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10-05-2012, 03:38 PM

Oh it is chilly in here today in the high 40ºs as I type and I don’t have the ceiling fan going for the first time in months. And of all things we have a “freeze watch” for the coming weekend. I believe summer may finally be over.

I didn’t go to the park where Will has a table set up and showing how to do leather work. He said that about 200 kids have passed through the displays this morning. The grade schools are giving this as a ‘field trip’ which is nice for they learn local history and have some hands on things to do. He was on local TV at the start of this today doing the opening ceremony invocation. The chief of police approached him and asked him to be the department’s chaplain. He has done that before in a different state. Since working with ‘first call’ he already knows all the dispatchers. :lol: They call him when someone needs some assistance with lodging and food for the night. He just came in during a break and brought me a mug that has the 2012 occasion on it celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Octoberfest ~ it is a Volga German Society thing. Lots of German folks came here and farmed years and years ago. He also brought me a spoon made in Russia that is wooden and painted with an intricate design in the bowl of it and down the handle. Very pretty. I don’t think I will be using it with any food products for the paint may be toxic. I am not a spoon collector but this one caught his eye and thought I would like it.

I need to figure out what it is that I will be fixing for dinner this day and get the meat out of the freezer. It can be an oven dinner since it will be nice to heat up the kitchen. Some kind of casserole that is program friendly. Comfort food. I have one of the WW cookbooks titled Comfort Classics that has 250 of the good favorite home style recipes in it. I am thinking strongly on making a yummy recipe called “Bacon, Tomato, & Cheddar Frittata” which is 5P+ a serving. The recipe serves 4 and the leftovers are a good do again. It uses Canadian bacon. I have gone through the book and updated the points values. It was one of the “Momentum” series books and now it is updated. :yes:

My order just came that has the 3 fridge containers for liquids and the glass keeps the milk so much colder than those plastic jugs you buy it in. I love my milk COLD and my coffee HOT. The tall green glass measure I got is 6 sided, 9½ inches tall, 4 inches across the top and 1¾ inches across the bottom. On each of the sides is in raised letters of what it is to measure ~sugar, flour, rice, fluid ounce, cups, & ml. I plan on using it for my glass straw holder but if I want to use it otherwise I can always take the straws out. It would also make a lovely vase for some cut flowers. I am happy with it.

It’s :rain:ing ~ YEAH. :cp: Hope it is a soaker and not just passing through.

I may have to take the rings off my pinkie fingers because they are so loose now that if I am not careful they can slip right off easily. Before they were nice and snug. When I get to goal I am going to have to take all my rings in to be re-sized.

Have a great day Magnolias. :wave:

10-06-2012, 03:32 PM

It is chilly today and our furnace makes the house stink. Yep ~ all that dust that got in it over the summer had to come out and make me sneeze. We are expecting what they are calling a “hard freeze” in the morning. Now that is cold. :brr:

This is my day 8 for wearing my “active link” so I guess tomorrow I will get the stats. I just have the feeling it is going to tell me to bump up my exercise.

It is half past noon and I still do not have any ambition to do anything constructive. I am sitting here ~ have read my e-mails and looked at the news and don’t want to do a thing. It is after all Saturday and Will is down at the mall selling raffle tickets for a long gun for the drawing that the museum is sponsoring. I have two tickets that Will bought for me and one of them is surely the winner. :crossed: I have won a lot of things during my lifetime and wonder if I will win this. That is doubtful for they have sold lots of tickets ~ but someone will win. Any money over and above the cost of the gun will go to the museum.

I do need to figure out what to cook for dinner though, and get some meat out of the freezer. I do have the makings for a nice tossed salad. :chef: So that is a start. Will asked if we have any chicken noodle soup in the freezer so I will give that a look see. If not I will make a big pot of that next week. It is so good on these chilly days. However, I can find something in there of even a left over nature to fix for dinner. Maybe some meat loaf is lurking in there. I will know when I go out there and take a look. I need to inventory what is in that freezer once again. I like to type up a list of what is in that one and post it on the front with magnets. I then cross off what I have taken out ~ but I haven’t updated that list in awhile. :no: In the other freezer it is easy to see what meat is in there for I have it separated by shelves with like kind on each shelf. I try to keep the top shelf empty on one end to use to freeze meat that I have just bagged. When it is frozen then it is placed with it’s like kind. I prefer to buy the spicy hot Italian sausage in links but what we have been getting out of the “used meat bin” is the mild kind. It is easier to spice something up than it is to take the spice out for sure. :yes:

I need to go out to the kitchen now and see what I can get for lunch. It is half past one already and I have been just doddering around.

Have a great day Magnolias. :wave:

10-06-2012, 05:13 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It was 27 degrees when I went downstairs this morning. :brr: It cloudy and windy outside -- gloomy. My "mom" always calls at 7:30 on Saturday mornings and this morning she was late. The last time that happened she was in the hospital so I was trying to decide whether to call her daughter or a neighbor. She finally called about 8 and had gone to her daughter's house for a few days without telling me. I waited impatiently for the contractor to come back and when he did took my bars to church, hit the Catholic Church bazaar which is always a biggy, and ran some errands.

Maggie -- You can keep your cold weather, but share the rain! ;) I hope you win something useful or "just what you've always wanted!" I've only won a couple times and rarely put my name in for any drawing. I never buy lottery tickets either. I have a roast in the crockpot and the house smells hmm, hmm, good! :T

I need to change laundry loads so better get a move on. Ernie's little brother is camped out on the deck; the sun has come out. :cp: Have a super duper Saturday! :wave:

10-06-2012, 05:30 PM
Good afternoon girls. It is chilly and rainy here today. Jack watched the Boise State game today and they were in Hattiesburg, MS and it was 100 degrees there. They are about an hour north of the gulf so that may be why it was so warm there.

If you want to see more pictures of the trip, go to my facebook page and I have an album set up called 2012 Caribbean Cruise and it has about 50 photos in it. Took me about 2 hours to weed through what I wanted and what I didn't and deleted duplicates and such. I signed Jack up for a shutterfly account and he gets 50 free 4x6 photos so it will take up a great deal of our vacation photos. I think we have about 80 in total. The ship's photo gallery had a beautiful cruise scrapbook, 5 free ship photos and a packet of 120 pieces for the cruise scrapbook for $50 so we bought it to do our cruise scrapbook. So, I have to get on the stick and order the prints and order some of the professional photos for the kids.

Maggie: They had bingo on the ship, but Jack thought $6 a card was too expensive so we didn't buy in. I have only played once as far as an organized game so wouldn't be very good at it, but they had several games everyday and you could win a cruise, $100,000, and several other prizes that were pretty awesome. I am trying not to run the furnace until we absolutely have to. Jay called my on my birthday (we were out to sea on our way home) and a girlfriend texted me happy birthday twice. I went to our ATT account and the phone call and texts is costing me $175!!!! I couldn't believe it. I knew Jay's call was going to cost me, but I couldn't not answer my phone when he called as I knew why he was calling.

Jean: Glad your mom is a-okay and nothing serious. It is always scary when you expect contact and it doesn't come. Roast always makes the house smell so yummy. We are having chicken fried steak and mash potatoes and corn for dinner tonight. I too had a load of laundry today mostly underwear and towels and a couple of Jack's work tshirts.

