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04-12-2003, 11:59 AM
God Bless America!!!!

We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
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We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
We share laughter and tears.
We share what works for us and what doesn't.
We recently started a Topic of the Day.


04-12-2003, 12:14 PM
OK 2Cute you can't start a new thread and not post.

04-12-2003, 12:28 PM
HI Mary... I told you I had to go back and read the last thread.
I just wanted to get this one started so when I came back to post... someone could have already given me MORE to read. LOL

A Black Lacey Number..... Oooo La La
I bet you won't be wearing that long. :o LOL

Kat... :rain: "I'm singing in the rain... Just singing in the rain... I am happy again. " :rain:
Glad we could be of service to you. Now you OWE us. LOL

Aradia... You betcha .25 miles count. :yes: And so does .25lbs !!!!

Lucky.... If you had not been so snooty :snooty: to my frogs "affections" you would have seen he turns into a.... 6'3" HUNKY MILLIONAIRE !!!!!!

Now you have blown it !!!!
He moved on to that guy that Tina posted for you. :lol:

okay... wish I could reply to everyone again.. but just can't let Kat show me up on housework. Gotta at least make a path to the front door. :o

04-12-2003, 01:51 PM
Good afternoon from sunny PA (finally!):dizzy:

At the moment, I am waiting for my ride to take me to the fashion show at my local Fashion Bug, where I'll be modeling today. I've also got a photography booking either April 23 or 24 for some new shots to put in my portfolio. Anyway, it is supposed to get to 60 degrees today, so it looks like I'll get my walk in--and supposed to get warmer each day next week. :cp: YAYYYYY!!! :cp:

Anyway, to answer the question someone posted in the last thread of where I get my clothes, I usually shop Fashion Bug or the Silhoettes catalog. Actually, depending on the manufacturer, I have to measure myself to make sure that I am getting the right size--some of those places and catalogs can be tricky. Of course, being small boned and 5'6 to 5'7 in height with most of the weight in my belly and buttski, I do a lot of trying on when I go to stores--provided they don't have postage-stamp dressing rooms.

04-12-2003, 06:00 PM
Hi ladies... I am soooo EXCITED !!!! I was sitting around the house on this BEAUTIFUL day and thought "What the heck are you inside for on a day like this?"
I had two options... go work in the yard and rake those dreaded leaves along the fence.... OR ... go to GARAGE SALES !!!! Guess which won !!!! :yes: Yep.. the garage sales. It was already 1pm and I knew most of the good stuff would be gone... but the whole point of going was to get me off my duff and enjoy this nice weather... not really to buy.

WELL.. I hit the Jackpot !!! I went into this one neighborhood that had several sales. Did not buy a single item and I hit 5 houses. As I was driving out of the neighborhood I saw a sign for the same neighborhood that I did not go to.
I just said "forget it"... there probably won't be anything there either. I turned onto the main road and got about a block... (dejavu .... getting about a block seems to be trend for me and my stories.) :lol:

Anyway.... I turned around and went back to that sale.
What can I say. :shrug: I must have truly been a cat in my former life because my curiosty always get the better of me. LOL
Here is where the JACKPOT comes into play.
This woman had a ton of PLUS SIZE clothes. :cb:
They were like BRAND NEW ... some were.
She had them priced from $3.00 for blouses to $10.00 for nice set outfits.
Well...it gets better. !!!!!!!
I told her I had two daughters who wear plus sizes plus myself.
She told me I could have anything she had for $1.00 EACH. :dance:
I bought 20 items !!!! :jig:
I wanted to buy even more... but I have really HIGH HOPES that I won't need plus sizes for the rest of my life anymore. :crossed:
I bought several capris for my daughters, and a couple of short sets, several blouses, a light weight sweater, the cutest Xmas top , some TALL slacks for my daughters (those are always hard to find) ... gee... I can't remember what all I got. :dizzy:
If you count the sets... I got 20 items for $16.00 :cp:
Then to top it off... after I paid for the clothes and as I was leaving... I picked up a couple of odd knick knack items and when I went to pay for them... she told me I could just have them and to keep my money. She was an angel from heaven. :angel:

What a GREAT day this has been. :D
And it all started just by saying to myself...
"2cute... get off your duff and do something !!" :lol:

04-12-2003, 07:05 PM
You are just 2thrifty for words! Wow...what good deals! Always follow that little voice inside...

