines "helping" nonEnglish speaking people, here, vote! I'm sorry but enough is enough is enough!!!!! :crazy: Did you see the voters in Ohio who showed up without any ID were allowed to go get something to prove who they were and return to vote? That made me really mad. Thanks for sharing the picture! I was looking for something different in Lean Cuisine. :dizzy:

I need to figure out what I'm wearing this afternoon, then switch laundry loads. Enjoy your day wherever you are and whatever you are doing! :wave:

11-08-2012, 02:46 PM

The sun for my village came yesterday afternoon and it is absolutely gorgeous. It is glass and has a double row of rays and is 3 inches from point to point and the center portion of the sun is 1 inch. I am so jazzed! :cp: We hung it with mono filament over the village from a hook in the ceiling and you can only see the sun and not what it is hung up there with. No wonder the lady on the phone asked me “how many” when I made my order. She said folks were buying several to hang along in a window as sun catchers. I explained about my village and why I only needed the one. But it is called “Sunburst Sun Catcher. :lol: And the bottom of the box reads “made in China.” Now all I am waiting for is that hand carved Santa set and I will have received all that I have ordered this year for my village enhancement this season. I have a building cut out that I need to get finished soon then I am going to build a friend one as a gift. I haven’t decided on which one to make for her yet but I will do that when I finish up the building I already have cut out. Makes sense to me. :yes: Life is good.

We have been out and about this morning and stopped by Mickey D’s and I ate ¾ ths of a breakfast burrito and half of a hash-brown and drank half a container of milk and feel quite full yet. I figure I had a 9 point meal that way. We picked up Will’s re-enactment gun and it is a beauty. They did a great job on it for the grips look like rosewood. He is off now to go to his volunteer job at the Museum. Before heading home we went by our coffee place and so I am now sipping on a sf ff vanilla latte thinking I just may have good sense. :lol:

I have been listening to some John Denver’s Rocky Mountain Collection music. He was so talented and died young flying a plane. Anyway it is fun to revisit his music. ♫♪ “Some days are diamonds and some days are stone.”♫♪

The mail just arrived and brought me my Santa set. It is so very cute. It came in a wooden box tied shut with a red cloth ribbon. Even though it is wood it will look lovely with my village. The set includes two deer ~ one with his head up and the other grazing; two trees, and Santa pulling a toy laden sled with a gold cord. Santa who stands 2” tall is carrying a little lantern in his other hand. Can you tell I am jazzed? :yes: The presentation boxes that have been coming with the things I have ordered for my village are really nice. The packing in this little box that came today is very thin shaved wood. The next thing I will be ordering is that Pasta Machine and attachments Will is getting me for a Christmas present. No surprise there. :lol: Will's vest he had ordered for the re-enactment arrived to day also so that will make him a happy camper.

DONNA FAYE You are putting up with your condition longer than I would for sure. When something starts to change an attitude one must do something to get their good humer back. Why not get back to the doctor and get all fixed up before Christmas. :hug:

JEAN Some states don't even require proof of who you are to vote. Any can vote ~ you know the old addage "Vote early & vote often."

Have a great day Magnolias ~ :wave: Type at y’all later.

11-09-2012, 01:15 PM

It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood and I don’t have a thing on my list “to do” out of the ordinary so I will work on my building. I need to finish up that building before starting anything in that medium for Christmas presents I have yet to make. I have submitted my Schwans® order which will be delivered on the 16th. I like to get it in early so the items I want will be available and the driver will have things I order on the truck. Most of the order contains items that will be used during both holidays. As far as I know as things sit right now all of our “would be” guests for Thanksgiving will be going out of town. However, there may be someone at the last minute that has nowhere to go. I will go ahead and make a “traditional” Thanksgiving meal. I am thinking of doing a turkey breast in my indoor smoker if the weather doesn’t permit Will to do it outside in the smoker on the patio. I pull back the skin and lather spices on the meat then replace the skin to keep the breast moist. After it is done then we discard the skin. I am planning making a yummy pumpkin cheesecake for I have a tasty WW recipe. The un-eaten pieces will freeze well. :lol: Maybe pull a couple of pieces out of the freezer at Christmas time. I have other program friendly cheesecake recipes also but pumpkin is traditional this time of the year.

Have a great day Magnolias ~ :wave: Type at y’all later.

