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04-17-2003, 07:22 PM
Any skaters out there? I have always had an interest in figure skating & enjoy watching the televised competitions, so last fall when a ice rink near my house opened up, I decided to enroll in classes. I've steadily progressed from the very beginner adult classes to a level called "Freestyle 1." In Freestyle 1 we start jumping (very small jumps like the Waltz Jump & Half Flip) and spins. I also have to perform a one and a half minute program that incorporates several required elements in order to pass this level.

Are there any other figure skaters out there? I want to get some ideas for off ice training that would improve my skating & maybe some choreography ideas. And to those of you who have always thought about ice skating but are too chicken to try it...go for it! It's so much fun & great exercise! I am one of the very few adults in the skating program, but I don't care! Being around the kids will keep my young! ;)