I was just reading up on Financial Aid options and needed a break, so here I am. i cleaned the bathroom, did 3 loads of wash, vacuumed, filed papers...now I need to get outside, it is gorgeous out there! And NO ball game tonight! All is right with the world.

Food has been good, but no exercise so far...other than house work! There's still time...

See y'all later.

04-12-2003, 07:12 PM
Hope I see some of you in chat tonight about 8 central

04-12-2003, 07:50 PM
Hey gals...nice to sit down for a moment and think. :dizzy: I've had the last four days off from work and dh decided he would lay out of work and keep me company.

Yeah, right. :dz: Actually, he has been home with me since Wednesday with a terrible case of gout in his foot. (around his big toe joint) :eek: For those of you that do not know what gout is, it is very hard for me to explain. I hate the name though.....gout. Kinda sounds like a fungus or something, you know? :lol: From the best of my knowledge, it's some kind of crystals that form around the joint and cause extreme pain. Kat, you could probably help me explain that a little better. He's had it for about two years, but it only flares up from time to time. They say that things like red meat, seafood and alcohol enhance the problem, but he doesn't drink at all, but does eat a lot of red meat. I know that men are all typically whiners, but he was really in a lot of pain. :( The doctor told him that it was one of the worst cases he has ever seen. He gave him some strong pain medication and some medicine. Makes you love him even more knowing that he stood for four hours just so I could have my picture made with Tony. What a precious angel. :love:

He is feeling better today, so him and Trey have went to our local dirt track and are watching the outlaws run tonight. What? I'm not going to the racetrack? If it was a Winston Cup event, sure I would. :yes: I'm not really into the dirt track. I may go with him next week though. I just needed a little down time.

Food has been awful that last couple of days. I guess because he's been here with me and we've eaten take out and stuff like that. Don't worry though, I'll be fine. Just took a little break. I don't plan on making this last forever. I'm a little scared where I'm at right now, because I'm getting this "I don't care" attitude. You know? When you do so well for so long and then you blow it and your riddled with guilt. Then you go off program for awhile and you get to a place where you just don't care? That's where I've been for the last couple of days. I know I've been eating things I shouldn't, I've not been exercising and right this instant, I don't care. I'm hoping life will return to normal....whatever that is, when I go back to work tomorrow.

Baylee: I don't think you could line up 50 people that weigh the same thing and their clothes would fit the same. It just depends. All the pants I wear have elastic in them, you know, the soft cotton/polyester type? I got a pair of Bobbie Brooks capri pants at Walmart the other day (crinkly cotton) and got a 22/24. I got another pair of capris that were the real soft material in Just My Size and they were 18/20, so I guess it just depends.

Well, since I've got the house to myself for awhile, I think I'll do something constructive. Hope you all have a wonderful day and I'll be back later.

04-12-2003, 08:52 PM
The rain held off here, so I took Evan to opening day at the local racetrack.(Short track) It was a pretty good day, but I got a little sunburned ontop of a cold, now isn't that just cute.

Anyway, next week will be better not all the cars were there this week and next week they are running a special 150 lap race for the prostock, so should be better.

Food went well today, didnt really get exercise in, unless you count walking back and forth to the bathroom at the track a zillion times because of the water....I kept debating before I left home rather to eat here, stop at subway, or eat at the track. I knew in my mind that the track food was not only expensive, but also full of fat and calories and mega points Im sure. So, being me and talking this through for a while I stood in line at Subway (it was lunch time) for 1/2 an hour and then ordered my sandwich and away I went....GOOD GIRL SANDY!!!