I guess I should go. I need to work on that sock. I get bored with it, but I have to get it done. Have a good weekend. Tomorrow is commissary day. Faye

10-06-2012, 06:19 PM

It is still chilly here in this corner of the world. Well Magnolias I got some stroganoff out of the freezer and will serve it over rice instead of noodles for dinner this day. Along with a tossed salad it will make a good chilly day meal. Will got back and said they sold quite a few raffle tickets ~ enough to cover the cost of the rifle plus some for the museum. Lots of folks in this town do donate to the museum and with having this raffle more folks are donating ~ they can sure use the money for upkeep and such. Will is a volunteer so he doesn't cost them anything. :p

JEAN It is scary when you think someone is home and they don’t answer their phone. Glad you found her safe with her daughter. Did you buy anything at that bazaar? I know some folks like to do some Christmas shopping at those types of functions. Aw ~ come on and let me share our weather ~ my mother always said it was a good thing to share. :cp: We don’t play the lottery either and only buy raffle tickets when the money goes to a good cause. I do believe that crock potting a roast gives out the very best of aromas than anything else. At least it is one of my favorite odors to smell. I sure hope they don’t make a candle to smell like that though. If I lit it I would be salivating all the time it was burning. :lol:

DONNA FAYE It is so nice to have so many nice photos that reflect your good times. A memory bouquet for you to enjoy for years to come. We don’t play bingo or games for money either. I don’t believe in throwing $ down a rat hole. :nono: They sure did rip you with phone charges while on the cruise. Shore to ship is way too expensive for my wallet. Otherwise though your cruise was a wonderful experience. :cp:

Have a great day Magnolias. :wave:

10-07-2012, 08:53 AM
Good morning to you all. It rained on an off all evening and it is quite chilly this morning, in the 40's, but though cool in the house, not cold enough to crank up the furnace yet.

We have commissary shopping to do today and it is going to be a corker since I am buying groceries for 3 weeks. I couldn't see going out there this weekend and then next weekend again, which is payday. I will just stock up. I keep seeing or remembering things we need though so my list keeps getting bigger and bigger. I type out our grocery list then it is easier to see. I also group stuff according to where it is in the store and pray they don't move something. :lol:

I got all my beads to finish my pink bracelet up and they sent me an email saying they were having a big sale. All the murano glass beads were $2 apiece and the whole store was buy one, get one free so I bought beads, spacers and locks enough for a whole new bracelet. I am making it for my best friend for her birthday next May. When they have a sale on their bracelets, I will get the bracelet then put it together. Some of the beads wer $20 apiece so I saved a huge amount of money over it would have cost if I had bought them all straight retail price.

I spent about two hours yesterday going through all our photos, deleting those that weren't good, duplicates, etc. Then like I said, I put them in an album on my facebook page so people could see them. I am going to order the professional shots for the kids and the 4x6 photos next week sometime so I can get in on the 50 free photos that shutterfly offered. We will then be able to start the scrapbook.

Maggie: I haven't decided what I am going to have for dinner tonight. We had the chicken fried steak last night. I took them out of the pain and Jack said, "You make the best chicken fried steak." I told him it wasn't likely, but not bad considering they are browned and not deep fried and I used egg beaters and ff milk instead of regular milk and eggs for the batter and use Pam instead of a bunch of oil. I do make him milk gravy for the steak though. This was one of those dishes I had never even heard of less cooked until way after we were married. One of the couples who sat with us at dinner, in fact sat beside me live in Kansas City. She and I made fast friends and it was a pure pleasure sitting down every evening to dinner with them. She and her husband are originally from Juarez, Mexico, but have been in the states for decades. She promised she would ship me tamales from this place she gets hers, which I thought was so sweet. We would even try each others food.

Well, hear Jack up moving around so better get the day started. Have a lovely Sunday all. Faye

10-07-2012, 05:59 PM

It is currently 50ºs and not expected to top out at 53ºs this chilly Sunday. We had pot luck today and I ate sensibly. I put a roast in the crock pot this morning before we went to church and it is 3 o’clock now and it is fork tender. I plan on making burritos out of it when it cools off some. It sure smelled up the house nicely. :cp: I don’t have much planned to do this afternoon but doing some recreational reading after I get the burritos made. I don’t want to get into doing any glass this day.

This is my 8th day so my Active Link will actually start tomorrow in tracking what exercise I choose to do. This is my 8th day of wearing it so now I am ready to begin as a “beginner.” Tomorrow it will start recording my walking, etc. I plan on meeting the challenge the program has set for me for the week. How fitting that tomorrow starts my exercise being recorded and the WW weight loss 8 week challenge starts the same day.

JEAN Didn't I read where you were crock-potting a roast? Do you make burritos out of it when you have left-overs? I plan on shredding the whole thing and making burritos out of all of it this go-round. I imagine it is still chilly there as it is here.

DONNA FAYE Did you get all the items you were after at the Commisary? The stores around here are all sold out of chicken broth and soda crackers ~ go figure. A cold snap and folks hit the isles. The stores will be getting more in tomorrow though and stock lots of broth for it is getting closer to Thanksgiving time. We bought a case of it around this time last year and have just a few cans left. When they restock we will probably get anohter case. I like having it on hand for I use it in lots of my cooking in place of fat. Homemade tamales are the best. I learned how to make them when I lived out in CA from some dear Mexican friends. We made lots different kinds of them around Christmas time. I have a real yummy recipe for them that are 2P+ each and can be made with beef or pork. :cp: I plan on making some this Christmas holiday time for a Christmas Eve luncheon.

Have a great day Magnolias. :wave:

10-07-2012, 11:07 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! We went to church this morning but otherwise it's been a lazy putzing around the house kind of day. It was 23 degrees when I came downstairs this morning. Bob covered my flowers but the ones on the deck froze anyway. :( The birdbath even had some ice in it.

Maggie -- My "mom" has the life alert bracelet, and she used it when she fell and broke her hip. I was just relieved she was ok. She is getting ready to move into assisted living close to her daughter. Her house, that she has lived in her whole married life, just sold. She has attended the same church and had the same circle of friends for many, many years. I know moving is making her very nervous; I'm sure she will make the adjustment just fine. :yes: I need a small gift for a Christmas exchange and bought a set of quilted Christmas coasters. There is a gal who quilts designs on sweatshirts and I found one I liked. It's red with a black, white, and red quilted design. The bazaar had everything and anything you could possibly want or need. I thought there was a lot more jewelry and purses this year. No, I didn't make burritos out of the roast. We have potatoes, gravy, and carrots the first time. Usually I will make hash, and Bob likes hot beef sandwiches if there is enough gravy.

"Gma" -- I used to be able to write my grocery list the way the store was laid out but not anymore. :mad: It seems like both grocery stores rearrange things every few weeks. If Bob stops for milk he complains that it is way in the back of the store, so he's on a hike. I will definitely look at your trip pictures on FB. I guess I shouldn't be surprised at the phone charges but feel bad for you just the same.

I need to unload the dishwasher, pick up the Sunday papers, and hide my yarn from Ernie before I head upstairs. I just chased the raccoon off the deck. He thought he was going to dine on cat food I left out for Ernie's little brother. Wrong! :nono: See you tomorrow. :wave:

10-08-2012, 10:51 AM
Good morning to you all. I forgot to take my meds yesterday until really late in the day so I was up every two hours going to the bathroom from the bp diuretic I take. So, I am really pooped today. I have started a load of dishes, done a load of clothes that is in the dryer, washed my hair because it felt yucky to me this morning and swept off deck and put down new puppy pads. I still have downstairs dusting and vacuuming to do today and will be on track to do weekly cleaning again.

The commissary was all quiet when we walked in right on the dot of 10, but halfway through the store was packed and we had to stand in line to check out because they had one regular checker and two express lanes open. The woman that is the head of the commissary is clueless running the place I swear. Poor Jack had to drag in a bazillion bags of groceries and I had a lovely time putting it all away! :lol: We are now set until the end of the month except for maybe a loaf of bread or something.

