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10-20-2012, 06:46 AM
Good Morning:sunny:

I woke just before the alarm and coffee is brewing downstairs. I work at 630 so thought I'd get us going this morning. I think it's pretty warm out...quessing because our new thermostat let me know the heat has not been on all night. That makes me happy.

What's on your agenda this weekend?? Stop by and say hi :cofdate:

10-20-2012, 08:14 AM
Good morning, Debbie, and thanks for starting us up.

I sure feel a lot perkier than I did yesterday when I ended up going back to bed, something I NEVER do. I did make a flying trip into town so the day was not completely wasted. I needed odds and ends of boring things including some mouse traps because the little brats are trying to move in for the winter. It happens every fall!

Today is a day with nothing planned so I am hoping to finish the darned tax stuff and get it sent off on Monday. The auditor also needs another piece of paper so I'll have enough to keep me busy. If I can figure out how to connect the player, I plan to watch the first of Downington Abbey tonight.

How does your day look from this dark end?

10-20-2012, 08:33 AM
I'm still giggling because Ruth just said, "I have nothing planned". We'll see her report tomorrow on how today went. Who will stop by for an all day visit today?! BTW Ruth - you need a CAT!! Won't the pups enjoy that too?!

Lexiss - hope today goes well at work for you! Wow, no heat on...not bad for CO?

For me - the boss asked me to go in early an interview someone today. I joked with her if coffee is included ;). The first thing the tech gets to help me on (it's a working interview too) is a cat enema! Isn't she lucky!?! Then a full day of work. ANNNDD, today is my wedding anniversary! DH requested steak for supper. We had a niceeee meal out last week (not that great, but darned expensive!), so we won't have a date night again.

I made the coffee nice and strong so I'm all perky (not that I have a problem with that ;) ) at the interview. What's everyone else doing for the weekend?

10-20-2012, 09:38 AM
Good morning Debbie I opened the kitchen window this morning! I love when the heat does not kick in overnight. My oil bill is way too expensive.

Tammy Happy Anniversary!! Thanks for the laugh this morning. WOW a cat enema how exciting!! I agree, Ruth will have quite the report tomorrow lol. Ruth I do hope you have a reaceful, restful day as we all need them.

Tonight is our little college reunion. There will be 8 or 9 of us meeting tonight. Rick has no idea as he believes we are going to an awards dinner for My BFF's son's football league. We had a really nice dinner despite it being late. Gina's BF got a flat on the way here and needed a tow to change it. Sadly their weight limits their physical abilities to do such tasks.

I have not cooked a BIG meal in ages. It felt like a holiday gathering to me. My turkey breast was very moist. Thanks to LF cream cheese under the skin lol. Betty Crocker still has some great cooking tips. Beats Paula Dean's method of slathering it with butter lol. It felt good sending Gina and my Joe home with leftovers. Rick made an authentic key lime pie (did you know the only sugar is from the condensed milk so he used the LF and the brand with the least amount of sugar) Joe made his famous cheese cake this time with baked apples on top for a little fall flair. Thankfully there is enough cheesecake and pie left for Ricknand I to each get one piece of each before they are gone.

Tuesday is back to P1 (strict not my P 1.5 lol). Need to clean out my system. Although despite eating off plan, I am not out of control with it. I am still down from TOM which is good. Do I miss my long bike rides too this week. But Inam finding places for us to hike or walk so we are getting some physical activity in. Tomorrow Rick will get to experience city walking style (some people jog slower than I walk) lol

Ok enough babbling, coffee and smoothie await! Have a wonderful day

10-20-2012, 12:27 PM
Good morning (just under the wire!) :coffee2: It's my last day in Burlington and I can't wait to get home! I know it's bad when I find myself looking at recipes and sighing.

It's a lovely fall day around here and the drive home will be nice. Tomorrow I have a day off! I've got the mother of all To Do lists already written but a cup of tea and some cat petting top the list.

10-21-2012, 07:52 AM
Quiet in here this weekend. I hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine.

Twynn, I did have nothing planned but managed to fill in the time with major accounting work. Found a $6K discrepancy which sure beats giving a cat an enema - but most things would!

Linda, I know you had a great day yesterday and are loving the away from home feeling.

Jekel, sounds like you are having a great weekend. That cream cheeese idea for turkey breast must be great! I have always found turkey breast way too dry but will try that method next time.

Cyndi, it must be very pretty down there in Vermont. I hope there was still lots of colour for your drive south. To Do lists! I enjoy making them but not doing them. Lately I use yellow stickies because tearing them up when the job is done gives me such a thrill.

Church this morning and then another "free" day. I plan to wind up the tax crud and get it ready for the mail. If it doesn't rain, I may get some leaves raked. I am invited out to dinner tonight but declined - I want an early bedtime because I MUST get back tot he gym tomorrow morning.

Wishing you a day of sunshine, rest and fun.

10-21-2012, 08:01 AM
Good morning!

Jekel, that was an interesting tip on the cream cheese. I must keep that one in mind!

Ruth - YAY for you for saying "NO" to tonight. And fantastic job finding the 6K discrepancy, that's fantastic!

Well, DH called at work saying there was a Punkin Chunkin going on at a nearby state park, so we went to that yesterday (romantic, eh??!! ;)). I've actually always wanted to go to one, it was pretty neat seeing them sling those pumpkins over the water. And, the colors are at their peak right now, so it was absolutely beautiful. He's being quite whiney about his diet, but declined all the junk food at the event (hey, maybe we can actually stick to budget now!).

Today - church, bible study early, then ???. I'm making a big batch of ham and bean soup to bring to bible study. We normally have it at night, but moved it to lunch time, and they're buying pizza. Now, both DH and I need to eat better. It makes a huge batch, I'm sure others will enjoy it too. After that...I'm hoping a hike to enjoy these gorgeous colors while we can, if the weather is good.

Anyone doing anything exciting today? Is cottage recovering?

10-21-2012, 08:40 AM
Good Morning:sunny:

Twynn, Happy Anniversary!

We've been up and down now Bing is hogging my spot on the bed. I'd like to slide back in for a bit. I made my first vegan quinoa patty this morning....haven't cooked it yet, 'cause I'd want to taste and I haven't had my quota of coffee yet.
It should be a day off but I think I need to work at mom's for a bit so we can head over the hill this week for my 3 day "weekend".

Happy Sunday everyone!

10-21-2012, 09:25 AM
Good morning late nights I am definitely not used to this week followed by early morning lol. We had a lovely time meeting up with our college buddies last night. Rick was completely shocked seeing everyone. We had two no show no calls, but we still had eight plus Rick and I. One of our friends just cam back in the morning from a business trip in CA and drove from Bethlhem PA just to see everyone. Tons of laughs a few misty eyed moments too.

Today we are going to NYC to be tourists and pay our respects at the 9/11 Memorial. I know there will be lots of photos from today as Rick is quite the photographer. IDK how to post pics from my iPad to the forum, but if anyone would like to see them, or friend me on FB, just send me a private message here :)

Ok coffee and checking the train schedule are a must today

10-21-2012, 11:28 AM
Good morning.

I'm still in LA. Today DH and I play tourists again in the morning and afternoon, then we are going to a pre-season Lakers game with our son and his roommate. It's gray and expected to drizzle here. On a positive note, maybe I don't have to keep slathering on sunscreen. We've been walking tons so when I get home I guess I need to ignore the aches and pains that come with it, and get back to regular walking for cardio.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, all.