Weight Loss Support - 300+ and Ready To Try Again... #320

04-21-2003, 01:20 PM
God Bless America!!!!

We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
We share laughter and tears.
We share what works for us and what doesn't.
We recently started a Topic of the Day.

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These are not required topics ...just ideas to share. We have found them very helpful. We also share heartaches and fears...joys and celebrations.

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And be sure to check if there is a second page. We don't want anyone to miss any posts.
We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
We share laughter and tears.
We share what works for us and what doesn't.
We recently started a Topic of the Day.


04-21-2003, 01:23 PM
Good morning. I just came in to peek for a second and saw we needed a new thread. I have not even read all of the last one yet. I figured I would get this one started first.

Mary... I saw your post about your trip last night.
I am so happy you had such a wonderful time.
I really enjoyed your longggg post. :high:

I will be back later today. So long for now.

04-21-2003, 01:28 PM
Just wanted to pop on for a second to say that hubby and I are back from our Easter weekend, country inn getaway. We had a great time and took a bunch of pictures. (I'll try and get some posted here later today or tomorrow.)

Unlike Mary, I DIDN'T resist the maplenut fudge! I had decided that this weekend was going to be a free weekend (for once) and that I would work my butt off exercising and eating well this week to make up for it! Such is the maintenance life... :)

Back in a bit,
Sara :)

04-21-2003, 03:07 PM
Happy Monday?

I'm having a problem getting my butt back up on the wagon. I think I got my foot caught up in the stirrup? Someone quick pull me back on. The easter bunny won't go away!!!

Love to you all,

04-21-2003, 03:31 PM
Good afternoon everyone!

Here's to hoping that everyone had a great Easter --mine was sooo peaceful! I spent the better part of the day outdoors reflecting on the true meaning of Easter, as well as letting the cats go for a romp in the yard (and if Maintainance doesn't get to mowing soon, the next Tarzan movie can be made here:lol: !)

Anyway, despite all the less-than-perfect eating all weekend, I finally got around to weighing myself today and....

I AM DOWN THREE MORE POUNDS!!!!!! :cb: :dance:

Now how did I manage that?:?: :D

04-21-2003, 03:56 PM
I HATE self-inflicted injuries! I just went out for a jog, as penance for my free weekend, and I tripped because of my stinkin' running shoes. I wore a pair that my gym gave me way back when I signed up at the gym, but until now, I had never worn jogging outside (they were my indoor gym ones). The stupid treads kept getting caught on the pavement! I fell onto concrete, tore my workout pants, scraped my knee, and hand and... I think my wrist is sprained. It hurts to type! GRRRRR! Stupid shoes!!!!

*sigh* I DID get a 45 minute jog in though. I hope I'm okay to exercise tomorrow. (I think I'll have to wear a tensor bandage on my wrist though and be careful not to exert it for a while.)

*sigh* And there I was... feeling so powerful and vibrant and fit... feeling confident jogging in a busy area, in the middle of afternoon! That'll teach me for my arrogance! :lol:

Lori: Congratulations on the 3 pound loss! That's fantastic! Doesn't it just brighten up your day to step on the scale and see a loss? :)

Sandy: If necessary, chuck that Easter bunny (and any of his associates) in the trash! No sense him hanging around any more... the holiday is on its way out! I find it so hard to stay OP when junkie food is so readily available... so I try and make sure it's not! Come on! Have a post-Easter cheat free week with me! :)

I've gotta have a shower and tend to my injuries a bit! See everyone in a bit!

Sara :)
HW: 270
CW: Somewhere in the 130s.

04-21-2003, 04:00 PM
Hey! I'm jumping in quickly...I'll be back later,

Mary, your trip sounds like it was lovely. I've alway wanted to see New Orleans. Sounds like you and hubby had fun. :love:

Sara, some details on your trip please! I'd like to live vicariously through all you guys' travels!

Sandy, STOP! Put that bunny ear down!!! Get the candy out of the house! Kids don't need it either! At least have them put it away. Out of sight, out of mind? Nah, that doesn't work for me either...I need to get it out of the house altogether! Think of how far you've come. And don't be discouraged. We all have setbacks. Once it's over, it's over, don't dwell on it...MOVE ON!