I got an email from the manager for the hotel and he still maintains they have no mold or mildew. He is deluded. He is giving us our money back, but we will never stay there again, ever and I stand by my trip advisor review. They have mildew in that hotel. He tried to tell me the dehumidfier in the hallway was because they have an indoor pool and the fans are special fans that emit fragrance. We stay in hotels with indoor pools all the time and I have never seen a dehumidifier anywhere in the public or private areas. Ahh well, I just hope people consider not staying there as they could get sick since they refuse to acknowledge they have a problem. Even Jack smelled it and he never smells anything unless it is really strong.

Maggie: I buy ff or 99% ff beef and chicken broth and low sodium if the commissary has it. I, like you always have it on hand as I use it in a variety of ways including making gravy from it or sauce, I use it in my spanish rice, etc, etc. I watch "The Pioneer Woman" cooking show and I watched it early yesterday morning and she added stuff to her canned enchilada sauce to thicken it up. She made a butter and oil roue then added chicken broth and thickened it then added the canned enchilada sauce. I have never done that when I make enchiladas. I just use two medium and 1 mild cans. My dil makes batches of tamales a couple times of year. I just need to ask her when she makes them to freeze some and save them or ship them to me.

Jean: You do know why they put milk in the very back. The idea is that milk is purchased more than any other item except bread and by putting it in the back of the store, people have to walk past other items and they are likely to pick up other things thus spending more money. In Memphis, the beer cases are put up front and always by the snack foods so the boozers will get lots of beer and snacks all together. Our stores have the pizza, wings, and stull like that next to the beer cases too. I read an article about setting up a grocery store a couple years ago and it is this big scientific thing. I guess I should warn Jay as I don't know if he will get charged a whopping amount too or not.

Well back to knitting on that darn sock. I only have about a week to finish it. Have a great start to the week. Faye

10-08-2012, 04:06 PM

It is a tad warmer this day up in the high 60ºs area. I sure like it better than those high numbers we got through spring and summer.

I weighed on my “Health-0-Meter” this morning and am down a pound on it so I should be down at WW this evening. Onward and downward. I need to get in my exercise today and bump it up a bit.

I just had a very yummy lunch which consisted of a nice big ripe tomato seeded and chopped up over some cottage cheese with spices sprinkled over the top and drank a small can of hot V-8 with it. For snack this day I will have a beautiful peach from CA cut up with some almond extract over it. Peaches are so good that way and the ones that aren’t very sweet get a sprinkle of Splenda® over them.

I grew up eating these nice peaches and these are a taste of home ~ just like my grandpa used to grow. When he would prune the trees my sister and I would make clothes out of the leaves. He was a smoker way back then and we would find lots of wooden match sticks to hold the leaves together to make the clothes. What fun we did have playing dress up with peach leaves. We were stilin’. He had his water in a cistern which was built high and when it got hot in the summer he would cause it to overflow and we would play in the water fall.

DONNA FAYE That would be great if your DIL would send you some home made tamales. Home made are the best. :cp: Have you ever tired making them? It isn't really hard after you get all the items all rounded up on your work station. I think it rather odd that they would refund your money if they weren't guilty of having the mold. I took a marketing class in collage and placement of items in stores is an art to get folks to buy things they didn't come in to purchase. You are correct for location, location is the key. :p

JEAN I do hope "mom" does adjust well. Does her daughter live far away from where her friends are. We usely eat a roast like you do but once in awhile I crock pot one just for buritos. Will loves buritos so much I like to have some on hand in the freezer for him ~ he likes to warm up a frozen one and dump some chili over it and some shredded cheese. We too like sandwiches out of the leftover roast. We also like to make panini's out of it with a slice of low fat cheddar and pesto sauce along with some soup makes a good meal. Aw, there are so many things one can do with left over roast meat. :cp:

Have a great day Magnolias. :wave:

10-08-2012, 04:14 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's a cool breezy day in my corner of the world today. We balanced the first time we counted at church this morning. It's a good thing because there was NO heat in the office and it was cold in there! I also balanced the gift shop money on my first try so have the deposit ready to go. I left our rings and a watch needing a new battery, at the jewelry store, on my way home this morning so have to pick those up later this afternoon. A lady from our church is due to come home from the Sioux City hospital today. Her husband turns 80 today and they had flowers on the altar at church yesterday. I plan to take them to her so she can enjoy them.

"Gma" -- I've been known to skip the water pill if we're flying or going to be where I don't know where bathrooms will be. ;) I hate getting up during the night! I woke up about 1:30 last night and I was cold. I did put an extra blanket on a few days ago, but took a fleece blanket and stuck it inside the sheets. I snuggled in and slept good after that. This morning Bob mentioned maybe it was time to put the flannel sheets on the bed. :lol: He was cold last night too. I wonder how many other people could smell the hotel mold. Are there lots of reviews on that hotel? I know that WW says to shop the outside perimeter of a grocery store. Our one store has pop, candy, and snacks on one outside wall, right after the dairy cases. I try to shop as fast as I can because it's my least favorite chore to do.

Maggie -- You posted while I was typing. ;) :congrat: on losing another pound! I hope the WW scale agrees with your scale. Actually, my stepsister lives about an hour from us, and my stepmom will be an hour and a half closer to us when she moves. She'll be about 15/20 minutes from her daughter and an hour and a half from where she lives now.

I need to run my errands and get back home. Bob has practice at church and then a meeting so won't see him for a few hours. I can work on Beth's afghan while I wait for him. Enjoy the rest of you day! :wave:

10-08-2012, 10:45 PM

I am a happy camper for I did show a loss at WW bringing my total loss to 81.6. :cp: I have lots more to lose :o so I am going to have another good week on my program. :yes: We went out to I-Hop afterwards and I ate a sensible meal asking for beaters instead of the eggs and biscuits instead of pancakes and only ate half of one of the biscuits. :yes: I am planning to write what I bite before I bite it this week. I used to do that all the time and got out of doing that good habit. I always lose better when I do write it before hand. This week for the WW Countdown to Thanksgiving Challenge we are to be with “friends without food” finding opportunities to socialize without food.

JEAN Maybe you will get to see your "mom" more now that she is moving closer. I am sure she would love a visit from you. We have been invited to have thanksgiving with friends in Texas and plan on going ~ providing it isn't too late to schedule the pets to be taken care of at the docs. Will is going to go by the vet tomorrow and then we will know for sure if we do get to go to Texas. Hopefully they aren't all scheduled up with animals for the time we need them to be boarded.

Have a great day Magnolias. :wave:

10-09-2012, 08:11 AM
Good morning everyone. It is cool but clear here this morning. I think it is supposed to get into the low 70's which is ok with me. I have a lot of work I want to get done today so will enjoy the house being a bit cooler.

Susan: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!:bday2you::hb::balloons::gift: I hope you have a lovely birthday today. I can easily remember yours because Jack's birthday is tomorrow and my grandfather's would have been yesterday. Have a really great day with your friends!!!!

Maggie: Congrats on your loss. I know you really want to do well now so keep up the good work.

Jean: I looked at trip advisor yesterday and someone posted who stayed Oct 2 and said they did what we did and reserved coming and going but because of the musty smell she canceled the second reservation. I sent a message to her thanking her for bringing it up because he emailed me denying they had any problem at all. I hope people continue to complain about the smell. Sounds like you had another busy day yesterday. You do keep yourself busy for sure.

