Beck Diet Solution - Making Decisions to Declutter - Winter Solstice/New Year's Challenge 2012/2013

09-26-2012, 10:00 PM
Hello Everyone.

That thread title is a mouthful.

But here we are, Fall 2012. Winter, the Holiday Season(s) and then New Year and all the hope and dreams that the season generates within us are all encompassed by this next decluttering challenge.

What kind of a home/car/office/workspace do we want to live in, or invite others into, during the coming months?

Let's support each other as we identify, act upon, and create the changes we have wanted to make in our immediate environments so we can truly enjoy our friends, realtives, and our own lives instead of worrying or fretting over our clutter.

Let's get something accomplished and off of our to-do lists this season.

Please feel free to set yourself some goals, big or small, and post them here and check back in.

Thanks for joining me.

09-27-2012, 12:05 AM
Hi everyone! Welcome to Fall!

I finished my September goal (well, the re-stated one) today -- sorting all of my photo and ephemera boxes. It took all day and I didn't get many of the other items on my to do list done. But it felt like once I got started it was something that I needed to finish -- easier to do in one fell swoop than to get back to it in the middle of things.

It's better organized than it was. It can be even better, but I don't need perfection at this moment. Now that my photos are usable, I suspect the organization will improve naturally as I use them. I already got my birth to age 6 photos in chronological order for the project that starts next week. I imagine as I move through the project that more organization will fall into place naturally.

For October, I want to go back to the first project I designated in September -- clearing the balcony off of my study.

Mountain Mamma
09-27-2012, 07:57 PM
Onebyone, thank you for starting this! I lurked about in the Summer thread & had to compliment it though I wasn't a Beckster - but you all were so nice, saying I could chime in regardless. My library doesn't have Beck's book. But I did find my card! *credit*!! (is that how you put it?!) Anyway, I'll check other libraries.

In the meantime, I'm thinking of autumnal goals to write down. Hey, where did that pen go to? Who took all the paper?

10-01-2012, 09:18 AM
Hello friends!

Thanks for getting us started, onebyone, and glad you are joining us, MountainMamma!

gardenerjoy, right off you mentioned that your project didn't have to be perfect. That is key for me, as I move forward. Otherwise, I get stuck in the perfectionist details and it's never good enough.

I've been in maintenance mode as family has been visiting for the past two weeks (staying at my mom's) but always nearby. I was really grateful for the Summer thread because I kept pursuing baby steps. The end result was that after a long sightseeing day which required a change in dinner venue, I was able to feel comfortable inviting the whole group over for leftovers with a moment's notice. credit

This morning it is time to regroup and come up with a plan for these next few months. First off, I set to getting things back in order. I put everything away in the kitchen and cleaned the sink. I pitched some food items which came over from mom's that I knew we'd never use. I made the bed and put away clothes that had accumulated there. I gave DH three bills to pay. credit for all.

I deleted my name from the massive emails that FL(flylady)sends but I'm going to check in with her after work. I do find that her small daily chore list keeps me grounded.

I look forward to hearing everyone's goals and insights as we collectively move forward.

10-05-2012, 11:37 AM
I've been in maintenance mode as family has been visiting for the past two weeks (staying at my mom's) but always nearby.

I look forward to hearing everyone's goals and insights as we collectively move forward.

Ok, the last of the family left on Monday and it's now Friday. I have found a great amount of success in taking small steps on a frequent basis. This morning I recognized it is very easy to slip into the thought pattern of "tomorrow, tomorrow, next week, next month......"

Accordingly, I took on a small project. I am at my "part time" home right now. My bathroom and closet are both attached to our bedroom.
I started in my cedar chest:
~pulling out items for thrift store; an electric blanket, an antique dress (pretty not my size), some yarns.
~I made room for the yarns under my bed
I moved to my closet:
~I tried on clothing items and got rid of everything I won't wear
I moved to my bathroom:
~I cleaned out all the small drawers disposing toiletries/makeup I no longer use
~I sorted my jewlery drawer...mostly organizing
I cleaned the tub/toilet/mirror/sink.

credit for all

I hope to hear from other declutters, reminding you all that baby steps count!

10-05-2012, 11:42 AM
Oh, and most important for me, the large bag for the thrift store is in my car. It is counterproductive for me to leave it taking up space in my home. credit.

10-05-2012, 11:48 AM
Great idea and I'm glad I'm participating. " Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow" doesn't work for me.

I am drowning in other people's paperwork! As Treasurer for four different organizations, the piles keep growing. The biggest one is for the Mill here in town which is a National Historic Site. Because it's a charitable organization, I need to keep seven years of all paper work. I had no idea how much this would be but have another filling cabinet now and am slowly sorting and storing the mess.

I also quilt and always have too many projects on the go. This week I sorted out some fabrics and made up plastic bags of complementary colours which I gave away at my qulilters meeting this week.

I also sorted out some of the antique meat at the bottom of my freezer and gave it to a local farmer for his hounds. (I used to feed my dogs a raw food diet but that was back in 2009 so the meat was pretty antique.

Today is a busy day but I am going to sort and organize the shoes that are littering the floor of my closet.

10-05-2012, 03:30 PM
:cheer: :cheer: Yay, Ruth! I'm glad you're joining in! (I'm needing some company here right now, too ;) Great steps you've decided to start with. I tried to find someone w/pups last year when I started working on the "antique" meat/fish in the freezer. I had no takers yet persisted and it's now gone.
That paperwork issue with the mill is quite a different there anywhere else it could be stored once you are done with it?? A locked cabinet at the mil?? I have a hard enough time dealing with my own paperwork...

10-06-2012, 08:22 AM
This sounds like a good challenge for me!
I just moved back home into my father's house (he lives in his second wife's home), and my boyfriend had moved in with me. I've been here for over a month and all of the boxes from my previous place are still in the garage. I've done quite a bit of cleaning up around the house actually, but obviously not enough and my boyfriend is getting annoyed! Also, my father's room (which used to be my room - we switched) is still completely taken in by my old stuff, most of which I will probably have to throw away. I'm going to take it one room at a time, starting with my father's room. Wiew. I'm giving myself two weeks starting now to have it ready!

10-07-2012, 09:13 AM

No good internet here and now I'm almost late for work. I wanted to check in and say :welcome2: runthecontinent! Glad you have decided to join in. Let us know how you progress.

I got up early and got everything unpacked and put away from our trip. That's always great because I can move forward with my declutter goals.

10-08-2012, 11:27 AM
Hi Declutterers:

I knew I was going to post here this morning and I couldn' do it without putting away my already washed and air dried dishes just sitting there in the dishrack. So *credit* the sinks are ready for another round of dishwashing today, and I have clean plates and utensils once more. Yay.

:welcome: Ruthxxx, runthecontinent, and Mountain Mamma How are you progressing with your projects?

Welcome back Lexxiss:carrot: and gardenerjoy:carrot:May we all see further improvement and change as we get ready for this most social of seasons. Thanks for being here.

I crossed a big hurdle yesterday. The landord was in to turn our heat on. Man, it was cold in here! I put off calling him as long as it made sense since my kitchen has fallen back into major disorder and disarray and the floor was kind of icky. *credit moi* for arranging the dirty dishes nicely, and for moppingup the floor, and for decluttering the hallway area where the landlord had to go to get to the thermostat. My landlord was my motivation to start this decluttering challenge this summer as when he came in to turn on the air conditioning he was upset with the state of the floor. I thought, you know, it's not that bad, but you know what? I HATE feeling the pressure of someone judging my housekeeping. I have never had the kind of house that people can just drop by in and I don't feel like apologizing for "living like this". My hope was to have DH's mom over for thanksgiving. Well, we went to her place for thanksgiving yesterday, so I have revised this is having her over for Christmas dinner. THAT would be spectacular.

I will be moving my art supplies/stacks of completed artwork/asst. bins and boxes over to my NEW STUDIO(!!!!) around November 1st. People are actually renovating a space for me to work in. I cannot believe how lucky I am with this studio space that I will have. There is ample space or me to store my artwork there and to work there and to make whatever it is I need to make, so what this also means is my house can now be my home and not my sole work space. Some things I will still work on here, but major stuff will be done in the studio space. It will be fantastic to finally have a house be a house, and hopefully, evolve into a home.

My decluttering task for today is to clean up the dishes (wash and put them all away), and to make a decision about the hot peppers I harvested from the garden. Do I dehydrate them in the dehydrator, or do I just freeze them?

Hope to hear how everyone is doing out there...

Mountain Mamma
10-08-2012, 01:25 PM
Onebyone, LOVE the Hitchcock avatar!!! Made me smile.

Well ladies, you inspired me to work on bookkeeping & filing this weekend. Paper is my downfall!!!! And like Ruthxx I'm also a treasurer of a group & quilt as well so guess what I don't need more of. Paper & Fabric!! (Is it my imagination of are most of us on this thread creative types???!!! )

RuntheContinent, what a huge project. Good luck.

Anyway, will be off the board this week. Have company coming & am 3 months behind on the housework. DH is wonderful and does his part, but doesn't get the concept of putting anything away. (Do we really need 3 pairs of size 16 shoes in the living room?) Situation made worse by recent travel & its clutter, and what on earth did the dog do to the car seat? And the lawn is funny-looking - half mowed because mower ran out of gas. (Is that not a great excuse? At least it's not mine!! ;) )

Gotta go through the family recipes, buy food we haven't purchased in months :devil::devil: and be a cooking fool. And change sheets & go find the Windex.

Everyone have a good week!

10-09-2012, 04:51 AM
I'm headed back to our second home later today. I made progress there last week and will continue with decluttering there, which reminds me I still have the stuff in the back seat of our car which I should have already dropped off at thrift.
I've had a yard/weed project in the yard that was long overdue. Yesterday after work I mentioned it to DH and we just got out there and did it. credit. I had also recognized my disorganization with travel stuff had impeded our travel time last week. I made a list and have our food/commodities packed already. My goal before work this morning will be to pack a box of essential clothes that I can leave over there (socks/undies/pants/shirts/coat/hat/reading glasses/shoes,etc) that I won't have to bring back. That will mean that next trip I will only have to bring my laptop and a few essentials that can't stay over. credit.

Mountain Mamma, best wishes for your pre-company projects/cleaning. My DH tends to leave stuff out, too. I started moving his stuff from the common areas to his office. At that point he can deal with it (or choose not to). It is working for me.

onebyone, I think it will be a big step of progress to reclaim your home as you move the majority of your art stuff to your new studio. What an exciting time.

I maintained all my decluttered spaces this week and have brought nothing new in. For me, not "buying" makes it so much easier. Yay!

10-10-2012, 09:53 AM
Hi Out There

Last night, after pondering how to help our sick cat get better (she's better in some ways, worse in others) DH and I were feeling completely worn down and then we get home and....the toilet floods the floor and stuff backs up the bathtub drain and OMG we have to call our freakin' landlord to come in. NIGHTMARE for me. This guy is super-nosey and his place here is way too precious. So much so that when we first got here, April 2011, he told me he didn't want me to put anything on the walls, and even though I have tons of stuff that would be great on the walls, I haven't put anything up anywhere. Last night I was thinking how this place doesn't allow me to feel "at home" or to relax into the space.

I may have been the one to "break" the toilet earlier in the day as I got so frustrated with Looloo peeing near her brand new litterbox and not in it that when I had sopping urine coated paper towels I tossed them into the toilet and *knew* it was a no-no but my emotions got the better of me. When the plumber snaked the thing all they found was hair (?). Bizarre but to top it off the plumber and the landlord were speaking a foreign language and I couldn't understand what they were saying which made me angry. I *knew* I was ready to blow my stack, which is pretty rare and would have been a dumb thing to do. So, to deal with it, I let DH deal with it and I went into the bedroom with the cat that's not sick, Caesar, and shut the door. I did tell the landlord that that is a horrible toilet that I have to plunge on a regular basis. Low flow toilets. I have never seen one work right. He's going to ask us to pay some of the plumbing costs which I find dubious. I WANT TO MOVE. DH won't move. I am sooooo looking forward to my studio and to making changes.

So I did a major cleaning of that bathroom at the end of August and because of that, DH was able to get it into decent shape (Landlord still nit-picked) in a hurry as it was going to be the center of attention for a while.
MAJOR CREDIT: when the crisis was over I had the cleanup tools to get the bathroom back into shape and I didn't stop without it being finished. The floors got mopped and the walls were cleaned and the state of the bathroom was good, except for the floor of the tub which will get washed during DH's shower and wasn't that bad anyway. I did leave a bucket in the tub. I'll go retrieve it now....okay, done. Bathtub is clear. Credit to DH for tossing the towels and the bathmat immediately into the wash right after they left, which I finished up in the drier.

So it was good that I started on the dishes this week. There was less mess in the kitchen area and I did the floors too so the major gunk was all gone -- hallway was acceptable too.

Anyway, what can I say? I am *tired* of all the stresses right now. I have a studio tour this weekend which I just want overwith. It's going to be two long days. Last year I made $20. We'll see what comes of it this year.

Today's agenda:
1) laundry = wash one of those mystery garbage bags of stuff (one load is on now)
2) kitchen = clean off stove - including wiping down the front of the stove and the back where the controls are.
= doing some more dishes.
= clearing the countertop / deciding whether I can put the toaster away as we are not eating bread these days except rarely.
3) choosing a subject and painting something new for the studio tour this weekend. (I am thinking of painting a marine iguana.)

Ok that's my update. I am hoping for a non-eventful day today.

Oh yeah, so the landlord says "I don't want to intrude on your life but..." This is the *completely infuriating* phrase I ALWAYS hear from him WHENEVER we have to deal with him outside of the everyday. I was waiting for him to say "But you have to get this place cleaned up/cleared out/in order. Last time he said the conditions of the floor were "unacceptable". This time: the aquarium has to go. He's worried about it breaking and then the damage that would cause. He says it's in our lease. I was in the bedroom when I heard this. To his credit, DH said "we have insurance" and the Landlord said "they don't always cover that."

10-12-2012, 11:23 AM

onebyone, I hope your situation is easing, although I imagine it's pretty complex with LooLoo right now. Having a kitty myself, I know that the situation doesn't have an easy solution once they start peeing somewhere you don't want them to. Sending supportive thoughts your way.:hug:

We've been at our second home since Tuesday eve and we'll leave later this afternoon. DH and I (together) seem more stressed here lately and I'm understanding that a big part is that this used to be our #1 spot...we love it here, had a garden and had a life (friends and socialization). Now it's more like a weekend retreat.

My thought: I need to work towards having it be "turnkey".

No more unfinished projects, etc. With that in mind, I went back to my trusty dry erase board...cleaned it up and made a new list with those unfinished projects. I was able to cross most of the items off and one that is left I will ask DH to complete. Cleaning out the freezer can wait until next trip.

Looking back at my last post, I did drop the stuff at the thrift store before we left. credit.

I took time here to notice the improvement from the few projects I accomplished last trip.

10-13-2012, 09:31 AM
Last eve upon our return all our stuff just hit where it landed and there was no cleanup in the kitchen after we made our dinner/snack messes and instead chose to head to bed early. Staring at the kitchen sink (what I could see of it) really made me realize how much my home environment affects my food choices. I didn't feel like even making my morning smoothie.

This mornings sabotaging thought: I'll deal with this later

Reality: I never feel like doing much of anything after work.

I incorporated unpacking/clean up (including kitty box) into my morning coffee routine. credit.

I will feel so much better when I get home tonight.

10-15-2012, 01:03 AM

I made the gauntlet of shows and deadlines once again. Got through my last major event and now can start to focus once more on my home. I told DH, after receiving a letter + a copy of our lease + a copy of the plumbing bill from the toilet episode earlier this week, that we are looking at a move sooner rather than later. We will inevitably trip up and be asked to vacate this apartment if we don't do it first. I'm making it a priority to scale down and be "move ready". I do believe this is my new overall goal. The landlord mentioned in his letter that we are contravening our lease by having an aquarium and we must get rid of it. I have an 8 year old goldfish in there. He's also holding us responsible for any damage due to the "second cat we got without his permission". Permission! OMG.:mad: He, on one hand says he's cutting us a break due to our good history with him, inspite of our contravening of the lease and we are only obligated to pay 1/2 of the plumber's bill (IMMEDIATELY!) which did not show any evidence of anything unusual being the problem, but if we do anything wrong re" plumbing he will charge us with paying the other half of the plumbing bill plus the reno/painting costs to the apartment downstairs damaged due to "our" toilet/plumbing leak.

It's all just too much for me. Give me back the mega-corp with the superintendents who come and semi-fix things when they break.

So, just checking in once more to say I'm back, I'm on track, and in the morning my whiteboard is getting marked up with my new to-do list.

Good night everyone.

Mountain Mamma
10-15-2012, 02:00 PM
Lexxiss, is that a hot tub you're in in your avatar?

Onebyone, sorry about the landlord stress. :hug:

You've had goldfish for 8 years? Impressive! And the cats don't mind? rolleyes:

Got two of the Beck books, finally. Interestingly, because I'm reading them after working on the weight for 6 months, that I was already doing some of these things. Since I'm not clairvoyant, probably internalized some of the advice from 3FC. Anyway, too bad I didn't come across her books several years ago when they were first published!

Have a productive week everyone!

10-15-2012, 05:40 PM
Tortured myself a bit more today over the landlord stuff. I need a plan or my feelings will paralyze me. I did manage to begin to paint the stuff for my fence client, but have not completed as many as I wanted to today. I keep composing rebuttle letters to the landlord in my head. I will reply with a letter of my own as his can't be the final word on what happened. I fully expect to end up in small claims cout with this guy. And, since I feel this way, I had better do what he did: make a paper trail on my end as well.

And since I feel like this, we really do need to move. And if this is to be on my/our terms we have a lot of work to.
-taxes to submit and bring up to date
-major decluttering must happen, not just "to make the place look better" but to facilitate another move.
-my more precise goal is to get this place in such shape that I can hire a professional cleaner to do the place, before we are even ready to move, to get it back into that level of cleanliness that he can't crab about. He' still going to get us, I know that. This paper flooring he has in the living room has PEELED up in a spot and it reveals what looks like a masonite base beneath it. It's in the middle toward the window. I feel like I ould photocopy the laminate pattern, match it, get it printed, and then glue and varnish it right back down. I am fully expecting him to come after us for the cost of the replacement of the living room floor. OMG I have to stop catastrophizing. I need to stay in the positive and do the footwork to move us out of this situation. DH will be no help, except financially, which is a big help, but I will be on my own. I sincerely hope we do not find ourselves in a basement apartment.:(

So my deadline is New Year 2013. Pared down, streamlined, move ready, shiny, crisp and clear. That's the goal. No looking back, just moving forward.
Everyday I need to ask myself what have I done today to move me toward my goals? And everyday I am obligated to answer this question with one positive action taken. Big or small. More than one action, good, but one is the bottom line.

I just need to believe I can do this. I don't believe it today, but I can do it anyway. That's pretty much the key to 99% of what you want to do in life.

Act as if.

10-15-2012, 05:57 PM
Ok. I have managed to clean out my father's room more or less.. Meaning that I took apart my old desk and am storing the pieces in the garage (where all my other stuff is.. ha). The room is now spick and span except for some stuff in the cupboard that will need to be sorted at some point.
I have also cleaned out the cupboard in the "washing room" where we keep all the cleaning products. That was a chore but I'm sure I can keep it tidy now!

I do have to add that we hosted a house/garden party this weekend for about a hundred people to celebrate our moving in. The garden is all cleaned up but I haven't sorted all the presents and the kitchen is still a little bit of a mess. The plan for tomorrow is to have the kitchen and living room back to their former, clean and organised, state. After I will go through all of the stuff that is still in the garage, find a place for the things I want to keep and call the second-hand store in my town to collect the rest. I want to have done this by the end of the week.

Good luck to everyone!

10-16-2012, 06:08 PM
Q. What have I done today to move me toward my goals?

A. Today I made a detailed to-do list. It cover four areas that I am working on:
1) the stuff I moved from Ottawa 1.5 years ago and have not unboxed yet
2) the work needed to complete a custom project for a client ASAP
3) special things I want to make for my xmas sales/season
4) ceramic projects that need to be attended to
5) posted ad to give away our aquarium, aquarium supplies, and fish *sigh*

Not much more to say. I decided to take some more downtime today. I did post the aquarium to just now. Since the landlord freaked over the aquarium and it's possible breakage and how we are contravening the lease by having it without permission - DH and I discussed it last night and we are giving it away for free. Hope we have a taker sooner rather than later.