Well chow chicklets, I will pop over later to chat.

Hugs to all,

04-12-2003, 09:22 PM
Is anyone else having trouble logging in at the chat site?

...Or have I been banned?

go ahead, you can talk about me...I can take it!

04-12-2003, 09:49 PM
LoL. I dont know about the chat, Kat. I just got here. But I cant imagine banning you,lol.

04-12-2003, 11:31 PM
I don't know if I am banned or not... BUT ....
I CAN'T take you talking about ME !!!:sp:
Don't you guys all know how "paranoid" I am. :dizzy:

Okay.. tell me... what did you say about me ??? Come on... tell me!!!
I'm stressing out here... :stress:

04-13-2003, 12:44 AM
WHAT a day. My niece and I raked from 9AM to 5PM. About that time we started to see fire trucks go by. Now, I did let her burn leaves in this big metal container but she was only doing a few. Then MORE fire trucks came by and more and more trucks and cars are driving on our, usually, slow road.

To my astonishmen - - - their is a fire 1/2 mile from me and coming fast. Fire trucks are there from 4 towns, the sheriff is blocking traffic, my neighbor 1 1/2 miles away has the fire 700 feet from his house!!!!! Things started to get under control when all of the sudden the fire started South Towards me. So, from 5PM until now I have been watching this drama unfold while praying I don't lose my home. At the momemt it looks "almost" out from here but I don't know about what is going on further North. I can see the blaze from my window and it is now about 2 miles away. Hopefully it stays away.

Needless to say, I missed chat.

I feel so tired I could drop.


04-13-2003, 02:15 AM
Let's just say I keep cat hours.....:lol:

Anyway, my day went very well; I had a great time modeling in the fashion show. I wore this gorgeous long white dress that just slid over my body when I put it on--and it was so comfortable. Everything that could go right did--the makeup covered the "skin blossom" (aka zit) on my left jawline so well, I couldn't see it! Go figure...:)

There were a few teen models that were being totally goofy backstage, but as some of the other older models looked annoyed, yours truly just laughed it off as adolescent silliness. After all, I was their age once:lol:

The coordinator even commented how much better I looked this time than last. I guess the recent 12 pound loss and my hair being frosted helped--and it certainly showed when I walked the runway! ("OMG, look at her dress!")

Gee, if things were that great now, imagine when I get to a size 16....:s:

04-13-2003, 02:39 AM
I wish this post was at the end of the thread instead of the middle. This is one time I want to post at the end. LOL
I am not even sure if I should post this here or not because it won't make any sense to anyone. It is the ramblings of an old lady who reached a milestone in her recovery.
I wrote this off line and am posting it here because I want to share my experience with you. PLEASE DO NOT expect to make any sense of it. LOL Just know it makes sense to ME... and I am rejoicing. :D Here goes....

WOW !!! I am writing this off line and I don't even know if I will post this or not. I just know I need to write about this.

Have you ever gone "soul searching"?
To dive deep into your soul to see how you ended up where you are ?
I have ... many times. I belonged to a 12 step program and I have done many inventories. I discovered a LOT about myself...
... some things I liked... some things I didn't. :no:

But I always got to this one place ... deep down into my soul ... that I realized that one more step deeper.... and I would have to face some truths about myself that I was NOT willing to deal with.

I was willing to 'face' them. I had no problem facing them anymore.
But I was NOT willing to deal with them.
Sooo, I would STOP dead in my tracks.
I was not "WILLING" to deal with what I had found. So I would turn around and head back up to the surface where everything was familiar. My problems were familiar and my 'ways of coping' were familiar. And I have sat there for YEARS !!!!

