Weight Loss Support - Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - October 2012 - Everyone Welcome! PART 2

10-28-2012, 08:53 PM
Hello Everyone! :wave: Welcome to the Check-In! Let's make it a great month!

I want to welcome everyone to the Daily Accountability Check-In. Our goal is to stay accountable and on track by posting our daily food and exercise choices. All food and exercise programs are welcome. Consistency is the key to reaching our weight loss goals.

Introduce yourself or jump right in and tell us what you have been doing.

:cheer2: Here's to the start of a great week! :cheer2:

10-28-2012, 08:55 PM
Well, darn! I got so excited when I saw that we had been closed down! I was hoping that someone had said something totally perverted! Not this time. We have only been talking too much. :lol: We've still got something to strive for in the future. :rofl:

Keep Mamakat and Steph in your thoughts and prayers with the hurricane headed their way. Anyone else in the path of the storm? Stay safe and check in as soon as you can. :grouphug:

10-28-2012, 09:58 PM
Hi Diana, I just joined and am exploring the site. I am excited to be here, as I need some encouragement and accountability. I am not sure how it all works, but I did read somewhere that we need to post 20 times and I am hoping this counts as my first! I am in awe of you for your amazing weight loss and maintenance. I am hoping to lose around 26 lbs. I lost 15 before my son's wedding in June, then gained back 6 and have recently lost 5....up and down seems to be my pattern and I am tired of it. I will be checking in with you again!

10-28-2012, 10:00 PM
Total Approx 1440 Calories + :coffee:

Breakfast (395 Calories + coffee)
spritz oil in pan
egg 70 cal
egg whites from carton 60 calories
Vegetable of choice
1/8 cup feta cheese 40 calories
Rudi's Whole Wheat English muffin 130 calories
1 teaspoon jam 20 calories
juice 75 calories
coffee w/sugar and cream

Lunch 245 Calories
Ricotta cheese 185 Calories
Spiced apples 60 calories

Dinner 500 Calories
Steamed Veggies 100 Calories
Chicken Salad Wrap 400 calories

Snack (300 Calories)
Popcorn 300 calories

#10 SDX Recovery Core
The Firm Super Cardio Sculpt w/8's

10-28-2012, 10:11 PM
Decorlover Hi and Welcome to the check-in! :welcome2: Thank you. Yes, you will need to have 20 posts to get a weight loss ticker. We look forward to watching you succeed with your weight loss goals.

Misti in Seattle
10-28-2012, 10:13 PM
Hello everyone!

Diana, thanks for starting the new thread. LOL about our saying something bad... I have already been "busted" here in the past for saying something someone objected to (even though it was totally the truth LOL) so I really try now to be cautious. :)

DecorLover, :welcome3: So glad you are here and that you found this thread. Yes, you definitely have one post now. :) It won't be long until you have your ticker!!

10-28-2012, 10:19 PM
Ok, an update on "the dress" and my shopping fiasco's. :lol:

I took the dress back to the store. The lady that normally helps me was working. I tried on the dress for her so she could get an idea of what it looked like and what I needed for shoes. She gave me some advice. The big thing is that I need a certain look/color for shoes to make it work. There are some shoes stores in the same shopping center. I couldn't find anything that worked. I went back to the store and returned the dress. I really like the dress, but at the same time I want the whole look to be right. I have plenty of time to find something that will be perfect for me. I feel good about my decision.

Of course, I'm sure I will have more shopping rants to post about. :tantrum: Maybe those are good for entertainment value. :rofl:

10-28-2012, 10:50 PM
Hello, I think this is exactly what I need. I have been seeing a nutritionist for 10 weeks I have 2 weeks yes and I am afraid of what happens when I loose her. So I will be coming here hoping to connect with people to express my frustrations and keep me accountable.

10-28-2012, 11:03 PM
izzib93 Hi and welcome to the check-in! :welcome2: I have no doubt that you can keep building on the foundation that you and the nutritionist started.

Misti in Seattle
10-28-2012, 11:18 PM
Diana, glad you are comfortable with your decision about the dress. If you are not going to feel "right" in it, and can't find the proper shoes, that was probably a wise choice.

izzib93 welcome to the thread. I too am confident you will be okay when your nutritionist appointments are up. There is a lot of support and encouragement here, and you are off to a very good start.

Today I felt so good when I wore those pants that actually fit me that I decided to go back and buy another pair. It is crazy to just have a lot of stuff that is too small. Well... for spending $50 I got TWO $25 off discount coupons for late November if I spend $50 for each one. So basically the pants were free as I plan to keep losing and will need more clothes. The tights worked well under my pants today, too, although I am concerned about them being too hot, especially since they keep my office very warm. But it will be worth it to not have my flabby stomach flopping around everywhere LOL.

Hey, someone just posted in another thread that Greek vanilla yogurt and apples are good together. I am eating it right now and YUM she was right.

Oh and I had a couple of NSVs! Before when I would lie on my side at night my top arm was so high in the air I had to put a pillow under it. It feels so nice now to be able to put my arm down on the bed LOL. Last night I grabbed a pillow and put it under it and laughed... totally uncomfortable as it felt as if my arm was sticking way up in the air.

