Weight Loss Surgery - Daily Chat.....April 22nd and beyond..

04-22-2003, 08:11 AM
Hi all.......I've been out of the loop for a while. I had an unexpected trip to Florida. My Mom, who has always been the healthier of my parents, had surgery on Thursday. They found a mass in her throat, on her vocal chords. A biopsy did not reveal for sure if it is pre-cancerous cells or early stage cancer. Either way, she will undergo 6 weeks of radiation. We are hopeful that the radiation will shrink the mass or even better get rid of it. She is at home, doing well........but she can't talk until this Thursday, which is VERY hard for her, she likes to talk :rolleyes:

I have catching up to do with all of you. Hope everyone is doing well. Me, I'm the same.......my weight does not change up or down. I'm thankful it doesn't go up, but darn I need a down too! :D Guess I need to haul the hefty butt to the park :rolleyes: NO NOT THAT :yikes:

I'll check back in later.......have a good day all!

04-22-2003, 08:26 PM
were your ears burning deb? peachie and i were wondering where you were, and we KNEW there had to be something wrong! glad to hear that she's recovering, but what an awful scare! and what's the next step?

easter was nice, peachie made a great dinner, and the boys were adorable, even though the older one decided that mom, peachie, and i were going to play baseball, football, and basketball against the boys. yeah right. in his dreams!!!!

am in a funk, eating wise. starting on the carbs [mostly pretzels], but i didn't bring enough protein for lunch [do you believe it???????] so i've been a little dizzy this afternoon. fortunately, i have protein snacks.

and am still at work. not pretty. not happy about it. still hate them all.

that's pretty much it for me!!!

be well, everyone. do better than i am please!!!!!

04-22-2003, 11:47 PM
Hi all, I to have been lagging around. My husband is now in Kawait (sp?) He called me from Germany and said he was there and would be in Kawait by now. I'm glad he called, I have been worried. I won't hear from him for the next month or so and it's driving me crazy. (sad, because it hasn't been a day yet)

Anyway, I'm on the loosing end again. I lost 2.75lbs this week (amazing since I didn't eat right at all!)

Well that is my short but sweet post for the day.


04-23-2003, 12:46 AM
bella.... thoughts and prayers for your family during this time. i KNOW he'll be safe. he HAS to be.

04-23-2003, 08:19 AM
Good Morning!!!!!!!!

Bella, I was all prepared to post a whine about my husband going on a business trip to London this afternoon........he will be gone until Sunday, and will miss daughter's spring recital. Your post made me realize that our military families have much more to think about than a little business trip. My thoughts are with you and yours.

Jiff, hope the work "horrors" at least slow down.

:wave: to all!! Hope your day is wonderful!

04-23-2003, 03:57 PM
Just popped in to say HI!

I pray daily for the safe and quick return of our soilders and this war to end soon.

Well, I lost three pounds as of this past Monday--don't ask how, because I was less than perfect over Easter weekend. Yesterday, I went to the driver license center to get my picture taken for my new photo ID (my old one was about to expire, and THAT picture was hideous--I looked like I had THREE CHINS!:lol: This one came out much better! Whew..one less thing to worry about for another four years.

I got two denim shirts from Haband--they were two for 37.95 in an ad I found in the Sunday paper...I got one in denim blue and one in white. They have embroidery on the pockets and are very pretty, and a size....3X!:cp:

Today, I worked out for 30 minutes and currently doing laundry. So much for my exciting day:lol:

04-23-2003, 09:10 PM
I know some of you know me from the Low Carb board and some of you haven't been that lucky yet :)

I just though I'd pop in and let y'all (that southern thang was for you Deb!) know what's happening. I had an appointment with my PCP last week to discuss WLS. She thought it was a great idea and referred me to the Weight Loss Program. I'm insured with Kaiser, so this whole process will take a long time if they end up even approving me. I have to take American Heart Association Classes, Kaiser classes and all kinds of other classes before they will do any surgery. It will take around a year. But, I figure the classes can't hurt and since this is my insurance company I will jump through their hoops and even ask "how high". My PCP sent me for lots of lab work. She said I may not have enough co-morbidities (the only one noted now is arthritis) but she would help me come up with another one if it's necessary. Isn't that nice of her? I was bummed to learn that they probably won't do lap-band surgery.

