Weight Loss Support - How do you stay on track on the weekends?

10-29-2012, 12:03 AM
I'm sure so many people on here have the same issue...so good during the week...I am completely on track and in the zone. But as soon as Friday night hits, I crave bad foods and usually give in to them at least a couple of times between Friday night and Sunday night. And then I'm starting all over again on Monday morning. I can't tell you how many times I've started over again on Monday.

This weekend was a little better, as I am still on target in terms of my weight watchers points but ate all my "extra" points in two days and I find eating all the extra points really hinders what I see on the scale at weigh-in day. And if i don't see any results, I get discouraged and feel like giving up. It's a vicious circle and I'm so sick to death of it.

How do you combat the weekends? If I go out with friends, I am tempted...but if I stay at home, I get bored and am tempted. AGH!!!! I just want to get in control of this and do as well on the weekends as I do during the week...I know that would help me towards my goal.... And if I just started to see some results (more than 3.5lbs), it might be easier to stop doing it because I would know that it was working...

anyone have any advice/thoughts/strategies???

10-29-2012, 01:34 AM
Hi girl, I know exactly how you feel!

I've only been on weight watchers for a little over a month but so far I have lost 20 lbs. The one week where I ate my weekly points was the week where I gained 2 lbs. So for me I think I'm just not going to use those unless I really want them.

I am not blocking anything out though, if it fits into my daily points then I decide if its worth it or not. Its still challenging and I have a long way to go but I'm doing it one day at a time. For example, today my husband and I went out to Applebee's. I got something from the weight watchers menu but afterwards I decided I wanted dessert and since I had a really good week I went ahead and got something. The rest of the day I continued my healthy choices.

So the only thing I can really tell you is keep your goal in mind and remember why you started it. Like I said I've only been a month into WW so I don't have much experience on it. Remember if you "cheat" that doesn't mean your whole day is ruined!

10-29-2012, 09:22 AM
I can go either way on weekends. Either I'm eating really bad or barely eating at all. All you can do is keep trying to stay on the right path. There's no reason why you can't indulge every weekend, just keep it under control. Sometimes it's just a matter of mind over matter. "Do I really need that?" "I can have that any time, so I just won't have that today."

Since I don't have every weekend off, it's helpful. Often my days off are a week day when no one is home, and I busy myself doing things that need to be done. I often fast on one of my week days off. I don't go out every weekend, and I don't always have anything interesting planned, so that helps. I've gotten very good at keeping the junk that I like either out of the house or out of my direct sight. Of course, when it's there (the bag of chips calling my name), a lot of self control just has to kick in.

What is your weigh in day? I changed mine to Tuesday or Wednesday because it gave me a couple of days to release water that I may have retained due to my weekend eating. I was increasingly frustrated with the fact that just one dinner out would blow my weight loss for the week. But if my body is given those one or two days to recover, the number on the scale is more forgiving.

But my most important tool- I weigh myself every day. If I see the scale go up, I reign it in. If I see it go down, I tend to stay in control so it won't go back up. This doesn't work for everyone, but it could help get through the weekends. Try it. I still have my weekly official weight, but I record my daily weight as well.

10-29-2012, 09:44 AM
It's tough when you're starting out (and please know that 3.5lbs is a GREAT loss!). One thing that helped me when going out with friends is to just order what I wanted and eat half of it. I would ask for a takeout box immediately and put half of it away before I could even eat it. It's out of sight that way and you'd certainly look silly opening your takeout box to get the food!

10-29-2012, 09:44 AM
Weekends have always been hard for me, too. Hubby is off, and going to restaurants is our favorite pasttime.

Planning ahead helps for me. Once I know where we're going, I peruse the menu online and pick things to eat. Yeah, I sometimes cave when I get there. But usually it helps me stick to plan.

Also, I allow indulgences on the weekend, but not many. So I'll say to myself, "Self, just eat on plan for breakfast and lunch, and at dinner you can have a small treat." That helps me, too. I may not be strict during the weekend, but it's better than blowing the whole thing.

10-29-2012, 01:18 PM
Stay busy! Plan some exercises and you won't want to ruin all that hard work!

10-29-2012, 01:42 PM
I have the exact same problem. I can do well all week and then the weekend comes and all my hard work is out the window.
I did make it through this weekend without a binge or blowing it. This is a total accomplishment for me.
Part of my problem, which leads to my binging is my drinking. Not ready to give up my weekends out but I am learning to drink water in between drinks. Don't feel so bad the next morning either.

Missy Krissy
10-29-2012, 01:49 PM
Planning ahead helps for me. Once I know where we're going, I peruse the menu online and pick things to eat. Yeah, I sometimes cave when I get there. But usually it helps me stick to plan.

This is what I do too. If I know what I'm going to eat it helps me to plan the calories for the rest of my day, so even when I eat out I don't go over.

10-29-2012, 02:29 PM
Thanks everyone!

I am pretty good at checking the restaurant websites and picking what I'm going to have. I find it quite easy to be good when I'm around other people...probably because I don't want people to say "ahh, i see why she is the way she is" or something...agh, so self-conscious. But when I'm at home when I don't have anything planned, I get really bored and lazy and don't feel like working out and just get munchy and crave things I shouldn't.

Yesterday I had all day to do whatever I wanted and I lazed around almost the whole day (well, it WAS pouring rain) and just had no motivation to do my workout video so by 6 o'clock I thought "I better get out of the house" so I went for a 45 min walk. I mean, it's better than nothing but wasn't nearly as good as the video I would've done.

Why is it that I want this so badly but don't give it my all? I just started and I'm losing motivation because I want to see results faster but i'm not making the effort I need to make to see the results. It's such a mind****.

I am determined to get to my goal...even if it takes longer than would like...but I envision myself coming here a lot to help me through...

10-29-2012, 03:52 PM
The weekends can be rough for me in a good way I mean. Hanging out with friends which usually includes going out to eat, snacking and having cocktails can really pack on the pounds for me. I do plan for one cheat dinner per week and I still snack once in a while - I just have to watch the portions.

This is what has helped me:

- I have learned to plan ahead. If I'm going out to eat check out the menu online and have backups ready.

- Drink water at meals instead of pop or juice to save calories.

- Drink a ton of water the next day to combat water weight from extra sodium.

- If I know I'm going to be really bad, I try to plan 2 workouts in one day such as an AM and a PM workout to help burn calories and keep my metabolism going.

I got through the summer doing this now I'm hoping I can continue this throughout the holidays!

10-29-2012, 04:05 PM
What works for me is not letting my mindset change just because it's the weekend, or just because it's a special occasion, or just because it's "just this once."

It's so much easier to just keep going than it is to re-start over and over every Monday. ;)

10-29-2012, 11:29 PM
Hi All,

Weekends can be difficult for me too. I have to make sure I plan my meals, try to get my groceries in and cook at least one main dish that will last for a couple meals. Sometimes I do well, other times not so well. I try to keep high calorie snacks out of the house completely and if I do go to the pantry a few times I try my hardest to drink some water first.