Then at church today right after I walked in someone asked me I was losing more weight. I love that it is showing. I am sure it helped, too, that I was wearing clothes that actually fit me, ha.

Misti in Seattle
10-28-2012, 11:21 PM
Stats for Sunday, 10/28

2 steamed eggs
3 oz tuna packet
green grapes

Snack (at church)
2 cups coffee with half & half

2 slices Whole Grain Goodness toast from Great Harvest
peanut butter
raspberry jam
green grapes


steamed butternut squash
green beans
cottage cheese

Zoi Greek vanilla yogurt
Pink Lady apple


242 (new low)

10-28-2012, 11:22 PM
Hello Mamakat and Steph
Praying for you and hope Sandy will be blow over smoothly. Diana, I was happy to see that part 1 was closed down too:0 Nice! I like your shopping story too. It is so hard to find stuff and yet when you look at all those models on covers who have a careless scarf that makes a particular dress, you can only wonder! Serenity, after your post I googled kettlebells and found what it is. Now I will have to find out workouts for them and no unfortunately 159 is not a declining trend!! I am back up to 162. I think my scale loves messing with my head!!! DecorLover Welcome aboard! I am relatively new but this is a great place to be!
Have a great week ahead everyone!

10-29-2012, 12:03 AM
Hi everyone,

Welcome decorlover and izzi! I hope that this thread and forum helps you :)
We're glad to have you :)

I just got back from NYC, seeing family and a friend there. They have closed the subways now, I am pretty sure due to the impending storm. I am back in PA and my work was canceled tomorrow due to the storm.

I think I have bronchitis again :( Fortunately I got an antibiotic today and have taken two dosages of it.

Today I did okay with food but I haven't tracked my points, I think I'll just start fresh tomorrow.

Stay safe everyone! Take care,


Misti in Seattle
10-29-2012, 12:20 AM
Hi again

LOL good thing we got a new thread, yappy as we are this month. :) Not likely to fill it up since we have just a few days of October left.

It is a strange feeling tonight trying to decide what nice outfit I am going to wear to work tomorrow... rather than wondering what on earth I am going to dig out that does not swallow me and not so worn out it looks awful. People will probably be shocked to see me looking decent LOL.

I hope the scale does not bounce back up in the morning after it took me 11 days to get this last nasty pound off! Grrrrrr :dance: But I certainly did not overeat today and, even though I did not work out, I did spend hours this afternoon sorting through clothes, digging out the bedroom, etc. LOL I found a backpack stuffed full of "too small" clothes... including two beautiful blouses which are now almost too big for me (but I will wear them for a while still). I could have had two nice blouses this past month or so!

I had so many clothes and stuff thrown on the end of the bed that I had to sleep just on one side of it but now I can even move my feet around if I want. :cheer: In all fairness and by way of explanation, for the past couple years I have been in such excruciating pain that I have been unable to do much around the house so things have gotten rather disastrous. But now thanks to my doctor, chiropractor, physical therapist... along with all the workouts and losing 64 pounds... I am able to do so much more again. I'll get it all dug through... just may take me a while!!!

Sunday night... just about time to head back to work tomorrow!!! Everyone have a great week! Let's go out there and conquer the fat!!

10-29-2012, 06:59 AM
Had 0.4 gain this week. Officially, I'm back to being overweight on the BMI scale. Not pleased.
It would've been fine if it was 0.4 pounds and I'd still be in the normalweight BMI. But it irks me that I'm back on the overweight scale. I thought I'd reached my goal and wouldn't ever had to see overweight on the BMI scale ever again. But ugh, I was wrong.

10-29-2012, 07:59 AM
Good Morning, Everyone! :wave:

Let's make the most of what's left in October.

Please check in, when you can, if you are in the path of the storm. We want to know that you are OK. :grouphug:

Today is Fair day! I will have some off plan foods/splurges. DH and I always share so we can try a variety of foods. Tomorrow is DH's Birthday. He wants to go to one of the larger Japanese steakhouses, (not the smaller one that we normally go to for our hair appointments). My plan there is to eat the protein, but try to really cut my portion of rice. If I feel strong, I might even ask for a to go box as soon as we sit down. :lol: Maybe I need to take my own to go box in with me. :rofl: We have our hair appointments on Wednesday. Not sure what we will do that day. I definitely don't need another splurge day this week. My plan this week is to eat a little lighter lunch every day. The calories will be lighter, but I think the significance will be the sodium and carbs. I plan on eating ricotta cheese w/a small container of fruit. It will be low sodium and low carb. The fair and birthday dinner will be higher sodium/carb. It won't even out, but it will be better than it would be other wise.

I am amazed at the water weight coming off of me right now. I am grateful for this. I am trying to stay calm and not get upset. I noticed that I became very tense the previous times that I drove out to my Mom's house. I could tell because the trip out to her house felt like it took forever and I kept getting more and more tense (like a banjo string about to break). I could tell I was much calmer on my way back home. Well, Saturday I didn't feel that tense on my way out to my Mom's house. I am trying to reevaluate things and keep my head in the right place. Of course, if I got upset on Saturday, I may not flare up until Sunday/Monday. Like always, I am a work in progress.

