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11-01-2012, 09:12 AM
New month and new resolve.

Pat, I'm really glad to see you have joined us. You will find that posting here daily - good or bad - really helps.

I must confess I've really been off track the past few days. I can't really blame the Halloween goodies - they are quite innocent - it's me! There are some things I just cannot resist. Reading back my journals for the past ten years, I always complain November 1st about the Halloween temptations. I guess I need to find a solution so candy and chips are not the treats I give out since I obviously have no self-control! My weight is up to 190 this morning and FBGL is 6.2, high for me.

Today I go see my dear Dr Jack to discuss my bloodwork and a couple of other health issues. I certainly do not expect my HA1C to be the delightful 5.8 it was last year. My weight was 188 on Nov. 1 2011 so I've sure not made progress.

My kitchen is purged of bad stuff now and I am going to stick with lower carb like South Beach induction since pure Atkins induction makes me either crash during the day or go high overnight.

It's time for Ruthless to get tough with Ruthie!

11-01-2012, 10:51 AM
Welcome pat!!
Rie haven't done any more workouts except for that one day I have had the Baby and when we have her you don't get much done. Feeling Kinda crappy. I have seemed to lost my self esteem and will to do anything around here and it is so sad cause I was doing so good and now I am not . It hurts me so bad when I think about it I jest wanna sit down and cry. I see myself as a failure ! As many times that I have started and stopped this you would think I could get it together.. I don't know what to do!!!

Our Aunt is leaving Friday and going to Georgia so we will have the house to our self for the weekend !!1

11-01-2012, 02:34 PM
Hang in there, Bonnie! You are much lower than your starting weight and are definitely NOT a failure! Things will get better - especially when you Aunt is away.

Doc visit went OK - HA1C is still good at 6.0 and BP was "perfect". He changed my glyburide for another drug that I'll take in the a.m. This should prevent those darned extra-low FBGL readings.

We talked about my weight increase and I fessed up and told him why. He wants me to get down to 184 by December 1. Last saw that October 10! He wants me to report in by email on that date so I'm going to see if I can do better than that by then. (I'm pretty sure today's 190 reading was from darned salty potato chips yesterday.)

Now to make my beef stew with mushrooms and some low cal veggies. I wonder if I can pretend cauliflower is potato. I stewed the beef yesterday so may be able to roast the cauliflower before I add it.

It's a dark. cold and rainy afternoon. I am thinking nap but will probably do some treadmill instead.

11-01-2012, 04:09 PM
Thanks Ruth You know I have been looking and I think I might try Carb Cycling Chris powell has a great program I think I am gonna look for his book this weekend. He was on Dr Oz . I dont have a problem with carbs making me shoot up .It is mostly Sugar Products and I can say that I am big on sugar I seem to crave sweets and that where it has becme a problem for me. The thing is his plan is almost like what I am doing now jest gonna end up tweaking what I do. The carbs he suggest is all like brown rice and wheat pasta so I already do that .I think I am gonna give it a shot.

11-02-2012, 12:04 PM
so its my birthday today. We wound up eating out last evening, so I don't want to go out tonight, will stay home by the fire and enjoy my many blessings, including DH. Might make a cake, a hazelnut torte that I can do sugar free and low carb. I too must have more resolve, but I am a bit lighter than for my 50th I think. have a good day all, TGIF?

11-02-2012, 12:47 PM
Thanks for all of your kind words and support. My fbs this morning was 153. I know it is high but it is really low for me. It is usually 290. I have been taking this diabetes thing more seriously and have been religiously taking my meds. I have spent my life in Overeaters Anonymous and have adhered to their food plan with no sugar, no flour, 3 meals a day and nothing inbetween but no cal stuff. I lost 80 lbs on that food plan 30 years ago but my mind has been telling me that is the only way I can get my eating under control. PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE give me suggestions as what to eat. I try to do OA's food plan and feel guilty if I don't weigh and measure every morsel that goes into my mouth...I feel guilty if I don't go to a meeting...I feel guilty if I don't have a sponsor and call my food in. I haven't done these things for 30 years and I still geel guilty. My life is a free for all and I am losing the battle rapidly. I know the bs thing is not good..but I really need to find a new way of eating that will address the diabetes thing. My self esteem has plumeted and I come from work (I am a teacher) and don't do anything and go lay down and fall asleep. I am like a little kid who needs a new way of doing things before it's too late. Thanks for listening...Pat

11-02-2012, 01:17 PM
::bday2you:MAD!!! HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!:woo:

11-02-2012, 01:37 PM
:welcome2:Pat glad to have you join us. I know exactly how you feel as I'm going through some of the same things. I used to be in OA. Even started the one in the League City/Dickinson area in TX many years ago. I like the support, but I don't like confessing I'm a compulsive overeater. I think that reinforces the problem or perhaps causes more problems. I am working at getting rid of the guilty feelings when I eat something I think I shouldn't have. I really am leaning more toward calorie counting. Something I've fought for years because I got tired of counting. However, I have decided that if I count calories that there is nothing I cannot have as long as I count it. Hopefully this would get rid of the guilty feelings because there would be no eating "off" plan. I think it comes down to learning or finding a way that works for us individually.

Well, I talked to my doctor's nurse this morning when she called about DH meds. DSIL is off next Tuesday and Wednesday. I won't have blood work in advance but they can do the A1c in the office. I'm just not getting things under control on my own. I think a lot of it is mostly caused by stress, but it doesn't matter. I've still got to get it under control. DH has an appointment on Wednesday and I'm going to try to get in to see the doctor around the same time.

Y'all have a great weekend.

11-02-2012, 02:02 PM
Hi Pat. :)
I'm going to try and get help with my anxiety as I have been really good
at ignoring things. I'm hoping it helps to talk to someone outside of family and friends. Maybe that would be an option for you.

My other news - the biopsy says breast cancer. A new health adventure. DH and DD know, told my parents and brother. Next my boys and SILs. Very hard to make those calls as it ramps up the anxiety. Dr gave me xanax and it helps.
More info about mastectomy (after more tests) next Wednesday.

Another twist - I have to answer all telephone calls (for scheduling, etc) and I keep getting election calls!!! We are a vote by mail state and all voting has already been done....

11-02-2012, 02:04 PM
PS - I could hardly eat any dinner last night. Chicken, broccoli and a couple bites of sweet potato. BS was 160. Not normal. But it has been since I had the biopsy and the dr predicted cancer. Question - can sky high stress raise your blood sugar even though there is hardly any carbs to work on??

11-02-2012, 02:21 PM
Froggydawgy, My thoughts and prayers are with you. I understand the anxiety, over health issues. I have had 4-5 friends who have had breast cancer and they have come a long way with all the new medical stuff. Hang in there and talk away if you need to. I have been on paxil for 11 years (my mom died day after 9/11) and I knew I couldn't go on. I went on with husband, 2 grown sons, one who still lives with me plus his wife of now 6 years, grandkids, losing my job 2x and finding another. I have HUGE anxiety and couldn't have done it without my paxil....My older son is a PA and had hodkins lymphoma in 1990 and went through a lot, but is doing fine...Talk if you need to...as much as you need to..stay positive and remember the big guy is in control....Hugs, Pat

11-02-2012, 06:25 PM
Froggydawgy - Prayers coming your way. :hug:

11-02-2012, 07:24 PM
Hi all been bust here the aunt I told you about that broke her neck she has passed away last night. Funeral will be on Sunday . My aunt went to Georgia she will be home in time for the funeral on Sunday at least we get a little piece and quiet.

I better be running have alot to do so I have better be going have to go buy the hubby some shoes.

11-03-2012, 10:13 AM
My condolences about you aunt, Bonnie, and about the other aunt's early return. Remember to take care of you in all the fuss.

Froggydawgy, so sorry for your diagnosis but breast cancer is so curable these days. My friend Claire had both breasts removed three years ago and is going strong. Look after yourself in whatever way you can.

Pat, hang in there. It sounds as if you have a heavy load to carry and I'm not talking weight. Checking in here daily helps me remember to take care of myself.

Mad, your birthday sounds like a nice time. Hazelnut torte? Wow! If I left now and drove down, would you give me a piece?

Patty, hope you can get into your doc when DH is there.

Weight is down another pound - wish that would happen every night - I'd be at goal in no time - well - a couple of months anyhow. Got my x-ray results from the doc yesterday and the left knee is badly deteriorated. :( Dr J got me an appointment on Monday with an ortho guy! Gotta love a doc who pulls strings! I'm hoping to avoid another replacement as long as possible so they may do a minor surgery thing replacing the fluid in the joint. I had it done on the other knee years ago which delayed replacement by a year. Anyhow, I'll just carry on until it happens. Aleve is my friend.

Made a wonderful veggie-beef soup yesterday with the remains of my beef stew. I do have two stew meals in my freezer stash. So nice to have comfort meals available in this weather.

Hope everyone has as good a weekend as possible.

11-03-2012, 12:17 PM
Oh my, I don't know where to begin. Wishing condolences to Bonnie, and strength to get through the funeral etc.
And Froggy, yes, the stress can affect your sugars big time. Do LOTS of self care things, whatever you like. I am big on the yoga front, but any type of meditation, (and prayer counts for that too) is helpful and important. We have "Hopesprings" support groups here, I am sure there are wonderful supports in your area too, and you must find them.
Pat, welcome to our sisterly supports, and keep coming. I would not get too worried about exactly how you eat, any diet plan that helps you lose weight will help the diabetes and blood sugars in the long run. Plans like atkins and south beach are lower carb and smarter carb in general and may help control the sugars better, but only if they are doable for you! Any exercise, even a little walking is also helpful. So start with baby steps.
I agree with Trish that guilt isn't helpful. I don't like ww meetings for that. I haven't been for a while, and will start doing online meetings I think. I am paying a lot for getting weighed, and haven't even been tracking food, so don't know what I am paying for. May try monthly meetings in town, since part of the reason I don't go is that I don't like the leader much. But I also feel like its AA, (hello, my name is Madeleine and I am fat.....) and I don't much like that either. And guilt is just not helpful.
Haven't seen Rie for a few days, hope you are doing ok after the race and that the knees aren't too unhappy.
I ate regular cake yesterday, and well, no point feeling guilty. Ruth, if you wanna come anytime, I would bake you a cake, and will make it as healthy as possible for us! When is your birthday? I could plan for that, LOL.
Well, its Saturday, and the house really needs a good cleaning and the garden needs clearing before the snow sets in. Looks like a quiet weekend for babies, so better get started here.
Love and hellos to all.