Okay, I have to run, I'll catch everyone else later!

04-21-2003, 04:57 PM
:snail: HAPPY BELATED EASTER :snail: :grouphug:

Back to work had Fri, Sat and Sunday off so I wasn't around to post, sounds like everyone had a great weekend. Mine was pretty good, had Easter dinner at my house on Saturday,(my mom had to work, otherwise she would have cooked) did pretty good cooked a ham in the crockpot, made some scalloped potatoes, yams, broccoli casserole and corn, was very yummy, I'm still eating the left overs. :?:

DS decided it was time to get up Sunday morning at 5:30am must be a 5yr old thing, all he wanted for Easter was a cap gun, ( I should have stopped at that, there's so much candy in the house right now) so at 5:30am I here this popping noise going off and I'm like why couldn't I have hid that darn gun better, I finally got up at 6:30am put on a movie took the gun away, and told him we'd search for the rest of the goodies when I get up, so went back to bed, he let me sleep till about 8:30am, by then he was vibrating ( to much sugar ). It was fun, but I love chocolate, and there's too much to tempt me, between Grandma and Grandpa and the stuff I bought, good thing DF loves chocolate more than me, he can help eat it, :^:

I have decided as of today, to start journaling on Fit Day, again, and to not touch any more junk, like sara say's a year from now I wish I would have started today. So today is that day. :crossed:
No more pop, know more chips, and I'm going to limit myself to 4 tiny chocolate easter eggs per day, ( or less, preferably none) :tape: And I'm drinking water like crazy, now if only I had a bathroom, that wasn't in another office, across the parking lot. ( not fun trying to hold it, probably not good for me to) oh well at least I'm getting my excersice running back and forth to the washroom.

Mary sounds like you had an awsome weekend, I would love to do something like that, need to get my bills straightened up so I can put money away, and plan something. Sara glad you had fun to.

Congrats to all you losers, once again I hope to be a loser come next Monday, I some how managed to remain in the same weight range give or take 2lbs,:sssh: :chin: Not sure how I've mangaed that, I've been eating like a pig, but once again I am going to start losing this weight, I find that when I lose 20lbs, I feel great get comfortable, at my new weight, and start slacking off, and then I start feeling fat and bloated and yucky again, and I have to realize that I may have just lost 20lbs but I have alot more to lose, and I need to keep on losing to feel great all of the time. Make any sense ??

Anyways, I should get back to work, and the potty's calling once again.

04-21-2003, 09:57 PM
Well, tomorrow is a new day --- Thank goodness. I really lost control today. I had such a blue morning and felt yucky so I left work early. Then on my way home I stopped to pick up some groceries and this piece of chocolate cake somehow found it's way into my cart. :sp: So, I went home and crawled into bed with the dogs and ate cake. Have I lost my mind???? As if that wasn't bad enough, DH brought me KFC for dinner.

I'm just going to pretend today didn't happen and get my act together in the morning.

I hope you all had a better day than I did!!!! Wishing you all a wonderful night!!!! I am going to hide under the covers now and face life in the morning. :stress:

04-22-2003, 12:20 AM
Hi everybody! :wave: Just a quickie to let you know that I am still alive. I have so much that I want to say to a bunch of you, but I just don't have the time right now.

I did want you to know that my WI (not Wisconsin) was this morning and I was down 2.5 pounds. Gosh, I guess I love my new 'journalling bracelet". Here's me doing the happy dance. :D :) :D :) :D :) :D I actually got on my home scale and it would weigh me this morning for the first time in months and months. WooHOO! I'm exactly 2.5 pounds heavier on the WW scale, but that is with clothes and my tennies on, so understandable. I always use the WW weight to keep track anyway. I am really excited though because now I can become a scale jumper once again. You have no idea (well, maybe Sandy does) of how much I've missed that!!!

Anyway, I must get some sleep. :yawn: The oldest graduates a week from Saturday and I'm taking him suit shopping tomorrow.