11-09-2012, 05:13 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's a bright sunny day and the wind continues to blow. The prediction is for 70 degrees tomorrow with a storm moving in tomorrow night; 30 degrees, wind, and rain. :brr: This morning I made a quick trip to the store for Ernie treats that I forgot on my last trip. Of course picked up a few other things too. I made a meatloaf for dinner and I thought it was awful. :( Bob said it was good, but not as good as usual. :lol: They never turn out the same way twice.

Maggie -- I have sun catchers hanging in my south kitchen window and depending on where the sun is, they sparkle on the opposite wall. Ernie can hardly stand it. When the furnace comes on they will move just a tiny bit. I'll bet Will is a happy camper with his new gun and you with your new Santas. :yes: We have been invited to my "sister's" for Thanksgiving, and the kids will each go to the in-laws. Everyone has to work on Friday so makes it easier not having to travel. I imagine everyone will be here for Christmas again. My "mom" hopes to get moved by mid-December.

I hear the dryer buzzing so need to fold towels and get the next load in the dryer. Enjoy the rest of your day and evening! :wave:

11-10-2012, 12:32 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's a warm 50 degrees heading up to 70 says the weatherman. The never ending wind is blowing and crappy weather is predicted for tonight. We are going to a Harvest/Thanksgiving Dinner, put on by a church, with Jason's in-laws tonight so I hope the weather doesn't change until we are back home. We usually travel back roads but could take a longer route and stay on a main highway if the rain turns to ice. I've got dusting and fur bunnies to round up, as well as laundry to do. I didn't work on the afghan yesterday so need to do that too.

I need to get busy. The dw should be done and ready to unload, then on to the rest. Enjoy your day! :wave:

11-10-2012, 02:55 PM

It is a windy day here in the ♥-Land and in the 60º & 70º but the wind chill makes it seem much colder.

“You ARE what you EAT, and THINK, FEEL, SPEAK, ACT, and FOCUS your ATTENTION UPON.” (Cody Lundin) “There is not one destructive thing that can reach you or your world of action except you feed your Life Energy into it by the Power of your Attention.” (Saint Germain) I don’t think these talking heads were talking about “weight loss” but they sure sound like something we could pay attention to during our trip down this road that we are traveling upon to the land of “thin”. We do have to keep our FOCUS for this to succeed don’t ya think.

This day for dinner I will be serving 4 cheese ravioli with meat balls and marinara sauce along with a nice green salad and some fruit. The ravioli came from Schwans® but in the not too distant future the ravioli will come from Maggie’s kitchen. :cp: My mother made ravioli without having a pasta machine but the machine sure cuts down the work time. :yes: She used to spend much more time in the kitchen than I do these days. The bread she made ~ I have a bread machine and the list goes on. I do remember as time went on she did get a pasta machine and probably still has it. I had one before and we really enjoyed it but like a lot of things it got sold when we downsized into that motor home. I am looking forward to making my own lasagna noodles also ~ they are so much better than the store bought kind. I can make whole wheat and spinach ones or just plain ole ones. :cp: This is one appliance Will “really” wants me to have so he is buying it for me. He was looking at an electric one but it didn’t have the capability to make the wide lasagna noodles or the sheets for ravioli. It had tons of different ways to make all the other noodles one would want though. I really prefer the hand crank kind for I can control it better and adjust the thickness of the pasta. We don’t eat a whole lot of pasta but when we do we like the home made kind so much better then store bought.

I just ordered a better wooden drying rack than I used to have that takes up less room on the counter for the wooden dowels are all on one side as the other one has dowels all around a pole. The one I will be getting also folds flat for easy storage. If we had a Crate & Barrel here I would buy it locally but alas, I had to order on line. I used to love shopping at that store when we lived in CA. Will would have also ordered a rack when the pasta machine is ordered but the catalogue he is using doesn’t offer that rack. However he is getting me a long handled mesh 4 cup colander that strains pasta or vegetables right from the pot. I’ll be set for I can vision many uses for that tool.

We don’t have any surprises for our gifts to each other these Christmas times. :wreath: We get each other exactly what they want and get it early. :lol: Works for us. I will end up giving him that M&M computer :comp: screen cleaner when it arrives so there is no surprise there even. Now that we have each other taken care of as far as a Christmas gifts :present: I can concentrate on making some glass :ginger: and other gifts to give. If I want to make some “stuff” I need to order some supplies. :yes:

JEAN Your Harvest/Thanksgiving dinner sounds like a fun thing to attend. It is always fun to go those types of get-togethers for folks are usually all in a good holiday mood. Be safe traveling to and back again. That black ice is so trecherous. That can be even spooky with 4WD. Don't land in a ditch. Aren't the holidays a fun time.

