South Beach Diet - Gained almost 4 pounds in 4 days?!

10-21-2012, 02:23 AM
So I've been on phase 2 for four days already, and I have already gained close to 4 pounds!! I do know that we're supposed to gain some weight back due to reintroducing carbs and fruit... but isn't about 4 pounds in 4 days a bit much?!

I started weighing in at phase 2 at 125.6 lbs, now I'm exactly 129 lbs.. Is this really all water...? :?: I've been scouring the forum for answers, and most of them said to just wait it out, but I really need reassurance.. I can even see that my stomach area got bigger, and a feel bloated for most of the day.. Except for today, I also worked the past few days, so for most of the day I am on my feet and running around..

Here's a snapshot of what I had:

Day 2:
B: 1/4th cup of granola, 1 cup fiber 1 cereal, 1 cup of skim milk, 3/4th cup of celery stirfry
S: 1/4th apple
L: 1 sunnyside up egg, 2 cups of pea tips and mushrooms
S: 20 peanuts
D: 2 cups of green beans, fist sized serving of extra lean ground beef
had 1.5L of water that day

Day 3:
B: 1/2 cup granola + 1 cup fiber1 cereal + 1.5 cup of skim milk + 1 cup of green beans
L: Vanilla Latte made with skim milk unsweetened
1 cup of green beans, 1 cup of lettuce, 1/2 cup of celery sticks
S: green tea
D: 1.5 cups of beans + peatips, 1/4 cup of sunflower seeds
had 2L of water that day

Day 4:
1/2 cups of fiber1, 1 cup of skim milk, 1.5 cups of beans+spinach
S: 1/2 cup of celery sticks + 5 peanuts
L: 1 egg, 1/3 cup of skim shredded cheese, 2 cups of mushrooms+greenbeans
S: fell asleep haha
D: 1/2 can of light tuna
1.5 cup of sauteed spinach and onions
1 cup of skim milk
2L of water

10-21-2012, 08:05 AM
Fibre1, honey! Wow, that stuff does it to me.

Also, you say 1/4- 1/2 c. granola - that's one serving of grains, and most granolas have too much sugar in it. Then you have 1 c. fibre one, which is another serving (or more...look at the box) of grain. So, you're having 2-3 servings of grains for breakfast...I would stick to one. I find those high fiber cereals really bloat me, so my guess is that's your culprit.

FWIW - large amounts of beans bloat me as well ;).

I looked back over your menu again - are you getting enough calories? You probably need to expand your veggies, add some legumes and other proteins, just to have a balanced diet.

10-22-2012, 12:46 AM
Oh okay!! I'll keep that in mind. Am I getting enough calories? I mean, a majority of it is from veggies, and I get really full from it..

10-26-2012, 01:24 PM
What about other forms of protein?

I tend to add 1 grain OR 1 fruit the first week back, then two...different times of day I eat either sometimes affects me.

Drink lots of water and hang in there.

10-27-2012, 07:34 PM
I typically get protein from beef, chicken, dairy, eggs and nuts..
Btw I finally went back down to 125.6. I found out I can't have grains everyday, fruit is okay it doesn't affect me too much. So I only have a serving of grain only on tuesdays and saturdays, and the other days I only have a serving of fruit :) Thanks so much, I definitely did hang in there, I just couldn't take the feeling of being sluggish..