Love :love: to all.

04-22-2003, 01:42 AM
Hey all!

Hubby and I just made up a quick website with a few before and after pictures and a special video greeting for all you lovely ladies! Check it out at www.regnsara.com/skinnymini !

I do have to apologise to Sandy and Jen and Michelle and Duckie though. When I made the quick video this weekend (on the spur of the moment), I somehow forgot you guys in my list of names on the video! Sorry! Next video I make, you'll be at the top of the list! :)

That webpage, btw, is NOT the one I've been talking about making... it's just one we made up quickly to display the pictures from this past weekend!

Thin: Congratulations on the loss! That's great news! :)

Sara :)
HW: 270
CW: Somewhere in the 130s

04-22-2003, 02:33 AM
Oooo la la..... Sara you look lovely !!!!!!
I could only see the top 3 photos.
The rest were red x's . :(
I right clicked on them and then hit show picture and the rest came up. :D
BUT... the video would not play. :( :(
You just look sooooo marvelous. Showing a little skin too. :o LOL
I hope you recover from your injuries soon. Take care.
Thin....Congratulations on your 2.5lb LOSS. :cp:
I think that bracelet may help solve your journaling problem.
WAY TO GO !!!!! My baby girl graduates May 20th.

Barb... there is not a darn thing you can do about the cake now... just put it in the past and focus on TODAY. You know you can do this. You have been doing it. Don't stress over it... learn from it.

Duckie... you too have been doing great. Never give up.
Drinking lots of water will definitely help. Where do you work that you have to go into a different building for a bathroom??

Kat... I am still waiting for you to "catch us later". :p

Lori... Congratulations on 3 more pounds. AWESOME !!!

Sandy.... you haven't been back since telling us the Easter bunny is holding your captive. Give him a swift kick in the :censored: and send him on his way. YOU are more powerful than some wimpy bunny who turns to mush in the sun. Show him that side of you that protects your kids. I guarantee he will hop away from MOTHER SANDY. LOL

Okay.. unless I am mistaken... that is everyone on this thread.
The rest of you come in here and catch us up on your lives.
GOOD or BAD.... we are here to support each other. I miss you.

04-22-2003, 03:14 AM
Hello all!:wave:

I am having a really bad time right now. Ever since Saturday night when I drank with my husband, I had 8 straight shots, well that put me over on points by about 10. Well then Sun. of course being Easter, I went over by about 4 points and then today, I just couldn't seem to stop. :cry: All I want to do is eat. And it seems to be everything in sight.:ziplip: I need some serious help. I haven't lost my drive, I just don't feel real great and can't seem to get enough. It seems like I am always hungry. I know I sounded great the other day, I went for 3 walks and then now I sound like I am ready to throw it all away. I think weather might have alot to do with it.:rain: It is still rainy and cold here, we had one nice day and now it is lousy. I need a lift. :genie: Or some magic. :^:

Sara: I have to say you look absolutely beautiful! :dance: You still inspire me. I just want to know how you keep it going. How do you get back on when you go off?? How do you keep that drive? How do you change your bad habits??I know you don't have all the answers, but you did it, and I just want to know how. No pressure. :love:

Well tomorrow is a new day, I hope it gets better. I will give it an all star try.

04-22-2003, 08:47 AM
2cute...I never got back here yesterday because I was making a conscious effort to stay off the computer until I was done with what I had to do. (I had a LOT to do!) I never sat down til dinner and then afterwards, my son and dh and i watched "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets." Plus, I would not let myself eat my lunch while reading posts, (what I usually do) so that cut into my time drastically! I have decided to work on a few of my bad habits... eating while on the PC is definitely one of them...another biggie is reading while i eat. Bad, bad, bad. If I'm done eating before I'm done with the article/chapter/page, I have to get "just a little bit more...." Somehow, they never balance out, and I just keep eating and eating. It was kind of weird sitting at the kitchen table, eating my lunch, and that was all. Good lunch, too...Easter egg salad, over a tossed salad, a handful of baby carrots, an orange and a glass of milk. It doesn't seem like a lot, (well, to ME anyway!) but it lasted a long time and I enjoyed every bite because i was focused on eating and nothing else.

