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10-11-2012, 12:56 PM
I have started Herbalife like a month ago and it gave me heart palpitation, dizziness, acne, diahrea etc. but i still continued somewhat on and off because i did buy the stuff in bulk forced by the distributor in the beginning
but the worst thing is that this coach talks to me in a condescending manner,;;
sometimes its like when i see the text, my jaw drops not able to believe how rude this person is,;
okay, I have been bingeing as a complication to anorexia/exercise addiction, but i don't have to have someone talk to me in a condescending manner to ask me "do you not want to lose weight?!" "you need to be doing it properly" "i told you everyone is different;" "in your kind of body weight, strawberry flavour won't taste good;"
where in the beginning, she was more like "don't guess, ask me everything from zero to ten - i wont ever get sick of questions" and she puts all these cheesy smile emoticons everytime she tells me to sell the products to people, go to meetings, etc.
how do i get this person off my shoulders,; should i even reply to this person telling me "do you not want to lose weight?!"