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09-11-2012, 12:28 PM

It has been one busy day around here doing this and that around the house. I did show an up-age at WW as expected because that is how my system looses ~ up and down. Hopefully at next weigh in I will show a loss. I have been looking through some of my WW cookbooks and deciding what to try of the recipes that I have not made yet. I am also looking forward to next November when WW comes out with new cookbooks to get. I have ordered the upcoming Annual 2012 Cookbook Recipes for Success and am looking forward to going through it when it arrives. Somehow I missed out on getting the annual 2011 issue but I bet I could find a copy of it if I try. :cp: Maybe I will make that a quest one of these days. I did purchase a new Ultimate 3 Month Tracker last evening and it will last for Sept, Oct & Dec. In the end of the year is when all the “new stuff” comes out from WW. That must be so we can get geared up to make a fresh start in the new year.

SUSAN I do know one thing about Cecil he doesn’t trust anyone but us for when someone comes over he jets the other way. He “tolerates” us and his dogs. That is such a good thing that your cat stays in the house even when you have the door open, unusual I would think also. I have never had a cat that we let roam either. This is the only one that is an inside ~ outside cat and he stayes in the back yard when he is out there. With the mixes I use the little indivdual cake comes out to 1 Point+ per little cake.
Here is another good single serving recipe also ~

Mix together in a 3 oz Dixie cup:
2 Tablespoons low-fat brownie mix
1 Tablespoon fat-free yogurt
(cherry is good)
Microwave for 1 minute
1 Point+ per brownie

DONNA FAYE Not a nice feeling when ones shoulder and upper arm hurts and I hope yours gets to feeling much better soon.

Howdy JEAN

09-11-2012, 05:38 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! We just got home from another funeral in Bob's little hometown church. This lady was married to the farmer that Bob helped when he was in junior high; she always fed him his favorite foods. He just left for the farm and I need to change clothes. The challenge is to continue searching for my afghan hook!

Susan -- Thank you for sharing the cake recipe. It sounds simple enough even I can do it. ;) I truly believe that restaurant dining is not good for my weight loss effort. :no: We don't eat out nearly as often as when I was in school. I was surprised to learn, several years ago, that "they" add sugar when taking out the fat content in food. Stevia is the sweetner promoted by the book/eating plan my diabetic friend has been following. She swears by it. :yes:

"Gma" -- I didn't know credit cards would charge more for foreign use. The color blue I'm thinking about is a darker dusty blue -- still not sure. :dizzy: Jack would go :crazy: in our house. We have a huge picture window in the east livingroom, street side, and the two sliding doors on the west with neighboring houses behind our large yard. It is open space between both areas. Both rooms have blinds but are always open to let the light in. I sometimes pull them at night in the winter, or when the sun shines on the tv.

Maggie -- I almost didn't see the new thread since it came after the old one. I wonder what is with the "squishy" look today. :dunno: You know how to fix the "up-age" next week. Good luck! The stray cat was here before sunrise waiting for his breakfast. He must be visiting somewhere else this afternoon because I haven't seen him since. Thanks for sharing your brownie recipe. :T

I need to get busy! Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

09-12-2012, 09:56 AM
Good morning ladies! It looks cloudy out but supposed to be a sunny day again today. We are now only 8 days from leaving for Florida and so starts the real work of getting everything done in time. I am going to dye my hair this morning to get ready for my hair appt on Friday. You aren't supposed to wash it for 24 hours after coloring and they do a shampoo with your cut so thought I would do it today. I went and did my cleaning that I was to do today last evening so I could have time and do the hair stuff and get the darn wrap blocked. I still haven't done that.

Maggie: Next week will be better I am sure. Thanks for the recipe. I usually use the Pudge brownies if I make brownies. Jack is not a big chocolate eater when it comes to cake and brownies. He says it is all devil's food, which cracks me up. I do make him german chocolate once in awhile and he likes that though.

Jean: I feel like we live in a tomb, but Jack has always been like that from the first day we were married, closing off all the windows. I am used to it by now. It is kind of stupid to do it downstairs because the back windows face out onto the deck and the garage is on the other side of the deck so no one could see in unless they walked up on the deck, but it is one of his prissy things. When I was growing up, my grandparents had a huge double picture window across the front of the house and down the right side and she rarely if ever pulled the drapes even at night. The house I grew up in had a big picture window too and mom left it open all the time.

Well girls, I need to get out of here and get the gunk on my hair. It takes 45 minutes. Have a good day today. Faye

09-12-2012, 10:57 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's a cool cloudy morning in my neighborhood. Rain is predicted later. I'm waiting for a call from the electrician; I swear all construction/fix-it men dance to their own tune as far as other peoples schedules are concerned. :hyper: I have lunch bunch at noon, need to do a couple errands after that, and bell practice at 5. Bob will be "hauling" if it doesn't rain.

"Gma" -- I know it seems like a long time for you to wait for your cruise but it seems like yesterday that you first began talking about it. :yes: Time does fly by too fast. I just hope you have a great time! How many days will you be gone? I'm sure you've said and I have forgotten. :o I must admit that I gawk in windows when we drive at night, especially at Christmas time.

I need to put my face on and get ready for the day. Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday and enjoy! :wave:

09-12-2012, 03:37 PM

Wednesday already. It is a nice 79ºs as I type and the talking heads predict it will reach 85º before this day is over. I can deal with that for the temps are getting cooler as the months pass. Now if we could just get some more rain. I was just waking up this day when I heard Cecil outside the bedroom door wanting in. Pretty soon as I was getting up the door was opened and in he ran. It was his time to use the room. I was up and getting dressed and he was ready of his nap. Beanie greeted me as I exited the room. He is such a delightful little dog. Will got some new type drops to put in Ragg Mopps ears when he took him to the vet yesterday for his rabies booster shot. These drops are supposed to be newer and better than the ones we have been using on him. We really like this vet. I sure know what it is like having itchy ears and am glad to have something that works for me & so is Ragg Mopp.

Four of us that went out to Applebee’s last night to eat had a blast. The director of the museum was one of the party and one of the gals that works there also plus us. The manager come over and told the young man that came to wait on us that she would be our waitress. The look he gave us was precious ~ like “who are these people?” :lol: We plan to all get together again soon. Four other folks came in and sat across from us that had also been at the meeting we had attended earlier so it was a lively group. What fun we did have. One of the gentlemen was from Texas, out here visiting his brother, invited Will & I to come to his ranch for a visit when we are in that state. We just might do that one day. Life is good ♫ and we do like Texas. In fact it’s just about time we did visit our friends down there.

What to fix for dinner this day ~ I need to get my thinking cap on and decide what to make. Will just said he would like “Lasagna” when I asked him. OK we will have that. Decision made for we have some in the freezer and I don’t have to make one from scratch today. :lol: Makes it easy for me for sure and I can busy myself with other things that need doing. We had a bowl of soup for lunch and I have points+ left for some lasagna and a tossed salad.

You all know how much I like cookbooks well I kept getting a thing in the mail to order a cooking magazine type publication that didn’t have nutritional information I could use to figure out the points+ with. I wrote them letters each time they sent me an invitation to get their publication and low and behold today I got an issue in the mail today with the nutritional information in it so I can figure points+ values easily. I know how to tweek a recipe to make it more points+ friendly and this publication doesn’t have any advertisements in it and is just a few (44 pages) of great looking (picture with every recipe) recipes. There is a gorgeous chocolate cake in the publication that is a whopping 20 points+ a piece that I will make to take to pot-luck. :lol: They even have the recipe for the frosting with it’s own stats. I certainly wouldn’t :nono: recommend this publication to anyone who is trying to lose weight or didn’t know how to lighten a recipe or don't want to lighten recipes either.

JEAN I think what those construction folks do is over schedual jobs and hop to one and back to another and get them all done around the same time. Works for them but frustrates the customers who have their houses in dis-array. And when all is said and done usually the folks are happy with the work done.

DONNA FAYE :lol: Hasn't Jack ever heard of German Chocolate Devilsfood Cake? Seems that chocolate has to have German in front of it to be acceptable. If it works for him that is good. :cp: Chocolate is a vegetable. I hope your cruise is all that you expected it to be after all these months of preparation. Turn a round and it will be here. Time moves in swift transitions. We like our curtains dwawn and our blinds open and all the light we can get into this house. Our plants like it that way also.:p We have a shelf along the bottom of the picture window in the front room that Cecil can hop up on to see out front. He gets up there when the drapes are drawn at night sometimes also. The dogs can't get up there.

Have a great afternoon Magnolias. :wave:

09-13-2012, 09:43 AM
Good morning to you ladies. It is cool and rainy here this morning and I have to get the upstairs bathrooms cleaned today. Jack fixed himself some sausage this morning so my house stinks like sausage. I will have to get out the Febreze spray and try and get rid of it. Smells up the whole house.

Rough night last night. Fortune got me up 5 times and of course last night was one of those nights where it took me forever to get back to sleep each time. I now have a headache from it, but I am sure it will go away.

I finally got the wrap blocked and should be able to take it off the towels today and fold it up and put it up with all the packing stuff. Jack is packing this weekend, but I am waiting until Wednesday as I pretty much have to take all the summer clothing I have and need to wear some of it the next few days. I have to do a quick load of washing Thurs evening as I will be wearing something to run all the errands, take Fortune to Kelly's and go out to eat. We used to go to a family owned restaurant called Bolla Pasta each time we would start a vacation. He went belly up money wise and closed so we didn't have a "vacation start" restaurant anymore. We decided to make Carrabbas our vacation restaurant so that is where we are going on Thurs evening for dinner. I love their steak marsala with mashed potatoes.

Jean: Our total trip lasts 10 days, our cruise is 7 days, Sunday-Sunday. I can't believe we actually leave next week. I started planning this a year ago! This Frday and weekend are busy as I have my haircut/eyebrow wax, take Fortune to groomers tomorrow, groceries through Wed of next week, snack crackers, nuts and such to take with us, and cash for souvenirs and tips and such. We decided even though we called the bank we are going to use cash to buy stuff for the kids. No chance for some foreign whomever to steal our credit card or bank info this way. The ship requires you to give them a credit card and all purchases of any kind are just signed for while on the ship and then they charge your card when you disembark. Since I have paid for everything in advance (we are taking a cupcake decorating class together on my birthday) and we bought soft drink cards, I doubt we charge much unless Jack was a foofoo drink or something.

Maggie: I cannot convince Jack that all cake is not devils' food so I quit trying decades ago. I just don't make chocolate cake unless it is german chocolate, which he concedes is not devils' food! :lol: Men are funny creatures. Yes we are pretty much to the scurrying around part now to get all the stuff done. I colored my hair yesterday so it is done to get my haircut tomorrow. I am anxious to see what she does with it. She is a New York trained stylist with over 20 years experience.

Well girls, I need to go. Have a great Thursday all! Faye

09-13-2012, 12:14 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's a cool cloudy morning in my corner of the world. It misted, rained, and drizzled all yesterday afternoon and evening so I'm ready to see the sun again. I have WW this noon and soccer games later this afternoon.

Maggie -- I hope the new ear drops will help RM's ears. :yes: It sounds like you had a fun lunch at Applebees. The electrician showed up yesterday, unannounced as he hadn't heard my phone message. I don't think they have a secretary from the sounds of it, just an answering machine at the office. He was lucky I was still home and told him so; he took it as a joke from my tone of voice but I was serious. Bob isn't happy with the outside outlets as they are metal boxes that stick out away from the house, both on the deck. Our others are flat and hardly noticeable so don't know why he didn't do the new ones the same.

"Gma" -- You are on the countdown! :cheer: Last night at bells, we visited while we polished bells, and one of the gals had her identity stolen this summer. They traced it to a WM gift card her daughter had given them for their anniversary. The crook somehow got into her bank account and got her social security number so she had to cancel everything and anything with that number, and start over, which takes time. Probably no one will get caught which is too bad. Do you ever watch the Cupcake show on the Food network? The chefs come up with some novel ideas. I guess cupcakes are popular at weddings but we haven't seen that. We have a wedding the 29th so maybe cupcakes will be there. The class will be fun!

I need to work on some more drawers in search of my afghan hook. I have found some interesting things that have been lurking in the dresser drawers (in the spare bedroom) for a very long time. :o Another SOS box is in the making! Have a terrific Thursday and enjoy! :wave:

09-13-2012, 03:28 PM

It is a wonderful cool day here in the ♥-Land in the 50º and 60ºs all day. It is just past noon o’clock here and I am just really waking up. I love this cool weather and am just taking a nice slow morning of it and enjoying my first cup of coffee. Cecil is so some timey ~ usually when he gets let in the bedroom before I get up he goes under the bed to sleep. This morning he snuggled up as close as he could get to me and purred very loudly. I left him in there snoozing away and didn’t want to disturb him to make the bed. That can always be done later. I loved the pitter patter of the rain on the roof yesterday and through some of the night. The area is very thankful for what precipitation it did get and hope for more.