Deon...in the immortal words of Yoda..."Do or do not. There is no try." Just start again. No guilt, no looking back. BTW~8 shots??? Please tell me you weren't driving! :dizzy:

Sara...you little cutie, you! It was so cool to hear your voice! I thought that it didn't download, so I went back to typing and all of a sudden this cute little Canadian voice starts talking to me! Sounds like you guys had a great weekend. Love that bathtub shot! I hope you have recovered from your "spill." Ouch! Be careful!

Duckie, that bathroom situation would make me crazy! But at least you're getting exercise, traipsing on over there!

Thin...you are on a roll, woman! That bracelet really seems to have done the trick for you! :cp:

Lori, congrats on the loss!

Barb, forget the cake, that was yesterday, this is today. No guilt, it won't change anything. Just start again.

Sandy, tell that Easter Bunny to take a hike!! If you don't, he's going to be putting his big ol' paw on the scale during one of your weigh-ins!

So that's everyone so far...come out, come out all the rest of you!

I'm trying something new this week...No counting of calories or points. No journaling. No obsessing over the diet. Just common sense eating, following these guidelines: Lots of water. Protein at each meal. Lots of veggies. Fresh fruit. No processed foods or white stuff: sugar, flour, rice. EAT ONLY WHEN HUNGRY. Daily exercise. That's it. Yesterday went well. I haven't eaten yet today, but I'm having visions of an egg white omelet with mushrooms and cheese...:T I'm making myself drool, I'd better go!

Have a good one all! Make it a great day, you have the power!

04-22-2003, 09:55 AM
I'm here girls,

The easter bunny had a hold of me!! Okay:( it wasn't the easter bunny, it was my own self eatting everything in site!! I ate so much, I can't remember all of it, but I do know there was some regular Sour Cream & Onion Chips (one of my old downfalls), some nobake cookies and lord only knows all I ate, seems like it just kept going and going. The scale numbers were not kind this morning, Im hoping some of it was water from the salt in the ham and the chips, I hope that by my weigh in day Thursday I am back to my last weeks weight that is already posted. Boy, old ways sure come back quick. I have been lax on the journaling too, so today I am recommiting, restarting, re something to myself to start again. I need to get back that gungho feeling I had when I started. Yesterday is gone and there is nothing that can be done about it, but today I can control and I will control!!!

Sara, I will totally forgive you for not saying my name, but I can't get to the video to hear it :( be forgotten. I have it downloaded it says done, but nothing has started so I have it just sitting there in hopes that maybe it will start....LOL...but wowzers the pictures are great!! You surely are an inspiration. How old are you? You look younger in your after pictures. I mean you were a pretty girl even with the weight, but now you are even prettier. Does hubby love it or what!!!

Kat: I thank you for your concern about me and the bunny, but I think I have kicked him in the a$$ and out the door like you and 2cute both suggested! Besides, if I have to sit and analyze it, the candy and stuff did not make me feel any better, if anything I hated myself more with every bite cause I knew I was undoing all I had done.

2cute: I'm taking over and the bunny is gone!!!! I am back to journaling and pointing and exercise and whatever else it will take to get to the new me eventually! Thanks for your concern and the advice about the bunny.

I am making myself start writting in my journal here on the 3fc site again too, I have been very lax about that too.

Thin: Congrats on the 2.5#'s...you go girl!! And scale hopping? It's a sickness with me....:lol: , but your welcome to join if you want, it is better than food/alcohol addiction anyday. I mean if all I have to worry about is being addicted to the scales then boy what a life I have. Your new bracelet must be working.

Duckie: I'm in your corner all the way. You will loose the weight with the rest of us. Sorry about the bathroom being so far away, I know when I drink my water like I should I'm in there all the time. But remember on your walks to the potty to take nice deep breaths of fresh air outside, they say that helps cleanse the soul?

Deon: Climb back on up here with the rest of us. You can't do anything about the past or so, just work on today and the next. You can do it.

