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04-15-2003, 12:31 PM
Work stinks today - I'm so tired of being in the middle and unable to facilitate change in either direction! UGH!

Anyway - I think I need to concentrate on some 'happy thoughts'. So post away ladies - I need some encouragement.

My happy thought for the day. Since WLS and losing 40something pounds - my wedding rings spin on my finger. Before, sometimes, I had to take them off because my fingers would swell. Now they spin around and even click on the keyboard sometimes when they are upside down.

Wow - do you think I'll get a new, much larger, diamond out of this weight loss? I think I'll have to work hubby for that one.


04-15-2003, 02:38 PM
My happy thought for the day is to tell everyone that ole Alvin played in a GOLF TOURNAMENT yesterday!!! First time he's played a full 18 holes in over 10 years. He was extremely tired, but really felt good about himself.

The funny thing is that one of the men he played with playes ALL the time and Alvin has been teasing him and saying that one of these days he was goin g to be able to play again and beat him. Well Paul thought yeah right!!! The first thing that Paul said when he saw me yesterday, was Boy was Alvin good, just think what he'll be after he playes a while.

It just goes to show the discrimination in the thoughts of people when they see someone overweight. Upps this was supposed to be happy thoughts!!! And it is.

04-15-2003, 03:18 PM
barb and leanna... what happy stuff!!!! i'm so proud and impressed with ole alvin. it's inspiring me to dig out my golf clubs as well.

and here's my happy thing for today.. even i admit this:I LOOK FABULOUS

I'm wearing new pants that almost fit [they fit in the belly and butt, but are a bit too big in the legs]. light blue. leggings.

and a crisp white shirt with an open collar. and one of those multistrand opaque blue beaded choker necklaces. and dark blue and light blue button earrings set in silver [peachie gave them to me at christmas], and beige canvas slideons...

and my hair was just cut over the weekend, and the greys are all gone too.

i've been getting so many compliments today!!! maybe i should wear this all the time??

and i seem to be going through another phase of not recognizing myself in the mirror.. oh well.. it's still me!!!!

great thread, leanna... hope others show up with some happy stuff!!!!