WELL ... tonight..... Tonight I went that one step further into that "soul searching."
I took that extra step required to go deeper into my soul and see what I was soooo afraid of facing...of dealing with.
It was more than a light bulb moment. More than a click.
It was a "WILLINGNESS" beyond any willingness I have ever done. :cry:
It was willingness to deal with what I never wanted to deal with.

None of this may make any sense to you.... and that is okay.
It makes ALL the sense in the world to ME. :D
You may be wondering if I have reached the depths of my soul ... no.. not yet.
BUT... I have taken what felt like a GIANT step ... but in reality ... it was a mere baby step to finding the "emotional and spiritual" solution to my compulsive overeating.

BABY STEPS.... that is what is required to get to your goals.
I had been unwilling to take another step in my emotional GROWTH about this one specific area of my life.

Growth ... what a wonderful word. It means we do not have to be 'ALL' wise ... or 'ALL' knowing ... or to be 'at' our goals. We can GROW our way there.

I have taken a step in growth tonight.
I have faced fears that I was unwilling to face before.
I found willingness I had never had before.
I have progressed instead of stalled in this limbo I have been in for years.
I always knew there was this problem ... but being "unwilling" to do anything about the problem kept me in a state of limbo.
I kept thinking... "Why dig deeper when I am not willing to do anything about it?"
Tonight I found the willingness to DO.

I am rambling now ... even for me. :lol:
I know this makes no sense.... but trust me.... I HAVE GROWN TONIGHT .
And I wanted to share my joy with you. I FACED my fears and walked where I have never walked before.
AND I not only survived this deep soul search... I THRIVED !!! :cb:

04-13-2003, 03:24 AM
Oh my goodness ... in my enthusiasm to share my awakening... I have not even read the posts prior to mine. I am sooo sorry for not addressing some your posts first.

Lucky... I hope your home is safe. I guess that is kind of silly to be writing if it is not. ... You won't have a home to be sitting in and reading this. DUH. Just know I said a prayer for your safety and to be able to deal with whatever happens. {{ HUGS }}

Lori... Meow, meow, meow. (That is hello you fellow cat) ;)
How exciting.... modeling a gorgeous long dress !!!!
I know you were beautiful !!!
I was asked YEARS ago to model at one of the Plus size stores.
I did not do it. :no: At first it was exciting to be asked... but then.. it scared the **** out of me and I left so fast .
I always wondered why it scared me so much. Hmmm :chin: another thing to soul search about. :lol: Not tonight though. LOL

Sandy... great job on the Subway !!! You are doing so great !!!

Sara.... I was laying in bed last night and all of a sudden....
SARA !!! :yikes: I remembered I forgot you on my last post. You were suppose to come and chew me out. LOL I sure miss how you USED to post all the time. Hopefully you can find a few more minutes to make a short post. :crossed:

Baylee/Mary ... I will always be a no show on Wed for chat.
I have to confess... I am an American Idol junkie. :o LOL
Come rain, shine, snow or sleet... I will have my butt in front of that tv to see who gets booted off every Wednesday. LOL
I showed up tonight... but it was after 9pm CST so I didn't really expect to find anyone. Of course the nights I don't show up you guys all chat for HOURS. :rolleyes:

Tina... I want to thank you for posting about how sweet your husband is. I am always thinking... yeah, my husband would do that for me too. OR yeah, my husband always wants ME happy too. (He's not always good at it... but he does try) LOL
I sometimes forget just how GREAT my husband is too.
You know what I say....

Focus on the negative and the negative increases....
Focus on the positive and the positive increases."

We have a choice how we see life. Thanks for the 'positive' reminders.

Aradia... you never shared how to pronounce your name. :?:
I am itching to know. And I agree with you... Kat is too sweet to ban her from anything.... except the refrigerator. :lol:

Okay ladies... I was not even going to post tonight at all.
I have monopolized these threads quite a bit lately. :^:
Although it might me bad for you.... it has really been good for me.
Thanks for your patience with my jabber.
Good night all. :wave:

04-13-2003, 04:58 AM
You would think that I'd be sleeping at this ungodly hour...see what working these crazy hours does to me?