Barb: As you can see, a few of us have been struggling this weekend into the week.........but now we are gonna start again, and that is all we can do. You can do it too with the rest of us!!!

lori: Maintenece doing the mowing? Do you live in a condo type thing or what? Around this place I am the maintenance crew...LOL, sometimes hubby joins in:lol: . We have a huge front lawn, huge side lawns and well a good size back lawn. On the riding mower it takes a good hour or so to do it all. And yes, I have had to just use the walk behind mower before too, and that takes like 2 hours or more. Good exercise though. Anyway, hope they mowed for you.

Well chickys I'm off before I loose this post!!! And I will be back lots today, it's my day off and I need to keep coming here for my fix just like I used to do, it keeps me going!!!

:wave: :chockiss: :grouphug: to you all!!!

04-22-2003, 10:04 AM
Kat: No I was not driving. You see this is like a once every six months thing for my husband and I. You see where we live we have lots entertainment right from our front porch. :lol: We live only a block from the local bar, which we never go to, but love to sit on our front porch and watch all the drunks walk home and listen to the bar fights. And then across the street on one side we have some folks who party every weekend and we will sit and listen to them and watch them, then we have the brothers who live across the street the other way. Now these boys are wonderful but definitely fun to watch. They are mentally challenged twins, they are 43 yrs old I think, and the two of them will fight like crazy, and they can keep you entertained for hours. Don't get me wrong I am not making fun of these guys at all, I would have them as neighbors before I would half the people in this town,a nd they are wonderful people, they are just a couple of goofs sometimes. So there ya have it.

I am rambling on this morning, it must the cold medicine, it has kept awake all night, I thought this stuff was supposed to put you to sleep. Ugh! maybe I need one of those straight shots.:nono: Huh uh, no way!! Once every six months is just enough for me.

Oh Ya I wanted to add, yes I am a redneck and proud of it. We only recently got rid of the couch on the front porch. Hey its cheap entertainment. :lol: I guess it comes with living the small town life. I would rather be an observer then particpater, in this case anyway. ;)

04-22-2003, 01:32 PM
Hi Gals!!!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday!!! I can only stay for a second, but I dropped in to let you know that I woke up today with a fresh perspective on the day. Yesterday was just a moment of weakness helped by my tom. I'm sure if you all are like me that is a difficult time. I am doing much, much better today. Thanks to all for the kind words of encouragement and helping to get me back on track today.

I came across an article I thought you might enjoy:
How to Lose and Keep off Weight for Lifetime (http://fitness.zimtech.org/MaintainingWeightLoss.htm)

Sara - thanks for sharing the pictures ---- so inspiring!!! You look wonderful!!! :queen:

Gotta run for now --- see ya later!

04-22-2003, 02:18 PM
Great info there, Barb...thanks for sharing!

Deon...sounds like you live on the street we used to live on! Always a show, night and day!

Sandy...Correction: You did not undo ALL the good that you have done. You had a slip up...even a full day of slipping up, but, think about it...how many OP days have you had, compared to ONE bad day? Forget it and move on.

I had to report a small success. I got up this morning, and dressed for the gym, full of good intentions. I have a friend who works over there in the rehab dept so I stopped to see her first...stood there shooting the breeze til it was too late for the step class I wanted to take. So, I forced myself to get on the treadmill...I think I hate it, but once I'm on, I'm really fine. The first 5 minutes I was telling myself, "Okay, only 5 minutes and you can stop." Then five minutes came and went and I kept going. "Ten minutes and I'm done." and so on til I had done 20 minutes. By then it was almost 11:00 and time for the Pilates class. I have been wanting to try this and I was there, so I had no excuses...(well, I could have come up with a few, given half a second!) For some reason, I have really digging my heels in about exercise lately. I go through spurts. When I'm doing something, I really enjoy it, get into it in a big way...and then miss a day for whatever reason and BOOM...it's over. This has take a long time for me to get back into it...but I'm feeling like there are other issues at play here. I love to exercise, so I think it's some kind of self punishment thing I do to myself.

