Weight Loss Support - 300+ And Ready To Try Again...#319

04-18-2003, 05:44 PM
God Bless America!

We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
We share laughter and tears.
We share what works for us and what doesn't.
We recently started a Topic of the Day.

Monday........Motivation Monday
Tuesday.......Tuesday Tips
Wednesday.....Wednesday Weigh ins
Thursday......Thankful Thursday
Friday........Friday Facials, Fingernails and Fun
Saturday.......Sit-up Saturdays - any physical activity
Sunday.........Soup and Salad Sunday - recipes

These are not required topics ...just ideas to share. We have found them very helpful. We also share heartaches and fears...joys and celebrations.

Please feel free to jump right in with us.
And be sure to check if there is a second page. We don't want anyone to miss any posts.
We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
We share laughter and tears.
We share what works for us and what doesn't.
We recently started a Topic of the Day.


04-18-2003, 05:58 PM
Thin: I'm assuming you are here posting at the same time I am, since you did start the new thread. And I know you would not dare to start a thread and not post something.:lol:

Anyway, just for everyones info, I was on my way here to post on #319 and saw that the forums will be down Sat night for maintenance and reopened on Sunday am sometime...so if you can't get here thats the reason.

Also, ladies, I just sat down here and am famished and started to eat these Cheez-its I bought:o (but they are the reduced fat ones) And well it could have gotten out of hand, but I came here and that made me think, what the heck am I doing!!! So lets, see the back of the box says about 29 crackers is 1 serving and that is equal to 3 pts oh pooh:mad: I could have had the full fat version for 3 pts....Oh well they are still good. So I figure I ate 1 1/2 servings before you all kicked in....Not too bad since alls Ive put in this body today is 1/2 of a Chicken sandwich from Subway 6 pts....so hummmmmmm 6+5=11 pts gone so I have 22 pts left for the day and its 5:00pm.....thank goodness, we are having pizza for supper, I did buy reduced fat Mozzerrella and ff crust and only putting veggies on, so should be okay with that....

Lucky: So happy for you about the job....way to go!!!

04-18-2003, 06:05 PM
Sorry, guys. No time. :wave: The 'baby' is coming home tomorrow instead of Sunday and with his roommate so I have to make short work of this house and it's a disaster. I had expected to have tomorrow to do it. :(

I had e-mailed our good friend Susie, original starter of this thread, because she hasn't been around in awhile. I just heard back from her today and she wanted me to share with you all and apologizes for not being around much right now.

"I have been even busier than usual, and now I am suffering from a severe case of strep throat.

The City of Detroit is going to be laying off people soon. For the last month or so, I have been working with my Department to figure out where/who to cut. We were working 12 to 13 hour days and I was physically and emotionally drained. I am not sure if I or my husband will be layed off, so please keep me and my family in your prayers.

I got through those few weeks of **** and now I am battling strep throat. I could barely eat or drink the first few days, as I couldn't talk or swallow and had a fever of 101.2 and very, very nauseus....(just ask the people at the doctor's office and those that had to clean up after me).

I have been home for a week now and am just now starting to feel better.

Hope to talk to you all soon.


I've really got to get off of here and get some stuff picked up. I'll see you all later.

God Bless America!

04-19-2003, 03:32 AM
Hello again. It is a little earlier than last night... but not much.
I got on here at midnight and here it is 1:30am
It took me that long to go back and reply to everyone.
Next time I won't promise to do that again. :foot:

Kat... quote... What we can achieve if we simply put our mind, heart and soul into it.
Those are POWERFUL WORDS !!!! Now tell me... how are you doing that?
Are you still talking to yourself? LOL That Simple Abundance post was awesome.