2cute: You had an epiphany! a.A sudden manifestation of the essence or meaning of something.
b. A comprehension or perception of reality by means of a sudden intuitive realization: "I experienced an epiphany, a spiritual flash that would change the way I viewed myself" (Frank Maier).
How wonderful that you have taken that extra step, deep inside...and came up with newfound knowledge about yourself. We are learning every day...it's so important to be open to that.

Lucky...:flame: Good grief, woman! Some people will do anything to lure the hunky firemen over! I'm glad you're OK.

Lori...sounds like a fun day. They don't do that kind of stuff at the Fashion Bug here! Do you get to keep any of the stuff that you model? :queen:

Aradia...yes, please solve the mystery...how DO you pronounce that...is it like Acadia? Pretty name. Thanks for your sweet thought.

Sandy...good job, getting your lunch at Subway. I wish we had one around here! I always hear good things about them. I can't wait for the day that the sun is out long enough and warm enough to get a sunburn! :flow2:

Tina...as far as I know, gout is an inflammation of some kind...something to do with an over abundance of uric acid crystals that settle around certain joints. I hope dh feels better real soon. I hear it's very painful...Ibuprofen or similar anti-inflammatory should help. No Big & Tastys for him this weekend...he needs to be babied! :bb: Men are big babies, arent' they? Ya gotta love 'em though!
:chin: especially YOUR Mr Understanding!

Mary...I'm so glad to hear your brother has perked up. How did the visit with your Mom go?

Okay, gals...that's all that posted on this thread...I haven't the energy to go back to the previous thread...I know I'd lose my post if I did...so, I'll just say goodnight/good morning?

Oh yes...one more thing....
Happy Birthday, Baylee!!! :hat: :hb: :bravo: What's on the agenda? BTW...I had a drink just for you tonight! Cheers! I went out for a bit of a frolic with my sis and the crew from her shop...one of the girl's BF is the lead singet with a local band. Tonight was his debut with this band...God, I am so OLD...I thought the music was WAY TOO LOUD!! They were good though, we had a lot of fun.

I'm dozing now...gotta run...see you alL tomorrow...er...LATER!

Love to all...

04-13-2003, 06:00 AM
I know...I know...I can hear you now...."OH MY GOD SHE IS ON AGAIN!!!!! :yikes:

I am soooo sorry :o ... but it is 4:00am and I can't sleep and when I can't sleep I...
"THINK" !!! :dizzy: It is a curse I am telling you !!!!

Happy birthday to you
Happy birhtday to you
Happy birhday dear Baylee
Happy Birhday Day to YOUuuu !!!

:hb: :cp: :hat: :dancer: :balloons: ::gift: :cb:

I am sooo jealous Kat got it posted before me. I had a yellow sticky on my computer screen to remind me alllll week. Grr. LOL
Hope you have a fun filled day !!!

Kat... you are tooooo funny !!!! :lol: Yes... I can see the HEADLINES now...
Firefighters found desperate woman with matches in one hand and a Big and Tastey in the other ... yelling ... "Take me sweetie... I am HOTTER than that fire." :flame: LOL

And thank you for that "title" you gave my moment.
Epiphany.... that sounds kind of nice. If I had a cat I would name her that. LOL

Okay... now for why I came back in tonight.
I have been "thinking" again. :rolleyes:
I have a dumb question to ask. You wise women just might know the answer. Especially Kat... our resident nurse. Here it goes....

This is an off of the wall question... and before you say it... I already know it is dumb.

I was curious about blood transfusions and DNA.
With all of the soldiers in this war and even regular people here in the states too.... If someone needs a blood transfusion ... what happens with the DNA??
Does it change?? My mom once lost almost all of her blood and had to have MANY many pints of blood given to her. I know this must be occuring in Iraq too.
WHO's DNA will they then have ???? :?: Does your body convert it back to your DNA? If yes.. then how long does it take to change.... If not .... and there are several different donors .... what DNA do you end up with ??
I know they match your blood type... but DNA is suppose to be unique. You no longer have YOUR blood.