10-17-2012, 07:12 AM

"..learn to love what you have, and be happier with less" (P. Walsh)
(Reminding myself this morning)

onebyone, kudos for mapping out your plan. I know it is a difficult decision regarding your aquarium. I can (rationally) see it as the best decision right now. One step at a time. With daily progress (no matter how small) you will achieve your goal. I have found many times in my life that when I do the footwork (declutter for moving) then the next step will happen (finding a new home). I am envisioning both for you.

runthecontinent, great achievements, especially being able to host a garden/house party.

MountainMamma, what are you working on?

Me, I have been successfully maintaining my losses....keeping my house clean on a daily basis and dealing with things sooner vs later (incoming mail, groceries, laundry).

I looked at my "lists" I made from our previous thread. Many items have been crossed off. I have chosen one for today, because the "box" has been sitting on my front porch for several weeks (from UPS).

It's 4am, we went to bed early. The box contains the old fashioned twinkle bulbs from my childhood which go on my xmas tree. I was running out last year. I got them ordered. credit.
Still on my list:
~redo wreath (new lights AND ornaments)
~take down old xmas lights (we have lights hanging on the outside that haven't worked for years)

I am adding:
~go through xmas boxes...organize purge

These projects all go together and I'm headed to Denver early this morning and will pass by the thrift where they have a "helper" to take stuff out of your car.

I was thinking of buying a fancy ornament storage box, but looked online and there are lots of ideas. It got me thinking I have many different sized clamshell plastic boxes waiting for recycle and a tote just waiting. I think I can organize without buying

I'll report back.

Mountain Mamma
10-17-2012, 01:17 PM
All I have to report, since Lexxis asked, is some filing/papers I plowed through yesterday. It wasn't the quantity but the speed - usually I get bogged down in details (perfectionism as you noted) but I set aside the time & zipped through. Credit! And love that shredder!!!! When else can one feel productive just by pressing a button?!

Also reading the Beck books . . .

Getting ready to go out of town, just trying to get organized. Somehow my brain wants to latch on some unimportant thing to do instead of say, the laundry & packing I NEED to do. Does anyone else have this problem?

Lexxis, nice going to find storage containers you already have. It's so tempting when you see those cute storage items in the stores - you deserve extra credit for Thinking Green!!!

RuntheContinent, that is great you were able to host a party, 100 people, that's some party!

Onebyone, sorry about the aquarium.

10-18-2012, 12:55 PM

Mountain Mama, you said, "all I have to report", then described such a credit worthy process: plowing through paperwork. Good for you! I've found it to get so much easier as the old stuff went away. With the old stuff gone it seems so much more functional to be dealing with stuff as it comes in. Do you have alot left to do?

Progress Report from yesterday:

I went through all the xmas boxes; reorganized, pitched and recycled to thrift. credit. Even though it wasn't "perfect", I put all the keeper stuff back in the boxes and can better organize when we decorate this December. It took awhile and was all I had time for.

I ended up making two trips to Denver yesterday, the second to assist DH's DD. This morning, I gently explained that I could use one hour of help from DD and he agreed. We powered through laundry, house pick up, vacuum upstairs and bed linen change out. I'm grateful to be learning ways to encourage him in assisting since we all know the reality is:

Today lots has happened already. It was supposed to be my day off and mom is having a crisis (friend died, car needs work, and new eye concerns). We're also on call to help DH's DD move. Before I found that all out, I started disassembling our old thermostat, to find it needed a service call/rewire AND that it had ceased to work at all in the process.


I made the call and got on the list for tomorrow, AND managed to get the old one working. The old me would cancel the service and "deal" with the jerry rigged old one. The new me will follow through and get the new one installed. credit.

What can I do now: (while I wait to find out if I need to drive mom back to DR)
~Make my morning smoothie and MAKE A LIST! I might as well move forward in my life while I wait for calls regarding what I have to do for others.

I may reappear with my new and updated list for THURSDAY!

I have to say; posting here helps me turn overwhelmed into progress forward.


Thanks, everyone, for being here!

10-19-2012, 09:28 AM

Once again, I'll post, acknowledging that posting helps my process of moving forward one baby step at a time.

I find it a challenge sometimes, since I do so much work from home. It's easy to work and ignore the clutter. It's also easy to spend time dealing with work/clutter and not sit and "read a book." I managed to find balance and a start on a new book.

I did quite well with my list yesterday. I put it on a notepad and crossed things off all day. I accomplished several things which had been bugging me. credit.
~I replaced bulbs in my undercounter kitchen lights
~I replaced one of two non working bulbs in my oven
I put both sizes on the list so I can get more when I'm out today. :dancer:

~took down the non functioning xmas lights outside and put the ladder back in it's storage :dancer: It took 5 minutes and has been on the list for months

This morning, I'm headed to the basement. I need to pick up AND clean around the furnace, since the heater guy is coming and he might need to rewire stuff, too. Then I'll come back upstairs and continue working in my office while I wait. It is where the most clutter is right now.

My wreath project is a time consuming one. I may put a sheet on the dining room table and work on it while the heater guy works. I hope so.

10-19-2012, 10:04 AM
I havent gotten around to cleaning out the garage, however, this morning I finally got enough and cleaned the mailbox, which was infested with snails and creepy insects. I even saw a centipede in there today. Hate those things. I had been letting the problem grow for months and got all of our mail half-eaten by snails. I'm not even joking.

Anyway, I cleaned it out completely and noticed some cracks in the stone where insects crawled out of, filled these with ehm.. what you call the stuff you use to fill holes in walls. I also used some insect repellent powder now that it's all clean. Yay for not being creeped out every time I have to get the mail!

Oh, and yesterday the plumber came to replace a thermostatic tap in our bathroom. Finally we can actually use the shower again! That tap was broken and all we could get was boiling hot water. :-)

Soooo.. the garage is still on top of my list and it doesn't seem like I will be tackling it this week.. But I am glad that the house is improving! I should probably make a tangible to-do-list like Lexxiss. That might help!

10-20-2012, 09:18 AM
runthecontinent, yay for a clean mailbox and plans for the garage, even if it isn't happening this week!

I engaged yesterday and made progress. I crossed "redo wreath" off my list. I replaced all the bulbs and decided it was ok to leave the other decorations "as is" for this year. Progress not perfection.

I made two trips to Denver helping DD move. It reminded me how much easier it is to declutter over time and quit moving the stuff. We moved so much "stuff" which is going to include a dryer which isn't working. ouch.

This morning, I anticipated going back to Denver after work so I planned my time and came upstairs and reorganized/put away my office. I put my favorite music on and have had a thoroughly enjoyable time. All my paper "stuff" is gone through and filed/recycled.
credit for not creating yet another pile.

I hope you all have a good weekend.

Progress not perfection.

10-20-2012, 12:21 PM
I completed my October memoir project that prompted me to organize my photos and ephemera last month. Rather than leave the material out, I put it back in the closet where I found it -- only now more organized. The pile is actually larger, I think, but much neater with all plastic boxes and no ugly cardboard ones. I don't know if it's the best spot, but it's the one I have, so it's good enough.

10-22-2012, 07:58 AM
Yay! gardenerjoy! I find, too, that sometimes I end up with something a little bigger than it was when it started. It's an indication that more "stuff" got pulled together into the one space where they belong for now. credit for seeing your project through AND for putting it back in a closet instead of leaving it out.

I got called into work at a moments notice yesterday. When I went downstairs DH had cleaned up the dinner dishes from the night before. When I got home he had made the bed, which I usually do before I leave. I am really getting the feeling that the longer I work at this the more ownership he has in keeping things nice. credit to us both.

I work again today and have some important computer generated paperwork to handle for my mom. Accordingly, I wasted no time when I got up this morning. I put away all the dishes while coffee was brewing and cleaned out the cat box while DH was putting on his hiking boots. We needed TP downstairs so I went and retrieved it when I turned on my computer.

I'm finding my biggest helpers right now are these four things;
1. putting things away right after I use them instead of setting them down somewhere (ie scissors, tape, hairbrush, toothpaste)
2. washing all my prep stuff in the kitchen as I'm cooking dinner instead of letting them sit overnight. I notice, especially, that the knives just rinse off right after use but that I have to scrub them if I leave them overnight.
3. having a plan for paperwork/junk mail/magazines...not letting stuff "stack up"
4. keeping refrig/freezer organized/cleaned out. It really affects the simplicity of my daily food plan. This I really notice.

credit for baby steps forward.

Oh, and the old farberware chicken roaster from my childhood is out of the basement. I checked to make sure it worked (it did) so I cleaned it up and it is ready for thrift. It was an emotional item, but since we don't eat chicken any more it was an unneeded item at our home now. Times change and that's ok.

10-22-2012, 10:14 AM
Hi there everyone

I'm doing a lot of escapist behaviour lately. Getting lost in video games. Surfing the net. Lots, and lots, and lots, of daydreaming about moving to Key West, or living somewhere warm, or spending a month away and how can I do that? I ask myself almost daily. This spurs me on to searching out travel sites/destinations/facts and figures for trips.

I can't do any of that. I can't even afford the $58 it would cost for me to re-join Weightwatchers right now. Our money is very tight and very accounted for and more expenses lay on the horizon re: vet visits for Looloo; possibly for Caesar too. Both cats are scratching up a storm. The upstairs cat goes outside and could have brought something into the house which my cats could have contacted as they like to linger in our shared entryway, sniffing the floor that other cat walked across. Anyway, we're not done with that stuff yet I don't think.

Q. What will I do today to move me toward my goals?

Today I am cleaning out my pantry. My goal is to box up the food that is unopened that I would never serve DH now ie. pasta, noodles, some canned goods. These will be donated to the foodbank and opened stuff will be tossed out. I figure if it's not good or DH, it's not good for me either. I don't seem to be able to (right now) make changes based on my own needs, but I can make/implement changes for him. So I will follow his lead on this. This requires me to swallow my pride, but facts are facts. He continues to shed weight. He is looking better and better and what he is doing works. I need to be onboard with this. DONE. CREDIT.

And on the topic of moving, I've decided to put it out of my head. I'm going to act as if we are staying here and all is well. The thought of "having to move" just paralyzed me completely. If we get the notice to move out, I'll get it done. I am just going to slowly, deliberately, keep moving forward in my plan to have a winter oasis here at home--since I can't get south anyway--and to just try to bring the household standards up a notch.

That's enough for me to do.

10-23-2012, 07:52 AM

onebyone, great job in the kitchen! Despite your feeling "stuck" you accomplished a decluttering project which moves you forward. I know the avoidance there any way to come up with some small tasks which you could accomplish before gaming/surfing? I find that doing small things sometimes just cleaning out a small drawer.

I'm getting ready to travel later today. I know today, that I can always choose to walk away without doing much but today I choose to take steps to move forward.

I have had old Carpenter's songs rolling around in my head. I now have the technology to record vinyl to CD. Two years ago I would have had to search through massive boxes of I went to the "C's" and found the 4 albums we is recording now. credit. (ps-finding myself really helps my mood) Finding myself at the "Top of The World" :lol:
I made a list last night of things I need to bring with. I've already cleaned up in the kitchen and set my smoothie stuff out. Work clothes are in the dryer. I've made the decision to move my bike over the hill for the winter. It has nice indoor storage there. Here it will have to stay in my dining room. credit for taking care of my precious bike AND conscienciously deciding NOT to have it sit in my dining room all winter...just for a few rides.

Today's acknowledgement for me : Lists help.

10-23-2012, 08:14 AM
Hope you all don't mind if I jump in with you. I have been working on serious decluttering for a couple of months and I'm finally starting to see some progress. My partner died last April and I've spent the last few months organizing and reorganizing all the stuff she accumulated. Loved her dearly but the woman was a serious gadget fiend and pack rat. She was an avid photographer and musician, two things I will never be, and had every piece of equipment imaginable. For months the biggest room in my little 4 room apartment was filled with semi-organized piles of equipment. Now I want that room back to set-up winter fitness equipment!

My big goal - to go through everything including the storage room stuff and move things to new homes in time for a late spring move to another space. I want to put my garden in at my new home.

recent accomplishments - the Prius is gone, all the large photography equipment is gone to a photographer friend who lost her equipment in a flood, the least valuable instrument has been sold. I've also sent lots of things to either the thrift store or, when needed, to the dumpster. I have a very hard time throwing anything out, always have, so that is an accomplishment. I keep reminding myself that it's like the food no one else eats, doesn't mean I need to store/eat it.

I am working on baby steps. When I look at all the stuff I get overwhelmed and frozen, when I look at small pieces I can get things done. This is a busy week so my goal for each day through Saturday is to pack one small box with either books for the used book store or other thrift store items.

10-23-2012, 08:49 AM
Hi Cyndi! :welcome2: to our lil' group! We do great with baby steps here. You've been moving forward (in more ways than one) and it will be nice to share here in your journey forward.

10-23-2012, 11:41 AM
Welcome, CyndiM! Sorry for the loss of your partner. That adds a whole emotional element to the decluttering process. Good for you for tackling it now. I've known people who took several years to get the job done and the accumulation of stuff ultimately dragged them down more than the mourning process.

Lexxiss: Lists help me, too. Also music. Cool that you can get your vinyl onto CD.

onebyone: I'll echo Lexxis a bit. I've made progress sometimes by alternating a task on the to do list with doing something fun on the internet. Sometimes I've made quite of progress that way on days when my default choice would be little or nothing. It feels like a trick but it works for me -- using my current internet obsession as a reward for doing the less fun things.

For me, I'm out of town so no decluttering. Well, a surprising amount of work goes into trying to eat some healthy food in the hotel room which isn't set up for food preparation. I'm staying on top of that.

What I'm noticing is that I'm still doing a ton of stuff on the internet -- the same sort of thing I would do at home. Because I can. But I wonder if "vacation" should mean doing different stuff with my down time. I brought a bunch of books and haven't looked at them at all. I'm also observing that spending so much time on the internet is why I'm having a hard time getting to my decluttering projects and other important things. Just an observation for the moment. There are some very good reasons for what I do on the internet but it's pretty obvious to me while I'm on vacation how much of my day it takes.

10-23-2012, 04:52 PM

So last night I get a phonecall from out of the blue. The diabetic asociation is doing a collection run next Monday. They wanted to know if I would have something to donate? Household goods, bedding, clothing etc. They'll be by around 8am Monday to pick up. And, as added incentive, if I donate 3 large bags worth my name gets entered in a draw for a vacation for 4 to sunny Florida! This call came a few hours after I posted on facebook that I wnated to "win a vacation" somewhere.


The universe is really something sometimes.

CyndiM :welcome: We look forward to supporting you in your decluttering goals.

10-23-2012, 10:50 PM
onebyone, just amazing! Could your DH donate 3 bags, too? What an incentive! I'm glad you're feeling better today!

gardenerjoy, I found that when I really made myself a commitment to a home routine which included decluttering, keeping things tidy and keeping lists (which I love crossing off) that I was able to pull away from the net. I have the big list right by my computer so when I'm surfing I'm always aware that my list exists.

We made it to the other house and when I came in I was able to immediately notice (especially in my office) that my home was lighter...less stuff. I was also able to glance around at more "things" that I just don't need anymore.

I was dinner time, but I used my Beck skills...remembering hunger is not an emergency and decided I'd be much happier in the morning if I unpacked before dinner, so I did. credit. Tomorrow I can start right in with what I really want to do.

Good evening all!

Mountain Mamma
10-24-2012, 12:35 PM
CyndiM, very sorry to hear about the loss of your partner. What a sad project ahead of you. But it must feel gratifying that some of that photography equipment found a good home.

Yeah to all of you who mentioned the internet. It's magic - it makes hours disappear! Never watched much TV for the same reason, but it's a lot easier for me to ignore the TV than the computer!!!

Lists -- Sometimes DH would do something on my list and I'd feel guilty crossing it off - until last week. It happened, and I decided from now on I get extra credit because I'm exercising managerial skills on the homefront!! Because delegating is hard for me.

Onebyone, good luck on winning the vacation!

Lexxis, I got into this discussion late & notice your references to two places. Don't know if you are moving or it's your parents' or if its a second home?

Gardenerjoy, eating healthy on the road is a challenge. Just back from a long weekend & 3lb gain myself! But I got everything unpacked and cleaned up immediately and feel good about that, now to get back On Plan.

10-25-2012, 11:02 AM
Mountain Mamma, yay for getting everything put away right after your trip! Cheers, too, for getting right back OP!
I'm from Colo. but spent 23 years in Alaska. DH and I came back in 2003 to be near my mom. We took over the family home which had been rented for 20 years and my mom is a block away. Unfortunately, we hauled lots of stuff down that didn't apply.
Then we went on a 2-3 year binge where our fun time was going to thrift stores and buying cheap stuff (we had very little disgressionary cash).
In 2005 we bought a mobile home 120 miles away in an area we both really enjoy. Now I have a part time job in my moms town so we go back and forth at least twice a month. For years our "primary" residence was the mobile home now with the job and my mom just turning 91 the old Victorian is now primary.
In addition, my mom is a collector and my sis and I have been hauling stuff out of her home for years AND there are two little houses which were my grandmothers which my mom had filled full of stuff.
I have the 2 little houses 60 percent cleaned out and I have finally decided that my emotional energy is better spent on my own "homes" since my mom keeps hauling stuff back in. We also have an outbuilding in Alaska full of stuff. I went up this Spring and dealt with alot of that.
Summary: lots of "stuff" spread out all over. I have made great progress since I came upon onebyone's thread several years ago. It really helps me to keep focused here.

10-25-2012, 10:15 PM

The day was so amazing today I took my work outside to get a good chunk of it done *credit* for working today and for pushing ahead with one of my to-do list projects. As I moved my work outdoors I was so thrilled that soon, very soon, i will be moving exactly that kind of stuff out of my place permanently into my studio. I have been procrastinating checking in with my studio landlord to see how the renovation/clean up of my space is going. I am afraid to hear bad news, which is just me and my catastrophizing, trying to get ready for something bad to happen. I sure hope this phase of stuff passes soon. It seems everywhere I turn there is some bit of bad news--but then I get some good news so. all depends on your focus sometimes.

Tomorrow's work is rustling up my craft materials to make some new jewelry items for the last (yes last!) outdoor farmers' market of the season. It's already over. I already did a cursory moving of craft things into one space so my search will be easier this time than the last time I wanted to make some stuff *credit*

Lexxiss I don't think I've ever put together how many properties and how much stuff you have actually had to manage! I'm not even adding into the mix the personalities and their challenges. Wow. You are truly my hero. ENORMOUS CREDIT to you.

10-26-2012, 08:19 PM

Since we were going to travel today I decided I HAD to make some steps forward, even if they were small.
~texted a friend who came over and p/u a boxsprings we no longer use
~took 8 magazines to our club for others to take
~got the laptop from my brother running (now I don't need to haul mine every trip)
~packed up a defunct laptop for disposal over here
~packed up a sm. TV we need here not there (for DVD's)
~took some yarn I would never use and gave it to a friend
~did some light cleaning and left the house picked up

Got home: needed to bake a cake for a potluck tonight. I decided I would clean EVERYTHING UP while the cake baked. I timed it-7 minutes to get everything washed and put back in place. It makes me feel so much better than when I leave a mess for later.

Gotta run....

10-28-2012, 01:12 PM
I watched an program on TV last week and wrote this down because it seemed to apply to me. They were helping someone to declutter and said for her,
"Acquiring was a stress reliever."
I could relate. I have always had a hard time getting rid of stuff but my most recent acquisitions (2003-2008) were part of an ongoing shopping/thrift store "experience".

Today I can change that.

Today, LETTING GO AND JUST DOING IT can be my stress reliever.

I decided I'd get some things done this morning and post some progress. Then I thought about not doing anything....the accountability moved me forward.

All small steps towards a collective step of progress
~organized DH to finish kale chips while I;
~picked up and unpacked
~planted onion bulbs outside (off the kitchen counter!)
~got cat carrier off porch and into basement
~completed another step of christmas boxes in basement Yay!
~computerized an address and got rid of sticky note
~went through mail and filed/recycled

Today two items WILL go to thrift
~the old farberware chicken roaster
~a swiffer thats been on the porch for a year since I picked it up beside a dumpster :rollpin:

That's all! I wish you all baby steps!

10-28-2012, 05:48 PM
Hello Declutterers!

Tomorrow the Diabetes Association is coming by to pick up whatever Ii have for them. They promised that if it's 3 or more bags/boxes of stuff I am entered in a draw to go to sunny Florida! A trip for 4. I intend to win that trip for 4...

