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10-23-2012, 11:27 AM
Hello Fellow Southbeachers!

I have not been on here in quite some time. I just updated my signature and see that I have lost almost 7 pounds since the last time I was on here. Imagine what I could have lost if I stuck with losing instead of the maintaining I seem to have been doing since late August?

So... this in my own kick in the butt to get back on the weight loss track... really on track... not just doing great all week and then McD's and other garbage foods all weekend!!

My biggest hold back is that I'm finally back to work after being unemployed for over a year. By the time I get home from work at 5pm I want to eat right away or very quickly yet nothing is out of the freezer and I can't think of anything to make off the top of my head other than the same crap we have day in and day out. I have just about every South Beach cookbook available yet never take the time to meal plan on the weekends.

Anyone have some suggestions? How do you meal plan and find time to go food shopping and plan meals between work, soccer practice, homework, and cleaning?

And don't even get me started on how to fit in exercise...

10-23-2012, 01:40 PM
Hey Fab!!! First off congrats on losing 7 since August. Maintenance is the hardest part of the program (well at least I think it is). Get a crock pot!!! I love mine and it is small, I may splurge on a big on. Throw your ingredients on before bed and viola by morning you have dinner for that night! Soups, chills, casseroles (try the Mexican one) are quick, easy, healthy and delicious!! After I get a little bored I freeze the leftovers and they make great microwave and run meals when I am really pressed for time. I like the recipe boards because you get honest opinions from the chicks.

I see you live in NJ. I have used PeaPod and Shoprite's shop from home services. Yes you pay a delivery fee, but look for coupons to waive the fee. They are great because if you use a bonus club type card when you normally shop it suggests things you normally buy. I never realized how much FF Greek Yogurt I buy in a year lol. If you have an Internet connection you can pretty much get your shopping done anywhere. I have never been disappointed in their picks of my fruits and veggies if you are concerned. Also, when I get deli turkey they ask how you like it sliced. Makes it convenient not to buy crap or deviate from buying things you may not need. They deliver 6 days a week from early morning until late evening. PeaPod delivered for me Friday nights at 8pm!

Here is my little exercise you get an hour for lunch? Maybe you could squeeze in a quick walk. Or get up a half hour earlier and do an exercise DVD.

Cleaning with kids is well a lost cause some weeks. Hey something has to give.

Love your little veil dancers, I remember when you only had one. Look at them wiggle away the pounds!!!!

10-23-2012, 03:00 PM

Thank you for all your suggestions. I checked out Peapod and they're not in my area. I've used Shoprite once before but they don't deliver in my area either. I used to have my older daughter pick-up for me on her way home from work but she just got in a car accident so is out of work right now. As for food shopping, I think I'm going to make it mandatory for my hubby to get finished work on time on Monday so he can pick-up the little one and I can food shop after work.

Only problem with crockpot cooking is hubby is a VERY picky eater and will eat nothing that comes out of a crockpot :/ I guess he's going to either learn or starve lmao

Yes, I get an hour for lunch, I really should start walking. They have a gym here that I used to use but they changed the rules... well... enforce the rules better I should say so I'm not longer able to use it.

My dancers are wiggling away the pounds, it's time for me to wiggle too :) I'm looking into Zumba classes in my area that are cheap. Hoping to find one close by and make that a 2nd night my hubby is required to be home on time LOL

10-26-2012, 01:42 PM
I too just changed my ticker and am in the same boat as you, in more ways than just the one.

I too get home around 7p and making a full dinner isn't going to happen. So I cook ALL DAY on either Saturday or Sunday and make things like taco bake and keep a salad in the fridge at all times so I can heat and eat or just throw tuna on the salad and go.

On Wednesdays I have to force myself to go to the store but as a reward I buy something like fresh fish or shrimp (can be cooked quickly) and instant quinoa and steam bag veggies....