Anyway...self analysis over...I just feel good having moved and grooved the body today. I intend to do something EVERYDAY. Well...that's the plan. 1/2 of activity shouldn't be too hard to fit in!

oops, gotta run...back later

04-22-2003, 02:51 PM
"I do not think there is another quality so essential to success of any kind as the quality of perseverance. It overcomes everything, even nature." ~~John D. Rockefeller

04-22-2003, 05:08 PM
Tina I just wanted to share that when ever I see your avatar, I can't help but think Tony is Elvis in his white jumpsuit, I think there's some resemblence, If you quickly glance at it.

Kat congrats on the exercise, I to am trying to do a little each day, play out side with my son, take the dog for a walk.

2cute, I work in the oil patch, at the scale house for a heavy oil refinery, so I'm up at the scale, which has no running water or bathroom, and the bathroom is across the lot in the Field Office, just a little trek.

Sara your just to cute, glad you had a nice weekend.

Thin congrats on the loss, glad your braclet is doing the trick for you, I know when I don't keep track on Fitday, I lose all concept of what's going into my mouth, I need to see the numbers and how much fat and calories I've consumed. When I don't journal I don't lose weight when I do journal I lose weight.

Barb hope your having a better day, good article.

Deon, sounds like a lovely neighborhood, lol. I actually just moved out of a neighborhood like that around Christmas, the drunks next door kept me entertained, and the young bachelors on the other side weren't to bad to look at when they were mowing the lawn.

Not much new here, one of the guys brought in 6 xl pizza's for lunch, I am not good with pizza, I can eat and eat the stuff till there's no tomorrow, but I was a good girl, and had two tiny pieces, now If I can stay out of the office for the next 3hrs I'll be fine.

My son's been at Grandma's since Sunday afternoon, and I kind of miss him, he may drive me crazy but it's to quite at home with out him, he has school tomorrow, so I think she'll drive him in, in the morning for school.

And guess what, I didn't have any chocolate yesterday, and none so far today. YEAH

Well I should get back to work. TA TA

04-22-2003, 06:37 PM
Good afternoon everyone.
I posted early this morning from my sons house.. but for some reason I see it did not make it in here. :shrug:
Basicly all I said was that I was over there babysitting and would not be back until late tonight. It is not late tonight YET... but I just had to peek in for a minute. Still no time to post. That still has to wait till late tonight.

I am an AMerican Idol junkie so I need to go work around the house now... and watch AI early evening. See you all later. :wave:

04-22-2003, 09:19 PM
Phew what a day! I just have to vent....I planned two days off this week because my parents are coming in the morning and leaving on friday morning...well my one girl up and quits on me today no notice and the other is filling in at another store who has no manager OR csr...well she can kiss my fat you know what because I have coverage by another manager so I can take my two days off....and wait till she needs a reference or something later down the road!! What goes around comes around....

Anyways...wish me luck! I have a job interview tomorrow morning at 10 am....I really really want this one...its no weekends and no nights!!

I am off to see Sara's website...I am jealous already!!

TTFN Michelle

04-22-2003, 09:33 PM
Sara your video worked for me and I just have to say you are SOOOO CUTE and precious! You just re-inspired me!!

Anyway...with that said...We are joining the Y again so that we can get this weight off and have NO excuse for exercising on a regular basis!! I love to swim and I love the treadmill so there is no exuse anymore. I think we are going to go over at some point tomorrow after my parents get here so that we can leave Andrew with them. He isn't good at waiting! Typical two year old!! Hummm....maybe we can go out tomorrow night too??? Just a thought!

Gotta go finish cleaning up this house...John tried...I give him credit but....you know how guys do one little thing and they think they spring cleaned the whole darn house!

TTFN Love you guys...I will be back in full force soon! Promise!!


04-22-2003, 10:30 PM
where is eveerybody

04-23-2003, 01:28 AM
I am here Mary.... can you see me ?? :wave:
I am glued to the tv from 7-8 pm on Tuesdays... and 7:30-8:00 on Wed.

But I will be MIA for a couple of days. I am headed back to Missouri Wed Morning. My parents are not doing well at all.

Every spring it slows down in here for a while.
It picks up when it gets to HOT outside. LOL
It is up to all of us to make a few minutes to keep this site going.
Hope when I come back I find all the other MIAs back into action here.
Sara... I still can't get your site to work for me. :mad:
I tried to get it open at my son's house and I waited 20 minutes and it said it was only 2% complete. :rolleyes: I don't know what I am doing wrong.????

04-23-2003, 08:12 AM
A new day has dawned everybody......a new day not only for me, but for everyone. It's time to get out of this Easter funk and get on with life. I actually didn't have a problem with Easter candy, just other stuff. You know, it always seems like we're waiting to hear that "click" that others have heard. But sometimes I think it's so much more than just the "click" itself. Case in point, I'm in the car....at a red light, on my way home from work yesterday. What are my thoughts? Not on picking my son up at school, not being happy because I'm off work the next two days, not on when I'm going to pay the gas bill....but my thoughts are...."what am I going to eat when I get home?" :?: These are not good thoughts. These are the "gee, I just bought a cake at the store and there's steak in the fridge" type of thoughts. Then I look at the car next to me and there's an attractive woman who I can tell just by seeing her from the shoulders up probably weighs in the neighborhood of 130-140 and probably always has and I think, ""WHAT makes ME think differently than her? WHY do I place so much importance on what I eat and how much?" That is STILL bothering me this morning and sometimes I get scared I'll never know the answer. It amazes me that I'll be on the right track.... eating well, exercising, drinking water and couldn't feel better. I don't feel bloated, my clothes feel better, I can do more....everything in my entire life is BETTER, yet I'm willing to give it up because I just have to have this certain kind of food. Because I can't be normal and have a normal serving and I have to go to extremes. I wish I could just figure out what it is inside of me that can't seem to turn that off.

I can't believe I started out my post this way. :mad: I just get so frustrated sometimes wondering these things and wondering if I'll ever figure them out. Do you ever feel like that too or am I just crazy? :dizzy:

Thin: :p Naah, Naah. I'm off today and I'm up way before noon, so I beat you posting. :lol: Thank you so much for my Easter card. You're the best, lady.

2cute: Be careful on your trip and know that I will miss you while you're gone. I love you. P.S. Love your new sig. Like mine? :s:

Mary: Can I just tell you I was THRILLED with your looooong post. So glad you had fun on your trip.

Lucky: I can't believe I haven't said this yet, but sincere congrats on your new job. Way to go my friend. :smug:

Sandy: Front and center! :drill: Drop that easter bunny right now and get your hind end in here! How many times have you had to pull me back up on the wagon? I thought I had a firm grip on you, but I suppose when I fell off I took you with me. Let's get back on together.

Michelle: I am so glad to see you. You know how much you mean to me and for some reason, when you do well, I do well. So I'm gonna put some pressure on you and let's see if we can get back on track at the same time. I'll keep my fingers :crossed: for you for the new job. Go get em girl!

Duckie: You know, some people have actually mentioned that there is a resemblance (sp?) between Tony and Elvis. Sometimes I see it, sometimes I don't. Doesn't matter though.....he's always KING to me. :lol: Good to see you.

Sara: Your video did work for me and I have to say girl, it thrilled this little ol' southern heart. I wonder if you could possibly know how many people are inspired by you? The fact that you have not forgotten your chubby buddies who are still struggling now that you have met your goal makes me love you all the more. Just you wait though.....I WILL catch up! Thanks again.

Kat: Good job on the the exercise stuff. It's amazing how good it makes you feel, isn't it? When you're exercising on a regular basis, you want to exercise, but when you're not....your NOT. I'm hoping to get back to that place soon. :strong:

Barb: I know how the ol' TOM thing is. Isn't it amazing that it can affect so many aspects of your life? :lol: Good job on getting back up on the horse though. I'm proud of you.

Deon: We love you just like you are...redneck or not. :lol: I love sitting out on the front porch and letting the neighbors "entertain" me too! I've had a rough couple of days too on the "food front". Just remember your goals though and you can do it. I can too.

Lori: Congrats on the 3 lbs. down! Way to go!

Well ladies, I'm going to hop off here for now. I am off work today and tomorrow and I am determined to not sit on this computer all day. I'm having some scale issues right now and not sure what I'm going to do about them. I do not have a scale at home and that's probably a good thing, otherwise you'd have another Sandy on your hands. :lol: But I want to know how much I weigh. (I think) I have no illusions. I realize I have gained a little weight back over the past month. I've not been to WW in over a month. I just can't figure out where I'm going. I want to go back to WW, and then part of me wants to do it on my own and just go weigh on the scale at the mall and then part of me wants to just go buy a scale and weigh here. I don't know. Help!

Love you guys and see you this afternoon.

P.S. I expect some posts when I come back. :drill: :lol:

04-23-2003, 08:27 AM
Catch you on chat tonight 8:00 central

04-23-2003, 10:05 AM
Seven years ago, when we moved into our subdivision, we heard about the little "sick boy" that lived in the gray house. His name was A.J. and he was four and had leukemia. Although he didn't get to go outside and play with all the other kids or go to school very often, from time to time I would catch a glimpse of him and his older brother and my heart went out to his Mom. Last week we got the news that the doctors weren't giving him much longer to live. He died yesterday. He was only 11.

This morning on the way to take Trey to school, I saw a wreath of blue flowers hanging on their front door and it just broke my heart to know what his family is going through. Before I let Trey out at school, I hugged him just a little bit longer this morning and as I watched him walking in, I couldn't help but think, "But for the grace of God". I can't imagine how his Mom feels this morning.

For those of you that pray, say one for his family today. They're going to need it.

04-23-2003, 02:15 PM
My prayers go out to that family. I know I will hug my 2 kids just a little tighter today too because of that.

04-23-2003, 02:27 PM
Howdy chicks,

I'm at work and this is the first time I've been able to get to you today. The boss is not even here but I have been soooooo busy. I was off on Monday (the boss gave me the day off with pay for Patriots day). So today, I was doubly busy and it's payroll week, so I had to deal with that too.

Okay, about me......I do believe I have climbed back up on the wagon and taken my seat again. Please hold me down, I don't like falling off, it's scarey out there in the big bad world of food.;)
I went to the dr's again yesterday for my follow up on my bloodwork and to have the mole removed from my back. Good news about the blood work, I am not diabetic!!! My numbers were at 112, she said the cut off is 126 so I was a-o-k. My pap-smear came back fine, so all is okay in that area too:D (okay, maybe that was to much info, but just thought I'd share) Now, I have 3 stitches in my back and have to go back again in 10 days to have them out......rrrrrrrrrrrrrr..then I hope to be done with the doc for a year. Then, this a.m I wake up and guess who decided it was time to be here? TOM!!!! Don't know if its early or what, hubbys says its about the right time, so this could explain some of the cravings and stuff. Anyway, I got on the scale this a.m and it was showing 265 but tomorrow is the official day, even if I end up with a gain, which looks like I will, I will be okay with it, I have accepted the fact that it's done and over and nothing I can do about what happend. I will just pick myself up and go on.....with the help of all my wonderful friends here on the board.

Tina: Wowzers,:o that was one good long post. I'm back with you and I hope we can do it together again!!! We will succeed. And wanted to let you know I have those same thoughts about skinny people sometimes, or find myself staring at them when they are eatting something with a million zillion points in it and thiinking what the heck?????How come I can't have that???? I guess it's in the genes? Oh well, we will be the stronger ones eventually.

Mary: I have a meeting with the girls tonight at 6 about our girls weekend away the first Weekend in May....but hope to be home in time for chatting!!!

Well chicklets I gotta run and finish this lovely day at work. Then run home, my poor Evan is sick on the couch today (really sick this time, I know because its school vacation this week here in Maine and the poor kid is whipped right out)....

Hugs to you all,

04-23-2003, 02:31 PM
STOP !!! Do Not Post Here....
instead come follow us to the next ongoing thread... # 321
See you all there. :wave: