Body Image and Issues after Weight Loss - I keep changing

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09-26-2012, 05:32 AM
My goal back and forth from 120 to 125lbs, I think the smallest I can get without bein underweight is just over 115 so that's what I'd love to shoot for but know that it isn't very realistic. I don't know that I'll ever be happy or feel attractive at any weight. :/ I figured after I lost this first 30 pounds I'd feel great, but i don't. In fact, I can even tell a difference. although other people have commented. I wasn't extremely overweight to begin with so I guess I just feel like it should be more noticable. I see the same issues with so many of us on this site and it really makes me sad. We're incredible people and we've all worked so hard, you would think our minds would let us enjoy it!

09-26-2012, 05:42 AM
I suggest you put your old "fat" clothes next to the clothes you wear now. There you will be able to see a change.

Losing weight or reaching your goal weight won't let your whole life fall in place. Believe me, I learned that the hard way.

Find yourself, do things you love, wear cute clothes and soon your mind will catch up with your body :)

09-26-2012, 10:57 AM
We have very similar stats, so I'm just going to share my experience and what has worked for me. Take it as my unsolicited two cents. :)

Melodymist is right about keeping some old clothes. I have one pair of the largest jeans I ever bought still around, and I put them on sometimes when I'm having a bad body image day. (Woah! Who else can I call to get in these pants with me! :D)

Heavy weight training and a focus on athletic ability has made a huge difference for me; it has changed my physique in ways that please me, but beyond that, it has also helped to temper my focus on my little body flaws. I'm certainly happy with what my body can do-- lift weights, run, walk/hike forever, etc.

I was 120 pounds when I was a teenager, and I hated my body. Now I'm 120 pounds again at 30, and I appreciate it a lot more. I have my "fat days," like a lot of people. I have days where I think, I'll lose down to 115... But most days I'm pretty happy with my body, for the first time in my life.

Edit to say: progress photos can work wonders toward helping you see your progress. I wish I'd started on them sooner (didn't start 'til I weighed 132). Also measurements.

09-26-2012, 11:05 AM
PS-- I just noticed on another thread that you're still wearing your larger clothes. I bet you'll see the difference as soon as you buy smaller clothes! You'd be surprised.

10-10-2012, 07:37 AM
How are you doing Savannah? :)

11-02-2012, 04:45 PM
Changing our minds about goal weight, is common. I used to think 130lbs was my upper target with 125lbs as my bottom one. Yet, as can be seen in my weight was I who was puzzled about my goal ideal, as my body has chosen numbers I never, in my wildest dreams, would have imagined I would ever see.

So, I have learned it's best to wait & see, then decide if you are at your happy place, or do you want to try for another goal line.:)