Calories for yesterday: 1440 + :coffee:
Weigh In: 148.8
Down: .4

Misti I am excited for you that you are getting the new clothes. I know they make you feel pretty and you are able to better see your progress. I always liked Catherine's, too. In fact, I am still very drawn to the plus sized department. I like the look of the clothes better. I have been struggling with the looks of clothes in general. I like some of the stuff at Chico's, but I don't like the look on me. I feel much younger than the clothes. On the other hand, I don't like the cut of some of the clothes at the younger stores. Congrats on the NSV's!

Steph Thank you for the suggestion about the size up in the hose. I didn't think about that being an issue. I will remember that for the next time. I haven't worn a dress in years. Slacks are my staple with dress clothes right now.

Rasagolla You are so correct about the scarfs and extra accessories that totally pull a look together. I am not creative like that. I don't even want to have to think that hard. :lol: Have a great day!

Seabiscuit I hope you don't have bronchitis. :hug: Stay safe.

Isabella Don't worry about the .4 for the week. It could be a daily fluctuation. It could, very well, be gone tomorrow and take some with it. Hang in there.

10-29-2012, 08:23 AM
Misti I also like apple slices dipped in vanilla Greek yogurt. A couple weeks ago I made the coffee Greek yogurt and really enjoyed it. Another good one is apples dipped in Stonyfield Oiko's Caramel Greek yogurt. Now, that's some good stuff!

Misti in Seattle
10-29-2012, 09:09 AM
Good morning, everyone.

5:00 AM and oh I so don't want to get up LOL. But at least I am weighing in again at 242... would be nice to go down one but at least I did not go back up, and there is still hope as I have about 30 minutes before I have to actually get dressed. Strange how I so often drop a pound right at that time of morning. I sure am anxious to get into the 230s and graduate into that thread from the 240s.. plus that will put me under the 10 pound mark that I have to lose before I can contact the surgeon.

Another physical therapy appointment today. I sure get tired of them twice a week but they are really helping.

I still have not tried the coffee flavored Greek yogurt. Do you use instant coffee to make it?

Let's go for it everyone and make the most of these last few days in October.

10-29-2012, 09:32 AM
Misti I forgot to mention my congrats on the new low! :carrot: Yes, I used instant coffee. I bought instant espresso. You need a full flavored coffee. I didn't add any water. I used vanilla flavored Greek yogurt, a little stevia, and the espresso. :drool:

10-29-2012, 09:58 AM
Monday Morning WI 178.4, up 2.4 pounds from last week, down 2 pounds from the highest this week...yikes.

Good Morning Everyone,

Hurricane Sandy has turned away from us, the winds are windy :p (so technical), the surf is high, but still only crashing on the sand. Our neighborhood has been told to "get out". The owners of the big beach homes aren't even staying last minute, they all cleared out. We live in a beach neighborhood, where the roads fit two cars, passing, with a squeeze. I always worry we'll hit side mirrors. The main road that the beach homes are on were knee below last year with the homes in the water. I live two houses from that road with a park between us and the park benches were under, that's how high it was...the beach homes still have water marks on the sides of them...these homes are gorgeous and I can't imagine the damage they took, but I assume since they are rich and on the beach they have insurance for this kind of thing. But if you don't get your car out, you don't get out and one person had to be rescued by boat last year. The coast guard have swooped so many times yesterday, clearing people out before we get hit.

Our family is staying of course. DD nearly freaked because the shelters will take my dog, but they won't take the rats. I tried explaining the actually house wouldn't flood like the beach homes because we are just too high, but with winds and the road access being blocked, that's why they want us out. But she wouldn't hear of it...DH said, he wouldn't take us anyway...let's face it, I wouldn't be able to be near that many people, especially in an agitated state. But it may not get so bad now, the hurricane did move and the prognosis for 10ft surges has lowered...we'll see. As always I'll keep you posted.

Diana I was kinda disappointed you returned the dress, but then when you explained about the shoes, I totally got it. Sometimes, I buy stuff and the same thing happens with shirts, I wear the same shoes every day...dressed up or not...kidding, I don't dress up...I refused to wear dresses or nylons, I was told to do it for so long, I just can't anymore. But unlike you, I'd have kept the dress :( I'd be too anxious to return it or hate admitting defeat...to think I do this all the time. Well, luckily now when I buy clothes its at second hand stores...I'm stubborn. So kudos on doing the right thing for yourself. You totally have to be comfortable with your decisions...they take tons of pictures on cruises...my in laws went constantly when MIL was still alive. They always used their photos for Xmas cards.

Welcome to the new comers. This is a great place to come and talk.

Okay, I'm going to get some electricity time in, I turned on all the lights :lol: Man, it was like 2 weeks without last year. O, and DH ordered a generator, just in case and right now there's no gas at any stations. People are not messing around this year!

Take care everyone and have a wonderful and healthy day

10-29-2012, 11:52 AM
Quick update: The water is coming into the main road and it's not even high tide...we have packed an emergency evac bag, just in case. Soon the road will be impassible in some spots, luckily there's other routes for us. There is no more beach and the houses are being pummeled. And the storm hasn't even hit us yet!!!