I put a roast in the crock-pot this morning and poured half a jar of salsa on it and sprinkled a package of onion soup over that. My plan is to shred the meat this evening and make up a batch of burritos tomorrow. I have yet to decide if I want to use cubed potatoes in them or rice. I can ask Will what his preference is for this batch and go that way for he eats most of them anyway. :lol: They are so easy to just pop one in the microwave and heat them up for a quick meal. I weigh and measure the ingredients I use and then can easily figure out my P+ value for each burrito. Works for me. I’ll be smelling that roast cook all afternoon. :lol: Tonight we are having a breakfast of biscuits, bacon, pancakes and sliced fruit. For lunch I will eat a frozen “Live Smart” entrée by Schwan’s® when I finish here. Will is at the museum so will eat something in town. He requested tonight’s dinner before he left for he has been wanting that all week and something always came up otherwise. So I will be making breakfast for dinner. I have a container of sugar free, fat free syrup that is really quite tasty. My biscuits are little 2 point+ yummy morsels and I use light pancake mix and I have some 1 point+ bacon strips and can make boiled eggs. But I don’t think I will do biscuits this meal since we will be having pancakes. So there you have it a nice yummy meal that has been lightened. I will have a can of hot V-8 juice with my meal. If Will prefers to have fried eggs I make them in a nonstick pan without any butter or grease ~ just some of that neat butter flavor spray that comes in a can.

JEAN Can you ask that electrician to change out those boxes for the flat kind? Seems like he may have been trying to get rid of some old model ones. Are your bells brass or silver? I know both kinds have to be shined up at times. Isn’t it fun to find things you forgot you had but certainly don’t need any more. Those ear drops are working on Ragg Mopp for he isn't scratching his ears at all now.

DONNA FAYE Sounds to me you have all your ducks in a row and you will have a great time of it that week of vacation floating around on that boat. I mean everything ~ you have thought of everything you will need to take along. I imagine that stylist you are going to for your hair cut does a great job since she has so many years of experience with cutting hair to suit her customers. I just got my hair cut the other day very, very short and spikey.

Have a great afternoon Magnolias.

09-14-2012, 11:33 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's a cool sunny morning in my neighborhood this morning. Bob is farming today and I'm in hopes the contractor will show up to replace the chipped tiles and grout as well as finish the trim under the doors. I am not cleaning that area until he finishes his mess. I've got laundry to do, magazines to sort, and the continued search for my afghan hook. I never did do any searching yesterday. :o
Either my isp or this site is super slow today.

Maggie -- Our handbells are bronze and need to be polished, which we don't do often enough. We are supposed to wipe them after every use, but we wear gloves and try to do serious polishing at least once a season. We have polishing rags we can use but I really prefer the "paste" cleaner as I think it does a better job. It's messy! The electrician used metal boxes, that stick out away from the wall, on the outside outlets :dizzy: -- looks dumb for sure.

"Gma" -- What is on your busy "to do" list today? ;)

Susan -- I'm thinking you don't work in the office on Fridays. Hope you are doing something fun! :D

Hope you all have a fantastic Friday and enjoy! It sounds like it is going to be a nice weather weekend. :wave:

09-14-2012, 04:12 PM
Afternoon girls! Gotta make it quick as I have to leave and pick up Jack in just a few minutes.

Busy day today so didn't get time to get in here this morning.

Jean: I took Fortune to the groomers, came home for a bit then headed out to the salon, which is clear across the other side of town from where we live. She is just fabulous. Cost me $50 for a haircut, but she is well worth it. She showed my how to blow dry it and showed me all the ways I could wear the haircut. The eyebrow wax was fun! :lol: I did ask her about putting on eyebrow pencil and such and they showed me what to do since I don't have much in the way of eyebrows. Mainly, I wanted my semi unibrow look to be taken care of, which she did. Jack is going to die when he finds out including tip my salon visit cost me $84!!!!! :lol: Hope you guy got in there and fixed up your tile and such so you can clean up. We have commissary tomorrow to get things for just a few days and snacks and such for the trip.

Maggie: Pot Roast is one of the best smelling things cooking in a house along with bread! Hope all you animals are doing fine.

Oops, gotta go and get hubby. Can't wait for him to see my hair. Faye

09-15-2012, 10:59 AM
Happy Tax Day to the IRS and Happy Saturday, Flowers! It's a beautiful cool sunny morning in my corner of the world. The contractor never showed up yesterday :( but the painter did. :D Paint prices have sure gone up since we last painted anything. It looks like it will be a week to 10 days before he can come here. Bob thinks he can paint the bedrooms once I get the stuff sorted and removed. He is off to the farm for the day. His farmer friend has a funeral in Illinois so they will shut down for a couple days while he is gone.

Our gas price just went up 14 cents to $3.79. I wish the income would jump at the same rate! :yes:

"Gma" -- I'm glad you like your hair cut; it sounds like your gal knows what she is doing! :cheer: I'm giving serious thought to having my eyebrows done permanently. I've seen some that really look fake while others look very natural. Guess I am just chicken to take the next step. :dunno: I do need to vacuum the construction zone as I can't stand it any more. I spilled some critter food yesterday and Ernie has been playing with a couple kernels of corn. Hope your trip to the commissary is a quick and easy one.

The dishwasher is washing and I need to take laundry downstairs and get that going. A trip to the library and grocery store is on my agenda for this morning. Hope you all have a super Saturday and enjoy! :wave:

09-15-2012, 06:27 PM

Wonder what happened to me yesterday for I don’t see a post from me. Must have gotten busy and spaced it.

Yesterday Will brought home a nice looking Acorn Squash and I fixed it with an old WW recipe and baked it then put a stuffing in it and it was so good. You halve the squash and bake it first then put the stuffing of meat, etc in it to serve it. Makes a good 7P+ tasty meal along with a tossed green salad, cottage cheese and pear halves. I haven’t made this recipe in a long time and am glad he brought home that squash. The recipe calls for a Butternut Squash but this Acorn one worked just fine. We didn’t want any peas in it so I substituted some chopped up water chestnuts in their place. If anyone wants that recipe I can type it out for you.

The roast I crock potted earlier this week turned out nice and tender. I let it cool and picked it clean of all the fat and have it shredded in the fridge ready to make burritos when I get the ingredients I need ~ like the tortillas. I like to make a batch when the last one is almost all gone for they are sure a good thing to have for a quick meal. They are good as hand food or with some chili beans poured over them. They are just plain good. In fact we are having that for dinner today.

I have a couple of small 7½ x 11½ jelly roll pans that I use a lot for just the two of us. I use them for things other than jelly rolls though. Anyway they have been with me a long time and have had a lot of use. I went on a web search for a couple of new ones and couldn’t find any of that size which is a quarter size of a sheet pan. They sell the full sized and half sized but not the quarter size that I could find. However, at a camping store I located some that are 6 x 9 which will work perfectly so I ordered two. I’ll put one with our camping supplies and can use that small size in my camp oven for lots of things.