I am coming along on Jay's other sock. I am almost to the heel now so I want to really get it finished and washed and blocked. I can then go on to other sock presents. I haven't even would the hank of the boy's sock yarn yet. I prefer skeins, but the more expensive yarns always seem to be wound in hanks and for me it takes two people as I can't see paying $75 for one of the thingys you attach to a table to wind a hank. I use my husband's two hands old school! :lol:

I got a great email from the lady that sat next to me on the ship at dinner. It is just too bad we don't live closer to each other, but maybe we can visit each other from time to time or go on a cruise at the same time again. She told me yesterday she's never connected with anyone on a cruise like she did with me, which was nice to hear. We sure did have fun and laughed a whole lot. She also has diverticulitis so we commisserated over that. She is determined to mail me tamales! :lol:

Well girls, I want to get an early start today and get things done. Have a nice day today all of you. Faye

10-09-2012, 10:22 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's a cloudy, windy, gloomy morning so far. I don't think it is supposed to be very warm, maybe in the 50s. I have a couple errands to run and thought I would stop in the shoe store and see what they have for just casual shoes. I bought some a year or two ago and they are not comfortable so I never wear them. :o

Susan -- :hb: :woo: to you! I hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy every minute of it! :balloons: :celebrate:

Maggie -- Again, :congrat: on your great loss! You have figured out what works for you and that's great! :cp: I hope you get to go to Texas for Thanksgiving!

"Gma" -- I hope people continue to post their comments about the hotel. :yes: Maybe they will eventually have to completely gut the place in order to get rid of the mold. :dunno: I couldn't get my skein of yarn to start from the inside so am using it from the outside. I just put it in the plastic box and pull a hunk out as I go. Ernie thinks he needs to help so I can get more done after he goes to bed. However, by then I am tired and it's hard to concentrate. It's nice you made a friend on the ship that you can keep in touch with.

I'm off to get dressed and get going. Have a terrific Tuesday and enjoy! :wave:

10-09-2012, 01:06 PM

It is going to be a nice day here in the ♥-Land and I am so thankful for it. It is currently in the high 40ºs and they say it will hit 60ºs by afternoon. I have an attitude if I can’t :nono: fix something I refuse to worry about it. However, I can fix the fix I am in so I am determined to keep on down this road to thin. I love the cooler weather for that induces me to eat more soup. I really like soup and do have some program friendly recipes. :cp: Time has come again for me to make a nice big pot of my “peal a pound” soup. Zero points+ with lots of yummy veggies in it. When I want some protein added I throw in a few one point+ each meat balls. When I add anything extra to a bowl of it I do count the points. When I feel like having a more creamy soup I put it in the blender and whirl it about. Works for me. Like I said, I do need to make a big pot of it soon ~ like maybe today. :lol: I can cook it overnight in the crock pot or on top of the stove 1-3 hours. If anyone doesn’t have this recipe and wants it let me know and I’ll send it your way. :yes:

Yipekio ~ the vet can board the animals next month on the days we are going to Texas for Thanksgiving. Poor Cecil ~ because they won’t let the cats in with the dogs. I hope he isn’t too awfully traumatized for he will surely miss his pals.

Will has now gone to get a haircut ~ AKA:head shaved ~ and then he will do some grocery shopping from the list I provided that has the ingredients for that soup I talked about above ~ so I will be making a pot of it this afternoon and have some for dinner.

DONNA FAYE That is great that you have made a good friendship while on the cruise. How nice of her to ship home-made tamales to you. Will is checking the market for dry corn husks for me today. I need to find a source for them before I get ready to make mine in December. I will crock pot the meat ahead of time and get it shredded. I am thinking of doing both pork and beef ones and gifting some of them at Christmas.

JEAN Isn’t it a good feeling to get things to balance on the first go through. Sure saves on aggravation. :cp: Sorry to hear your shoes that you purched last year didn't work for you. Hopefully you can find a pair that are good looking and comfortable this time. Excuse me Cecil just came in for some scratching behind his ears. He is so sometimey.

SUSAN :bday2you: and may you have many more to :celebrate:. :balloons: :hb: Do you have anything special planned to do for your day that is out of the ordinary? I love birthdays :D.

Have a great day Magnolias. :wave:

10-10-2012, 08:35 AM
Good morning to you all. It is slightly warmer than it has been overnight here and I even ran that fan on low last night. Looks like a nice sunny fall day today.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my hubby today. I asked him if he feels 63 and he just smiled and said, "Some days." He said mostly because of his knee and his plantis faciatis is acting up again which causes him pain in his foot and so he is going to have to go back to the dr and have him set up rehab for him again I guess.

I am finally putting the instep in Jay's sock so it is coming along. It has gotten to be a boring knit so I will be glad when it is done and I can get them blocked. His birthday is in a little less than two weeks so I have to get on the ball.

Jean: So you don't wind your yarn into balls when you knit, you just knit directly from the skein? I always roll my skeins and my hanks too, but like I said yesterday when they are in hanks, it takes more effort because I need the extra pair of hands. One reason I always roll my skeins is I have found pieces tied together or broken completely apart. I had one skein that was basically shredded in the middle and this way, you have no surprises. Also, I have found that pulling from the middle you can get a wad of yarn that is all knotted up and can be a pain to try and undo even having to cut it and splice because you have already started the project and there is no way to undo the knotting. I bought a $90 pair of sandals for the cruise that I thought would be great and I didn't even take them. I had walked outside on them so I couldn't send them back and the place I bought them said they didn't carry them anymore so I am stuck with the darn things. I have two pair I bought several years ago at Land's End and I love, but they don't make them anymore. I took the one pair, which is kind of beat up and wore them a lot on the ship. They were a lot cheaper than $90 for sure. Jack hates flannel sheets as they make him sweat so we usually use an electric blanket, but ours has gone kaflooey so I need to buy a new one.

Maggie: Cats hate being taken out of their homes, I know Butterscotch hated it. We always just left him in the house and had Kelly just peek in on him from time to time. They are so much more self sufficient than dogs. We would open up the doors and curtains on the second floor and he loved to sit and "talk" to the birds. I imagine Fortune is going to have to get used to kenneling again when we don't take him with us as I don't feel right asking Kelly anymore to keep him since we can trade dog sitting anymore. I keep forgetting to tell you about a soup I had one night for dinner on the ship. You would have loved it. It was a poblano pepper and corn soup. It was a disgusting green color but the taste was to die for.

I hope you all have a great middle of the week. Gonna get back to that sock. Faye

10-10-2012, 06:11 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The painters came this morning and one is still here. The ceilings are done and she has started on the dark green kitchen wall. I hope I like it! I had a "no cavities" check-up first thing this morning, ran a couple errands, picked up more paint, went to lunch bunch, and have bell practice shortly. Ernie isn't too happy with his house being rearranged.

Maggie -- It was 23 degrees here this morning, and 65 in the house. :brr: The sun is shining and it's a beautiful fall afternoon. I'm glad the vet can keep your pets but feel bad for Cecil being separated from his brothers. :(

"Gma" -- :hb: to Jack! I've had the plantar faciatis and feel for him! I have wound yarn in a ball but this seemed to pull so easily. I did have to tie a knot because I left it on my chair when I got up to answer the phone and Ernie chewed on the yarn. :o I cut the gooey part out and tied a knot; it worked to the back side so will weave the ends in later.

I need to change clothes and head for church. Enjoy the rest of your day and evening! :wave:

10-10-2012, 08:21 PM

We have been out and about on this beautiful cool day. We stopped and bought 3 of those little pumpkins which I will use for a table decoration with some silk fall leaves I have.

We have changed our plans and will not be going to go to Texas because Will is on call that time and it is a busy time of the year with folks needing things. He wasn’t originally scheduled for that time and did not think to look at his calendar before we made our out of state plans. So a good thing is that Cecil won’t be traumatized after all and another good thing is we won’t be traveling on the road on the busiest day of the year.