10-29-2012, 12:25 PM
IsbellaOlivia I'm with you on the reality stuff. Right now one of my best friends is on a show and she asked us all to watch it. It's VERY hard for me because (1) I don't like the shows, (2) I find it boring and (3) I know what is "fake" and what's real so it's hard to watch her in that context. I don't want her to fail, but on the other hand I'm hoping it ends soon...that's bad I know. I'm sorry about the 0.4 gain. I am hoping it's gone by Tuesday for you.

Steph the hoarders shows "sometimes" fascinate me, but most of the time horrify me or make me angry/sad (the ones about pets specifically). I do understand it's a disease, but it still makes me angry and sad...so I don't watch anymore. Oddly another one of my besties loves those shows and I don't even talk about them with her now. I hope you fared well through the storm.

NovaAngel I had that eating issue this weekend too, but I think last night I got back to normal. WTG on the Kohls scores.

Diana no suggestions from me. I hate spanx and anything spanx like. I have bought 2 pieces over the last 10 years and while "great" in the store, I I am NOT comfortable in them at 117 pounds or 170 pounds so I figure too bad, people will have to see the rolls or deal with it. And WTH is the deal with the spanx type stuff ALWAYS being longer than the dresses? Ugh it has happened more than I'd like to remember. Woot on the books! I agree everytime I find something good, clothing, shampoo, or food wise--it's discontinued. It's different being on the same cycle as her, I guess, I just hate that she uses it as an excuse for being hateful towards um EVERYONE. I told her she needs to curb it, journal it or walk away. I know I had to learn to do that and I'm 43....still learning ;) It sounds like we're all works in progress. I'm glad about the water weight too for you.

PluckyPear glad Rocky was fun! I am with you, definitely go see Joseph..it'll be fun!

Misti good to see you and :congrat: on the 242 and the sleeping position. I really DO understand that a lot and it's a huge victory. I notice I'm using less and less pillows for support. Everyone always says to me IRL "you need a new mattress" but it's a 2-year-old $2000 mattress so I kind of doubt it. My husband and I have been through a lot of mattress, regular, water bed bladder ones, water bed tube ones, the stupid TempurPedic (I hated it and now my daughter has it) and back to a regular which I do find the most comfortable of the ones we've purchased....I'm sure we will get Select Comfort or whatever they call them now eventually. And you'd laugh I have buckwheat pillows, body pillows, TempurPedic pillows, TempurPedic knock off pillows, regular pillows, and that Sobakowa (spelling) beaded one...none I love anymore. Before I gained the TempurPedic was my favorite.

Mamakat I hope you fare well and crossing toes with the latest update. I'm sorry you didn't get a generator. After Katrina we tried encouraging our family (my mom's side and all my husband's are in or around New Orleans and Bay St. Louis, Mississppi)...of course his dad did but no one else so they go without. My MIL was so ticked because after Katrina because they live in the boonies they were without electricity about 2 weeks longer than most of the state...and my FIL would take the dog to the truck and keep him in the air conditioning. I thought it was funny. He babies this dog really, but still funny.

:welcome: Decorlover! Just post whenever you want, read, lurk, or do personals and go all in. It's all good :)

:welcome3: izzib93 I think maintaining a regular checkin can really help, especially once you lose the support system of the nutrititonist. Just keep on staying accountable to yourself, and you can do this!

Rasagolla I got up to 164 this week, down to 161 today. I know why, I over ate and all the wrong things...I even stopped tracking. I have to get my head right again.

Amy I restarted my LoseIt today, not reset, just didn't track really Saturday or Sunday. Hopefully you have nipped the bronchitis in the bud.

Well tired this weekend. I did Gentle Yoga Saturday and nothing Sunday, except for sleep in until 11 a.m. Got up at 6, drove my kid to school who usually walks because I'm sorry the MOON IS STILL OUT AND STREETLIGHTS ON and I just am not comfortable with him walking at 11 years of age in that, and then went back to bed for an hour...where the new kitten and our older Ragdoll decided to play crash and throw each other around while I slept or attempted to. Fortunately it's DH's work from home day so I did sleep a bit because he slept through it and his breathing makes me sleep (weird but true). My goal is kettlebells today, RECORD ALL FOOD, and start Blissology (28 day program by Eoin Finn) as far as yoga. It is kind of interesting because he has a short or long workout for each day (Monday through Friday as he only has one weekend meditation thing which I will do but also a yin practice) so I think I will do bells Monday/Wednesday/Friday one week and the short practice those days if I can't do the long (short is about 30/long about 45-55) and then vice-versa the next week Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday bells and then if need be the short ones. I figure that should get me in a groove and I find with these more "hippy" yoga ones where I also get guided meditation I'm better at fueling myself.

10-29-2012, 01:39 PM
Hi all,

The wind is picking up here but I don't think we're going to have it too bad - heavy rain and wind overnight, another soggy day tomorrow. The temps are in the 50s so, even if we lose power, I won't be freezing.