My problem is going to be not having an attitude at classes if the instructor is some skinny little thing who's lost a total of 3 pounds in her whole life. Sometimes I think I could write a book based on all the diets I've been on and nutrition articles I've read. I know what I'm supposed to do, it just hasn't worked out real well!

I hope that they will approve me. After all the reading I've done, I really think this is a good choice for me. I'm doing everything I can to make this happen.

Bye for now,

Hey Deb, my Rockies are hanging in there at 12-8! We even have our own Javy Lopez! :p

Peach - I can't even bring myself to mention those losers you like.

Jif - tell me you don't have the same baseball taste as your lovely, but ill-guided sister!

peach pit
04-23-2003, 10:05 PM
Being a Rockies fan is a co morbidity.

yes it is.

I did the research.



04-23-2003, 10:44 PM
ummm. chickadee, my dear friend, before we go into the baseball ISSUE, let me just say that i wish you the best of luck in this effort, and ask any and all questions!!! there are real problems with support groups, and i'm sick and tired of hearing from food ****s and people who've never had weight issues yet think they can lead a group of WLS patients. and other groups are just plain angry... and i don't get it.

if i hear one more time 'eat when you're hungry' and the first sign of my hunger is dizziness..l i'm gonna...... well, you can just imagine. and another pet peeve: eat 3 meals a day, 20 grams of protein at each meal, and you'll be fine. well. geez. i'm more than a year out, and every once in a while, i can manage the 3 oz of protein needed to hit the 20 grams, but it's not often!!!!!

anyway, welcome to the group here!

now, about the baseball thing. <whispering> i can tell the difference between a home run and a strike out, and i can cheer REALLY LOUDLY when my nephew hits the ball or something like that, but anything else... i just don'[t care!!! OH., and i do recognize the difference between a yankees uniform and a mets uniform. and i know the yankees play in da bronx and the mets in queens.

so, we've now hit my limit on baseball knowledge!!!!

BUT A Provocative question here, for discussion... if, as peachie says, being a rockies fan is a comorbidity, does that mean that being a yankees fan makes my sister sane and healthy??????? i can't begin to believe THAT one!!!!!

04-24-2003, 06:51 AM
:wave: at th elusive Chickadee. We missed you in LC.
The Lurker

04-24-2003, 09:08 AM
Imagine my delight when I sign on and see a post from Chickadee!! And.......one from peachie too (I think she is turning into a lurker :lol: ) Love ya peachie!!

Miss Chickadee, so you think they will band you? Nothing wrong with that, but I was wondering why the band and not the RNY? Is your bmi over 40? Do you have a family history of obesity related health issues? Sleep apnea, do you have sleep apnea? I'm trying to think of co-morbidities.

Just wait until Hazel gets on here and notices that you have Kaiser :rolleyes: Hazel had her own battle with Kaiser.

Oh yea, Miss Chickadee.......ya'll........my Javy Lopez is cuter than your Javy Lopez :devil:

An update on my Mom. She went to see the doctor yesterday, she can now talk again, and she even can talk stronger now that they removed part of the mass. She will do radiation for 7 weeks, 5 days a week. The doc told her they caught it early and he expects a full recovery. :dance:

Since hubby is out of town, daughter for the very first time, drove to school today.......she drove Dad's car. I'm not a big supporter of kids driving to school. I see nothing wrong with them putting their little teenage butts on the bus. I know, I'm a mean Mommy!! I also know that most parent's don't agree with me.

Ruth good to see you lurking with us :wave:

Jiff I guess if you ever want to upset peachie you could tell her your a Mets fan. :lol: Would love to be a fly on the wall when you told her that.

I hope a good day is had by all!

04-24-2003, 11:35 AM
naaaahhhh. peachie gets annoued enough with our other sisterm, who's a mets fan. it's not always peaceful!!!!

04-24-2003, 01:07 PM
You really have a Mets fan in your family :yikes: Oh my! Oh my! :lol:

04-24-2003, 02:56 PM
PEACH - I just spit coffee all over my monitor! A pox on you for making me laugh at my Rockies! Maybe you could be a, um, Peach and sign on as my co-morbidity?

