Weight Loss Support - The closer I get, the more I mess up

Mer du Japon
09-25-2012, 01:36 AM
I've lost 30 lbs over the past few months. I fit into a smaller size, feel better about myself, and am now a "healthy" weight and bmi.

My goal is 140-145. Currently I am 161. I'm only 15-20 lbs away from my goal-a weight I haven't been since high school.

Now that I am in the low 160s, I find my motivation suffering, and I am having big cheat meals 1-2 times a week. Tonight after working a 14 hour day, my boyfriend surprised me with an XL Domino's pizza for dinner. I ate 5-6 slices and had chocolate cake for dessert. I'm on track the rest of the week, it's just those 1-2 meals that I seem to stop caring and start stuffing myself.

What is this? Why is my motivation and will power declining as I get towards my goal? I'm so confused, I thought I'd be more motivated than ever at this point.

Any tips/motivation? I'm feeling pretty terrible right now. My goal was to be 159 by Oct 7. I don't really see that happening anymore.

09-25-2012, 07:09 AM
Hi there, I am pretty much exactly the same as you.
I've lost 32 pounds, and my goal is another 13.2 pounds and I'm finding it so much harder to get it off! My motivation is also wearing thin, as I know I look so much better and am so close to being 100% happy. I dont know why I'm struggling to stick to my diet 100% when i've completed like 70% of my weight loss anyway!
I'm also letting things slip here and there and then get back on plan and I end up only losing a little bit for the week, or maintaining. Its like im on maintenance, yet I still desperately want to lose the last 13 pounds.
Lately I've figured that you just have to take it week by week or pound by pound (whichever you prefer). I work in kilo's, and I find that by setting myself a little reward for each kilo I lose really helps me a lot. For my next kilo lost, I'm going for Lindt chocolate cake and a nice latte..
I've only done this reward for a kilo lost for the last 2kg that I've lost and it has helped me stick more to my diet than what I was. However, still not totally committed.
I must get my butt in gear tho, other wise I'm not going to make my ultimate target by the goal date either.
Try your best to stick to your plan, and make your target by 7 October! You will feel so proud of yourself :)

09-25-2012, 12:17 PM
Just from my experience (I hit my goal of 125 two years ago, only to regain) what happens is you start feeling good. You feel like you look good, people might be telling you how great you look, and you think to yourself, "this might be good enough". I think that's why it gets harder to stay motivated toward the end. Also, your body seems to kind of resist weight loss as you get closer to goal, or at least it seems that way.