Have a great day Magnolias ~ :wave: Type at y’all later.

11-11-2012, 07:36 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! The sun finally came out this afternoon but the wind continues to blow and it's 10 degrees wind chill outside! :brr: We drove home in a downpour of rain last night. As we got closer to home the harder it rained and we could hardly see the road markings. I was glad we didn't have to go any further than we did. We only had one service at 10:00 this morning, put on by a group who shared their music and entertained with a song and puppets. There was a potluck afterwards but we opted to come home. I've putzed away the afternoon reading the papers, crocheting on the afghan, and laundry. Now I need to clear off the table and island when I finish here.

Maggie -- I know you will enjoy using a pasta machine when you get it. Many years ago we had a neighbor who made the best Italian dishes and she made her pasta. :T Do you exchange gifts with your children and grandchildren? Postage has gone sky high! :eek: I mailed Maddie's gloves to her in a small, but larger than a letter envelope, envelope and it was 3 cents short of $2.00. The dinner last night was delicious! We had our choice of different kinds of pie for dessert; both of us chose pecan.

I'm off to see what's hidden on the table or island. Enjoy your evening! :wave:

11-12-2012, 12:42 AM

It has been a windy day with the sun shining brightly and a chill on the wind. I’m listening to a Rolling Stones CD and it makes me want to move. I am been having fun listening to my oldies. Got the TV sold ~ a young couple came for it this afternoon. That corner of the living room sure looks bare now. It is the corner where I have shelves up for my village. The plan is now to build more shelves down further and possibly put a corner type table there on the floor. We didn’t want the animals bothering the folks that came to get the TV so the dogs were out back with the door shut and Cecil was asleep on our bed with that door closed so all well and smooth.

I had fun this afternoon making myself a small booklet of the “Δ Power Foods List” booklet which measures 2¾ x 3” that will be handy for me. I also made the font size a bit larger so it is easier to read. I think tomorrow I will print out another copy to keep out in the kitchen for I have this one with my WW material here in my office.

JEAN Have you noticed everything is creeping up in price lately. I have a few packages to mail and dread going to the post office. I think next year we will not buy gifts but send do re me and let them shop for themselves. Wish we had some of that rain that you got but I am pleased you got home through it safely. A couple invited us out to Wendy’s for after evening services and I had a chicken sandwich without any sauce so I did pretty good there.

Have a great day Magnolias ~ :wave: Type at y’all later.

11-12-2012, 08:15 AM
Good morning ladies. I haven't fallen off the end of the world, just been busy and feeling so rotten I have vegged in the chair a lot. I can't get back in to see the doctor until next month sometime and nothing I can do about it. It is one of the things I despise about this practice is they only do appts for about two weeks at a time and you keep having to call back all the time. I need a morning only appt and that can be hard to get too. You can't even get in to see a doctor at this practice if you actually are sick. I mean, like you have a cold or some ailment you need to be seen quickly. You can forget that, there are never appts available. You have to find one of those minute clinics that take your insurance and go there. I like my drs and don't want to find another practice besides the fact because we are Tricare, the choices are limited and would be the same thing, medicare patients, medicaid patients, etc.

Sounds like everyone is busy with their preps for the holidays and getting work done. Though there were several restaurants we could have gone to and Jack gotten a free meal, we opted out of doing that. There are a couple that are doing it today still, but I have felt so crummy that I do what I have to do and then come home. We had to go grocery shopping yesterday and I was in terrible pain the whole time. I literally bent over the shopping cart and dragged myself around the store. I thought about riding a cart, but the head of the commissary ordered batteries too small for these big ones and you get halfway through the store and they run out of juice. So I just sucked it up. We came home and Jack unloaded and I sat in my old computer chair and unloaded the bags into groups then would stand up long enough to put frozen foods away or refridge stuff and then sit back down. I sat in a chair and put most of the pantry stuff away.

Thomas got a band "promotion." :lol: He is in 7th grade now and moved 5 spots in the trumpet section chairs. He is 5th chair now and this is the best band at the school. Kind of hard to explain, but they have a band for every grade, a jazz band, a combined band that plays all the concerts and your have to audition for. Thomas is in the combined band and actually made it into that last year. So now he is getting good enough to move into better chairs so to speak. He has one heck of a musical ear for sure.