I know an educated person is probably laughing at this question... (I can picture Kat snorting coffee out of her nose about now.) :lol: but I think it is even MORE STUPID to not ask it if I don't know the answers. :yes:

Also.... if your DNA does change... what about crimes?? Could you be convicted for a crime you did not commit? ... or found innocent for a crime you did?... determined by this DNA?? This question is more involved the more I think about it. :dizzy:

WAIT... I just remembered something... you don't have to have only blood to establish DNA. You can determine it from bones, saliva and hair. Hmmm. :chin:
But you also determine it from blood too. Okay... you wise ones out there. Help educate this dumb old grandma.
What /who's "blood" DNA will you have ???? :?:
(Don't you wish you could sit up all night and think of stupid stuff like this ?)

P.S. Do you guys get an email "everytime" I edited this post?
I sure hope not. :^:

04-13-2003, 08:03 AM

:hb: :hat: :gift:

Now, on to replies.

2cute: Wow, where do I start :?: ? I'm so happy that you went a little further on your steps and discovered something else out about yourself. I'm not sure what 12 step program you are on (non of my business) I was gonna do the OA one, but well I think I am just scared of what I will find out about myself? Maybe I have not yet reached the stage I need to be at for this. I have lots of family issues which I have mentioned a little before and should have done Alanon when I was younger and my dads alcholism affected me, maybe it still does and I choose not to see it:?: . But like you said babysteps, and right now my babystep is working on me and whats good for me. OH my goodness, how sappy was that? I turned the subject to me. I just wanted you to know that I was and am happy for you.

Then, about the DNA question? I don't have a clue? What a good question though? Maybe Kat can answer it? You blew my mind with it.

Lucky: oh, I should have put you in red instead of 2cute since your the one that is so HOT!!! I'm so glad the cute fireman got the fire under control and kept it away from you. Maybe you can call one of the cutie paramedics back today and say you think you inhaled to much smoke last nigh:lol:

Kat: night shift hours would keep me crazy too. And about the sunburn. I know you life just below me a bit, and did you have sun yesterday? We had overcast and sometimes that is the worst. I am blonde (yes natural) but it has gotten darker over the years and very fair skinned and burn in no time flat!!! You would think being 33 and having had a zillion sunburns I would have learned by now. And being next to an asphalt racetrack well, I don't think that helps? And, I think I have metioned to you all before that I have very thin hair too, and on top you can see my scalp some and yes I burn that too, I know to take a hat with me to the track and dummy I am forgot it. I guess because I could not see the sun, I was assuming that I would not burn, yeah right, I know the routine!!! They say on Wed. here in Maine we may reach 70 degrees. Wowzers and last week we were in the 20's.

Lori: Glad all went well at your show.

Aradia: You posted on this thread, so I just wanted to say hello and not leave you out...So HELLO!!!

Okay, I do believe I got everyone that posted on this thread so far. To everyone else a big HI :wave: . The kids want to go to the playground at the local YMCA today, so being the wonderful mom I am (hahahaha) I will take them for a while. I know, just a while longer and I will be able to play on the playground equiptment too:D .

I want to be accountable for what I did last night and want you all to know how human I really am. I had eatten for the day, I had eatten 26 pts.....thought I was done, but well for some unknown reason I decided to have 2 handfulls of choco chips, and then a bowl of cereal. Okay, I know the cereal prob. got covered with the 7 pts I had left but the choco chips...well thats a different story all together. Self sabotoge? Such a bad thing for my ego!!!And I got on the scales yes those lovely scales and I don't even want to talk about it. I have decided to keep my butt off of them till Thursday WI day I hope. I mean with this cold I have been drinking more to sooth my dry thoat, so maybe thats it, or I have eatten pasta a lot lately, Maybe to many carbs? But staying in the pts. so does it matter what you eat if your in your zone?

2cute: one more thing. I usually only get 1 email that there are messages here to read until I come to the board and then I will get another if there are more after I have been here. Sometimes though the internet being the way it is.....I get no message? Sometimes I think this is me though, because a new thread has started and if I havnt posted on it I don't get messages. Is that clear?

Love ya all,
Happy Sunday!!!!

04-13-2003, 08:14 AM
ok 2cute dear, from another insomniac [yeah, it looks later, but i've been up since 5 am, done sunday Mass, laundry, cat duty]

how about the DNA question... first, blood is made up of a solid part, the cells, and the liquid part, called plasma. when transfusions are given, they generally give what's called packed cells, which is just the cell part with only enough plasma to make it flow. don'[t worry... they use the plasma for other things, like clotting factors and such.

the cell part has both red blood cells, which carry oxygen and are the most critical things when you're bleeding out, and white blood cells [a REALLY loose term that includes all those infection-fighting cells]. if i remember from my old blood banking days, most of those are taken out before transfusion.

white blood cells have DNA, mature red blood cells do not [immature red cells do have DNA, but it's lost when they mature].

red blood cells are made in the bone marrow from what's called stem cells [which can turn into a whole bunch of different ones] that DO have DNA. you can only change a person's DNA for these cells if you change their BONE MARROW. and that happens with bone marrow transplants, but not with transfusions.

so, if a person has a transfusion and commits a crime without bleeding all over the place, the DNA he/she leaves comes from shed skin cells, hair, nails, that sort of thing. if our criminal bleeds all over the place, the only thing they can tell is BLOOD TYPE from the red cells... and that won't show anything different. now, if they get hold of some WHITE CELLS, that's a different story.

so, 2 cute. i hope you went back to bed...

how badly have i confused you now??

04-13-2003, 08:53 AM
Wow, I've never been assoicated with the word mystery before, I think I like it.:lol: Well I guess I never told much about myself, even when I was here before. So, here goes...

My birth given name was Crystal. But my life was full of misgivings and abuse, so when I slowly started sheding my coat, I took on a new identity if only for myself, and the name Aradia fit. I have found many ways to pronouce is, but I say R-de-ya. But its really accounding to who you talk too. I took on the name after I began to search deeper into my roots, and it just stuck.

I know some may think changing your name is silly, but here on the net I can get out of my life for a lil while and reach out for friends who accept me now as I am, not who I once was. I am so thankful for that. And I am so thankful for all of you. May each of you be blessed with the love and friendship that I feel from you every day I am here.

04-13-2003, 10:05 AM
2Cute AND Kat you are the ones that turned a possible tragedy into a hot, sexy, Big & Tasty opportunity .

Weather here today is suppose to be 82 and on Wednesday, chance of SNOW!

I really hurt all over (NO, unfortunatly NOT from THAT Kat & 2Cute) from raking so I will be off to take some Advil.

I don't see smoke anymore this morning so I hope all is under control and won't start up again.

04-13-2003, 10:08 AM


:dance: :hat: :gift: :balloons: :lucky:

04-13-2003, 11:55 AM
:wave: No time, ladies. Sorry. :( I was a 'showgirl' all day yesterday and was at the theatre from 11:00 AM yesterday until 12:30 AM this morning. Then I had to get up early and have my report posted by 10:00 AM. I'm exhausted and going back to bed before I have to work 3 jobs again today. :( I'll have to see you later.

Before I go:


See you all later...

God Bless America!

04-13-2003, 02:20 PM

04-13-2003, 02:44 PM
Happy Birthday Baylee!! I hope you have a great one, and lots more to come.

