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04-18-2003, 12:59 PM
I too have used the product that Cathy told about and I wanted to share another beauty hint about nails. I pierced some Vitamin E capsules and squeezed the oil in a small container, like a pill box.
I then added an equal amount of hand cream and mixed it well. I use that on my nails and cuticles every night and it's wonderful. My nails and cuticles are in such good shape!:D
I also use straight Vitamin oil on really dry skin spots and my DH uses it on ingrown hair sores from shaving. It's great on wrinkles too.;)

04-18-2003, 04:58 PM
Sounds great Tippy! will have to give it a try. I am always rubbing oil on my nails and cuticles - sure does help.

I just got back from a fish fry - it was really good - and of course I ate too much but oh well - it was nice and breezy outside, but after lunch it got pretty hot.

I did get up and do my 2 miles with Leslie Sansonne this morning. what is everybody else doing today?

Have a blessed day,

04-18-2003, 10:17 PM
Hi ladies. Poor Enja hurt her back and is in bed with an ice bag for the day. My sweetie 17-yr-old son, Nathaniel, bought Japanese food. I am definately a comfort food eater. I did okay, though, and stuck to lower-fat and shunned the tempura. I forgot to add, on any of my bio stuff, that I'm a vegetarian- eat mild and eggs, but no other animal products. Sad day for Laci Peterson's family and friends. This case willk have some very interesting legal precedents. The press conference is about to begin, so to all on this special Good Friday,
PS What does DH mean?? and who is Leslie Sansonne?

04-19-2003, 03:08 PM
Hey Enja - DH stands for dear hubby.
Leslie Sansonne does videos or dvds where you do walk aerobics. It's kind of like walking in place (or in a 4x4 area) right in front of your tv. She has them in 1 mile, 2 mile, 3, mile and 4 mile videos so that you can pick what is best for you. They are great! I love to walk and I actually like exercising to these tapes even better then walking around outside. You can usually buy the tapes individually at places like Target or Walmart for about $7 each. Sometimes Sam's Club has them on dvd also, or you can order them from
Hope this helps,

04-20-2003, 08:40 PM
Hello all,
I am a newbie, but not for long. I love 3FC! I will be telling everyone I know about 3FC, because esp. in my area there are not a whole lot of support groups for those who want to lose weight. I am sadly in the yo-yo club, as I've taken the weight off and put it back on several times in my adult life. I am seeking to end the yo-yo ride, and am always hopeful that the next time I reach my goal weight again it will be the last time I have to get in my own face and shake a finger at me to get my head on straight and get going. I consider myself to be two people: fat girl and skinny girl. Skinny girl is currently buried under at least 50# of excess fat, and she tries to get fat girl to go live somewhere else permanently. So far this has only worked temporarily, because fat girl shows back up and decides to stay for months (even years!) at a time.
I have fought depression, and I even talked to my doctor about it at one point. I was glad to see this part of the forum because I like to try to remember that I am not alone in my struggle against depression. And I was shocked to read in a book somewhere that many people who use diet pills of any sort often are more prone to fall into a significant depression that may be related to taking the weight loss meds. !!! I was mad to have invested so much into Meridia and then realize that this was my story to a T and my doctor said nothing about it. He dealt with the depression issue, but he did not say that the weight loss meds would make me more prone to get depressed!!!

Oh well, I do go on.

I just bought one of Leslie S.'s DVDs and it looks great! Will try it out soon. I recently bought a new Reebok treadmill and am loving how it kicks my butt... anyone know about iFit? Do they sell workout tapes anyplace for it besides the website?

Well, take care, (esp. Enja!) and yes, I agree, life is indeed beautiful.