Last night the phone rang and I answered and it was Jay. He wanted to talk to his dad so I handed the phone over. I don't know why he doesn't just call his dad on his dad's phone, but whatever. Anyway, they talked a bit about Notre Dame and football and such and then I saw Jack get all teary eyed and Jay told his dad how proud he was of him for serving in the Navy and wished him a happy Veteran's Day. He is a good kid! :lol:

I am still working to finish Thomas's first sock, but it is nice to have the extra time to get them done. I have the leg on the socks I am knitting for myself almost done and they are so cute. I am going to get more yarn and make myself more socks I think.

Jean: How is the afghan coming along and what did you use as a solution to keep your stuff in place??? We are going to a fancy champagne brunch Thanksgiving at a restaurant with Kelly's family and then to their house to watch movies and play games. The other group will be here the weekend after that so I get two weekends of grandsons right in a row! I can't believe it is already Thanksgiving time. The year sure has rolled right along.

Maggie: Sounds like you are doing all kinds of planning and getting ready for the holidays. I bought stuff at the commissary to make buckeyes, milk chocolate fudge, chocolate chip cookies and rice krispie treats to take to Kelly's for Thanksgiving and then to have when Jay is down here the following weekend. The bad thing is the prices have gone sky high on everything and I hate to think what it would have cost at a regular grocery store for all that stuff. I have to send Jack out today to get hamburger at Krogers. The machinery to grind the meat to burger had broken down and there was no ground beef at the commissary. Problem is, I buy ground round or sirloin and they may not have it.

Well gals, I am going to sit and knit until Jack gets up then get chores done before I start feeling bad. I have to squeeze it into a little window of time most days right now. Have a great start to the week. Faye

11-12-2012, 07:12 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining, the wind is blowing, and it's "warmed" up to 30 degrees with a wind chill of 19. It was 17 at 6:30 this morning. Too cold too soon imo! Since the banks are closed today I will go in and count church money tomorrow. I did pick up the gift shop money and have that ready to go -- $1066.40 to deposit this week. I've done some laundry and ironing, rearranged some dust, and now need to put my gift shop work back together and returned to the shelf until next week.

Maggie -- I sure could do without the wind! I guess that is why we have so many windmills and more are being added around the area. The farmers blame them when the rain misses us or when we get too much rain or snow. :lol: Yes, prices are going up around here on everything! I hate to even go to the grocery store. I like to buy Minute Maid gummy treats -- they are now $7.99 :eek: for a box of 40 small packets. I think originally the box was something around $3.00. I will check at WM and SAMs next time we are there.

"Gma" -- Where would you go if you had an emergency medical situation, the ER? It's too bad you have to wait so long to see your doctor but I understand staying with one you like. :yes: Our minister recognized the vets yesterday which I thought was nice although there weren't very many in church. Jason always thanks someone in uniform when he sees them. :congrat: to Thomas on his band promotion! I got an email back, from Hershnerr's, saying to take both ends of yarn and tie them together at one time. The knot is smaller and staying tied! :cp: I have been weaving the ends in as I go along. I would say I'm about 1/4 done with the afghan; I just keep going until it looks "right" on the bed.

Bob is at practice and I just got a call to sub in a card club tonight. I need to find something to wear! Enjoy the rest of your day and evening! :wave:

11-12-2012, 07:28 PM

It is a chilly 40º day as I type and didn't much higher than the low 50ºs this afternoon. Winter may be here after all. Walking to church yesterday was so cold and windy it turned my head around. It is a far walk from my back door to the church back door which I use but dumb me didn’t wear a wrap either.

I am a happy camper this morning for my scale showed me 3 pounds down so we shall see what the official loss is tonight at WW. Maybe the paying more attention when we go out to eat at what I put in my mouth helped along with moving more. Like last night when we went to Wendy’s and I had a chicken sandwich with double the veggies and no sauce and no fries ~ so I think that was a better choice than I could have made. :cp:

We went out to eat lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant and I had a shredded beef taco and 10 chips for a total of 9 points+. After WW we will be going out to eat at I-Hop and I know I can pick and choose what to eat there that is points+ friendly. :lol:

DONNA FAYE I sure hope you get to feeling better soon for this has been going on a long time for you. Seems like you could get into the doctor sooner since you are in so much pain. :hug: Is there anyway you can make out a list and have Jack do the shopping until you get better? Your little Thomas sounds like he sure has a music gift and he will keep up with his music through the years.

JEAN Do you have a "Dollar Store" there? Some things are cheaper there than in other stores. But you have to watch it because that isn't always the case. :no: There and Wal*Mart are the cheapest around here unless the other markets are putting on a sale. It is funny that your area is adding more of those windmill's when other places are shutting them down. They are saying they are killing too many of the large Eagles.

Have a great evening Magnolias. :wave:

11-13-2012, 09:38 AM
Good :brr: morning this morning. We are in the 30's this morning and the house is pretty cool. I took my meds and pain meds so I could get my chores done first thing. I only have to unload the dishwasher and reload it, fold a basket of clothes (sheets) and dust downstairs. Jack said he would vacuum when he gets home tonight. He is such a peach. Think I will keep him.

I did absolutely nothing except some laundry and unloaded the dishwasher yesterday. I sat around and read all day pretty much. Just felt too crummy to do anything, but like I said I took some meds first thing this morning before I started to feel bad so I can get stuff done. So far, so good! :lol:
I just don't like taking a lot of pain meds.

I am going to work on socks today. I want to finish T's first sock and work on mine. I am almost to the heel of my first one and I love the cute pattern and colors. I found an awesome site that sells tons of sock yarn in lots of fun colors and patterns and the prices aren't too bad either.

Jean: Glad you got a solution for your yarn. It amazes me they told you to tie them together. It is probably the biggest no no in knitting, tying or knotting. Me, I ignore them and do it anyway when I am doing something for the boys who would be a little tougher on their socks or hats or whatever. You want to be a knitting purist, that's your choice, but I do what I think will work and sometimes that means knotting. Back to normal today as the banks and such are all open again. Actually, Tricare is great. If we need emergency care, it is no problem. It either costs us nothing or $30 copay for the emergency room. I guess it depends on what type of emergency it is as whenever we had to take Jack back in when he was having the heart twinges years ago and it never cost us. I don't really mind the practice but it is tough to get appts. I am going to wait until the end of this month then will make an appt. I can't do any surgery until after the first of the year, d and c or something more drastic because Jack has no vacation or personal time left.

Maggie: Congrats and the big fat loss! :carrot::carrot: Jack would shop for me in a heartbeat as he does it all the time, but I wasn't sure about some of the things I needed for the cookies and such so needed to go myself. I am better today though I am tired. I will try and grab a small nap this morning.

I guess I should go check on the clothes and see if they are ready to be taken out. You all have a great Tuesday and stay warm. Faye

11-13-2012, 12:36 PM

It is currently 39ºs this morning and as they say “feels like” 32º. It isn’t expected to warm up past the mid 50º. Maybe the flies will die off now. They have sure been pesky this year. They are wily also ~ they disappear when I pick up the swatter. I am quick with the swatter. :lol: I show them who is boss. I have a nice wooden high stool out in the kitchen and they like to land on it which makes them easy targets. They are too sophisticated to get themselves stuck on those “fly strips.” :no:

Yes I am a happy camper for I showed a loss of 2.6 at weigh in last evening. Our discussion at the meeting was all about the new WW Active Link. Guess it is finally getting here for sale. I have had mine from my friend out in CA since the end of September. I wear it every day and it does show my progress hourly. For my age and my weight it didn’t set the bar very high for me. :lol: Believe me I am good with that. It is a neat little monitor of one’s actions and movements that a pedometer won’t cover. Will is doing well with his program for he has lost 8# in the last 3 weeks. He has done that by cutting back on his evening snacking.

The dogs are at the groomer and the cat is going from room to room looking for them. When I first got up he was asleep in the bedroom and the dogs were still here. Shortly after I got up Will took the dogs away then about 15 minutes later Cecil wanted out of the bedroom and the search began. He is such a fun animal and we are sure glad we have him.

I need to go shopping in the freezers and decide what to make for dinner. I don’t have a clue what I want nor does Will so I will just have to come up with something and the best way is to see what we have to choose from.

I know I’m certifiable nuts but I want some of that glow in the dark nail polish. Now I wonder who sells that in this berg. I’ll just have to shop around.

DONNA FAYE So glad you are feeling better. Taking your meds sure helps don't they. I have seen some of the hand made sox in some catalogues that are in delightful colors and patterns. I don't see how they can sell them for such a low price for they are hand made. Maybe like so many things they are made in China. But they are sure pretty.

