WW At Home - Hello to my new WW fam :) Question already LOL

10-31-2012, 12:11 AM
Hi! I posted in introductions already, so I will just summarize.
Doing WW at home, with the materials a friend gave me, so I don't have online access.
I'm 36, 5'5", 200 pounds. My normal weight is around 150, so I'm shooting for 140 for the challenge. Im a WW rookie, I would like for a WW vet to let me know if my plan looks ok? Any suggestions from anyone are welcome!!

My Points Plus allowance is 30, and today was my first day. Uh. I used 22 of my weekly flex points today LOL. It's gonna be a long week....

I am doing 5 meal times, 8-11-2-5-8, shooting for around 6 points each time but that's flexible. No soda, except maybe once a week a diet one- its not real important to me. I LOVE tea, is tea okay with stevia and is it part of the water? I don't know how much water I should be drinking I need look that up.
Exercise daily will probably only be a 30 minute walk every day for now. I'm extremely out of shape!!
I told my daughter today that my dream is to be a runner. She giggled in that "aw that's cute" way. Oooohhhh, MOTIVATION. Damn teenagers

Any pointers are welcome!!

10-31-2012, 01:58 AM
Everyone diets different and body burns food differently etc so take this with a grain of salt....the many small meals never work for me, I never feel satisified. I prefer my main three meals a day with filling snacks in between, some fruit etc. Also that way I can still eat meals with my family and don't feel like I am missing out on that time. That being said - if the many small meals works for you, great! And if you ate 52 points on your first day this will indeed be a long week. Perhaps look at having smaller portions of the high point items and adding in some fruit and veggies? (best advice I can give without knowing what you used your points on) good luck! Its not a race, its a journey with ups and downs and bumps along the way, the important thing is that you've started :)

10-31-2012, 02:08 AM
Jenny thanks!

Those points went to a fudge Sunday and fries.

It's gonna take a minute to adjust

10-31-2012, 02:11 AM
baby steps :) the good thing is, you tracked it, even if you went over your daily points, you tracked it, thats a start!

Jennifer 3FC
10-31-2012, 02:40 PM
Hi Stephie!! :welcome:

Yes, all beverages, except for alcohol, count towards your daily fluid intake. Your plan looks great! I have a hard time with dividing my points evenly - My mind tells me that I'm going to be hungry at night, and I tend to hoard the points until the evening. It's silly - I'm not going to go hungry!

Good luck, and keep at it! It will get easier!

10-31-2012, 03:02 PM
Ha Jennifer, LOL @ "hoarding" points. I wish I had that kind of will power early in the day!
Well I learned today that I can't break them up evenly either, but that's okay I'm still going to try every day anyway.
Thank y'all SO MUCH for the support it means slot to me, in my own little fat world over here! :)

11-02-2012, 07:46 AM
Welcome and good luck! I have found that a few things are working this time around....I got rid of sugar, sugar substitutes, and eat limited grains. I have unlimited fruits and veggies when I'm hungry or need something to munch. I eat when I'm hungry and cook healthy, whole foods meals. And lastly, most importantly....I got rid of the "shoulds" this time around. I don't want to eat at a certain time or eat a certain thing if I don't want to. I do plan our dinners in advance so I know about how many points at dinner I take in but that's about it. I think your plan sounds a bit restrictive to me. But the idea is do what you will stick to.

11-06-2012, 04:15 PM
Hey! I'm April, this is my second time doing weight watchers...
the first time I did it at home without the meetings and lost 20lbs!
Then i stopped loosing and although i didn't gain it back I haven't lost anymore either.
I'm 27 and a full time working mom to an awesome 19 month old girl.
I'm 5'5 and weight 167... looking go get down to 147lbs or 29" waist... whichever comes first before my SO and I decide to have baby #2!
Ive got great recipe ideas and I am always looking for more :)

11-08-2012, 09:57 AM
Hi! I posted in introductions already, so I will just summarize.
Doing WW at home, with the materials a friend gave me, so I don't have online access.
Exercise daily will probably only be a 30 minute walk every day for now. I'm extremely out of shape!!