I weighed in at 134 today - ugh. I've been so far off track and this is the result. Like Serenity said, I've got to get my head right again.

I hope everyone has a great day. Stay safe, mamakat!

10-29-2012, 03:22 PM
Serenity, I love Kohl's. <3

I'm still here after a 4 day break. I was very overwhelmed/stressed and emotional the past few days. Long story + TOM, but that's finally ending. I'm trying to pull it together to get back on track tonight. With exception of blowing my cals on Saturday I've been good with food otherwise.

I'll check in again later. :)

10-29-2012, 04:04 PM
Diana: Sounds like a good plan. I hope the fair goes well. I also hope the fair doesn't get interrupted by the weather.

Misti: Coffee flavoured greek yoghurt?! Sounds good. Where can I buy it?

Mamakat: Wow, I really hope you stay safe. Your family too. Keep us updated.

SerenityDiva: I feel you on the reality show. Some of those shows are so scripted and fake they are simple impossible to watch. I also like it when after a tough workout DVD the instructor say inspiring stuff.

Steph: Take care in the weather.

Novangel: PMS is a *****.

I think I'm the only European in this thread and thus I've only seen what is going on the other side of the planet online. I hope y'all stay safe in this terrible wether.

10-29-2012, 04:37 PM
Another quick update: the water has receded, we made it through the first high tide, they say before the storm is out of here we'll see 4 high tides. The wind is crazy, but livable and we still have power...some parts of CT are already off line. We live in a small patch of neighborhood that is hooked to nothing else, so if we go down the rest of the neighborhood is still lit up and working...the last time this happened our three roads got p'd quick because they know we exist but since we aren't major they don't rush...we had to eat out that night...Oh my :p

Thanks for all the well wishes, I think we'll be fine. DH is anxious enough to put us all in a tizzy. I finally had to take a nap so that I didn't have to hear how Sandy moved west once again, but the waves are here and here and here...LOL. He's stressed, he's got a houseful of beings to take care of, plus his entire music studio is in the basement...so he's been lifting everything electrical. He could use a nap :)

Take care, everyone...I'll keep you posted, but I don't think anything major will happen tonight. ((fingers crossed))

10-29-2012, 07:46 PM
A quick smart phone update: we lost power and winds and wave are high. My phone near empty on power so this might be the last check in for a couple of days...its dark :p. I hope you all have a great night...stay safe :)

10-29-2012, 08:22 PM
:wel3fc:, DecorLover and Izzi

We're watching the news. Reporters are excited. Storm reporting footage. Everyone wants to be Jim Cantore. :rain: We've got a little wind up here but nothing too dramatic, yet. Really, Maine will escape the worst of it, for sure.

Diana, you're doing well to be conscientious about your shopping and making sure that you're happy with the outfits you're buying. I'm not a big fan of shopping but mostly because it is so hard to find clothes that fit and look good at my current size. You're my inspiration to get out of my funk and get back on track. :df:

Misti, I feel for you, too, as you're shopping for transition clothing. God willing, I'll be starting that process in another couple of months. Right now, I'm doing drawstring pants but that only cinches the waist. It doesn't do anything for baggy hips. I have a few "too small" things hanging around, too. :)

Rasagolla, you might want to preview some Gin Miller kettlebell workouts. I recently got the new Swing Yourself Fit DVD and like it. :smug:

Isabella, I'm sorry for your disappointment but I'm also confident that you'll be able to reach your ultimate goal. Don't forget, muscle weighs more than fat so if you've put on even a little muscle the scale will edge back up. Don't beat yourself up. :club: ;)

Mamakat, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you and your family. :goodvibes

My first cardio dumbell :strong: class was today. Can I just say *ouch*? It was mostly upper body but some lower body. Being in a class did seem to make the workout go much faster than it would have felt if I was doing it alone at home. I did get there just a minute late and the instructor was having issues with that so I'll have to make certain to change my clothes sooner, while still at the office, instead of waiting until getting to the gym. I expect to be sore tomorrow.

10-29-2012, 11:40 PM
Hi Everyone! :wave:

This will be a quick post since we just got home from the fair. I am sleepy! I ate foods that I don't normally eat. I can tell the difference in how I feel after eating these foods. Not good. It's funny, I was so eager to eat the junk, but now I am not happy. Tomorrow is DH's birthday. Again, I will eat my regular breakfast, my lighter lunch, and dinner at the Japanese steakhouse. It will be off plan. I can't wait to get 100% back on plan on Wednesday. Being on plan feels so much better than eating off plan.

Mamakat and Steph Thank you for the updates. Continue to check in when you can.

Breakfast (395 Calories + coffee)
spritz oil in pan
egg 70 cal
egg whites from carton 60 calories
Vegetable of choice
1/8 cup feta cheese 40 calories
Rudi's Whole Wheat English muffin 130 calories
1 teaspoon jam 20 calories
juice 75 calories
coffee w/sugar and cream

Lunch (280 Calories)
Ricotta Cheese 210 calories
Spiced peaches 70 calories

Ugh! I feel gross! Don't ask! :lol:

Mitch Gaylord's Melt It Off! Cardio Mix & Melt w/#6 weighted ball (all cardio + additional power melts)

Misti in Seattle
10-30-2012, 12:03 AM
Hi everyone

Doesn't sound too good for mamakat! Praying she and her family are safe.