JEAN I imagine the paint prices went up like everything else has but you probably really noticed it because it has been awhile since you bought any. Cats can have joy with the simplist of things. Cecil likes to drop little morsels of his food to the floor like a child dropping things off its high chair. Beanie sits down there to gobble them up. Keeps the cat food off the floor that way.:p

DONNA FAYE Well how did Jack like your new do? You are now all prettied up for you trip.

Have a great afternoon Magnolias. :wave:

09-15-2012, 07:53 PM
Evening gals!! Busy day again. Guess it will be that way until we leave now. So much to do.

We had to go to the commissary today and what a nightmare. It was military payday yesterday and we got there two minutes after opening and it is usually dead quiet until about 9:30 but it was jammed. On top of that, the idiot who runs the place has the aisles filled with Halloween candy boxes and stuff and then had employees stocking today so you couldn't get around anything. Luckily, we had a short list just for the next few days and snacks. We then had to stand in line and I was cramping really badly so I left poor Jack to check out and went and sat in the car and waited. He could have cared less. He is such a good husband.

I also wanted to shave my legs today and then start to exfoliate my arms and legs everyday so it will take the tanning towel stuff starting on Monday. I don't have a lot of body hair (the girl was amazed at how little eyebrows I had) and so I don't shave except about every 3 weeks. If I shave my legs more often than that, there is not enough hair and my legs get all chopped up. It is the same with the waxing. If I wax too early, it causes ingrown hairs. When I told the girl I had no arm hair at all and no hair ever grows on my legs above my knees and very little on my lower legs (I laughed and told her to imagine having short socks on if I let it grow out for a couple months or so. So, I shaved today and one leg was ok and the other one I chopped up pretty much. I could tell just by feeling down my leg before I shave what is going to happen, but had to do it! :lol:

Tomorrow Jack is going to get a haircut then he is going to pack and I am going to pack the carry on bag for our hotel stays and the evening dining room clothing since we may not get our bags before our dinner hour, which is 5:30. I didn't want to wait to eat dinner until 8 PM.

Maggie: Jack lovvvvveeed my hair. He commented on it a lot. One of the super things is I don't have to put any product in it or hair spray on it. It moves and you can wear it several different ways. I have to say I just love it and she definitely has a client. Your burritos sound so good. I may have to try that as they would be good to have one for a lunch. Jack is not a big burrito eater, but I like them.

Jean: I know. We got paint at at fairly decent price and it is like $25-$30+ for a gallon of paint now. Ridiculous, but guess with fuel situation that is why paint has gone skyhigh. We are at $3.66 at the Walmart down the street. I need to check out prices for traveling again and see where they are.

You gals have a nice evening. I am going to knit on king kong's sock a bit. Jack is glued to college football games today so it is borrrrring! :dz: Faye

09-16-2012, 01:18 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It was really foggy early this morning when I left for church. The sun is peeking out now and it's supposed to warm up into the 80s this afternoon. Bob is singing at second service and offered to pick dinner up on his way home; chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, coleslaw, and a roll. What a guy! I love it when he "cooks!" We will leave for Sioux Falls after we eat -- one more football game next week and we will be done with football. :cheer:

Maggie -- I found my afghan hook in a plastic box with a half finished cat afghan that I started for "Mom" several years ago. :o Also in the box were the labels from the afghan I made for Beth when she was in high school. They were $1.67 a skein from Michaels. Now they are $3.67 but a different brand of yarn. Considering it's probably close to 20 years later that isn't too terribly bad.

"Gma" -- The painter said to plan on $30 a gallon for paint. If we go with darker colors everything will take 2 coats which surprised me. I thought darker would cover up lighter easier. Oh well . . . . I had to :lol: at your reference to king kong's sock. Bob watched football when he got home last night about 9, and promptly fell asleep.

I need to change clothes and pick up the never ending clutter. Since the contractor never showed up yesterday I didn't bother to do any cleaning . . . won't today either.

Hope you all enjoy your day today! :wave:

09-16-2012, 07:27 PM

The temps are in the low 80's this day. Not much out of the ordinary happening on this beautiful not windy but breezy Sunday. We did go out for lunch after morning services and I had a tossed salad w/o dressing, BBQ shrimp and half a sweet potato without anything on it for it was yummy enough without the butter, brown sugar and cinnamon they served with it on the side. Tonight we will be going out to Applebee’s and I will eat off the WW labeled offerings. Right now I am having a hard time keeping awake even though I am sipping on a sf ff vanilla latte with a double shot of espresso. :lol: Life is good. Something was upsetting the neighborhood dogs last night and I kept waking up so didn’t sleep through for it was then hard to get back to sleep. Plus Cecil wanted to share my pillow for some reason. First time for that. Maybe he didn’t like the sound of the neighborhood dogs either.

We went for a Wal*Mart run awhile ago to get some necessities and there were some good cuts of meat in the “used meat” bin which we purchased. Lean beef roasts are always a good thing to have on hand plus pork chops and 90% lean ground burger. I have it all portioned out and in the freezer. I am glad we started filling our freezer when we did for even the prices of the meat in the “used meat bin” are higher now than last month’s sale prices were. I have lots of ground beef now which is good for I can use it in so many recipes. In the parking lot there was a hole in the asphalt next to a car that was full of water. It was no more than 8 inches wide and probably an inch deep and a black bird was having so much fun frolicking in it. He got a good bath and then flew away all happy and free. Such a neat sight to see.

We drove by the buffalo pen and those babies have sure grown. They were all eating the tender shoots that popped up after the rain. I could see that all of the adults have new tags in their ears so they have all had their up to date vaccinations. The young ones don’t have tags yet but I imagine they will have them soon.

JEAN Your lunch sounds like a KFC meal. I sure like their grilled chicken breast for 5P+ instead of that yummy extra crispy for 14P+ or the original breast which is 10P+. They are all so good but for the least points I alwways get the grilled. :D I imagine you were happy to make that trip down memory lane when you found your crochet hook. Are you going to finish that afgan for your current cat?

DONNA FAYE Your hair sounds like a style you should keep since your main squeeze likes it also. Don't you just love the freedom of an easy care hairdo. Knit away on those King Kong socks. I love what you call them. :cool:

FYI: I just read a bit about canned tuna in a health panphlet and here is what it said, " Look for light canned tuna, which tends to contain less mercury than albacore (white) tuna. Choose canned fish that's packed in water, not oil, to keep fat content down."