Sandy... you and others have asked about my parents. Well things are not good.
It has gotten sooo complicated it is just pure frustration somedays. Thank you for asking... but in reality I come here to get away from all of it... if you know what I mean. If I am honest.. I get teary eyed if I go into details ..so.... I probably won't be talking about it much. Let's face it... dealing with death sucks.... even when they are still alive... maybe more-so because you feel like you let people down. But I do know that all of you care and I appreciate that. :love:

Bobsgal/Steph... how was your sons Easter party?? Do you have any big plans for next week while he is off.???
Deon.. good to see you too. :wave: I am soooo proud of you for going to the doctor.
I avoid it as much as possible. My last pap was a devasting experience for me. :stress: I am one of the rare ones that it usually never bothered me in the past... but I was never THIS FAT in the past. LOL Now is a different story. :o

Lori... I can't wait to see your new photos. Hurry hurry !!!!
You are doing so awesome staying on your program. Keep it up.
I think I am the only person here that did not care for that pineapple and salsa recipe.
My family liked it.. but for some reason I didn't. ?????

Thin... I found Ms :chicken: with the other smilies... but she is not fierce enough to be MOMMA HEN... and she is not cute enough to be a "chick". LOL
I had seen her many times and finally found a place to use her. LOL
How was your date with DH?? Where do you get this Rasberry Grilled Chicken Salad? :T
Also... did you get your house clean for your son and friend??
My house is a TOTAL DISASTER !!!!!! And my paperwork... well I am going to need a personal secretary to catch me up on all of it. :rolleyes:

Okay TINA.... TOM has left the building. :yes: I saw him following Elvis back to Graceland.
Where and why are you not here ???
Yes... you do have a WONDERFUL husband... and a smart one too.
Ask him if you should be getting your butt back here. And if he says no... He is not as wise as we think he is. :lol:
Quote from Tina... "Do you know how much I love you guys? "
Well .... no I don't. :no: You are going to have to come in here and tell me. :p

Mary.... I am sooo jealous... a romantic getaway for two. :love:
You don't have to tell us EVERYTHING you did :o but fill us in on the PG stuff. LOL

Lucky... I know I already told you but it is worth repeating....
CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!! :goodvibes:
Tell us all about it... what will you be doing... when do you start... any cute guys !!!!!!!!

Barb... You always have such encouraging words to share with everyone.
That is really nice of you to take the time... I know how long it can take.
Listen to all the ladies about these darn Dr appts.
They are a necessary EVIL. :devil:

Sara... you and Mary are soo lucky. My husband called me this morning and said "pack your bags... we are going somewhere today "
Well.. we did head out and had a wonderful day... but as soon as our daughter called... he headed right back home to be with her. LOL
I guess I will always have to share my DH with other women (2daughters) the rest of my life. :lol:

2cute... that was an awesome post you stole from that other site. It bares repeating.... "life is just a collection of small steps. People who reach their goals are nothing more than people who have developed the ability to make numerous small steps in the same direction. "
(Oooppss.. there I go talking to myself again.) :^:

Deon... Those 4 lbs will be off by the end of the month I bet.
You are doing GREAT !!! Hang in there girl.
I don't know about WW visualiizing... but I bet they are a lot like my "positive affirmations". Quote from me... "I am a smaller person and I eat accordingly. I exercise my mind as well as my body to become healthier and happier".

Okay... I "think" that is everyone from the last thread.
There are several missing still. And that includes Jiffypop.
Jiffypop... if you are reading this... please come back and join in.
I hope we didn't scare you away. :no:
Have a wonderful weekend everyone. :wave:

04-19-2003, 09:47 AM
Don't send out the paddy wagons yet! :lol:

I have an excuse for not getting in here yesterday and it is a semi good one. First of all, I couldn't get on at work yesterday because we were slammed with a capitol S. We were majorly understaffed because my supervisor and dear friend, (God love her) forgot that yesterday was good Friday and that ALOT of businesses would be closed and didn't schedule in an extra person. So, me and Chatty Cathy who I'll admit was not all that chatty yesterday had to bear the brunt of it all. Utility companies and doctor's offices were closed along with lots of different places just closing up early. It was a mess. I can honestly say I have never been so happy to get out of here as I was yesterday. Yes, :yes: you did just notice the word here. I am at work now. :(

Anyways, I got home and picked up Brian (14 yr. old) and took him to my Mom's house (who is out of town) and he mowed her yard. Yes, I should have went out there and helped him and under normal circumstances I would have, but TOM is still raging. (Sorry 2cute, Elvis may have left the building but he didn't take TOM with him) :mad: Unfortunately, I didn't have as many supplies in my purse as I thought I had, so being at my Mom's house whose TOM flew out the window a long time ago, of course she had no supplies, so this required me to....well, let me just say, sit very still. Running around the yard mowing would have definitely left a mess. :o

