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10-12-2012, 09:14 AM
Hi everyone im sarah im 26 and have two boys aged 2 and 3. In total i have 136lbs to lose i never thought i would be saying that lol in the last 2 and a half years i've just ballooned up i've always been big around a size 18 and i am now getting to big to wear a size 24 so thats it time to start sorting my life. My weight is starting affect everything i dont take my son to school because im not fit enough to walk up the hill so my partner takes him i dont take the boys swimming because i cant stand the thought of being in a swimsuit, i get paranoid with my partner and i just cant stand to look in the mirror anymore and because im so down and fed up i drink quite a lot of alcohol maybe 3-4 times a week just to feel a bit better. So things have to change now i have set myself a mini goal to losse 20lbs by christmas starting monday so if anyone has any advice please reply thankyou xxx

10-12-2012, 09:33 AM

We are about the same weight and height :)

Do you have a plan in place? Are you going to exercise?

Counting calories is super easy and you can eat anything as long as the calories from it fit into your allotment for the day... of course healthier calories are better and cutting out bad carbs (whites: bread, potatoes, sugar, flour) helps regulate your blood sugar. Eating healthier helps you feel much better. Alcohol is probably a big no no, I dont drink, but I do know I hear many say that any time they drink it's not a good thing.

I totally reccomend a calorie counting site there is sparkpeople.com and fitday.com I have used both and like both for different reasons, lately I use sparkpeople because they have a point system to earn virtual trophies and I kind of like that.

I also love the Walk Away the Pounds videos, the 1 mile ones are a great start for someone who just isn't fit enough to begin with something crazy like 30 day shred or P90x lol I am doing the 2 miles most days and will probably soon try to bump a few days a week up to 3 miles.

You can do this. Read around this forum, there are so many success stories.

(ps... I am so jealous... a size 24? I haven't seen a size 24 since before I had my last 3 kids!)

10-12-2012, 09:50 AM
Hi fawn,
Thanks for the reply i am going to count calories do u know what i should be on per day as for exercise we've recently just bought a dog so i will be walkibg him fpr at least 15min day to start of with if i can do more i will. Once i'm out and about im fine its just tje thought of doing that gets me all wprked up and then i dont bother which is silly i know but this time i feel different i really feel as though i can do this and just keep setting mini goals. Well done on the 20lbs loss hun xxx

10-12-2012, 11:09 AM
You can do it! Just be patient and remember that perfection is not required - only making the best choices you can make most of the time.

There is an upside to having more than 100 pounds to lose, and that is that your body is very forgiving. Small changes at that weight can nevertheless make a different. Slip-ups don't matter as much - you can go over your calorie target one day without much slowing your progress.

Just remember to be patient. You will not see weight loss every day or even necessarily every week. You're in it for the long haul, so trust your plan and stick to it and the weight will come off in time. Good luck and good strength!

10-12-2012, 11:19 AM
Hey thanks carter congrats on your massive weight loss wow what an achievement gives me more encouragement to go for it xxx

10-12-2012, 11:32 AM
hey! i just joined today, too. i'm shanka, and i'm 31 yrs old. i want to lose 130lbs, so we have similar goals. i hovered at size 18 for years and have gotten up to a 22/24. i just got married (5 months now!) and i'm looking forward to being a mom. i dread the thought of getting pregnant and getting bigger and not getting that weight off and running out of breath to chase my toddlers. i have to make that change and make it stick this time, and since i know the kind of person i am, i really need to surround myself (even virtually!) with like-minded people. so here i am. :)

10-12-2012, 02:12 PM
Hi shanka congratulations on just getting married have u got any mini goals or a specific diet u want to do. I tried slim fast but it was no good for me and a bit expensive xxx

10-12-2012, 05:33 PM
As far as how many calories it really is an individual thing. I would start by putting in your age, height and weight into an online calculator. I would google calories needed calculator.. or you can start a sparkpeople or a fitday and that will give you an idea too. Then try it for 2 weeks. If you are losing faster than you want up it by 100 a day or if it's too slow lower it 100 a day and start another 2 week run. Your needs will change as your fitness levels change and as your weight goes down. You should never go below 1200 a day.

sistah phat
10-12-2012, 06:13 PM
Welcome. I'm relatively new too, but not to the challenge of weight loss. After 40 years of experience, I can't stress enough that the most successful method is the one you can stick to for the rest of your life. I have been calorie counting since May and so far I have lost more (~50 lbs.) than I did with any "diet." It's also been surprisingly painless. If I do feel the (rare) need to have a plate of nachos, I just account for it in the rest of the daily totals. With other methods, I can't wait until it's over and I can go back to "normal." That's how I wind up gaining more than I lost.

You'll find lots of good tips on this site so enjoy. And best of luck!