Isabella, I didn't get the coffee yogurt... Diana was sharing that she makes it with instant espresso. I haven't tried it yet but I plan to. Sounds yummy

What a day! LOL I was feeling good because I had decent clothes to wear... but decided to wear one of the blouses that I had found in the "too small" bag that are now big on me. Well... I didn't realize HOW big until I got to work and realized I looked like a tent walking by. Plus my hair turned into a total disaster because I was running late this morning and did not take time to slap some gel on it, which I KNOW I can't do. LOL instead of looking nice I looked like a ragamuffin again... put on my fleece jacket all day to hide the blouse. I felt like crying but decided to just laugh it off. I just hate hate HATE being this fat.

I had half an order of chicken teriyaki tonight so the sodium will probably make me gain a bit overnight but it won't be anything serious because I know what caused it. Am having Greek vanilla yogurt with green grapes in it for dessert/treat.

Diana, LOL about your dinner comment. :)

10-30-2012, 12:23 AM
Back on track with Jillian tonight. :carrot: Good luck to the east coasters. :crossed:

10-30-2012, 08:12 AM
Good Morning, Everyone! :wave:

Something else that happened last night. You know how thirsty you get after eating Chinese food? I got so thirsty last night. I drank 2 big glasses of water and felt miserable. Ha! And I was actually looking forward to eating at the fair. :lol: It's once a year and fun. I forgot to mention that we also saw the Jo Dee Messina concert at the fair. The concerts are free with admission. She put on a really good show. She hasn't had a new CD in many years. She is coming out with a new one at the first of the year. She sang some of her new songs and they are really good. Most of the time I don't like the new stuff, only the stuff that has been out and already know.

So, today is DH's birthday. I got up to make the coffee, etc. I went back to wake DH and wish him a Happy Birthday. I asked him "How old is the Birthday Boy?" He mumbled in his sleep "22". OMG! What am I going to do with a 22 year old today? :love: :rofl: He's actually 51 and acts at least 75! :lol:

Calories for yesterday: Unknown, don't want to know!
Weigh in: 150.2
Up: 1.4 pounds

10-30-2012, 09:16 AM
I'm tethered to a wall in the gym of myds's high school. Our house got hit bad..not sure how bad yet. Dh went home a few minutes after sunrise. We had to wade out. Its madness. I havents slept yet because I can't sleep with strangers. I paced the halls last night enough for the police to comment. I hope we can get back in the house cuz I'm tired. Lots of people left in hopes they have home to go to. I broke down and had a juice box and 3 fritos for dinner. For breakfast I had cantelop they don't cater to people with celiacs...dh just called the house is livable so he's gonna come get us...yay. gotta go pack up. We still have no electricity so not sure of next post

Have a wonderful and healthy day!

Misti in Seattle
10-30-2012, 09:35 AM
Good morning, all

Oh mamakat... so sorry about all your damage and disruption. Hope you are able to go home soon.

I am bummed because I gained 3 pounds and did not even eat 3 pound of food yesterday, probably. Oh well, I knew better than to eat even half an order of teriyaki chicken.

Off to work

10-30-2012, 09:36 AM
Mamakat Thank you for checking in. Sending positive thoughts your way. Hang in there.

10-30-2012, 09:39 AM
Misti It's definitely the sodium from the teriyaki. It will pass, literally. ;)

10-30-2012, 01:18 PM
Hello everyone
Isabella Olivia I know what you mean. You know it is all in our heads but that makes a big difference. But you will get it off shortly and it could be the water weight. Seabiscuit I hope you feel better soon! Congrats on getting and keeping the new low Misti!
My thoughts and prayers with everyone on the East Coast. Hang in there!

I am trying something new. I am on 3.1 miles on a treadmill at an incline. I read somewhere that changing things up every two weeks helps. So it is treadmill at an incline and then I will change it up. My water weight from the weekend seems to be gone I am back at 161, will use this week to get back to 159 if possible. Have a birthday party today in the afternoon and night. Hopefully I won’t be back up 4 pounds. My big plan is to eat half my entrée and do the other half in takeout bags. But the free bread and soup are going to be a killer!

10-30-2012, 02:17 PM
Good Day!:coffee:

MamakatI am thinking of you and hope all works out for you and your family and your house. I saw how hard your area was hit on the news this morning. You must be hungry. :(

I had my WI last night :goodscale and sigh I was up .2. Yes .2. WTF!!! I did start TOM on Sunday so I hope it is just due to that fact.

I went out last night to buy a steam cleaner on sale and so this week will be cleaning my rugs.

I threw together a soup for lunch with:chicken broth, water, 1 head of cauliflour, garlic, curry powder, and one onion. I will puree it and eat it soon. I will report it if is good, I hope it will be.

Went to the pool yesterday and plan on going tomorrow, Thursday and maybe Friday.

DianaThanks for sharing more about your shopping expedition and the dress. I hope you had fun at the fair, it sounds as though you did. Do you go on any rides?