So, I finally leave there and get back home and dh is there, stating that his gout is acting up again. Once again, for those of you not familiar with gout, it is not a nasty thing. It is not an oozy runny sore. (as my Granny thought) It is simply uric acid crystals that "hover" around the joints and cause intense pain. The only thing you actually see is the skin around the joint is red/purple and that's about it. :lol: Now that we've had our medical lesson for the day....he's telling me his gout is acting up again and he must not do a thing other than sit or lay down with his foot propped up and "oh honey, you've not made me one of your egg, ham and cheese sandwiches in such a long time and do you mind going in the kitchen and fixing me a couple?" So that turns into Trey wanting one too and guess who else wants one?
:yes: You guess it. But, do you also know who was a good girl and fixed herself a grilled chicken sandwich w/fat free pringles and a pickle instead? :yes: You guessed that right too. Gee, you guys are getting good. :lol:

So once we were finished eating, we decided to watch a movie. "Joe Somebody" with Tim Allen was on HBO, so we watched that. It wasn't the greatest, but not too stinky. So somewhere between 9:30 and 10:00, the movie was over and I decided to pop on the internet for abit. I had just got on, and the stupid internet went down. Well, let me rephrase that. Charter, who I get my internet service through.....:censored: went down. So after sitting there for about 20 minutes staring at the lovely blinking green lights that are not supposed to be blinking, I just gave up and shut the stupid thing down and went to bed.

I was blissfully happy and snoozing it up until my lovely little sweetpea, Trey....decided he would knock on the door at 5:00am to ask Ron if he was taking him fishing this morning! :yikes: I hate getting woke up an hour before you have to get up for real. That means you lay there knowing that you have to get up and you never go back to sleep or if the God's are smiling on you and you do actually get to sleep, you just get to your warm happy place and the stupid alarm goes off! :mad: So, the alarm did go off at 6:00. I took a quick shower, got dressed, ran to work.....ok, I drove to work and here I am.

So 2cute, are you happy now? Aren't you glad I LOVED you and all my friends enough to come here and share my whole entire day with you? :love:

And now that it has taken an hour for me to do so, I have to hop off here, so someone else can take their turn on the internet. :lol:

I hope this will do you till tomorrow, because I know the site is going down tonight. Food has been good. OP two days in a row. I haven't exercised because of TOM, but I will in a couple of days. Hope this post finds you all well and happy and I will check in with you tomorrow.

I honestly do not know what I will do with myself this weekend. There is no race on. How will I survive? :?:

04-19-2003, 12:29 PM
She LOVES US ..... she really really LOVES US !!!! :lol:
I am not winning an oscar right now... but I am just as exciting knowing that Tina still LOVES US !!!
Wow lady... are having quite a time of it... and you are handling it GREAT.
I am so proud of you and hope TOM leaves soon. :crossed:

04-19-2003, 02:09 PM
Hey all...I'm hopping on real quick, just to say hello! I have a bit of running around to do to get ready for Easter. I'm going to make a yummy carrot cake to bring to Mom's. the batter's ready, I just have to bake it. We still have to color eggs. I have to prepare my Easter "baskets." I threw out the old baskets because they got smushed in the garage> Instead of buying two new baskets, for older children... I bought a make-up case for my daughter...one with a pop-up mirror inside and different compartments and a tool box for my son I'm going to fill them with Easter grass and goodies (makeup brushes and sponges and stuff for her, tools for him) and that's that! Neither one is big on chocolate bunnies, so who do you think ends up nibbling away? Of course it's me!! So no bunnies this year! Oh, I got them some candy...I'm not that heartless...gummy lifesavers and packs of gum and little chocolate eggs...Now that I think of it, I'd better get him some Yu-Gi-Oh cards to throw in there.

I have to work tonight and tomorrow night. :(

Yes, 2cute, I'm talking to myself. This is what I do: When I get ready to sleep, I picture myself as I want to be, in an outfit that looks fabulous on me, and I just tell myself that I can do this...this is possible...I know what to do and how to do it...I just have to DO IT! (Last night's outfit was very simple...khaki shorts, a white T-shirt, tucked in, of course and really cute sandals.

Tell me, everyone...what is your "dream outfit?" What do you plan on wearing when you reach goal??

I'm back OP these past two or three days. But I need to exercise. I will be outside today, it's back into the 50s...maybe some raking.

Gotta run...again, I've stayed way longer than I had planned.

Have a great weekend, Happy Easter, Happy Passover, Happy Spring!

04-19-2003, 03:36 PM
I am the one who is suppose to get off of this computer and here I am again. :rolleyes:
Kat... I think your khaki shorts outfit is PERFECT for me. :D
But unfortunately even when I reach goal I won't be able to wear it. :(
I have done far too much damage to this body.
Shorts will definitely be out... but khaki slacks will work well.
Tucked in shirt will be out too. :( My apron will not permit that either.
But I will be totally happy with a cute size 16-18 Tshirt. :yes:
And for the cute sandals... I am out of luck there too. :mad:
I have done so much damage carrying this weight that I need support shoes at all times.
But I can have my picture taken in some cute sandals. :yes: and then get a neutral pair of support shoes instead of my usual black I wear to match my black pants and black socks and black undies. :lol:

Yes.... I have a dream of just being "NORMAL" ... I wouldn't know what to do with sexy. :lol:

04-19-2003, 03:53 PM
2terville!!! I love it!! You really are 2cute!!!

04-19-2003, 04:34 PM
Well, despite this bee-yoooooo-ti-ful afternoon we are having here in PA, I figured I'd better get my big caboose on here and at least say "HI" and Happy Easter to all the lovely ladies before the board goes down tonight:grouphug:

I have some leftover pineapple salsa that I am going to try with some beef tonight. It was awesome with the chicken; hopefully the beef will turn out just as well.:)

Most of the morning I spent cleaning the house and the cat box:p *YUCK* and going through the mail (junk mostly):rolleyes:
The other good thing was my Mary Kay stuff I ordered finally came today, and I had to try my Revitalizing Private Spa Collection shower gel, lotion, and cologne spray....yummy.

The rest of the afternoon was spent on my walk (especially listening to the birds, which my cat Noah loves to 'talk' to--it is rather both funny and cute:lol: ) Tomorrow will be Easter at home--with dinner outside, since we are expecting a 75 degree day :cb: !

04-19-2003, 04:57 PM
I need to decide what to do. I tried WW & Atkins but couldn't seem to stay with it. I really like Atkins but for me, right now, it just isn't working.

Sara, didn't you just count calories and do that darn exercising all the time?

I know there is a way I just have to find the way that works for me.

Advice ???????

04-19-2003, 10:33 PM
Wow, here it is 9:27 and I got in here without the board being down. I've been at the race track all day, and OH my goodness you would have thought I would have learned last week, but here is what color my face is :mad: (not mad, just bright bright red) I look like a cooked lobster. But was tons of fun, never seen so many smash em ups in one day at the track.

So, this being Easter weekend this is what I have done for myself, I gave myself permission to eat just a little off plan for the weekend, not much, but like today I ate at the track, I had a burger and onion rings, and believe me they don't give you many in an order. Thats all I had and got home and had a 4 pt piece of pizza and an english muffin with pbj....reduced fat pb!! So I really don't think I blew it? But, I'm not even gonna add up the points for it, cause there is no way of telling. And tomorrow we are having ham and lots of veggies, so think that will be okay, but for dessert we are having cheese cake and I AM HAVING A SLIVER OF IT!!!!! Then I promise Monday back on Plan.....All in all when I write it out, it does not sound that bad does it?

My boss, what a sweetie she is, bought me an Easter basket, in it was 2 coffee mugs, a bag of my favorite Hazelnut coffee, 2 scented candles with these wonderful toppers on them, 2 little puffy soft chick decorations and a thing of sweet tarts (they are ff). Then being in New England, Monday is Patriots Day, not a Federal holiday, but it is a New England holiday, so she gave me the day off with pay!!! And I'm off on Tuesdays anyway, so I managed to get a 4 day weekend!!! Yahoo for me!!!

Well chicklets, gonna scoot before they shut the site down on me and I loose what I have written. I've rambled so that it probably would not hurt to loose it, but I know you all will bare with me and read it, or just skip it:D . SHHHHHH....I did not say that!

Hugs to ya all,

04-19-2003, 10:35 PM

04-19-2003, 11:14 PM
Good Evening Ladies --
Just stopped in for a quick Hello and to wish everyone a Happy Easter!!! I am so sore and tired that I am taking this body to bed!!! What a day it was --- started out taking a walk with my two older dogs. Then it was off to puppy school with Charlee, my new Chihuahua (she's in my new avatar). After that we headed to the basement and built some shelves. We worked on that till 7:30. So, basically from 8:30 this morning till 7:30 tonight I didn't sit down for more than a couple minutes here and there. I just kept telling myself how many calories I was burning.

We don't do much for Easter because we don't live near either of our families so tomorrow will be yard work and more work in the basement. We are planning on a quaint little cookout for dinner - we are going to try making Turkey Burgers. I know - not a very "Eastery" dinner but it should be fun!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day tomorrow. See ya later!!!

04-20-2003, 12:02 AM
Ohhhh.....I long for a day at home to do yard work...sleep would be even nicer. I'm on my way out to work now,,,Mass @ 8...a few hrs of shut eye and then down to Mom and Dad's to spend the day with my wacky family. My darling daughter saved us though, she has to be at work at 6, so this won't be an all day affair...WHEW!

Have a wonderful day, whatever you do!

04-20-2003, 12:15 AM
Kat... I can't believe you saw my location so FAST !!!! :lol:

Yes... I am trying to come up with another siggie too.

2much :yikes:/ soon2b :crossed: / 2good 2Btrue :dance:

What do you think??

Also thought of...

Tritropolis / Twoterville / Onederland :lol:

Of course... I can't use this one until I see Twoterville. :rolleyes:
Can anyone think of a better city for 300's????

I had to come back and add one for anyone weighing 400+
Fourt Worth !!! You should have self worth at any weight. :yes:

Anyway... I just wanted to wish everyone a

04-20-2003, 08:02 AM

04-20-2003, 09:25 AM
2cute: Gosh how you make me :lol: . You got me smiling so hard this morning that my poor sunburned face is killing me, but making me laugh all the harder. I can alway count on you to make me smile:) thanks so much!!!

My lovely 5 year old decided that 4:30 a.m. was a good time to get up on Easter morning? I did not think the same and managed to get till 6:15 out of her. I am to say the least dragging butt this a.m. We are off to breakfast at Church and then services then off to my MILS for (dinner/supper) kinda 3:00 meal I think? Anyway, my neices and nephew will be there too, so my MIL always fills the plastic eggs with candy and little toy things and they have a hunt together there too. These kids get more than any child should!!! But, I do try to instill the true meaning of Easter in them, but a 5 year old just does not get it.
She is of course more into the Easter bunny ;) in her eyes this day is all about him. Oh to be 5 again.

I hope everyone has a fun filled day.

Happy Easter to all,

04-20-2003, 10:06 AM
OUCH. I don't know what happend but my back hurts big time.

I don't even know if I can get dressed. Well, it's dreary here weather wise anyway. I don't know that my Dad will even care if I don't get there with his basket. If all else fails, when I go Tuesday I will tell him that it's Easter then - he will believe me!!!! Oh, okay I won't really lie to him but I know he will take the chocolate no matter what the day.

04-20-2003, 10:18 AM
:flow2: :flow1: :df: :flow2: :flow1: :df: :flow2: :flow1: :df: :flow2: :flow1: :df: :flow2: :flow1: :df:

04-20-2003, 12:22 PM
Happy Easter!


It's an orange 20 bunny!

04-20-2003, 02:56 PM
Hi ladies
I'm home had a wonderful time but I'm tired.
I'll fill you all in later

04-20-2003, 04:00 PM
:flow1: :snail: :flow1: :snail: :flow1: :snail: :flow1: :snail: :flow1: :snail: :flow1: :snail: :flow1: :snail:
H A P P Y E A S T E R!

