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10-01-2012, 09:57 AM
My 14 year old daughter has recently moved from being a vegaterian to a vegan. Besides not eating any animal products or by products such as milk, eggs and cheese, she has become more interested in reducing the amount of chemicals she exposes herself to each day. From her food to her bath and body products, she's done alot of research on what she puts into her body, what's in the air she's breathing and the chemicals that are being used around the house.

To support her, I started looking into the chemicals we come in contact with each day too. And it FREAKED ME OUT! SOOOOO...Ive decided to start going chemical free in our household. Cleaners, food, even candles. (Gross chemicals in candles that we end up breathing in.)

Im wondering if anyone else here is interested in going chemical free or has gone chemical free and is interested in sharing ideas?

For instance, this weekend I got rid of all of our cleaning products and made my own. Yes, I was sceptical. But I have found that mixing half a spray bottle of white vinegar with half a bottle of water makes an amazing cleaner. Windows, counter tops, showers, tile floors, laminate floors...i even spray it on the carpet to freshen it up and it gets rid of the dog smell. (I've got an older dog who has started peeing on the rugs again. UGH! But the solution got rid of the smell better than any chemical clean I have tried) And its CHEAP! I got the vinegar at the Dollar store I used an empty windex bottle that I washed out first. 2 bottles full of cleaner cost me one dollar and it works great. It leaves a vineger smell, but when it dries, the smell is gone. It's a natural disinfectant, greese remover and its good for you!

Ill be making furnature polish and laundry soap this week when I get the supplies. I'll let you know how it goes. In the mean time? Anyone want to try chemical free with me?