We have been buying the "albacore" packed in water thinking it was the best. Guess we will start getting the "light" now instead. It is cheaper also. :cp:

Have a great afternoon Magnolias. :wave:

09-17-2012, 10:39 AM
Good morning to you all! It started raining last night and is probably going to rain all day today. It is a nice continuous rain, down constant downpour. At least it is light enough Fortune is willing to go out to go to the bathroom! :lol:

Yesterday we started packing and arranging. Jack told me he had packed all his stuff and didn't even need the second bag. No surprise they are huge, but I know I have to have both and maybe his too! :lol: Since we are staying two nights at a hotel on our way, I have to pack a separate bag to take into the hotels, then one of our new medium sized bag is packed as a carryon to the ship and has our meds, shampoo and stuff and our dress clothes for Sunday night's dining room since they said bags often don't get to the rooms in time for early dining. It was a bit confusing and mainly I just want to make sure what I have packed is already scratched off the list.

Jean: I haven't had kfc chicken in a long long time. We usually get chicken from Kfc and sides from Popeyes. I think we are going to buy paint with built in primer and see how it covers. One of the things I think he means by having to do two coats is you can see the roller marks on dark paint. We painted our dining room and stairway and upper landing a darker yellow and I notice you can see roller marks and the walls underneath were cream colored. It still costs quite a bit to knit or crochet anything. Jay's socks yarn alone is about $15. That's why I don't take on paid projects. No one wants to pay $25-$50+ for a darn pair of socks.

Maggie: I have never bought tuna in oil. You then have to rinse the stuff anyway. I don't care for albacore though as it tends to be dry. Jack won't eat tuna so I buy those little lunch sized cans if I want to make something with tuna.

Well, chores are calling me so I better get to them. Have a great day all. Faye

09-17-2012, 02:17 PM

Another beautiful day in the neighborhood. No wind ~ just a nice breeze currently in the 60º range and not expected to get over the 70ºs this day. However, the wind is expected to pick up as the day gets older. After all fall starts this week on Saturday so it really should get cooler. I weighed the same this morning on my scale but my official weight will be when I weigh in at WW this evening.

I received my latest addition of Cooking Light magazine and it has some yummy quick bread recopies in it which are all around 5P+ a slice. However with the fruits and nuts that are in them they are more of desert bread then sandwich bread if you know what I mean. They have lightened up some of the great banana breads which they say their flavors are over the top. We shall see when I try one or two of the recipes. They all look like they will freeze well so we can have a slice and freeze the rest. A toasted slice of one of these with a boiled egg and some fruit would make a great brunch I would think. I think the first one I will try is the Kumquat-Cranberry Cornmeal Loaf which they say you can substitute 2 T of slivered orange rind strips for the kumquat which I will no doubt do if there aren’t any kumquats in this town to be had. The Walnut Streusel Bread recipe looks good also so I may give it a try soon and the Sweet Potato Bread along with some others that sound so yummy. :yes: And to think I wasn’t going to save any more recipes because I have so many already . . . Well the old saying is “the good plans of mice and men oft go astray.” I am not a :mouse: nor a man but my plans do go astray. Magazines must be doing articles on bread this month for Will bought home a “Grit” magazine which is an issue of their “Country Skills Series” which is a guide to homemade bread with 53+ keys to successful bread making. Interesting articles including recipes for burger buns, bagels, pretzels & pizza crust along with lots of other breads. I can adapt any of the recipes to my little bread machine. Since I have cut back drastically on my bread eating it has to be a very special bread for me to eat it now days and home-made is the best. :cp:

Today I need to make Will some business cards and do some other projects for him on my desk top publishing program. Fun stuff for me to do and a chore for him so I gladly take on the job. Other than that I don’t have anything else on my “to do” list for this Monday except menu for the week planning so I will have all ingredients I will need on hand. I may even make a loaf of bread.

DONNA FAYE I imagine it is a great feeling to have your bags packed. I think it is great they have packaged tuna in small tins which makes it great to take along on a lunch on the road for us. The can can stay sealed until it is to be used and then there is no waste. I keep both sizes on hand. Neither one of us eat fish all that much at home but we both like tuna on occasion. I would love it if a Red Lobster restaurant would come to this town. I eat most of the fish out at a restaurant since Will is not a big fan of it. I can get it grilled at most places which is program friendy. I don't mind Will not caring for it that much for I can get it as much as I really want to. He loves to fish and will eat what he catches though. :p Will can always order a burger at a Red Lobster restaurant for he doesn't complain nor mind taking me there. :bravo: I do have some fish in the freezer which I prepare when he isn't here for a meal.

Have a wonderful day Magnolias. :wave:

09-17-2012, 03:04 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's been a rainy chilly morning in my corner of the world. I think "fall" is seriously here, but now the sun is peeking out. There wasn't much money at church this morning, nor at the gift shop so I am done with both. My house looks like a disaster zone with everything out of place on the main floor. The painter will be here in 7 to 10 days depending on when he finishes the job he started today -- a 3 story house and he's painting every room.

Maggie -- Our chicken dinner was from a local restaurant, not KFC. :no: Since the Mexicans took over KFC, they have changed the recipes -- their food is terrible! I will have to look for the light tuna, but I've always bought it packed in water.

"Gma" -- The only time we buy KFC is on the way to the lake because it is still the "authentic" recipes. I don't have the knack of packing a suitcase so that my clothes don't come out all wrinkles, and that drives me :crazy: ! My mom always rinsed tuna with boiling water because she didn't like fish but would eat tuna in a casserole.

I have card club tonight and am looking forward to getting away from my mess here! I do need to do some laundry and get my pile of magazines ready for the hospital.

Have a monkey marvelous Monday and enjoy! :wave:

09-17-2012, 05:07 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! An overcast day and 79 degrees with thunderstorms this evening and tomorrow.

I had water aerobics and yoga at the Y this AM and tonight at 6 will be the first meeting for the Losing to Win challenge that I signed up for at the Y. It will be interesting to see how they do this.

Faye, I know you will have everthing perfectly organized and ready to go on time. I don't make quilts for people for the same reason you don't knit - they aren't willing to pay enough to cover materials let alone my time.

Jean, I never go to KFC, Bojangles, Church's or Hardee's and get a chicken dinner. Too many points for my day. Anyway, I like mine better.

Maggie, next time you are looking for those pans, look for toaster oven pans. I have some that are the size you mentioned made by Nordic Ware that are marketed for toaster ovens. I never buy tuna in oil, but I do confess I like the Albacore best. I don't eat it often enough to be concerned about the Mercury. Good luck at WW tonight. I know you will show a loss.

Have a wonderful evening.

