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Em Coconut
11-01-2012, 10:27 PM
I didn't know where to put this, so sorry if it should've been posted in another category. :)

Anyway, I've noticed lately that my back has a weird arch going on... Basically, even when I stand up straight, it has this arch in the middle, before it starts going outwards by the lower back. Really annoying, as it makes my butt look a lot bigger than it actually is. And I get the feeling that it makes my belly stick out a bit more than it should too, but I'm not 100% sure of that.

Did anyone here experience this? Is it going to get better as I lose weight, or is there something specific I'm gonna have to do to get this problem to go away (if it's even possible to get rid of it)? I don't wanna get to my goal weight and still have a butt that looks that huge...lol...

Any advice appreciated!:)

11-01-2012, 11:57 PM
I have the same problem! My problem is my tailbone - it sticks out much farther than the rest of my back. I seem to have a large amount of skin/fat around my tailbone which adds to the effect. My boyfriend has lovingly dubbed the hump my "tail". I have lost/gained weight my entire life. My "tail" gets smaller as I lose weight and larger when I gain. Push on the bump with your hand and see if it's bone or fat. Mine is mostly bone and so I know it will not totally go away. However, fat collects in weird places - there is a good possibility that as you lose weight, your tail will disappear.

I totally feel you -- it's a weird issue to have. I've never heard of anyone else having the same problem before! Tail sisters unite! :-)