04-13-2003, 04:00 PM
I spoke to soon. The Sherrif has been in front on my house since 10AM. There are now fire trucks from 8 towns here that I have seen. Farmers are being called in with disc's and trucks are hauling sand. The wind is still from the South which is good for me but if it changes - too scary. The wind is blowing at 20 miles an hour with gusts to 40 so it is makeing it difficult for the fire fighters.

04-13-2003, 04:20 PM
Good afternoon everyone!

Meowsers, 2Cute :D --nice to know there is someone out there doing some soul searching; perhaps I should follow suit sometime when I am keeping my "cat hours":cool:

Happy Birthday, Baylee: May your day be wonderful and full of pleasant surprises:hb: :gift:

Right now, the race is on, and Junior is in the lead...BUT, that could change before the day is over. Winston Cup is SOOOO unpredictable, and that is what makes it FUN!!!

I was outside enjoying the sunny day with the kitties earlier; Noah is primarily an indoor kitty, but he does venture outside to sniff the grass and chase the bugs now and again. He especially likes going out when my indoor/outdoor cat, Tigger, happens to be outside as well.

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday! Tonight, I am going to bingo after my walk.:D

04-13-2003, 06:20 PM
Just wanted to wish Baylee a happy birthday! Hi to everyone else. Don't havetime for individual posts at the moment. Isn't it great that the POW's have been recovered and are alive and in pretty good condition considering. Many prayers have been answered. I'll be back later.

04-13-2003, 07:56 PM
STOP !!!! Do NOT Post Here. !!!

We will continue this conversation in our next thread... #316

04-13-2003, 08:04 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies!:wave:
We have just returned from our long weekend and Atlantic City and had a great time! And it doesn't hurt that we came back with more money than we left with. My husband did pretty good at the Blackjack Tables!!! We ate an awful lot this weekend - ugh! Although I realize that as much junk as I had - it wasn't nearly as bad as I would have been 6 months ago - so I know I am making progress. One big difference I also noticed is that I didn't even have one alcoholic drink and stuck to water and diet coke. Usually I indulge in a few margaritas here and there. Now that I am back home - it's back on track. I am going to get on the treadmill some time tonight!

Duckie - Yes, we went to a Timeshare presentation and in return had two nights in one of their wonderful 2 bedroom units and a round of golf --- which we ended up cancelling because of the weather. I've travelled a lot to Timeshare resorts because my parents own one, but Jeff and I are just not ready to buy one --- however as nice as we are to the sales people they always turn into the biggest jerks on earth. This guy Saturday was so nice at first and promised us no high pressure, but when we said "no" he just turned into a different person. It was all we could do to get out of there. Not to mention - the 90 minute commitment ended up taking us 3 hours. Oh Well! :rolleyes:

Deon - I bet your two Chihuahuas together are great. We have two older dogs that are mutts and have been together for 7 years and our Chi has just been added to the family. We are still having some adjustment issues, but I am totally in love with my new little Charlee --- of course I am hoping she still loves me when I pick them all up from the kennel tomorrow.

MichelleK - We are neighbors (sort of). Levittown is NE of Philly, right? We are in Boothwyn which is about 15 miles south of the city - almost into Delaware. We've been here for about 2 years. Before that we were in Montgomery county for a couple years.

2Cute - I wish I had some neighbors that I could rely on to take care of the dogs. I'm sure i have great neighbors, I just don't know anyone that well right now. We've been in this house a couple years, but our work schedules are so busy that I don't get out to meet people as much as I'd like. I am hoping that will change this year as the weather warms up and I get out walking more often. :snail:

Kat - How did you fare on Saturday? We were in Atlantic City and it was raining in the morning but then cleared up.

Lucky - Yikes! I hope they are getting everything under control and that you are safe and sound.

Baylee - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :flow1:

Well, I am going to close for now and go for my walk. I hope everyone has a wonderful evening!

04-13-2003, 08:09 PM
Opps --- I was in the middle of writing when 2Cute started the new thread....

STOP !!!! Do NOT Post Here. !!!

We will continue this conversation in our next thread... #316