09-18-2012, 10:15 AM
Good morning to you ladies. It rained again all night last night again, but it is dry at the moment though really cloudy.

I never got the rest of my stuff packed yesterday so will gamely try again tonight. I wasn't feeling well all day yesterday and went to bed early. I was supposed to exfoliate and then start applying the tan towels, but will start it today. I am still not up to snuff, but just have to work through it I guess.

Jean: All 4 of my dresses and my long skirt are what they call slinky matterial and it does not wrinkle no matter what you do to it. I folded them into little squares. My cotton capris wrinkle a lot. I am taking wrinkle reducer spray, but I can't take my steamer, they don't allow them, so it is the best I can do. I guess having all the extra room might make it easier to not have wrinkled clothes. My son-in-law won't eat green beans cooked in the water from the can. She has to drain it and cook them. She doesn't use a lot of canned veggies though. Nowadays she can cook well enough she uses fresh veggies.

Susan: People ask me to make things and I try to be nice and explain how expensive it would be, but then they want me to give them a price and when I do, they get mad and say I am gouging or some such. Like you, my supplies alone cost quite a bit. I guess they think you should put in all that work for nothing. They don't like it much when it is someone I would do something for free and tell them I can't because of other projects. For me, socks take a long time, more so than even sweaters or blankets, I guess because of the tiny needles and then many more stitches. People think because socks are smaller they take no time at all to whip a pair up so I should have tons of time for them and it just isn't so.

Maggie: Jack and I both like Red Lobster, but we don't go there much as it can get pretty expensive. We don't eat out nearly like we used to. I just stay home and cook.

Gotta get to my chores. Have a good day. Faye

09-18-2012, 10:36 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's a chilly 34 degrees in my corner of the world and the furnace is humming along! :woohoo: The sun was out but clouds are moving in so not sure what kind of day it will be. I'm going to the paint store this morning and maybe donate blood this afternoon. Bob left for the office but will head to the lake to drain pipes after lunch.

Susan -- It will be interesting to learn what the Losing to Win program is all about. I wish we had Y here. :yes: We haven't eaten at our KFC for several years; it's not clean and the altered recipes are gross.

"Gma" -- I hope you are feeling better today. :crossed: I wish someone would invent something so cotton clothing wouldn't wrinkle so badly. I iron capris or t-shirts and after sitting in the car one could never tell. When a salesperson promotes "wrinkle free" I just laugh and comment that the wrinkles are free with the purchase price all right!

Maggie -- What are you up to today? :twirly:

Does anyone ever hear from Gail? :?:

Hope you all have a terrific Tuesday, accomplish something you've been putting off, and enjoy the day! :wave:

09-18-2012, 01:29 PM

The weather here is still in it’s summer mode but slowly cooling down. The little bit of rain we got sure greened up the lawns. The vast lawn around the church is beautiful and ours is as well. Will worked hard on getting them weed free since we have been here and it has paid off. Some of the talking heads are saying that since we had such a hot summer that we will get more snow this year. Well, we will see about that when the time comes. Whatever “will be will be” and we will deal with whatever that it is. :yes:

Well I showed a loss of 0.2 at weigh in last evening but I guess I had better look at it as going in the right direction. All of the point 2’s add up to a pound. :cp: This is slow going but it is still going. It’s like a slow drip of a faucet. Pretty soon the bucket can be filled up even though it takes longer that way but it eventually gets there. Yep, I am a slow drip. And a drip none the less. I picked up a WW handout last evening entitled “Your 5% Goal” which I am going to read over and over this coming week to help me keep my FOCUS. I do believe I can do this thing as long as I do keep my FOCUS. I picked up the latest WW book called I ♥ LEFTOVERS and am going to have fun today getting acquainted with it. At first glance it looks good. One of the recipes that caught my eye when I first popped the book open is the Pork, Potato, and Green Chile Stew. Yep, I am going to like this book.

There is a young man that works with Will at the museum who has adopted Will as his father. His own father passed away several years ago. He is a college student and just adores Will. He texted him this morning and asked him to “please” come into the museum for he needed to talk to him. So you know where Will has gone now. Cecil just told me to open the bedroom door. He didn’t ask but just TOLD me. What a character. I am now in a very quiet house. I think I will play some music ~ Mama’s & Pappas is in my player so I will play that one. :cp: Monday ~ Monday.

JEAN Wow it is chilly in your neck of the woods. We are still in Summer mode here. It is great that you give blood. I would give but they don't want mine because of my meds. :o Hope you find what you are looking for at the paint store. Choices. Paint is something that you can't change if you have applied it and then find out you don't don't like what you have chosen. :p I do occasionaly get an e-mail from Gail.

DONNA FAYE We also have stopped eating out as often as we used to. I totally understand about the work that goes into knitting and then the price that you would have to charge. The folks that have never done anything like that usually don't have a clue what "time" it does take. With the prices of things constantly going up for my materials to build houses I don't know many who will buy from me now and I totally understand. I got a kick out of one lady who wanted to make one for herself and wanted to learn how ~ I told her I would be happy to teach her ~ so for starters I gave her a catalogue from the company I buy from so she could get set up to make one. She hasn't said another thing about it. I have invested several hundreds of dollars in equipment here in my office. However I have sold enough now to have paid for it all plus some. I will mainly keep my equipment to make gifts with. I did make a house for every lady that goes to chruch here and gifted it to them.

SUSAN I did find pans that will work from a place called Kitchen Works for they had the cookie sheets and you can buy them separate. Other sets I have seen don't come with the cookie sheet. I ordered 2 of them for I want one to put with our camping equipment that will fit in our camp oven. What I use in that oven has to be smaller than 10 x 10. It is a small oven that fits on a two burner Coleman stove. The oven is trick for it colapses to a small square and fits in a case and is easy to tote. I can use this little pan for several dishes. When I get something for camping it has to have the capability to have more than one use. No "speciality" items is the rule.

PS: I have looked through that new WW cookbook and there are a whole lot of good sounding recipes that I plan on trying so I maked them with my stilky note type stickers. :yes:

Have a great day Magnolias. :wave:

09-19-2012, 09:28 AM
Good morning girls! My last posting day until we get back. Tomorrow is going to be super busy and I know I would never get in here and we leave before the rooster crows on Friday morning.

I started my tan towels last night so we shall see how they work. Jack helps me with my back and what I can't reach. I have a whole box of large sized gloves from my ostomy days so we wear those to put the stuff on so it doesn't color our palms. It is easy peasy and I hope it gives me just a bit of color.

I see on my list for today I have to pack and get my hormone refilled so guess I will go to CVS website after I get done here and put in a request for refill and pick it up tomorrow. Otherwise, I won't have enough to cover the trip as I take two a day. Jack is going to help with packing tonight since the bags are so huge. He has all his done pretty much except for a few last minute things, but I haven't done much yet and will do my majority tonight after dinner.

Tomorrow I have nails and toenails to get done, car washed and vacuumed out, dog to Kelly's house, gased up car and get ice for ice chest, out to dinner and back home to do a quick load of laundry since I have just enough summer clothing to take for 10 days. I then have to pack it and we will pack most of the car tomorrow night.

I am down about 10 lbs overall. It is tough taking this medicine and trying to lose weight. Sometimes I just feel like I am starving. I am hoping when I go off them this time, I won't have to go back on them or have another d and c.

Maggie: Congrats on the loss. Small losses count too. I will have to look into the new cookbook. I have so many though, I don't know about getting more. We shall have to see. It is 53 here this morning, but it warms into the 80's during the daytime. Looks like mid 80's for Florida, but it is going to rain so I am hoping we can still stand on the rails and wave goodbye. We have a flag with a big blue W on it. It means a win for the Cubs, but we are going to take it and hang it over the side so Jackson can see where we are on the ship. There is a seafood restaurant right on the beach that has a webcam that pans the ships when they leave port so Jack is going to send Jay the link with the time so Jackson can watch us pull out. Hopefully, it won't rain and we can wave to him.

Jean: I haven't heard from Gail in many many moons. I need to hunt up her address and see if her email is still the same and check on her. Good luck with the paint. What did you decide on??? I know you will be glad to have it all done. You have such a cute house. (I can see it on google earth! :D )

I am going to miss you guys. You all take care of yourself. I will talk to you when we get back from the sunny caribbean!! :hat: Faye

09-19-2012, 11:20 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining and the wind is blowing in my neighborhood this morning. Bob just left for the farm so Ernie and I are home alone for the day. I need to run a couple errands this morning and have bell practice later this afternoon. The stray cat has been here for breakfast; I did manage to touch him/her but he/she didn't much like the idea. :nono:

Maggie -- The winter weather predictions are kind of like the political ads lately! It's either going to be very cold and wet or else a very mild winter like last year. :rolleyes: I guess we will just have to wait and see! :congrat: on losing .2#! Any loss is a GREAT loss and you have the scale going in the right direction. I am in the slow drip category right along with with you! Even when I am 100% OP my body hangs on to every ounce possible. Enjoy your new cookbook! We seem to be the last to receive any of the new WW items.

"Gma" -- :congrat: on being 10#s lighter! I hope that your body will have a "feel good" time on the cruise! We will miss you too, but know you will have a fun time. I need to go through cookbooks and donate some to the SOS box. For awhile it seemed like every church in the area was making cookbooks and I bought just because I knew a lot of the people who had recipes in them. I'm just not very good at trying recipes that I haven't eaten somewhere else first. :o I'm still debating on paint colors. :dizzy:

I need to get busy! I hope you all enjoy a "wonderful" Wednesday! :wave:

09-19-2012, 04:09 PM

Another beautiful day in the neighborhood. I was so surprised today for the mail brought me those two little 6x9 cookie sheets with sides, like a jelly roll pan, which I had just ordered the other day from :cp: I’ll put one with the camp oven and the other in my kitchen to use in my Cuisinart Convection Oven. These pans are well made and I will use non stick aluminum foil in them to keep them nice and shiny. :lol: Plus that non stick foil sure makes clean up easier. I have a flat cookie sheet that came with a small oven I had years ago which will be good for items that don’t need sides. I also have a small pizza stone that fits in that camp oven. :smug: It all depends on my menu, when we go camping, on what pans I will take along to use in that oven. I like having a choice. And like I have said, “each item must have a dual use. This new pan may just take the place of the stone and the flat sheet. Choices.

All the talk about chicken made me want to have KFC so Will went out and got our lunch. I ate a grilled breast for 5 P+ and a little container of the potatoes and gravy for 3 P+ and it was so good. The manager is a good friend of ours and his place is doing it correctly like KFC likes it to be. My biscuit is in a plastic bag for Will to eat later if he chooses for I don’t want it. They are so good but I didn’t want to spend the 5P+ it would cost me. That was the first I have eaten today so spending the 8 P+ leaves me enough for a nice dinner after all.

DONNA FAYE Have a wonderful trip. Like they say ~ 'I wish you fair winds and following seas.' Be safe and know we are all thinking about you and waiting to hear your report of your happenings when you return.

JEAN And I thought we were the last to get the new items. :p Do you have that "activelink" thingie there yet? I know they do in CA but not here till after the new program starts. I e-mailed my friend out in CA to see if she can get me one since they are selling them out there. Hope she can for I would like to get started learning how to use it before the holidays. It is probably still in it's "test phase" and only a few states were given them to sell at their meetings.

Have a lovely afternon Magnolias. :wave:

09-20-2012, 01:41 PM

We seem to be in a holding pattern, weather wise, for we are in the high 70ºs today and will get up to the low 80ºs before the day is over with. Fall officially begins this coming Friday. I think I will celebrate and light my pumpkin candle holder and place it in the center of the dining room table. It is a wire frame pumpkin with little battery operated flame candles dispersed all around that flicker like real candles. A gal gave it to me for my last birthday.

Thinking of birthdays ~ This advancing in age is for the birds. I find new aches and pains every day I wake up. But I am thankful that I do wake up. My eyes are getting dim for I use readers. OH my, am I truly getting old? Must be. On occasion now I get a hitch in my “get along.” I get this pain in the top of my leg ~ may be in need of a new joint there. Sure hope that isn’t the case. I will just bash on regardless. I know I will feel better when Will gets back from getting me a sf ff vanilla latte. :cp: O ~ HE is back now and I will get to feeling so much better after my first sip. :coffee: This is his afternoon to work at the museum so I will figure out what to make for dinner for when he gets home. I don’t have a clue right now but I will surely figure out something. If I have the ingredients on hand I may try a new recipe out of my latest WW cook book.

I have mailed off the do re me to my friend out in CA and she will be sending me one of those thumb drive thingies that WW is putting out to track activity progress. It will be interesting on how that “active-link” works to track what activity I end up doing. Those who have them say it makes them want to do more ~ we shall see about that now won’t we. :lol:

Have a great day Magnolias :wave:

09-20-2012, 11:03 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! It was another nice sunny, but windy, day in my corner of the world. I went to get my nails done first thing this morning, came home and did some serious dusting/vacuuming/decluttering, went to crafty club this afternoon, and an hour long church meeting tonight. I'm ready to head for my book and bed! :yawn:

Maggie -- I noticed a sign advertising the WW active link "thing" but we don't have them here yet. Our weather has been cooling way down at night, nippy mornings, and warm afternoons. It definitely feels like fall! :yes: I get a painful twinge every once in awhile and still have a big bump from stepping in the hole a couple weeks ago. There is a guy at church who always says, "well, I'm on the right side of the grass!" whenever anyone asks him how he is. He turns 97 this weekend and his family is furnishing birthday cake between church services.