I thought i'djust go through some boxes and ik out something in them to toss out and I opened 4 boxes,one after the other and all I see is stuff to KEEP! OMG. Books I'd forgotten about. Art supplies. Pictures. Jewelery. A tshirt DH got at the comiccon in San Diego signed by the guy who played C3PO (!). I got majorly depressed and overwhelmed by every box and by my *instant* paralysis a few seconds after I opened it and looked inside. How am I ever going to deal with my boxes I wonder??? So, I decided, I alreaady have half a garbage bag full of donatables which have hung around the house a month or so (yes) and I thought I would just go through the linens and the towels and the clothes. I can do that. I have been having success getting that stuff out of the house. So now I have two full garbage bags, marked with a D for the diabetes people as they asked and in the wash there is another garbage bag's worth of clothes that I had bagged up to wash who knows when and there are maybe 3 more bags that I think I'll get to today. Out of the four bags that I will wash I know there is another full garbage bag's worth to be donated.

The bonus is my beloved oversized men's black pullover hoodie was in the bottom of the bag that's being washed right now! I love that ratty old thing. I wear it until it gets tooo toooo cold to wear it any longer.

The other bonus is I have donated my size 20 jeans that I LOATHE, but someone might love. They are already in a bag that's tied up. I didn't want to take the chance that somehow they'd re-surface in m drawers!

Even if none of this decluttering shows as it's all hidden in drawers and my cupboards I feel great about getting it out of the house.

I have no clue what to do about any of the boxes. Wow. They just make me stop short. Any advice on this?

Gotta run.


10-28-2012, 07:49 PM
Brainstorming for onebyone. These are truly quick thoughts and only meant to be ideas not prescriptions.

Books. Does the library have them? I own many fewer books than I used to because I decided that the library and ebooks don't take space that I don't have.

For books you keep, my husband keeps a lot in plastic storage boxes, sorted by topic. It works for him and is neat enough to make me happy.

Art supplies. Can you just haul those straight over to the new studio when it's ready?

Pictures. Are these yours or someone else's? Could some be given as Christmas gifts to friends and family? For some reason, I keep pictures for places I may someday live. I'm trying to get better about putting them up or giving them away.

Jewelry. There are all kinds of cool things for organizing jewelry. Do thrift stores have fun jewelry boxes? Maybe you could have a collection of jewelry boxes that match the size of your jewelry collection? When I moved, I was able to just move the jewelry boxes and not think much about what was inside.

More generally. Choose one box or one type of stuff and make a plan for that. Implement that plan. Repeat.
Post here, often. Post about the top thing in the box and describe what it is and why it paralyzes you -- just writing about it is a step. I'll bet just writing will help and when it doesn't, we've got your back!

Also, HUGE CREDIT for recognizing that the boxes paralyzed you and finding a project to work on that did not paralyze you. Great job on taking care of all those bags and clothes.

10-28-2012, 08:57 PM
I'm still focusing most of my decluttering on my day off. Today I packed the last box of photography equipment and will send it to Canada tomorrow to join the other stuff. I've got just one tripod, an old film camera, and a fixable lens left to rehome. I also tackled a small box of my old photographs. I decided it was silly to keep photographs from an old relationship that I really would rather not think about (many years ago), so those all went in the recycle box. I was also able to neatly stack all the empty storage bins (hooray for me, 7 emptied bins so far!) into a corner of the storage room. This week I have nights free again so will pack one box of books or other easy to organize item each night.

Anyone have any tips about odds and ends that might go to something else? I keep finding pieces of things, power cords, etc that clearly belong to something but I don't know what. I'm afraid to toss them until I've taken care of everything because I just know I will find the thing they go to right after I throw them out. Other than putting them all together in one box does anyone have any ideas about them?

I need to get in here more than once a week so I won't ramble on so long!

Facebook garage sales have been a real find. I sold lots of outdoor equipment this summer and an old sectional sofa today. It's nice to feel like things I don't want are going to new homes.

10-29-2012, 07:24 AM
I just got off the phone to the thrift shop, and they are picking up the furniture in my garage.. in two weeks. I really had hoped they would be able to come sooner, but I guess it does give me time to walk around the house and find other things I don't need anymore!

10-29-2012, 07:45 PM
Brainstorming for onebyone. These are truly quick thoughts and only meant to be ideas not prescriptions.....

Also, HUGE CREDIT for recognizing that the boxes paralyzed you and finding a project to work on that did not paralyze you. Great job on taking care of all those bags and clothes.

onebyone, great ideas from gardenerjoy! I ditto :cheer: :cheer: for moving from boxes to the items you knew you could deal with!

Regarding the purging of items, I found it so much easier to start with the things that would be the easiest AND would have the biggest impact in the reduction of "stuff". Clothes seem to fit that bill for me because they can more easily fit into specific catagories....
Catagories I can think of...
~sentimental (save)
~don't fit but will with continued weight loss AND are desirable(save)
~fit now and are desirable (save)
~don't fit (too big) (donate)
~don't fit..realistically never will (too small) (donate)
~fit now but are undesirable (donate or toss)
Seems with DH losing he may have stuff to go, too. seems that moving art stuff to your studio (soon) will really help. Perhaps you will feel better once you move stuff to your studio.
You might consider just going through the boxes without any intention of purging stuff but think instead of
~repacking "like" items
~just marking the outside of boxes with the contents
~giving yourself permission to go ahead and remove certain items for donation or disposal "if" you find you are able to make a decision as you are looking through.

Best wishes! I echo gardenerjoy's feelings regarding the fact that we "are" here for you.

Even if you don't think anyone would notice a difference you will. Every little bit moves you forward!

10-30-2012, 12:46 AM
Hi Decluttering Friends!

I woke up at 7:25am (it was dark :( ) and put the three bags of stuff out for the donation people to come get it, plus I added a suitcase I don't like and we don't need. It feels good to have done that today.

You guys were right about that.

Thaks for the help with how to approach those boxes. It did cross my mind to re-pack/condense the boxes that exist. I did that about a year ago, and I managed to get rid of about 8 boxes which meant I reclaimed that space.

I'll tell you about one thing I came across: a doll dressed in Russian clothing. My cousin bought it for my grandmother and she treasured it, keeping it in the cabinet at the end of the hall where all her special treasures were. That cabinet now stands in my dining room btw. I was never allowed to play with it. (I grew up with my grandparents). I grew up with this doll and it reminds me of my grandmother, my childhood, the way "it was", and I can hardly bear the thought of it going to a thrift store, cat off as if it is nothing. But I would never buy it, would never want it, don't even really like dolls, and this one is just a doll that sits there. And yet all this stuff is stirred by seeing it. That box was full of items that triggered me just like that. Suggestions?

Better go. I want to get into bed and snuggle in. It's such a stormy night!
Amazing. We even had lightning earlier. Weird.

10-30-2012, 08:06 AM
Hello friends!

I was not sleeping so I got up and reclaimed the kitchen;
Easy tasks:
~washed the dehydrator and put it away
~washed/put away all other dishes/utensils
~washed/put away all my remaining veggies/fruits
Harder tasks:
~made a decision about two large liquid laundry soap bottles that have sat on my radiator for two weeks (I had been trying to make my own soap without success and these were the storage bottles). I kept one and recycled one.
~I went through my drawer which holds ziplock bags. I recently bought two new boxes and HAD to do something about the 1x/2x/3x/4x used bags. I am such a thrifty gal. Some I threw away, some I kept and all the ones from the CSA I removed to give them for recycling.

Big sigh....even with small stuff I have a hard time "decluttering". credit for doing it anyway.

onebyone, during this process I have come across many items, such as the doll with Russian clothing. You said, "But I would never buy it, would never want it, don't even really like dolls...
To me, (as in my own encounters) your statement says "REHOME".

~Is it an antique? I have a small box where I place items from my family that an antique store would resell. I just give the items to them. I found through trial and error I don't make money trying to sell them.
~Do you know anyone you could give it to?
My concern with lots of stuff is that the thrift store will "throw it away".
~Ouch, but realistically some things are just too worn to be saveable....(I had to take the couch from my childhood to the landfill last year) It was 60 years old. Everyone in the family kept saying, "it's trashed, but it was such a beautiful couch."

For me, I just can't keep KEEPING everything that was special to SOMEONE else. When I keep all those things I have no room to keep the things that are special to ME.

BTW-great job repacking those boxes last year and downsizing by 8. It would be interesting to find out if you repacked again if you would be able to downsize yet again. I find, personally, that as I continue on this path that I am willing to let go of things now that I wasn't able to a year ago.

Mountain Mamma
10-30-2012, 12:55 PM
Onebyone, thinking that if your grandma really treasured the doll, maybe its meaning would be important for another relative? Hate when someone gives a really obvious answer to a problem, so pardon me if I'm guilty!

It is an emotional avalanche sometimes. Just do a little, then stop. Seems like you already did that a year ago, condensing boxes. That's good.

Runthecontinent, great progress!

CyndiM, sounds like you're making progress on your sad chores. Regarding the bits & pieces, I think we all have a drawerful of mystery cords, chargers, electronic gizmos. No clue from this non-techie.

Lexxis, do you think we are all thrifty types or recylers? I bet we all re-use plastic bags! Or similar. I used to think being tidy & recyling were opposing ideas until I saw my obsessive neighbor's immaculately bundled recycling, grocery bags like origami. I thought, wow, even her garbage is clean!

10-31-2012, 01:01 PM
Credit for completely unpacking when I got home last night. I realized that I am never more motivated to finish unpacking then right when I get home. Of course, that wars with the impulse of relaxing into being at home, but I decided I need to start pushing myself toward that motivation to get unpacked as quickly as possible.

It also helped that I knew, if I did it, I could take credit for my success here. Thanks!

onebyone: is that cousin still around who gave your grandmother the doll? That's the person to give it to, if possible. Since I don't have children, I've been slowly sending family heirloom pieces off to cousins with children. I don't really care what they do with them, and tell them so, but they have options that I don't.

11-02-2012, 09:43 AM
Mountain Mamma, glad to know you're a ziploc reuser, too. (so is Oprah)

gardenerjoy, yay for immediate unpacking! I find it helps me so much!

Me, had a depressing day off yesterday yet put on my music and accomplished a project in the tv room. credit. I was anticipating getting a call for work today so I pulled myself out of the funk and took DH and pup to Denver where they walked while I rode my bike. Then we went to WFoods and had a "together" shop. He loves to push my basket (which kinda irks me) but I am trying to change my insides and we actually had an enjoyable

The clutter has accumulated this week...and cleanups have slacked, too. I woke up this am and DECIDED I would get everything done before work AND have a good time doing it. I found some ways to save time today as I sipped coffee. I knew I would not feel like doing this when I returned from work and I have to work

My planning ahead (Beck) will allow us to have a nice Sunday off.

I got coffee going while I picked up in the kitchen, including starting dishwasher. Sipped coffee w/DH. Went upstairs to turn off alarm...folded laundry while I was there and brought down dirty quilt and clean aprons. Started wash and washed veggies while DH made smoothies. Cleaned cat box while DH drank his....also took out compost and cleaned coffee station. Swiffed downstairs bathroom then drank smoothie. Took clean quilt upstairs and swiffed upstairs bathroom. Got dressed while listening to music. Posted on all my 3fc threads.
Writing this down so I can remember it's doable. To me, this is cognitive therapy in action. Plan and practice...then do it again and again. It seems to be getting easier.
I really noticed this morning how my persistence with all of this is affecting my food plan/ability to stay OP. I am excited to come home tonight and be able to prepare something a little different for dinner.

11-03-2012, 04:34 AM
Hello Everyone.

This is my new mantra:

Studio Space Does Not Equal Storage Space
Studio Space Does Not Equal Storage Space
Studio Space Does Not Equal Storage Space
Studio Space Does Not Equal Storage Space
Studio Space Does Not Equal Storage Space

Got the keys to the new studio Thursday. Nice nice nice. I have an enclosed space; a simple box, to work in. I have a window on one side, which looks into the body of the garage, a door with a lock on it, one long wall made of concrete block painted white, one short end wall of concrete block, one wall of drywall (with the window in it) and the wall with the door is new and the framing and the insulaton is showing. No drywall on it and I guess they would have put that up (they extended and built 3 feet onto the existing space just for me, plus added the door so I could lock up my stuff and were still adding in a laundry tub - no plumbing but I have a pressurized hose right outside the wall with with the window for this and a giant drainage grate right outside the garage door to empty my dirty paint/clean up water into) but I said I could put some other material up that I can pin things into = coroplast/corrugated plastic sheeting.

All these thoughts of what I can bring to the studio possessed me. And then I thought OMG if I bring all this stuff, my studio WILL BE FULL! Yikes. I don't want a re-play of my apartment! So, for now, I am going to decide what I am working on, what I really cannot do here (printmaking) and only bring those tools/supplies there. My studio will be taken over in about 10 days by the potters' guild outdoor sign mosaic project so it has to stay pretty empty until that is complete at the end of the month. The landlord did promise to find me an accessible space outside my studio to store my canvases. He told me to just bring them over and then he can make a space for me.

How did I get so lucky? I don't even know but I can tell you I am grateful like you wouldn't believe.

BTW I have named my studio: Necessity Studios. I think I will be referring her as Nessie and may incorporate a sea monster design into my new logo/signature.

Also, tonight I bought a pair of tin snips. Why? To cut apart all of the pop cans we generate here and then I am going to attach them to the front of my studio on the wall and "tile" the wall with them.( I've attached two jpgs - one showing the door closed on my studio. It's this black wall I am going to tile. And the other shows the interior space.) heeheeheeheeeeeee.... I'm going to emboss something onto each of them and then put them up. I may even experiment, well, I will experiment, with anodizing the aluminum = giving it colour through electrical current passed through. But here I am, getting way ahead of myself. I will keep you posted and must reamin THOUGHTFUL and MINDFUL as I set up this new space. It must be created for MAXIMUM usefulness and workability. This is NOT the answer to my apartment's storage needs, ie. I am not moving my clutter from the apartment to my studio.

Bye for now.

11-04-2012, 11:48 AM
onebyone, best wishes as you move into your new studio today! It's great that you really thought things out before doing a mass haul over. I look forward to seeing pictures as you progress.

I'm noticing that the longer I work at keeping our home decluttered, organized and clean...the more DH seems to be participating. I feel we are starting to work more as a team.
~this morning we went out and raked the yard together and came up with a plan for dealing with all the pinecones. DH and I had different ideas about "how" we were going to accomplish our project. I found myself letting go of the control and doing it more the way he thought about it. The reality: it got done either way. credit.

I'm working again today and so "decided" to take care of several procrastinated home projects
~I cleaned out our essential oil diffuser and added the new oil
~fixed the bathroom doorknob
~washed the doors down inside that had been bugging me (4 total)
It looks nicer and I feel better.

I have an hour before I go to work and I'm going to work in my office. It has started to accumulate some clutter again. Last night I went through the magazines that were sitting around so I can take them to mom's eye clinic later this month. credit

Have a great day everyone!

11-05-2012, 09:06 AM
I mentioned to my boss that I needed to get a DVD player for my TV. Yesterday his wife had one in the car that was going to thrift. They wanted to give it to me....ends up it wasn't working quite right so they got a new one. They really wanted to give it to me and I thanked them but indicated I'd probably want one that worked better, too.

I have been focusing on not bringing home other people's discards. When I am in a store that has them I will buy one and keep the receipt. usually takes two weeks for me to get all the clocks reset. I changed them all yesterday morning. A sign my brain is getting more organized with practice.

Progress....I needed to find the manual for my complicated watch. Opening the file drawer it was marked "watch/pedometer". I will put it back now since I'm finished using it.

Mountain Mamma
11-05-2012, 02:34 PM
Lexxis, LOL when you mentioned the clocks. Reason I have for putting off setting them back in fall is because I get a little rush when looking at a clock & then realizing it's an hour earlier (on the weekend :) than I thought . . . lasts only a day, then just confuses the h*** out of me!

11-05-2012, 02:45 PM
I would like to join you all in the New Year's challenge. My home would definately do for a good declutter. I watch small portions of hoarders on youtube occassionally and don't want to all my possesions to become a hinderence to life.

What do you do about clothes from pre-weight gain? I lost ~50 pounds a few years back and hubby took me out clothes shopping as a reward. I bought 3 really nice suit sets for work and some great exercise clothes-but gained it all back and don't fit into them any longer.

I don't want to donate them, I want to get my weight down to fit into them again.

We did go through the storage closet recently, boxed up a bunch of stuff to donate. It actually looks nice.

11-07-2012, 10:44 AM
Hi Sarah! :welcome2:

When I went through my closets I kept clothes that I WANT to fit into. It sounds like those clothes your husband bought you certainly fit into that catagory. I did choose to pass on clothes that were too small and "not" realistic. I also found that as I've been downsizing my body I could fit into things that are no longer my "style". Those have gone away, too.

We have traveled over to our second home and I would like to accomplish something while I am here for 3 days. I haven't figured it out but will do some looking around. Once again, I am able to notice my progress immediately when I walk in. I'd like to keep moving forward with that.

11-07-2012, 11:41 PM
Hello sarahyu and welcome to our friendly decluttering group.

re:clothes I just donated three garbage bags of clothes. I did save the black suede button fly Levis that fit me, oh, once about 80lbs and ten years ago. I have them for a goal marker for myself. Of course I think they'll look amazing when I get into them once more -- but mostly I just want to get into them. Your suits remind me of my feelings toward those pants. There is no need to get rid of those items that are so tough first. Do the easier stuff; clothes you just hate, or are obviously worn out. At the very least removing some of these easier items will free up space for those suits that are tougher to think through.

As for what's up around here I haven't been to my studio since my birthday on Sunday when I moved five portfolios of prints there and some blank paper. No tools or ink yet. I haven't been feeling great. I was all queasy all weekend,and tired and finally today the actual symptoms of a cold have shown up. I just feel exhausted. I have made a list of the rest of the printmaking things I want to bring there and I hve even lined up a ride with a potters' guild friend who has a big SUV to haul my paintings over too. That will be a big help. I'm just not feeling up to doing anything right now though. And I am ok with that.

:wave: to everyone.

Mountain Mamma
11-08-2012, 12:04 PM
Onebyone, hope you are feeling better. Just chill out & recover.

Welcome Sara! re the clothes - I cleaned & stored my skinny clothes in another closet & issued an ultimatum to myself: get into them in a year or out they go. Okay, it's taking over 2.5 years, not one year, but better slow than no weight loss! Don't have much closet space but the separation helped mentally. And now the reward of slowly moving items back! Also, almost like a gift to go to the closet wondering what might fit. (For some reason, more skinny tops fit than skinny pants. :rolleyes: )

Like many of us, all I could think of was the money invested in the clothes - esp those from before we'd gone to 'casual' dress at work. But now I find some stuff is just out of fashion, or I don't like it, or is not in as good a condition as I thought! Guess I was so focused on what fit I didn't pay attention & now discover stains or wear I hadn't noticed, should have tossed them long ago.

But if you have really nice items bought by your husband, you should save them as an incentive! I'll second Onebyone, get rid of the stuff you don't care about first!

11-08-2012, 07:03 PM

Tonight I am gathering up the supplies I need to create a print in my new studio. I feel better after more than a week of feeling crummy, and I feel like it's time to start working again. Plus, working in the studio will help me to know what exactly I need in there and what would be clutter.

I have done nothing around the house and all the dishes are stacked up again. I feel like throwing them away truth be told.

Bye for now.

11-08-2012, 10:09 PM
Hello! I know Lexxiss and CyndiM from South Beach :wave: and I seriously need comraderie in de-cluttering stress. (I am not familiar with Beck however.) We've been in the same house for almost 30 years, and my DH does NOT like to 'release' anything. And he is a person with many interests, so that means so much 'stuff'.

I will get inspired only a couple times a year to do major de-clutter, and I do as much as I can in that period (usually not longer than a week) then it just seems too overwhelming, or I make a small change in one tiny section and then my usual 'blinders' come over my eyes and everything seems 'okay' until the next time.

Our living room looks like the llving room of college students maybe, lol. Cheap furniture, at least no wooden planks on cinder blocks but close. I want SO MUCH to have a pleasant space. My impetus now is our younger son coming at Christmas from out of state, and I want to surprise him with a nice space for he and his girlfriend to visit us, open gifts, visit, without having to pull out the lawn chairs for extra seats!

I've had 2 days of non-stop activity to start on 20+ years of accumulation. I can go into that later, just wanted to please insert myself here :D

"Even if none of this decluttering shows as it's all hidden in drawers and my cupboards I feel great about getting it out of the house." - someone posted this here, and it is exactly what I've done in the past 2 days, it was cleaning out an entertainment center that had over 100 VHS tapes, music cassette tapes, 8 track and BETA tapes!!! :devil:

11-09-2012, 10:04 AM
:welcome2: Holly!

