30-Somethings - No sweets for 2 weeks should be a huge treat

10-30-2012, 11:24 AM
Starting today Im going to be strong for 2 weeks and not eat any sweets what so ever. If anyone knows me then they would know that this will be the second hardest thing ive ever done in my life.

First hardest thing is I quit drinking pop 2 years ago. I havent had a drop since and I can honestly say I dont want it at all anymore. I drink nothing but water and I love it. Its funny because I hated water with a passion unless it was super hot outside. Even then It had to have tons of ice in it for me to even attempt to drink it. Now its noting for me to drink my weight in water and trust me thats a lot but I didnt drop a pound at all when I quit. I went from drinking a good five 2 liters a day of Dr Pepper to none and didnt drop a pound and I cant to this day figure out why. So this is one thing that lead me to this sweet fasting for 2 weeks. If I can give up pop (something that I loved so much) then I can surly give up my sweets. Im thinking maybe I have substituded sweets for my pop adiction. Chocolate is my weakness and this just might kill me but its worth the try. I have only a short 4 months to lose as much weight as possible and Im starting right now. If I can make it through Halloween then I know I got this.

Any followers want to try this callenge with me? All the support would be awesome. I know we can do this together!

10-31-2012, 11:36 AM
Ok so Day 1 was super hard for me. I was ok at work but when I got home and seen the homemade cookies and halloween candy, I instantly got hungry. I fought with all I had to hurry and get dinner done so I could eat and hopefully get rid of that craving. As I was cooking dinner my son comes in eating a cookie and I kindly asked him to eat them out of site. Ok well I said to get away from me with those cookies. He ate them in his room and came up to me afterwards and said momma those cookies were gross anyways. Aww hes a sweetheart!...at times lol. Well I ate dinner and I swear those cookies were taunting me. I did everything to try and keep myself busy so I could keep my mind clear. Well it worked for awhile but not to long so I had to go to bed. Now here I am on Day 2 and so far so good. This has to get easier!

10-31-2012, 12:44 PM
Hey Amanda. 5 weeks ago my 13 year old daughter had to suddenly give up all sugar. She was very addicted to sugar, was having severe mood swings and had high blood sugar, but only weighs 90 pounds. Her doctor recommended Candex to help with the cravings. We bought it st Vitamin Shoppe but you could probably get it at any health store. Maybe this will help you get through the first couple of weeks?

10-31-2012, 01:07 PM
Thank you so much! I have been eating so much sugar that my high blood pressure is back and its worse than before. I also have major mood swings so thanks for the info. I will look into that.

Hope your daughter is feeling better!

10-31-2012, 01:45 PM
Hi Amanda! I'll join you in this challenge, as sweets are my achilles heel as well. It wasn't that hard cutting out bad fats (except for cheese. It was **** giving up my fatty, awesome, salty cheese), but sweets is a whole new ballgame.

I'm a chocoholic. I love chocolate: chocolate bars, chocolate chips, chocolate muffins, chocolate cookies, hot chocolates... And it seems I'm always surrounded by it. There is literally a world-reknown German chocolate maker in the building where I work. I have to walk by their store every day to get in and out of my office building. Oh god, the smell of freshly-made chocolate is always in the foyer. It's a dieter's nightmare! (but a chocoholic's dream). If that wasn't enough, the girls at the office keep a big bowl of mini chocolates or chocolate bars at reception. So if I manage to resist the chocolate store at the entrance of the building, I'm assaulted by more chocolate at the entrance of my office. :(

As you can image, it'll be hard for me to resist. But I'm determined to have no sweets for two weeks. I figure that, if I can go without for that long, the cravings should lessen afterwards... right? Right?

Oh! And what is it with Dr Pepper? I was never a big pop fan myself, but my boyfriend is totally addicted to Dr Pepper. Drinks it all the time. ALL THE TIME. He has it with breakfast instead of coffee for crying out loud! I wonder what they put in there to make people like it so much...

10-31-2012, 02:20 PM
Yay thanks Cara! It will be so awesome to hear about your success on here as well as mine. I work in an office where the girl right next to me is always eating chocolate. Its driving me crazy lol. I just asked her to please dont eat that in front of me or at least try not to move the wrapper so much. She actually said ok. So I think I will be doing good, well for the time being anyway. She is always bringing in chocolate donuts and now I cant have any. We can do this and we will! If you dont mind I would like to hear your everyday battles on this and how your feeling about it. I think that would help me out as well. I feel those cravings will go away soon. Heard it takes about 3 weeks to fully kick it but I know we can do it 2.

I dont know what it is about Dr. Pepper. I drank it from the time I woke up back then (which was at 3:30am) to the time I went to bed. It was so bad that sometimes I took it to bed with me so when I woke up in the middle of the night I could wet my mouth. I hated water so theres no way I was taking water in there. I feel great though about drinking nothing but water and I didnt think I could do it. I actually made a bet with someone that if he would stop doing drugs I would stop drinking pop. (mind you me drinking so much pop drove him crazy and Im no sure why cause he was just a coworker) To this day its been 2 years for the both of us. Im very happy about that.

11-01-2012, 01:04 PM
It's great that your coworker agreed to stop eating chocolate in front of you. Not all coworkers are that considerate, you're lucky. :-)

DAY 1 : Yesterday was a good first day for me. My determination got me through the workday very easily (yay). However I got a crazy craving for sweets in the evening after supper. I was raised in a house where every meal ends with dessert, so it is very hard for me not to have any sweets after lunch or dinner. I was craving something sweet last night and just barely stopped myself from opening every cupboard in the kitchen to look for dessert. But I did stop myself and ended up going to bed early to make sure I wouldn't end up giving in later in the evening.

DAY TWO: Today isn't going so well. All I can think about is that the chocolate store downstairs is making their special triple chocolate truffles today. Must resist. Must resist. WHY do I work in this building? It's freakin' torture! If I can make to 4 PM, I think I'll be ok.

How are you doing so far?

11-01-2012, 01:15 PM
Day two: Horrible horrible day! Not to mention Halloween of all days. Again I did good at work until I got home and was home alone for about 20 minutes and those homemade peanut butter cookies were sitting on the counter. It drove me crazy and on top of that I was so hungry. I went outside away from the sweets and when my family pulled up we went to a couple churches to trick or treat and all these chocolate bars were being thrown into my sons bag. They even gave me a huge bag of M&Ms just for bringing my child. Wow really people!!! We got in line to get a hot dog because that was dinner and they were giving out homemade cookies. If you could of seen the look on my face lol. I kindly said no thank you for him to stand there and pressure me into eating a cookie. REALLY?!?!?! I said sir I cant have it but thanks anyway and he said oh come on its Halloween. GRRR! I walked away and my son had to go through the lines alone lol. We get home finally and my son dumps his whole bag out into the floor and I had to go put it up and tell my husband to put it somewhere I cant find it then I went to bed.

Dont give in!!! You can do this! I brought some extra healthy snacks to work today to make sure that Im not starving when I get home. I hope this works for me today.

11-01-2012, 01:16 PM
oh and on day 3 I weighed myself this morning and Im down a pound yay

11-02-2012, 10:21 AM
Day 3 wasnt to bad. I had a harder time at work than I did at home. I wanted something else to eat last night so I did a 30 minute workout so I could have some Jerky.

11-02-2012, 01:38 PM
Congrats on losing your first sweets-free pound! yay!

Good on you for surviving Halloween without giving in. I decided to skip Halloween altogether this year to avoid temptation (I have no kids, so it was a possibility for me).

I finished my day two without cheating at all! Yay! Gotta say that the fact that I'd have to come here and be accountable for it really helped me keep my resolve. :-)

Day 3: Really great so far. Not tempted to have sweets at all! Good start to the weekend!

11-05-2012, 12:59 PM
Amanda, where did you go? Can't do this without my buddy!

Day 4: Wasn't feeling well (lovely cold season), so spent most of the day in bed. No sweets for me!

Day 5: This one was the toughest. I have to get up early on Sundays because my boyfriend needs a ride to work (on the weekend, it sucks). After dropping him off downtown, I usually reward myself for being such a nice girlfriend by stopping at a gourmet donut shop on my way home. They make the BEST donuts. Every week, I pick a different flavour: maple-bacon, raspberry-white chocolate, mango lassi.... absolutely delicious. So it too all my resolve not to stop this week. I even made a huge detour so I wouldn't drive in the same neighbourhood as the donut shop. No donut for me this week, and I was so proud of myself!

11-05-2012, 04:41 PM
Im here sorry I dont have a computer at home and using my phone just makes me want to throw it somethimes lol.

Im so proud of you for fighting that temptation. Way to go girl! Thats awesome.

Day 4: This was a bad day for me cause my husband (knowing whats going on) brought home chocolate donuts and chocolate milk for me and my son. I wanted to strangle him but instead, I made him eat it all. I have to confess that I cried a little because Im a sucker for my donuts as well. They smelled so yummy and I just wanted a tiny bite but knew if I did I was doomed. Very proud of myself though for refusing.

Day 5: Not so bad. Got up and started cleaning to keep my mind off everything. Went to my grandparents house like we do every Sunday for lunch and dinner. She had some great stuff fixed for deserts and I made the mistake of looking at them when I got there but after dinner I didnt even walk over to them again. I just walked outside and waited for everyone to get done eating.

11-06-2012, 05:43 PM
Day 6 was a good day. Granny made us all dinner and made a delicious brownie cake for my husband for his birthday and Im happy to say I walked away.

11-07-2012, 02:07 PM
Good for you for resisting donuts. Especially considering they were in your house! I have to make a five-minute detour just to make sure I don't drive by my favourite donut place. I'd totally cave if my boyfriend would bring donuts home. Thank god, he is very supportive and understands that he can't bring ANY sweets or treats or junk food in the house.

Day 6: No problems at all. Then again, there were no temptation. Chocolate store downstairs is closed on Mondays. :-)

Day 7: I just saw that my coffee shop now has a s'mores hot chocolate for the holiday season. Oh god, that must be so good. MUST RESIST!

11-14-2012, 08:55 AM
Super busy at home and at work for a few days, didn't have a chance to check in. So here's a recap for the past few days:

Days 8-13: Remarkably, I didn't have a single treat this entire time. Yesterday was especially hard. My health-conscious work buddy caved in and got that s'mores hot chocolate - AND a warm chocolate chip muffin. She sits right next to me so the aroma of those tasty treats made their way to my desk in no time. It smelled wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. I had to text my boyfriend to ask him to motivate me, 'cause I was about to give in. But he told me he was so impressed with me and that I was stronger than I thought. So I resisted. It was tough, but I resisted. Yay me!

.... I am totally going to have a "skinny" version of that hot chocolate during the Holidays, though. An extra small skinny s'mores hot chocolate with no whip is about 150 calories. I can deal with that.

AMANDA, where did you go? Only one day left to this challenge! Are you still in it with me?

11-15-2012, 11:27 AM
Well I made it 2 weeks and Im so proud of myself. I actually still dont want it and thats a great thing. Im losing weight and that makes me happy so I dont need to eat junk.

Great job Cara!!

11-19-2012, 08:25 PM
I started a 100 day no sweets pledge on Sept 1. The first couple of weeks were definitely the toughest, so I was empathizing with you guys along the way. Congrats to both of you on your success. Nice job!