Not much else is newsy tonight. I need to make a grocery run in the morning but need to make a list first. Hope you all enjoy a FANTASTIC Friday tomorrow! :wave:

09-21-2012, 04:07 PM

It is another nice day here in the ♥-Land with the wind not blowing swiftly but a nice breeze. I have been busy this day so far cleaning out some things here in my office. I tend to let things pile up on my desk and need to get them back into their proper little cubicles. Nothing earth shattering ~ just some things that get in my way if they aren’t in their proper place. :lol: Will wants me to make a huge pot of chili beans soon. We don’t have any packets of them in the freezer anymore for we have eaten them all up. So now it is time to have some fresh and get some more in the freezer. They freeze well in two serving packets which makes it easy to thaw prior to re-heating. So sometime this coming week I will be making chili beans. I like to use the Carroll Shelby seasonings which makes it easier for the spices are all measured out. However, I don’t use all of the salt of the cayenne. I save what I don’t use in their proper spice holders. I like things spicier than Will does for after his gall bladder surgery, years back, he no long can handle spice like he used to. I am one of the % that surgery doesnt affect that way though, so I can add more heat into my portion after it is cooked. Works for me. :cp: I do like my chili peppers. I may make it tomorrow if we get the ingredients all rounded up then.

JEAN Yep it is nice being on the top side of the grass. I find if I keep tylenol arthritis in me my leg doesn't hurt. :D Did you make anything in your crafts club. I imagine clubs are now starting on Christmas ornament type things now. Christmas things used to come into the stores after Thanksgiving in November but are now getting there before Halloween in October. In fact we are seeing some things already in the stores and Summer isn't really over yet. Suppose one day it will be an all year event?

Have a great day Magnolias. :wave:

09-22-2012, 05:01 PM

It is a lovely Saturday ~ first day of Autumn ~ here in the ♥-Land and I have all the ingredients ready to make a large pot of chili beans this afternoon. I do need to get the bell peppers and onions chopped to cook with the ground beef but that will be easy enough. I don’t like kidney beans because they just taste like dough balls to me but Will likes them so he bought a can of them so he can have some added to his portion. :lol: Easy enough to do that for sure. I actually think I will work on the house I have cut out today. I have been busy with other things and haven’t done any glass work this week. :nono: It will be placed on my dresser in the bedroom when it is finished since we don’t have the shelving put up with the other buildings in the front room. Will has been busy doing other projects and hasn’t gotten to that as of yet. Maybe if I mention it today he will do it. I don’t nag him at all though for I know he will get it done. There is room on the dresser to set a few more houses. :yes:

My hip has been hurting making it hard to walk and I think I have figured out what is causing it. I put an extra shoe lining in that shoe thinking it needed it since my brace is in the other shoe. Evidently it was a little fraction of an inch too much and threw me off kilter and caused my hip to hurt. I have taken it out now and will see if that will help the matter any. That is the only thing I can think of that I have been doing different.

Cecil just came in here for some attention. He is so some timey ~ when he wants attention, he really wants it but when he doesn’t then don’t bother him. Independent little precious fellow is what he is.

Have a lovely afternoon Magnolias ~ I am off to do glass work. :wave:

09-24-2012, 01:16 PM

It is said it will be in the high 70ºs and low 80º this beautiful non windy day in the ♥-Land. :sunny: This is weigh day and I really don’t expect any loss. I weighed on my scale this morning and am the same here at home with nothing on but my shorty nightie. :lol: I think we will be going out to eat at I-Hop after I weigh in and stay for the meeting this evening. Will especially likes the breakfast choices they offer on their menu. I always get something program friendly to eat. :cp:

I didn’t do much exercising but walking this past week due to that pain in my leg ~ I limp along. I have started taking the arthritis meds that are a prescription which I quit taking awhile back because one of the possible side effects is “sudden death.” I took those meds for years and am still here ~ so I surmise that side effect won’t be one I will experience. Right now I want to be able to walk and my leg certainly does need to co-operate. This flare up of a nerve in there will subside soon ~ hopefully. The pain wasn’t as bad this morning as it was yesterday morning. I’m not a kid anymore and have to watch what exercises I do participate in so I don’t injure myself. My WW thumb drive thingie is coming from CA as I type and should be here soon. My friend said I could even wear it in the shower if I want. I wrote back and asked her if she used Velcro tape to hold it in place and she replied it comes with a long cord. Now really, I don’t think I will be wearing it in the shower. Hallelujah, I am of good cheer, for I just walked to the bathroom down the hall without any pain in my hip or leg. Life is good ~ now I must take it easy this day and still just do my walking so as to let whatever it is going on in there settle down. I must walk.

I love this weather for it isn’t so :flame:ing hot. Spring was Summer now we have Autumn and hopefully will have some Winter ~ but not much snow please ~ but lots of rain would be helpful. That is what I would like for our area but we shall see what it really is when it happens won’t we. Lots of rain where there are those horrendous fires raging would spell disaster for the mud would slide. That is not a pretty sight to see.

All is well in the area this day. Will is returning the “on call kit” to the center and the dogs are outside lazing in the sun and the cat is asleep on the bed and I am here in my office typing this post. Nothing of the unusual nature ~ so all is well.

Have a great day Magnolias. :wave:

09-24-2012, 05:02 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The cable guy came this morning and now I have a new updated modem. The only problem is that he installed everything in the tv cabinet downstairs and I can't figure out how to get my pc upstairs wireless. :crazy: I really don't like typing on my laptop or the iPad if I have a lot to say. Being without internet over the weekend sucks! We went to Ian's last football game yesterday; it was perfect weather and warm sitting in the sun. They will have playoffs during the week so doubt if we go to any of those. Amanda took pictures and put them on FB I guess. Today was counting lots of money at church because, somehow, we missed a bag last week. :o

Maggie -- I think I hear an echo in here. :lol: I really didn't intend to abandon you! Different craft gals are working on different projects so they bring their own for "show and tell." I did find my afghan hook and had been making a cat afghan for "Mom" before she died so took that. Now I will finish it for Ernie. I hope that your hip and leg pain continue to feel better and without any side effects from the meds. It's been beautiful weather in my corner of the world the last few days.

I need to get busy and do some laundry. Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

09-24-2012, 05:57 PM
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