Have a great day Magnolias ~ :wave: Type at y’all later.

11-14-2012, 12:03 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! It was a cold sunny day, but warming up again! There wasn't much money to count this morning but it was automatic checking time so takes a little longer for me to post. I had to go back to the hospital this afternoon to turn in a check for paying a bill, get ink for my bank deposit stamper, then make copies of the payroll deduction sheets and check from the hospital which was $9.00 short on my end, and finally talking to the accountant to see if my figures were correct. They were! :cheer: She was facing me across her desk and running the adding machine lickety split behind her without missing a number. I was impressed! I had a friend who used to make draperies come and help me measure the sliding doors; I want to find some sort of window covering even though there are blinds.

Maggie -- :congrat: on losing another 2.6#s! We do have a Dollar General store but it is in an "old" building that used to be a grocery store. I've been in there a few times to buy birthday cards for church but otherwise always felt the prices were higher on most things that I use. I forgot to tell you that the Decorah eagles have built a new nest just beyond the old nest and out of the camera range. :( I read it in the newspaper a few days ago. I hope you can find the nail polish you want.

"Gma" -- Why aren't knitters supposed to tie both ends together to make a knot? :?: The square knot wouldn't hold and I wasn't sure I wanted to use fabric glue. This yarn is the pits in that it is so loosely woven it's easy to split the threads if I'm not paying close attention. I've ripped out several rows three different times. :crazy: If I would have bought the yarn from the same place, and all at one time, it would have gone back as soon as I realized what it was like. What kind of cookies are you making? :T

I'm thinking bed is sounding pretty good! :yawn: For some reason I haven't been sleeping good and I toss 'n turn, or feel like I do. See you all tomorrow! :wave:

11-14-2012, 12:06 PM
Today is one crappy day for sure. I needed to do a bit of laundry this morning and my washer went kaputs. As I was trying to get the stuff out of the washer and deal with it, I literally had blood and blood clots just fall all over the floor in the laundry room and I made a total mess getting to the bathroom. I cannot believe what a mess I had to deal with on top of the washer stuff. I want to go back and start this day over again without the glitches.

Jean: The high brow knitters feel anything knotted does not lie correctly or some such bologna and that it doesn't look professional. I just weave in ends unless it is something that will get a lot of wear and tear then I knot and weave to make doubly sure it won't come apart with a lot of wash and wearing. I made this gorgeous peach long sleeved sweater for myself about 3 years ago and when I laid it out on the bed, discovered a whole bunch of different colors to the yarn though I had bought it all at the same time and at the same store. I went back and looked at the wrapper and found it did not have dye lots. I never buy yarn that doesn't have dye lots. This sweater is just laying upstairs in a heap in the closet as you can't wear it because it looks like it got into bleach or something as the color changes are so obvious and since it is all different shades on one skein it is useless to take it out and use it for something else. I was furious about it and told off the yarn company.

Maggie: I don't know how people sell things they knit either unless they are able to buy yarn wholesale, which you can do, but I don't want 100 skeins of the same color! :lol: That's why I don't make stuff to sell. People don't want to pay for the yarn let alone the time it takes for you to make the darn thing. I got my first knitting magazine yesterday. Kelly bought me a subscription. It has some neat sweater patterns, but for now, I have to finish what I have started. I found a cute thing though to make for a lady for a gift. You can knit her a pair of socks, then the pattern I found was to make teeny tiny socks that you put on ear pierced hooks to wear so you can have earrings and socks that match. They were so cute and the pattern I found was free. I don't have needles tiny enough at the moment, but I am going to get some and try them out.

Well Fortune wants outside so I better go. Have a nice day all. Faye

11-14-2012, 01:32 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! A cool 48 degrees but the sun is shining - and the wind is blowing.

My allergies have been running rampant this fall. I wish we'd have a good frost. I'm still working extra hours so haven't even turned the computer on at home for several days.

Glory and I will be getting together for Thanksgiving. We'll be feasting on Chinese food from our favorite restaurant and sewing that day.

Faye, I hope you get your female problems resolved soon. It seems this has been going on for several years now. I'm glad you get to see both grandson's over the holiday.

Jean, I hope the hospital and church express thanks to you for all your volunteer service. You are always a busy lady.

Maggie - congratulations on the big loss! You are certainly on the path to success. Casper continues to amuse me daily. I ran out of Fancy Feast dry food that he gets for lunch so just gave him more of his breakfast food. He just sat and looked at the dish and let me know this was not acceptable for lunch. I won't let that happen again. I was going to ask you how you were doing with the Activelink. It seems most people who have them like them.

Have a great day. I'm going to have lunch and then do some quilting!

11-14-2012, 04:20 PM

It is a chilly day here in the ♥-Land and in the 40º and 50º area for the day. I was in a nice warm shower this morning thinking how nice for I was warm inside where it was cold outside my window. Yes, I do shower on occasion. :cp:

It has been decided that Will will be preaching in a small town which is about an hour from here on the 3rd Sunday of each month starting in December. It will be fun to go there for we know some of the folks there already. It will also be interesting for they intend to feed us lunch after services there for that is their pot-luck Sunday. :lol: That is one of the reasons they wanted him to preach for them on the 3rd Sunday of the month. I don’t think there are any restaurants open in that little berg on Sunday, at least we didn’t find any that were when we went there before. There aren’t that many to begin with and they all shut down on Sunday. Hays is a small place and Ransom is a very small place. It will be interesting to find out how that place got it’s name.

We really like the Mannheim Steamroller Christmas music and we bought the 25th anniversary collection which has two CD’s. This makes a total 8 of their Christmas CD’s that we have. I am going to check at that book/music store on their end cap closer to Christmas and see if they have any we don’t. I am listening to the new ones right now before I put them up until the proper “season” and they sound wonderful.

I haven’t yet ordered my pasta machine but my pasta drying rack arrived today. It is so trick for it breaks down to “flat” for storage. Clever design and takes up much less room on a kitchen counter than the one I used to have years back and they still sell today. I could have built this one if I had wanted to. :yes: However, by the time I rounded up all the materials to put it together it would have cost me more than I paid for it already made. Go figure. I just received a whole stack of catalogues also. Yikes and I’m “pre-approved” to charge which is a scary thing. I don’t avail myself of their wonderful offers though. :no: If I want anything out of a catalogue it is paid with good ole do re me. Life is good.

SUSAN That is good that you have been keeping busy. It is good to fill time with constructive things. We feed Cecil the same kind of food for all meals. In fact his food dish is always replinished by me but he isn't and over-eater. It is a food that has all those good things in it for felines. :p I do like my Activelink ~ makes me want to do more exercises. :D

DONNA FAYE The hand knitted sox I've seen in catalogues aren't priced as I would have to have them if I sold them either. Like I said ~ they were probably knitted in China. :( One of these days you are going to have "just enough" of these female problems and get them "fixed." Each episode you have I think maybe it has been your last. :hug: Your system is yelling a big HELP and maybe you just need to listen to it. :soap:

JEAN Drapes over the shades dress up a place for sure. Cut out unwanted light also and you can always open them up for more light. I'll have to check out the eagles ~ maybe they have now gotten camers over there.

Have a great day Magnolias ~: wave: Type at y’all later.

11-14-2012, 05:47 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's been a beautiful day in my corner of the world! Sunny, just a slight breeze, and 53 degrees this afternoon -- that sure makes up for the cold days earlier this week. I went to get my nails done this morning, made a WM stop, and then lunch bunch at noon. Bob had a meeting out of town so was up and gone earlier than usual. I have bell practice later this afternoon and then the evening is mine. :D

"Gma" -- I am so sorry about the crappy start to your day! :hug: I hope your washer can be fixed without it being a huge expense. Sometimes it's better to just replace but the current ones won't last as long and they will usually tell you that up front. Do you think weaving the yarn ends, on an afghan, would work? I would be afraid they would eventually come apart after much use and washing. I know you are looking forward to being with both families for Thanksgiving.

Susan -- I'm so glad to see you today! Chinese for Thanksgiving sounds good to me! We are going to my "sisters" while the kids each go to the other side of their family. The church secretary and hospital volunteer director do thank me every week. The hospital gal often gives me gift cards for the coffee shop. :T I do go "above and beyond" for her when she is gone as far as balancing the register and doing the end of the day paperwork for her. It just makes my part of the job easier too.

Maggie -- It's nice that Will can fill in for the other church. Will he also preach at your church on the same day? There are many small churches around here who share pastors on Sundays. From the way the paper article read, the eagle camera can't be moved this year because it it too close to where they are and it will scare them away to have humans working in the trees or wherever the camera is mounted. :( I want the drapes more for warmth over the glass this winter and also noise control. The blinds are between the two panes of glass so the glass is still cold to the touch.

Hope you all are having, have had a good/better day as it goes along! :wave:

11-15-2012, 10:56 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! I brought a load of towels upstairs, stepped in here to put up the shade, and here I am! :D It's another beautiful morning in my neighborhood -- sunny, light breeze, and heading up to the mid 50s later. I have to run a couple errands and pick up Cool Whip for the Snickers Salad on Saturday. We are getting together for Ian's birthday which is next week. He will be 10 and my dad has been gone 10 years; that is hard to believe. We have a meeting at church tonight and I typed the agenda for Bob; actually just changed the dates on a copy I saved from last time. I am getting smarter at some things! :cp:

I need to vacuum fur bunnies so better keep moving. Have a terrific Thursday! :wave:

11-15-2012, 01:00 PM

Another day with the same ole temperatures ~ Old man Winter is here, I do believe. Last night I made some bodacious good jerky using one of Emeril’s recipes. I like to try different spices and such with each batch I make and rotate the recipes. :lol: As I type I am listening to Neil Diamond. He sure has talent. These are his two CD’s “Glory Road 1968 to 1972.” Oldies and are definitely goodies.

I had to cut my nails for they were getting too long to do my glass works. They are still long by others standards though. I am just blessed with nice nails and have gotten lots of compliments on them throughout the years. :lol: I still haven’t found any glow in the dark polish. :(

When we were getting ready to go out yesterday and I was going out the back door I glanced over at the fence line between our house and the neighbor. All three of our animals were lined up at the fence and the neighbor was leaning over giving them treats. They don’t even own a cat but do have cat treats. What nice neighbors to like our “children.”

I am so glad I had ordered my tiny Santa grouping because they no longer offer it in their catalogue. Last year when I wanted some things I was too late in ordering some of the items I had wanted to gift folks with. Schwan’s® comes tomorrow and will have my holiday treats because I ordered them early enough for they still have them. I will at least be prepared for December guests. He will come one more time after tomorrow before this month is over with and I can get anything else I may need then. :yes:

Today is the day Will works for the Museum and I will be busy here with my glass works. I have gotten some presents wrapped and ready to mail. I will have time to deal with the last minute things that always pop up with calm ease. :cp: Just the two of us is never just the two of us during the holidays which is a good thing.

JEAN While you have your vacuum out will you please step over here and attack my dust bunnies? Where in the world do they come from and multiply so quickly? Your snickers salad sounds O so yummy. Will won't be preaching here on the days we travel to the other church for there are men here that can "stand in" and bring the lesson.

Have a great day Magnolias ~: wave: Type at y’all later.

11-16-2012, 11:01 AM
Good morning, ladies! 45 degrees and sunshine this day.

I took yesterday off from work (boss went out of town) and went to my Glory Bee from 10-3 and then Ladies of the Evening from 6-9 so I had a whole day of sewing and socializing. Tonight is lock-in at Bella and Glory and I will be going to that. Tomorrow Sandy and I are going to some bazaars and open houses so more fun. I have some stuff from work I brouht home that I have to do by Monday so a little work in the fun just for variety.

Faye, I hope you are feeling better!

Jean, I wish I'd gotten the blinds in the windows when I had mine redone. I do have the UV glass that never feels cold to the touch. If you put a thermometer at the window and then take it to the middle of the room, it will be within 1 degree of each other. It has made a big difference in the HAC bills.

Maggie, that's nice the other church wants Will to come once a month. Although our Mass never changes, it's still nice to have a different priest once in a while for they present the message differently. I'd love to see your village. It's too bad you didn't mention the pasta machine last year for I gave mine away. It was made in Italy and worked wonderful.

Have a wonderful day. I need to get to the gym and then do some housework.

11-16-2012, 11:10 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's a cooler morning, but the sun is shining, and NO wind . . . yet. We are heading to Sioux City as soon as Bob gets home. He is at WM getting a money order. Long story for later!

Maggie -- I have learned if I see something I want, need, or like to think about before buying, I get it when I see it. :yes: Otherwise the item is usually gone when I go back. Glad you have your Santas! I will wrap Ian's gifts and make my salad later this afternoon. The main reason for our SC jaunt is to look for some sort of window covering, a SAMs stop, and pick up peanut brittle from Bob's hometown church. We divy the boxes up and give away most of it. :T

I have some laundry to fold and put away before we leave. Hope you all have a nice day! :wave:

11-16-2012, 12:24 PM

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