JIF - Let me get this straight (so to speak). You Met some Yankee queens in the Bronx? Very interesting! Kaiser has all kinds of classes and evaluations and I just hope that they're done by people who actually have a clue. If they aren't, I'll come here and vent. Okey-dokey?

DEB - Okay, your Javy's cuter, but at least I have one of my own! Actually on the WLS thing, they won't band me. It will be RNY. I was leaning toward banding after all my reading and research, but Kaiser told me they don't do it. And, I actually do have a family history of diabetes and mentioned it to doc. I don't know about sleep apnea. Believe me, I'm over 40 bmi, but that's a must for Kaiser to even consider okaying the surgery. I'm glad your mom can talk again. My MIL had radiation when she had breast cancer. She said it wasn't too bad, so hopefully it will be okay for your mom.

HAZEL - I don't know you yet, but please share your Kaiser horror story with me. I've actually been really pleased with them over the years, but am just starting this newest quest, so any and all suggestions are appreciated!

Aw shucks Ruth, you little lurker you. I miss all the LC chicks too!

Bye for now,
The always colorful, if somewhat goofy, Miss Chickadee

04-25-2003, 07:43 AM
Good morning everyone!!! Did you miss me?? I have been so busy! I have finally lost 40 lbs since my WLS on 02/05/03!!! It has taken almost 3 months but that is ok with me!!! So total with my pre-surgery weight loss I have lost 72 lbs since 08/16/02 WHOOOO HOOOOO:cb:

My clothes are falling off and I love this problem!!!:cp: I went to the store and got some new jeans (the stretchy kind) and they are an 18/20's, and they are kind of big (they go up to right under my boobs)!!! When I looked at them I thought these will never fit me, and they did (I did not try them on at the store because I was too scared that they would not fit and that would depress me)!!! I have been in a 26/28 for as long as I can remember!!!:cloud9:

Chickadee, I wish I had something nice to say about Kaiser (in GA) but I don't. They have an exclusion that is iron tight. I had to wait 9 months and change insurance companies. My pcp even wrote letters stating how much money they would save in the long run, but they did not care. He even got the insurance commissioner in GA involved and they sent in an investigator to tell my pcp that there was nothing they could do if an insurance co has an exclusion. I know that Kaiser does cover this surgery if you are a federal employee, and in other states. So I sure hope they cover it for you!:cloud9:

Oh yeah I almost forgot that I posted my before picture on Obesity help, it is the most horrible picture I have ever seen. It is me at my all time higest weight of 325 back in the summer of 2001! It is so awful!!! Go take a look if you want but I warned you...

I sure hope everyone has a great day and weekend!!!

Dr. Daly ~ Lap RNY 02/05/03
314 ~08/16/02 started my last diet drug!
282 ~pre-op
242 ~ TODAY

04-25-2003, 08:30 AM
Morning all!!

Hazel's picture looks nothing like her. She is the cutest little thing!!

Boy is it raining here!!! So whats a girl to do when it rains.......why go have breakfast with friends at Ihop of course :D Meeting the girls at 9:15 and if Ihop is lucky we will leave by 1PM or so. :lol: The only thing we ask is that they keep the coffee coming.

Off to run through the shower, have a good day all


04-25-2003, 09:41 AM
Well, I knew that wasn't Hazel! All you Southern Belles have big hair! :D

04-25-2003, 09:58 AM
Debbie you are so sweet! Unfortunately it is me!! :yikes:

Ruth this is so funny because I do have big hair, it was hitting me in the face so my oldest son gave me a baseball cap to put on. But my hair is long and curly!!:D


04-25-2003, 02:53 PM
Wow, Hazie, great going! It's stories like yours that makes me motivated even more as I head toward my consultation appointment for WLS in August! Who knows, I may reach my 195 and thensome by this time next year!;)

BUT...let's look at the short term goal I have for now--to hopefully break 300 by my August 25 appointment.:D

peach pit
04-26-2003, 09:44 AM

Lori! Did your doc tell you that you had to lose weight before the surgery? I have heard that some do. Welcome, by the way and I hope you stick around!

Hazel, loved the picture!!!! Congrats on your weight loss!

Hey Debkay, glad to hear that your mom is doing a bit better.

Hey Jiff!

Hey to Ruth too! and to any other lurkers!

and my dear Chickadee.....I am glad you joined us too...perhaps you can help get me out of my funk. I mean, all my pre op testing is complete but WHY or WHY won't I make the call to the surgeons office to set a date? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm????? I'm telling ya, my house has never been so clean....the classic avoidance tactic! It may actually come to the point where I clean my basement. How low is that? Do you think I have ish-shoes? oh, yea, you might consider keeping a little cleaner by your monitor! ROFL

As to queens in the bronx, the only queens in the bronx are my two wonderful cousins. Love them! One time they came out here to the "country" and got lost. They waved at a policeman and were so upset that he just waved back instead of stopping to help them. My town, a friendly, stuck up sort of place!!!

same old same old otherwise. The kids were home all week and we actually had a pretty great time. I kind of like the little buggers. Of course today was suppose to be opening day for little league but the parade got rained out and my oldest is having a hissy fit.

like I said, same old same old!

hugs and all that good stuff!

04-26-2003, 11:35 AM
Lori that August doctor visit will be here before you know it, and if your like the rest of us, when the doc wants to know if you have any questions..........you could answer them yourself. Isn't the net wonderful!!

gee peachie, according to our kids.......we CONTROL the weather. :lol:

daughter needs my assistance......back later

04-26-2003, 12:16 PM
Hazel... We want to see a NOW pic too! Congrats on you losses.

I'm home from work with SHINGLES... Not fun Went to doc Wed and she gave me meds to lessen the pain, but it zonks me out!!!

Jiff what's going on about the resurrection of your old company? I've been rather lax in visiting the site the last few weeks and if you've done an update I've missed it.

In the baseball department, I'm not into our Rangers much, but how bout our STARS? I know the lost the other night but they put up a heck of a fight!!! 5 overtime periods!!!

Debkay, I've missed you too, and was sure something was wrong. Hope your Mom keeps improving.

I've started an new diet the SOUTH BEACH diet and after 1 week I've lost 6 pounds. It's a low carb variation, with emphasis on low glycmic carbs.

04-26-2003, 12:46 PM
Back again.......daughter was getting ready for her flute recital and needed me to paint her toenails :rolleyes: We are both ready and just waiting for the time to leave.

Barb, shingles, I'm so sorry. Hope you feel better soon.

Hubby finally called this morning from England........he didn't call at all yesterday, so unlike him. It seems he was a little, how should I say this,............tipsy and fell asleep, before he called. I hope he had a hangover :devil:

Todays flute recital will be in memory of my friend Valarie. For those that don't know. My friend died from breast cancer in January. Her daughter is also a flute student with this flute teacher. Last year the recital was held in honor of Valarie and myself......since we had both been through so much. Today will be hard without Valarie.

Have a great day all

04-26-2003, 08:01 PM
hugs to all of you.. and barb.. no news on the job yet. might not happen until over the summer.

hope you didn't cry too much, deb... many warm thoughts for you.

and hazel.. you're gorgeous. and TINY!!! i always wanted to be tiny. at 5'9" it ain't a-gonna happen! not in this lifetime anway!

and as for queens in da bronx.. well, it makes sense!!! ALL those queens who used to hang out by port authority must have moved uptown!!!

as for me, went to the hanes outlet, and went to town. i don't think i did too badly: 3 nice t shirts, 2 pairs of bike shorts for the gym, a pair of white capris, a set of summer jammies, summer slippers, sandals, 3 pr socks, for 100 bucks.

and since i have NOTHING, this seems like a whole lot to me. and i bought all misses XL!!! tops fit perfectly, not sure about the bottoms. maybe they'll be inspiration if they don't quite fit yet.

and now i'm off to start another thread inspired by hazel...

04-27-2003, 04:13 PM
Originally posted by peach pit

Lori! Did your doc tell you that you had to lose weight before the surgery? I have heard that some do. Welcome, by the way and I hope you stick around!

Actually, it was both the ideas of me and my PCP. So far, I have been successful, and I can feel the difference. 1500 calories seem to be filling me up more and more each day to the point where I don't always make the entire 1500 total! (I think that is also a good sign:lol: )