Welcome to WW's. Did your friend give you a paper tracker? You need to be able to track food and exercise on a daily basis. Another product I enjoy is a digital food scale. It's so takes the guesswork out.

11-08-2012, 04:11 PM
Welcome! I'm still a newbie to this website and Weight Watchers so I don't have much knowledge to share since I'm still learning. My experience with any diet has been to prepare. Make sure you have gone shopping and gotten fresh fruits and veggies to snack on and plan your meals and keep low-point snacks around. The times I've failed have been times that I just didn't prepare ahead of time, just decided to start a diet on a whim. Anyway, you have to start somewhere and even if you went over on your daily points you do have those weekly ones to use and at least you counted them and didn't just keep putting off your start date. :) It's too easy to say "I'll just start tomorrow" and tomorrow never comes. Life always gets in the way. It sounds like you're planning ahead and motivated to do this. This website is full of people who offer good support and lots of success stories. We can do it! Just don't give up!

11-11-2012, 05:34 PM
Hi Stephie, I'm new to this web site but very familiar with WW, I did the WW online program about 8 years ago and was able to lose 35 of the 80 lbs I was looking to lose. I got pregnant with my now 6 yo and am just now getting back to my weight loss plan. I have not put any of that 35 back on, I learned so much back then that I have been able to stick to. I can not afford the WW online cost and am not a meeting kind of person so when I found the WW at home kit I was psyched, I got mine on Ebay and it came with the points plus calculator.

I'm the same as Jenny, I have to have my 3 regular meals a day, being mindful of what I'm eating and I plan 2-3 small snacks per day. That is what I found works best for me. I tend to use some of my weekly points allowance in the evening for a snack. I found lots of points friendly snacks that I can buy/make in single servings to stay under 4 points on average each evening.

A big tip that I have that works really well for me, because I just love chip type snacks is I measure out one serving into a small baggie and eat out of that instead of the big bag, it's more affordable than the snack packs and keeps me accountable. It's also how I give my 6 yo snacks because I'm trying to teach him really young that you can eat anything so long as you do so in a mindful manner. :)

Becky Quilts
11-18-2012, 09:59 PM
baby steps :) the good thing is, you tracked it, even if you went over your daily points, you tracked it, thats a start!

This, to me, is a major victory. :carrot: Awareness is a big skill! And being honest is sometimes hard, especially when you know you've had a bad choices day.

Latch on to some filling choices and that will help you make it through. Brothy soups, veggies, free fruits. Make sure you're drinking plenty of water.

Stick with it, you can do it! :)

01-12-2013, 02:49 PM
For me the first week was crucial. Not to stay within my points, but to just track my natural way of being so I could understand what I was in for. I definitely went over my points, but I got to see some really neat things:

What I questioned - What I learned

What were my high point loves - I love sweets so much, or I did (that seems to be changing recently)
What time during the day/week did I most crave those high point items - It turns out I eat high point items when I'm alone, meaning I eat out of boredom
Did I miss certain things throughout the day - If I don't have protein in the morning, I am hungry all day, which leads to high point choices
How did certain items make me feel - Heavy carb items (like naan bread) make me really sleepy, and I wake up groggy and cranky after eating them the night before

After taking a week to "take stock," my choices are more informed. I'm not saying it's easy to make the best choices, but I'm at least making the most informed choices.

I stopped saying things like "bad choices," and instead say "high point choices." I'm trying to change my mentality on food. It's not that I can't have it, it's all about whether it's worth the points it cost. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't.

I don't stress if I'm not perfectly within points, and I don't stress if I don't get activity in. Sure, it might take longer to reach my goal, but lately I've felt like it's more important to learn how to live, and to feel good about the choices I make rather than feeling like I have to eat this, or exercise for that long.

I suppose this is what they mean by "lifestyle change." ;)