10-30-2012, 07:16 PM
Hi Everyone! :wave:

Rasagolla Good job mixing things up with the treadmill! Good luck with the birthday party.

Pluckypear We didn't ride any rides. We walked around, ate :lol:, and watched the show. How was the soup? I like curry and will add it to zucchini or cauliflower at times. I'm interested to find out how it tasted in your soup. I'm sure the .2 is from TTOM. People normally gain 2-3 pounds during TTOM.

10-30-2012, 09:45 PM
Greetings, all. Sandy stayed far enough south that we had no ill effects here In Albany, just some wind and rain. I hope mamakat is doing okay.

I went out for dinner tonight and compromised: a small caesar salad and a big plate of french fries. I think that's only the 3rd time I've had fries in the past year or so, and they were very tasty! I did 40 mins on the bike when I got back so that probably burned off about 1/10th of the calories. :D

I hope everybody has a great day tomorrow. Happy Halloween!

10-30-2012, 10:32 PM
Hi, again! :wave:

I left a good bit of my food tonight. I am still miserably full, though. DH and I were talking about that tonight. He was shocked at how much food I left. I don't think I can eat as much as I used to. Not that I need to push it and try, either. I do dread the scale tomorrow, though. But I will be back on plan tomorrow. Hopefully most of my gain will be water weight from the sodium and other junk they add to the fair food and Japanese food. I will be working to get back below 150 again.

Keep Mamakat in your thoughts and prayers.

Steph Glad you are safe and Sandy stayed far enough away.

10-30-2012, 11:46 PM
As if Mother Nature wasn't hard enough, our neighborhood is now dealing with looters and vigilantism. Hello everyone. No power but the neighbors are all coming together. Ours has offered the use of his generato to clear out as much water as possible. You won't believe this but we weren't flooded by the surge like all our neibors. The pressure from the surge water squeezed the ground water through the walls and floor. Our yard is the biggest unprotected yard so we got tons of debris and again our neighbor helped with his truck..we only have suv's. Last night all the neighbors helped us get to our car bc it was pitch other than that moon.

Funny PluckyPear bc you were right I was hungry and dealing with a mighraine and fatigue. I needed calories to keep me moving but they only offered gluten...we so did not think of that. We didn't think of anything but get my babbies out.

Luckily dh brought up his music studio, unfortantely, the gym did not survive. We turned off power just in vcase it turns back on befor the basement is drained the equiptment in the gym might cause a fire or electrical surge and we've got an oil tank down there...I'm sure everyone has to worry about that kind of thing...such a mess.

Steph I'm glad you are safe. I was just thinking its not even safe for trick or treating...poor kiddies hard few days and now no fun...the main street is impassible, who knows we have full day tomorrow, maybe...corse no porch lights and any pumpkin people had id long gone.

Good night everyone...my thumbs are killing me from this texting! How do kids do it all day long? Be safe!

Misti in Seattle
10-31-2012, 03:31 AM
Hello everyone

mamakat, glad we heard from you. Sorry for the big mess and loss you have. :(

Steph, glad you are safe from the storm.

I fell asleep early so of course woke up at 11 PM LOL.

For dinner I debated whether to throw away the rest of my teriyaki chicken after gaining THREE pounds from it this morning... but decided it is obviously just the sodium, so I went ahead and ate the leftovers.

Wishing all of you a restful night and good day tomorrow

10-31-2012, 08:48 AM
Good Morning, Everyone! :wave: Happy Halloween! :haphal:

Mamakat Thank you for taking the time to check in. I know you have so much going on right now. I am so glad that you and your family are safe. So sorry about the mess. I hope you don't have any damage and only the mess to clean up. Hang in there. I hope you have some gluten free foods to eat now. Nothing like having to deal with all the clean up and something else (gluten) causing more problems for you.

Misti Ugh! On the sodium! I am right there with you. I hope the chicken didn't cause more of a gain for you.

I am up another 1.8 pounds to 152. Back on plan today. I will probably cut my breakfast and lunch today since I am feeling full and bloated. Still no TTOM for me.

ETA: Spoke too soon! :lol: TTOM arrived with baggage in tow. Hopefully he doesn't plan on staying long. ;) He is not welcome right now. I have enough bloat and misery going on without him adding to my drama. :rofl:

Misti in Seattle
10-31-2012, 09:08 AM
Good morning everyone.

Here we go again! I am trying hard not to get discouraged because I am stuck here for so long and just cannot keep losing. I am just not eating that much and am working out in the pool several days a week. Oh well... it is what it is.

Everyone have a super day and stay on track!!

10-31-2012, 11:24 AM
I'm having some rough emotional days and I'm trying to find better coping mechanism than eating my emotions.

10-31-2012, 11:46 AM
Isabella, I was having a really hard time last week so I sympathize. It will pass. Life is an emotional rollercoaster...at least for me it has been.

I'm trying to get back to my normal routine. I worked out Monday, Tues was my normal rest day (I wanted to work out since I took 4 days off prior but my back was cranking again) so today/tonight I am back on. I'm thinking about a jog later if it warms up a bit.

Have a nice Halloween.

