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10-25-2012, 11:08 AM
Hi everyone,

I've been a lurker on this forum on and off, but not for quite some time. I've been in and out of the weight loss game for several years. At times, very motivated and at other times happy to accept myself the way I am. I've lost weight several times (50lbs after my DD was born, 25 lbs with LA weight loss and 30lbs with medical weight loss) only to gain it back over the next couple years there after. I'm back to my high weight and motivated to get back down. I'm at the beginning stages after watching my weight rapidly climb over the last few months.

I'm a stress gainer. Stress is my trigger. I'll go from periods of not eating enough to complete binges for weeks. I am a horrible grocery shopper due to my ignorance in cooking skills and my fear of wasting money on perishables (because they DO perish, in my fridge, at a rate you wouldn't believe). But I have to learn at some point, if I want to fit back in to my abundant stash of size 12's and get out of my meager supply of size 15/17 clothes.

I would like to stay committed and I'm looking for a great support system, where can also provide support to others. I look forward to getting to know everyone around here.


10-25-2012, 11:15 AM
Welcome!!! You will definitely find support here!

10-25-2012, 01:39 PM
Wow, you sound like me! I saw a nutritionist, and then I went to LA Weightloss, only to regain what I had lost and then some.

I know what you mean about the perishables. Like it or not, the junk is so much easier to keep because it doesn't spoil!

I find that planning my menus in advance and buying only the ingredients for my menus helps me tremendously. I also keep a supply of canned fruits and frozen veggies handy. That way, if I'm a few days from grocery shopping, I have what I have healthy fruit snacks, and a back up supply of veggies to work with.

Good luck! You've come to the right place!