I hear ya on the 20 yr accumulation! What a great goal you have to declutter before your son comes to visit. You mentioned your DH's stuff...mine is the same way, too. As I've worked on areas I have tried to focus on my own stuff but do take stuff upstairs to his cave if it's in an inappropriate room.
I've been focusing on a 3 fold plan:
1. Get rid of the old
2. "Learn" not bring in "new" stuff as I free up space
3. Learn to keep my space clean/organized.

Two days here and I'm constantly amazed how fast things can get out of order if I let them. I'm so good at picking up at the other house now and need to work on that more here.

On my list here was "clean out freezer". Instead of cooking new stuff I have found us freezer meals for the days we were here. We leave today and I don't know that I'll get any more done than that but;
I did ask DH to take his pile of junk to the shed and he did. It's been sitting by the side door for months.

11-09-2012, 11:34 AM
Ok reporting posting that I hadn't really done much over here spurred me on to "just do it" and tackle several small projects instead of sitting on the couch just knitting. I can knit tonight after we travel.

I went through my file cabinet and got a small trash container for recycle...including a 2007 JCP catalog. I went through all the hanging file folders and got rid of everything that was outdated. I didn't go in depth to the several folders I need to keep. credit. I have several items to distribute and will take them with me today
1. a knitting pattern a friend wants
2. a brand new dog bowl set for hiking that my friend can resell at her store.

I'm finding that a large part of my accumulated success here right now is the progress that I see and feel as the months go on driven by small declutters on a regular basis.

We took a whole load to recycle yesterday so I have room to start accumulating more.

11-09-2012, 09:43 PM

I'm finding that a large part of my accumulated success here right now is the progress that I see and feel as the months go on driven by small declutters on a regular basis.

that is great! :carrot:

Mountain Mamma
11-11-2012, 03:07 PM
I'm finding that a large part of my accumulated success here right now is the progress that I see and feel as the months go on driven by small declutters on a regular basis.

Lexxis,I think you are on to something! Because my frustration is not cleaning up, it's how fast everything gets messed up again, and that is so depressing! I need to work on a regular routine of regularly picking up. It's like the old cliche about housework, it really never is done.

11-11-2012, 08:14 PM
Hi everyone:

The tap is going full blast. DH did a lot of the dishes that I just left there. I feel great that he is doing them. Guess he got fed up cause he was cooking this weekend and needed to use some of the one's that were dirty. They just so totally depressed me. Thank you DH.

This week I need to make something in my new studio. I finally pulled out my supplies, a least the majority of them, that I need to make prints with. I've got only one one-day xmas show on the 24th of Nov and I want to make some xmas pins for it so I have to get my crafting supplies out too. I may not be able to use my supplies though. They may be too old and brittle. We'll see.

As I discover what I need in terms of my art stuff, I hope to also discover what I don't use anymore. Hopefully this will make it easier for me to discard/give away/sell online those craft supplies that are no longer relevant for me.

VermontMom :welcome: to our decluttering thread. We're here to support you in your decluttering efforts and in reaching your goals. I totally relate to your description of your home. I too live like college kid. We have a futon for a couch, and everything we have was given to us, except for 2 dressers and our bed. Oh and the tv stand and the tv. I long to have an adult house and an oasis. I want a place that makes me feel happy and makes me feel like I am home, not just a place that I am living in for now or cause Iam stuck here and have no choice or someother place somewhere else will be better someday. Hello? I have found I do the best by choosing one thing to tackle and then breaking it up into tiny steps. I need to be specific, like "I want the cornerof the living room beside the tv stand cleared of all stuff". I have to write this down too. Keeping it in my head does nothing for me. I bought a big whiteboard and I have wipeoff markers and I make a plan with very specific baby steps and I check them off and then wipe them off the board with great satisfaction. It really worked for me this summer. I have MUCH to do and have felt depressed lately, but I think if I just get going my feelings will come round too. Thanks for joining us and thanks for posting.

11-13-2012, 09:46 AM

onebyone, I think it's great that your DH decided to pitch in. You both work and both add to the pile.

My DH has been increasingly helpful and we've had several great days of teamwork. He has taken over making our morning smoothie and I'm working on a "routine" which gets the kitchen picked up while he's prepping. It feels good.

I also went through several small drawers in the past few days sorting organizing and throwing away. credit.

Off to work. One of the best things (viaflylady) is to come up with a daily routine to keep the bathrooms tidied. I'm running behind this morning yet didn't like what I saw so I swiffed the upstairs toilet/sink. It took about 3 minutes...not a schedule breaker.

Mountain Mamma
11-13-2012, 01:19 PM
I've heard Flylady mentioned here. Went to the webpage and watched the sink video - total waste of time and way too cutezy. But what do you all think of her?

11-13-2012, 06:43 PM
Mountain Mamma, I didn't watch the sink video...probably wouldn't have liked it, either. I do like some things about her "method" and felt I could learn some things. I went ahead and participated in the daily process for over a month and learned alot. Things I learned:
~to identify "hotspots" in my home and make the effort to keep them less cluttered
~I have found an easy way to keep my sinks/toilets clean on a daily basis instead of letting them get so bad before I got to them
~I've found ways to break my cleaning into small and manageable time slots
~during some of the assigned chores I found spots I had been ignoring for a long time and dealt with them (and now I notice)
~I've adopted her're not behind just start where you are. I find it keeps me in a more positive space.

ETA-I think her plan for decluttering might really lead to some quick success. I've been decluttering for over 2 years now but think that had I found her back then I might have really tried to push forward with her "automated" plan for decluttering. I think 5 or 6 weeks with her plan might really make a big difference because she gives alot of mental support regarding the thought process of "letting go" of all the stuff and promoting the sense of well being we can find when we simplify our "stuff".

What I didn't like so much
~her constant emails promoting her "stuff" you could buy
~some philosophies which I felt got a bit too personal

If there was anyway I could have subscribed to the daily chore list by email WITHOUT all the other stuff I'd probably still use her to help me learn new skills but I was getting 20+ emails a day. Still glad I did it for the 5-6 weeks I did.

Mountain Mamma
11-14-2012, 12:45 PM
Lexxis, thanks. Appreciate your input - saw the stuff on the FL website about "drinking water" and "moving" - really!!? And the 'before bed routine' would take me 2 hours! But I hate dirty bathrooms & liked her ideas of keeping them clean, quicker than mine. I'll give the site another try.

11-14-2012, 10:29 PM
Hello ladies!

onebyone oh my gosh your post made me feel better...that another 'grown up' has immature furnishings like me :devil: I am trying not to get my hopes up too much about our proposed transformed living room but I want it so badly!

Yes I agree that it's too much to say to oneself 'clean up corner' - it's got to be broken down into manageable increments.

mountain mama, I also checked out the FL a while back, and tried to embrace the kitchen sink, doesn't do it for me, LOL! I wanted to subscribe but it seemed too involved and busy.

Lexxiss, I forgot you have TWO homes to maintain :faint: congrats on your progress!!

I have been continuing my tedious and almost-impossible-seeming mission. It is making me feel a little lonely but I'm concentrating on the pat on the back that it will be all due to me. Today (day off from work) I emptied a cabinet that was in the living room, cleaned it, took it upstairs to the bathroom and put it in place of a shelving unit that wasn't as good. That shelving unit is in the back of my car for Re-Use station tomorrow. I vacuumed the horrid dirty's impossible not to notice, but DH has not said anything about it* So that is sucky for me. I'm just going to power ahead though.
*edited to add, he did notice and finally said something hours later.

Box of electronics, and box of books, and another box of household stuff, and a 30 year old stereo speaker also in the car for Re-Use tomorrow.

Hey what IS a 'normal' schedule for cleaning house, do you think? I only notice dust when I see it, I have never dusted regularly to keep it from being visible.

11-19-2012, 09:57 AM

How's everyone doing??

Holly(VermontMom), great that you're moving forward! You mentioned this as a "lonely" process...that is why I think this thread is so great. We can understand the progress that others may never notice. You asked about dusting....
I am finding it much easier to keep stuff dusted now that I've decluttered. The dust is also easier to notice. I use the disposable swiffer duster right makes it pretty easy. I'm trying to dust more often...(FL inspired)

My goal (also FL) is to have my home be "guest ready" at all times. It's working quite well right now, and is especially nice since my sis keeps popping in. Shes visited at least 3 times in the past 4 months.

I've got to calls but I'd like to report my progress.
~keeping up with daily decluttering of all the "stuff" that goes in/out of the house.
~keeping kitchen cleaned up every day
~keeping sinks/toilets cleaned
~I did another reorganize/declutter in my rid of 1 box of stuff and was able to consolidate and better organize contents.
credit for all.

I wanted to do more this morning but I'm out of time. I did post here because I am using (FL) technique of getting all dressed and ready to go before doing other stuff. Now I just grab my work bag and head out.

Hope to hear from others.

11-19-2012, 09:38 PM
I think Lexxiss deserves :encore: and :cheer2: and :cheer3: !!! for starting decluttering efforts, following through, then maintaining!! That is so great. congratulations :)

Our living room project is moving along! Saturday, DH replaced the old living room window (like 60 yr old) with new energy efficient one, the difference in appearance and light is wonderful!) Sunday, the emptied entertainment system got dismantled and freed up that corner. This evening, DH spackled some of the living room walls. Wow!! I am so glad that he is 'into it' now :D

And I identified one of my 'hot spots' (well most of the house is hot spots, lol) a kitchen drawer that you have to yank hard on and paw through layers to get to any frequently-used utensils. I just pulled the whole drawer out, dumped it on the floor, washed/bleached the inside of the drawer; then pulled out all the things we never use; put that in a box to go to Re-Use center; washed the good things and put back in the drawer. And did this before going to work!

I took a close look at our attached back porch (leads from a door in the kitchen) that apparently DH and DS just put stuff out there when they don't know what to do with something..or don't want to take the effort of getting it out of the house in a legit way.

There are 2 TV's, at least 2 computer towers, at least 3 monitors, a stepper that broke and I did not know DH just put it back there...many storage bins that have ??? in them, a stacked washer/dryer that DH took from my sister when she said she didn't want it; OMG the list just is incredible. BUT each item taken one by one, could come out of there and dealt with. I just am not going to deal with it this winter, I will next Spring.

thank you for having this thread Lexxiss, it IS so nice to put in writing and see what one has accomplished!

11-20-2012, 09:51 AM

I accomplish lots this morning and was really reminded how much spontaneous exercise I get day to day when I strive to "clean out and keep up."

Holly, yay for your DH jumping on board. I find that any way I can positively influence my DH's participation is a great accomplishment. Things move ahead faster and he gets to take some "ownership" in the process. Great job identifying a "hotspot" and dealing with it. Growing up we always had a "junk drawer" and it was not until I came back down here after 20+ years that I found that when the junk drawer was full my mom would just dump it in a plastic bag and start refilling the drawer. I went through 40 years worth of junk drawer stuff piece by piece and even found a diamond ring.

I have to get to work...will check in later with specifics of my process.

PS Holly, thx for kind words! You inspire me to keep moving ahead.

11-23-2012, 10:52 AM

I guess I will jump back in here and post progress...For me, moving forward with decluttering and maintaining my losses is very similar to my Beck inspired food planning; it's about a daily process.

I had a success this morning-because I did the footwork last month. I went to the basement and brought up my big holiday wreath, hung it outside AND plugged it in. Last month I ordered the bulbs to reno it and took time downstairs to "just do it". Today was a 5 minute process. It is now my one outdoor decoration...simplify...simplify...simplify. All the other outdoor decorations have been taken to thrift. credit.

Yesterday I took advantage of a few quiet hours at home and attacked several items on my procrastination list.
~I finished my Colo.state taxes
~I made a decision (emotional) to use some of my waitress cash stash to pay off a big bill completely

I know that these unfinished items take up space in my head which makes it more difficult to deal with physical stuff still lurking in drawers...under beds....on bookcases. It felt so good to finally cross them off the list.

As always, I am amazed at the daily pile of *stuff* which accumulates when I don't take care of my stuff. The bed isn't made, theres a pile of clean laundry on top now, I have a pile of clothes in my office that needs put away, shoes everywhere, no room in the fridge, kitchen counters full of clutter, cat box full.

My immediate, and interesting (to me) task:

I'm going to set the timer and attack everything on the above mentioned list then log how long it took.
I know my mind says I don't have time to keep up with my tasks and I usually find the process isn't that bad (once I do it).
ETA_ 40 minutes today and everything is done. My day off is now freed to do what I want...whithout the tapes running in my head, "I should be doing__________"

Mountain Mamma
11-23-2012, 01:32 PM
Beautiful wreath!

You're inspiring me as I sit here in a food coma!

11-23-2012, 05:36 PM
Hello All.

I've been busy with stuff and then hadto make a trip to my mom's and I just got back. We were required to speak to the director and the head nurse where my mom lives so I met my sister there to deal with things. I dread these trips they are very hard and everything else feesl too hard to do until the trip is over. Well, I got back yesterday and so it's over for another while. They told us they were concerned about my mothers' "hoarding tendencies". *sigh* She was hiding food *sigh* in her room and since she had too much stuff it wasn't found and then there was a problem with flies and then her cat was becoming too difficult for herr to look after so we had to get rid of the cat *sigh*. So, from here, I arranged a great home for the cat. Cat is gone. Check-one from the list. While I took my mom out, my sister removed extra clothes and unused stuff/old stuff/crafty things etc. from her room. We came back to an open emty dresser drawer. My mom was upset and then I don't know what happened cause I had to head home. I am awaiting an update but it seems to be ok. Cleaning, clutter, hoarding, too much stuff. Always the thing it seems. My studio is a bit full now as all my paintings are there now. I did move a bookcase-like thing to my studio from the bathroom. It is now fully organized in the studio with my printmaking supplies. I am just about ready to work in there but I have a few pressing obligations to the potters' guild and a xmas sale tomorrow to get thorugh first.

I did get home to a disorganized space and I am always discombobulated after a trip to my mom's and it's worse than ever. My glasses and my backup glasses are both missing. My CD with my old art images that I need to make some cards from is gone. I brought it with me to Ottawa and I think I left it there in my room. I hope to reach my sister to ask her to check for me if it is there. And I can't find my old hard drive either which ahs a bunch of images I wanted to use for ths sale tomorrow. So frustrated by this not-being-able-to-find-what-I-want business. Time to put my decluttering/organinzing effort back on the front burner.

11-24-2012, 01:27 AM
onebyone,, I am glad to hear from you. Your post hit home with me...I really started my big declutter commitment after accepting that Icould no change my mom's situation; I could only change my own. I am continually grateful to be resolving my own clutter issues BEFORE I am forced to deal with hers.
It 's one day at a time for me.

11-24-2012, 09:37 AM

Acknowledging this morning my two different types of clutter;
1. The stuff that got brought in(over many years)...was stacked all over....some of which now remains out of sight in drawers and closets.
2. The stuff that accumulates very fast when I don't pick up after myself.

It's a work day and there wasn't time to deal with any of #1, so I dealt with #2 and one small cleaning project. I made the bed, put my jammies away, hit my "hotspots" (office and dining room table) and swiffed the downstairs bathroom. Looking around feels much better. Work calls.

Best wishes!

11-25-2012, 11:41 AM

Based on my post yesterday I made a plan which I'm going to try out for a few days.
1. deal with current clutter
2. find a small project to deal with old clutter
3. accomplish one cleaning project

3. I took down the shower curtains and soaked them in the tub w/clorox. They have both been up for 9 years now. I hung both back up and felt a sense of accomplishment. I put a new rod on the shower curtain that hangs over the window because it was rusted. credit

2. I opened several small drawers in my office that are super convenient access to my desk/computer and are holding craft stuff I never use. I am still in the process of reshuffling/reorganizing and pitching stuff that no longer has a purpose. credit

3. I will put away all the current stuff before I leave the house today. credit

After cleaning the shower curtains I had a *sabotaging thought* Why don't you keep cleaning more stuff??

The reason is that I won't get the other projects accomplished if I do that so I stuck to my original plan. Small bits of daily progress in all areas move me forward.

11-27-2012, 06:00 PM
Hello Everyone:

Thanks Lexxiss for continuing to post here. Your regular updates help me to re-focus on my own clutter and clutter issues. You are refining your approach to your stuff more and more. I feel fortunate to witness this here, so thanks for that in particular.

DH has continued to do the dishes. He needed them when I was away and had to clean them to be able to use them, but he's doing more than that. I did find myself also doing a sinkload or two when I noticed they were accumulating again nd the threatened to undo his progress.

I need to create some new goals for my place. My old ones don't ring true and I need to be somewhat ambitious. I want to really *get* something when I am done. Something I can't deny. I think I may be back to tackling the moving boxes once more. Oh boy. but I have you to help me so -- off to write this out and to make a plan.

Looking forward to some more updates! One month left to the end of this challenge... anyone else got anything else specific they want to tackle? Let's help each other get there.


11-28-2012, 07:05 AM

Glad to see you back, onebyone! I must admit I've been a bit lonely here. I was considering not posting but if it's helping you I will continue. I am excited to hear your modified plan. Let me know how I can help... I will mention that I have found my greatest success since I started using the timer system... 15 min/per day decluttering. It has made it doable...and the progress really does get noticed a week then a month at a time.

I was just going to post yesterday about how helpful my DH is getting. Hearing about your DH keeping on the dishes makes me think that as they watch us make progress that they wish to be a part of the process, too.

I'm continuing on my 3 step dance. It is working really well right now. Yesterday I:
1. cleaned in the kitchen/laundry room
2. decluttered my current/daily stuff
3. picked a drawer of old stuff to organize/declutter. The drawer is in my dining room and has tape/ribbons/wrapping paper and cards for gifting. I sorted/organized and recycled all the envelopes w/o cards and cards that I knew I'd never give. credit. Later, I went into the drawer for something and felt a big relief at it's organized state.

That's all for now.

11-29-2012, 09:57 AM

Life is going to change for me as I now have a pup with progressing heart disease. DH is more stressed than I yet I marveled at how we came together this morning after sleeping in . We enjoyed coffee then DH made coffee while I picked up the kitchen. He started laundry while I made the bed, swiffed the bathroom sink and brought dishes down from last night.

I truly believe this teamwork is a result of my continued commitment to decluttering and staying organized. credit.

RE: my 1-2-3 I cleaned (BR) decluttered current stuff. I WILL do one small old declutter project when I get home. If I do I will still notice the positive effects next week next month.

Off to work...keep forging forward!

Mountain Mamma
11-29-2012, 12:49 PM

Glad to see you back, onebyone! I must admit I've been a bit lonely here. I was considering not posting but if it's helping you I will continue. I am excited to hear your modified plan. Let me know how I can help...

Lex & 1x1 - Please don't stop posting - it does help!

Sorry haven't been posting - should be bushwacking my way through the holidays - which in reality means THINKING about what I should be doing! Lex is on to the daily routine, which is key. I tend to do marathon sessions - my house was lovely at Tgiving but am disappointed it doesn't last long enough.

11-30-2012, 08:15 AM

Lexxiss, I am sorry I've neglected checking in on my friends here :) I've thought of you with your new habits in place though! I will commit to checking in more often.

One of my 'hot spots' was putting away clean dishes. My cabinets were so full with unused stuff that it was hard to cram the everyday things in there. I have been gradually getting rid of things, then I was ruthless a couple weeks ago and cleaned out alot. There were 'novelty' cups/glasses that DH bought. Now they're gone and I don't know when he will notice. Not yet at least. It might seem mean of me to do that but honestly they were covered with years of grime because they were not used.

Anyway, now with spacious cupboards, putting away the clean dishes takes just seconds now, YAY. *credit :) ( I like Lexxiss' credit system)

I painted the bathroom yesterday!! :shock: It looks so much fresher. *credit

I am trying to get in the habit of taking a Pledge dusting cloth and going down the stairs backwards to wipe off every riser (dog hair and dust) once a week *credit

I went through my closet last night and put about 6 shirts into a bag to go to Re-Use center, because I bought 2 shirts from the thrift store (if clothes come into the house, I have to make myself remove some that I never wear) *credit

Went through my top bureau drawer (a hot spot because it was crammed) and got rid of undergarments that I never wear) and that made it easier to open and close! *credit

Our living room project has kinda slowed to a crawl. DH did paint 2 wall sections, that leaves 3 sections. He asked if I'd do the borders, that hurts his shoulder, so I did that yesterday. We still have not gotten the new furniture. I so wish the room was larger but it is not so that is what i have to work with.

11-30-2012, 11:58 AM

Great credits, Holly! Thanks for posting progress and helping me in the process to stay centered! It's amazing to me how things can move forward!

Thx, Mountain Momma for encouragement to keep you have a project?? As FL says, just jump in where you are.

It's our 20th anniversary and again, DH seems to be more into the process! It's a day off and I snuck to the PO in my jammies this morning to see if the new wallpaper border had arrived that I picked for my office. I like the "Key West" border, which was the only thing I could find years ago at H.Depot, but I decided recently that I wanted something to more reflect my life. credit. It was there but I had to sign so I'll go get it after I finish posting. I hope I like it and it will be easy to put up.

This morning I:
1. swept hardwood floors and cleaned a hotspot (coffeemaking area)...also took out compost and scrubbed the containers then cleaned kitchen sink
2. Old clutter....went through a drawer in dining room and determined everything was, in fact, a keeper, although I did find an empty bag to pitch
3. Current's all in the office and I'll have to deal with it before installing wallpaper.

Last week I went through an office drawer and put several old "organizers" in the thrift box. I went through them first....pitching old business cards, etc. I found a to do list from years ago in one of my attempts to get organized in Alaska. I've been thinking about this for years. I also found notes from a college class...1977...that's how long I've been hauling this stuff around.

As I continue this process, pitching, organizing, cleaning....I recognize that DH and I are having more of a "relationship" where we both take responsibility for our home life. I like that.

11-30-2012, 01:10 PM
Lexxiss: congrats on 20 years! We reached that milestone just about a year ago. It feels great.

I don't have much of a project right now, but I'm still absorbing the energy of this thread. I made sure that putting up the Christmas tree motivated us to take care of two projects in that room that had been sitting there for years! Woohoo!

11-30-2012, 01:18 PM
I made sure that putting up the Christmas tree motivated us to take care of two projects in that room that had been sitting there for years! Woohoo!

gardenerjoy, thanks for sharing that! It's really an achievement, in my book, to take care of TWO projects that have been sitting there for years!

12-01-2012, 12:27 AM

Lots going on with us all here in our clutterfree corner.

I have had about 4 requests from people who want to "drop by my studio and see where I work". In my studio are a series of canvases pushed up against one wall. On the other wall is the 8' x 4' piece of marine plywood for our potters' and the weavers' and spinners' guilds new outdor sign. We are creating the mosaic part of it in my studio space so the grout can cure in temperatures that are above zero! I think this project will happen toward the end of the second week of December. I expect it to take about 4 days give or take a day on each end. Once done it'll continue to lean against my studio wall until the town tells me when they can uninstall the old sign and install the new one. I may need to find a second space to store it in so I can have my work space back, as it may not be installed until the spring. I'll cross that bridge when I get there. I'm concerned about just getting the mosaic to be right--whatever that means.

And along the back wall I have my work table which has my mannequin underneath it, an easel in front of it, chairs and portfolios full of prints alongside it and a box and a bag on it. I need shelves to put some inspiring objects on. I need an area for books. I need a printer. I need to get my ott lite there. I need a coffee maker.

I actually can't wait for visitors. I sure hope I can have many lengthy pithy art discussions there.

Anyway, it's my studio space I need to tackle. People will be coming to visit soon! And I have to get in there and start work soon, like next week. I already have a Dec, deadline to meet. Good grief I have a dec. deadline to meet! Bye for now.

12-01-2012, 09:08 AM

onebyone, best wishes as you work on your studio!

I'm on the run this morning reminded by FL I'm not behind...just jump in where you are. I thought I'd have home time yesterday but it was not to be. We spent the afternoon taking hubby's DD around to do chores since her car is out of commission. I got home with less than an hour until the next event which I was supposed to bring food to. I made my dip and made DH a pizza.

Even in the rush I washed several items. I know now from experience that certain things are 10x harder to wash the day after;
~pizza cutter
~cuisinart (blended cream cheese)

I was sure happy this morning when I could just put them away without the marathon scrub down.

Even in my rush I've picked up the kitchen, installed a timer on my outside wreath AND
made the decision to throw the timer away that didn't work. I've been finding out it didn't work for years now and keep throwing it back in the timer box.

OK, work bound!

12-02-2012, 12:26 AM

I just finished the last of my sales events and starting tomorrow the bulk of my time is now my own until mid May when the farmers' markets begin again.

My new job will be updating my blog, which will be a regular Sunday thing, and then the week, from Tuesday to Friday, spent at the studio, with Mondays spent at home working on "market things" ie. my truly commercial work. But, I can't totally implement this plan until mid Dec. as I need to be in the studio this week to meet a deadline and then next week for making the mosaic sign for the guild.

Organization for me involves finding a system that works for me to get my work done. I usually "binge work" but would like to do things a different way now. I am getting too old to put syelf through that tense grind any more. Plus I dont get as much done as I think I do and thenI end up doing a half-assd job because I procrastinated and left it to the end. I do this behaviour everywhere in my life, including cleaning up. I look forward to reporting back at this time next year that things have truly changed.

Have a good night.

12-02-2012, 02:54 AM
I decluttered my bedroom today, only to find my unread copy of The Beck Diet and the companion workbook. I joined the main thread a few minutes ago, but was really pleased to find this thread too. Thank you for starting this! It's just what I needed!

My goal is to complete cleaning my bedroom tomorrow (closet and drawers left). After that, since I moved my office to the kitchen area, I really need to organize that. By New Year's Eve, I want my whole house decluttered. I don't plan to entertain anyone this year. I want to enjoy the fruit of my labor for myself for a few weeks!

12-02-2012, 03:00 AM
Started cleaning out my closet. One trash bag for tossing, one for donating. I really need new clothes.

12-02-2012, 07:27 AM
:welcome2: Georgia and aka8921! Glad you found us and are already making progress forward!

I'm feeling blessed this morning. I have a trip East to the Denver airport this morning (2 hr RT) then 2 hours West to our home away from home. As I was walking up the staircase observing my new carpet I just kept grateful so grateful. Without my continuing decluttering efforts I'd still be looking at the old stuff.

I'm so calm this morning and have recognized it's because I'm organized and packing has been a breeze. Even with the airport trip I'm going to be able to leave my home clean which will be so nice upon my return. I packed the laptop which has all my addresses on it and will make one project this coming week to get all the addresses on the laptop I currently leave there. I'm also going to get the family goodies made and shipped off (thus needing the addresses).

I'm a little disappointed that I didn't get the new wallpaper border up but it will be sitting waiting for me when I get back. Nothing was "lost" this morning. I'm so grateful.

Keep up the good work everyone!

12-02-2012, 11:11 PM
Ditto Lexxis' hello to the new folks! :wave:

Tomorrow is my first full working day in my new studio. I have decided to relocate my microwave cart with my printer to the studio and then get a new wireless printer for home. I wanted it the other way around but this makes more sense.

Moving the microwave cart opens up the entry from the kitchen to the dining room and so will facilitate easier access to get that space in shape. It had been a planned workspace that just has never worked for me and thankfully I have found a place to work so it can go back to being a dining room. Maybe we'll actually dine in it. !

At the studio I am unwrapping my canvases and then re-wrapping them and storing them. All good stuff. I plan to being two paintigns that should have been done a month ago. And I have a deadline already for some prints so I need to get it in gear.

Thanks for being here.

12-03-2012, 11:27 AM
onebyone, best wishes as you spend your first full day in your studio!

We traveled yesterday and I was greeted by wonderful "stuff" which I had forgotten.
~fridge was clean inside
~recycle shed was empty
~kitchen floor was clean
~everything was put away.
Moments like that remind me why I keep forging ahead.

This morning I had my addresses project in mind with my two computers. Instead of diving right in then being rushed later I followed FL's dressed first, picked up current clutter and unpacked....made our morning smoothies. Then I started on the project, which still perplexes me. I guess I need a flashdrive. Project to resume later. (PS have two flashdrives on the other side...reminded myself that if they were in my bank bag which I always travel with I'd have one now.) This one will go there.

I "treated" myself yesterday. I have a new iphone which needs a cover...was not going to spend extra $$ on the one I wanted. Yesterday I just went and bought the one I wanted and it works just great. It's the defender which also has a removable clip for a bag.
As I work to get rid of stuff I don't need and learn how to not continue to bring back in the stuff I don't need;
I need to let myself "get" what I do need.

I thought long and hard before this purchase and feel good about it.

12-04-2012, 05:59 AM
I thought long and hard before this purchase and feel good about it.

congrats! :carrot: that is how new stuff will be managed by you from now on :) thoughtful purchases. And yay to the wonderful surprises that you were met by, nice!

I am not sure if I can report on anything current, except maybe that I got up early to make sure I had time to maintain the kitchen (gather recyclables, put things away that *ahem* others don't seem to :D and got it done in the time to brew a pot of coffee.

Oh also attempting to keep bathroom floor clean by taking a dampened paper towel and just bending down and 'swiffing' it by hand at least once a day. (small bathroom and we only have the one)

I realized I have just 20 days until our son comes home so that is my motivation to prod the living room project ahead! I have tomorrow off so I will scout for acceptable used chairs (a nice big Goodwill) or visit a furniture showroom. These destinations are 50 miles from me so it is a real planned excursion.

12-04-2012, 06:05 AM
Lexxiss: congrats on 20 years! We reached that milestone just about a year ago. It feels great.

I don't have much of a project right now, but I'm still absorbing the energy of this thread. I made sure that putting up the Christmas tree motivated us to take care of two projects in that room that had been sitting there for years! Woohoo!

That is great!!! (and I'm also so happy to hear that others have projects that sit for extended time :D that I"m not alone!!)

congrats onebyone on your studio work also :)

welcome to geoblewis and aka8921

12-04-2012, 03:51 PM

Holly, your progress sounds fantastic! A step forward is a step forward. I am one to always "see" what I can get done while the morning coffee is brewing. I make alot of progress from that 5 minutes when I do it every staring at the wall or the coffeepot, for that matter.:lol:

I've managed to get several small items out of the house, but that's how my progress comes...
~hand knitted washcloths that my friend uses and I don't-gone(put in my church bag since I knew I'd see her there)
~magazines I wasn't reading-Gone back to the athletic club
~magazine I save for my water aerobics instructor-Gone (I ran back inside to get it)

I threw some small items away today...seemingly insignificant BUT they do contribute to the general clutter

I put a few things in the thrift pile

I took information on handwritten notes and stored it in a master notebook then got rid of notes

Small things make a big difference when I do them day after day. Yay.

12-04-2012, 04:14 PM
Lexxiss, I completely identify with that feeling of coming home to order. When I'm about to travel, I tear around getting the house tidied up so that I can come home to a peaceful place to land. It isn't something I achieve easily. Wishing it could remain tidy once I get there. But staying on top of everything feels obsessive too. It triggers memories of my childhood, where my mother's whole purpose for living was to have a perfect house.

I don't want to be like her in any way. She's not a pleasant person. I think that's where my proclivity for disorder was born. I am MUCH more than the state of my home. I have a career, ambitions, goals and dreams. But I seem to be stuck between keeping house and pushing forward with life. I've had a few really tough years. Lots of family drama that stressed me out. I'm happy to have survived it all and push on. I'm starting to get some clarity on where I want to go from here. And I need a peaceful and harmonious home to come home to every day.

My bedroom looks awesome today. I'm inspired to hang lined drapery to block light and sound from the street outside my windows. About to commence on my bathroom. I have a couple hours before I have to go to work. I should be able to knock it out easily.

Happy to have some accountability to you all here. You're all very inspiring!

12-05-2012, 01:42 PM
Georgia - we do inspire each other don't we? :D congrats on being able to do a project before going to work! hope the drapery works out well. Yay to an awesome bedroom!

Lexxiss, yay to your projects and daily accomplishments :cheer2: Boy it's work isnt' it. But so gratifying.

today, I just finished knocking down THREE HOT SPOTS. And I didn't even intend to! :rofl: I started out by going upstairs to change for exercise dvd. But first I stripped the bed because I have to do laundry later. Pausing, I looked at DH's side of room. Disaster. I cleaned it up months ago, and he doesn't 'keep up'. I just tackled it. Attacked his pile of clothes, decided what was clean, what wasn't, what he never wears. Pile neatly folded now; another pile neatly folded and in car to go to ReUse center. Managed his bureau so drawers close. Vacuumed his side (granted, there is a boston fern that drips dead leaves, that is not his fault)

Next..downstairs when I was taking stuff to the car, I looked at our coat/shoe area (no closet). It...looks...horrible. Always does. So I then tackled that. Pulled everything out; matched shoes/boots and tossed the singles. Took armloads of summer/motorcycle stuff coats upstairs to hang in closet. Vacuumed thoroughly. MUCH better!!

Next..when I was in kitchen dumping vacuum cleaner bag I looked hard at a trouble corner, and tackled that :D

three hours later, I am happy :) I have to do laundry now, and I do need to keep researching where we are gonna get some of our furniture. Deadline is now like 19 days :D

best wishes to us!!!! yay us :cheer2:

12-05-2012, 07:45 PM

Holly, yay for just dealing with those hotspots! They all sounded like ones that would need to be done before your son arrives anyway. Nice bonus to find items to head to thrift AND to get rid of unmatched shoes/boots. I'd love to hear how you feel tomorrow morning when you get up and realize they are different.

Georgia, it was so interesting for me to read your post...very thought provoking. I come from the other mom has no organizational skills and a propensity for collecting (hoarding?). I learned nothing about daily upkeep and actually have a memory (very young) of putting phone books on a chair to try and do dishes. (Thinking) goal is to find balance not obsession. I think with our pets that our home will never be perfect. Alot of what I do re: cleaning is because of our pets. I often question myself as to what is too much and what is too little because I don't have a healthy family history to look to.

I had a small success this morning; while working on my cleaning project I realized I was out of dish soap. *RATS* I said....I should have planned better. Oh, well, I will find something else to use....lo and behold under the sink was a brand new bottle waiting to be used. I am getting more

Today, I attacked a big project; totally cleaning the kitchen BEFORE I make the brittle that I send to all my family every year. I have concern about pet hair and our furnace duct in the kitchen blows everything high and low. Most of my pots/pans are on open shelving which adds to the dust/hair factor. It took several hours and I still have two more shelves (and under/behind) the stove. I will do them tomorrow morning.
~I found 4-5 items to thrift
~I found several food items to send to our food bank
~I found several canned items that are outdated AND we no longer the compost.

Every little bit helps!

12-06-2012, 08:55 AM
Lexxiss, when I got up and around today and saw the cleaned spots, it was like YEAH BABY! :cheer2:

Congrats on your total kitchen cleaning! that is big. I understand the concerns about wanting your Christmas goodie gift to be dog hair free :devil: Our dog doesn't like to go in the kitchen but that sure doesn't keep his fur from tumbleweeding in. What kind of brittle, like a nut brittle/toffee? Yum.

And congrats on finding the new bottle of dish soap ready for use, and for your continued daily work.

Georgia, that was interesting to read also! And Lexxiss, yes how would we know what level of 'normalcy' we have. Perhaps our only comparision would be to other homes but when we're kids, is that something we really notice? I know I can not recall how friend's homes' were cleanliness-wise, I just remember if I had fun there and if their parents were 'nice' or 'scary'.

I am sure our childhood home was kept clean and neat, but I have no idea how often or what kind of schedule the cleaning was done.

Soon I am heading out to *try* to find chairs and area rugs. 50 miles one way so it's a big day. I hope to at least even be able to fit an overstuffed type chair in the back of my Subie Forester. Both DH and son promised to find me ratcheting straps to take but they did not remember and they are gone for the day .

On the way though I will stop at the Re Use center and drop off what I have in the back of the Forester - *credit!

12-06-2012, 11:04 AM

Holly, good luck with your shopping!

Me, feeling blah but took some steps forward anyway. The alternative is feeling blah and doing nothing.
I have a bottom shelf of a bookcase w/misc cr*p. I cleaned it out...mostly pitching. Also cleaned out a little corner nearby pitching some small items I just don't need anymore. I went through old cd's; (one emotional-pics of my deceased pup and I in pet therapy). I was able to get rid of at least 6 and marked w/pen the one with pics from the Grand Canyon. I sent it to the box going back over because theroetically I should save a few pics off of it and get rid of the rest. It's not a project for now.

So this morning's job doesn't really free up physical space but every step moves me forward.

12-07-2012, 08:34 AM
Me, feeling blah but took some steps forward anyway. The alternative is feeling blah and doing nothing..

how true!! we need to remember that. Congrats on clearing of the shelf :carrot:

Yes I had good luck yesterday! I don't mind buying second hand as long as it seems clean and smells clean. First I got a stuffed-type chair from Goodwill for $7.99, a new area rug from there, then a cute overstuffed chair at a second hand shop for $5. Came home and moved things around and oh my gosh..

now I'm looking at the other side of the living room, which previously had that large entertainment center, two low bookshelves that obscured part of the window, cafe curtains, and a cluttered corner. Now it has freshly painted walls, the stuffed chair, corner table/lamp, low padded bench (storage and informal sitting for 2) under the window; a nice wooden caned seat chair from my grandma, and one of the low bookcases but turned perpendicular so it creates a sense of separate area, and the new little area rug.Oh and long sheers which visually just look so much better. I love it :love: and I'm so proud of myself, and I know I'll get praise here, because it's sure sparse at home :?:

The old stuffed chair is stuffed into the back of my Forester and I will drop it off at the dump (no re-use for this thing) on my way to work.

12-07-2012, 06:15 PM
Nice finds it sounds like your space is coming together! It's great too, hat you are Ble to acknowledge when something is ready for the landfill and kudos for getting it out so quickly.

Me off to Excuse typos from my iPhone without reading glasses lol

12-07-2012, 11:05 PM
Hello Declutterers

I went into a furniture store the other day. It was sort of an accident. I thought it was an outdoor patio furniture store and it was full of sofas and L-shaped couches, dining room tables, lamps and etc. I actually love to look at this stuff but have never allowed myself the pleasure. We neve had the money and even when we did I used to to pay for a booth at an art fair or we used it to travel somewhere. Our house was never our priority. SO much so that we never made it a goal to even buy a house.

Things are changing though. I don't think I'll buy much new, even though I'm going to look at it. The online sites are full of people moving and having to get rid of their *absolutely everything* sometimes for the price of coming to take it away. Speaking of which, DH asked me to get rid of the fishtank. He really does want it gone. *sigh* Guess I do have to let it go afterall. I emailed someone who says they will come and take your fish off your hands. This way I can still keep the aquarium, which I would like to keep. Bt if they don't get back to me by tomorrow afternoon the whole thing gets offered online again and this time I will not wait for the "perfect" responsdent to my ad. I will give it to the first one who can come and get it over the weekend.

I will miss my fish.

Not much else to report in terms of decluttering. I did find out I cna toss anything I want into the bin at the studio! Every second Wed they haul it out of there so my broken down printer has a place to be tossed. That was good news and good news for the future.

And oh yeah. The discussion about the baggage re: cleaning house? My history is also loaded with emotional baggage. In my house, my grandmother would clean the place and she would ask me to clean something and then she would come and clean it after I had already done it. She'd tell me how I did it wrong and how it was not good enough. Eventually I stopped and *hated* helping out at all. Also, her cleaning often happened right before some horrible argument. Maybe she cleaned cause she was stressed out and then she felt ok to let it out on someone, but I have a horrible stressed out feeling in a clean house. It feels very tense to me. I can hardly stay calm when things are clean and clear. So, for me, I have to sit with the stressful feelings until it is normal for me to have a clean house. I am more willing than ever to deal with this--and to deal with it without resorting to the food too.

12-09-2012, 11:43 AM

I've been thinking about the "emotional baggage" that has been talked about here. Thanks, onebyone, for sharing something very painful to you and kudos for recognizing you want to make changes.

onebyone, after reading your post many things "came up" for me. First, I was reminded of the time I spent w/my bro and sis in law. They were trying to help me find some normlacy...yet I went from clutter and chaos to ironing my 4 yr. old nephew's underwear....and all the rest of his clothes. My neice and I were more like live in maids.

So, I ponder on the thought of where I NOW fit into all of this and the word I come back to is BALANCE.

I am looking for balance in my life....with food, with relationships, with the condition of my home. I am moving towards balance in many areas. I try to be kind to others, even when it's not returned. (My ma had and still has tendancies to be very rude to anyone not doing things her way)

As we post on this thread, I am also encouraged to THINK about how the condition of my home affects my food choices, and ultimately my weighloss. I know, for me, that as I define and refine my idea of what I want for myself, for my family and for my home and work to make things happen that I become more relaxed and more self assured.

I guess, as we all come from different family histories, and join together to "declutter"...the question becomes "what do I want in MY life?

I want to have a home that is comfortable to be in without being obsessed with the dust that is hiding in the corners. I want to let go of items which no longer serve a purpose in my life in order to make room for new things that are important. I want health for myself and for DH and I want our home to invite health, too. My allergies have subsided since I started making steps forward....

Anyway, I have to get going.

Would anyone else care to share a vision....especially as it relates to weightloss and living healthy?

12-09-2012, 11:42 PM
Lexxiss asked: Would anyone else care to share a vision....especially as it relates to weightloss and living healthy?

my vision: I want a place where everything in it is by choice. I'm not hanging onto stuff because of someone else's needs - DH excepted here - and I'm not hanging onto stuff out of anything but the desire to house it. I accept that I will probably always have some things in boxes. That's ok. I have a wide range of interests and I make things and treasure things I have that others have made and they mean a lot to me.

I want to have a standard of cleanliness that I uphold. I've never had that. Like my weight, like losing weight, it will go up and down, but I am heading in the riht direction and I keep getting back to doing what's right. Eventually I will stay more on track than off, and with decluttering and a clean house, the place will be more clean more often and will stay that way longer. And I need it to stay clean for a bit so I can feel *good* about that.

I want to *really feel* I deserve a clean, beautiful, inspiring home with pleasing furniture/stuff in it in the same way that I deserve a healthy, strong, beautiful body with nice clothes of my choosing (not just what fits = getting toa smaller size where there simply IS more choice) and a flattering haircut and even makeup and high heels sometimes.

where I am right now: I am overwhelmed by my boxes right now. And I don't know what's in them and I can't sort them either. I have a lot of work to do in this area. I seem to get stumped by what goes where. I get overwhelmed by the details. I feel shame and feel embarassed at times by my home. I have felt like this most of my life. I'm tired of that. It's why I keep starting this thread. I'll keep starting it until I get it. That's what the Beck program teaches me and that's what keeps me going here too. How I *feel* affects my food choices. This house thing is a big source of anxiety and that means potential food issues. Helping one helps the other.

I really get that I deserve a healthy body. I don't have to convince myself of that. I am a lot further away about the home environment. It needs to be more of a priority.

12-11-2012, 08:50 AM
onebyone, thanks for sharing your vision! We've gotten to know each other pretty well here over the years and your vision seems very well suited to you. Coming from a family of artists, I can well imagine that you have lots of things which you need to keep and acknowledging that seems very important. It allows you the freedom to keep what you know you need and want to yet let go of what no longer serves a purpose.

I, too, have that understanding that regarding will go up and down, and I accept that, too.

I agree, just keep working on it!

Me, having a week where I'm having lots of other things to focus boxes to family....getting both mom and DH to their holiday parties with their respective groups...and remembering to take care of some things that are important to me.

Right now, there is more than usual clutter everywhere. We traveled back on Sunday yet travel back again tomorrow. I didn't unpack my travel box so it's sitting on the living room floor. I AM, however, going to spend 10 minutes after finishing here to go through all rooms and pick up what I can. credit.

I had a great moment this morning; I file the monthly taxes for my mom's business online and it's an irs deadline. Today is the day and the PASSWORD WOULDN'T WORK! I had to reset the password using a piece of paper which they sent us years ago.


My life is so much simpler when I don't have to panic and sort through piles of stuff to find what I need!


12-13-2012, 12:06 AM
I had a great moment this morning; I file the monthly taxes for my mom's business online and it's an irs deadline. Today is the day and the PASSWORD WOULDN'T WORK! I had to reset the password using a piece of paper which they sent us years ago.


My life is so much simpler when I don't have to panic and sort through piles of stuff to find what I need!


that is GREAT!!!! :carrot: :cheer2:

onebyone, thanks for your wonderful descriptions of how the clutter/clean affects also Lexxiss..I will do that soon but I am needing to tell you all something first. You know my big project is the living room. Well I let DH with the couch decision and when I came home from work Saturday, he and DS had brought it home. I ... almost ...cried. It is SO UGLY. It is SO BIG. it is just overwhelming in this small lving room. Truly, I felt sick to my stomach, like to the vomiting point, I think because I was so disappointed and frankly in shock.

Each day I'm getting a little more used to it. The way maybe you'd get used to having a dead animal in your house. "Oh, it's not so bad today". yeah right. DH and DS had to take off the storm door and part of the door framing to get this fug ugly thing in here, so in their mind it's here to stay.

OK I know I am lucky to even have our own house and money to spend on fug-ugly couches :devil: and I can still sit here and look at 'my' side of the room which is peaceful and pretty and beautiful and just block out the big black shiny thing to my right. Our black, shiny dog does like the couch and he absolutely camoflagues right into it, lol.

12-13-2012, 09:18 AM
Holly, sorry to hear you're disappointed about the couch yet have found a positive take on it. I'm learning from experiences (like this) to take the lead with items such as this, or at least to be a part of the decision making process. When I started looking for the carpet which I knew we'd live with for the rest of my lifetime I brought home the 5 samples that I thought would work then we eliminated some then gently negotiated through to our final choice. The good news is that you can work around this one while you work on other things and you'll either decide it's a keeper or at some point you'll find another that works better and in your subtle negotiating way you will be able to talk DH into making the switch. :lol:
In my home, there are still lots of pieces of furniture which aren't my ideal BUT the combination of other things in the rooms and my keeping things cleaner has still made a big improvement.

I had an experience yesterday which reinforced my need to keep moving forward. We traveled to our part time home and I brought the holiday boxes for shipping. I just needed to print the labels (click and ship).
~oh yeah, printer ink empty, I've known that for a month. So a trip to the store for printer ink.
~installed the ink....OUCH....OUT OF PAPER! (I knew that at some point)
I wasn't going back to the store and dug through to find some recycled stuff to print on the back side.
When I finally got the boxes to the PO I went and did my banking AND went to lowes for two items on the list for over a month, battery for my scale and replacement tiny bulbs for my kitchen under counter lights. credit.


We have a holiday party tonight so I baked cookies this morning. It was wonderful, since I cleaned this kitchen last week. I didn't have to clean before I baked. credit.

When I'm done in the kitchen this morning I will clean everything up then go to my office and put everything away from the gift box project which is scattered everywhere last night. credit.

I have a box right now where I'm putting misc items for the thrift store. Even as I maintain my stuff I need to keep focused on getting rid of items that no longer serve a purpose....ONE SMALL BOX AT A TIME IS OK.

12-13-2012, 05:55 PM
One small box at a time IS okay, isn't it, because it's still going out the door! that is great. And congrats on your other credits. Hey I was in the grocery store today just getting a few things, and saw Dawn dish detergent. And I immediately thought of Lexxiss having the spare under her sink and I bought a big refill :D

Tomorrow the old sad couch is going to the transfer station, after DS and I cram it into the back of my Forester.

"gentle negotiating", that is good ;)

Hello to everyone else!

12-14-2012, 10:57 AM
Holly, I'm glad to hear you found something interesting here "dishsoap" and put it to use. Yay, to, for unusable furniture finding it's way to the transfer station NOW vs LATER.

First off, I BOUGHT THE PRINTER PAPER! Credit! I also stocked up on several sizes of the USPS one price boxes, since I barely got my shipments finished without having to drive all the way to town for the final box. credit.

Sometimes I don't know WHAT I'm going to declutter next I just always try to have the willingness to deal with what is put in front of me. Yesterday it became;
The big gift wrap/ribbon/card drawer. It was so hard to find stuff while I was wrapping/boxing gifts. After I was done with everything I went through it all before putting it back in the drawer.
~pitched all things I "knew" I (or anyone else) would NEVER use, recycling what I could.
~observed how much better it "felt"

This morning DH asked for something which required going into yet another drawer....and another....and another....trying to find what he was asking for. I solved his "issue" then solved "mine" by going through those three drawers....pitching sorting organizing.
~tried misc. keys on doors...didn't work threw them away.
~took a pile of usable stamps cut off envelopes and found a better method of storage (this was leftover stuff from my moms)
~threw away a dog whistle after blowing it 4 times and accepting that the dog just "didn't come" :lol:
~pitched several chapsticks, past their prime, AND reminded myself not to bring anymore home (they are always give aways) IT IS OK TO SAY NO THANKS

This morning I threw away an "emotional item". It was a Krups kitchen timer from my old store. It didn't work well and needed a new battery to even try again. Yesterday I found my new Iphone works great! for timing in the kitchen.
My iphone is new:keep
My favorite timer is shot: toss

Anyway, I look forward to hearing from others.

Ending note: as I finish typing here my thought is "How does all this make me feel, as a whole?" I look at these drawers on my desk ready to put back in and for the first time in years I can see what's there and I have chosen everything there. It feels good.

12-16-2012, 06:24 AM

I posted on Dec 11, that I would take 10 minutes and pick up clutter before we traveled. I was pleasantly surprised to arrive back home on Friday to a pretty organized space. It continues to amaze me what positive effect 10 minutes can have.

We got home late and yesterday morning I did all my unpacking from our short trip while coffee was brewing. That lead to my strategic moment before work...."honey" about if I bring the (artificial) tree up from the basement and we put it up BEFORE I go to work since I know I won't feel like it later?

grumble grumble...but it's done and I'm so pleased this year to have ordered the replacement bulbs so I could change them out. This seems to be the smoothest "put up" yet because we didn't have to pick up a bunch of junk and clean just so we could find a spot for the tree. I am grateful to keep decluttering.

I'm dealing with a little insomnia this morning so I made coffee and took care of some things in the kitchen and laundry/coffee rooms. It wasn't necessarily "fun" but I smiled and considered that I got my "chores" done early. What I did have to push myself forward with was dragging the carpet cleaner out and cleaning the urine stain on the carpet. My pup is on diuretics now and I need to accept that this is going to happen from time to time AND accept that it is not acceptable just to dab and ignore. credit. Fortunately I had hauled the machine to the fixer guy months ago and so now it's up and ready.

How is everyone? Any 10 minute projects to report on?

12-16-2012, 11:33 PM
Hello Declutterers

Had a major week. More on that in the other thread. What I need to post here is... my upstairs neiughbour is moving out and he asked me if I needed any a couch? Uh. Yeah. I went up to look at it and several other things he is giving away and I want a lot of them as a) they are free b)they are just upstairs and c) they are mostly storage-y type things. They are also fug ugly - wood-grained stuff but I see myself ainting them and switching out their knobs and maybe I do it, maybe I don't but we need the basic pieces: endtables nightstand, two things that have drawers in them and a bookcase that sits on top of the drawers. One big tall bookcase and a shorter bookcase, the couch and a queen-sized mattress.

So many problems solved AND right on schedule to have my a) normal-ish home and b) have it done for the end of this challenge and c) work toward my winter oasis.

But to get from here to there there is a real strict time limit: the week between xmas and New Years. About 10-11 days. It's the way I've always worked best: like a banchee because I have a deadline. I didn't want it to be this way again, but so be it.

Anyway, look for lots of stressed out posts from me in the coming week. I think I may be forced to deal with those boxes now! Oh, and I have the diabetes people coming to pick stuff up on the 23rd. The guy upstairs was happy to hear that and I am happy too. No doubt the diabetes folks will be as well.

:hohoho: it's off to work I go.

What's going on with everyone else???

12-17-2012, 09:04 AM

onebyone, great news on the furniture! I love your new pic, too! Working like a banchee works! With an end goal of having some furniture I'm sure you'll plow right through it. Kudos for taking advantage of the diabetes pick up! I can say from experience, that it wasn't lots of fun having to haul all my stuff to the car and then again to the thrift.

Me, checking in everywhere then will spend 10 minutes in my office before work....sorting mail and putting things in their place. It's the one room where the clutter really tends to add up fast.

Not much else...I do go to Denver for my moms eye appt on Wednesday and I've been gathering up excess magazines for the waiting room for several months now. It's a great new habit because it forces me to look at them all instead of just putting them in a pile (forever).

I know I'll come up with another declutter project in the next few days....they just keep reappearing.

12-17-2012, 08:52 PM
Decluttering Coaches

I bought that stretchy saran wrap stuff to wrap around my craft shelving (on casters/plastic drawers). I've made arrangements for my friend with the big SUV to meet me Wed morning and we'll load up her SUV and transport the drawer units to the studio. Then I'll wrap up the paintings that are loose at the studio and then I'll get them out of the studio and onto the storage shelves.

This shuffle will re-open the dining room space and then I will have space to move stuff into as I get the areas ready to receive our new furniture.

Space 1 = living room
Changes: getting a couch, two end tables (one is already here). Would like to move the futon into the room where DH's computer is. This requires moving the shelving from there--possibly into living room?--could pile stuff onto it if I don't get through everything.

Space 2 = alcove in hallway
Changes: towers of boxes in there right now. A cheap wooden slat shelf is shoved sideways into the space not used well--some stuff haphazardly piled onto it. Hoping to place the two chests with the two bookshelves that sit on to of the chests into this space. Worst case scenario: no boxes sorted but the furniture is moved in and the boxes sit on top of the chest of drawers.

Space 3=bedroom.
Changes: getting rid of double bed. Getting Queen mattress. Need bed frame or boxsping. Saw one on Walmart site that's available locally. Hoping to get it.
Need to move bedroom furniture around - want to set up the tv with a media box so we can watch the tube in bed. I miss that.

That's it in a nutshell. I am looking to do big swaths of change. I can't get bogged down in details. I need to understand that I need somewhere to store the stuff that is in these spaces so I can get the furniture into the saces. That's the plan for the dining room area. It'll be one big open rectangle once the craft drawer units are gone.

Me and my stuff are getting re-acquainted very soon.

12-18-2012, 09:45 AM
onebyone, great plan you've got going! I'm excited for you! How much stuff do you think will go with the diabetes pick up?

I'm on the very soon, but wanted to check in.

Work party last night and maintenance of household this morning. I DID, however, take some moments to reflect as DH made our smoothie and I picked up.

I noticed that the maintenance is getting easier every day and that the "rituals" that we are creating feel very doable. I am also noticing more and more that DH is participating and it's not "just me" anymore.

Look forward to hearing from folks!

helping rachel
12-18-2012, 10:04 AM
Happy holidays Ladies!

I am back and getting ready to get busy. I have the rest of December off from work and am ready to declutter and organize the basement. I agree with you Lexxiss, it makes a world of difference getting rid of stuff and then doing the daily maintaining. That has become my norm at night for the upstairs... because the reward in the morning to wake up to a clean space is priceless.

I had a wake up call yesterday. I am organizing my craft room and realized that all I really was doing was moving boxes from one space to another. Granted my sewing machines, fabric and scrapbooking are valid. I also like to play around with altering old books. But what I realized is that I was opening boxes from the storage room that I haven't touched in not one year but maybe 5. So I get overwhelmed and quit(aka as emotionally avoid). It dawned on me last night, "Is this "stuff" more valuable than a clean organized space?" If I haven't needed it in the last year, why keep shuffling it around the basement? I plan to have a rather large goodwill run today and my goal is 3 garbage bags of trash. Our storage area in the basement is rather small and it should house extra kitchen ware and tools. Instead it has boxes of papers, and knickknacks. Breaking down like items makes sense to me. I went to the dollar store to buy $1 boxes that helped me break down my paint, stickers, thread, ephemera and paper.

The biggest question I have today, is this serving my needs and if I really needed it, where would I want to store it? I almost went out to buy a mass of matching big containers and I thought why to try to make my clutter pretty. No, I losing it today! (so I don't lose it when I need to find something!)

I will post later, but am glad to be back to share my newest goal "to get slim" on clutter. Peaceful, organized spaces in the basement are my new goal. I am unblending from avoidance of dealing with it and looking forward to taking the space back and finding things a home, so I feel at home.

12-18-2012, 05:27 PM
Loved this helping rachel:

I am unblending from avoidance of dealing with it and looking forward to taking the space back and finding things a home, so I feel at home.

Huh. That's a new thought for me, so thanks!

I am stalling at dealing with the crafting drawers. I was at my studio this morning to wrap a gift up for a client and then deliver it to her brother, and I looked around at my space there. The workable area, ie. the clean and open part, is shrinking. And now more stuff to go in there? hmmm. HOWEVER, the paintings are not out of there yet. And I do still have plenty of space to do what I want to in there. I also envision some kind of storage shelving hanging from the ceiling. That's totally unused space, especially at the back end of the studio. I think I could suspe d a few cardboard moving boxes that are for paintings or mirrors and store larg sheets of paper in there. It's always better if my paper is flat vs. rolled and I have no space for that right now. Anyway, once the drawers are there that's it for stuff to go in.

Wow. I just so don't want to do anything at all. Mid-afternoon is my most uninspiring time of the day. I think I'll get the white board out, write my plan out/break it into days and goals (big and small) and then roll that first drawer thingy over and see just what's in there.

Lexxiss I have no clue what I will have for the diabetes people come Dec 23rd! It did cross my mind that if we are getting rid of the futon, maybe they will take it? It's stuff like that that stumps me--not knowing where/what to do with the thing I am getting rid of. I am 5 steps ahead when I haven't even done the most basic footwork to actually bring that about. Otherwise I'm not sure. The pair of shoes I wore to the xmas party. UG-LY shoes. What was I thinking when I bought them? The shirt that DH has that's 2 sizes too big for him now. I feel like I have so much stuff and I have nothing of value. So weird. But all the stuff I love is either lost behind other stuff that I just put down there for a second and then the whole space is cluttered up. ... This afternoon I am wondering if I actually truly desire that clear space I keep talking about? But maybe this is a sabotaging thought. Probably. I have NO CHOICE but to make the space for the furniture that I know is useful, if ugly.

helping rachel
12-18-2012, 05:39 PM
Sending good vibes your way onebyone. I hear you about the mid-afternoon slump. I am glad you liked my quote. Years ago, I split with a significant other, and he took most of the furniture by the time I got home from work. I also had my apartment broke into. Those experiences make me want to keep things for various reasons. I am really unblending from a part of me that thinks I need to hold onto things.

My car was packed to the top with goodwill items. Some really nice things. I sure hope that someone will be blessed to purchase them. I finished my 3 bags for trash day tomorrow. I hope my husband is as pleased as I am with the results. If not, It really was an empowerment move on my part. Off to take a nap as I have a roast in the oven and I can sleep until dinner.

helping rachel
12-19-2012, 10:58 AM

Thinking of you and so happy that you have a creative work space and home space to have your winter oasis. As far as getting ready for the diabetes pick up, your futon, shoes and DH's old clothes sound like appropriate items to give away. It may bless the next person and benefit the diabetes foundation.

I like to ask the question,

Is this item being used or useful to us? If your DH's shirts don't fit anymore, are the being useful to store and take space where the new clothes may need to be?

Are you going to wear those shoes or do you have a pair that you like much better?

Exciting to get new furniture.....if it serves the same purpose of the futon, is it time to let that go? If they will haul it, it will save you time and energy!

Are there things that you haven't used or will not use in the next year that you can give to help the diabetes foundation. That is a value to give to someone or something that needs it.

I just thought I would share some thoughts as if I break down the VALUE of doing something, my committed action tends to follow behind it.

Off to make a big pot of homemade vegetable soup. We are expecting 6-10 inches of snow and I love to have soup when I am snowed in.

Blessings on your day!

12-19-2012, 11:06 AM
Wow helping rachel great work on a car packed to the rafters with donatables. Great job. :carrot:

I had to cancel my appointment with my friend's SUV for transporting my crafting drawers to the studio. I did absolutely ZERO toward getting ready for the event. Nothing. Today I emailed her and there she was, saying in an email she's available on Friday morning. :carrot: so I am sitting here, on my futon facing my double set of drawers (see jpg)and then two single ones (two like the single one in the jpg). I feel *stumped*. However, I need to a) pull out the drawers and look in them. And then b) sort the items. And then c) house the items that will stay with me and bag/toss the others. I may not need my friend's help on Friday. Maybe I can get these over to the studio tonight. I'd be that much further ahead. But see? See where my head takes me? Into the future. Today I need my feet firmly planted in the here and now so I can get a move on getting my place ready for the new furniture, due to arrive in a week. I am *truly* looking forward to a couch-a big comfy one. Ugh! Future talk AGAIN. Ok no more talk. Must work.

I am going to time how long this takes me to actually do. Will report back when done. UPDATE: it took me two hours to do this task imperfectly. I added a jpg of the now disassembled-ready to be moved- drawers just waiting DH's arrival home. I think I may just drive these over to the studio tonight.

As usual simply starting vs thinking about starting shows me what I need to do next. The steps unfold logically once you take that first step. So, my next task is to condense/sort the stuff in my dining area. I need to pile the boxes from the otehr rooms in that open space so I can get the furniture into the space that I take the boxes from. I would love to keep the futon and put it into the spare room. Imagine, an extra bed for a visitor. How decadent! Problem is: there is a pile of boxes AND two shelving units in there. I'll take a better look at it in a few days.

Off to start moving stuff inthe dining area. Bye for now.

helping rachel
12-19-2012, 12:00 PM
Sounds like your white board is your friend. Break it down into small little projects. Thank you for sharing your pictures and process. Can't wait to hear what happens today.

12-19-2012, 02:57 PM

Yay, helpingrachel, for a great attitude regarding your items to thrift! I truly believe, as you discussed earlier, that simply shuffling items and buying nicer totes is not the answer is about making decisions and letting go. Kudos for letting go of possessions that no longer serve your purpose. N order to open yourself to new opportunities!

Onebyone, thx for pictures and an update. I will be interested to hear how you progress. I have those same drawer units and love them....more since I found that regularly tqighteningq the screws help the drawers stay on track better.

Me...down in Denver right now..blizzard conditions but my mom had a very important appt. I usually drop her off and cruise a thrift store deconditioning myself by looking and not purchasing but today I decided I'd rather have a solo lunch and check in here.

I accomplished a major project this morning which took 5 hours start to finish and I resisted all urges to leave the last for when I got home.
First, I decluttered my office for 10 minutes then I took down the old wallpaper border and put up the new.

I was ONLY able to complete this because I have acquired total willingness to let go. I am grateful today to be able to.move forward. ...must go now will send a picture later.i

helping rachel
12-19-2012, 06:57 PM
Yay! For completing a project. Sounds like you set your intention and then went for it. I would love to see a picture. We are in blizzard conditions today as well. My daughter said, "Mom every time you make home vegetable beef soup we have a snow day." One of my favorite things to do is to make soup.

I love the comment about deconditioning while at the thrift store. I need that as well.

Off to my night class, happy organizing and decluttering.

12-19-2012, 08:50 PM
I am always decluttering, is this linked to visiting Salvation Army when I go to town, lol. So I just went through my nail polish colors and went from 21 to 18 colors I love :carrot: I only paint my toe nails cause I garden and paint with acrylics. 18 seems high, will have to think about this! I think having a weekly goal of tossing or getting rid of at least one item per week and reporting would be a great 2013 goal. Thanks for the inspiration!

helping rachel
12-19-2012, 11:08 PM

Welcome and good for you! If 18 works for you then 18 it is. I like your intention for 2013, I will be thinking on this as well. Join and share as you feel lead. There is freedom here.

12-20-2012, 02:52 PM
Welcome to our group, workinglikeadog! It's nice to set a goal for 2013!

My 2013 goal is just to keep moving forward. I really did some deep thinking regarding all of this the other day...I guess, spurred on with the unexpected death of my mother's neighbor. The elderly wife is left with 3 houses stacked with stuff. After being the one to have to go through my grandmothers stuff....anticipating the time when I have to take care of my mother's...

My wish for the person who ends up having to go through my things will have a very simple task, and while I am living I will enjoy the fruits of my labor.

This morning my mom called at 8:05 and had forgotten to tell me about a meeting we needed to leave for at 8:25. I had already dealt with a hotspot where I had dumped everything on the dining room table last eve AND I had picked up the kitchen and folded my clothes. All that was left was to get dressed, drink my smoothie and go. No looking for "stuff" today. No panicking. No dread. Those are the daily fruits of my labor.

I'm still keeping it simple;
small tasks daily
1. old (dlutter)
2. current (clutter)
3. clean (something)

I my "current" was accomplished while waiting for coffee. When I came home from the meeting I swept the bathroom and office floors. Looking for old clutter, I came upon another laptop needing to be disassembled. It was getting frustrating so I chose another old...numerous (maybe 50 romance novels neatly stacked on a shelf) Even though I've never been willing to go through them (they DO fit neatly on the shelf), I immediately was able to choose 9 for thrift. I will look through the rest later when I bring up my stepstool.

Right now I'm going to fix lunch and relax. This is my day off.

12-20-2012, 05:16 PM
Wow. Winter Solstice/End of the World according to the Mayans looms!

This challenge is drawing to a close.

I have made surprising progress. Last night, after I finished the craft drawers, I went into the dining area and condensed boxes of stuff and threw some stuff out. What doesn't have a home and can wait to be dealt with is sitting on top of a table reclaimed from the fishtank. I'd like to use it to put plants on it but for now I will use it to hold boxes as this whole living space gets transformed.

My major goal is to make the space to move the furniture pieces we are getting into it. MY current plan calls for me to move boxes out of the bedroom and the hallway into the dining room. This is where I need the space for the new furniture.

I went out and bought a steel bed frame that can accommodate either a Queen or a King size mattress.

oooooooo:cloud9:King size! That would definitely be a part of an oasis-like environment for me.

I may need to run this by DH. He may go for it. Sleeping in a King is *almost* like sleeping alone. It'd be enough room for two people and two cats.
ok, guess that's it. I'm going to move the bedroom boxes out tonight, then maybe re-configure the furniture in there. DH has a lot of boxes in the bedroom too. Maybe he can find a way to move his stuff into the other room or the hallway area.

Anyway, I'm moving forward.

helping rachel
12-20-2012, 05:41 PM
I like what you said about when someone has to go through my stuff they will have a simple task and while I am alive I will enjoy the fruits of my labor. Oh how I get that. Give me some routine that I can control and manage. That brings peace. Keep on keeping on.

helping rachel
12-20-2012, 05:43 PM
OnebyOne, Looking like you are moving forward in your process. Good for you!

Mountain Mamma
12-20-2012, 08:58 PM
Well predictably behind what with holidays and all -- but pleased to report a Moment of Clarity in the midst of brain fog.

Yesterday a neighbor needed to go to the emergency room in the middle of the night. I was able to throw on jeans and be out the door in less than a minute with everything I needed - keys, phone, driver license, glasses, even a book to read while waiting. And I wasn't even fully awake!

helping rachel
12-20-2012, 10:06 PM
Mountain Mama, what a great neighbor you are. What relief that you could find everything so fast!

12-21-2012, 10:48 AM
I slept 12 hours last night, which for an insomniac is great. I wanted to share because I've been noticing that as I keep moving forward I'm being able to sleep better and longer. 3am was always my wake up and worry time.

Mountain Mamma, it's such a great moment when you have to run out the door and can access everything you need!

onebyone, yay for finishing the craft drawers and for continuing onward with your plan. Kudos, especially for finding items you are willing to throw away. The easiest way to make space is to let go of "things" via either trash or thrift. I noticed on the daily that you chose to stay home today instead of transporting to your studio. I think that's a great decision and since morning is my best time, too, it's much more productive to make progress at home during that time.

Today is the first day that I can remember that I have the opportunity to stay home all day. I am going to take advantage of it. I was thinking about asking DH to help me do some cleaning. After thinking it through I decided I'd rather do it myself and have some peace. He is a grumbler at times.

So, with my 3 phase program...OLD CURRENT CLEAN....

1. OLD
~go through the rest of the books I mentioned yesterday
~drag recycle boxes out of basement and into car
~metal and mirror pieces from under outside tree to car
~make a sweep through EVERY room of the house and choose items to part with
~make a run to the landfill, recycle and thrift to get rid of everything not welcome here anymore

~I will declutter all current items from every room today and will take a picture of my office for all of you

~I will do my carpet on the staircase the way I want it done
~I will wash my hardwood floor to get all DH's coffee spills off it
~I will stop at Starbucks and see if I can find a spiffy no spill coffee mug for DH

OK, I guess I can call this A PLAN. Today I will do my least favorite job first, which I think is the declutter of old stuff. I'll let go now and clean later.

helping rachel
12-21-2012, 11:08 AM
WOW! Love your plan and intention spelled out. I connect with your empowerment to get the job done and honor that part. I am calling that my "inner succeeder" that wants certain things done. I let that part of me know that I love and honor the work that I am putting forth to make things happen--realizing that if it is to get done, then I better do it. It is better than sitting on my hindend and being lazy.

I sent you an email a few weeks back regarding Judith Beck's CBT formulation sheet. Did you get it? I couldn't send it thru this group. Anyhow, it breaks down relevant childhood data, core assumptions, "rules formed" - conditional assumptions, coping strategies, automatic thoughts, behaviors and actions. Whew.....I wanted to share this with you as this sheet ties directly into the schemas and maladaptive coping mechanisms that are formed around clutter, not just food. It is nice to attend to what automatically comes up and challenge the thoughts that go with it. Laying down the foundation of new neuropathways to do something different. That is why I like reading your posts and plans. Making a new groove in you daily plan and way of being. Thanks for sharing.......Off to plan menu for Christmas dinner here and prepare food for my trip to Illinois. My focus is on giving of myself these next few days to bless my family. Hugs to all Decluttering Becksters!

12-21-2012, 12:40 PM
Tami(helping rachel), safe travels and kudos for taking time off with your family. Yes, I did get the email...when I was traveling and I just went through my emails the other night to "find it" again. lol Once I found it I tried to do a little online research to figure out how to apply it. Perhaps after the holidays we can connect again by email and I can ask you some questions and you can explain it to me more thoroughly. Thx.

Thanks also for the feedback regarding "inner succeeder". I came back here to check in because I was needing a little boost to keep going and your words did just that for me. It's only 930 am and I have already accomplished several things;
~I went through all my downstairs rooms and took things out of every room to take to thrift. Emotionally, I was ready to let go of 15 more cookbooks...ones that no longer serve our lifestyle. Let someone else enjoy them. credit. I also let go of 15-20 items from my drawers in the kitchen, some which were my grandmothers, but not valuable and not sentimental. I took everything out of the drawer and cleaned it while I was at it.
NOTE: This was all done while my DH made smoothies...
Pic attached...that stuff is all in the car and I'm driving it away as soon as I finish here.
~I went through the books and have 16 to go away plus the ones from yesterday. credit

I'm going to do the two cleaning items AS SOON AS I GET HOME. I know I won't want to do that later.

I'm going to check back in today. I have this day to make giant progress which wont happen if I distract/detach by:
~watching tv
~going to town with mom
~hanging out on the internet

ETA-Added the picture, titled "Out of The House". The boxes are bigger than they look. When I step back and take a moment to see what is leaving I have the opportunity to envision the space I am creating.

12-21-2012, 04:48 PM
Looking for the link to join the 2013 weight loss challenge. Saw it once and have never found it talked about being on the red team or the blue team. Can you point me in the right direction??? New here.

12-21-2012, 05:01 PM
Dogpaws4ever, I think gardenerjoy had posted a link....perhaps she will see this and repost

I finished what I said I would. I am going to get on the recumbent bike and ride while I watch a tv show. Here is a pic of the new wallpaper.

12-21-2012, 05:09 PM

Welcome to Winter.

So far today I have moved all14 boxes out from the bedroom and I am now working on the hall, but I think I have to wait for DH to get home cause my dollie/handtruck is in the car with him and some of those hall boxes are hea-vy. Nevertheless, I have moved 10 from the alcove in the hallway and am about halfway there.

I now see the giant box with my bandsaw in it. I can probably unbox it and carry it to the car for transport to the studio. That's a lot easier to do than to move the box which is big and awkward.

So far the dining room isn't even half full of boxes, which is great. I am within a box of the ceiling in only one space and that's cause the boxes are on top of the china cabinet.

I just tossed everything that wasn't a box on the floor, on the bed, in the hall so I am of to gather/sort this stuff now.

My goal for the end of today is
1) to empty the hallway alcove,
2) move my dresser to where the desk is in the bedroom and vice versa done
3) do some laundry
4) sort the stuff I wash
5) start a donation bag done/started
6) sweep the floors where I took the boxes away from

Ok off to deal with the bedroom.

extra stuff done: wrapped DH's xmas gifts/hid them & hung dress clothes up in the closet instead of having them hang off the bedroom door

12-21-2012, 05:13 PM
Dogpaws4ever I think this is the link you are looking for. The deadline for sign up is TOMORROW so I hope you see this!

12-21-2012, 07:39 PM
onebyone, cheering you on! It sounds like you are feeling good about your progress and you've gotten a lot done already. Best wishes as you work on the rest of your list!

helping rachel
12-21-2012, 08:26 PM
OnebyOne: great job on making progress getting your living room and space ready for new things.

Lexxiss: I look forward to sharing about Judith's process. I have some great insight on that. I would be happy to share what I have learned and what has been shared about this in the consulting practice that I work in. I have identified some stuck issues that have gained freedom and release. Interesting stuff and it really is all about self-therapy and focus,intention,compassion and committed action/values. I will plan on this sometime in the New Year as Jan.-Feb.-March can be slow.....

I love your office color and new border. It would make me happy to be in that space. I also loved your picture of the outgoing boxes. I am so surprised about how much I have let go in December a time when we usually are put in a trance to acquire, acquire, acquire. I am coming out of a fog and being so intentional. I am up in weight but not worried about that as much. Clothes fit and I feel good. Will have that back on the top of my list in 2013. I am just happy that I have clean drawers ----an organized utility room and new craft room. I am already thinking of new projects for 2013.

12-22-2012, 09:15 AM

Thought I'd check in...I'm off to work soon. This morning I accomplished my 3 fold dance...
1. old clutter-pulled out chokecherry juice from freezer so I can make jelly for my mom tomorrow. It's been sitting in there for quite awhile.
2. current clutter-picked up everything I left out yesterday.
3. clean-vacuumed upstairs, cleaned the coffee making area and washed out my dryer vent thingie and added water again...oh, and washed the blanket and two towels from the couch that keep the pets from ruining it.

Have a productive day!

helping rachel
12-22-2012, 11:08 AM
I like that 3 step dance you are doing. I am going to do that myself. Not throwing anything out until after the holiday as the trash is full already....
Off to our cabin on the Platte River for our Family Christmas. I love that I have learned to keep that place in tip top shape so I have to just go thru the door. Prepared all my food and have gifts ready to go.

Merry Christmas Beck Declutters, Wishing you a peaceful and spacious Holiday full of joy in your heart and home.

12-23-2012, 01:02 AM

And we have a new bed! I bought a new steel frame that will accommodate a either a queen or a king size mattress. For now, we took the free and in *excellent*condition Queen size mattress from our neighbour. I decided I would let myself have the queen bed even tough Id ream of a king bed because a) we an have it now and b) it's still bigger than our old one and many of my sheets are queen size now anyway and c) I deserve to have something to show for my efforts. I can enjoy this bed until and if we do get that king sized one. And to this end, we went out and bought a new mattress cover and mattress pad for it. We are donating the old one + other linens/clothes to the diabetes pickup in the morning. I have not had a chance to get through any boxes but I did pull stuff from my dresser drawers to make sure we had something for the pickup. My neighbour says he has a few bags too so that makes me happy. I think I let go about 8 or 9 items from my dresser. These were not planned so *redits here for sure.

Checked and double checked about the town rules for putting our old mattress at the curb. Looks like that's ok. Still wondering about keeping/placing the futon in the apt somewhere. DH seems interested but I am ready to let it go. We do have an air mattress if we ever had a guest here. And we'll have a big couch now. The neighbour has made arrangements to get the rest of the furniture in here around 6pm next Friday. He's got three guys and a case of beer so it'll be done. I am well on my way to being ready for it all. That's even more time than I had execpted to have.

And *extra credit* I moved all the crafting drawers to the studio today. We made them fit into the car cause we thought we might need the space they were hanging around in for the old mattress and boxspring. Once in the car I just drove straight to the studio and plunked it inside. Done! yay!

And we moved my dresser and laced the funky 50's desk under the window where the cat liked to sit and so I was out this morning and icked up another cat shelf to extend the window ledge for our kitty and Caesar was aleady up there enjoying it. Seems my oasis extends to my furry friends--and of course it does!
*credit for just getting things done. DH was uncommitted all week and even today and then, once the mattress was coming int the apt, he got excited and was happy to go out to get the mattress cover and pad. I think he is as pleased to see me doing this kind of work and paying attention to the house. If I take care of myself I also end up taking care of him. It's nice when it works like that.
credit credit credit.

I did get some vinyl wall stickers at the dollar store and I think I am going to place them on the wall in lieu of a headboard. DH doesn't want a headboard and I think it would be fun to have these green plants right there. Anyway, that's really getting into the details, but it's fun to think about.

I am off to enjoy the new bed. :wave:

12-23-2012, 09:02 AM
onebyone, as I read, "the first fruit" this morning I was very excited to read your post! I had a big grin on my face and and did a happy dance for you. Kudos for finding several items to send to thrift, since it's such an important part of the process. I can say from experience I'm glad I finally let go of my futon because it was mainly a vehicle for stacking stuff and my reality was that I rarely have houseguests. I know your inner organizer will make the right decision for now.

I,too, am experiencing the fruits of my labor. I planned to make chokecherry jelly for my mom for downstairs found everything I needed right away AND didn't have to pick up or clean up the kitchen before I could start. :dancer: I did open a few more boxes in the process that could use a sort and did find several things I had been looking for. Opened the kitchen drawer that I decluttered several days ago and was pleasantly surprised.

Off to work...

12-23-2012, 10:14 PM
Hello All

I was making complicated cookies today (still not done. my sister assured me these were easy NOT) and I was just looking for wire cooling racks. I used to have 2 large size racks. Now I can only find tiny ones. I'm going to give all those small ones up and get the ones that I like. Which brings me to plain old decluttering the drawer in the bottom of the oven. I find this drawer icky and I avoid it and try to get in and out of it super fast.

Tomorrow's plan is simly: do the dishes. I have more boxes to move from the hallway as well, but I need to focus on my painting that's due Friday.

Thursday it's about completing the living room and making sure all is clear for Friday night.

Bye for now.

12-24-2012, 04:55 AM
onebyone, yay for decided to let go of the wire racks you don't like. Funny story...I did exactly the same thing awhile back. I donated the small ones and decided not to run out and buy big ones because I was sure I had some...I did eventually come across the big ones that I really liked. (I'm still running across things I haven't seen for years!)

I completed my jelly project and made it a point to clean up everything...putting everything back in place. credit.

I took the afternoon off to relax (reading my Beck book and taking an extended nap).

Unfortunately, I woke up in the middle of the night...AND....WOW...

A long procrastinated project is finished.

I pulled out the last defunct laptop and went through every picture and file to make sure I could disassemble and send it to electronics recycle.

In the process, I took new photos from the large computer...integrated them into the master photo file on the working laptop...transfered them all to a joy stick and got them onto one of those electronic picture frame thingies. Kirk will see it when he comes down in the morning.

History: Several years ago I started taking boxes of photos over to walmart, scanning them, putting them on CDS then back to the laptop where they got sorted. Really nice, but DH has complained on more than one occasion that he loves his photos but NOW that I put them on the computer he has no way to access them.
Well now he does.
It kinda closes one door for me yet opens another...a good project for the New Year...I stll have all the slides to go and 4 or 5 specific photo albums (our wedding for one).

BTW-This seemed to be my starting point for all this decluttering activity. I'm glad I started somewhere and will be happy in the morning when DH sees the ongoing slideshow for the first time.

Work will be very busy. Take care.

12-24-2012, 07:55 AM
hello!! I see I have alot of reading here to catch up, and I will..I have tomorrow and the 26th off and I will have nothing else to do :( because I found out that my son will spend about 2 1/2 hours with us know I was using his visit as my impetus for our living room/other declutter, and it got done, but I can't describe my emptiness and sadness (because they are spending the other 45 1/2 hours at his girlfriend's house)

sorry for the Debbie Downer act but I am truly deflated.

helping rachel
12-24-2012, 08:57 AM
OnebyOne: I am glad you have a new bed and place to sleep that is bigger. Good for you for getting rid of the racks you don't like. Since I have started this thread (thank you) I can't underestimate the feeling to have space and find things that are where they should be.

Lexxiss: What a neat gift for you DH to come down to find the picture frame this morning. We made a special album for my sister yesterday and I have 5 boxes of pictures that need to go somewhere. I have earmarked those for Jan.,Feb, March to try to get completed. Is it easier to scan and save on computer than to put in albums? I am future thinking and I am sure my kids would want a jump drive vs. albums. I will have to really think this next step thru as I like hard copies for my altered books and scrapbooking projects. I think a nice combination would be workable for me.

Leaving to see my family today. 7 hour drive and looking forward to some "down time" in the car as I have be running in high gear lately. I cleaned out 2 more Christmas boxes and gave away ski helmets/cars/snowboard boots to a neighbor that is a nurse and hubby a police officer. Their 3 boys were elated. I am finding the double reward like you......blessed to have things gone or put to a better use and nice when our efforts can bless someone else.

Merry Christmas -Beck Friends.

helping rachel
12-24-2012, 09:00 AM

Your emotions are honest and I can understand the sadness of wanting more time with him. That is a Mother's Heart to want that attachment and time. I hope that the time you have with him is special and you find other things to connect to that bring you pleasure and enjoyment when he is at this girlfriends. Giving you a cyber hug...

Mountain Mamma
12-24-2012, 05:03 PM
Mountain Mama, what a great neighbor you are. What relief that you could find everything so fast!

Helping Rachel, thanks but it was no big deal. My real take away: I think too much!! I often feel disorganized, yet here was a pure brain stem reaction - I was half asleep, after all - yet was more efficient - focused on just one objective, not half a dozen. Anyone else ever feel their brains are too busy? Used to be proud of multi-tasking, now I wonder. Does anyone else think our multi-tasking modern lifestyles just slow us down, add "brain clutter" in the long run?

Mountain Mamma
12-24-2012, 05:05 PM
VermontMom, SO sorry. :hug: That is really too bad. Don't apologize - this is a major disappointment.

Mountain Mamma
12-24-2012, 05:23 PM
my "current" was accomplished while waiting for coffee.

Lexxis, you always seem to be doing a lot while waiting for the coffee!!! SO impressed - I just stare at the wall, that is when I'm not drowsing in bed, waiting to smell that wonderful aroma :coffee2: that means DH has already made it!

12-24-2012, 11:36 PM
Helping Rachel, thanks but it was no big deal. My real take away: I think too much!! I often feel disorganized, yet here was a pure brain stem reaction - I was half asleep, after all - yet was more efficient - focused on just one objective, not half a dozen. Anyone else ever feel their brains are too busy? Used to be proud of multi-tasking, now I wonder. Does anyone else think our multi-tasking modern lifestyles just slow us down, add "brain clutter" in the long run?

I think you may have something. We have too many choices, own too many things, hear world wide news 24/7, have year round foods and I am no longer a joyful muti tasker. Is it possible to live a simple life anymore? Maybe I need to say no more.

I wanted to share that I took in a huge garbage bag of holiday wrap and decorations. I also donated a dead flat screen for parts. I may try to look at holiday decorations I haven't put up and try to get rid of more next week.

Happy Holiday to All.

12-25-2012, 07:13 AM

Best wishes, everyone!

Holly, sending supportive thoughts your way today. :hug: I hope you enjoyed your short visit with your son and that today you find a spot of peace. This is a hard time of year for many. Not having children sometimes I have felt very alone and left out. Today I'm going to enjoy as best I can.

Well my DH absolutely loves the photo frame. We figured it takes 7 hours to run through all the photos just once. As I observed his joy I found the motivation to organize yet another part of this photo project and since photographs and memories are part of holiday "stuff" I've already opened my next can of worms. I pulled all the remaining photo albums and slides out of DH's closet and have laid them out on my dressertop in the office. I am going to sort a bit and formulate a plan. I have one large and empty dresser drawer which will accomodate the project as I go along so it's not laid out all over the place for weeks. I can see an end to this project with many rewards.

Happy holiday!

12-26-2012, 09:40 AM
"If we are painstaking about this phase of our development, we will be amazed before we are half way through. We are going to know a new freedom and a new happiness. "
I figure I am half way through and I already feel a new freedom and a new happiness.
"They will always materialize (or dematerialize :lol) if we work for them."
I need to keep working for them.

Hello Declutterers!

The quote is from the promises of many of the 12 step was running through my mind this morning spurred on by my thought that "this will get so much easier once I can get through the "old" clutter".

At this point I don't really take "a day off" completely because the new clutter adds up very quickly. Keeping up with my new clutter is the only way for me to keep diving into the old stuff.

So this morning before work it's the ol' 1-2-3 dance

1. old clutter-sorted on the picture project
2. current clutter-picked up/put away everything we generated yesterday
3. clean-cleaned cat box, kitchen and put recycling out (also "Cleaned" the snow off the back steps outside)

Off to work.

12-26-2012, 11:07 AM
thank you ladies so much for the kind thoughts! i should have got right back here on Christmas eve afternoon to tell you they reconsidered and did spend the evening and the night and the morning here!! And they announced their 'Promise" to each other, which I guess to an old fuddy like me, means 'engaged to be engaged' :carrot:

So I went from horribly down to tremendously joyful, isn't that something :D

Son was VERY surprised at our nice living room!! :carrot: And today I am enjoying the cleanliness and the quiet order (I might be slightly mentally unbalanced but I do think an uncluttered room is 'quiet' and a cluttered messy place is 'noisy' in my mind)

As I observed his joy I found the motivation to organize yet another part of this photo project and since photographs and memories are part of holiday "stuff" I've already opened my next can of worms.

:D @ 'can of worms' but a good project and nice that you can work on it and put it away, out of sight but not out of mind!

Lexxiss, I do like that you count shoveling as 'cleaning', lol. BUt it is true isn't it! unfortunately a huge snowstorm is on its way to us , 8 to 14", so we will be dealing with that tomorrow.

Today I will do laundry (that doesn't really count as a step towards declutter but it is a necessity) and try to put it all away when done...I have put pillows and the comforter outside to air out (it is very brisk out there, they will smell wonderful tonight with the bleachy-clean sheets) and I do need to go through refrid. to wipe down and throw out questionables.

12-27-2012, 09:42 AM
Holly, glad to hear your good news! I do decluttered rooms are much quieter than the cluttered ones. I can only decide for me...but it seems that in the long run I will do better with my lifelong food plan when I can spend my time in a peaceful environment. Regarding my book it can very easily become clutter and need to be decluttered. That's why I'm addressing both old and current clutter in my daily plan.

old clutter-worked on pictures mostly pulling them out of photo albums for scanning
current clutter-folded laundry and put away...did a swoop of the house and picked up/put away.
clean-did a quick scrub of kitchen sink then did sink and toilet in upstairs bathroom.

I was happy to note that DH made our bed this morning thus reminding me that as I keep making the effort that he is changing, too.

helping rachel
12-27-2012, 11:51 AM
I will jump in with the 3 step as well! (Thanks Lexxiss)

Old- Start purging boxes in office- goal 5.
Current- Put away all christmas presents-- start laundry from trips.
Clean-MBR- in need of dusting and quick vac.

I am going to work on a master plan for basement area. Utility room is 80 clean, waiting on husband to organize his work bench

helping rachel
12-28-2012, 01:21 AM
Completed 7 boxes in office. Very happy with that.

Current project completed.

Clean didn't get it done, will do it in the morning.

Good night!

12-28-2012, 06:19 AM
Yay Tami (helping rachel)!

As I was sitting downstairs watching the slide show (we're both obsessed with it now) there were numerous pictures of beautiful hats I have knit. It really hit home that once my clutter is gone/manageable I will be so happy to be a knitter again.

Current clutter: No current clutter! I seemed to have picked up after myself yesterday.

Clean: Will do 5 minutes of cleaning in my TV room this morning

Old clutter:
I went to bed too early so I'm up and at 'em. I have a day off so might get some of my pictures scanned. I am pretty good at it now and can do about 300 in one stint. When I realized I was wide awake at 1 I went and pulled the slide viewer out of the closet. My sis gave it to me I have never used it. It works pretty good and just like decluttering in my house I am finding it is easier to start by throwing out the ones I know I don't want...and I am writing in pencil what the ones are that I'm saving. Just like decluttering pictures that used to matter DNA-Do Not Apply. Others are as precious as gold.

The office is a wreck...albums, slides, photos everywhere. I realize just how much I like it clean and organized these days. A shift. I can see the end to this project as long as I just keep moving forward one day at a time. The reward will be priceless.

helping rachel
12-28-2012, 12:08 PM
Lexxiss--Debbie: I have an HP copier with a scanner on it. Are you scanning to a file or jump drive? I have set scrapbooks that are done, but I am thinking scanning would be the way to go for future. Some of the files in my office --- I am choosing to scan folders so I don't have excess paper. Just trying to tap into your flow :;))

Cleaned MBR and Bath. Done in 20 minutes.

Going around the house to take pictures of Christmas decorations. I purged my christmas boxes this year and sent lots to Goodwill. Haven't' done that for 20 years. So what goes back into boxes must be current supplies or in use now. Labeling boxes and contents. It will be so easy next year because of how I purged and organized this year.

Off to office for inspiration and to the 1/2 price book store with some books.... goal is to come home with only one new book.

12-29-2012, 08:38 AM
BBL I'm really rushed this morning but managed to pull off a 1-2-3- dance...old new clean.

12-29-2012, 09:23 AM
Hi Declutterers:

I am sitting on my new couch! It got here last night and I had a few moments where I thought it wouldn't make it aroung those doorways and narrow passages, but it did and I have Caesar sleeping here with me and Looloo is on our... end table! I actually have three endtables now vs. none before and I have a tall, empty, bookcase and a matching half bookcase (also empty) plus the two chests, each with three drawers and they also have bookcases that sit atop them.

I was lying on my couch watching the new tv DH bought (big.3D!) and I thought that I finally have a bit of *comfort* in this place now. That was a goal for me in terms of creating an oasis=a place of shelter/warmth/comfort. We still have the futon too and we may keep it yet. I've thrown some blankets over it and now I have a lot of seating where we had only one really good place to sit.

The chests with the bookcases are only partly in place. I have them facing each other in the hallway. One is in the niche the other wouldn't fit alongside it as I didn't take the rickety bookcase down that's in there. I wanted to see if I had to or not. Looks like I have too. But I'll measure the sace first before I do that.

I now have a MOUNTAIN of boxes to go through. There are probably 35 boxes/bags/bins in my dining area now. I got so discouraged last week schlepping them down the hall and onto the growing stacks. I thought OMG I am STILL moving! I am tired of moving. I want to be moved in and even more basic than that, I DO NOT want to move these boxes another time. So, even if I don't get everythng placed somewhere, I will call it a success if I have reduced the pile by half. Or down to ten boxes. 10 I could deal with. I still have a whole stack in the second bedroom. I was just thinking I could move the shelf I take down in the hall in there--which requires me to mve those boxes out. But they are the last of them, except for the few that lurk in the closet in that room. That may be my end goal for the next decluttering challenge. To have faced EVERY moving box by the vernal equinox aka Spring's arrival.

:bravo: to all of us here. LEXXISS you truly deserve a :congrat: of your own for formulating that three step plan. It's so workable! I think it may even work for me! thankyouthankyouthankyou.

helping rachel
12-29-2012, 02:12 PM
OnebyONe, Glad you are enjoying your new furniture. Creating the peaceful oasis that you had imagined:) I am right with you with downsizing boxes. I have over 10 empty christmas boxes and am heading to Goodwill to give the knickknacks and decorations away. I have labeled all my Christmas items, room by room including the contents inside. As I complete this task, I am going to put all like items together in the attic so if I want to go room by room next year, I can. I absolutely love decorating for Christmas. Making floral arrangement and garlands.I kept supplies on hand and finally this year-- I let go of many "supply items" and got it down to one box. I really am a hoarder at heart. But a recovering one at that. Off to continue to clean my first floor and put all the boxes in the attic.

12-29-2012, 09:47 PM
Hi Ladies!

onebyone, congrats on your new couch and a place to sit and relax. I toast you on your hard work and hope your good feeling helps strengthen your goals. Thx for compliments...I do think that my 1-2-3 was inspired by FlLady as she encouraged all three every day.

Tami(helping rachel), great job thinning your holiday decorations. I am certain you will be pleasantly surprised next year-I was.
I have a scanner, too, but after lots of research and the number of physical pictures I have I decided to use the scanners at walmart(our closest store). I was told (somewhere) that the commercial scanners would provide a better scan than the home ones.
Their photocenter has multiple scanners. I go early with all my pics organized and I've gotten good enough that I can scan 400 photos in 2 hours and walk out with 2 CDs total $6.00. I've done 15 CDs so far....over 4000 photos. Once at home, I load the photos onto my laptop then do a "sort" where each picture gets transfered to the applicable "folder" in the "master file". I keep the CD's and use my best disgression (right now) to pitch many photos...keeping some of the older ones. I have gone to extra lengths to make sure only scanned photos are in one box and unscanned items are actually in another room.
Now I'm starting to prepare my slides and have chosen Costco for their good price and (I think) superior service. I'll get a DVD back. One DVD will hold 500 slides. (.19/slide)
Because scanning is inexpensive and fast I haven't put lots of thinking into which photos I would or wouldn't scan. Since slides cost alot more I plan to go through them all before taking them in. I have already pitched over 100.
I recently copied the master photo file to a joystick for viewing on the electronic frame. Seeing our photos on a daily basis now really makes us happy.
After I am 100% finished with the photos/slides I will probably go back through the box where I stored the already scanned photos. I am guessing that at that point I will be ready to let go of most of them.
So that's my process.

helping rachel
12-29-2012, 10:00 PM
Debbie: WOW! What a great process and I can only imagine the benefits to know what is important and to be enjoyed. I am going to use walmart myself. Didn't think about that but makes complete sense. I love the DVD idea as well. I transferred all my home videos last christmas to DVD and they are so easy to access to watch. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. Loving the payoff's from my daily hardwork. I am loving letting things go to become more organized. Better late than never. Have a great night!!

12-30-2012, 09:09 AM
Tami(helping rachel), I have all the videos in a box and look forward to getting those done, too.

I went to bed early and got up early...well rested. The thought went through our minds here to head out for a day off but reality said it would be a much better spent day off to keep working on the project. I pulled out the slide projector this morning and set it up in the dining room. We looked at all the slides that were loaded in carousels and I pitched at least 100. Now I'm going to load another 300 into some empty carousels and look at them, too. Then the slide projector could get put away.

So: Today 1-2-3 dance :dancer:

1. old clutter-photos/slides
2. current clutter-do laundry and general pick up
3. clean-cat box/compost/and 10 min. in tv room

Gotta gets so tempting just to "quit" in the middle of a project like this and everything just stays all over the place. I am going to persist through this today.

helping rachel
12-30-2012, 11:52 AM
Cheering your inner organizer on today to continue with the progress! I have the same thoughts about my office. Craft room and utility room very manageable in the basement. My office is NOT where I want it to be going into the New Year. The time is now to continue on with that project. I have to move one bookcase and reorganize my closet in there. I have current projects and books that I want front and center and they are not. I wrote out the vision of how I want it when I am done and plan to stick with it until it is.

The value that I am focusing on is the sense that everything can have a home and the things I keep are valuable to me. It is bonus that they are cared for in an organized way. Just not tossed in a box to deal with later......thus the excess boxes. My husband helped out with the back of the utility room. We threw away two packing boxes that were moved when we came here from Chicago, 20 years ago.......YIKES! Talk about avoidance and not making a decision. Good news the Logjam of clutter is flowing right out of this house!

Have a great day, hope you have some smiles and surprises as you look thru your pictures.

12-30-2012, 01:00 PM
Good news the Logjam of clutter is flowing right out of this house!

Have a great day, hope you have some smiles and surprises as you look thru your pictures.

Thanks! Good news to hear the logjam of clutter is flowing right out!

My DH went back to bed...there is alot of emotion involved in sorting through the old stuff. We went through all his sisters old slides (pitched about 1/2) and the rest are in the little slide boxes that Costco provides. The projector is back in the closet.

I needed a time out to reevaluate. I am going to complete what's already in process then put all the undone back in the drawer for the next segment of this project.

Amidst all this I looked out the back window into the yard that I would so like to have looking nice instead of full of weeds. The thought that popped into my head was:
It's hard to work on my present and look to my future when I haven't dealt with stuff from the past.
Today I will continue to work on the stuff from the past so I can look towards my future.

helping rachel
12-30-2012, 03:02 PM
No doubt decluttering and organizing can open up old memories and if it wasn't overwhelming at times, we might have done this a long time ago. I am sharing a meditation that keeps me in the present when I declutter. It helps ground me in the now....thought I would share. “Close your eyes and relax. Breathe slowly, deeply. With each inhale take in the positive, healing energy in this room. With each exhale, let go of the tension and frustration you brought in. Listen to your breathing. Focus on the sound of your breath. Relax your forehead and neck. Let the tensions you carry flow down through your bodies to your hands and out of you.” [Allow about 30 seconds]

“Release the tension in your shoulders. Your chest. Arms. Legs. Tension and worry flows out from your body like a stream to a river, a river to the ocean.” [Allow a couple of minutes in silence]

“Go inward to your quiet, calm center. Deeper inward. Direct your vision to a clutter-free life. [Here, expand on, or create a new visualization as you feel correct. Some suggestions are to imagine a small clear area and make that a sacred space. Or focus on mental or emotional clutter. Whatever feels appropriate is what is correct. There is no wrong way to do this.) Imagine a place where your clutter has ruled. This could be your bedroom, living room, office, or anywhere that bothers you. Put a clear barrier between you and your clutter. You are not your clutter. It is only stuff. View it as unemotionally as possible. You are stronger than your clutter. You are in charge. Clutterless self taking charge. See yourself creating a clutter-free space. Don't worry about where things go. Just get them out of your field of vision. Your goal right now is just to create clear space, not organize. Create order where there was disorder. Feel the texture of the objects you discard. See and feel clarity where there was chaos. Feel the joy and pride that decluttering creates in you. Hold that vision. Draw it into your heart. This is how your life really is. This is your reality.” [Spend about twice as long as before in silence while members see this. When you feel ready, or sense fidgeting, begin speaking again.]

“Slowly, when you are ready, return to this room, slowly coming back from your vision. When you are ready to begin making it real on the physical plane, first return to this vision of a clutter-free environment.”

I agree with you regarding getting rid of the past me it is preparing the path for the future.

12-30-2012, 03:27 PM
Hello My Supportive Friends

I am off to another Event, reluctznt to go but going anyway here I will actively question myself about my food choices--and then, once I am home, I am committing to looking in ONE of my old moving boxes and MAKING DECISIONS about its contents.

I am doing this to SET THE TONE for the coming new year just aaround the corner. Why wait and make a resolution on the 31st? I am DOING IT NOW. I am COMMITTING to my vision of the future.

Will update later.

12-30-2012, 05:29 PM
Love this thread. I'm working on my clutter issues. I shredded newly 30 years of accumulated paperwork a few months back. I went though our copious Christmas decorations a few years ago and donated some, placed some into plastic storage bins for the kids (their collection) and even sorted out two boxes that go just on our white tree. However, I could do with going through it all again and being a little more "brutal". I will go through what is out now before I put it all back, and then in the summer when we do a garage clear and sort -- I'll go through everything. All the holiday stuff -- Christmas, Easter, Halloween...

I love the photo tips. I have years of photos with which to deal. This will be a 2013 goal.

helping rachel
12-30-2012, 08:02 PM
Welcome! MeMel! Feel free to join in with your projects or goals for 2013. Sounds like you have been successful at attacking the paper clutter. How did you decide what to shred?

I just got back from the 1/2 price book store with$30 in my pocket. Two boxes of books out of the house and a nice little reward. It was crazy in there. I think everyone else had the same idea for a Sunday afternoon activity.

The weather is so nice here. We are grilling chicken and asparagus on the grill before it gets super cold again. :smug:

12-31-2012, 09:17 AM
Hello declutterers!

:welcome2: MeMel! Wow! 30 years of paperwork has got to be alot of shredding. Kudos to you for attacking it and setting some goals for 2013.

onebyone, one box is manageable and moves you forward! Small and consistent steps of progress really add up day after day.

Tami(helping rachel), thanks for the meditation. I'm going to print it out and save in my "extra drawer" where I'm housing the big projects. Yay for money in your pocket as you declutter!

I have 417 slides in boxes ready to drop at Costco tonight and everything from the photo project is put away in the "extra drawer" for now since I won't be working on it again for a few days. credit.

I am so happy about this "extra drawer". My next project will be the company bookwork as I prepare for taxes and for the first time I will have a place to put it all away inbetween work times.

Today's 1-2-3 :dancer:

old clutter-counted slides (417) and am in the process of printing the costco form. Got a check written/ready for mailing to pay for taxes in Alaska....something I did by bill pay months ago but was rejected as WFargo didn't process it properly.

new clutter-folded and put away laundry, did a general pick up in all rooms.

clean-cat box and upstairs bathroom sink.

helping rachel
12-31-2012, 04:38 PM
:carrot::carrot:Yay! For the 2012 decluttering efforts!

I hit the big "50" today! Getting ready to have a 5pm birthday dinner here: I have never been here but rated the best restaurant in Omaha. Taking the day off from projects, light picking up here and there.

Have a great day. Happy New Year!

01-01-2013, 08:28 PM
Faithful Declutterers!

We come to the end of this challenge. I think all of us have made some kind of progress, struggled through some tasks and mastered others and made decisions all along the way about the kind of environment that would best suit us and support our ongoing food / foodplans.

I'm going to continue working on my place and will begin a new support thread.

So for those who wish, let's keep moving forward in 2013....

Thanks for participating. I've learned a lot from all of you.