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04-13-2003, 09:25 AM
when i was 18 nearly 4 years ago i had a serious neck injury playing rugby. at the time i had major swelling and loss of movement in my neck. being the hardend player that i am LOL i finshed the game and the other 10 games that season. ever since i have had bad pains in my neck constant clicking and cracking and occasionally difficulty swallowing. well being me and a little scared of the truth i didn't go to the doctors till last week. and i found out that i actually disloctated my neck. in a minor way but still. my adams apple instead of being alligned center of my throat now sits almost 1" to the left partially hiden by the tendon. i never noticed untill i lost the weight cos my adams apple was kinda hidden under the triple chin. it doesn't require surgeory unless i want it for cosmetic reasons. so i'm feeling really lucky at the moment

04-13-2003, 05:02 PM
well, si. first, you absolutely have my sympathy, and i'm marveling that the damage wasn't greater...

but the other part of me is trying not to jump up and down and yell at you for being such a MAN!!!!!!

it took you FOUR YEARS to go to the doc???? listen, you KID... i'm old enough to be your mother and and adn...

well, you can just imagine the mom-style lecture. i'll spare you for now, though, but only because you're basically ok.

on the other hand, you're still very young, so you had better be very very careful., it sounds like an arthritic neck shaping up here.. not a pretty thing.