04-20-2003, 05:52 PM
Let's look at the definition of love. What does Mr. Webster say?

Love is defined as: a powerful emotion felt for a person or persons manifesting itself in deep affection, devotion or sexual desire. << Well, excluding that last part, (although you are all pretty cute) :s: I believe it is safe to say.....yeah, I love you guys.

Some people might say how can you love someone that you've never met? I don't know. But I do. :love: It's kind of like believing in or loving God. You can't see him, but you can feel Him. You know He's there. No, I'm not comparing you to God, (although I consider you all angels) :angel: What I'm trying to say, rather awkwardly is that, there are many different types of love. Love cannot be simply defined. The love you feel for a parent, a spouse, a friend or your child are all different kinds of love. They evoke different emotions.

How can you not love someone that has saved your life? Don't you know that's what you guys have done for me? When I can't talk to anyone else, I can talk to you. When I'm ashamed to tell anyone else my fears or spout off because I've had a bad day, I tell you. When I'm off program or on, I know you accept me just the way I am. I don't have to pretend with you. I don't have to lie. I can share things with you I don't dare share with anyone else because you know what I'm going through and you understand.

How many times I've thought of throwing in the towel....of just giving up, and then I think of you. You, waiting on me to come back. You, accepting me....flaws and all. You...who keeps me going when I think can't go on.

How could I not love you? :love:

Tina :flame:

P.S. Kat, my perfect outfit will be a pair of blue jeans....levis, to be exact, with a cute shirt, sandals and a sweater and NOT look like I was melted and poured into them. :yikes:

04-20-2003, 10:53 PM
Hello fellow chickies

First let me say Happy Easter I hope all of you are well

I had a wonderful time in New Orleans.
We left Friday Morning about 8:30 and drove down it takes about 4 hours more or less. We stopped and ate lunch along the way. We ate at Shoney's. We got to the Hotel early but they went ahead and let us check in. The hotel has valet parking so since parking space is limited we went that route. After we settled in we got a cab and went to the Riverwalk mall on the Mississippi river 144 shops and resturants. the food looked wonderful. Peter and I shared an order of beniets(New Orleans style doughnuts):T and had a cup of cafe au lait each. We walked a lot a shopped. They had a fudge shop with slices of home made fudge the size of large slices of meat loaf made in a bread pan. We did not get any. I bought son a tee shirt and my aunt some hot sauce. I bought one Godiva key lime truffle it was delisious.:D

We left the mall and walked along the river for awhile. we finally got a cab back to the hotel.
Our room was nice king size bed and all.

We decided to eat dinner at the hotel resturant. I told Peter we were not going to try to be cheap we were going to have a good time for once. We share an appitizer sampler plate which was great. The we got Prime rib. I had a salad of greens in season, Prime rib, Garlic mashed potatoes, green beans, and french bread. I had water to drink then had cafe au lait with whipped cream after dinner. We had no dessert.
After dinner we walked down the street and i bought a few souveners.

Sat: We got up and had coffee in our room then went down to breakfast in the resturant. I got a continental breakfast, Two blueberry muffins with a side a bacon, oj and coffee. Peter just got coffee he is not a breakfast person. At 10:00 we took a walking tour of the garden district. we walked about 3 miles. there are lots of old homes we even toured an old cemetery. We saw Author Anne Rice's home, Trent Resnors home, and Archie Mannings home. I tripped and fell and skinned my elbow but I.m fine just sore.

After we got back from the tour we rested a while and caught another cab to the French Quarter to eat lunch at the Gumbo Shop. had to wait in line 30 minutes but it was great. I had a summer salad, and a smothered chicken dish with rice, greens and french bread and us tea. no dessert.:T

We walked a lot more looking at different shops. I finally gave out so we caught a cab back to the hotel. We decided not to eat anything for dinner but we went to the hotel next door and had dessert at their resturant. Cheesecake to die for (and I thought I was later) Peter got Cherry Jubilee Cheese cake and coffee and I got fresh Straw berry cheese cake and cafe au lait. we went back to the hotel. we are really party animals but with all the walking I was tired. I got indegestion real bad and couldn't sleep so Peter (angel that he is) got up at 11:30 and walked 2 blocks to a drug store to get me some medicine. I did not drink a single drop all week end.

Sun. We got up had coffee in our room and left early we were home ny 12:00. We stopped a a Hardees and had a bite of breakfast about 10:30. I am glad to be home and will love to be in my own bed tonight.

Of course I haven't gone into all we did use your imagination:D :o
But we had a wonderful time and we will be looking forward to going back .

Well since I have reambled on long enough I'll shut up. I did make a few pictures on the tour I'll post some later.

:tired: :grouphug:

04-20-2003, 11:01 PM
My perfect outfit :?: as I have to sit here and think of it and shove yet another malted malt ball in my mouth. "Yes" I went off plan today big time:yes: Am I gonna kick myself in the a$$ for it? :no: I will just jump back on the wagon tomorrow. I think my bungie cord got streached out a little, but I'm bouncing back.:D

HUMMMMM, perfect outfit? I would think it would have to be what my hubby calls a turtle dress. "What, your asking is a turtle dress?" Well, it's a dress that what he explains is an inch below the snapper.....:lol: So my dream outfit would be one of those short tight form fitting dresses that would make hubby and others drool on themselves.:D Okay, you did say "dream" right? Now back to reality, I would love to be able to wear a nice pair of normal jeans (jeans with a button and zipper-no elastic waist) with a nice shirt tucked in and sandles on the feet. Or just any outfit bought in the normal size department versus the Plus size small section that the stores sometimes offer.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. We had a good family day, kids are finally tucked in the beds and off to sleep. They are spring vacation this week, so tomorrow hopefully we will all sleep in, well cepts for Daddy, who has to go to work at 6.

Talk to you all in the a.m.

04-21-2003, 03:54 AM
Hello to all!:wave:

:flow1:H A P P Y E A S T E R !
:flow1: :flow2: :df: :balloons:

I had a wonderful! I tried as hard as possible to stay on program but I did go over about 6 points. I am not too upset about it though. I will survive. I really am excited though because I have started walking. I went 3 times on Sat. I actually got in about a mile and a half. I hope I can get that 4 pounds off this week but if not I will do it soon. I also broke down and took a "before" picture of myself. So now I better have a good after picture. :crossed:

Well I really am tired and need to get to bed. I will be back tomorrow to catch up with each and every one of you personally. Everyone have a wonderful rest of the night. :flow2:

04-21-2003, 08:16 AM
Hey where is everybody I come home and post a nice long post and no body is here

04-21-2003, 09:32 AM
Good Morning All!!!!
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and resisted the temptation of the Easter Baskets. We made it easy this year --- hubby and I didn't do baskets for each other. We did however, work our butts off all weekend and I am sore and exhausted today. As I thought, yesterday was filled with finishing the shelves in the basement and then doing the yardwork. I felt pretty good about my eating and exercise all weekend, but today I am having a very bloated, icky feeling morning. Looks like my monthly friend is going to appear today or tommorrow. I am wearing a pair of pants that felt loose and comfy last week and today feel snug. I know it's because of TOM, but what an icky feeling. I just need to grin and bear it for a few days until all this is over. One of my biggest problems will be chocolate....I crave chocolate during that time!!! So, I packed all my food for today and already wrote it all in my food log - I am hoping I'm less tempted to hit the vending machine since I already wrote everything down. And, I find that even though you all are not right next to me during the day that I hold myself accountable for what I do just because I have written it to you all. Does that make sense?


Mary ---- so happy to hear about your lovely weekend. It sounds wonderful. I have been to most of the places you mentioned so it was nice to picture it all and feel like I was there as well!!!

Kat ---- I'm thinking of that perfect outfit and I have to go with the same as a lot of others.....nice fitting blue jeans with a tucked in little white tee shirt and cute little sandals......oh to dream.....no, not a dream....a reality...we can all get into those outfits....just keep working at it!!!!!

Everyone Else....sorry, not much time right now....need to jump into my work day. But I am thinking of you all and have enjoyed reading about your weekend events.....

Hugs to all!

04-21-2003, 01:19 PM
STOP !!!!! Do not post here !!
Instead come join us at the next 300+ thread ... #320
See you all there. :wave: