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04-18-2003, 04:42 PM
Stay at home Mom's #73


Welcome to a thread full of encouragement, support and humor, as we share our lives, restore our health, lose weight and raise a family! Welcome to all newcomers and also to our regulars!! Be sure to go back to SAHM's thread #72 to catch up on what has been happening in everyone's lives.


04-18-2003, 04:47 PM
Well, I am back. I had to use the 'puker to edit a letter for my neighbor, and I thought I'd stop by and say hello.
I did get a walk in- 35 minutes- but I must admit I am not feeling myself at all. Sort of sluggish.....run down.......guess I am shifting into PMS mode right now. My eating has been off too- and because I am not eating all the right stuff I can feel that also.

We are all going to the movies tonight to see Holes. Ds has read the book- and the review in the paper referred to the movie as the best since Spy Kids- which I thought was a great movie for a family. I'm looking foward to seeing it (it will also get Dh off my back- he is pushing to do something and I just want to coccoon with a good book......)

Guess I'd better go and finish this editing job. Hope to hear from all of you soon!

04-18-2003, 05:43 PM

Ginny, we had the same idea, we're going to dinner and a movie tonight, but I'm not sure what we'll be seeing yet? I'm sorry that PMS is getting you down, but don't worry, you'll be back to yourself in no time! Just take care, and pamper yourself a little!!!

As for me, it's been a long boring day, but Dh will be home from his fishing tournament soon, and then we'll all get ready to go out! I'm feel alright, just tired as usual.

I hope you all have a beautiful and happy Easter!

04-18-2003, 11:38 PM
Oh! Can I go to the movies with you two!!? PLease?? lol. I haven't been to the theater since the last Star Trek Movie came out. There are so many things I want to see but my little ones don't have the patience to sit through a whole movie yet. O-well...
Ginny, I hope you get your eating back on track so that you feel a little better.
Mel, did your husband do well at the tournament? I have been craving a fish fry for some time now but we can't seem to catch anything worth keeping.
Well, my day has been a very long yet nice one. My SIL came over to visit for the day with her two kids ( 6yrs and 7 months old) and we had a nice time. Then my in laws came for dinner (this has been the first time they have come for dinner since we moved here) and so it turned out to be a nice evening. I didn't get a nap in which I am really feeling now and I have to get up very early to hit that town wide yard sale tomorrow... they say it's suppose to rain but lets hope alot of the people have garages and such so that there will still be sales. I'm looking forward to it actually. But anyway, that is my day. I'm very tired now so I'll chat with you ladies tomorrow sometime! Have a great weekend!! :)

04-18-2003, 11:41 PM
oh! I also wanted to update you about my cousin, who's baby died at 21 weeks along. She gave birth to her daughter on wednesday. She was 8.4 oz and 7 inches long. She got to hold her and even got plastered images of her little feet and hands which I thought was nice of the hospital to do. They cremated her today and will be holding a small service for her soon. The family is coping well (as well as to be expected) and just dealing with things day to day. Anyway, just thought I'd let you all know. G'nite.

04-19-2003, 09:31 PM
Good evening!!!
Melissa, did you and Dh get to the movies???? And dinner too?
How did he do in the fishing tournament?

Spryng, sounds like your cousin is making the best of an awful situation- and the hospital is sensitive to her plight. I hope that she is doing ok. And sounds like you had a great day.

Gotta scoot, Dd just called from Fla. Happy Easter.

04-21-2003, 01:55 PM
Good afternoon!
I was surprised to see noone else has been here.......... so I'll keep myself company here!:lol: I hope that everyone is ok, and just enjoying life~ and too busy to post!
Actually I came online to get some info and of course I had to stop by and say hello. I'll keep this short.

Dd is having a blast in Florida. They won their first game- she struck out 17 at bats- which was a record for this years "spring training" at Disney World sports, so she was given a softball personally autographed by Mickey himself!!!! I am happy for her and proud of her too. She sounds great on the phone-and although she does miss us (or so she says;) ) the trip has been fun for her.

Easter was interesting. A fairly typical stressful day with MIL and FIL- plus my BIL refused to show up ( a wise man he is!)- so it was a bit wierd. Dh of course got screwy with them.........oh, life is too short to spend the rest of my day bellyachin' about them.
Thankfully it is over......and hopefully we will not have to see them until Mother's day. You can tell how interesting it was........I earned 4 activity points:lol: :lol: !!!!!! (lots of walking yesterday). But I have eaten some candy.......not too much and I am trying to be such a good girl today. The WI Wednesday looms........
Gotta go. Stop in and say hello!!!! Have a great day.

04-21-2003, 03:28 PM
I'm glad your daughter is having a blast Ginny! Sounds lots of fun!
My weekend has been bitter sweet. Saturday was GREAT! I did the town wide yard sale ALL day long (I paid for it the next day) We got tons of baby clothes for our little one to be. I'm so glad. I was really beginning to worry that he was going to arrive and be naked. I found the majority at a yard sale that was "nothing" but infant boy clothes, the lady there had triplet boys! So needless to say she had alot to get rid of, lucky me!! lol. I racked up on onsies, sleepers, and several outfits that still had the tags on them and most of them were pricey brands like baby gap and such. So I felt like I had won the lottery. :) It was a great day. My Dh ended up getting the night off work, his cousin took the kids for the day so we ran around town like a couple of teenagers, it was great. We ate dinner with his parents and everything was good. OK... so sunday arrives. I woke up so sore and tired... I didn't ge to go to church because I was so sore... so I did some stretching exercises and felt better by 11 am or so. So we decided to go to DH's parents house for lunch. Was this a mistake?? Hindsight is always 20/20 right? We get there and when his mom gets home she comes straight inside to lay into me about something really stupid. It hurt my feelings and I crumbled immediately. My dh saw what happened and was really angry. I think some of you know the tension my MIL and I have had. I really thought we had worked past it but I guess not. But my dh is usually one to not "rock the boat" but yesterday he was fit to be tide and laid right back into her. It was a nasty fight... but one that needed to happen if you know what I mean. Everything was finally laid out on the table for all to see and we knew how to proceed. She harbors things for so long and then likes to bring them up all at once... which is emotionally exhausting to say the least. She brought up things from 3 years ago etc, so many tears, and so many hurt feelings... but in the end (yes there was an end) we talked and talked and I really think we worked things out. Hopefully this will never happen again. Anyway... the evening turned out to be a nice one. We had a great lunch and played a really fun family game and all that... so it was bitter sweet. Sometimes fights just NEED to happen but can the rest wait until AFTER this baby gets here?? I don't want to end of delivering early.
Anyway, that was my weekend. Today I have just been lounging around the house. I'm cleaning out the fridge sometime today but that is all I have planned. I hope everyone had a great weekend and their week is starting out great!
Oh I am 31 weeks today so that is a reason to smile!! :) just 9 more (or less) to go!

04-21-2003, 11:10 PM
Spryng~ it sure sounds as though you had a productive weekend- getting all the clothes for the baby and well even the awful dispute with MIL. I give Dh a ton of credit for standing by you, my Dh does not always do that with me no matter how wrong MIL might be. But that story is for another day........ I am happy for you, getting the air cleared and Lord willing a more healthy relationship with MIL. The good news is that within your family, an effort is made to hear and communicate views, and that is rare. I am glad that the day ended happy too. Congrats on making 31 weeks!!!!!!:)

Not much else is new here. I did get a 2 point walk/run during Dd's soccer practice today. And I finished up well within my points range (actually a little bit low, but I was a little bit over on Saturday). Gosh, these weigh ins really keep me honest, otherwise I would procrastinate getting back OP and not lose an ounce. Tomorrow, we are going to visit my Dm~ her cast is taken off tomorrow and she is happy about that. I actually got my closet cleaned today- and gave it a fresh coat of paint too. It looks so much better, I can actually find stuff!!!

I'm starting to become worried about all our MIA's- Jackie, Michele, Karen, Melissa and our new friend Deb. Hope that everyone is ok!

Oh, BTW, last week I went to the Dr (routine stuff) and asked her about my weight. This week I get to pick my goal weight. I had asked the other Dr last year where he wanted me (when I was about 150#) and he thought another 10# off (not knowing how much I weighed, just going by appearance). Well, she told me 130#:o :( - I'll have to chat with the WW leader about that!!!!!
I have considered going for the average of 135#. It's just that I have been 130#- look pretty good at that weight- and am able to wear size 8-10 clothes. I am just afraid that it is not practical for me to maintain. I really had to watch it to keep that weight when I was 25........and quite a few years and 3 kids later I don't know about 130#.
Well, I have blabbered enough today. Until tomorrow....

04-21-2003, 11:24 PM
Good evening!
Ginny I feel like you do... that everyone is MIA. But I'm here with you so you don't feel like you are talking to yourself. :)
Sounds like WW is keeping you honest! Your weigh in wednesday will be another good one. But I'm with you... if 135 was hard to maintain at 25 then it's going to be even harder now. But I'm sure your WW leader will have some good pointers on goal weight and all that. And I have a question... was your WW leader a fellow WW dieter?? Is she at her goal weight too? Just curious.
Well, today has been a good one for me. My dh got off work early and mowed the lawn and all that and then took us out to dinner. It was very nice. So now I'm full and happy and tired so I am off to bed. I hope to see more posts tomorrow. G'nite!

04-22-2003, 10:27 AM
Hi there!

I'm here, silly me, forgot to subscribe to the new thread, so I haven't been getting the emails!?! DUH!
Anyway, We're doing fine and had a nice quiet family Easter.
As for us going to dinner and a movie Friday night, it was so... great to get out of the house for a change! We saw the new Vin Diesel movie, "A Man Apart" and went to our favorite Mexican rest. to eat! Also, Dh didn't place in his tournament, but he did catch a couple of nice fish, so he was happy!

Well, I'm sorry I didn't get personal, but I'll be back later. Right now I'm going get ready to work on my baby registry at Walmart! Yeah!!

Have a good day, and I'll be back later!

04-23-2003, 04:17 AM
Well, every once in a while I have a tough time sleeping and and decide to go online until I poop out. Lucky you!!!:dizzy:
But it is good to see some posts.

Spryng- sounds like you had a nice day! Great that Dh came home early and took your family out for dinner. (don't have to worry about who does the dishes that way ;) ). Hopefully you got a great night's rest and today is a good one for you too!
To answer your question, I think all WW leaders are former members and have to have been on the program themselves. Laura (my WW group leader) frequently brings in a picture of herself some 40# heavier. One of the things that makes her so efffective is that a lot of what she tells us really reflects a "been there, done that" approach. All of the helpers at the meetings are WW members (who are within 10# of their goal weight or at goal) so there are many understanding people. What was that old Beatles song- "I get by with a little help from my friends"!
We actually sang that at one meeting. Sounds corny.....but Laura is so outgoing.....and then there are a few other nut cases there (present company included) that it worked.

Melissa-so, are you all set with the baby registry? How exciting!
Sounds like you had a nice peaceful Easter- which sounds great.
(mine was anything but peaceful with inlaws and the after effects are still reverberating) Did you like "A Man Apart"? Glad that Dh caught some nice fish.... at least enough to make him happy.:) Fishing is so peaceful and fun (as long as there is some action out there) Do you ever join him?

We went to my Dm's today. (actually it was yesterday) Her cast came off Monday am- she was happy about that and for the most part, the visit went well. She was in a good mood- and the kids and I got some yard work done for her. Now I am suffering the effects of some awful allergies......I love my mom but she is the worlds worst housekeeper. She cleans....but I seriously doubt that most rooms have been taken apart and deep cleaned (behind/under furniture etc) in many years. There is some prehistoric dust in there........ and all the antihistamines in the world can't spare me from a miserable allergy day. So, that is what I am suffering from now sniff, sniff....... Ds and Dd did their share of sneezing too- but are at least sleeping. Anyway- the visit went well. Dm was cheerful and upbeat. The kids got a little crabby (not too much for them to do there) but still were ok.

Dd called Dd at work from Florida. She is still doing fine- and despite a few trouble makers on her team having a good time. My BIL and SIL (who live in Fla) saw her game yesterday, so I'll call them later to see how she was doing.
Got my walk in - actually 40 minutes of Leslie Sansone- and my eating was pretty good. Now I am just dealing with a wee bit of PMS and water retention. Nothing too awful.
Well, the eternal blabbermouth here is getting tired:yawn: so I'm going to head upstairs and try to get some sleep.
I'll check in after my WI. See ya later!

04-23-2003, 11:32 AM
Good morning all!
Mel I am so glad you are feeling well and I hope you enjoyed that mexican food! My DH has been wanting to see the A Man Apart movie too. I like Vin Diesel (yummy lol) but this seems like a typical role for him. He's being stereo typed into the macho guy and plays nothing else... was this movie the same?
Today I am cleaning the house. I didn't do anything yesterday, was just too tired and my refridgerator, and kitchen is still screaming my name. I did get an early baby shower gift yesterday which was very nice, a brand new 5 drawer dresser was delivered from my DH's great aunt. It's white with gold handles on the drawers, very pretty. The baby really needed a dresser so it's all in good timing. Today I have to find a spot in my ds's room for it and then I will start to put away the baby clothes I have already. But first I have to get some energy. All I want to do anymore is rest and chomp on ice... nothing else. But my house is suffering from it lately. So please send some "nesting" energy my way so I can get things done!! lol.
OK, I'm getting off here. I'll check in with you all later!

04-23-2003, 02:24 PM

Wow, Spryng, I'm with you~I could sure use some nesting energy! I am just soo... tired!?! Well, we did have a good time Friday night, and enjoyed being out and about. Dinner was good, and the movie was good too. As for Vin Diesel (I agree with the Yummy!) :D I liked the movie, but he still played the tough guy part, but in a much better way.

Ginny, yes~I'm happy to say that I've done all of the baby registries, and now I'm just impatiently awaiting my shower!!! I did pick up the mattress for the crib, and a cute photo album that matches my baby book. But I'll be so excited when we finally know the sex, because I keep seeing so many cute little outfits that I want to buy! Just 2 more weeks until the next ultrasound, so it'll be here before we know it!

I'm feeling pretty good, other than being so tired, and having a few BH contractions. Trying to get some clothes and a little house work done, cause I haven't done much in that dept. lately.

Ginny I hope you have a great weigh in!

I'll check in later!

04-23-2003, 03:12 PM
Here I am again! lol
ok, I didn't get that energy fix I needed but I did attack the kitchen. Boy did it need it. I had to clean out the fridge because there has been a bad smell in there lately and I wasn't sure where it was coming from so I just cleaned it out and bleached everything and now it's 1000% better! I did everything but mop, my DH does that for me. It really kills my back to sweep and mop. So now all I have left to do is re-pick up the living room... pick up the kids rooms and voila! done. Sounds easy but I'm pooped. I'm going to try and get a nap in and see if I feel like cleaning more when I get up. But the biggest task is done at least.
Have you been thinking about names yet Mel? I kow you mentioned you felt like you might be having a boy, is that feeling still there? Is that what both you and your dh want? 2 more weeks must feel like an eternity to you right now... my midiwfe appointment is a week from today... it seems like it is sneaking up on me! Time is starting to really fly, does it feel like that for you?
Well, Misty I am really wondering about you lately. I can't wait to find out how far along you are and your due date etc, please please post!
Gotta go now... my bed awaits! lol

04-23-2003, 05:26 PM
Just me again....but so happy to hear from you Melissa and Spryng!!! (and the two of you are not even on diets.......or at least the weight loss kind!;) ). Gee, I wish I could send some nesting instincts both of your ways and some energy too. But I am having enough trouble keeping my own energy up and my own house clean. So at least we can comiserate. And remember how very patient housework is, it always waits for you until you are ready. You are both drinking your water, right????;)

My WI did not go too well, I gained 2# (but TOM started about 2 hours later, so I am not too upset, I can feel the water in my fingers). I can't figure why I gained- I did eat some candy, but counted the points, walked 17 miles this week and did drink my water. But as I said, I am assuming that it was all water weight and it will be gone next week, hopefully with some fat too!!

This weeks meeting was kind of a pep talk for the after the holiday. She commended us for showing up- making the effort to get to
a meeting on a week when many might have gained, and just encouraged those who gained or really struggled with the week to learn from what we did or did not do and move foward.
So, here I am again- drinking my water.......I'll make a stronger effort to journal ( which I am not all that bad at anyway) and go back to a short evening walk after dinner to see if I can shake off the gain. Dd (7) and I did the Leslie Sansone tape this am- 2 segments for a total of 3 miles. She is so darned cute "walking" with me. Looking at the tape and the others who are on the tape with Sansone, she looked at me and said " Mommy all those people are skinny, why are they excercising?" Aw, I thought it was cute.

Well, I have one last small wall of the kitchen to wash, and I think I can get it done before dinner. Have a great nite!!!!
Where are all our MIA's?????? Jackie, Karen and Michele?????
We miss you!

Opps, I forgot. My new goal weight is 142# and once I get there my group leader said we will set my final goal weight........:o whatever that will be.

04-23-2003, 07:57 PM
Well Hello again!

It's been a pretty good day here, after my early nap, I got up and did lots of cleaning. I worked on the baby's room, vacuumed and dusted too! Plus I worked on a few loads of laundry, and even felt like cooking dinner tonight!

Thank you for the water reminder Ginny, I was slacking off again but I fixed me another mug full and I'm working on it now! I'm sorry about your gain, but I definitely think it's just due to TOM. I'm sure things will be great next week!!!

Spryng, good for you~ I hope you did get that nap in! It's important for you the relax and rest, enjoy the rest of your pregnancy, cause you're almost at the end. You'll have another sweet baby to care for before you know it! :)

Misty, I too am worried about you, I hope you can check in soon!

Jackie and Karen~HI!

I guess I better go finish up my dinner!


04-23-2003, 08:01 PM
Melissa- glad that you are drinking that water........and getting some stuff done around the house. Good too that you got a nap in- so that you are not overdoing it!!!!! Take care of yourself.

No, I am not living online today, I came on to do some research for Dh. See ya later!

04-24-2003, 02:31 PM

Well, I fianally got Dh in gear and we went today and picked out a portable building, so that he can move his home gym out of the baby's room! They're coming build it Monday, so hopefully I can finaly get the baby room put together and then I can really relax! Other than that, I went to Sears and picked up a couple more maternity shirts!

So, where's every one today?

Ginny, You're Ds has really been keeping you busy with homework, don't you love that! My Ds is only in the 6th now, but I'm already getting a refresher coarse in math from him!

Spryng, I hope you're feeling alright, and getting some rest!


04-24-2003, 03:07 PM
Good afternoon all!
This is just a short hello. I over did it this morning. i was feeling great so I cleaned the living room and then I thought I would move that new dresser into my ds's room (my dh STILL hadn't moved it) and let me tell you it about killed me! It's alot heavier than it looked. So needless to say my BP plummetted and I'm so drained right now I can hardly keep my eyes open to type this. But I wanted to check in with everyone and I'm sure Ginny that 2# will come off in no time since it's probably water weight so don't let it discourage you! You are still doing great.
Mel sounds like your shopping was fun. I need a new blouse too for this weekend. Sears having any good sales??
Ok, in bed I go. I'll check back in later.

04-24-2003, 05:48 PM
Ok, lets see.......gotta remind Jackie to take her meds.....Melissa to drink her water, Spryng to drink her water and now.......
Spryng!!!!!!!!!! Don't overdo it!!!!!;) Gosh, you are giving all of us heartfailure over the internet! Hope that you got lots of rest and that your BP is leveling off. Please take care.

Melissa- glad that you got some nice shirts- and the weight bench etc out of the babies room!!!! (can you work on getting my Dh's reloading stuff out of our bedroom???:dizzy: ) Sounds like you are having a good day, and at least seeing the progress you wanted.

Started out rocky here- Ds was a bit flippy/hormonal but then we went out shopping - Walmart- and he is fine now. I think we are going on a day trip to the Baskeball hall of fame tomorrow, Dh has taken the day off. It is a long drive, but Dh likes to get out and it is something that Ds would enjoy also. Dd called from Fla last nite, her trip is going well, but she is pretty much ready to come home. (imagine, she misses her grouchy mother!!).
No walk yet, but I will get one in after dinner, gotta burn off those 2# (which are annoying the tar out of me). See ya later.

04-24-2003, 11:32 PM
I know I know Ginny!! lol, I'm really glad you care so much! I took a nap right after writing that post and my BP went back to normal so I feel much better. I learned my lesson and no matter how impatient I get about getting things done around here I will let Dh do them :) And don't let those two lbs get you down, they will come off and then some. When I was about to have TOM I would go up as much as 5 lbs, and it always crept back off after it was over, yours will too. You're doing great!
Jackie, can't wait to hear about your WW meeting today and your Wi, hope it went well!
Well DH is needing me now, talk to you all tomorrow!

04-25-2003, 01:24 PM
Hello ladies!

It's been a slow day here so far, but it promises to be a bit more exciting tonight. So far, I've taken a short nap and I vacuumed the living room. But now I must shower and get dressed for company, and after that we're going out to dinner with another couple, the guy is someone that works for Dh and has come to workout with him a few times before. So, I need to get up and get myself in gear but I'm still a bit tired and groggy feeling!?!

BTW~Spryng, the shirts I bought at Sear were 30% off, I got 2 shirts for $25, not bad huh! How are you feeling today? I'd have to agree with Ginny, you keep us so worry, PLEASE take it easy!

Ginny, I hope things are better there today, but I'm just getting an idea of what you're going through. My Ds has been getting a bit snippy too, and he's only 12!?! And to think~ I'll be dealing with bottles, diapers and a sassy teen~ Yikes!

Well I better get up, before I have to lay back down! :)

04-25-2003, 10:02 PM
Good evening!!!!
Melissa- how was your dinner out???? Hopefully you picked up in energy a bit~ sounded as though you were drained. You deserve a dinner out!!!!! (no mess to clean up too!)

Spryng- I am so glad that your BP has returned to normal! Gosh, you had me worried there.... Yes, I know how hard it is to wait for Dh to do something. I remember the time I cleaned out the crawl space ( I was about 7 months with Dd(7) and huge)- but honestly, if I waited for him to do it, I'd still be waiting!!!!!:dizzy:
Glad that you got a nap in too!

We went to the basketball hall of fame today-and I must say it was fun. The kid we thought would have a blast, Ds was ok and seemed to like the place, but the one who really loved it was Dd (7)! It was really kid friendly- kids of all ages (even Dh) and just a fun place to be. We had a nice day~ pfew! ~ which will hopefully make up a wee bit for lousy weather tomorrow.
Dd (16) called while we were gone- they won all 8 of their games, and she is tired, ready to come home. (so of course now Dh is getting edgy about that- and anxious to get her back here). We pick her up Sunday evening.
Got a walk in last nite and one this evening. I am getting a bit discouraged - just tired of counting points, etc... but I am hanging in there drinking my water and within points. Gosh it was so much easier getting fat than it is taking it off!

Well, enough blabbering. Hope that everyone has a good weekend!!!!!!!

04-26-2003, 01:55 AM
Ginny please don't give up! I know counting cals and points and all that may get old for you but look how far you have come! Can you call your WW leader for support?? You know that as soon as you slack off even a little that weight will pile back on with a vengeance. I wish so bad I was dieting with you so that I could really support you better. But give me a few more weeks and I am there with you, and think how much thinner you will be by the time I join you. Don't give up. You are my inspiration right now. You brought back the zeal in weightloss again to our thread... please stay strong. Ok, have I lectured you enough? lol
Ok, well I have to get in bed. I have a long day tomorrow. So I will chat with you all later. G'nite.

04-26-2003, 04:40 PM

Ginny, I can totally relate to what you're saying, but please don't give up~you're doing so great!!! I know it get frustration, but it will get easier over time, at least it did for me and part of that was because my Dh and Ds were following the plan with me. What I did was go to Weight Watchers online and find some good recipies that the whole family would like and also made sure we had some kind of dessert for after dinner too. That way I didn't feel left out, and I had the whole family eating healthy without knowing!?! I also tried to keep lots of low point snack around the house for myself, in case of a sweet tooth. I know the counting gets old at times, but after a while you'll just count them in your head with out even thinking about it! Oh well, enough out of me, I just wanted you to know that I'm here for you, even though I'm not counting point at the moment. As soon as the baby is here, I'm going right back to my meetings!
Also, thanks for the pep talk yesterday~ I am still feeling pretty drained but I'm just dealing with it. Dinner was great last night, we went to Chilli's and enjoy being out and visiting with friends. I think I'm going to ask my DR to check my blood again cause I tend to stay borderline anemic and that may be whats going on? But I'm fine though, just takes more of an effort to get up and get going! The baby is really getting active now, I love this stage of pregnancy! :)

Well, I better get moving again, I have laundry to catch up on again!?! Have a good weekend!

04-26-2003, 04:54 PM
Spryng, thanks for the lecture...I needed that. And boy it seems strange to me that I am somebody's inspiration. I'll try to stay strong- and hang in there. Right now life is throwing me a major curve~ some stuff that will most probably pass in a week or even a day and looking at the big picture is hardly a speck of dust.
Today's eating has been a bit off, but I am still within my points and can finish up just fine if I behave myself. I stepped on the scale here and it was down from the other day (the day of the horriblus weighinus~ can ya tell that I never took a day of latin?:lol: ) so I guess I am doing ok. Water weight, fat aw who cares it was down!!! I could probably call Laura for support- or the buddy that I go to the meetings with. Laura is the group leader for I think 5 or 6 WW groups, but she does personally get involved with us- last week when we were discussing my next goal she told me that she was happy that I was walking a lot (we have a walking/excercise log at the meeting that we all fill out weekly). Oh, well, I'll just tough it out today. Tonite I am helping out at a dinner at Ds's school- and I know from last year that this is 3 hours of hard work. I am going to try to see if I can wrestle the TV from Dd and get a little bit of Leslie Sansone in just to let off some steam.

Dd called last nite to tell us that she found out a few days ago that her BF had cheated on her several months ago with a fellow softball player who is also on the trip. So it has been pretty ugly down there in the South- and I feel so awful for her. She has handled it well~ he apparently has begged forgiveness - spent 2 nights hysterical crying- finally sent her flowers in Fla.
Dd has not yet decided what to do- but is leaning toward forgiving him and trying to resume their relationship. There is a lot more to this- and it is sad to see her in the middle of a mess like this. Sounds like the "other girl" cornered Bf at a basketball game (and this girl has always had it out for Dd) and came on to him. Do I believe this.....or all of it? No.......but I can see that if I force my will down Dd's throat and tell her not to see him then she will resent me. I am just praying that this will go into her memory bank (she is plenty bright) and if in the future she smells a rat from him she will react accordingly. Needless to say, today's conversations with Dh have been interesting~ the daddy in him wants to strangle the Bf- and he is happy as he never felt that this guy was good enough for Dd. Oh, tomorrow will be interesting when she returns.
Gonna sign off and go find Leslie......thanks for listening!!!!

04-26-2003, 05:03 PM
Melissa!!You snuck in on me while I was leaving the book ok knowledge there.......
thanks to you also for the encouragement- as a former bigtime Loser, I know that you have been there. I hear ya with the points- I have gotten a bit better at being able to eyeball a points level- just knowing what I am up against. And despite it all I have journalled, and tried to get it mostly right. I do have a good supply of low point snacks.......but you know, I think I am going to make some sf jello for after this dinner- when I get home I'll be stressed and tired and want a snack.

I am glad that you are taking care of yourself. A good idea to get your blood tested, I too went borderline anemic while pg. Maybe you can just try eating some iron rich foods independantly and see if you do feel better! (when I get offline I'll check what some of them might be and post them later, I seem to remember raisins and meat- aw I just checked the book- here is the list!)
meat, fish, egg yolks, beans,raisins, tofu, and green leafy veggies and lots of C to help with the absorption of the iron.
Gotta scoot!!!!

04-27-2003, 04:11 PM
Good afternoon,
I survived last nite, it was busy but ok. I did get 20 minutes of a tape in yesterday, and 4 miles of actual walking in today (2 at my pace, 2 with Dd walking to a sidewalk sale) and it is a beautiful day out. We have to go pick up Dd from her Bf's house (am I thrilled about that after all the hoopla)- so I'll sign off. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

04-28-2003, 01:06 AM
Good evening all!
Well my weekend has went pretty well. Went to a dear friends baby shower last night (saturday) and it was so much fun. They did it in the Toy Story theme and everything was so cute. The games were great (didn't win any) and food was wonderful and they got so many great things. Very nice.
Today has been my mishap day I guess. Do we all get a clutzy day every once in a while? Well today was defintely that for me. Hold your breath Ginny, I don't want you to worry... lol... I'm fine. First I was gettine ready to head out the door to go to church the morning when I tripped and fell in the living room. It really scared me and I went down hard, but I turned myself somehow where I landed on my arm and shoulder and not my belly but I cried and cried anyway because I have never ever fell while pregnant before. Then this afternoon we went to my MIL house and the glass I was drinking out of slipped from my hand and hit my knee busting open and sliced my palm (not very deep but it bled for a while) then as if I hadn't had enough excitement for one day it was getting warm in their kitchen so I was asked to open a window and when I did I knocked over my MIL plant into the sink, etc. Another mess to clean up. So all in all it's been one thing after another today. Hopefully it's just a fluke thing and I am normal again tomorrow... my heart can't take much more lol. But anyway, that was my weekend.
Ginny I am so glad you are still hanging in there and getting good exercise in. Hopefully it will be just like Mel said, second nature to you, with counting points and eating well. I hope so. And I am sure your glad your dd is home again with you.
Well ladies... another week starts tomorrow. I'll be officially 8 months along, 32 weeks. Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock... I feel things moving up on me.. getting close!
I'll chat with you all later!

04-28-2003, 05:27 AM

I'm sorry that I've been MIA for quite some time. I just finished up having two weeks of back-to-back spring break between my two kids. Week one was quite difficult to get the computer because ds had it in his room for most of the time! Then-dd had off for week #2 & she is the one I call Miss "High Maintenance" becuase she needs to be doing something for nearly the entire time that she's awake. :spin: Then-to top things off, our outside "Mama Kitty" went into labor. She normally has 3 kittens per litter, but this time she had 7! Unfortunately, we lost one due to it coming out breech & we couldn't get the head delivered in time due to another one being born a split second before that one! "Mama Kitty" didn't want anything to do with it, so we took over with the rocking method to try & get it breathing, followed by suction & mouth-to-mouth, to no avail. Something definitely was wrong with it because it's head was nearly 3 times the size of what it should have been. I'm guessing it was a water baby, which in other terms meant that it would have had problems in life. Well gals, I'm sorry for any misspelled words here, as it's 3:30 in the a.m. here in WI & I'm getting rather sleepy. :yawn: As for my WI with WW on Thursday, I had another gain. I still have managed to keep 1# off from my loss a few weeks back. I'm bound & determined to lose it again. I finally had the time to watch the Oprah show that I taped last week on all the people that lost over l00# & it has given me the motivation that I so desperately need. I just might do it this time! Well, I'm going to sign off for now. I hope to post again on Monday afternoon. I'm off to dream land now. :yawn:

04-28-2003, 09:07 AM
Good morning ladies!

I'm happy to say that Dh finally took me fishing yesterday, but we didn't catch anything!?! I had fun anyway, it was nice to be out with the family, enjoying the beautiful weather we were having.

Ginny, I'm happy that Dd is back and I hope things work out for her, I remember those ups and down and don't look forward to going through them with my children. It was bad enough to go through them myself, but we live and we learn right! Also, excercise is suppose to be a good stress reliever, so walk away those lbs. and that stress ,and take care!

Dear Spryng, what are we gonna do with you, I'm so happy that you're alright after all of your mishaps, but please take care! I can totally relate though, cause I'm normally very clumsy and pregnancy multiplies that greatly. I keep Dh on his toes, he watches over me like a mother hen, and so far so good, but everyday I get more and more unstable in my movements, so look out!!! I hope you can rest today, and I hope all will be calm at your house!

Jackie, I'm so happy to hear from you! So... the kids have kept you busy for a couple of weeks, well, I hope you get some time off as they go back to school! As for your gain, don't worry~it's hard enough to diet, much less when the kids are home all day everyday! You'll get those lbs. off just don't give up, I'm here for you!!!

Well I'm off, I have to shower and dress before the men arrive to build our portable building!

04-28-2003, 11:06 AM
Good morning!
I thought that this week was going to be busy.........and now I know that it will be insane. One more thing was just added to an otherwise tight schedule. One thing I do know is that I will have to go to another WW meeting- one closer to home or in the evening.
No time for personal stuff now. Spryng, please slow down........
Jackie and Mel- good to see some posts and glad to hear from both of you!!
Gotta scoot! Have a great day.

04-28-2003, 09:10 PM
Just me again in for a quick visit. I'm going to have to go to another WW meeting this time, one during dinnertime- but it does save me a ton of time as it is closer. So, I'll be at a meeting Wed. evening. Walked for 55 minutes today (20 this am, 35 during Dd's soccer practice).

Mel-glad that you got some fishing in, it is so relaxing.
Jackie- yes you will get the weight off......we have both done this before and will do it again! Hang in there!!!

Spryng-take it easy- please- you are scaring the tar out of us! I fell while pg with Dd(16) during the last month- and fell on my tummy!!!! And she was just fine......I am sure you are too, just slow down!!!!!!

Gotta go~
Have a great evening!

04-29-2003, 11:50 AM
Good morning all!
Jackie so good to see your post. I'm glad your house is settling down again and we will be seeing more of you here. I guess I'm a little selfish lol. But I miss you!
I'm feeling good today. Yesterday though I realized how hard I actually fell. My arms and shoulders were so sore. Like I did a weight lifting marathon or something. Ouch. But today they feel normal again. Thank goodness. I have alot to do today. Well, not really, but it seems like alot. Yesterday we got two more dressers for the kids rooms so we cleaned their rooms and re-arranged them so now they look really nice. That was alot of work. I talked my DH into cleaning the living room for me so that is done, so today I get to move their clothes from the old dressers into the new and work on my mountain of laundry and clean the kitchen. that is all. So I guess it isn't that much after all.
Well, guess I'll get started. Hope everyone has a great OP day!!

04-29-2003, 07:37 PM
Good afternoon!

Spryng! You kill me........I can't wait until this baby is born and I can start breathing again! (but actually, you sound a lot like me- hehehehe:lol: ). Please take it easy, yes I know you want to get stuff done before the baby is born, and I know that you are in a new house and it is just so much fun to fix up and I know it is nice to have a clean house but s-l-o-w down a wee bit!!!!!! Please:^: ! Sounds great that you got the new dressers and the kids rooms are getting organized. And way to go for Dh cleaning the living room! Just take it easy and I hope that all your aches go away.

Not much to report here. Got a walk in this am, and might go for a 20 minute short walk after dinner. I'm waiting for Dd and Dh to get home from her softball game......hope that she had a good game. I'll try to check in tomorrow evening after I get to the WI.
Have a great nite!!

04-29-2003, 10:18 PM
Good evening ladies!

Not much going on around here, had to go grocery shopping today, so I also picked up a couple of things for the baby and me. Just enough to make me feel better, I am so excited about the ultrasound coming up next week, so that I can buy some clothes and a nice bedding set too! I did get a set that could be for either sex, but we picked out a set for a boy or girl and I'm going to get that too. In the mean time I'm just getting a few things here and there.

I felt pretty good today, but still short of energy and I must say that I get wore out from just reading about all that goes on at Spryng's house! Where do you find the energy??? Only 8 more weeks for you, please try to slow down and enjoy every second!

Ginny, you are so amazing~with all that goes on at your house, you still get in all of that exercise! I can't wait to hear about your weigh in, I know it'll be great!!!

Well, I guess I'm going to get ready for bed.


04-30-2003, 09:40 PM
Oh, Melissa!!!!! Gee it is getting so close.......and next week you get to find out if your baby is a he or a she! Things are getting in order for you- and I am so happy for you getting the baby bedding picked out! After all this time- with a age gap between your children, it is sure neat to start all over. You and Spryng just make me smile!:)

As for me, today was the first of two insane days. I got a 20 minute walk in, drove my am route and then had to clean the bus.
Windows, floor, wipe all seats, wash the outside.........on and on- and I figure I got an activity point or two out of that! Jackie and I (my local WW buddy, seems that I have an affinity for that name!) went to the other meeting today just for the WI- not time to stay for the meeting. I lost 3.6#.......oh, I am so glad that those 2# from last week came off. (I was furious).
Well, Dd is standing next to me, holding her 3 foot long Clifford.........she sleeps with him......must be bed time. (I'm pooped too!) Have a great nite!

04-30-2003, 11:30 PM
Good evening all!
Just wanted to pop in and let you all know how my appointment went today. Everything looked good. Blood pressure was good, heartbeat great, measurement great and he is still head down. Now we start our every two weeks!! YIPEE!!
Well I am so very tired tonight so sorry I didn't get personal. I promise I will soon! G'nite!

05-01-2003, 10:49 AM
Good morning!

Ginny~WOW, I knew it would be great~CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I hope things calm down for you soon, and way to go , on getting in some AP's!! Keep it up!

Spryng, sounds like things are moving right along! How exciting to be moving to the next level, I get so excited just going to my appt.s and just as excited to hear about yours too! Take care and enjoy!

As for me, just the same ole, same ole! Dh still hasn't moved his home gym, but I'm sure he will, just as soon as he has someone to come help him. The baby sure is getting more and more active, and I'm loving every minute of it! But~my little one just won't co-operate with anyone, Dh and Ds still haven't been able to feel anything because I tell them to come feel and it stops!?! Oh well, I know they will soon, but I want so much to share it all with them. Anyway, I think I'm going to try to get into the baby's room today and do a little and I sure have plenty of cleaning to catch up on too!

I guess I better go get started!


05-01-2003, 11:15 AM
Good morning all!
Wow what a night we had here! Storm after storm rolled through and my dd (3) ended up in bed with me and dh on the couch! I felt bad for Dh but it was actually sweet to have my little girl right next to me all night, and she moves alot less than my DH does lol. Now the baby? That's another story. He's been on overdrive the past few days, moving ALL day long and ALL night long. Hopefully he will settle down some today.
Well I got a good nights sleep anyway and feel much better today. I was so tired last night when I posted.
Ginny congrats on your great loss!! That is wonderful. I knew that if you just stuck it out a little longer that weight would come back off and then some. Did it motivate you a little to keep up the good work? I hope so.
Mel, have fun in the baby's room today. And take it easy with the cleaning. I think I am going to slow down some too. My midwife said it's time to act like I am in my 3rd trimester, that means to SLOW WAAAAYYYY down for me. It's hard when you have two toddlers to chase after and a DH who thinks his job stops once he walks through the front door... but he heard her too so maybe it registered something. lol. So today I just plan on tinkering. I will clean up the dishes and such and fold laundry (I can do that sitting) and that's probably it.
I can't believe it's MAY!! I can now say I am due next month!! Sounds so close even though I have 7 1/2 weeks to go.
OK, well I need to get off here. I hope everyone has a great day either by great eating or great by baking thier buns!

05-01-2003, 11:02 PM
Just a quick hello, after another busy day.

Spryng, well, I had to laugh.......your midwife actually said it is time for you to act as though you are in the third trimester!!;) Haven't we all been trying to tell you the same???????!
Well, I am glad that she did, and hope that you just take it easy- relax- there will be plenty of time shift into high gear once the baby is born. Pamper yourself a bit, ok? Glad that your Bp etc... was fine.

Mel- Did you get much done in the baby's room??? I hope so!
I chuckled when I read that the baby is not cooperating- letting anyone feel him/her. Dd (7) did the very same thing while I was carrying her! Finally at the end she did-but by then she was so big it was hard to hide!
Guess I had better go and get to bed. Tomorrow will be busy again.....and the weekends are usually busy too. But a different kind of busy, I feel like I spend most of the weekend cooking and unloading the dishwasher.
Gotta go- Have a great nite!

05-03-2003, 12:01 PM
Happy Weekend, Everyone!

Wow! The days sure passed by quickly since my last post! My first news: I'm just about down to a 5# loss since I joined WW!
If I'm "faithful" I should make it by my Thusday's WI. As I've said in my previous post-the Oprah show where she had all those people lose over 100+ pounds was really an inspiration to me. I'm on a roll now & I don't expect to stop 'til I have reached my final goal! Spryng: Wow, the time has really flew by quickly since you announced that you were PG'd.
Less than 2 months away! Hang in there, hun! ;) Mel: Your time is going by quickly too! (At least for me, that is!) It's fun getting ready for a new baby isn't it? I'll wait for the anticipation of grandchildren, that's quick enough for me! DS is only 14 y/o & really isn't interested in girls in the romantic way yet, so I guess I'm in no rush! :lol: Ginny: You mother hen, you! You have a way of "nurturing" us all here at the thread, don't you? You'll make a super grandma someday. (Don't rush it, just enjoy Karen while she's little yet!) Well gals, it's a busy weekend here in WI for me. I'd better scoot for now. Have a great weekend, everyone! Oh!, by the way Ginny: Congrats on the big loss!

05-03-2003, 02:06 PM
Hello ladies!

First~Jackie, it's great to hear from you and congrats on your losses, you're doing great! As for me and time going by quickly, I guess, but it really doesn't seem to be!?! Only 4 more days until our next ultrasound and I feel as though each day last for 2, so it's like it's never gonna get here!

Ginny, unfortunatly, I never got to the baby's room, cause I'm still so tired!?! But I sure will this week, Dh has order my birthday/mother's day gift and it will be here Wed. it's a glider with ottoman to put in the baby's room!!! His home gym is still in there, but he is suppose to move it today, AFTER~ his fishing tournament? Hum~I guess we'll just have to wait and see???

Spryng, I hope you're taking you DR's advice and taking it easy now!?! Time really has been flying by for you, hasn't it!?!

Things are going fine here, just dealing with puffy hands and feet now, which I know could be helped if I'd increase my water intake and decrease my sodium. I've got a lot to do around here, cause next weekend I'm going to Baton Rouge to visit my mom and go to the baby fair at the Womans Hospital there! I'm really excited to be going, but still, I'm dreading the 7 hour ride!!! Thank goodness I will have someone with me, who will drive the whole trip! He works with my Dh and is from my home town in Louisiana, so he's going to visit his mom for mothers day too!

Well ladies, I think it's time for lunch and a nap! Have a great weekend!

05-03-2003, 10:01 PM
Good evening!!!!!!!
I hope that everyone is having a great weekend! It is finally spring here in NY- I mean really feels like spring. Not sure if that is good or bad.........just as we are so darned busy this time of year.

Jackie- congrats on the 5#!! You go girl!!!!!! Hang in there- stay the course, we will all get there!!!!!!!! Are you having a tough time staying OP this time? ( I know all about that with my woes!) Did you ever renew at the Y? or are you just a riding away on that recumbant bike? Try to make it to your meeting- my friend and I made a special effort to go this Wed evening, not to our usual meeting but to another. We both knew that the WI would "kick" us in the can and keep us motivated.

Melissa- Ok, first of all let me start out telling you that I am a HGTV junkie. I enjoy a lot of their decorating shows, especially those which are more low budget minded........so today's dilemma is to decorate a baby's room......complete with a glider, ottoman, and home gym- but decorated with a fishing theme!!!!;) Sounds like a decorators challenge to me!:dizzy: Aw, I should talk, my bedroom is still decorated with his hunting equipment, reloading equipment etc....... Looks more like something out of Outdoor Life magazine than a bedroom. Your upcoming visit to see your mom sounds like a nice trip- and a nice break for you on Mothers Day. I hope that you have a great time!!!

Cluck, cluck......Mother hen here had better go and sign off. I'm still pooped from all the running around I did this past week. I was only home each day for half an hour between 7:30 and 5- and was out some evenings also. Thankfully it is all over......and next week will be calmer (I hope!). Both Dd's had games today and were victorious. (soccer and softball). Drink your water, ladies..........take your vitamins..........and your meds (as prescribed). And have a great weekend!!!!!

05-04-2003, 12:38 AM
Good evening all!
Well, what a weekend I have had so far. Last night me and my SIL went to town to get some stuff for burgers and on the way back I turned on the headlights and the car died! It was completely dead. I managed to get it off the highway (very busy highway) and luckily SIL carried a cell phone (I don't own one) and we called my DH to come get us. Well it seemed like forever before him and my FIL got there and they thought they knew what was wrong with it and could get it running... WRONG! We were out there forever, it was dark and the busy traffic was noisy and scaring me. Finally they gave up and took us back to FIL house to pick up the kids (MIL was watching them while we went to town) we borrowed their mini van to go home in but they all wanted to go eat something first (this is 10 pm ) so we load up two vehicles and head to town and stop at wendy's just to find their lobby closes at 10 pm and it was 10:30 by then, so we get back into the vehicles and wouldn't you know it?? The mini van we were in won't start!! The starter went out. So we were stuck in the parking lot of wendy's forever and finally after the van had cooled down it started. THANK GOD. I was so tired and the kids were falling asleep in their car seats. We were ready to call it a day. So we came home and all got in bed at midnight. Then today we spent the whole day working on cars. Our car blew a fusible link (one little wire controlled the whole car) so when that was fixed it's working like new again!! And my DH put in a new starter in the Van and it works great now. But it's been an all day project for them. I wish so bad we could afford a new car. Maybe someday. Anyway, that has been my weekend so far.
Jackie I'm glad you were inspired by oprah's show. Did those people lose the weight by dieting or surgery? If it was by dieting what diets did they use? Sounds very interesting. I always miss her good shows. lol
Mel, take it easy on that 7 hour drive. Stop every couple of hours to stretch your legs etc. I know you probably know that already! lol But have fun too!!
Well I'm off to bed now. I'll chat with you all tomorrow! G'nite!

05-04-2003, 04:56 PM
Well, Spryng you sure had an exciting evening! I'm so glad that you are ok- sounded like a very nerve wracking experience. Plus that you probably felt much more vulnerable in your 8 months pregnant state...... Anyway, I'm glad that you are ok and that everyone is safe. You know that God was watching over you with how the whole thing happened......and that noone was hurt.:)

Just a quiet Sunday here. We went to the early service at church- so that Dd could get to her practice. Now Dh and Ds are off fishing.......who knows when they will be back. I got a nice hour walk in- I think it is close to 4 miles. I am still feeling a bit tired from last week, which was just so darned busy. This week will still be busy- but a bit more sane. My FIL is going in tomorrow for same day surgery for a hernia, which I am sure wreck any sense of a normal day around here (Dh treats anything that happens to his father as terminal.........forgive me for sounding cynical).

Well, I'm going to sign off and try to get organised for dinner. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

05-05-2003, 12:45 AM

I don't want to leave a long post tonight. I ONLY WANT TO KNOW IF SPRYNG IS OKAY! I was watching the news a few minutes ago & they showed pictures of a tornado that went through Kansas & Kansas City, MO. I wasn't sure of what county you live in, so I'll worry until I hear from you! I guess I'll go to bed now & count you in on my prayer list & then try to close my eye's for the night. I sure hope that you're okay, Spryng. :?:

05-05-2003, 01:10 AM
Yes Jackie I am fine. The tornados barely missed our town. I'm thanking God for that. We lost power for awhile but that was it. Unfortunately the town south of us and then alot of missouri wasn't as lucky. There are many deaths so far and the damage is immense. The highway we take to go to my midwife's office is closed due to debris, and to think we were right there only 2 hours before it hit! We went grocerie shopping this afternoon and after we got home is when everything started. But yes, we are fine. I am worried about a friend though. The one I told you all about that I went to their baby shower just a couple of weeks ago. She hit 39 weeks along yesterday and the storm that had the massive tornado went right through their town! I don't know if it touched down or not and I'm waiting to hear from her. I hope the storm didn't scare her to put her in labor because all roads to her hospital were shut down.
But other than that, I am fine. Our town got some rain but nothing else. I wish everyone would have been as fortunate.
Well I am off to bed. G'nite.

05-05-2003, 10:39 AM
Hey. :) I'm a SAHM of five year old twins, a boy and a girl - both are currently down with the chicken pox. I thought I'd stop in and say hello - I'm doing WW, and am looking to get back into my size ten jeans again by Christmas. I'm currently a solid 18, but am already well on my way down. :)

I'm glad to meet you all -

05-05-2003, 11:29 AM
Hello and Welcome Firebird!!
Sorry to hear about the chickenpox! I am Spryng a SAHM of a three yo and a two yo and currently pregnant with #3. I've been part of this thread for over a year now and I hope you find you love it as much as I do. Before I got pregnant I got real close to my goal weight by just counting calories. But I've tried many many diets. Atkins helped me the most but I got burned out on the "menu" and went to low cal, then low fat high fiber, then others and decided I liked low cal the best. There are other members here on WW too so you should find great encouragement! I can't wait to get to know you better! Feel free to post anytime!

05-05-2003, 11:32 AM

Welcome Firebird~ Nice to meet you! If it's support you need, you've come to the right place, these are some really great ladies who know how to encourage and support! I look forward to hear more about you! I'm Melissa, mother of 1 Ds-12 yrs and a little one on the way. I was doing WW until I found out that I'm expecting, but I look forward to getting back OP after the baby comes!

Spryng, Whew~ I'm so happy that you're alright! How scarry for the weather to be that close to you, I don't like living in tornado alley, but we've been really lucky and it has totally been going around us this season. I hope that your friend is also alright, maybe you'll reach her soon!

Hi~ Ginny and Jackie!

I'll be more personal later, it's about nap time now!

05-05-2003, 03:06 PM

First of all ,I'm happy to hear that Spryng is okay! Thanks for checking in with us & I too, hope that your friend is fine. My DH company home office is in Kansas City, MO & thank God, it's still standing and I believe all the employee's are accounted for. Most of the people we know there, lived only about a mile from where the funnel cloud/clouds touched down. So-again, I sure hope you hear good news from your friend. I hope today is going smoother for you. Next-I'd like to Welcome Firebird to our thread. I tend to agree with Spryng that you'll feel comfortable here & that you came to the right place! It sounds as though you & I have the same goal of getting down to a size l0. I'm currently on the WW program, in which I joined about a month ago. I so far have lost nearly 5#. So-let's work together on our "Size l0" goal, okay? I hope that your little one's are surviving the chicken pox & that they'll be better in no time!

Well gals, I have to go now. I'll try to check in again later.

05-05-2003, 06:10 PM
Just a quick hello, as I have a busy evening here.
First of all~ Spryng I am so glad that you are ok!!!! Please do us all a favor and check in frequently so we know you are ok. I heard on the radio that your area of the country is in for another day of bad weather.......we will keep you in prayer.
Welcome Firebird!!!!! That is too bad that the chicken pox have taken over your house....... at least your twins got them while they are still fairly young, and hopefully did not get too bad a case!

Jackie and Melissa, sorry that I can't get personal now, I have to get Dd off to soccer practice. I'll get a walk in then, my second short walk today. I've got a bit of a cold and feel lousy.
That's life. Take care and have a good evening.

05-06-2003, 01:43 PM
Thank you,all. :) The chicken pox aren't that bad - it's the boredom that goes along with it. they're frustrated because I can't let them out to play with thier friends. So I keep them busy by providing them little jars of calamine lotion and letting them play connect the dots on each other, and catering to little whims like putting cinnamon in the oatmeal baths...LOL

I'll be 32 in a couple of weeks, have deep red hair (hence the Firebird) and am an artist and a writer who works out of my house. Been married for almost nine years to my sweetie, and suffer from clinical depression. Fortunately good meds help, so I can enjoy my life and places like these. :)

05-06-2003, 06:45 PM
Welcome again Firebird!!!!!! Gee, you stole the connect the dots (pox) game right out of my mommy book! I did that with all 3 of my children. The good part is at least your two have them together- so you will not have 10 days of chicken pox, wait a day or two and the other come down with it! I remember we took ours to a drive in movie (it was late June when they got them)- and noone knew any better! Are your son and daughter in school or preschool? How about WW- are you going to the meetings or alone? How much have you lost (you indicated that you were already down a bit......sounds great!)
As for me, I am also on WW, and am going to the meetings for the longest time ever. So far I am down over 20# with probably another 30 to go:( . Tomorrow is my WI/ meeting. I hope to get there, but I do feel pretty crummy with this cold.

Well, Dh just came home and I am sure wants dinner......gotta go!
Have a great nite!

(Spryng- you ok???)

05-06-2003, 07:02 PM
I'm doing WW with a buddy - she's lost over thirty pounds so far and looks fabulous. She's been on it since last September though, it took me a little longer to get started. :) She's sharing all of her stuff with me (I'm not going to meetings, I'm really shy about stuff like that) and so far I've lost about five or six pounds. Not sure - my weigh-in day isn't till Thursday.

(consolingly) I have about 75 to go. Don't feel so bad...

05-06-2003, 09:34 PM
Hi Everyone!

I am still alive! I have just been soooooooo busy! With only 5 weeks of school left for hte kids life has just about fallen apart around here. I do a graduation video for the preschool classes so I have been consumed with that.

The good news is that I am working out 2-3 day s a week still at the gym. I am trying hard to get that day 3 in but last week and the week before I only got in 2. this week it looks like 2 again but next week is pretty clear.. so far!

The eating hasnt been going well, but I am not gaining. That is a good thing.

Welcome Firebird and any others I might have missed. I'm Karen, SAHM of 2 children (almost 5 and almost 7). I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off most of the time these days as I have REALLY over extended myself! But as soon as school is out.. I am slowing down!

Ok.. I need to run as I have to pick up the baseball tickets for our T-Ball team from the League office. (Yes I am My son's T-ball team mom too...) SOme one teach me how to say NO!

Hugs to everyone! I miss chatting with you all! Give me a week or two to slow down and I will post more regularly!

05-07-2003, 09:00 AM

Firebird, sounds like you're doing great! I know what you mean about being too shy to go to the meeting, but I made myself and last year, from June to Dec. I lost 66 lbs. only to get pregnant and start gaining it back!?! The meetings were a big thing for me because I really liked having to face getting on the scales, because it gave me accountability not to cheat myself. I'm sure 66 lbs sounds like alot, but I was actually only half way to my goal. I love being pregnant(we've been trying for 7 years), but gaining has been a bummer for me? Oh well, as soon as the baby comes, I'll be right back at my meetings again! Sorry for running on, just try to over look my seldom rants, I just love WW!

Ginny, I hope you're feeling better! Take care!!

Hi Jackie!

Spryng, I hope everythings alright up there!?!

Karen, it's great to hear from you! Good for you, getting to the gym~with all that you have going on! Keep it up, and we look forward to hearing from you more, soon!

As for me, TODAY IS THE DAY!!!!! Ultrasound!!!! I'll check in when I get back, cross your fingers that the baby cooperates this time!?!?!

Have a good day!

05-07-2003, 12:58 PM
This thread is getting long.......and me being a bear of little brain needs a shorter one....#74. See you there!!!