11-03-2012, 12:23 PM
Thanks for all the positive support. :hug:

11-03-2012, 02:33 PM
Bonnie - I am so sorry about your aunt. Please take care of yourself. I am learning that no matter what is going on around me that I can't deal with it very well if I don't take care of me.

Ruthie - Hope things go well with the knee.

Pat - I am reading a book called The Diet Survivor's Handbook and one of the things she says that we do as dieters is that we beat ourselves up when we eat something that isn't on our diets because we feel so guilty. This is so bad for us to do because it ruins our self-esteem. I think we can't use that as an excuse to eat off our diets all the time, but I think we have to realize that as a lady once told me "life happens". We cannot be in control of everything that goes on in our lives, so we just need to control what we can.

I'm trying to learn to recognize when I am "stomach hungry" and eat only what I need to eat to satisfy that hunger with the attitude that when I get hungry again that I can eat again. This author says the reason we overeat or binge especially on forbidden foods is because we are thinking subconciously that we may never get this particular food again. Interesting thought and makes sense to me.

I do have a doctors appt Wednesday right after DH appt. So I am very happy about that. I will have a checkup and hoping for things to be good and bs not as bad as I think it is. Many times the A1c is better than my home readings. I will be glad to get medicine to help with it. My weight seems to be stuck at ticker most of the time or bouncing up and down.

Mad - Thanks for reminder you spoke of to Froggy that stress can cause BS to be all over the place. We just had a new twist to our situation and we had to go buy groceries for the kids yesterday and today. Also had to buy gas for them to go to school/work next week as someone she owes money to has put a freeze on their checking account. She asked DH yesterday "How much more can you do?" DH told her "we can't really afford to do what we are doing. I keep this money in my billfold for emergency situations. We can't do any more." He must have talked to her after I went to bed last night because when I got up this morning, my kitchen was spotless. All I can say is God does bless or we would go under. It is a real miracle that we have done as well as we have.

Froggy You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Rie - I've missed you too. Are you okay? Was there an epidemic of whooping cough at work? I've had you in my prayers that all is okay.

Have a good weekend.

11-04-2012, 11:14 AM
wasn't well for a bit yesterday, a little tummy trouble. Got to sleep ok last night, but woke up at 5, which would have been 6, and haven't slept since. Got the laundry done, and read for a while. just have one visit to do today. Will go out soon and be done with work stuff.
Have a lovely Sunday all.

11-04-2012, 02:46 PM
Mad - Sorry about you feeling ill, hope you're a lot better today. Hope you can sleep good tonight.

Went to church this morning and then had a bad coughing spell at the end. Sure is embarrassing. Maybe I should have stayed at home, but did enjoy the service.

Bonnie - Thinking of you and funeral service for your aunt today. Hope you are okay and taking care of you in the process of all you have to do.

Y'all have a nice Sunday.

11-04-2012, 10:35 PM
DD is here for a couple of days, and tempting me with popcorn! She has agreed to keep it away from me after this. LOL

11-05-2012, 07:42 AM
Just checking in. Plugging along and trying to stay on plan - although I was attacked by a school of Goldfish crackers yesterday. :nono: That could have been avoided if I'd just had lunch when I got home from the nursing home pet therapy visit. Felt droopy the rest of the afternoon from the carbs.

Wishing everyone a good start to the week of brighter mornings and darker suppertimes.

11-05-2012, 09:10 AM
Good Morning Chickies,

A quick check in to stay accountable. I'm actually using the Intuitive Eating principles, but I guess I don't trust me. So I am counting calories with it. I count the calories of everything I put in my mouth. However, I'm not setting a certain amount of calories that I "have to eat" because I know how that works against me rather than for me. I find that some days I eat more than others but seldom more than 1500 - 1600 calories. My weight went up yesterday from adding carbs into eating plan, but I'm happy to say the scale is moving down again.

Baby has therapy this morning. Laundry in the dryer and more to wash. Will do some cleaning today. Suddenly DH and DD has started cleaning so I'm happy about that. DH cleaned baby's room and vaccumed the house last night. That sure helps me a lot since my house looks nice today except for the girls bathroom and I'll take care of that today. They are out of school tomorrow and I will make them clean it when they get home from school.

Y'all have a good day.

11-05-2012, 09:52 AM
fbs 5.2 this am, didn't weigh in though. Enjoying visit with DD, she is happy to sleep well. Her student apartment is too noisy for her, too much partying. She thought that by having older roommates this wouldn't happen, but they still party a lot, and she is a light sleeper. She slept 10 hours overnight, and I had a great sleep also. Off to work now, busy day.

11-05-2012, 03:04 PM
I'm going to step back for a while.
Anxiety is a little high and I need to concentrate
on keeping my thoughts occupied with other stuff.
I'll check back later on and I appreciate all your
good thoughts. Everyone have a good November!

11-06-2012, 12:12 AM
The funeral went well Sunday. Went to the Dr today for the biopsy and they told me that it wasnt me they called it was my daughter and I told them they talked to me. They said all my test were fine and that it was her that needed the biopsy . They made her a appointment next week so I will be taking her in.

Things here are good I stared the carb cycling and I had to stop today I was having severe head aches and I went to bed with them and woke up with them . Feeling much better now but I need to get back on a plan.

11-06-2012, 08:39 AM
Good morning. Weight up a tad this morning but I know it's fluid retention - my homemade veggie/beef soup was tad salty since I added some bouillon cubes to crank up the flavour. Never mind - I have a diuretic for those situations and will glug lots of water today.

Have not been testing FBGL lately as the doc says there's no need. He was pleased with my bloodwork and has changed the meds a bit - no more glyburide at night. (I think I've already said this - humour me. I'm old!)

Need to work up some enthusiasm for cooking again. I just cannot get excited over winter veggies so must check out the frozen veggies section. I get so spoiled with my garden-fresh produce all summer!

Have a good Tuesday and I do hope you are going to vote if you are in the USA.

11-06-2012, 10:05 AM
Ruth, a lot of docs don't think we (type 2's) need to test much. Its really important when we are learning what causes spikes, (though some don't even encourage this, and I am talking diabetes educators as well) and I think its an important part of understanding diabetes any how. I think it was really important for you to know about the lows you were getting on the glyburide as that affected your meds overall. I do mine a couple of times a week, not daily. I also do a couple of post meal sugars each week, especially after a "treat" meal. My strips are not covered by my plan, (my choice not be labelled, and since my group might be changing insurers in the near future, I am glad I made that decision) but I still feel its been worth it for me.
Bonnie: hope all is well with DD and that the biopsy goes well. A little glitch with the docs office though!
WIll miss froggy and hope all goes well with her treatments.
Weight down a tad this am, have made a couple of "muffin-in-a-minute" things for breakfasts this week. I know why we like toast or cereal, no cooking and breakfast is ready right away. so easy. So maybe having this made up will help. carby breakfasts are my downfall, and get me off track all day.
I have a free day today, so will take the dog for a trail walk, and see what else I can get up to!

11-06-2012, 02:33 PM
I just typed a long post and got bumped off line. FBS back in the 130x this morning from 170s and weight still coming down although not @ ticker. Docs appt. tomorrow. Retaining fluid a little more than I like. I try to handle it by sleeping most of the night with legs propped up on a pillow as I don't really like taking fluid pills but will discuss it with him. Looking forward to getting on a good bs medication.

I am so thankful to say that things are going good with the kids. Although we're in a tough situation having to provide groceries and gasoline etc for them right now, I can honestly say that I feel they are very appreciative. They are carpooling right now which means DSIL has to get off work a little early and DD has to stay later while she waits for him to pick her up. Plus their attitude is (after the shock of the situation) was ashamed and upset that we have to help this way. I see growth on both ourside and theirs especially in me. I know it can't be helped and I am at peace about it. A big change in me. The situation will be corrected DSIL's BIL is a lawyer and I'm sure he will get it taken care of so it is temporary especially since what happened was illegal so kids will have their money eventually. I heard DD tell her Daddy they would pay us back. I just appreciate and so thankful that we are all agetting along so well. As for me, I think I needed to see that they do appreciate what DH and I have done. That makes it easier for me, because I thought they were using her Dad and I see that isn't the case. I did find out that his family didn't know how bad things were so that helps DH and me understand why they seemed to think that we should do everything. Glad to know the truth. Tony's DD is starting to feel more like a daughter to me. She is good about texting me to let me know when she is going to be home etc. Even at times when she doesn't really have too. My own DD didn't do that. LOL

Mad - So glad things are going so good between you and DD.

Bonnie - Praying for you and your DD. Being a Mom, I know you are as concerned for her as you were for you... probably more.

Ruthie - One nice thing about our ages is that DH and I get to vote absentee and we did our voting weeks ago. So that is already done.

Froggy will be missed and I pray things go well for her.

Rie - Hope all is well with you.

Hope I got everybody. If not, I'm sorry I didn't mean to.

Hope everyone will have a good Tuesday.

11-07-2012, 09:03 AM
:wave: plugging along.

11-07-2012, 09:04 AM
bs 5.1 this am, even though I stayed up late last night. Went out to a music night, got home about 1130, but stayed up watching US election results. I admit to being a bit of a news junkie, and we are fascinated by our neighbours to the south, so I got to sleep about 2. Up early to go to work, and have a long day, so will be drinking lots of tea with caffeine to stay awake.
DD went back to town yesterday. I am not happy with her about how she is planning nursing school, not making choices based on the school's program or what is offered, etc. I have booked her for time with a couple of friends of mine, to learn about nursing from the inside out. I love her, but while she has grown up a lot about some things, on others her attitudes are like that of a 12 year old. I guess thats a young adult for you. My saying anything won't help, better to show her alternatives.
Stayed on plan mostly yesterday, but had a few carbs this morning to give me some energy. Hope you all have a nice Wednesday.

11-07-2012, 07:16 PM
Had my docs appt today. I did get a mild diuretic to use as I feel I needed. I don't want to take it all the time. I am still going to be on the Metformin, but waiting for my insurance approval to get the time-released. I thought we decided for me not to take the Fenofibrate although I told him I would take it if he insisted. He when online and put my prescriptions in and when I got to the pharmacy it was one of the meds that was ready... so I guess I'm going to continue taking it. I know keeping the cholestrol and trigycerides down and that seems to be the meds for that. My A1c was 7.0 which I was thrilled it wasn't higher. DH was 7.4 and he's on his meds. He told the doc it was all his halloween candy. DD told her Daddy it was all they candy he's eaten in the last 120 days. LOL His was .1 down from 3 mos ago. Mine was up about .8 from May. Doc doesn't want to put me on any other diabetic med because he says it is too easy to gain weight on. I really pray timed-release Metformin works because the regular did curb my appetite and kind of kept me regular and of course, I know the other benefits from him and our Mad. So I will do what he said. He also gave me orders to go have a mammogram at the women's center here in town. I've got to call and make an appt as I find out when DSIL is off work. So overall I am happy with the results of my visit even though he didn't change my treatment much. I read that you need to drink a glass of water before you go to bed to stop leg cramps so I'll trying that. INTERESTING thing... found out today that Doc counts calories when he needs to. He showed me how he used myfitnesspal.com on his ipad. He tried to show me how to use my Smartphone to do it but he couldn't figure it out.

Catch y'all tomorrow.

11-08-2012, 10:01 AM
Good morning. Patty, it sounds like your doctor is a good one who really cares about his patients. Too bad all of them aren't like that. The occasional use of a diuretic sounds good - being water-logged is not good for the heart!

Chugging along with weight up and down a lot. Tester FBGL this morning and am up to 5.6 - probably from having most delicious pork and beans last night. My neighbour Cathy is village-famous for her pork and beans and I just "happened" to run across some in my freezer. Very delicious but I know she uses maple syrup in them. The good news is that they are now gone.

Off for a haircut appointment for 10:30 and need to go to Staples which is right next to the dreaded Chinese Buffet! My strategy is to get my butt in gear right now and go there before I go for the haircut. Then I'll be able to come straight home from the haircut. Wish me luck!

Mad, glad you have recovered from the election. I cannot imagine staying up that late. I'm usually wakening up around then. Sure hope DD gets her act together and doesn't give you grief.

Bonnie, hope all is OK. Haven't "seen" you since Monday. Remember to put yourself first as often as possible.

11-08-2012, 11:50 AM
I took a regular Metformin last night with my usual breakfast oatmeal meal. I guess I can't eat that at night. My FBS was 202 this morning. I have never had a FBS that high. So I had a lower carb breakfast this morning. I forgot to check my bs just before eating, but I will do a 2 hr after check any way. No leg cramps last night even after taking the Metformin and the Fenofibrate so I guess drinking the water helps. I drank a glass before I went to bed and I drink just a little when I get up to go to the bathroom. I read last night on a diabetic site that we should check our bs at bedtime. The writer said that if the blood sugar is too high or too low it keeps us from sleeping. I thought that was very interesting.

Ruthie Good luck passing up the Chinese food. I have difficulty with that too. Don't feel too bad about the pork and beans if made with maple syrup as I've read that is one syrup that is not too bad for diabetics. Of course, I'm not sure as my doc says that someone is always coming out with new ideas that a food they want to eat is good for them. I've decided that maybe we need to check out who did or had the study done. I agree my doc is very good. I tell DH all the time that I love him because he takes time to talk to us. In fact, he ended up talking to me so much about counting cals and why he felt I should stay on the meds that he and I both forgot to have me do the urine test he wanted. Oh well, guess he'll do it next time if it is important. I'm using Livestrong to keep up with my calories and of course it also keeps up with the carbs. My cals for today so far are 1074 and my carbs are 46. DH made up a copy of the monthly sheets for keeping up with recording my bs that he made up for his 1st wife to use when she was living. So I'm ready to really get serious with all this again. Also found out yesterday looking at my part D insurance that it doesn't cover diabetic testing strips. So I don't think I'll be getting prescriptions for them any more. That way I can purchase them when I want. A prescription has test one a day and I can only get them every 50 days or so. So I always buy extra on my own. I thought Medicare helped with them but if they do they don't help that much. Have to test several times a day to get them free from Medicare and send them a copy of my tests each month. I just don't want to do all that especially when I don't have to and not sure I want Medicare/government in my business that much.

Funny thing about doc. He did a pap smear and as he was preparing to do it, I told the nurse that I thought every man should have to have at least one of those horrible things. He said that he thanks God that he is a man. He said not only would he not want to have one, but he thought it must be horrible to have to carry a baby for 9 months. LOL

Mad I guess I'm a news junkie too. However, if elections here in US didn't affect my life as it doesn, I don't think I would have stayed up as late as I did to see the results. BTW I told my doc about you and how you encourage me to take the Metformin and why. He was impressed. I think he was glad I'm on a good diabeti thread.

Hope Bonnie, Rie and others are doing okay. Hope they check in when they can.

Have a good Thursday.

11-09-2012, 10:28 AM
Hi all: Went to see a lovely movie last night, "Stories we tell" by filmaker Sarah Polley. She found out she was a product of her mother's affair, and documents the unfolding of this. In reality, I see it as a love letter to her mother, who died when she was 11, and finding her mother as much as her biological father. Her "real" dad, who raised her, was warm and understanding too. All in all a beautiful film to see if you are able.

Stuck to plan yesterday. Off for the weekend, so plan some yoga and walking. DS wants me to go to see my father and help get house ready for sale, apparently little has been done since the garage sale in the summer. She was there for a day, and did quite a lot, according to her! So I may go there tonight or tomorrow, depending on his wishes. I am asking DH to call and talk to him about what he wants, because I feel so strongly about not pushing seniors around (I am a takeover kind of person naturally) that I am concerned about overdoing it.

Still having trouble with constipation, took some clearlax last night. I have been adding fibre1 to breakfasts, but not helping. Time for the big guns now.
Hope everyone has a good friday heading into the weekend.
Bonnie and Rie haven't been over for a while, and I miss froggy, but glad for you Ruth and Trish. Stay well

11-09-2012, 12:20 PM
Hi -

I just got diagnosed with diabetes, and have been prescribed Metformin (which I'll start tomorrow - as I wanted to wait 'till a non-work day to start in case I had nasty side effects). I'm starting with 500 mg once a day for a week, increasing to 500 mg twice a day for a week, then increasing to 1000 mg twice a day. I also just moved into a new place and didn't have a working frig until last night.

So I'm heading to the grocery store after work...and could really use some suggestions for what types of groceries to get. As a general rule, I know I should stick with whole grains/high fiber for carbs, as well as veggies and some fruits, and mostly high protein/low fat stuff. But if anyone has any specific suggestions, I'd greatly appreciate them.

What's the max number of carbs I should eat in a meal? Or the max for a day? In some online research I learned that overindulging on carbs can increase the chances of the nasty side effects of Metformin.

I could really use any advice, suggestions, websites, resources you'd be willing to recommend.

Thanks so much,

11-09-2012, 04:19 PM
Michelle - :welcome3:This is a good place to learn. There are others who have been doing this longer than me who can give better advice. One think I would say is that any diet or woe will work... my doc told me that any diet would work; I just needed to find what I could live with. After 2 yrs of trying different diets, I've finally settled on counting calories which was what he told me to do when he first diagnosed me. He wanted me to go on a 1600 cal diet and what I've done recently is settle my mind to eat limit myself to 1600 cals daily. I read where someone said they would rather be able to eat what they want within a calorie count than not. I find it so much easier not to have any food I can't have within the calorie limit. It seems to work for me.

Some here do or have done Atkins, South Beach, WW... so decide what you can live with and go for it. I researched diabetes on line... there are loads of info out there. If your doc recommended or referred you to a dietician, then take advantage of that.

Mad - Good luck working to get things ready to sell your Dad's home. Do they have another place picked out?

I called today and have my mammagram scheduled for Monday morning. I was so surprised that I got it so soon. I'll be glad to have that done.

Bonnie, Ruthie, & Rie - Hope you are doing well.

Have a great weekend everybody.

11-10-2012, 11:13 AM
Welcome to Michelle: it looks like you have already lost quite a bit of weight, and if most of that is recent, I don't know that you need to change your diet much. Many people prefer lower carb diets (south beach, atkins) which may be higher in fat, because fat has not effect on blood sugar and can make a smaller meal more satisfying. But if you have been doing low fat and its working, it may be ok.
That is a high dose of metformin you are heading towards, and quickly. And do you have an appointment with a diabetic educator and dietitian? Are you testing?
Our usual suggestions are to learn A LOT about type 2 diabetes, a site like Blood sugar 101 is excellent. And get a glucometer, right away. Start testing your response to different meals, and you can soon learn what to cut out. For instance, I really had high spikes when eating white bread, it was still high but a bit lower with whole wheat bread, and lower still with sprouted grain breads. If I add peanut butter, the fat helps slow the sugar getting into my system. I rarely have bread now, as I don't want the spikes in blood sugar, (sprounted grain bread with peanut butter still has me at a blood sugar of 9mmol or more, 2 hours later) so its a real treat.
SO checking your sugars can really help you learn about your personal reactions, since we are all different, and you can decide what you are willing to cut from your usual diet. I am not a bread person, so no big deal. But I love my steel cut oats, and have them every once in a while, even though my blood sugar doesn't love them.
If you don't have a prescription for the strips, (the glucometer is free if you buy strips, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!) walmarts relion seems to be the cheapest. I like the onetouch ultra, and their strips are cheaper than many other brands too.
It takes a good month to get used to the metformin, so be prepared, the gas and squirts can be serious. I personally also find that I still get symptoms like that if I eat breads and cereals, but not otherwise. If you are having pretty severe symptoms when you are on 500 mg twice daily, check with your doc about waiting to up the dose. (But only if your doc agrees, I am not a doctor and can't give you medical advice, your doctor may have good reason to want you at the dose as soon as possible)
The good thing about your diagnosis is that you can head off negative effects of diabetes. GOod Luck, and hope you will continue to come to this thread.

On a personal note, weight seems to be staying down at 172, so am please about that, and I am staying on track. Going to Dad's this afternoon. He already has possession of an apartment near his house, he didn't want to go to a seniors place yet. But we didn't want the house empty to sell, but he is having trouble decluttering etc. So I will help him move non-furniture items and get rid of other stuff as able today and tomorrow. We will see how that all goes.
Trish, good luck with the Mammogram, shouldn't be any worse than a pap, a bit unpleasant and uncomfortable, but not horrible.
Ruth: if you didn't get past the dreaded chinese buffet, don't beat yourself up, and don't weigh for a few days, as you know the salt ALWAYS puts your weight up for a few days. LOL.
Hope everyone else is doing well.

11-11-2012, 08:56 AM
well quiet since I was here yesterday. Got quite a few things tossed at Dad's and while he is at church, will do much more. I packed meds to bring, and forgot them at home, am I really only 51 and this forgetful? oh dear.
His fridge is also pretty sparse, as he has supper at his lady-friend's place 3 times a week and she sends food home, so we made supper last night, from his freezer, but not to my way of eating. Will have to get back on track tonight when I get home!
Have a nice Sunday everyone, weather forecast here is warm and sunny, late autumn treat.

11-11-2012, 03:08 PM
Didn't realize I hadn't checked in for a while. First of all, :welcome: to Michelle. Mad has certainly given you the word on being a Type II. I agree that controlling carbs is key.

Spent most of yesterday hard at work purging and cleaning my barn. I have a cousin who is a contractor and he lent em his dumpster. I can't believe we filled it! My husband, may he RIP, was a real packrat and we pitched a lot of useless stuff and gave away things too. There is more to do but at least I now have room to move in there. I served the crew of friends a lasagna and salad lunch and tried not to feel like one of those women on "Hoarders".

Leg is still giving me grief but I do plan to get back to the gym tomorrow morning and have a consult booked with my PT. I really need to strengthen my knees so we will be working on that. It's 67F right now so I am going to get out there right now and do some raking. I was at Church and then at the Memorial Day service today and just finished lunch here at home after making an appearance at the Legion after the service and gushing at the ladies over the lovely lunch they had laid out. (Nobody noticed I just had coffee since it was the kind of affair where everyone stands and chats and they pass the food.)

Need to plan some menus for the week while I'm raking. Maybe I'll take my little tape recorder - nothing like multi-tasking!

11-11-2012, 07:57 PM
I got out in the sun for a while to walk the dog when I got home. DH has a migraine, so quiet evening at home with him. Getting back to plan. Ruth, good for you for purging stuff. Its a bit of a challenge, but I got Dad to let me take the typewriters, (he had 2, and uses a computer now of course!) and some other electronics to be disposed of properly. I am pretty happy with his tossing, and plans for other stuff to go. How much more to go RUth?
Have a good day, everyone.

11-11-2012, 11:41 PM
Help I have fallen and I can't get up!!

That is how I feel right now. Things are so hectic here. I jest can't seem to get on the track. I am so tired of not being able to do what I need to. Then Hubby get me a king size bed and it takes up almost my whole room. No more working out in their Now I have to go out to the garage to do some work outs. But the garage is in shambles now we have to get this all cleaned up.

I tried the carb cycling but it gave me headaches so bad I had to stop and then I realized how much it was gonna cost me to use that one plan I had to stop . I am back up to 275 man do I need help . Somewhere down the line something has to give and I need to get back on track..

11-12-2012, 10:20 AM
Help I have fallen and I can't get up!!

That is how I feel right now.

I tried the carb cycling but it gave me headaches so bad I had to stop and then I realized how much it was gonna cost me to use that one plan I had to stop . I am back up to 275 man do I need help . Somewhere down the line something has to give and I need to get back on track..

Bonnie: you CAN do it. You have the ability. Stop and take a look at what is happening. What schedule do you have, and how can you make that work for you? When (and where) can you work out? Remember, even taking the baby for a brisk walk with the stroller is exercise and good for you.
Let the family know they have to help. Then decide on the eating plan that has worked before, and get to it. Its not easy, but its worth it, and so are you!

11-12-2012, 11:56 AM
Reaching out to help Bonnie pick herself up! Time to stamp your foot and let your family know they HAVE to help. I used to just go on strike - they had to get their own meals and I wouldn't even answer questions. It worked for me when I was single parenting and having difficulty putting food on the table. Go for it, Bonnie.

I did finally go to the gym this morning and my PT made some modifications to my routine. It felt good! On the way home I shopped for some groceries (starting to bulld up my entertainment stash) and also scouted out winterberry which is what I have in my avatar. My secret place was bare - I guess the drought affected the berry production this year. I have another secret place in the marsh but will avoid it for a while as the deer hunting is happening.

Going to make a chicken salad for lunch. We are in a lovely warm spell right now and I may be able to get away from wanting carbs.

11-12-2012, 12:01 PM
Hello!! I'm back:)

Most of the turmoil in my life has finished, and it's time to concentrate on me now.

I've gained 9 lbs. back, but am ready to start over. Checking in here every day will help with that.


11-12-2012, 12:11 PM
:cb: :cb: Yay!!!! Lindyloo is back! Nice to see you again and glad life is smoothing out for you.

11-12-2012, 01:54 PM
Hi everyone -

Thanks for all your support and the great info. My 3rd day on Metformin...and the biggest side effect is being exhausted. Of course that could just be because I did way too much over the weekend. Friday night and Saturday I helped a friend pack and move. And since I don't have all the stuff moved out of my old house, I went over there Sunday to get more stuff to take to my new place.

I've got my frig stocked with healthy foods, and I'll be picking up some books on diabetes and diabetes cookbooks from the library today. :)

I had to adjust my weight ticker upward again. I'd lost over 15 pounds in 10 days in early September when I was going through a tremendously stressful time and I just could not eat. But I've gained some of that weight back now that I'm not as stressed. But, this is a new chapter in my life, and it's time to focus on my health and my happiness. :)

Thanks again!

11-12-2012, 09:08 PM
Diyana, Michelle
glad you are still visiting. Hope the metformin side effects even out with time. Do take some extra b vitamins, especially folic acid, as this will help. I take a B complex and extra folic acid with my metformin.

Lindyloo, glad to see you back. Lets all get on track before the holiday season and at least start the new year no higher than we are now.

Forgot about yoga tonight, just enjoying the fire on a wet and blustery evening.

11-13-2012, 11:54 AM
Hi Michelle I see you are from Wisconsin . I am from Wisconsin Most of my family is spread out all over their . Some are in Portage some is in Milwaukee and some are from sun prairie and a few others. I hope things aren't too cold their yet .

Things for me are going that is the most I can say right now I am so busy this week. My daughter has her Biopsy today and then they have a therapy appointment Friday and a family reunion on Saturday and my Baby turns 15 Sunday so busy busy busy for me. I hope all goes well with everyone.

11-13-2012, 04:53 PM
Bonnie - I live a bit north of Milwaukee. We had our first snow yesterday, but luckily it didn't stick on the ground. Last night it got down to 25. So it's cold already. I'm saying prayers for your daughter. Hang in there during this busy week. :hug:

Fatmad - Thanks for the advice. :)

11-13-2012, 09:18 PM
Ok so I took my daughter to get the biopsy done today and the doctor was called to deliver a baby and then she had to do a d and c . Talked to the nurse and come to find out my daughter was tested positive for HPV so that is why they need to do the biopsy she has lesions on her cervix from it. Now the next appointment is the day before Thanks given if they don't see her I will be so mad if something else comes up.

Michelle Sorry about the snow I don't miss it.

11-13-2012, 09:20 PM

Bonnie - Have your daughter in my prayers and thoughts as well as you. I understand about the cost of low carb, I'm going through that right now because we are having to buy food for the kids as well as for ourselves. Remember that stress also a bad thing for diabetics and I'm sure you are experiencing a lot of that not only with your environment but with the situation with your DD. I know I have to deal with some of that myself. But you know what WE CAN DO THIS!!! Hang in there.:hug:

diyana - Thanks for sharing about the tiredness with the Metformin. I'm getting back on it. I've been totally exhausted and couldn't figure out why. I guess that is it hopefully which means it will eventually pass.

Lindyloo - :wave: So glad to have you back here.

Ruthie Hope the leg gets better soon.:hug:

Mad - Great idea. I would love to have lost when I go back to the doc in Feb and maybe that is the way to go. If I can get through the holidays without gaining, perhaps I can lose a few lbs by the time I see him again.

Rie - Hope you are doing okay.

Well, I was sitting in the waiting room in that beautiful airish gown at the Women's Center waiting for them to call me in to do the mammogram and I got the text from DD that she got her Daddy an appt with an orthapedic to see about his shoulder at 10. It was a little after 9. So I had to fly as soon as the test was done to rush home and get him and get him back to the drs office that was practically around the block from where I was. We made it right at 10 and found out that DH has arthritis in his neck and they think the pain in his shoulder stems from that. Got two med scripts and now we are praying they will work. So now I'm doing all the stuff I normally do plus what he normally does which would not be a problem except I feel like crap. Not complaining about the extra I'm doing, because he took good care of me when I was down for weeks with my knee. I just wish I felt better so it didn't feel like a struggle to force myself to do it. Took youngest DGD and went to the store when I picked her up at school. We actually had a really good time. Did oldest DGD hair this morning in a pony tail. Haven't done it in years and her hair is so thick. She came bouncing in tonight and said, "Nannie, your hairdo stayed all day. Didn't start falling until just a little bit ago". So good things happening in spite of how I feel. So I'm glad.

Kids have a late day tomorrow so I may go take a nap and then get up and be with DH for a while after everyone goes to bed and then go back to bed later.

Eating has been off track yesterday and today. Hope to get back on track tomorrow.

Good night.

11-13-2012, 11:39 PM
have been up since 430 am for work, tried napping earlier, but no go. Dd here this evening, but going to bed in a few minutes.
Bonnie, just want to say, consider having your daughter get the guardisil vaccine, or the US equivalent. Its a good time to review the sex and sexually transmitted disease talks with her. If she hasn't been vaccinated for hepatitis a and b, consider twinrix as well. If there is a female doc, nurse practitioner or midwife in the office to have these private discussions with her, really encourage it. Hope and pray for you to get through these difficulties.
Will keep you both in my thoughts.

11-14-2012, 08:41 AM
Good morning.

Bonnie, adding to Mad's comments, your DD's partner should be tested too. HPV can be bad if not treated early.

Patty, you most certainly have a full plate of "stuff". Good thing you are a strong woman.

Diyana, I don't remember being tired when I started on Metformin years ago, just a bit of gas for a few days. Hang in there!

Mad, too bad you can't nap. I had a doctor friend teach me so I have no problems. Is your DD staying with you for a while and have you made any progress in your talks about her career?

Planned to go to the gym today to keep the knees limber but my contractor is coming to do some work on the electrical panel so it's ready for my generator installation later this month. I've got lots to do while I wait for him and could do some outside work except it's only 19F out there. In February that'd be considered a warm day but in November, I get chilled to the bone.

Happy Hump Day, chickies.

11-14-2012, 08:58 AM
well, had a good nights sleep. Feeling better that way. DD is coming to work with me, and will spend the day with the nurse practitioner who works with us. She hasn't been getting answers from the schools about the programs much, but we are planning some campus visits later this month. I am hoping the NP today will talk to her about programs, since she also teaches. Hope we all have a good day.

11-14-2012, 11:51 AM
Good morning:)

Thanks for the welcome backs.

Good idea Mad really need to get back on track.

Just been trying to figure what WOE I am going to use and I think I have made the decision to go low carb. Not sure if it will be Atkins or maybe (Dianne Kress) Diabetes Miracle, but one of the two. My doctor won't be too happy with me when she finds out I have gained weight.

Sleep is my problem as well. I normally wake up around 2 AM and can't get back to sleep again. DH goes to work around 5AM, so I go back to bed then and sleep for a couple of more hours.

Bonnie - Thinking good thoughts for your daughter.

Just washing and a trip to Costco today.

Have a great day all.

11-14-2012, 12:25 PM
Went to bed around 8:30 last night and got up about 10:30ish and DH said "You don't have to get up. Go back to bed if you want to". I didn't argue, I put on my gown and went to bed. Got up around 7:30 this morning and dressed, did a few things and took DGD to school. Got back and oldest DGD had milk and things ready for DGS. Still tired, but will try to work in a nap today. Good news is that ticker is finally correct again.

Mad - I'm OP today and plan to stick with it. I think I do better to just write the calories on paper rather than electronically on line. Most things have the calories on labels now any way.

Got to fix lunch for baby and put him down.

Hope everyone has a good day.

11-15-2012, 08:58 AM
fbs 5.6 today, don't know if my glucomete just isn't accurate at lower sugars, as when i compare with blood draws, the lab value is usually lower. So I am not freaked, but thinking of changing, when my sticks are done. Will try the relion for cost.
Am really a slug these days on days when I don't have structure. I really need structure to make me move and get going. Speaking of which, must get going!

11-15-2012, 09:03 AM
Good morning after a good solid sleep - 10PM to 6AM is exactly eight hours. FBGL is good but the weight is not budging. It's very discouraging since I now weigh nine pounds more than I did on this date last year! (Sometimes I hate myself for my compulsive documentation!) I am sticking to plan so will just have to wait it out. Meh! although I really do care.

Have a good Thursday, Chickies, and think turkey!

11-15-2012, 10:24 AM
Ruthie I know exactly what you mean. I just seem to bounce between 2 numbers on the scale. I figure if I keep doing what I know to do somehow it has to pay off, because FBS is dropping pretty good. But I notice when the FBS drops the weight seems to raise a little and vice versa. So maybe when the FBS gets down, hopefully the scale will eventually co-operate. Looking forward to turkey day. Got 2 turkeys in the freezer. We will use only one, but the other one cost so little on sale that I couldn't pass it up.:dizzy:

I think I'm having some problems with uric acid. I woke up once during the last 2 nights with severe pain in my big toe on right foot. Asked a friend on 3fc who has gout what she does. Then binged gout to learn more. So just maybe giving up the wheat is what I do have to do. Plus I now understand why a Christian tv doctor used tell people to eat at least 3 stalks of celery a day. May have to get some celery capsules. Also drinking lots of water seems to help it too. Will see. Hopefully just giving up the wheat will help a lot.

Felt pretty good when I got up. Not as tired so far. I read on line of people who felt good each day until they took the metformin. Seems the girl had PCOS. I do believe I had PCOS when I was a teenager, but they didn't know about it then. Poor doctor was Daddy's friend and as hard as he tried he just could not find out what my problem was. He finally left the medical field because of so many unanswered medical questions. Hopefully he went into research because he was such a good caring doc.

Well, today will be fairly quiet. DH has PT test today for blood thinner so he will pick up the DGD. He will eat out so I will eat light. He is so picky I am always trying to figure out something he will eat. I also plan to take advantage of a slow day.

Hope everyone has a good Thursday.

11-16-2012, 10:27 AM
ok, made a date with a friend to go to yoga, so that will get me out. Then out for Indian food with another friend who is celebrating being a granny for the first time. Will have to watch that, I can really overdo the Indian food.
Am getting dressed to take the dog for a walk too. Expect a quiet work weekend heading into my holidays. Lets hope I can motivate myself to exercise and eat right while I am off work.

11-16-2012, 11:03 AM
Getting into a tizzy over my weight as two months from today I'll be on my way to Cuba and wearing a bathing suit. :yikes: A pound a week would get me back to my weight from a year ago but I sure would like to do better than that. So sick of this!

11-16-2012, 08:17 PM
Got the results of my mammogram today and it is normal. Finished with all my girly stuff now for 2 yrs. :carrot: Now just to get the FBS and the triglycerides down. Also got to get the gout situation under control as well. I read that diet can cause it and correct it and then I read that what you eat has nothing to do with it. I did find out that a supplement of celery seed can help. I looked it up on the site where I purchase vitamins and read the reviews and many people say it helped better than the meds.

In all my research, I now realize that when I was a teenager that I must have had PCOS, but they didn't know about it when I was young. Explains so many things I experienced back then that doctor could not understand either. Body is soooooooooo complex and complicated.

Ruthie These darn "golden years" are something else. :dizzy: But so thankful to be alive. LOL

Y'all have a great weekend everybody.

11-17-2012, 08:05 AM
Patty, I know I had PCOS which explains a lot. I even had one ovary removed in 1958 because of a cyst but there was no treatment then.

Well, tried fish again last night and I have now given up on the stuff. I have decided capsules are just as good. Fish and chips I can hack and I love all seafood but fish is just not tasty so I am no longer going to force myself to eat it.

I need to strictly plan my meals today as I have to be on duty at the Town Hall 5:30 to 9 tonight since we are open for Celebrate the Season (http://www.beverleylakepark.com/christmas.html). Not sure what to take to eat - our kitchen is ripped apart but I may be able to find the microwave and plug it in for a frozen dinner. I'll be pretty crabby by 7 or so if I don't eat.

Off to make an almond milk, yogurt and blueberry smoothie. Enjoy your weekend, Chickies.

11-17-2012, 08:48 PM
Had a great yoga class last evening, and nice dinner out with friends, and actually left some food on my plate. Was up a lot of the night, so vegging around today, and DH fed me carbs in the form of pizza for supper. Back on plan tomorrow.
Trish, glad the mammogram went well. Ruth, enjoy your day out.

happy saturday night to you all.

11-18-2012, 07:30 AM
Weight is still stuck but BGL continues stable. I nearly froze to death at the Town Hall last night as there was no heat! I was home at 9 and then had dinner here. So glad I had single servings of lasagna in my freezer.

Today will be a better day. I am taking cookies to coffee hour after Church but can avoid them easily. Leaf raking is on the agenda for this afternoon and that'll be today's exercise. I am slacking off a bit and need to get my groove back.

11-18-2012, 03:45 PM
Mad I haven't gotten started on the yoga as of yet. Perhaps that is something I will do between Thanksgiving and Christmas and hopefully get a routine going by the New Yr.

Ruthie My weight seems to be stuck at bouncing around, but FBS is coming down. Hopefully the scale will begin to go downward soon. I just keep trying. So sorry our outing to the Town Hall didn't turn out so good. Hope today will be better.

Well as long as I drink the water before going to bed and remember to take 2 B-complex each day, the leg cramps seems to be at bay. I've sent for the book Diet 101 by Jenny Ruhl that Georgia mentions on another thread under the Diabetes section here. I printed out some of her info on her website from her first book and I've learned a lot about why we need to do certain things to get control of diabetes. I am going back to the basics and learning more about what is going on. There seems to have been some sort of mix up and I have some how ended up with loads of sticks so I am going to start testing
after meals again to learn what raises my bs and what doesn't.

Although I don't like such restrictive on fat as the SBD does, I am thinking seriously of going on a modified version with a little higher healthy fats and do the Phase 1 starting day after Thanksgiving and go until December. Then after Christmas, I can stay on Phase 1 for a few days and then move on to Phase 2 January 1st. I will use the Diet 101 ideas to help me along the way to learn what foods work with my body and not against it.

I'm ready to work at getting control of this even if I have to do Atkins again. I think from what I remember reading on Ruhl's website, she helps you learn which lowcarb diet is for you. So maybe 2013 will be the year I get all this under control.

Bonnie, Rie, Lindyloo and others :wave: Hi!!

Have a blessed Sunday.

11-19-2012, 12:07 AM
forgive me sisters for I have binged. Badly. Nuf said

11-19-2012, 07:50 AM
Mad, another sinner here. I was sort of down yesterday because my Church (http://www.historicplaces.ca/en/rep-reg/place-lieu.aspx?id=8480) is closing and ended up inhaling crackers and a package of cream cheese. Scale is 188.8 again this morning and I could not get a blood drop to test which is probably just as well.

All we can do is carry on. I'm off to the gym shortly.

Happy Moanday!

11-19-2012, 10:50 AM
I'm not doing great either. I've always been able to do really good during this time of year, but not so easy this time. I realize from reading what little I did on Jenny Ruhl's website that if I want the results I want with diabetes that low carb is the way to do it. I am low carbing today and will work at doing low carb until Thanksgiving day and just make that a day off. Then I will go right back on low carb again the very next day. I'll do that until Christmas and take that day off too and right back on the day after. At least that is the plan I will work towards. Will change my ticker today and use this as day one on new plan. Got to set some goals and make them work for me.

We may be having trouble girls, but WE CAN DO THIS.

11-19-2012, 05:36 PM
How can a person possibly gain 3 lbs overnight :dizzy::o

11-19-2012, 06:31 PM
Really, really easily! Don't fret - it's water weight and will go quickly. I'm sure you didn't ingest an extra 10,500 calories yesterday.

11-20-2012, 12:31 AM
DId better today, no outright binges. Meals were reasonable. BUt am at a 2 day meeting, supper tonight came with dessert. Just a small one though!
Ok, everyone, I am meeting a colleague in the morning for a yoga date, so you all can also get out and do a bit, only fair. Lets all work to get back on track.

11-20-2012, 11:22 AM
Did good yesterday. Weight seems to be stuck at 230, but FBS is coming down very well. Looked up alkaline foods and got a food chart that has the acidic/alkaline foods marked as to low to high. So doing low carb and learning to balance the protein which is acidic with the alkaline foods which seems to be fruits and veggies. Also eating only when hungry. I'm ready for the next few days of the kids being home. I pan fried the rest of the chicken wings and tenders I had and have them in the fridge. I am going to invest in some (very expensive) organic coconut oil to cook my food in which seems to be an alkaline oil and from I read has loads of benefits. It is my hope that when I go back to see doc in February to have real improved numbers.

Mad - Just do the best you can on your 2 day meetings eating. Don't think of it as eating off so much as a "planned" off. Takes away any guilt reprecussions.

Ruth, Lindyloo, Rie, Bonnie & others Hello :wave:

11-20-2012, 06:20 PM
Pattie, I just noticed under your name that you have "started Dukan" is that the plan you are following. I'm a tad confused over what you are doing. Is eating when you are hungry helping your BGL control?

I am still plugging away - been working outside for a couple of hours every afternoon but ti starts to get too cold by three. Guess I should try fro 11 to 1 instead. I do have most of the outdoor things done now - just need to cover the AC and get the decorations and lights up.

Food? Not much appetite but I am eating three meals - just not enthused about anything these days except starchy comfort foods. I need a personal chef! I do like stir-fry but even the light soy sauce makes me retain water so weight is still stuck around 188. I know I need to drink more water and am working on that.

We need to just hang in there. (I'm kind of glad my trip to PA for TD was canceled - I can't imagine not eating all the yummies you guys have for TD!)

11-20-2012, 11:27 PM
No Ruthie, I'm not doing Dukan and forgot I had it under my name. I've learned that I cannot eat fat free foods because the saltiness makes me retain water. I am doing low carb but not worrying too much about the fat content. I actually believe that by combining low carb eating with Intuitive Eating so that I only eat when I'm hungry and stop when I am satisfied seems to be helping bring down my FBS. I just want to get throught the holidays and then I will get stricter after the holidays. In fact, I'm doing so well with the FBS coming down, I almost don't want to eat off TD, but I know I will so I'm making it an off plan day.

11-21-2012, 11:16 AM
You were right Ruth:). Whatever it was took an extra 2 lbs away along with the overnight 3:carrot: Woosh Woosh. Now back to .2 less than ticker weight.

11-21-2012, 03:22 PM
FBS is didn't move and neither has the scale but that's okay. Got up and went to store to get groceries. I thought DH and I were getting paid today and I was off a week... next week is payday. Still able to get the rest of the food I wanted to fix for tomorrow plus I'm making the Enchillada cassarole for supper tonight. I got 2 pumpkin pies (one of those) buy 1 get 1 free, 1 pecan pie and a frozen cherry pie. Didn't get cheesecake but we'll have that Christmas. I'll do what I can today so there won't be that much for me to do tomorrow that way DD can do her cooking for tomorrow.

Have a good day... those of us in USA have a Happy Thanksgiving.

11-22-2012, 08:17 AM
I need Lindyloo's whoosh today as weight is still stuck despite an exemplary Atkins day yesterday. I guess the soy sauce in the chicken and celery stir-fry did me in! I'll just keep on truckin'.

Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving south of the border. Mad and I will enjoy the aroma of turkey wafting north across the Seaway!

11-22-2012, 10:16 AM
happy thanksgiving to our American friends.
Haven't weighed since getting home last night, will have a couple of days on plan before I do that, so I don't scare myself!
Will go to yoga this evening, after a day time meeting before I start my little holiday.
My goal is to have outdoor exercise daily, and do some yoga daily. I have to make this happen, because I can start reading or something, and never get off my butt all day.
Have a good day everyone, will check in again tomorrow

11-22-2012, 01:33 PM
Scale showed a loss this morning, but not going to even acknowledge it since I know this is my big planned OFF PLAN day. Turkey is in the oven and has 2 more hrs to cook. Green bean casserole is in the crock and dressing/stuffing is in fridge ready to go into the oven. Only baking will be a frozen cherry pie... all other dessert is store bought. Actually was cheaper to buy than make. I think DH & I ended up providing a pretty nice dinner since we are paying for everything now. I .mistakenly thought there were 4 Wednesdays in this month which DH and I get our checks on the 4 Wednesdays. I didn't have much in the bank since I no longer have my cushion I've always kept. So did the best I could with what I had to work with and still have $24 in the bank. So God came through for us again. Sure hope everyone appreciates what DH and I have been doing for them.

I've talked to my kids and great grandaughters which makes my T-day a great day.

Have a good day.

11-22-2012, 10:13 PM
Trish, gratitude should be fulsome in your home. Stayed on plan today, but am having a mild allergic reaction to the coleslaw dressing, but was delicious to will live with the hives for tonight, but early to bed because of the antihistamine. Tomorrow taking DD to a nearby college to check out nursing programs. Did get outside with the dog for a while, but am pretty tired out for some reason, even before the meds.
off to bed for now

11-23-2012, 01:09 AM
Fatmad True. Not one person said thanks since they would not have had a Thanksgiving day if DH and I hadn't done it, but that is okay. The fact that I heard from everyone of my kids and grandkids plus a niece, I feel like God really blessed me and was my thanks enough. DH and I had a tiff tonight, but later he talked about how he needs them to give us some money etc but he knows they'll never give it and he says they could have money hid and not tell us. He said something to them about putting up the big tree they just had to put up last year and he said they just looked at him dumbfoundedly. So I think DH thinks they have just used us to get her degree and now that I've made it clear that we have no more money and I barely had to money to do Thanksgiving... they will up and leave us possibly just before Christmas. At least we will know we did what we can and they will live to regret what they did to her Daddy. Hopefully our house will be ours alone again soon. I will enjoy them better when they come visit rather than live here.

I actually did very good with my eating today. Ate exactly what I planned to eat and no more. So I feel like I did very well. Now working on staying where I am or hopefully losing a little weight by Christmas.

Lot of people doing black Friday shopping. Not this girl. Did it one time and no more. There is nothing I need or want that bad. I'm going to go get my nails done while all those people are out shopping. Already got my Friday laundry done tonight and plan that to be all I'm going to do this week end besides going to church Sunday morning.

Hi :wave: Ruthie, Lindyloo and all those who are MIA Hope y'all were just busy with Thanksgiving and check in soon..

Catch y'all tomorrow.

11-23-2012, 09:33 AM
Trish, I am glad DH understands whats been happening, but hope you both can keep from dwelling on it and can recover when they go.
I stepped on the scale today to see just how bad it is, 175. Clothes were feeling tight, so it does make sense. Well, have the next 2 weeks off and no excuses about how I eat during that time. It will be on plan. Off today for a campus tour with DD. Southern Ontario stores have taken to having black Friday sales too to keep us from cross border shopping with all our Christmas money, but most of the stuff I am planning for my gang is local, cheap and cheerful. Have a good day all

11-23-2012, 06:02 PM
Mad Thanks. I hope we can too. I'm having to remember that he doesn't feel good and he is extremely upset with how they have done us. He says that he is going to send them a bill when they move. Says we won't ever get any of the money, but he will never give them one cent to help them again. I think he is feeling used and abused. The kids are not taught to have any respect for us or our things. I think when they leave we are going to be so relieved. I know I'm going to take 1 week just to relax and do some "me" things.

Did go get a pedicure and my nails done today. Go to the beauty shop tomorrow. I told DH last night that I had sacrificed and gone without those little special "me" things I used to do long enough. The left the kids with us and went to Charlotte today (don't know where they got the money). DH can do what he wants to do, but I'm not dishing out any more money. It's not beyond them to be Christmas shopping although they suddenly had to go to Charlotte unexpectedly to have a MRI. It is so strange to me how I gave them $90 last week for gasoline and bought ALL the food etc and they suddenly come up with money. Seems to me somebody is playing games.

Mad you have a good 2 weeks off and have fun spending time with your DD.

11-24-2012, 09:41 AM
Patty, I'd say they are definitely playing games. I know your DH is not well but perhaps it's time for him to get up on his hind legs get a definite move out date from them. They are not being honest and fair with you and are taking advantage. Now I'll shut up.

Same old, same old when I check in. Weight the same and FBGL good. I need a magic pill to get me off this plateau. I'm getting pretty discouraged. There are a lot of social events scheduled already for next month and I don't want to go to them feeling discouraged because that will weaken my resistance muscle and I'll gain even more.

11-24-2012, 11:26 AM
Hey all, down to between 174 and 175 today. Going for a walk with the dog, and then to town for a few things.
Ruth: I know you feel discouraged by the plateau, and that you are up from last year at this time, but remember a few things. You have really been struggling with your knees, which affects a lot of things. if we focus on stable sugars, not having additive damage, like kidney or heart problems, you were able to go off a med, and you haven't been gaining weight, you are doing well. You have such a busy social life (as a single lady like yourself should, sitting around the house isn't good for anyone) that keeps food in front a lot, I am amazed you haven't gained. I would have.
Also, we can look at inches. I knew I only gained a couple of pounds, but waistlines were definitely tight, and I am more upset about that than the scale itself. Well, off to walk the dog.

11-24-2012, 11:31 PM
I need to get back on board I have gained weight and I am scared to get on the scale and see how much I have to go to the Dr next month and I need to get back on plan I felt so much better I need to find the determination to do this...

11-25-2012, 08:44 AM
Bonnie, I am in the same boat as I saw 190 again this morning. Too many extras are creeping in. I snacked on a package of rice crisps and spinach dip yesterday afternoon. Having a smaller supper just doesn't make up for inhaling all that extra food. (I've been stocking up for Christmas entertaining - maybe that was not such a good idea!)

I will be very strict this week and write down everything I eat. It's too easy to kid myself and forget that sort of indulgence.

11-25-2012, 01:06 PM
I am reading the book Diet 101 mention by Georgia in the diabetes section of 3fc. It is really helping me to decide exactly what I want to do and accomplish through my dieting. I really recommend this book as m ethe author has really researched the low carb diets & compares them with low fat research. She also explains what is going on with our blood sugar and how it works is diabetic or insulin resistant etc. She also explains that even if you low carb (which see does) that you also need to keep up with your calorie intake. I haven't gotten far in the book, but right now until I know more I am going to be counting calories and carbs. Especially through the holidays. She explains what happens when you are on a strict low carb diet and then have a slip or eat off. She says those who are successful low carbers who lose their weight and maintain it know that when they have a gain from eating off is not a weight gain. They understand that it is just a refill of glycogen that will only become a weight gain if you continue to eat more calories than you burn. Knowing this keeps them from self-loathing that causes them to denial and binging which causes the blood sugar to rise and then drop steeply causing the brain to yell "Feed me carb s". She says if you weren't hungry when you were low carbing before your off plan meal or binge the when you go right back to eating low carb again, that within a day or 2 you should be back to not feeling hungry. She says the succussful low carbers know this and are flexible.

So there are loads of good info in the book to help me decide exactly how I want to diet plan that I can live with as a lifestyle. Oh, in her research she did she found works that were done to compare different LC and LF plans where group tests were done and the results. She shares which ones were good tests and which ones were not complete or carefully watched.

Bonnie, Ruthie, Mad, Lindyloo, Rie and others :wave:

Going to get back to reading. Have a nice Sunday.

11-26-2012, 07:19 AM
Well ... a miracle! Dropped three pounds overnight so I guess I was holding water. Too bad I didn't keep it as I now have no water in the house - well and pump problems. Looks like my well may have run dry which does not please me. I'll have to be careful not to comfort eat as I go through this problem. I'm sure glad I paid for my Cuba trip in advance!

The "lads" will be here today to dig up the well which is in the middle of my drive. I'll be offering them coffee and store-bought donuts or cookies as I will not bake when I have no water.

Skipping gym today - my exercise will be lugging jugs of water for drinking, washing, cooking and flushing!

11-26-2012, 11:18 AM
HI all: had a very lazy day yesterday, DVD marathon of my fav show, (the closer with kyra sedgewick), I bought the 7th and last season, (not able to get it until next year on TV here) and spent much time this weekend on a first run through. Then will watch each episode again one at a time.
Didn't overeat though. And did walk the dog twice.
fbs today is 5.7 and I have decided that this is fine, as my A1C is fine and I think my glucometer reads high. I will be walking the dog and going to yoga today. And eating on plan of course!
GOod luck with the well Ruth. Its a pain, no matter what the cause.
BOnnie, welcome back and good luck restarting.
Trish, enjoy the reading and have a good day.

11-27-2012, 07:30 AM
Whew! No need to dig up the well as the problem was a burnt out pump. The lads had the water back on by early afternoon and I resumed my normal life.

Good FBGL this morning and weight is still holding at 187. Sure hope that's not my new plateau. I'm really trying to plan my meals carefully and to stick to the plan. Didn't get to the gym yesterday because of the water situation but plan to go in and do cardio this morning on my way to the doctor to get a Twin-Rix (sp?) prescription for Cuba. Not sure if I really need it but he wants me to be extra careful.

11-27-2012, 11:35 AM
slept in til 10 am today! wow, haven't done that in years. Went to bed about 1030, so not sure why I needed to sleep so long, but I did. fbs was 5.4 by that time, and weight back to ticker. Now that I am on a roll, will just keep on plan and trucking away, let more slide off before the holidays. I didn't get to yoga yesterday, but did walk the dog. Leaving a warm house in the evening was just not so appealing, but will go today, during the day.
Got my tablet fixed up to download library books instead of just buying from kobo, and am quite pleased about that. However, my library does not have a lot of e-books yet, so maybe that will be a Christmas donation for them.
Otherwise things are good her, a bit more snow, cold temperatures but not arctic, and clear air. All is well.
Will start holiday shopping today while in town. Low cost and local is the family motto this year. That can be harder than one thinks.
Ruth, glad it was just the pump but thats a major expense too, no? And why would it burn out? I like the twin rix vaccine, as it doesn't have Thimerosal in it (thats the mercury adjuvant, that so many folks want to avoid) and helps for both hepatitis a and b. I did have to get an energix for the b though as I didn't get immunity from the twin rix. So have a titre drawn in the summer to check. My Dad and his friend went to cuba last year and had a lovely time. I liked it because there is excellent medical care, the doctors and hospitals are very good, so I didn't worry about him. This year they plan Panama because of the family connections (DSIL's mother lives there) and also has the best medical care in central america, outside of cuba.
Still haven't decided if we are going anywhere for my little holiday, but apparently I am getting plenty of rest!
Have a good day friends.

11-27-2012, 12:04 PM
Well, I didn't make it to this thread yesterday. Just too busy doing loads of laundry and Jaxx had his therapy. Had to make appt for DH to get MRI for his shoulder. That will be at 11:15 this morning. His doc appt for results will be early Friday morning and I sure hope they will be able to treat it and get him on the mend. Sure hope he will be well by Christmas.

My counting calories and carbs are working great. Trying to keep my carbs no higher than 110 g and cals no higher than 1400. Started Sunday and actually have lost the 3 + lbs I gained plus 1 so I am going back down below the 230 lbs. The book I'm reading says diabetics shouldn't eat more than 110 g of carbs a day. It seems from the studies done that those who lost weight on 110 - 115 g, were able to maintain their weight loss, however, they began to gain weight when they boosted their carbs up to 140 g or above. While this came out of an Atkins study, it seems to be true even for diabetics on non-ketogenic diets. While calories seems to be flexible for each person preference or body, the carb grams limits don't seem to vary from 20 g on Atkins to the 114 g range much. May for some, but I get the feeling it is rare. If I understand what she is saying, in order to lower our risk of damage to our bodies, our A1c needs to stay between 4 - 6. So my goal is to get the A1c down in the 5 range.

Mad Great job with your lazy day yesterday.

Ruthie So glad the water problem was the pump and a quick fix. DH#2 and I moved into our farm house and within a month the well went dry. When they tried to go deeper, there was a layer of shell that kept caving in. They had to put casing in to as they dug to solve the problem. With 3 teens at home we were so glad, we were glad it was in the summertime. Country people are super people. A farmer we didn't even know heard about our delimma and loaned us a huge tank to haul water in so we could bathe etc. I laughed when they gave me the bill. I think it was $1,999.98 and I asked the man "Why didn't you just round it off to $2,000?" I forgot when do you leave for your trip?

Y'all have a great day.

11-28-2012, 09:50 AM
fbs 5.7 today. weight is up, which I suspect is a variation on the salt theme. Went to the music jam last night, and drank soda water. When I have perrier or soda to drink, I really seem to hold water weight. DOesn't seem to happen with diet schwepps ginger ale, but does with those "water" drinks. I have this to avoid pop and alcohol drinks, but want to support the bar/restaurant that hosts us, so just water doesn't seem fair. We usually do share a little cheese plate, which is a real deal too. Also important, we had a great time, as usual. DH has been working like crazy and took the evening off to drive me to yoga, he did errands while I was there, then we went to the jam together. Nice to spend the evening together.
Going to a ww meeting this evening. I haven't been using my e-tools, and they are launching their "new" 360 plan. I went to the website and liked the support stuff they are doing, with plans for life happening around you. If I am not using the plans, why am I paying for it? Might help if I find a meeting I prefer, since the leader at my local meeting is an issue. I just don't really like her. She doesn't inspire me.
Well, I hope everyone has a good day, we seem to be down to only 3 posters regularly, so I encourage the lurkers to share a little, even if its just your blood sugars and med regimen.

11-28-2012, 11:59 PM
I know I wonder what happened to Rie. She said there were whooping cough issues with staff last time I remember hearing from her. I sure hope she is okay.

1st, I wanted to share that my oldest son I haven't heard from in 6 yrs emailed me for my phone #s so I sent them and he called me this morning. His wife had issues with his family, but he said after the way the 1st 2 marriages he has learned to balk. So he is back in my life and going to see his brother for his birthday at the end of December. And he wanted his sister's phone # and will be calling her. We talked 3 hours and I found out that I have 6 more great grandchildren. That is including his wifes 4 grandchildren. I am so excited to have our family coming together again.

DD and her family may be moving back to south FL. DSIL came home last night and announced that he has lost his job and has a possible job in FL. I had just announced to her about an hour before he came home that I have no more money to help them with anything. Tony has a herniated disk according to whoever did his MRI. We go Friday morning to see the doc and what he suggests. Our insurance has a GAP and he enters the GAP in Dec and I have to be able pay for his meds plus all the other things I have to pay. I told her that I was finally scraping the bottom of the barrel and there is not more money. Then he came in and dropped his bombshell. I think he had it planned all the time, because of the way he dresses to go to work. DH and I had wondered if he was trying to get fired. Even one of the customers asked him one day, "Doesn't *** run background checks before they hire their employees?" I think that is probably why they let him go. He told us he was talking to a friend back in FL about going to work down there because he wants to move back. Supposedly DD is very upset because she says she doesn't want to leave us. So we are waiting for him to find out if he gets the job and if and when they will move. DH told them that we cannot help with the move and he even asked if they are going to be able to send us some money each month to pay us back for all we have done. Then he laughed and told them he was kidding because he knew they would never pay us back. He told them that they had to make the decision and he really didn't care one way or another what they were going to do. He told me that he hopes they go because otherwise he isn't sure we will get them to move out of our house. So strange change of events. I'm trying to stay quiet and just let things play out.

Bonnie, Ruthie and others reading. :wave:

11-29-2012, 08:48 AM
Patty, I hope this really is a turning point. So glad you are back in touch with the rest of the family. I sure hope things resolve quickly as you and your DH must really be stressed.

Yes, I was wondering about Rie too. As a MOD, I have access to her email addy and I just may drop her a line if she doesn't show for a while.

Mad, I must see if soda water makes me hold water too. I wonder why. :shrug: Supposedly it has no salt. You jam session with DH sounds like a lovely way to relax.

Disappointed but not surprised to see 187.6 on the scale this morning. Obviously a big carb day: an apple for early breakfast, 2 eggs on 2 toast for real breakfast after gym, a PB sandwich for lunch, nibbles of bean salad when I made it in the afternoon and pasta for supper. Too many carbs ya think? :rofl: Just remembered I ate some raisins before bed since the Big C is visiting me again. Did get some results this morning though - too much information, of course.

Am treating myself to a pedicure this morning - two full hours of relaxation. It's in Westport, a half hour drive away, but I'll get some groceries and drop off the last three batches of Fair prizes at the schools when I'm over there. They should have been dropped off in September. (I know that my procrastinating is what adds to my stress - so dumb because it's easily fixed!) I will have lunch when I'm out but will stick to salad and chicken. Dinner tonight is already planned.

I'm hoping to have some time this afternoon to make a soup that's supposed to be yummy. That should see me through tomorrow night (Book Club here) and Saturday night when I have to work at the Mill 5 to 9 in the evening.

Hey! Tomorrow is the 30th! Where did this month go!

11-29-2012, 01:04 PM
Well, today is my spa day, getting niced up for the holidays, pedi, mani and wax job, haircut. Haven't been for 2 months, so its time.
Ruth, I wonder if 3fc isn't like facebook and ads are geared to what we say in posts, because right now there is a t-shirt add up (funny t-shirts and hoodies) that says "I pooped today" and had me ROTFLMAO.
After clearing out very well a couple of days ago, things are getting backed up again.
Trish, more interesting developments on the home front, hope they figure everything out. WOnder why he prefers to be fired (and hasn't he been suspended several times?) instead of giving proper notice and getting a good reference. Is there a difference for unemployment insurance or taxes etc?
I know you have to be able to take care of your husband's health needs, but if they are around for the holidays, I hope you can make the time special for the Grandkids so they will have good memories of their time with you. Keep that in your heart and mind as these difficult times play out. We have stayed in touch with a few family members who are real pains and challenging personalities, but we still have relationships with their kids, and I am grateful for that.
fbs still 5.7 and weight at 173, went to ww last night. The email was wrong and they didn't launch the 360 plan this week, its next week. Its just a planning system for helping people stick to the points plan, but looks promising. Just like tracking, one makes a written plan for challenging situations.
Well, time for a late breakfast. slept late after a bout of insomnia last night. Its nice to be off work for a bit!

11-29-2012, 09:04 PM
They told the girls this evening and the oldest DGD hasn't said anything and refused to talk to anyone for a couple of hours. Th youngest came and fell in my arms and just cried because she doesn't want to go. I assured her that it would be okay and told her "we will just have to use the few months we have left together to make some happy memories". According to the youngest girl they will probably be moving in February. Funny the adults have not telling us anything about the timing. We would love for them to live closer to us, but DH thinks them going back to FL will be the only way to get them out of our house. The night they came and told us all this, DH even told them that he had hoped they would get a house and move, but he wanted them to stay close by. He just didn't thing they would move back to FL.

Ruthie You had me ROTFLMAO. You are so funny.

Mad Yes, he was the suspended several times probably more than DH and I know (wonder if those times he was scheduled off for 5 days or so and made trips to FL if he was being reprimanded). I also wondered why you would want them to fire you or lay you off rather than leave with a recommendation.

11-29-2012, 09:33 PM
Been Busy here for the last few days . My Aunt took off Tuesday to go to georgia and we got the news yesturday that my Uncle passed away. I will miss him but I am so glad that he is not suffering any more. Had to take my daughter the day before thanksgiven to get that biopsy done and they say she has pre cancer cells so waiting on the test results. Now the nephew has to go have a pix put in wednesday he has cystic fibrosis he isnt doing good he is only 6. So many thing and so much to do and for this time of year is when everything happens.

11-29-2012, 09:59 PM
THoughts are with you Bonnie, this must be tough to hear about your DD but treatments are highly successful for this condition. I am sorry about your nephew, CF is tough. I have many clients who are carriers for this and have delivered a few babes with it. The PIC line is a good plan, will allow him to get meds without a lot of needles, and allows for TPN if he needs it. (Nutrition/food directly into the vein.) Since getting food in is so hard for these kids, that can be a big help. Hope everyone feels better soon.
DOn't give up on yourself, you can help everyone so much more if you eat and exercise and meditate and are in a good place yourself.
good luck

11-29-2012, 10:15 PM
hey there guys..i am relatively new here...i have been diagnosed with diabetes type 2 and am at the moment diet controlled...on a normal diet (one i am not too concerned about carbs and sugar but still minimizing) my bsl is about 6 or 7 and my doc is happy with that..has been that way since i was diagnosed a year and a half ago...so i am happy with that....i am now really strict with carbs, fat and sugar and i am hoping to get healthy...losing weight to me is a bonus...i am not going to monitor my weight but i do know i am about 130kg at the moment..been sticking to a plan for almost 2 weeks and walking around the block a couple of times a day when i can...i have other health problems that stick in my graw and frustrate the heck out of me when it comes to exercising..i have osteo arthritis in my spine and shermans disease which causes my legs to go numb on me after a while when walking or standing tooo long....so i am visiting a physio today to get me a good exercise program for the pool which opens next weekend!!..the local pool has been shut for renovations...nice to meet everyone!!...good to be here!!...cheers liz

ooooooops forgot to say that i have pcos too!

11-30-2012, 12:27 PM
lizarddau, :welcome:. This is a good place to hang out. Although we do talk about weightloss, we also focus on healthy eating and exercise.

Just back from the gym which always sets me up for the day. At the moment I have a very sore toe (hammertoe starting) which is cramping my style a bit but I still did my 20 minutes on the dreadmill. The knees crabbed a lot because I had not taken my Aleve but :shrug: I have an appointment with a chiropodist in two weeks to get the toe seen. In the meantime, we are just carrying on. Gorgeous sunny and cold day here - my Christmas cactus is just covered with beautiful fuchsia blooms. It lifts me over the aches and pains.

New month tomorrow so first person in, please start a December thread.

11-30-2012, 02:32 PM
That's it. :censored:

Accountability starts in the morning.