10-31-2012, 12:53 PM
Hello all :) I am in need of some daily support and accountability and I think this might just be the place for me. Mind if I join your little group?


10-31-2012, 01:31 PM
Hey all,

I'm here, but not feeling great so I'll check in later hopefully SOON. Just tired, sore throat, headache...ugh. Hope everyone is well as I have not read the thread since Monday morning.

10-31-2012, 03:17 PM
Well good news; I didn't workout for several days and pigged out last weekend at Famous Dave's yet I'm back down to 146p. I'm confused but I'm not complaining. 3 pounds to go!

10-31-2012, 03:18 PM
Hi Carol! :welcome:

10-31-2012, 03:34 PM
mamakat, thanks for checking in. Looters - ugh. I just don't understand that mentality at all. It sounds like you have good neighbors, though, so good luck to all of you.

novangel, you're so close, congrats!

Serenity, I hope you feel better.

Carol, welcome. Don't forget to follow us to the November thread.

Isabella, I am so with you on using food as a coping mechanism. It's a hard habit to break.

Diana, I hope TTOM doesn't stay too long.

Those french fries last night cost me - up 2 pounds today. :mad: I'm hoping this will get me motivated again, though, since I've been slacking off on tracking my calories for way too long. Clearly, I cannot be left to my own devices and need to get back to logging on Lose It. I'm changing my ticker back to 133 since that's probably where I'll land after I pee away the water weight. Seeing the 131 just makes me mad at myself.

10-31-2012, 04:38 PM
novangel - thanks for the warm welcome! You are so close to goal... just stick with it :)

Steph - thanks for the heads up... will make sure to keep an eye open for the new thread. W0W 92 pounds lost... you are inspirational!

10-31-2012, 05:29 PM
Hi Everyone! :wave:

I have had a rough day! Normally the first day or two of TTOM I have problems with concentration. I have difficulty completing little tasks, making decisions, can't decide what to do next etc. On top of that, I think I feel worse because I have eaten differently the last two days. I have had a lot more sugar and carbs than normal. My energy level has went down the tubes. Today I am back on my regular food plan and glad of that. It's amazing how bad I feel from eating differently for the last two days.

Misti Hang in there. Don't get discouraged. I think you've got some water weight going on with the teriyaki chicken.

Isabella Sorry to hear you are having a rough time. We are here for you. Hang in there.

Novangel Did you feel good enough for the job? It's difficult when you have back pain. Good job on your weigh in.

Carol Hi and Welcome to the check-in! :welcome2:

Serenity I was thinking something was wrong since you haven't been here. You don't miss checking in. Sending healing thoughts your way. I hope you are not getting the flu. Maybe it's allergies.

Steph Sorry about the 2 pounds. I totally feel your pain. Back on plan today. We will get there.

10-31-2012, 05:34 PM
I started the new thread for November. http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/weight-loss-support/269069-daily-accountability-lifestyle-change-november-2012-everyone-welcome.html#post4514927

10-31-2012, 06:00 PM
october 9-206.6
october 10-205.2
October 25-204.4
October 31-202.2

A downward trend!

So I'm still running. And I'm still on week 1....it's really tough so I'm not moving on until I'm comfortable with three miles every time.

10-31-2012, 10:07 PM
Hi Everyone! :wave:

I'm feeling better tonight, than I did earlier today.

AKA Good job on the downward movement on the scale.

Total Approx 1240 Calories + :coffee:

Breakfast (260 calories + :coffee:)
English Muffin 130 calories
Ricotta Cheese 60 calories
Pumpkin butter 20 calories
Juice 50 calories
Coffee w/cream & sugar

Lunch (280 calories)
Ricotta cheese 210 calories
cinnamon/spice peaches 70 calories

Dinner (700 Calories)
Grilled salmon 500 calories
2 orders steamed broccoli 200 calories

TF Fire 45 EZ w/weighted gloves
1000 Jump Ropes

11-02-2012, 12:42 AM

Mamakat sending good thoughts and vibes your way. Hope things get restored to normal soon, your friends and family are doing okay and there is minimal damage to your home. Thank you for checking in despite everything! Welcome cdc13 , wonder and welcome back roadbikerchick! Good job on the exercise Novangel! Isabella may be she was trying to overcome her own non-exercising guilt without realizing the implications. Diana your birthday celebrations sound like a lot of fun. For me it is good to see how you are evening things out when you plan off days. Missing you Serenity! Hope you feel better soon. I think I am coming down with something too.
From my side the treadmill incline and running for a few minutes on incline and walking the rest of the way is killing me but I seem to have hit a downward trend! Scale showed 159.2 :D I am at my first mini-goal but I know it will probably hit back 160+ over the weekend. I am celebrating today by changing my ticker:D Once I get down to 157 or so (and know that a 2 pound gain will still put me at my first mini-goal) I will put some dancing carrots next to it. I am taking an off day for exercise tomorrow because my legs feel like lead and looks like I am coming down with something.

11-02-2012, 07:56 AM
Rasagolla Join us in the November thread: http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/weight-loss-support/269069-daily-accountability-lifestyle-change-november-2012-everyone-welcome.html