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10-02-2012, 11:29 AM
Excuse the cheesy title, but I felt the need to make a few confessions about my weekend, in hopes of exorcising the guilt demons and moving forward. Feel free to respond with your own confessions, encouragement, or whatever else you feel the need to express.

Here's my confession:

I've started a bad trend of days that I desperately need to put an end to.

First, I went to hibachi on friday to celebrate my partner's new job. I only ate half of my meal though and was able to do okay on my calories, so all in all, that wasnt so bad. Saturday I was mainly back on track, but I went over about 100 calories or so AND I made the mistake of going to the grocery store hungry, so I am back with a lot or really bad stuff...of course telling myself I'd be disciplined with it all. Yeah, right.

Sunday was an absolute ridiculous disaster. It was the day before my TOM and I was craving everything in the house. I gave in to ALL of those cravings. Seriously. And went 900 over my MFP allotted 1380 calories. WTH? Have I lost my mind? So yesterday I vowed to stay on plan...but broke my vow about an hour before bedtime, going over my calories AGAIN by 254. Ridiculous. I've got to put an end to this mess.

The part that really gets me is that 1380 has been a decently easy calorie goal for several weeks now...it's just the damn sweets coupled with damn TOM. My first mistake was letting them into the house in the first place. They're like tasty, inticing villians that invade your house, making their presence known every second that you're home, taunting you from the pantry with their sweet, sweet promises of instant gratification. :s:

I'm confessing all of this today in hopes that it will help me hold myself accountable. I'm not going to continue to beat myself up. What is done is done. But that doesn't mean I have to keep following this pattern. Today, I get back on track. Today, I will be on plan and not give in to the villians in my pantry. Today.
Once I accomplish that, I'll work on tomorrow.

10-02-2012, 11:34 AM
I love the title. Doesn't sound like a disaster, though. Small setback is more accurate. I assume you threw away all the food you don't need that invaded your house? It's not about the last weekend. It's about the next meal. You will get this back on track!

10-02-2012, 12:58 PM
I had a pretty bad eating weekend too, and today I feel like the walking dead I really can't bring myself to work out! But WILL be OP as far as food! We can do it!

10-03-2012, 12:12 PM
Second confession, I guess is that I didn't throw the stuff away. I'm determined to learn how to have willpower and limit myself. Might be a bad idea, but I guess we'll see. I definitely won't be repeating that shopping trip, however.
Last night, however, was very successful. I was 54 calories under, had tons of fruits and veggies, and for the most part felt very full. Not waking up to guilt this morning was quite worth it, and even saw my TOM water weight go away this morning, even though my TOM isnt over yet. So yeah, I definitely progressed after i confessed :)
Thanks for the encouragement guys!