I am thinking of getting another pasta machine. I used to have one and homemade is so much better than store bought. I made lasagna and ravioli and other types also. It is one of those appliances that I used to have but got rid of when we moved into that motor home. I have slowly replaced the ones that I really thought I would use and not the ones that I didn’t use much. A pasta machine is one of those I didn’t use much but when we wanted pasta I would make homemade for it is so good. Will was wanting some homemade ravioli and I said that it was absolutely too much work without that machine to roll the dough out so thin. So guess what ~ he wants me to get another Atlas next month so I can make homemade pasta once again. It is so much better. I won’t even have to spend “my allowance” on it. :lol: There is a nice electric pasta maker out that mixes the dough and makes 10 types of pasta but doesn’t make lasagna nor ravioli noodles. I have other ways to mix the dough and would rather have the hand crank model so I can make the wide dough.

JEAN As it is now the animals will be all together and their routine won't be mixed up since we will stay here. I think we will put a turkey breast in my indoor smoker and see how that works on that. Be a good time to experiment with a large piece of bird. It has worked great on every thing else we have pressure smoked in it. I can easily make some dressing and cranberry sauce to go with it and whatever else "traditional" we want. You will have to tell us how you do like that dark green wall and if it visually shrinks your kitchen. :congrat: on your good dental check up. I get to go get my little cavity taken care of on the 19th. :o

DONNA FAYE That soup sounds good for I like those peppers and mixed with corn would be a nice combination for a soup. That sounds like a combo I might experiement in my blender. I know you will want to dance a jig when you get that pair of sox completed.

Have a great day Magnolias. :wave:

10-11-2012, 09:26 AM
Good morning gals! It got kind of cold overnight and my knees are killing me this morning so unless they quite throbbing, no cleaning for me today as today is my upstairs day. I only have sweeping and mopping so if the knees quite hurting I might exchange tomorrow's mopping for today's upstairs cleaning, but they have to quit hurting. I am going to put Icy Hot on them as soon as I finish here and take some Ibuprophen.

I worked a lot on Jay's sock yesterday so am now on the foot and whizzing right along. I hope to have it done next week early. I have to mail it by the 19th Priority so he will get it by his birthday. Alicia told Jackson Nonny bought him presents while on the cruise so she says he goes out and looks for the box every day. :lol:

Well, I surprised Jack for his birthday and booked another cruise for Oct of next year but this one is a western and goes to Cozumel, Mexico and a couple other places. Jack wants to swim with the dolphins, so I am going to book him an excursion to do that. I want to do the "Salsa, salsa, Margarita" cooking class where you make 9 different salsas/dips and different margaritas, but it depends on how much you have to stand up to work. I even got us the same room so likely we will have the same room attendent. He is now all excited all over again. :lol: Time to start a new excel program and have Jack bring down the cruise folder to start putting stuff in. We are saving a lot of money this time since we don't have to get any new luggage, which was $529, the cruise is $200 cheaper than this year's, no tux this time as he has decided to take his suits so that saves $100, no new passports which saves $150, the choc covered strawberries he had delivered to the room for my birthday were horrible and $50 so savings there too. That saves us about $1000 from the trip we took this year. I already was able to book the same hotel package in Florida so am glad about that. It went up about $20, but since you get the room, hot buffet breakfast, shuttle to and from the port terminal, and you park your car in their secured lot for the week. Right now, a 7 day cruise to park at the terminal costs, $120 for the week! I shouldn't have to buy many clothes as I have sizes that I should be able to fit in by then and I also have a lovely gown with jacket I wore for Jay's wedding and hopefully will be able to wear that and not have to buy something new.

I am keeping myself on the straight and narrow WW wise by reminding myself of the agony it was for me to do the lifeboat/safety drill thing. First off, you have to take the stairs, which was tough on the knee, then the weather was so hot and humid, around 90/80%humidity, then you had to stand in line like soldiers and it was quite a long time as they check your sea pass and everyone has to do this so until everyone has been checked through, you stand and wait in the heat. Then the captain comes on and blabs for like 5 more minutes and you wait some more and finally you they let you go. I am surprised people weren't keeling over. I got in line in the back so at least I could lean against the ship, but agony is the only word to put on this. So everytime, I am tempted, I remind myself of this and it keeps me straight!

Maggie: So sorry you don't get to go to Texas at Thanksgiving. Can you go some other time? I would like to buy the pasta attachment to my kitchenaid sometime down the road. I like the fresh pasta.

Jean: I laughed out loud at your yarn being gooed up by Ernie. Butterscotch used to kick my off my lap or whatever then chase the ball all over the place.

Hope you all have a good Thursday. I am off to put some meds on my knees. Faye

10-11-2012, 12:04 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's a gloomy, windy, cold 48 degree morning in my corner of the world. :brr: The weatherman said it would be sunny today, but guess he was on the wrong page for that one. I'm going to lunch at Bob's office today. One of the other agents (male) likes to cook and is always bringing food in. Today is potato soup. Yum! Since the painting gal is here, and working in the kitchen, I couldn't cook if I wanted to. Then I have crafty club this afternoon, so there will be more food. :rolleyes:

Maggie -- I, too, am sorry about your Texas trip but glad Cecil will be a happy cat. ;) The gal for whom I have babysat their cat called last night. They are going to be gone for two months this winter and she is lining up different cat lovers to take turns. They tried to find a place so they could take the cat but no luck. I feel bad for the cat because she is such a lover and gets so lonely. We usually watch tv for an hour or so when I visit her. Her name is Boomer, like a boomerang, because she was a stray and kept coming back until they invited her in to stay. :lol: Both of us like the dark green color! The wall with the sliding doors doesn't have much wall space so don't think it will be overwhelming.

"Gma" -- I hope your knees are feeling better after you put the meds on them. :crossed: It's nice you will have the time to prepare for the next cruise; it sounds like a fun one. :yes: I didn't think about actually having to do the safety drill but am sure it's a good idea. At least you didn't have to crawl into the life boats did you? I am marking my knitting rows with a pin and will check for mistakes every few rows. It's a fast knit/crochet so doesn't take long to fix but I would hate to rip out too many rows.

I need to decide what I am wearing and do another load of laundry. Enjoy a terrific Thursday today! :wave:

10-11-2012, 02:34 PM

It is currently 56ºs and it is said it will get up to the high 70ºs here in the ♥-Land before this day is over. We like it, our Jeep likes it and the animals like it so all is well around our house. The Jeep has always run better in cool weather. It didn’t run bad in the heat but it just seems like it runs better now that it is cooler.

I have some meat to bag and get into the freezer this day for Will found some more Italian sausage in the used bin and this batch has the hot :flame: spices in it. There are also some other cuts of beef and chicken I need to bag. Just a little sausage gives a nice kick to scrambled egg beaters. I take the casings off one link and just crumble part of it and cook it along with some chopped onions & bell peppers then add the beaters and it makes a yummy mix for a meal. I keep chopped onions and bell peppers in the freezer for I use them a lot in different dishes. :cp: I have larger sized pieces chopped for beans and smaller ones for dishes like the scrambled beaters.

When we were at the nursery yesterday I noticed a bin with broken up pieces of marble counter top type pieces of all colors. I got a piece that is 6” x 12” long and an inch thick that is black and gray marbled and nice and smooth on one side which is polished. The ends are both broken off and not smooth which make it have a rustic look. I can use it for serving cheese and crackers or other snack type things at a get-together. I am going to set it in the middle of the table for this season with those little pumpkins I got and some leaves around it. It cost a whopping 62ȼ. :yes:

I have yet to decide on what to make for dinner. I am leaning on something from the WW Comfort Classics book. There are many recipes in that book I want to try for a lot of them sound so good. I can have something ready to go into the oven when he gets home. This is the day Will will be home later than usual, for there is a board meeting after his volunteer time at the museum. Those folks on that board want Will there for he is a wealth of information about what the museum may need and how to fix things that need some care. Also he is to give a report on how the raffle tickets are being sold. Now all the money from the tickets that are sold goes into the coffers of the museum, for they do have enough to cover the cost of the gun already. They still want to hire him but he doesn’t need another job. :no:

My Cuisinart® Mini-Prep Plus Processor arrived just now. So great for cutting the work time down by slicing and chopping all kinds of veggies for different dishes. It will also aid me in making all those neat yummy pesto, sauces and marinades we like to enhance our meals with. This model is so much better than the one I used to have that I used for years. Maybe it’s going to make me want a new bigger model. :lol: But that will have to wait if I really want it because I do want the pasta machine first. I can’t think of another appliance I do need to replace. I will have a shelf set up in the pantry room to put my appliances so they will be easy to reach when Will vacates his office and moves it downstairs. It will certainly free up some of my kitchen counter and give me more work space in there. I am really going to like having this new little processor and will use it often so it will have a place on my counter. :yes: In fact I may do some re-arranging in there this day.

JEAN Will you be making something seasonal at crafty club today? Your weather is a might cooler than ours is now. They are still saying we all are in for a colder winter so I am sending my favorite coat to the cleaners soon. I hung it out on a hook by the back door to remind me to take it when we go out and about. That is great that you will like your new kitchen paint. Every room in this house is the same off white. But we have decorations up ~ like pictures and hanging plants, etc. A good time to have it all re-painted is when we move out ~ whenever that may happen. We don’t have any plans on vacating this place soon. We want to get a motor-home to do some traveling on our “vacation time.” That is the plan for next year sometime when we find a used one that is suitable. The new ones are outrageously priced. Plus it may all depend on how the gas prices look when we get ready to buy.

DONNA FAYE I know you will be joyous when you actually do get those sox in the mail on their way to a pair of happy feet. :cp: I really feel for you for your knees hurting. :hug: Sure makes it hard to do anything when they do hurt. I have a prescription for mine and when they hurt regardless I take an over the counter arthritis med as a kicker. Your upcoming cruise sounds delightful. Now you have something to plan for in a different type climate and save some money to boot. I am happy for you that both of you have found something you really enjoy doing together. That is so important for a married couple. :yes:

Have a great day Magnolias. :wave:

10-12-2012, 06:50 AM
Good morning to you all. It is fairly pleasant outside this morning around 60 degrees. We are supposed to be in the 70's for the most part for the next week or so, except tomorrow it is supposed to be in the mid 80's.

Scheduled my mammogram for this year. Kind of early to get your boobs squished (8 AM) but I need a morning appt so it doesn't interfere with picking up Jack from work and sometimes you have to sit for a long, long time. Guess I can get some sock work done while I wait!

Maggie: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!:woo::bday2::celebrate: I hope you have a very nice day today. Sounds like you got a nice addition to your kitchen counter or table or whatever. You can do some beautiful mosaics with broken countertops too.

Jean: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :balloons::bday2you::hb: I am doing yours a day early as I may not get in here until late tomorrow and wanted you to know I remembered. Lots colder where you are for sure. I bought stuff to make chili and potato soup as I thought it was going to be colder, but the forcast says warmer so will just wait it out! :lol: No, we didn't have to do anything with the life boats, which sure aren't what you see on tv. They are huge things with bench seats and canopies. We don't have to wear our life vest either. They are in our closet in our cabin. I did put mine on in the cabin though so i knew what to do just in case. It was the most miserable thing I think I have ever done and from what Jack says, the western caribbean trip will be more of the same; hot and humid.

Coming along on that dang sock. I want to work on the other pair as it has a pattern in it and is fun. Like I said, this has become boring partly because it is so long. I emailed Kelly about T's shoe size and the kid is into a men's size 8. He is gonna have feet like his uncle at this rate! :lol:

Nothing else exciting going on around here. I am still waiting for my refund for that horrible hotel stay. We shall see if he follows through. I kept his email address so if I don't see it in the bank within a couple weeks he will get another scathing email from me.

We are having breakfast with Kelly at 8:30 tomorrow morning:yawn: for our birthdays. She just combined the two since we are so close together and I was gone for mine. I then have a haircut in the late afternoon with my miracle gal. It's too bad a lot of my cruise photos don't really show how nice the haircut is because the heat and humidity caused a lot of problems with keeping it in place.

You gals have a very nice weekend. Faye

10-12-2012, 03:30 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's a cool, windy, sunny day in my neighborhood. The painters are finishing this afternoon and I will have my house back again. :cp: I am doing laundry and should make a grocery list in case we don't go to the game in the morning.

Maggie -- :woo: :celebrate: :balloons: :hb: :bday2you: Hope you are having a wonderful day! I know you will enjoy your new "toy." Everyone, at crafty club, just brings their current project to share. I am surprised that the same color of paint looks different depending on how much natural light is shining on it. We both like all the colors. Whew!

"Gma" -- It's only 56 degrees outside; not sure what the wind chill might be. :lol: Hope you didn't have to wait too long for your mammogram and all is well. Thank you for the birthday greetings. I don't feel any older . . . yet. I know you will be glad to get the sock finished. I have my mistake corrected and the pulled out rows back in order again. I hope the hotel refund comes through without any hassle. Enjoy your birthday breakfast with Kelly and family tomorrow.

I need to fold towels and start another load of laundry. Bob said it's time for long sleeved shirts. Enjoy the rest of the day! :wave:

10-12-2012, 05:58 PM

It is a chilly day here in the ♥-Land and we are back from a nice drive about and in the country. We took the dogs and they really enjoy when the weather gets cooler for they get to go for rides more. We never like to take them on :flame: hot days and go in somewhere and have to leave them out in the heat in the Jeep. Today we bought them some new tennis balls and beef ribs so they are happy, happy dogs. We didn’t take them along though when Will took me out to lunch at our favorite place and I had BBQ shrimp on a skewer and a sweet potato without the butter. I get to pick what I want for a birthday present and I have been doing some thinking on that and haven’t exactly decided yet. I am strongly thinking about a S&W 22 for plinking around. All in all this has been a wonderful day for me and I don’t feel a bit different just because it is my BD. The restaurant gave me a piece of chocolate cake and some ice cream in a go bag. :yikes: I think I will have a small taste and let Will eat the rest. I am drinking the sf ff latte with a double shot of espresso they gave me at our coffee place. :cp: I didn’t tell either place it is my birthday but Will did. He got such a kick out of doing that.

DONNA FAYE Thanks for the BD wishes! It is a shame if you have to have a long wait once you get to the place to have your mammogram. Do they make too many appointments for the same time slot where you go? I really like the gal that does my mammogram for she takes me in at my appointment time and is very efficient. In fact she is the best I have ever run across doing them during my lifetime of having to have them. They have the state of the art equipment here and it is so much better than how they used to do it. I am so glad for you that you are almost finished with that sock. :cp: Next start on one of your fun to knit projects. :p

JEAN How nice to now have your remodeling all done and nice fresh painted room. That painted wall sounds like a treat since it changes with the light. Do you ever take something to work on while at craft club? Thaks for the BD wishes. I don't feel any different either and am glad I don't feel any older. :lol:

Have a great day Magnolias. :wave:

10-13-2012, 12:28 PM

O – Let the rain come down – We had a gulley washer last night with lots of thunder and lightning which kept the dogs barking and disturbing my sleep. We sure needed the rain though so I am not complaining. :no: The temperature this day is going to get up to 75ºs and not higher so say the talking heads. It is currently 63ºs as I type. I am just waking up to the world and having my first cup of coffee. Cecil is in the bedroom and the dogs are asleep in the front room and Will is out at the mall selling raffle tickets. I am home alone and just starting to think of what to cook for dinner this day. I know for lunch I will be having a bowl of my Peal-A-Pound soup. :cp: I think for dinner I will make grilled chicken breast tenders. I can use a cast iron square pan that has ridges built up in the bottom which is called a “grill pan.” It works great for I get it real hot and then I have a flat cast iron top with ridges in it that I heat on another burner then press it down on top of the meat and it cooks from both sides at once. I have had this method of grilling indoors before I got my Cuisinart Griddler® that has several plates and works as a grill or a griddle or a waffle-er. I think I will use the griddler for it is much easier to clean up afterwards. :lol: Grilled chicken, seasoned rice, green beans and fruit sounds like a yummy dinner to me.

We have a start on gathering up the food for Thanksgiving for we now have a turkey breast and cans of whole cranberry sauce and mandarin orange slices. I like to mix the cranberry sauce with the orange sections along with a few chopped nuts. Makes a great spread for a leftover turkey sandwich. It will depend on if we have guests over for the meal on how much I will be making. I will mix up a batch of refrigerator rolls which are so good to have frozen for later meals. I like to make these for a holiday meal because you can mix the dough up ahead of time and keep it in the fridge till you want to use it. It will last a few days in the fridge. I hope the weather is conducive for Will to smoke the turkey breast outside. I like to pull back the skin and rub spices on it then pull the skin back over it. It is so good that way and I do discard the skin before slicing the meat. It is so good cooking it that way ~ nice and juicy and not dry at all. While he has the smoker going I like to smoke some other cuts of meat also for later meals.

JEAN :bday2you: :hb: :gift: :balloons: May you have many more to celebrate. :celebrate: What do you have on your ticket to do this day to celebrate? I am a day older than you :lol: well ~ many days that is. Life is good.

DONNA FAYE I imagine you had a fun breakfast this day with your daughter. It is nice to have someone to celebrate with. :hb: Is her pool put to bed yet or does she still use it for awhile?

Have a great day Magnolias. :wave:

10-13-2012, 02:52 PM
Afternoon girls!!! I hope you all are having a nice Saturday. It is gorgeous here, in the low 80's. I had to change my outfit this morning from long sleeved sweater and long pants to capris and cotton shirt to go out to breakfast as it was already in the 70's when we left.

Breakfast was terrific. It is a nice little cafe restaurant with great food. I splurged and had their cinnamon stuffed french toast with fresh strawberries and two strips of bacon. The splurge came from the stuffing, it was Nutella, YUM! Have to work it off. The kids gave me a subscription to a knitting magazine and an Amazon gift card. I bought myself a new watch, 2 skeins of sock yarn (see below) to make ME a pair of socks eventually and the new J D Robb book that just came out while I was on the cruise for my Kindle.

I have to leave around 3:30 to go get my haircut but Becky won't be doing my hair. I got a call yesterday from them that her fiance is on his deathbed with brain cancer so she is out of the salon for awhile. She assured me that all the stylists were trained by Becky herself so I shouldn't be worried about getting a good cut. I just feel so bad for her. She is such a great lady.

Jack is going to stay home and watch the Boise State game. He is welcome to it. I am not a football fan anymore and haven't been since high school, though I watch enough to converse with him about teams and such. This way I will miss at least 3/4 of it! :lol:

Jean: Happy Birthday to you again! I hope you have a nice birthday today. I guess I confused you. My mammogram is Nov 2. For insurance purposes I have to move it up a month every year because I can only have one mammogram in a calendar year unless there is a problem. I don't know why they are so slow there, but it sure seems to take a long time to get in. Maybe it was because last time it was later around 11 AM or so I think and a lot of folks had come in by then. It was really warm here last night. I was almost tempted to put on the ac, but thought by morning I would be freezing and too lazy to get up so I just put on the fans.

Maggie: Kelly and Tom close their pool around the middle of Sept usually so yes, it is closed. They told me this morning that my nitwit dog would go out and fall into the pool or actually on top of the pool cover trying to get at the water on the pool cover. Tom said you could see him out there just prancing around on top of the pool like he owned the place. :lol: They told me a lot of funny stories about him. Jack kept telling her he was sorry Fortune was so much trouble, but she would laugh it off. He is just so clingy and gets up so much in the night.

Well, I guess I should go make myself some lunch. Have a good weekend all! Faye

10-14-2012, 06:42 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's a beautiful fall day in my corner of the world; it's sunny, bright blue sky, chilly, and the never ending wind is blowing. It's raining leaves from one of our huge maple trees, wish the other three would get busy so Bob could mow/bag the leaves. I was up bright and early to be at church by 7:30 for bell practice. This afternoon we've been putting the house back together again. I didn't realize I had so much "stuff." Everything is dusty or gritty. Bob is off to pick up some blank wall covers for tv hookups that no longer work. He has a pile of light switch and outlet covers to paint. Tomorrow I will stop by the paint store for register paint.

Maggie -- Thank you for the birthday wishes. At the retirement party, we knew most everyone, and they sang Happy Birthday to me. One of the little kids asked how old I was and my delightful grandson, Ian, was happy to share! :lol: The mother was so embarrassed. I took my afghan yarn to share at crafty club since I had made a mistake and ripped quite a few rows out the night before. We just visit, share projects, and have dessert and coffee or tea. We drove in rain yesterday almost half way to the game. It was cloudy and a slight breeze there so I was glad I had my winter jacket and a blanket. It was a fast game and I was glad! :yes: Some of the spectators only had on sweatshirts; the coach had on shorts! :eek: It made me even colder to look at him!

"Gma" -- I love the sock yarn you chose for yourself! :yes: I hope you like your haircut since your favorite gal wasn't there. That's sad about her fiance. Do you get your mammogram a month eariler or later every year? We have to wait a year plus a day. :dizzy: I don't think anyone would want to do medical screenings just for the heck of it. :no:

I have laundry going and hear the dryer buzzing. Enjoy the rest of your day and evening. Tomorrow starts a new week; October will be a half day short of being half over! :wave:

10-15-2012, 09:43 AM
Good morning to you all! It is back to being chilly in the morning again, but hot mama here has the fan on anyway.

We had a fairly nice weekend. I was a total grouch yesterday because when I feel unorganized or stressful I get grouchy. I am under a time constraint with that sock, though I almost have the foot done and can do the final toe decreases, and I got behind on cleaning not having gotten the upstairs done yet. I was crabby to Jack so I had to apologize to him and tell him nothing was his fault, etc. He just asked me if I was ok. So, I hope to finish the sock and the upstairs today. Bless his heart he said he would vacuum for me this evening and I will run a dust cloth around things this evening then I am back on my schedule and everything will be fine.

Jean: The gal that did my hair was the girl who did my eyebrows and shampooed me last time. She did an excellent job on cutting my hair so until Becky is able to come back, I will have Connie cut my hair. I didn't recognize her at first though. Last time she had dark hair and this time she had it colored in bubble gum pink and creamsicle orange colors. It is that kind of shop, but they are so very nice and do some fine hair cutting for sure, though I still have to wrap my head around $60 for a haircut and tip. Jack just keeps reminding me that I get what I pay for and since I have always had trouble getting a good haircut because I have a couple of tough cowlicks and very fine hair, I have to remember they are well worth it and a cut of the same caliber in like LA would cost me two to three times as much. I thought the yarn was really cute. I am not sure I bought quite enough since I have large calves and long feet, I am going to get a contrasting color for the heels and calves after the yarn comes and I can see the different hues of color. This will only be my second pair of socks for myself. The first pair was the very first pair I made to see if I could knit socks! Those have kind of bumpy scratchy yarn so I don't wear them much, but I think I am going to start making myself more socks to wear for fall and winter months. I would bring along my knitting and join you at your crafty club if I lived close enough. Now you are crocheting your afghan, right??? Does she need it in a time frame or just whenever you get it done?

I broke my durn reading glasses this morning around 3 AM. I got up to go to the bathroom and came back and couldn't get back to sleep so turned on the light and was knitting. They were dirty so I washed them and broke around the bottom of the glass. I think maybe it had broken before and I fixed it with crazy glue as it looks repaired. I just glued it back again. I have another pair I keep in my handbag so can use those if need be, but I like having a pair at my chair for knitting, which is the only reason I need readers at all. Besides, these are cheapo kind you buy at Walmart or Target not optical shop ones.

I am down 8 lbs since we got home and 3 lbs for the week, which I will gladly take. :dance: I just have to keep focusing on the drill and how awful it is and stay on track. Jack and I do great during the week, but weekends are a killer for us. I got a certificate for a free bowl from Genghis Grill for my birthday so maybe next payday we will use it for our dinner out. Breakfast with Kelly was our treat this payday.

Everyone have a great start to their week! Faye

10-15-2012, 03:20 PM

It is in the 50ºs right now but they say it will get up to the low 80ºs before this day is done. Feels a tad bit chilly in here this morning. At the museum sale the other day Will bought me the cutest snowman family. They are stand alone type. The man stands 42 inches tall and the woman stands 37 inches tall. The bodies are made of white bumpy plush that resembles snow. He is dressed in corduroy pants, black shoes, and has a vest on and a suit jacket and bow tie with a black felt hat and is holding a broom. She has a corduroy dress on with leggings and a sweater and jacket along with a neck scarf and beanie type wool hat. She is also holding a baby snowman that has a beanie hat and neck scarf. Her jacket and hat are of the same material as his jacket. They are so cute and since they stand alone are quite remarkable. I think Will said he got them for 3 bucks apiece ~ but from the looks of them when they were originally sold they were very spendy from just looking at the quality of their clothing. The clothes look like the real thing and the jackets are even lined. The broom looks like it is made out of shredded corn husks. Our animals all checked them out and thankfully are leaving them alone. They will look cute standing by the fica tree we put Christmas lights on that is on a table in the front room. I don’t know where these snow people came from originally but am happy to give them a home. I think they can stand in my office until the Christmas season is over then they can stand in a closet. :yes: They are across the room from me and when I look up there they are smiling at me.

I have decided that I don’t really need a big stand alone mixer and don’t really need a bigger food processor. I have a mandolin that slices things up quite nicely. I just need to get that pasta maker so I can roll out some bodacious lasagna noodles and ravioli. My bread machine can mix up the dough and I don’t need a larger food processor or mixer to do that job. I have a wonderful hand mixer with whip attachment blades that works just fine for what mixing & whipping I do. Look at the money I just saved by not buying those two appliances. Talked myself right out of it. :yes: We don’t eat a whole lot of pasta but when we do I want it to be a recipe that I can control. Homemade ravioli is so good. That is what started this whole thing ~ Will wanted me to make some homemade ravioli. :lol:

I know I am up in the weight department this day ~ too much birthday. I am back on track and will do better this week. That is my plan and I am sticking to it. Will has gone to pick up the dogs from the groomer and they will be clean for the afternoon. Well, Ragg Mopp stays cleaner than Beanie for he is not as exuberant. Beanie is just about two years old and still a puppy.

Will just got back with the dogs and lunch. He stopped by Subway and got me one of those new chicken sandwiches which is very good and I ate all of half of it for it was loaded with grilled chicken. :cp:

DONNA FAYE :congrat: on your loss. You really do great losing when you have your mind set to it. Reading glasses are so inexpensive now days in all types of degrees. :cp: I have a pair in each room I frequent here in the house and have a pair in my bag I take along to WW. Don't stress ~ it's not good for you. :soap: Easier said then done isn't it.:p That yarn you have for your own sox is nice. It is time you make some for yourself. :D Happy feet.

JEAN Aren't kids wonderful about revealing things. I remember once when someone asked my daughter what made her such a good little girl and she said, "My mother always counts to 3." That worked for her if she didn't comply whe she was asked to do something I would say, "I am going to count to 3" and she would say "Don't count me!" and then do what it was she was supposed to do. She never found out what would happen if I reached the number 3. She just didn't want to be "counted" for some reason. All kids are different and that won't work for all of them but it sure worked for her. She was a terrible two though. I have stories about that! :lol:

Have a great day Magnolias. :wave:

10-15-2012, 08:21 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! It's been a beautiful fall day here -- sunny, NO wind, and 75 degrees this afternoon. Church counting took longer, actually it was the posting because the automatic bank contributions process on the 10th of the month. I picked up the gift shop money but will count that tomorrow. I had a meeting this afternoon and card club later tonight.

"Gma" -- :congrat: On the GREAT loss! You are doing so well. Weekends are hard for me too. Don't be grouchy, be happy! You will get the sock done soon! Cleaning will be there waiting for you when you finish. ;) I am working on the afghan; I just started the second skein, out of 18+.

Maggie -- The snowman family sounds cute! I got a kick out of your daughter's 123 story. That is a hoot. :lol: I hope you are pleasantly surprised at WW tonight. Good luck!

I need to change clothes and head to card club. Enjoy your evening! :wave:

10-16-2012, 08:37 AM
Good morning to you girls. It isn't very chilly this morning as I have both my fans going though don't need the ac on. It should be a nice sunny day in the 70's.

:cp::cb: I got my upstairs cleaned and my sock done yesterday! I washed the socks and am blocking them and they should be dry by tomorrow sometime. I have to ship out his birthday and the vacation gifts on Thursday priority as his birthday is on Sunday. I am just go glad those durn socks are done! :lol: I am working on the next pair and they are a lot more fun.

I think we are going to have salmon patties and rice for dinner tonight. Jack was supposed to chop an onion for me last night and forgot. He is finicky about onions pieces so I told him from now on when I need onion he has to chop them so he can't complain.

I had a rough night last night. My knees and ankles and both shoulders were all achy and I finally gave up and took some meds so I could sleep. My right shoulder is still tight so I might have to put the heating pad on it this morning so I can knit.

Maggie: What a great find for you and I know you will enjoy your snowmen. I really love my stand alone mixer, but I don't use it a great deal. I have a food processor and bread machine and my bread machine is almost brand new, but the darn thing won't make proper dough for me like my Panasonic did. I don't like the bread in the machine. I like it to make the dough then I take it out and put it in pans and or make into rolls and such, but everytime I use it, my dough comes out like soup. Ahh well, I just buy premade yeast rolls and they do us fine for an occasional treat.

Jean: Hope all that money counting went ok and you enjoyed your card club last night. I am still waiting for that hotel manager to refund my stay. I am giving him until the first of the week and that will be two weeks then going to give him a piece of my mind. I found a nice hotel to stay in next year and he can keep his old mildew smelling hotel. :lol: We made our paper chain for the cruise next year and Jack commented on how shorter this one was (last time it was I think 68 weeks instead of 52)

Hope everyone has a great day! Time to knit. Faye

10-16-2012, 12:23 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! The wind is blowing and the sun is finally shining through the clouds which are blowing away slowly. It's supposed to be our last "warm" day for the week so we'll see. I've got the gift shop deposit ready to go and need to stop by the hospital to drop off bills that I've written checks to be paid. Then I need to work on putting my house back together.

"Gma" -- :cp: :cheer: The socks are finished! I really like the colors and am always interested in how the design works out so perfectly. I hope your aches and pains have disappeared and you are feeling better.

I need to head to the bank and the grocery store. Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

10-16-2012, 05:52 PM

Pleast post on #29 for it is now open for business.

Have a great day Magnolias. :wave: